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  • (FILES) Deleted 63 files from mods/anakir, as requested by the uploader (gutjahr)


  • (MIRRORS) New mirror: thanks to Philippe Lang for hosting (gutjahr)


  • (FEATURE) (ADMIN) Implemented integrity checks for zip, gz, bz2 archives as well as pure tarballs. Thanks to Stefan Haubenthal for pointing out those were still missing (gutjahr)
  • (BUGFIX) (ADMIN) Fixed lha integrity check which broke when we switched from non-free lha to lhasa a while ago (reported by Daniel Reimann), lha integrity check also covers archives with .run suffix now (gutjahr)


  • (FILES) new directory dev/blitz for Blitz BASIC related files. Moved 294 packages from various other directories to dev/blitz (gutjahr).


  • (FEATURE) (ADMIN) Implemented a couple of checks that verify the integrity of the archive on a daily basis (mendoza)


  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) finally located the reason for all the database crashes, hopefully fixed it for good (gutjahr)


  • (FILES) fixed broken/outdated file util/wb/StartPanel.lha, we're now properly hosting the last known version 1.8, which had been lost due to a hiccup decades ago. Thanks to Stefan Haubenthal for the heads up (gutjahr)


  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) recent would only display last 50 uploads, not really uploads from last 14 days (gutjahr)


  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) download counters in search results no longer display very outdated numbers (gutjahr)


  • (FILES) replaced partially corrupt archive of Fish disk 242 with a working version. Thanks to Thomas Klein for the heads-up (gutjahr)


  • (MIRRORS) New mirror: thanks to Ingo Jürgensmann for hosting (gutjahr)


  • (MIRRORS) New mirror: thanks to Janne Johansson for providing (gutjahr)


  • (FILES) directory docs/mags ("Magazines") is no more, it used to be Aminet's largest directory with close to 1800 packages in a single directory. Most files from docs/mags have been moved to the new top level directory "mags/", some are in demo/mag (scene related publications), docs/anno (promotional material for commercial magazines) or docs/lists (content listings for commercial magazines). (gutjahr)


  • (FILES) directory util/gnu ("GNU utilities") is no more, since its packages were grouped by origin (i.e. GNU) instead of function, like the rest of the Aminet tree. Files from util/gnu have been moved to dev/misc, dev/lang or the text/ directories (gutjahr)


  • (FILES) removed directory docs/etext. Added in 1995 to fill up Aminet CD 9, it contained 246 local copies of Project Gutenberg documents which were badly outdated by now. These, plus another Project Gutenberg document uploaded by a user a few years later, have been deleted (complete list). The remaining six files from docs/etext are now in docs/misc or docs/hyper (gutjahr)


  • (FILES) new directory dev/hwood for files related to the commercial Hollywood compiler. Moved existing Hollwood files to the new directory (gutjahr)


  • (MIRRORS) se.aminet and se2.aminet are gone. Thanks to SUNET and the University of Lund for the many years they supported us (gutjahr)


  • (FEATURE) (MIRRORS) finally implemented some form of basic mirror monitoring: administration now gets alerted immediately when a mirror goes offline or stops syncing (gutjahr)


  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) the size of packages smaller than 1K is no longer listed as 0K. (gutjahr)


  • (BUGFIX) (ADMIN) replacing an existing package with a new one with different file suffix or different uppercase/lowercase spelling no longer leaves orphaned packages in the directory tree. Cleaned up all existing orphaned packages. (gutjahr)


  • (FILES) Directory biz/dopus has been moved to util/dopus (gutjahr)


  • (FILES) Directories biz/cloan, biz/demo, biz/dkg, biz/haage, biz/patch, biz/swood and biz/titan are no more, all files have been moved to other directories. New directories biz/spread (Spreadsheet software), gfx/arteff (ArtEffect), gfx/ppaint (Personal Paint) and text/fwrit (Final Writer) (gutjahr)


  • (FILES) Directory biz/p5 is no more, remaining files have been moved to the driver/ tree. We're now hosting all old support software from hardware company Phase 5, with kind permission from Ralph Schmidt (gutjahr)


  • (MIRRORS) Another old mirror is back: (formely is hosting again (mincea)


  • (MIRRORS) ( and ( are gone for good (gutjahr)


  • (MIRRORS) ( is no more (gutjahr)


  • (MIRRORS) Another mirror went online: is hosted by illian.networks B.V. Thanks a lot to Rutger Bevaart of illian.networks for donating space and bandwidth to Aminet (gutjahr)


  • (FILES) Added all issues of Brad Webb's E-Mail newsletter Amiga Update, which started publishing two days after Commodore's bankruptcy (gutjahr).



  • (MIRRORS) Another mirror went online: is hosted by Jussi Sallinen. Thanks a lot, Jussi (gutjahr)


  • (MIRRORS) Two new mirrors are online: is hosted by, while Lund University is donating space and bandwidth for Thanks a lot to Pete Ashdown and Tobias Lundquist (gutjahr)


  • (WIKI) The Aminet wiki now contains information about all commercial products ever released by Aminet. In other words: You can now search the wiki for filenames, to find out on which CD(s) a particular package has been released. Note that this is still a work in progress (gutjahr)


  • (MIRRORS) ( is no more. Thanks to the Technical University of Denmark for providing space and bandwidth for so many years, and to Povl Ole Haarlev Olsen for taking care of the mirror (gutjahr)


  • (FEATURE) (MIRROR) ( is back, thanks a lot to Christiaan Keet (gutjahr)


  • (CHANGE) (FILES) New directory "mods/stun - Mods by Stun", as requested by Thomas Becker (gutjahr)


  • (FEATURE) (MIRROR) New mirror (, provided by John Klos (mendoza)


  • (CHANGE) (FILES) New top level directory: "driver - Hardware drivers". Moved all drivers from various other directories (hard/drivr, gfx/board etc.) to the new driver/ tree (gutjahr)
  • (CHANGE) (FILES) moved all hardware related documents from hard/hack and hard/misc to the new directory docs/hard (gutjahr)
  • (CHANGE) (FILES) After moving remaining files to more appropriate places, the directories hard/ and gfx/board were removed (gutjahr)


  • (CHANGE) (FILES) Moved the gfx/3dobj directory ("3D objects") to pix/3dobj (gutjahr)
  • (CHANGE) (FILES) Moved the gfx/x11 directory ("Amiga X-Windows") to misc/x11 (gutjahr)


  • (FEATURE) (CRON) Added check if findd (ADT Find daemon) is running, if not, start it. (Every 10 mins) (Thanks to Luca "Hexaae" Longone) (mendoza)


  • (BUGFIX) (MAIL) The scripts on old main mirror were still sending out mail to daily and weekly mailing lists. Stopped the scripts (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (ADMIN) Statistics generation came to a stand-still when doing yearly stats. The reason was that the query that used "date("%Y",pkg_date) as pkg_date" didn't seem to work as expected (possibly due to Mysql5) (mendoza)


  • (BUGFIX) (DB) Fixed Aqua3 and Aqua4 download stats which was way too high due to broken resume implementation and a couple of host reloading the package thousands of times (mendoza)


  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) HTTP upload will concatenate the Replaces: and the next header field in a readme (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (FINDD) Changed settings to match current server. Moved source to proper place and set install path to bin dir (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Search results should by default sorted by name and indicate so. (A bug was introduced for a small while, where results were sorted by path then name) (mendoza)


  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) Recent.php does not support architecture specific subdomains (68k.aminet. pup.aminet etc.) anymore, it always lists all architectures (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) Files uploaded through the new web interface will occasionally feature "Replaces: Array". Not sure if this is true for all files uploaded that way, encountered three occurences so far (mendoza)


  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) Web upload interface didn't allow replacing packages, i.e. ticking the "yes I want to replace the existing package" checkmark didn't have any result (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (ADMIN) Web upload no longer produces files with a size of 0 bytes in priv/check (mendoza)


  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Moving main mirror from switzerland to LA (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) Sorting search results by date (by clicking on the "date:" column header) works again (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) For multiple keywords, search function will no longer return keyword1 OR keyword2, which resulted in way too much hits (mendoza)


  • (BUGFIX) (ADMIN) Hopefully fixed a bug that led to moving/renaming of files to not rename the corresponding readme entry in the database. (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) Added some special cases to search results to speed up sorting by downloads. Thanks to "Itix" for reporting (mendoza)


  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Show downloads on every search result line. (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Be able to search contents of packages. (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Use Natural built-in mysql FULLTEXT search on both readme and content, should improve speed a lot. (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Re-factored code to only do one query on search reults even when only showing parts of a total result, but presenting the user with available pages of result. (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Moved beta upload form as main upload page (hopefully it works ok now.) (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Tried to emulate all behaviour of search when doing simple search (also match on paths) (mendoza)


  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Added more checks to Readme file upload on new upload system. Added a link to it from normal upload page while still in beta (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Spent a day or two letting the web interface work without a database backend. Can be found on whenever is down (mendoza)


  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) Set super globals to off, and magic quote to on to increase security, this lead to some bugs... (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) various pages. Fixed most search.php, feed.php and tree.php bugs affected by it. Thanks to Jim Steichen and Joakim Birging for reports (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) feed.php wasn't showing filtered RSS URLs. (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Added links to and IRC on the service page (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Worked on new upload page, a beta version can be found at, current upload functionality was provided by Björn Hägström as his contribution to the Aminet team. New upload allows either package and readme upload or package upload and readme form. It checks the validity of package name, type, duplicates and more. (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) setup.php: wasn't possible to reset mirror setting to Random after having chosen a mirror previously (mendoza)


  • (FEATURE) (MIRROR) Added HTTP us2 mirror. (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) package.php linked to actual mirror's files rather than the internal url which takes care of counting and redirecting. Thanks to "cecilia" and "lurkist" at for reporting, and James "jahc" Carroll for testing and verifying (mendoza)



  • (FEATURE) (MIRROR) The old partial mirror hosted by for ages is back, and it's now a complete mirror (mendoza)
  • (CHANGE) (MIRROR) The mirror formerly available at ( can now be found at, as de5 has been assigned to ftp.uni-bremen again for historical reasons (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (ADMIN) The delete command is case insensitive now (mendoza)


  • (BUGFIX) (ADMIN) We're properly handling *.tar.readme files now, i.e. we're renaming them to *.readme (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (ADMIN) when checking the length of the base file name, *.tar* is ignored now (mendoza)


  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Added more fall backs when not finding files (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Some more legacy redirections added (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Got rid of most .php extensions on files and prettified urls like (don't need extension either) (mendoza)


  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) Fixed URL highlighting in package.php (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Added listings for .tgz packages (mendoza)


  • (FEATURE) (ADMIN) when flaming uploaders, there's an additional option now: "You forgot to specify an email address" (gutjahr)


  • (CHANGE) (FILES) removed the entire pix/wmf ("Pictures by William F. Maddock") directory, as requested by the author (gutjahr)


  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) Don't show new/info dirs in search and browse pages. (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (FILES) We're accepting .ogg files (Ogg Vorbis audio, Ogg Theora Video) now. (gutjahr)
  • (CHANGE) (FILES) removed quite some redundant subdirs and files from the info/ directory. TREE and MOTD are now just links pointing to the files in info/adt (gutjahr, mendoza)


  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Moved all static information to a public wiki. it's going to act as the sole source of information from now on. (gutjahr)


  • (FEATURE) (MIRROR) Finally created database entries and subdomains for swedish and danish mirror (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) setup.php's "default mirror" defaults to "Random mirror" now (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (ADMIN) all admins have easy access to UPDATE, MOVE and DELETE now (mendoza)


  • (FEATURE) (FILES) New filetype supported: people can upload PDF documents now (gutjahr)


  • (FEATURE) (FILES) New directories dev/lib (static libraries), game/edit (game editors), game/strat (strategy games) and pix/picon (PNG icons) introduced. Started to move files into these directories (gutjahr)


  • (FEATURE) (MIRRORS) Danish mirror back online: ( (mincea, mendoza)


  • (FEATURE) (MIRRORS) Swedish mirror back online: ( (mincea, mendoza)


  • (FEATURE) (ADMIN) rsync daemon installed, mirrors now use rsync to keep up to date. (mincea)


  • (FEATURE) (MIRRORS) New German mirror: ( (mincea, mendoza)


  • (CHANGE) (FILES) gfx/aga was considered useless and confusing, so all files in there have been moved to other directories, gfx/aga has been removed. (gutjahr)
  • (CHANGE) (FILES) text/font is only used for font tools now, all font archives have been moved to other dirs. (gutjahr)
  • (CHANGE) (FILES) new directory text/tfont ("Truetype font collection") (gutjahr)


  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) Fixed a bug in recent.php, where it failed to shorten a long version number and only added three dots instead (mendoza)


  • (BUGFIX) (FILES) fixed another 120 architecture descriptions (rexx scripts, icons, catalogs) in biz/dopus (gutjahr)


  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) search.php and package.php should now show link to main site if the package is newer than 48 hours. This to ensure that the link works (mirroring takes time) (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (ADMIN) We're no longer accepting files without a suffix. In addition to the confusion that such a package might create for end users (and their browsers), it creates all sorts of problems for our scripts. All existing packages without suffix have been renamed or packed. (gutjahr)


  • (FEATURE) (FILES) All Fish disks online again. (gutjahr)


  • (FEATURE) (MIRRORS) UK mirror back online: ( (mincea, mendoza)


  • (FEATURE) (MIRRORS) Italian mirror back online: ( (mincea, mendoza)


  • (FILES) New directory mods/anakir (gutjahr)


  • (BUGFIX) (ADMIN) Moved to an older version of LhA, as the one installed did not handle -lh6- properly (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (ADMIN) Invoking admin.php with a non-existing entry will no longer create a new database entry. (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (ADMIN) admin.php now also accepts foo.readme as a parameter if one wants to update foo.lha (mendoza)


  • (FEATURE) (ADMIN) can now list the contents of an archive (gutjahr)


  • (FEATURE) (FILES) Three new directories established: demo/misc (Miscellaneous demos), game/race (Racing games), pix/theme (Themes and skins) (gutjahr)


  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Search function now supports Amiga wildcards (#?, ? and *) (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) URL highlighting improved, shouldn't highlight trailing brackets anymore (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (ADMIN) New command for moving and/or renaming packages introduced (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (ADMIN) Delete command now automatically moves package and readme to deleted/ (mendoza)


  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) Searching with date should now act like this: newer (>= date), older (< date) (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) Should not show duplicate packages when filtering is on (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (ADMIN) Convert CRLF to LF before parsing stuff into DB to avoid stray CR chars. (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (ADMIN) Pending uploads are not longer overwritten by new uploads with the same name (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) pre-formatted listings should now work properly (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) All archs are shown in the Showing: field when saving setup with no filtering (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Re-worked the architecture filtering selection to work around bugs in some browsers and generally improve its usability (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (ADMIN) Replacing packages shouldn't not make new readme entries, "forgetting" the old ones anymore (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Added architecture description on setup page (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) Package.php should now highlight all URLs, including the ones alone on a single line (reported by Lorence Lombardo) (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (ADMIN) Fixes readme headers and writes back to readme on insertion/update. (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Packages from the last two days always get link to local repository (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (FILES) (ADMIN) (WEB) Author and Uploader field are now obfuscated, but remaining in human-readable fashion for user convinience. Please always add an e-mail in Uploader: field so that we can contact you about errors or similar. (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Magic word wrapper for package.php wraps to 80 cols and fixes hard-wrapping by 80 files from for instance (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (MIRRORS) Official added and working (mincea, mendoza)


  • (FEATURE) (FILES) Added all missing reviews from to docs/rview. We're now a complete mirror of said usenet group again. (gutjahr)


  • (BUGFIX) (FILES) Renamed lots of old packages, recreated missing readmes: Many packages accidentally deleted other package's readmes (foo.lha vs. foo.lzh) or were uploaded with wrong readme names (foo.lha.readme). (mendoza, gutjahr)


  • Minor modification in the specification of the "architecture:" field: Packages not containing any binaries should be marked as "generic" from now on. This new indicator replaces the somewhat misleading indicator "all". Refer to The Readme file for more info. Thanks to Thomas Wuergler for the suggestion (mendoza)


  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) Added workaround for broken Ibrowse2.3 cookie handling. Setting a cookie to "" led to Ibrowse not sending the cookie to Now we set two cookies one for domain "" and one for domain "" (mendoza)


  • (BUGFIX) (ADMIN) Fixed the moderation script so it shows arch: and short:, it also asks for a reason for refusing a package for backtracking. (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) Package vieweing should now show the package listing even if the readme body is empty. In addition the title path/to/package.lha is now without spaces for convinience when copy-pasting. (mendoza)


  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Added path and architecture stats. (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (MAIL) Added aminet-weekly list (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (MAIL) Rewrote the output generation of aminet-daily and aminet-weekly (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (MISC) Woke up ADTFind server from the dead by reimplenting a server using a reverse-engineered protocol. (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (FILES) Fixed misc/unix/adt.c so it uses current main mirror. It should also manage to log on when FTP server doesn't need password (like main mirror). (mendoza)


  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) (ADMIN) tar.gz,tar.bz2,tar.Z and similar "double" extensions should now have proper readme linked to in the listings and read from proper readme file in the insertion to db. FYI: foo.tar.gz -> foo.readme. The allowed extensions are read from info/adt/suffixes (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (FILES) All archives older than 20050101 containing ppc or x86 binaries have a proper architecture field now. They used to be classified as m68k-amigaos only. (gutjahr)
  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Added more upload stats, yearly, monthly, daily and weekly. Also fixed so that empty days/weeks/months are showing. (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (WEB) There's now a button in the RSS feed chooser allowing you to just view the RSS URL generated by the customize form. (mendoza)


  • (FEATURE) (FTP) Moved README_BEFORE_UPLOAD to the root dir. (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Web upload now saves to /new dir rather than /new/priv/check due to permission issues. This means that it will be picked up by the script (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (DB) Changed package.pkg_version to VARCHAR(32) instead of VARCHAR(16). Versions XX.YY (DD.MM.YYYY) should fit now. All files have been re-parsed. (mendoza)


  • (BUGFIX) (FILES) Changed quite a few source packages that had Architecture tag set to specific architectures so that they have "all". Only packages with binaries with specific architectures should have them set. (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (RSS) Altered the title so it says package.lha (path/to) instead of path/to/package.lha (mendoza)


  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Added upload stats (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (FTP) Shouldn't be possible to read the priv subdir of the /new dir (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (MAIL) Mail notifications. Users should be able to sign up somewhere to get a daily email notification with a list of the archives uploaded today, complete with the MOTD and whatnot in pure Aminet retro style. (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Even/odd coloring of listings to increase readability (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Rearranged menus to keep them at a minimum, moved RSS, Mailing list and stats to Services menu entry. In addition the RSS and Paypal icons were removed. Support was renamed to Donate. (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Provide customizable RSS-feeds (requested by tokai) (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Sitewide architecture filtering, check the Setup page. (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) Fix package.php so that it doesn't show non-existing packages. (mendoza)


  • (FEATURE) (MAIL) Added list to subscribe to daily updates on Aminet. Send an e-mail to to subscribe. (mendoza)


  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Add HTTP uploading - Thanks to Björn Hagström for code snippets. (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (ADMIN) Add single archive deletion and adding thru admin.php command path/file (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (ADMIN) Added possibility of overwriting existing files when moderating. (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (ADMIN) Moves deleted files into folder new/priv/refused instead of deleting them entirely (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (ADMIN) You can now flame people at any time during moderation, this is good if you need to advice the uploader while fixing his error (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (ADMIN) if you try to add a .readme file it updates the file belonging to the readme and its meta-data (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (ADMIN) Proper mail aliases should be set up. is our public address. is internal for moderators and is for mirror maintainers and mirror issues. Mail server is running at using Exim4, sa-exim, Spamassassin and Mailman. (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (ADMIN) Fixed error with spaces in filenames in (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (ADMIN) Added fuser check in which should hopefully avoid moving files that are being uploaded. *But is it working properly?* YES! Now it is, by moving the file out of the way instead. (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) File isn't readable/writable by aminet group when uploaded thru web interface. (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) We need the webserver user to be in the www group or make all files writeable by the world. The later is easier as I can do it myself. Reason is so that one can update .readme files etc via web interface. (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (DB) Adding MEDIUMTEXT field to listing.listing_content as TEXT was too small for game/role/wesnoth.lha (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (ADMIN) Fixed filename length checking (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Show version on listings (mendoza)


  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Finally added the architecture icons on listings, also listings in recent and search results use the same functions now. (mendoza)


  • (BUGFIX) (WEB) Hopefully fixed the lock ups happening when using advanced search with intrinsic parameters. (mendoza)


  • (FEATURE) (DB) The Architecture field is now implemented. It is used to identify which architecture a given package contains binaries for. More info about the field can be found here. The field is from now on mandatory. (mendoza)


  • Ok, we are up and running. The main site accepts uploads and is updated, but mirrors still need to update their scripts to start being in sync. For now uploads will only be accepted at the main site (mendoza, mueller)
  • (FEATURE) (WEB) As requested there is now a direct link to the readme for the ones preferring the raw data instead of the prettified version. (mendoza)


  • Moved interface to Aminet, simplified downloading and updating methods (mendoza, mueller)


  • (FEATURE) (WEB) You can now choose between simple and advanced search, the choice is stored in a cookie. (Requested by several people, including Tony Aksnes) (mendoza)


  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Added the possibility of setting your favourite mirror. Go to "Setup" to select yours ;) (mendoza)


  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Added listing of package contents on the package viewer page. (mendoza)


  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Added RSS Feed showing the ten last packages (mendoza)


  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Obfuscate email addresses to avoid spam (mendoza)


  • (BUGFIX) (DB) Fixed Array-bug introduced after making prettyfing url functionality. (mendoza)


  • (FEATURE) (DB) After indexing the readmes properly, readme searching should be much faster. 15 seconds maximum compared to sometimes over several minutes. (Thanks to ToDi) (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Added a donation page if someone likes this so much they feel like giving money to the project ;) (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Prettifies URLs when searching so they look nicer and easier to comprehend when pasting. (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Tree-view now opens and close when clicking on branches (mendoza)


  • (FEATURE) (ADMIN) All scripts are now PHP only (no perl). (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (ADMIN) Update scripts also now only use one connection to avoid flooding the aminet mirrors (sorry wustl :) (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (ADMIN) One global config file in config.php (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (WEB) Now uses package creation date and real size instead of weeks and in addition to human-readable size (mendoza)


  • (FEATURE) (WEB) URL-highlighting in .readmes. Made some new tables. Now .readmes are in own table letting basic searches be faster. (mendoza)


  • (BUGFIX) (DB) Fixed sorting order bug introduced when abstracting to a function (mendoza)
  • (FEATURE) (DB) Added architecture and relations to the database. (mendoza)
  • (BUGFIX) (ADMIN) Still fixing ftp script to not connect x amount of times if downloading x package's data. (mendoza)
  • Planning to make urls links in .readmes. (mendoza)


  • Polished search, polished scripts, abstracted config, added browsing abilities and polished the website itself. (mendoza)


  • Made most of the infrastructure, scripts and webpage. (mendoza)


  • Started hacking after a challenge by Andreas Loong. (mendoza)