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|     Aminet CD 16
|     Urban D. Mueller  (
|     Aminet CD 16 contains close to 1 gigabyte of freely distributable
|     software. The newest archive included is from Nov 2nd, only one
|     month after the previous CD. Apart from the new software, the CD
|     concentrates on mods. The space is used as follows:
|     610M of software newer than Aminet CD 15
|     370M of mods from various sources
|      30M of top downloads
|     These consist of:
|     1700 mods (!)
|     200  pics
|     200  tools
|     150  comms programs
|     500  files of other categories
| Local files at Aminet CD 16 on 21-Nov-96
| Sorted by directory and file name. Age in weeks.
| A wide version of this file can be found in info/index/
|File              Dir        Size Age Description
|----------------- ---        ---- --- -----------
addiction0_8un.lha biz/dbase   38K   5+MUI Software to manage your Magic TG car
CDproV3_5.lha      biz/dbase  226K   3+CD database, now using locale.library
DskOrg14.lha       biz/dbase   30K   6+DiskOrg 1.4 - Powerful, user-friendly di
EasyVideo40.lha    biz/dbase  196K   4+Good home-video Mangement-System
McA42.lha          biz/dbase   24K   2+*McAgenda* v4.2 is a phonebook very easy
MicroBase213.lha   biz/dbase  260K   4+German database supports dBASE/Datatypes
MusicManIII.lha    biz/dbase  565K   4+A must have for CD, MC... collectors (BU
PhoneBase.lha      biz/dbase   45K   5+Small PD phone number database.
ArtStudioDemo1.lha biz/demo   880K   2+Image Database and Image Processing Tool
Art_StudioDemo.lha biz/demo   875K   5+Image Database and Image Processing Tool
BurnIt_Demo.lha    biz/demo   158K   5+The greatest CD-Recording software
clipartpro.lha     biz/demo    91K   4+DEMO from a new fantastic collection of 
fontmachine2.lha   biz/demo   360K   3+The best ColorFont Creator V2.xx
compareModule.lha  biz/dopus   27K   4+DOpus5.5: compare.module 1.2, 14-Oct-96
compareSource.lha  biz/dopus   22K   4+DOpus5.5: compare.module 1.2, source.
DateStamp.lha      biz/dopus    2K   3+DateStamp that won't stop for DOpus5.5+
DOpus55Norsk.lha   biz/dopus   28K   3+Norwegian Catalogs for Directory Opus 5.
DOpus55SV.lha      biz/dopus   28K   5+Swedish Catalogs for Directory Opus 5.5
DOpusGrep.lha      biz/dopus    3K   3+Show Grep output in DOpus5.5+ lister
Head_Tail.lha      biz/dopus    3K   3+A 'Head' and 'Tail' command for DOpus5.5
hotlistModule.lha  biz/dopus   39K   4+DOpus5.5: hotlist.module 1.2, 18-Oct-96
hotlistSource.lha  biz/dopus   31K   4+DOpus5.5: hotlist.module 1.2, source.
MailBox.lha        biz/dopus   12K   3+V1.5 of MailBox AppIcon for Opus5.5
OpusSDK.lha        biz/dopus  249K   6+Directory Opus 5.5 Software Developers K
SortDOpus.lha      biz/dopus    1K   3+Select sort method/direction for DOpus4
IstarNews.txt      biz/misc    10K   3+News of Knowledge Based System Builder
MoneyTracker.lha   biz/misc    37K   3+Keep track of your finances 
MUIBanque1_00.lha  biz/misc    22K   5+A french manager of bank accounts using 
ProNet12B.lha      biz/misc   245K 222+Pro-Net Schematic Capture 1.2B Demo
StarAm_Plan.lha    biz/misc   904K   6+Spreadsheet, V2.03,OS 3.0+, now localize
ultraacc.lha       biz/misc   132K   5+Easy-to-use accounts program, V3.1
ArtStudioUpd.lha   biz/patch  312K   5+Update for ArtStudio V2.0 => V2.063
CedFix.lha         biz/patch    3K  18+A patch for CED 3.5c & CGraphX
crossdos606.lha    biz/patch  143K  13 CrossDOS V6 Pro 6.06 update patch
fw5030r5.lha       biz/patch  225K   3+68030 Patches for FinalWriter 5.0
pgs31.lha          biz/patch  826K   3+PageStream 3.1 FINAL main patch
pgs31b23.lha       biz/patch  667K  17+PageStream 3.1 Pre-Release Beta 2 Patch
pgs31_10.lha       biz/patch  560K   4+PageStream 3.1 Beta 10 to 3.1 FINAL patc
pgs32b59.lha       biz/patch  1.3M   6+PageStream 3.1 Pre-Release Beta 5 to 3.2
pgs32b69.lha       biz/patch  947K   6+PageStream 3.2 Pre-Release Beta 6 to 9 P
pgs32b79.lha       biz/patch  740K   6+PageStream 3.2 Pre-Release Beta 7 to 9 P
pgs32b89.lha       biz/patch  443K   5+PageStream 3.2 Pre-Release Beta 8 to 9 P
PowerGuide_Upd.lha biz/patch    6K   3+Patch to Update PowerGuide 1.20 to 1.21
ADataLibGuide.lha  comm/ambos  77K   3+AmBoSData-Library-Guide for AmBoS-Dev.
FindUser.lha       comm/ambos   7K   4+FindUser V1.1; User-Tool for AmBoS
Hangman.lha        comm/ambos  24K   4+Hangman V2.0;  Onlinegame for AmBoS   
NRPic.lha          comm/ambos  21K   4+Shows pics of NetUser with AmBoS-NR 
RoadRunner.lha     comm/ambos  22K   4+Motor-race onlinegame for AmBoS   
Axolr2.lha         comm/bbs    22K   6+AXOLR II - Best and perfect onliner, TRY
CitadelArchiv.lha  comm/bbs   227K   4+Citadel Archivers Support
CitadelExecut.lha  comm/bbs   240K   4+Citadel 68K BBS Program
CitadelUtilit.lha  comm/bbs   460K   4+Citadel 68K BBS Program Utilities
CitadelXPR.lha     comm/bbs    63K   4+Citadel External Protocol Support
Cit_Arc_6J12.lha   comm/bbs   227K   4+Citadel Archivers Support
Cit_Docs_6J12.lha  comm/bbs   373K   5+Citadel 68K Documenation
Cit_Exec_6J12.lha  comm/bbs   240K   4+Citadel 68K BBS Program
Cit_Src_6J12.lha   comm/bbs   541K   4+Citadel 68K BBS Program Source
Cit_Util_6J12.lha  comm/bbs   460K   4+Citadel 68K BBS Program Utilities
Cit_XPR_6J12.lha   comm/bbs    63K   4+Citadel External Protocol Support
DayDreamBBS.lha    comm/bbs   679K   4+Powerful conferencebased BBS software wr
dCN_LV10.lha       comm/bbs    97K   6+Callerslog reverse lister for FAME BBS s
DCN_MS10.lha       comm/bbs   100K   6+MessageBase-Scanner for FAME BBS system.
dCN_MT20.lha       comm/bbs   284K   5+Best and quickest 64-Bit Multitop 2.0 fo
Dizzy_2_22.lha     comm/bbs    15K   6+Convert Aminet readmes to File_ID.Diz
emine13u.lha       comm/bbs     7K   3+Mines doorgame for Excelsior! BBS 
FA_De100.lha       comm/bbs    61K   5+FAME Developer kit version 1.0 (Complete
FBN_LC2u.lha       comm/bbs   152K   4+CNet PFile involving combat, espionage a
Num10.lha          comm/bbs     3K   4+Next User Message v1.0 for Excelsior! BB
prolist30.lha      comm/bbs    52K   3+Filelister for the Prometheus BBSSystem
TA1_22.lha         comm/bbs   872K   4+TransAmiga BBS v1.2 public release
1oo_g131.lha       comm/cnet    7K   5+Update to CNet's Local Upload utility
acey_deucey.lha    comm/cnet   10K   3+Acey Deucey Card Game (Casino Style)!
ansiread.lha       comm/cnet   16K   3+MCI/Ansi Configurable Text File Reader!
cnet_pager.lha     comm/cnet  247K   3+Chat Pager Using RexxReqTools Requestors
cnet_who.lha       comm/cnet   77K   3+CNet Amiga WHO Replacement Package!
De_Tag.lha         comm/cnet  369K   4+Tagline adder for cnet only.
fpbum.lha          comm/cnet    5K   3+FPBUM (Bad Upload Mailer) for CNet Amiga
fpcnet.lha         comm/cnet    3K   3+FPCNet (BBSText/BBSMenu Downloader)
fpdd.lha           comm/cnet    4K   3+FPDD (File Descriptions Downloader)
fpex.lha           comm/cnet    3K   3+FPEX (Exchange Byte to File Credits)!
fpnld.lha          comm/cnet    4K   3+FPNLD (NodeList Downloader)
fppgn.lha          comm/cnet    3K   3+FP Pfile/GFile/News Entry Text Displayer
fpsag.lha          comm/cnet    4K   3+FPSAG (Subboard Activity Graph) for CNet
MCFilelister.lha   comm/cnet   21K   4+Creates filelists on requests from users
ProWho1_9.lha      comm/cnet   46K   3+ProWho 1.9, Auto Updating Who! by Trebor
SE_ChatEd1.lha     comm/cnet   29K   4+Edits line shown When the sysop is out
SE_RanStart1.lha   comm/cnet   25K   4+Display's random start screens, CNet 3.+
SE_RollerV13.lha   comm/cnet   29K   4+Dice roller For RPG'S ect... CNet 3.+
uucpcheck12.lha    comm/cnet   20K   6+CNet 4.2x UUCP Path Checker/Creator
viewlog.lha        comm/cnet   43K   3+View Log Manager for CNet Amiga 4.23+!
DBDLGMailer.lha    comm/dlg    11K   6+A great Mailer for DLG BBS Sysops
Cyclone_030.lha    comm/fido  300K   5+Cyclone point program V1.10a for 68020/0
Cyclone_040.lha    comm/fido  300K   5+Cyclone point program V1.10a for 68040/0
EasyFR22.lha       comm/fido  136K   5+V2.2 F'Req handler. XPK & traplist
FileFindKey.lzh    comm/fido    0K   4+FREE KEY FILE for FileFind
fnewsd41.lha       comm/fido   26K   6+Fidonews volume 13 issue 41
fnewsd42.lha       comm/fido   19K   5+Fidonews volume 13, issue 42
fnewsd43.lha       comm/fido   30K   4+Fidonews volume 13, issue 43
fnewsd44.lha       comm/fido   42K   3+Fidonews volume 13, issue 44
Gotcha12.lha       comm/fido  493K   4+V1.2 (final) - FidoTN mailer
AEMail.lha         comm/mail  302K   4+AEMail 1.11 E-Mail GUI w MIME/UUENCODE
AirMail34.lha      comm/mail  162K   4+AirMail 3.4 MUI internet mailer
bomb20.lha         comm/mail  309K   6+MUI Offline reader, (POP3/SMTP, QWK,...)
CodeControl.lha    comm/mail   49K   5+MUIRexx GUI for UUxT/FSCode and Base64
FEmail12.lha       comm/mail   77K   2+NEW De-Facto Binary Emailer
MailDemon4_11.lha  comm/mail  141K   3+Very powerful mailerdaemon & autoposter
MailList2_1b.lha   comm/mail   23K   3+Comfortable mailing list administration.
mn101.lha          comm/mail   12K   5+AnyMail-Clone. Fixed big bug from V1.00
MultiYAM1_0.lha    comm/mail   19K   5+Managing multiple mailboxes with YAM
pine3_93_020.lha   comm/mail  530K  24+Integrated mail/news reader. Needs ixemu
thor231u.lha       comm/mail  205K  24+Update for THOR 2.3 (bugfix)
thor23_demon.lha   comm/mail   19K  15+To install Thor for a Demon Internet Ser
thor23_inet.lha    comm/mail  203K  24+Internet archive for THOR 2.3 (TCP/SOUP/
thor23_main.lha    comm/mail  911K  24+Offline reader, main archive (required)
YAM13_2.lha        comm/mail  341K  11+MUI Internet mailer V1.3.2
YUAdmin.lha        comm/mail   56K   4+YUAdmin, multiple users in YAM! V1.1
FLE_083.lha        comm/maxs  212K   6+File Lister Express v083 by Peter Zelezn
GREMLiNS.lha       comm/maxs  267K   3+Preview of GREMLiNS BBS, a MAXs System!
H_MAX_216n.lha     comm/maxs  257K   5+Complete MAX filebase with Hydra/S-Modem
last10.lha         comm/maxs    3K   5+MAXs Door: LAST10 by Glen Martin
maxsbbs154.lha     comm/maxs  356K  84+MaxsBBS v1.54 - A *GREAT!* PD BBS!
MaxsUtils.lha      comm/maxs  786K  59+Utility doors for MAXsBBS
ozBBS_LiST.lha     comm/maxs   80K   6+OZ BBS List Door for MAXs by Glen Martin
Upload2SysOp.lha   comm/maxs    4K   5+MAXs Door: Upload2SysOp by Glen Martin
user_msg.lha       comm/maxs    6K   6+User Message Door for MAXs by Marty
CheckModem.lha     comm/misc    4K   2+Checks status from a connected modem
FENStarter.lha     comm/misc  869K   6+Starterkit for graphical Freenet Erl-Nbg
GSCID.lzh          comm/misc   44K   4+GS CallerID V1.1 - A Great CallerID Prog
gscid_10.lzh       comm/misc   42K   4+GS CallerID V1.0 - A Great CallerID Prog
IndexSince.lha     comm/misc   32K   4+Make recent list >1 week old from Aminet
MakeZCMail.lha     comm/misc   11K   4+Creates ZC-Mails from ASCII-Files / BINS
tc141ger_cat.lha   comm/misc   10K   5+German catalog files for TimeConnect V1.
TC_Norsk.lha       comm/misc   10K   3+Norsk catalogs for TimeConnect V1.41
WMB_List_V001d.lha comm/misc   23K   4+German BBS-List for WWW-BROWSER(MB-LISTE
WWW_MB_LISTE.lha   comm/misc   17K   6+German BBS-List for WWW-BROWSER(MB-LISTE
MM_Amihatch.lha    comm/mmgr   19K   4+MM_AmiHatchV058  Hatcht Mirrorfiles via 
MM_Poll.lha        comm/mmgr   16K   3+MM_Poll v1.01 - Poll script for Mail Man
MM_PrintMSG.lha    comm/mmgr   10K   4+MM_PrintMSG010 The best Printmanager FOR
MM_ReqFiles.lha    comm/mmgr   17K   6+MM_ReqFilesV011 Requst-Filemanager fuer 
MM_SendFile.lha    comm/mmgr   54K   4+MM_SendFile V0.14  The best Filesender F
AmiMUD20.lha       comm/net   187K   5+Version 2.0 of THE Amiga MUD Client.
AmiTrack1_21.lha   comm/net    48K   3+AmiTCP on-line Amiga registry system
Ami_HyTelnet.lha   comm/net    82K 215+HyTelnet for the Amiga
NetGat13.lha       comm/net    82K   6+Very configurable Fidonet<->UseNet/E-mai
PPP1_45.lha        comm/net   105K  36+SANA-II PPP.device evaluation version
ReStarterV2_1.lha  comm/net    17K   5+Redials ppp/sana device upon a hangup  
samba_1_9_16p9.lha comm/net   1.3M   3+File/printer sharing with Win* machines
tnddev1p0.lha      comm/net    64K 168+Telnet daemon for serial applications
mNews1_0b.lha      comm/news   57K  13+MUI news group reader for AmiTCP. V1.0
AmFTP165.lha       comm/tcp   291K   5+AmFTP - ftp/Archie/ADT/ADT-Find Client, 
AmiFTP_1_607.lha   comm/tcp   271K  19+Easy to use GUI FTP client for OS 2.0+
AmiTCP_demo_40.lha comm/tcp   738K 107+TCP/IP protocol stack
AWebAmiFTP.lha     comm/tcp     1K  20+AmiFTP ARexx Module for AWeb 1.3 FTP tra
AwebGetE_mailv.lha comm/tcp    31K   3+Download and View e-mail in Aweb .
Gawd.lha           comm/tcp     5K   3+Gawd v1.0 Amiga Web Daemon
How2UsePPP.lha     comm/tcp     1K 100+How to use AmiTCP/IP 4.0 demo with PPP 1
LFS.lha            comm/tcp    39K   4+Speedchecks Aminet sites and Browse it
MCF4AmIRC.lha      comm/tcp    76K   5+MCF V4.7 ARexx Integrated AmIRC Scripts.
Miami11a.lha       comm/tcp   266K  11+TCP/IP stack for easy Internet access
nap2_02.lha        comm/tcp   112K   3+E-Mail-Program complete in German ( Prog
netbar_5_0bf.lha   comm/tcp    38K   6+Internet Button Bar (bug fixed)
Phoenix1_15.lha    comm/tcp   171K   3+Auto-op/offer/protection script for AmIR
Tallahassee.lha    comm/tcp    49K   4+Tallahassee, Internet Utilities GUI for 
tcpaint08b.lha     comm/tcp     9K   3+Painting over the (Inter)net!
amitel30.lha       comm/term  194K   3+Amitel - Minitel & Prestel Emulator
term_030.lha       comm/term  662K   4+V4.7, MC68020/030/040/060 version
term_deutsch.lha   comm/term  138K   4+V4.7, Deutschsprachige Dokumentation
term_doc.lha       comm/term  236K   4+V4.7, AmigaGuide format and library docu
term_dvi.lha       comm/term  265K   4+V4.7, Documentation in TeX-DVI format
term_extras.lha    comm/term  241K   4+V4.7, HydraCom, ARexx scripts, sound fil
term_libs.lha      comm/term  127K   4+V4.7, XPR and XEM libs
term_locale.lha    comm/term  262K   4+V4.7, Locale and blank catalog table fil
term_main.lha      comm/term  664K   4+V4.7, Distribution for all Amigas
term_roadmap.txt   comm/term   26K   4+V4.7, Intro to the distribution (what to
term_source.lha    comm/term  965K   4+V4.7, Source code to program and user in
PstUMSTools.lha    comm/ums    73K   3+Sources for some UMS-Tools.
AmiNetKey.lzh      comm/uucp    0K   4+FREE KEY FILE for AmiNetUtils
DanNews14.lha      comm/uucp   24K   5+Fast & low memory NNTP/UUCP news unbatch
FakeUUCP0_13.lha   comm/uucp   22K   2+NNTP/POP3 <> UUCP module for MicroDot
mhgetty.lha        comm/uucp   29K   2+New getty program for AmigaUUCP 1.16 + 1
arexxwebserver.lha comm/www     6K   5+ARexx Web Server (AROS) V1.01 fix
autoindex202.lha   comm/www    42K   3+Generates html doc to view pictures with
edhtdemo.lha       comm/www    51K   4+Menu based HTML editor. Replaces V0.2
HTTPJ200.lha       comm/www    25K   2+HTTPJ v2.00 - The *REAL* WWW Mirror Mana
IBrowseButtons.lha comm/www     3K  17+IBrowse replacement Navigation/Picture b
IBrowseFabImag.lha comm/www     5K  25+Cool Netscape-like navig. buttons for Ib
IB_Buttons.lha     comm/www     3K  17+Some replacement IBrowse button images
LogoAnim.lha       comm/www     6K   6+Replacement Transfer Animation For IBrow
mail2yam16.lha     comm/www    10K   3+Mailto script replacement for ANY WWW Br
mwm200.lha         comm/www   141K   4+Magic Web Maker v2.00.
NavImages.lha      comm/www     5K  23+Cool 32 colors nav buttons for Ibrowse
NVX_Cogs.lha       comm/www   286K   3+Replacement TransferAnim for IBROWSE :)
RadarGlobe.lha     comm/www    17K  34+IBrowse Replacement Transfer Anim
SSE.lha            comm/www    19K   6+Access Web searchers from your HD
TachySearch.lha    comm/www    43K   4+WEB and Aminet searching for IBrowse
Tims_IBanim.lha    comm/www    23K   5+My first Ibrowse def_transferanimtion
WEBMiZ03.lha       comm/www    14K   4+WEBMiZ Optmize's HTML Scripts
WebPlugv12.lha     comm/www   163K   5+V1.2 of an HTML editor
WWW_Counter.lha    comm/www   111K   5+Counter for WWW pages on Amiga
X_Cache.lha        comm/www    17K   6+Voyager and IBrowse cache browser.
aminetrr.lha       comm/xeno   11K   4+AmiNet Recent Requester V0.4b
BBSLST1196.lha     comm/xeno  119K   3+The Xenolink ONLY BBS-LIST [ Year 2, Edi
bgwall106.lha      comm/xeno    9K   4+Wall for Xenolink BBS many extras v1.06
bsytme110.lha      comm/xeno   64K   5+Creates statistics about percentage of d
Lastlogger11.lha   comm/xeno   46K   4+Creates list of the 20 last calls to sys
MRX_045.lha        comm/xeno  297K   4+Offline Message Reader/Writer for Xenoli
MUX_022.lha        comm/xeno   58K   4+File Uploader for Xenolink BBS Systems.
xcli.lha           comm/xeno   15K   4+Three Xenolink CLI Utilities to manipula
Assault.lha        demo/aga   657K   3+Assault! AGA demo by Capsule.
Drd_Corinne.lha    demo/aga   243K   5+Corinne (an old standard demo) from Drea
MST_MH.lha         demo/aga   296K   6+HD/020+/AGA ver. of SCX's "Mental Hangov
MST_SS.lha         demo/aga   177K   6+HD/020+/AGA ver. Scoopex's "7 Sins"
rj_mkc_1.lha       demo/aga   753K   4+Massive Killing Capacity from ram jam 
rj_mkc_2.lha       demo/aga   388K   5+Massive Killing Capacity from ram jam 
vtr_plz1.lha       demo/aga   348K   6+"Plane Zero" by Vector, 1/2.
vtr_plz2.lha       demo/aga   588K   6+"Plane Zero" by Vector, 2/2.
code.lha           demo/ecs   337K   6+A great new demo from Lamers Inc
dst_deep.lha       demo/ecs   173K   5+Deep-demo from destruction, please. 
GREMdemo.lha       demo/ecs   208K   3+Awesome BBS Demo by Olly   '96
GREMLiNS.lha       demo/ecs    55K   3+Awesome BBS Demo by Olly & Erik '96
RadioactiveBBS.lha demo/ecs   282K   4+Appendix & Squeezers -> BBStro
eft_tt08.lha       demo/intro  65K   4+Tiny Tunes 8
p2b4_ami.lzh       demo/intro  84K   3+Place To Be 4 - Amiga Invitation 
shh_intr.lha       demo/intro 278K   5+Shoah intros
XZN_9Kb.lha        demo/intro  20K   4+An intro from X-ZoNe
XZN_Cat01.lha      demo/intro  61K   4+An intro from X-ZoNe
XZN_ST03fix.lha    demo/intro  88K   4+An intro from X-ZoNe
and_grt1.lha       demo/mag    18K   5+Gravity'96 - party invitation!
and_grv1.lha       demo/mag   724K   5+Gravity'96 - party invitation! [1/2]
and_grv2.lha       demo/mag   597K   5+Gravity'96 - party invitation! [2/2]
DocsLLFB27_1.lha   demo/mag   549K   2+DOCS LLFB Issue 27 (spanish disk magazin
etc_xf10.lha       demo/mag   295K   4+Issue 10 (oct 96) of the scene news mag
nvx_prs0.lha       demo/mag   579K   5+Intro for NVX's forthcoming diskmag
provoter.lha       demo/mag    37K   4+PROVoter, an usefull tool to fill your v
Rage2Oct.lha       demo/mag   1.0M   6+RAGE! Issue 02 - Da Ultimate Scene Chart
rj_st4g.lha        demo/mag   805K   4+Showtime 4 (the gallery) from Ram Jam
rj_st4i.lha        demo/mag   350K   4+Showtime 4 Intro by TBL!
rj_st4m.lha        demo/mag   823K   4+Showtime 4 (the mag) from Ram Jam
shh_dl2.lha        demo/mag   663K   5+Dreamland #2 - UFO mag *AGA*
unreal.lha         demo/mega  660K   4+Yet another Supreme Production 
cycosld1.lha       demo/slide 230K   5+Suicide & Alternative (D1) 
cycosld2.lha       demo/slide 200K   5+Suicide & Alternative (D2) 
FX.lha             demo/slide 965K   5+Slideshow of ImageFX effects.
IFT_MP.lha         demo/slide 1.8M   6+Infect: Mellow's Party! V1.33
unknownt.lha       demo/slide 549K   4+Pics made with Scenery Animator 
and_sghd.lha       demo/sound 1.2M   5+Sound Garden by ANADUNE - music disk!
GHD_HOP1.lha       demo/sound 575K   4+HOP-sHOP #1 ... from grasshopper d   (mu
GHD_HOP2.lha       demo/sound 477K   4+HOP-sHOP #2 ... from grasshopper d   (mu
jrm_ep64.lha       demo/sound 242K   3+DA JoRMaS: Elastik Pitch #64
MST_TFC.lha        demo/ta96  2.4M   6+"TRAFFIC" BY MYSTIC. ASM96 DEMOCOMPO 4TH
AMOSList_1096.lzh  dev/amos   776K   2+Messages about AMOS during October 1996
ApcII.lha          dev/amos    10K   3+Intuition interface for AmosPro compiler
Dragon_AMOS.lha    dev/amos   197K   5+AmosPro source for a To player figth gam
AnyStrToLong.lha   dev/asm      6K   4+Two routines ASCII<->Long. Dec/hex/bin.
BlitMask.lha       dev/asm     17K   3+BlitWithMask - asm source on how! v.1.11
NewStartup39.lha   dev/asm     40K   3+Enhanced startupcode for assembler v3.9
ACE_Prgs.lha       dev/basic  715K  48+Misc. programs written with ACE Basic
ACE_Tuning.lha     dev/basic   23K   3+OS2.0+; make ACE exe files faster
CB_RandomFiles.lha dev/basic   22K   3+OS2.0+; random file support for ACE
doom4bb2.lha       dev/basic   41K   3+DOOMexperiment in BB2 
MaVaTi_Blitz.lha   dev/basic  172K   6+Some intuition progs in Blitz Basic
SuperTED224.lha    dev/basic   33K   4+Fixed BUM10 version of the Blitz2 Editor
C_OS3_DT431.lha    dev/c       18K   3+How: OS3 V40/43 PicDatatype in 100% C
Mesa_2_0_Amiga.lha dev/c      1.5M   3+3D library, OpenGL based, Amiga v1.5
RecallSource.lha   dev/c      609K   5+Source code for Recall V3.1
sc656man.lha       dev/c        1K   2+ARexx script and Instructions on how to 
vbcc.lha           dev/c      840K   3+Free optimizing ANSI C compiler
VersionHandler.lha dev/c       88K   4+AutoBump project version and dates.  V1.
as31.lha           dev/cross   64K   5+Cross assembler for 8031 and 8051 MPU
asm56k106.lha      dev/cross   37K   2+Assembler for the Motorola DSP5600x
Frankenstein.lha   dev/cross  574K   5+Cross assembler for 13 processor familie
GBDK.lha           dev/cross  284K   6+GameBoy Developer's Kit V1.0 rev. 1
GBDK_src.lha       dev/cross  404K   6+Sources for GBDK V1.0 rev. 1
Load56k105.lha     dev/cross   19K   2+Lodfile-Loader for the Motorola EVM56K-B
Bmath.lha          dev/e       25K   4+Direct FPU usage/IEEE libraries EASY use
Executive_API.lha  dev/e        8K   2+E-Module for ExecutiveAPI, includes exam
E_Beginner_ITA.lha dev/e      183K   4+E (  Jason Hulance) ITALI
fd2inline_bin.lha  dev/gcc    104K   3+GCC inlines generator, 1.1 (binaries)
fd2inli_src.lha    dev/gcc     53K   3+GCC inlines generator, 1.1 (sources)
gcc270_cp020.lha   dev/gcc    1.7M  48+Gcc v2.7.0 - 68020 C++ part - C/C++/ObjC
ixem000s.lha       dev/gcc     99K   5+IXemul 45.0 - 68000 library
ixem000t.lha       dev/gcc    101K   5+IXemul 45.0 - 68000 trace library
ixem020f.lha       dev/gcc     96K   5+IXemul 45.0 - 68020+fpu library
ixem020s.lha       dev/gcc     97K   5+IXemul 45.0 - 68020 library
ixem040f.lha       dev/gcc     96K   5+IXemul 45.0 - 68040+fpu library
ixem040s.lha       dev/gcc     97K   5+IXemul 45.0 - 68040 library
ixemul_bin.lha     dev/gcc     40K   5+IXemul 45.0 - various utilities
ixemul_doc.lha     dev/gcc     46K   5+IXemul 45.0 - various documentation
ixemul_tz.lha      dev/gcc    232K   5+IXemul 45.0 - TZ management files
ixem_sdk.lha       dev/gcc    2.2M   5+IXemul 45.0 - developer's tool kit
ixem_src.lha       dev/gcc    2.1M   5+IXemul 45.0 - full source code
GenCodeC_2_2c.lha  dev/gui    108K  16+C-Generator (v2.2c) for MUIBuilder
gui4cli.lha        dev/gui    178K   3+Make GUIs from scripts - V 2.1
MCPMoni.lha        dev/gui     76K  48+MCP Monitorpackage (for VGAOnly)
PageGadget.lha     dev/gui     59K   3+BOOPSI custom class of pages like MUI/BG
tri20b1dev.lha     dev/gui    173K   5+Triton GUI system 2.0 public beta 1
tri20b1usr.lha     dev/gui    212K   5+Triton GUI system 2.0 public beta 1
FuzzyCLIPS604.lha  dev/lang   785K   4+Powerful expert system shell from NASA
sbp3_1b.lzh        dev/lang   157K  48 Disk 2
uc_0_30.lha        dev/lang    34K   3+Universal code
ahi.lha            dev/misc   245K   2+RTA for AmigaOS, w/ Protracker datatype
CockTel_dev.lha    dev/misc    14K   3+Development supplies for Amiga-Videophon
FD2Pragma.lha      dev/misc    38K   3+V2.20 creates pragma, lvo and stub files
gtdrag.lha         dev/misc    18K   6+Drag&Drop for gadtools, V1.4 (3.10.96)
mvr20.lha          dev/misc   155K   6+Helps make disk magazines, catalogs etc.
PortSnoop10.lha    dev/misc     5K   3+Script driven messageport monitor
PSXEXEInfo.lha     dev/misc     6K   4+Gives you basic info on Playstation's ex
ROS_V2_0.lha       dev/misc    79K   2+ROS V2.0 - an enhanced lowlevel.library
WatchMem.lha       dev/misc     8K   4+V1.3 - Small prog to observe memory usag
WHDLoad.lha        dev/misc    61K   6+HD-Installer for OS-Killer
MCC_Busy2_2.lha    dev/mui     39K   3+Busy display bar, reg. MUI-Class
MCC_Tron0_7.lha    dev/mui     33K   3+MUICustomClass example, MCCReg info
mui36dev.lha       dev/mui    307K  13+MagicUserInterface 3.6, developer files
mui36loc.lha       dev/mui     99K   5+12 translations for MUI 3.6 (4th edition
mui36mod.lha       dev/mui     87K  13+Modula-2 interfaces and demos for MUI 3.
mui36pl.lha        dev/mui      7K  12+Polish catalogs for MUI 3.6
MUIRexx_2_2.lha    dev/mui    184K   3+Develop MUI apps/GUIs with ARexx
mui_htmlhelp.lha   dev/mui    288K  17+Stephen's unofficial MUI developers web 
fmtstrutil.lha     dev/src      3K   3+A safe "sprintf" function using RawDoFmt
getmodeinfo20s.lha dev/src      9K   6+SAS/C Source for GetModeInfo
OSscroll.lha       dev/src    147K   3+Smooth intuiscreen scroll OS3.0 (Asm)
wangisrc.lha       dev/src    1.2M   3+Source to over 35 Amiga programs
14Bit_CDPlayer.lha disk/cdrom  92K  85+Ver1.1 CDPlayer for Toshiba, 14bit outpu
amicdfs237.lha     disk/cdrom 126K   9+AmiCDFS (AmiCDROM) v2.37
CDIDNote.lha       disk/cdrom   2K   2+CDDA Title/Author into comment
CdRomInfo_v1_0.lha disk/cdrom   6K   4+CD-ROM drive informations v1.00
OptyCDPlayer16.lha disk/cdrom 408K   7+V1.6 MUI CD Player/Ed/Prog/Sampler
floppy31.lha       disk/misc   17K   2+A replacement for trackdisk.device
HDOff_1_37a.lha    disk/misc   29K   4+Noise saver for A1200&A4000 ide HD`s
LessSeek.lha       disk/misc    2K   5+Small validatewait like program
MyFormat1_08.lha   disk/misc   19K   3+Format replacement.  OS2.04+ required
pubscreenlist.lha  disk/misc    4K   4+List public screens in system
readdevice.lha     disk/misc    6K   4+MyFormat 1.07 users download this!
Track2File.lha     disk/misc  119K   4+File Ripper from NDOS disks (v1.19)
wfv.lha            disk/misc    7K 186 Validate HD on Bootup
ZIPMount_12.lha    disk/misc   10K  25+A ZIP guide + Mac/IBM Mountlists V1.2
ZipTool12.lha      disk/misc    5K  30+Iomega Zip drive utility V1.2
ZJTool11.lha       disk/misc   78K   3+ZJTools - Zip and Jaz Tools 1.1
DiskSalv11_32.lha  disk/salv  118K  72+Dave Haynie's DiskSalv version 11.32
Arrow_Dynamic.lha  docs/anno   51K   3+Programmers' Competition! 
VillageTronic.txt  docs/anno    1K   2+Official Village Tronic support site
csag_faq.lha       docs/help   71K FAQ v2.8
AMIyNET16.lha      docs/hyper 517K   5+Spanish Amiga Internet users list. (Span
Doc_Amigaguide.lha docs/hyper  13K   3+French documentation about Amigaguide v1
F1GP_HOF.lha       docs/hyper  26K   4+Amiga F1GP Hall of Fame (latest release)
FGP_1996.lha       docs/hyper  65K   4+Facts of Formula-One-GP 1996 (german) 
ficheros.lha       docs/hyper  62K   6+AmigaGuide docs about system files in Sp
France_Guide.lha   docs/hyper 2.7M   3+Reworked version. V2.0B5
HiPFrenchDocs.lha  docs/hyper  45K   2+Frech documentation for Hippoplayer v2.3
STCCGupdate.lha    docs/hyper 212K   6+Update to AmigaGuide to Star Trek: TNG C
TimeGuide_161.lha  docs/hyper 800K   2+German PD-list, AmigaGuide-format V1.61
wbench.lha         docs/hyper  11K   4+AmigaGuide of the Workbench 3.0 Menus
Aminet13Anims.txt  docs/lists  11K   3+Anims integrated into Aminet for CD 13
Aminet_CD_14.lha   docs/lists  68K   4+Aminet CD 14 index and description
DataTypesLst20.txt docs/lists   7K   4+OS 3.x Datatypes List V2.0
DevGuide.lha       docs/lists   5K   4+Guide of Devices 
FDLinfo.lha        docs/lists 551K   3+5dlicenceware product guide
libguide.lha       docs/lists  86K   5+Biggest Guide of Amiga shared libraries 
VorWahlen.lha      docs/lists  15K   5+Phone codes north germany
AmigaChannel5.lha  docs/mags  280K   2+Amiga Channel 5, [Revista en Espa~ol] 1 
ar413.lha          docs/mags   85K   4+Amiga Report 4.13, Oct. 18, 1996
Dada07.lha         docs/mags  184K   5+International cultural mag #07
ebase_1096.lha     docs/mags   41K   5+Magazine for developers - Oct. 96
fmotj.lha          docs/mags  635K   3+Four Men On The Job! (Require four doubl
hp09html.lzh       docs/mags  874K   4+HousePool - Issue 09 (Oct/Nov) HTML
HPool09a.lha       docs/mags  511K   4+HousePool Part 1 - Issue 09 (Oct/Nov) Am
HPool09b.lha       docs/mags  459K   4+HousePool Part 2 - Issue 09 (Oct/Nov) Am
HPool09c.lha       docs/mags  613K   4+HousePool Part 3 - Issue 09 (Oct/Nov) Am
Izviestia10.lha    docs/mags  765K   5+Izviestia #10 - polish disk magazine
mb_oct96.lha       docs/mags  383K   5+Miggybyte multi-media disk mag(6/OCT/96)
shh_dl1.lha        docs/mags  679K   6+UFO-related Diskmag, Issue One. Reqs AGA
shh_dl2.lha        docs/mags  663K   5+Dreamland #2 - UFO mag *AGA*
AFD_Files1_11.lha  docs/misc   65K   3+Standard Copyright Note in 11 languages
BSmithGuide.lha    docs/misc    3K   2+A guide to me, Bradley Smith and Bradley
ggg.lha            docs/misc   25K   4+Information about GoldenGate card.
MSAT_Aug_96.lha    docs/misc   67K   5+Satellite guide.
ProBench3_Eng.lha  docs/misc   10K   4+ProBench 3 documentation in english
scnetoct.lha       docs/misc   55K   5+Sceners's e-mail address collection. oct
VorWahlen.lha      docs/misc   25K   3+Phone codes (north germany)
AmiFast.txt        docs/rview   4K   3 MINI-REVIEW: AmiFast Zip-to-SIMM convert
HyperCOM1.txt      docs/rview   6K   3 REVIEW: HyperCOM1 serial port for A1200
KB100.txt          docs/rview   6K   3 REVIEW: KB100 adaptor for AT keyboard
Wildfire.txt       docs/rview   7K   3 REVIEW: Wildfire 68060 accelerator for A
XRef.txt           docs/rview   9K   3 REVIEW: XRef version 1.1
6_Tris.lha         game/2play 186K   3+*ULTIMATE* multiplayer Tetris; 6 PLAYERS
amtank.lha         game/2play 275K   4+An excellent tanks clone.
bship.lha          game/2play 549K  19+BattleShipsII v0.3DEMO
dst_zone.lha       game/2play 130K   6+A non-aga 2-player game.    
gravity_f.lha      game/2play  80K   5+It's like Worms in Space....ADDICTIVE!
hex2.lha           game/2play  71K   5+2 players board game with nice gfx & snd
LightCycles2.lha   game/2play 402K   3+Light Cycles with new features.
SuperDodge.lha     game/2play 109K   3+Fast simple addictive action line game.
Warhost.lha        game/2play 136K   6+V1.0 - Multiplayer tactical tank battle.
Wormsigns.lha      game/2play 643K   3+A cool game up to 12 players !
BrutalTenia.lha    game/actio 424K   2+Brutal Tenia - fast scrolling action gam
Double_Battle.lha  game/actio 227K   3+A new Breakout-Game
knock_out.lha      game/actio 324K   3+The ultimate Break Out-type game.
sprballz.lha       game/actio 203K   2+Superballz - `Marble Madness` style game
Adrasthello.lha    game/board  48K   3+Internet othello client for ios
Four.lha           game/board   8K   5+Fastest WB-4-Wins-Game.
Mancala.lha        game/board 382K   4+Ancient african board game
manipulate.lha     game/board   9K   5+Part of the CRP (Chess Replacement Proje
ab3diixtra.lha     game/data  281K   4+An extra level for AB3DII-TKG (4meg)
ab3dii_xtraFIX.lha game/data    8K   3+Fixes a bug in ab3dii-xtra.lha
NewPBSs.lha        game/data   35K   3+New block sets for the game "Pairs"
NewPBS_s.lha       game/data   35K   3+New block sets for the game "Pairs"
aapiggfx.lha       game/demo  625K   3+Vulcans-HELLPIGS Screenshots
aggrsn.lha         game/demo  254K   2+Very early demo of AGA shoot-em-up
blobz.lha          game/demo  578K   3+`Blobz` Playable demo (AGA+Hard disk req
Blobz_1.lha        game/demo  402K   3+Addictive arcade puzzler from Apex
Blobz_2.lha        game/demo  177K   3+Disk two of blobz
blobz_v2.lha       game/demo  659K   2+Blobz - Updated demo
BountyHV10.lha     game/demo  534K   5+Assemblercoded action Platform game ECS/
GenesisPro.lha     game/demo  502K   4+"GenesisPro" Level Editor
KargonDemo.lha     game/demo  577K   4+Thrilling dungeon-chase, 1-4 players
MGOTDemo.lha       game/demo  146K   6+1-Level Demo of a new Platform Game
Rabbits.lha        game/demo  185K   4+New arcade puzzle game from 5DL
shh_lsde.lha       game/demo  155K   5+A New Demo Of The Excellent Tron Clone L
slipstream.lha     game/demo  361K   4+Playable demo of Wipeout clone 
torque.lha         game/demo  676K   6+AGA Uridium clone, preview V1.2
wen2175h.lha       game/demo  1.7M   6+Wendetta 2175 preview (hungarian)
Wendetta.lha       game/demo  1.3M   6+Demo of commercial shoot em-up for AGA-A
WendettNew.lha     game/demo  585K   4+New Demo of commercial shoot em-up for A
crap_c2p.lha       game/gag     3K   4+Crap_c2p (a benchmark for very poor c2ps
CivSaveE.lha       game/hint    6K   5+Changes amount of money in civilization 
md_stch.lha        game/hint    1K  20+Slam Tilt Cheats
Telekom2_Lsg.lha   game/hint   10K   2+Solution for Telekommando 2 (German)
boulderdaesh.lha   game/jump  1.0M   5+Best BoulderDaesh 1:1 Clone V2.62
bouldersnoop.lha   game/jump  241K   5+BoulderDaesh V2.62 (one game demo) 
boulderupdate.lha  game/jump  199K   5+BoulderDaesh V2.47+ -> V2.62
Rock.lha           game/jump  167K   3+Simple and addictive platform game
DoopsiDemo.lha     game/misc  413K   3+(V1.35) Tool to create gfx adventures a 
F1GPE320.lha       game/misc   87K   4+Patch F1GP-Ed 3.20 to 3.22
F1GPE321.lha       game/misc   87K   4+Patch F1GP-Ed 3.21 to 3.22
LifeSim.lha        game/misc   37K   6+An artificial life simulator v1 - wb2+
ManiacBall.lha     game/misc  426K   3+A multiplayer Breakout game V1.2
RushHour.lha       game/misc  105K   6+Switch traffic lights, Version 1.2
spacetaxi3.lha     game/misc  772K   6+Like the C64er game, Version 3.0
StritFaiter.lha    game/misc   55K   4+Space-Karate game
Wriggle.lha        game/misc    7K   3+A new type of Wormgame!
ExileHD.lha        game/patch  91K   3+HD Installer & Patch for Exile V1.0
FrontierGerman.lha game/patch  11K   3+Textpatch for Frontier (german version),
PFlaunch.lha       game/patch   7K   3+New and better launcher for Pinball Fant
superfroghd.lha    game/patch  34K   3+HD Installer for Superfrog V1.0
TKGTurboPatch.lha  game/patch  47K   2+TKGPatch 34.5 - an utility to speed up a
WormsShell.lha     game/patch  19K   4+Bug fixes and other hacks for Worms
ZInstall.lha       game/patch  29K   4+Zeewolf Hard Drive Installer
EDm_advent.jpg     game/role  197K   4+Graphics from the preview of the Evil's 
EDm_begin.jpg      game/role  129K   4+Graphics from the preview of the Evil's 
EDm_dungeon.jpg    game/role  140K   4+Graphics from the preview of the Evil's 
EDm_game.lha       game/role  2.2M   4+HiRes FantasyRolePlay AGA HD Adventure
frcalendra.lha     game/role    5K   5+A utility to keep track of time while pl
Graal2a.lha        game/role  341K   4+Graphic Adventure Authoring Language 2b
Graal2b.lha        game/role  344K   4+Graphic Adventure Authoring Language 2b
Graal2c.lha        game/role  291K   4+Graphic Adventure Authoring Language 2b
jdl.lha            game/role  590K   6+JdL (UPDATE), a english/german,ultima-li
OMaze.lha          game/role  205K   2+Dungeon adventure game, Pre Demo Release
pnp098.lha         game/role  194K   2+Helps Dungeonmasters creating adventures
Scott.lha          game/role   57K   2+Adventure interpreter for Scott Adams cl
silver.lha         game/role  391K   3+UPDATE - A german RPG-game with Construc
Writer.lha         game/role  133K   4+Best/easiest adventure game creator.
Amoeba.lha         game/shoot 110K 464+Clone of Space Invaders
Blitz_3_06.lha     game/shoot 182K   4+Fly over scyscrapers and bomb them
scrotax2.lha       game/shoot 347K  61+Scrotax Version 2.01 - BUGFIXED & UPDATE
sheepsho.lha       game/shoot 159K   5+Clay-Pigeon Shooting with Sheep! 
blitztriz.lha      game/think 303K   4+THE Tetris Clone (What else?) written in
Briscola.lha       game/think  31K   5+Briscola, Italian card game, rules in En
FBN_SoII.lha       game/think 761K   4+Star Trek Battle Simulator (PD)
marryamp.lha       game/think 355K   3+A CardSet game to find sound-pairs
sboom.lha          game/think 157K   5+Very Configurable MineSweeper.ALL Amigas
side12.lha         game/think 380K   6+Side, Atomino-Tetris-like game V1.2
Spring.lha         game/think 110K   5+Springer-clone for 1 or 2 player
HexaMine11.lha     game/wb     51K   4+Very nice hexagonal Minesweeper, V1.1
littlesn.lha       game/wb     49K   3+Drive a snake between blocks.
Ponder.lha         game/wb     19K   4+Genious Workbench-game
pookah.lha         game/wb     71K   6+Version 2 of the popular dice game.
samotnik1_1.lha    game/wb     11K   5+V1.1 of logical game for WB.
SnakesNAdders2.lha game/wb     42K   6+*UPDATED* Workbench/Pubscreen 'worm' gam
towersof.lha       game/wb     43K   3+The classic game of towers 
WordHunt.lha       game/wb     82K   3+Word search puzzle maker v1.3
fl_1.lzh           gfx/3d     100K   5+Fractal generator for Imagine (PC,Amiga 
raylab.lha         gfx/3d     545K   2+V1.1 of the RayLab raytracer for Amiga
AmiLogo3D.lha      gfx/3dobj   46K   5+The AMIGA logo object for Imagine
biurko.lha         gfx/3dobj   25K   4+Very small writingdesk object
DS9.lha            gfx/3dobj  301K   3+DS9 Space Station Imagine object (beta)
Temple.lha         gfx/3dobj  255K   3+Temple prj made with REAL3D V3.3
AGA_Morph_V1_2.lha gfx/aga    644K   3+Morphing program (AGA) V1.2 68000-040FPU
MonEd3a.lha        gfx/aga     27K 146+Moned Ver 3 (change syncs of monitor)
cybershow76.lha    gfx/board  118K   4+SlideShow&Viewer(incl.PCD)for CybGfx&AGA
cybertvplayer8.lha gfx/board  655K   4+Animation player for CyberGfx & AGA (OS3
egsplus.lha        gfx/board   32K   3+Rel1 EGS Emulation Enhancement
rtgmaster.lha      gfx/board  405K   4+The RtgMaster Library System
ttviewer.lha       gfx/board  239K   3+Shows pictures by VillageTronic's Picass
GfxLab24_181.lha   gfx/conv   619K   4+GfxLab24 v1.8.1. Image Processing progra
MPImg51.lha        gfx/conv   218K   5+Gui/Cli graphics conversion library OS3.
MPImg51s.lha       gfx/conv   116K   5+Source to Gui/Cli graphics conversion li
WhirlGIF201.lha    gfx/conv    30K   2+Generates GIF animations (update)
amifig.lha         gfx/edit   258K   3+Structured drawing tool v2.4, Xfig compa
amifig_68k.lha     gfx/edit   288K   3+Structured drawing tool v2.4, Xfig compa
MicroPaint217.lha  gfx/edit   211K   4+Paint program with effects (German)
PPaint64Nor.lha    gfx/edit    12K   2+Norwegian catalog for PPaint v6.4
universalgio42.lha gfx/edit    33K   4+Photogenics universal loader&animation s
ArtStudioV1_0.lha  gfx/misc   295K   2+Image Database, Full Version!!
Collector_20.lha   gfx/misc   199K   5+Powerful pictures catalogger. Many featu
DocMa13.lha        gfx/misc   251K   4+Multimedia Filer with true-color thumbna
DocMa14.lha        gfx/misc   251K   4+Multimedia Filer with true-color thumbna
fastifxmodul64.lha gfx/misc    36K   4+ImageFX loaders(incl.PCD)&savers(
FrontRay.lha       gfx/misc    25K   6+FrontRay V1.0 (MUI Interface for POVRay)
ntpro.lha          gfx/misc   620K   3+Realtime 3D MultiMedia/Video Titler
nt_swe.lha         gfx/misc     3K   3+Swedish locale file for NTitler
photoalbum23.lha   gfx/misc   202K   4+Picture management (incl.PCD) for AGA&Cy
photoexpcat.lha    gfx/misc   1.4M   5+PhotoAlbum catalog files for many Aminet
PicView2.lha       gfx/misc   209K   5+PicView 2.04 Picture Cataloger (OS3+ & M
PrintWin.lha       gfx/misc     1K   6+PrintWin.rexx - PRINTS PRINTME.iff file 
xipaintmodul52.lha gfx/misc    54K   4+Univ. loader&anim.saver for XiPaint
agassm.lha         gfx/show   206K   6+Easy to use slideshow maker from 5DL
aMiPEG_0_6.lha     gfx/show   129K  19+MPEG player with support for CyberGraphX
AmSpView.lha       gfx/show     2K   4+Shows AMOS Object Banks
animinwi.lha       gfx/show    38K   3+An animation player in a window. 
AVB1_01b.lha       gfx/show   273K   4+Small asynchronous sound and animation p
CyberAnim11.lha    gfx/show    37K   3+IFF ANIM3/5/7/8 player, supports CyberGr
CyberAVI16.lha     gfx/show    50K   3+AVI animation player for CyberGraphX/AGA
Flx.lha            gfx/show    11K   3+FLI/FLC Animation viewer inside a Wb win
jiv150p.lha        gfx/show   216K   5+Universal picture viewer.
mp103.lha          gfx/show    58K 168+MPEG player for ECS/AGA/OpalVision/Picas
mpegplay201bin.lha gfx/show   147K 196+MPEG player V2.01 executable
PSX_View.lha       gfx/show    21K   3+Shows some PlayStation pics on Amiga (V0
VisageCom.lha      gfx/show    13K   6+Small GUI for Visage to del/cp/rename a 
xanim8.lha         gfx/show   253K  73+XAnim: Avi/Quicktime/FLI/FLC/IFF/GIF/MPE
yapcdgui.lha       gfx/show     8K   5+Yet Another PhotoCD GUI V 0.6
amiwm0_20pl28.lha  gfx/x11     86K   3+X window manager, Amiga WB like
eb920_sanaII.lha   hard/drivr  89K   3+EB920/Lan Rover SanaII Network Drivers
LCD_102.lha        hard/drivr  19K   6+Use a HITACHI-LCD with your AMIGA
optmouse.lzh       hard/drivr  11K 171+Driver for serial mouse (+ HW hack)
ScanTek2_6.lha     hard/drivr  95K   2+V2.6 Microtek/Highscreen/Mustek scanner 
VTXT_eng_pch.lha   hard/drivr  33K   2+English localization for VideoText v5.22
A2000T.lha         hard/hack  113K   2+Doc to make an Amiga 2000 a Tower case
a2386_ps2.lha      hard/hack  160K   5+How to use PS2-Simms on A2386
DCF77_Plus.lha     hard/hack  379K   4+Cheap radio-controlled watch
Epic1_1.lha        hard/hack   23K   5+Programmer for PIC16C84 microcontroller
kickswitch.lha     hard/hack  102K   5+Automatic Kickstartswitch (16 bit ROMs)
PAL_on_SVGA.lha    hard/hack    3K  46+Use 15kHz PAL on SVGA monitors! IT WORKS
PCFloppy2Amiga.lha hard/hack   56K  86+=Use 1.44 PC drives as Amiga HD drives.=
Waveblaster.lha    hard/hack   10K   3+How to connect PC souncards to your Amig
a1200INFO.lha      hard/misc   10K   3+Amiga 1200 HARDWARE info, vol.1 (10/96)
MoniAdap.lha       hard/misc    6K   5+Monitor adaptor to avoid vert. stripes.
ParPortTst.lha     hard/misc   38K   5+Parallelport testing Hard- and Software
AmiBlank.lha       misc/emu    16K   3+AmigaLogo-Blanker for MSWINDOWS!
AmigaVGB.lha       misc/emu   165K   6+Nintendo Gameboy emulator V0.7 rev. 2
Arc64.lha          misc/emu     8K   6+C64 archive processor V1.2
DDI2MVD11.lha      misc/emu     8K   6+Program converter DDI to MVD for AmiMSX2
Easy1541.lha       misc/emu    84K   4+Full package to manage a 1541 Drive (1.1
ggg.lha            misc/emu    25K   4+Information about GoldenGate card.
MacMem.lha         misc/emu     1K  76+Run PrepareEmul on A1200
QDOS1.lha          misc/emu   177K   4+QL clone (binaries and documentation)
QDOS2.lha          misc/emu   227K   4+QL clone (assembly source)
QDOS3.lha          misc/emu   306K   4+QL clone (QDOS utilities disk)
rsrvmems.lha       misc/emu     4K 191+Newest Emplant RSRVMEM's.
ShapeShifter36.lha misc/emu   236K   2+Macintosh II emulator, V3.6
ShShSurveyRes.lha  misc/emu    10K  11+RESULTS from the ShapeShifter survey
SS35_Nor.lha       misc/emu     8K   2+New Norwegian catalog for SS v3.5
SS36_Nor.lha       misc/emu     5K   2+New Norwegian catalog for SS v3.6
UNd64.lha          misc/emu    25K   4+THE C-64 archive file processor v38.12
zxtools.lha        misc/emu    46K   4+Amiga<->ZX IF1 tools.
Laplace.lha        misc/math  617K   5+V0.7 symbolic algebra program
TimeCalc15a.lha    misc/math    3K   5+Add together a list of times
DietAnaliz.lha     misc/misc  118K   3+Dietetic program, italian version only, 
flm230.lha         misc/misc  446K   4+E<->G dictionary (60000 words)
flm_stddic.lha     misc/misc  713K   4+Standard dic. for FLM (60000 words)
Hypno1_5.lha       misc/misc  252K   3+Tool for self-hypnosis and meditation
ModuleB1240_40.lha misc/misc    1K   6+AIBB module for Blizzard 040/40 card
EltronSch.lha      misc/sci   261K   3+Professional Electronic Schematic Captur
LogicSim_Spa.lha   misc/sci     3K   3+Spanish catalog for LogicSim 1.1x
PINQ.lha           misc/sci   161K   4+If you eat then you need this program. 
pulito.lha         misc/sci   125K   4+To solve linear programming problems(Ita
spontimag10.lha    misc/sci    67K   4+Simple Sim. of magnetization. V1.0
uae_0_6_4.lha      misc/unix  1.1M   4+V0.6.4 of the Unix Amiga Emulator
ACityAtNight.lha   mods/4mat  138K   6+Melodic mod by 4mat           ****
AgonyVillage.lha   mods/4mat   31K   6+Demo mod by 4mat              ***
AnarchyMenu10.lha  mods/4mat    5K   6+Chip mod by 4mat              ****+
AufWeidersehnM.lha mods/4mat   16K   6+Demo mod by 4mat              ***
BeachHead2.lha     mods/4mat   37K   6+Demo mod by 4mat              ****+
BeachParty.lha     mods/4mat   24K   6+Pop mod by 4mat               ****+
BubbleDizzy.lha    mods/4mat   28K   6+Demo mod by 4mat              ****+
Cardiax1.lha       mods/4mat   88K   6+Synth mod by 4mat             ****
Cardiax2.lha       mods/4mat   90K   6+Rock mod by 4mat              ****
CarvupIngame.lha   mods/4mat   37K   6+Demo mod by 4mat              ****+
CarvupMuzak.lha    mods/4mat   32K   6+Demo mod by 4mat              *****
ChartTrack.lha     mods/4mat   31K   6+Demo mod by 4mat              ****+
Chip4mat1.lha      mods/4mat    7K   6+Chip mod by 4mat              ***+
ChipShop.lha       mods/4mat    9K   6+Demo mod by 4mat              ****+
ChuckRockIntro.lha mods/4mat    4K   6+Demo mod by 4mat              **+
CloseToTheEdge.lha mods/4mat  106K   6+Demo mod by 4mat              ***+
Cloudream.lha      mods/4mat   35K   6+Synth mod by 4mat             ***+
FartingKippers.lha mods/4mat    9K   6+Demo mod by 4mat              ****
FerryTales.lha     mods/4mat   22K   6+Pop mod by 4mat               ****
Galaxy.lha         mods/4mat   57K   6+Atmos mod by 4mat             ****+
HumanTarget.lha    mods/4mat   13K   6+Demo mod by 4mat              ****+
InTheKitchen.lha   mods/4mat   91K   6+Pop mod by 4mat               ****+
InTheKtchenEn.lha  mods/4mat    9K   6+Chip mod by 4mat              ****+
IntroTune.lha      mods/4mat    4K   6+Synth mod by 4mat             ****
InYourShadow.lha   mods/4mat  128K   6+Synth mod by 4mat             ****
KrestmassLefto.lha mods/4mat   37K   6+Pop mod by 4mat               ****+
Legacy.lha         mods/4mat   73K   6+Atmos mod by 4mat             ****+
LunaWaves.lha      mods/4mat   91K   6+Rock mod by 4mat              *****
Madness2PartB.lha  mods/4mat   27K   6+Pop mod by 4mat               *****
Madness_2PartC.lha mods/4mat   28K   6+Demo mod by 4mat              ****
Mitrax.lha         mods/4mat    4K   6+Chip mod by 4mat              *****
Mountains.lha      mods/4mat   65K   6+Pop mod by 4mat               ****+
OnlyWhispers.lha   mods/4mat   70K   6+Jungle mod by 4mat            ***
OrientalLevel3.lha mods/4mat   46K   6+Melodic mod by 4mat           ****
OurRout.lha        mods/4mat  157K   6+Demo mod by 4mat              ****+
OutOnALimb.lha     mods/4mat   32K   6+Pop mod by 4mat               ****
PerceptionsEnd.lha mods/4mat   33K   6+Demo mod by 4mat              ****
Phantasmagoria.lha mods/4mat   81K   6+Demo mod by 4mat              *****
Pitchblend.lha     mods/4mat   90K   6+Demo mod by 4mat              ****+
PrinceOfYolkFo.lha mods/4mat   17K   6+Demo mod by 4mat              **+
Rebels.lha         mods/4mat    8K   6+Demo mod by 4mat              ****+
SD10Chp1.lha       mods/4mat    3K   6+Chip mod by 4mat              ****
SD10Chp4.lha       mods/4mat    3K   6+Chip mod by 4mat              ****+
SD10Chp5.lha       mods/4mat    4K   6+Chip mod by 4mat              ****
SD10Menu.lha       mods/4mat   28K   6+Synth mod by 4mat             ****+
Shock.lha          mods/4mat  147K   6+Demo mod by 4mat              *****+
SOCIntrosong.lha   mods/4mat   54K   6+Melodic mod by 4mat           *****
Soundtest.lha      mods/4mat   27K   6+Pop mod by 4mat               ****+
Starpaws.lha       mods/4mat   12K   6+Demo mod by 4mat              ****
Starworx.lha       mods/4mat    4K   6+Demo mod by 4mat              ****+
SunnyHoliday.lha   mods/4mat   64K   6+Pop mod by 4mat               ***+
ThatOldMagic.lha   mods/4mat  125K   6+Synth mod by 4mat             ****+
TheDesert.lha      mods/4mat   31K   6+Pop mod by 4mat               ****+
TheGoldenAges.lha  mods/4mat   29K   6+Synth mod by 4mat             ****+
WhatsTheProble.lha mods/4mat   42K   6+Pop mod by 4mat               ****
WorldOfDentro.lha  mods/4mat   25K   6+Pop mod by 4mat               ****
WorldOfLove.lha    mods/4mat   31K   6+Pop mod by 4mat               *****
YetAnotherBonu.lha mods/4mat   28K   6+Pop mod by 4mat               ***
ZappedOut.lha      mods/4mat    7K   6+Chip mod by 4mat              ****
Capella1.lha       mods/8voic 1.3M   3+Pop/Dance Song for Symphonie by Marco Eg
Capella2.lha       mods/8voic 1.0M   3+Pop/Dance Song for Symphonie by Marco Eg
tothehou.lha       mods/8voic 115K   4+X-HOUSE module by IMMORTAL, 6-ch HQ Octa
phd_hqua.lha       mods/airon 684K   5+[ PHD ] HoUSe QuAKe  by Airon(1MB GUS fi
etherealabduct.lha mods/alpma 382K   3+Mod from the demo "Your Astral Pilot"
1Fantasea.lha      mods/atmos 161K   6+Atmos mod by Absys            ****+
5DeepGrief.lha     mods/atmos 459K   6+Atmos mod by Absys            ****
5Ethnology.lha     mods/atmos 955K   6+Atmos mod by Absys            ****+
DeathStar.lha      mods/atmos  93K   6+Atmos mod by Fleshbrain       ****+
HerFeelings.lha    mods/atmos 201K   6+Atmos mod by Breeze.finland   ****
HySuper.lha        mods/atmos  29K   6+Atmos mod by Dune             **+
InterSpaceIntr.lha mods/atmos 110K   6+Atmos mod by Firefox          ***
K.lha              mods/atmos  94K   6+Atmos mod by Dune             ****+
Outlaw2.lha        mods/atmos 131K   6+Atmos mod by Axis             ****
TheEndIntro.lha    mods/atmos  14K   6+Atmos mod by Acechan          ****
UnknownFacesBe.lha mods/atmos 307K   6+Atmos mod by Estrayk          ****+
VillTillDagCen.lha mods/atmos  56K   6+Atmos mod by Fasjer           ****+
2Channels.lha      mods/aweso 205K   6+Demo mod by Dr Awesome        *****
Aciiiiid.lha       mods/aweso 124K   6+Acid mod by Dr Awesome        ***+
AirlineMemCut.lha  mods/aweso  99K   6+Pop mod by Dr Awesome         ***+
AlienAtmospher.lha mods/aweso 120K   6+Pop mod by Dr Awesome         *****
Arrangements.lha   mods/aweso 123K   6+Jazz mod by Dr Awesome        ******
BabyTalk.lha       mods/aweso  89K   6+Demo mod by Dr Awesome        ****
BudPeculiar.lha    mods/aweso 124K   6+Funk mod by Dr Awesome        *****
ChristmasSpiri.lha mods/aweso 117K   6+Slow mod by Dr Awesome        ****+
Drome15.lha        mods/aweso  96K   6+Slow mod by Dr Awesome        ****+
Exotic1.lha        mods/aweso  89K   6+Slow mod by Dr Awesome        ****
FatherNature.lha   mods/aweso 109K   6+Slow mod by Dr Awesome        ****
FinalOverCongr.lha mods/aweso  96K   6+Demo mod by Dr Awesome        ****
GetTheFunk.lha     mods/aweso 171K   6+Funk mod by Dr Awesome        ****
Macabra.lha        mods/aweso 164K   6+Synth mod by Dr Awesome       ****
Prophet2001.lha    mods/aweso 141K   6+Rock mod by Dr Awesome        ****+
SexMachine.lha     mods/aweso 111K   6+Rock mod by Dr Awesome        ****
Sfinx.lha          mods/aweso 193K   6+Synth mod by Dr Awesome       ****+
ShootemUp.lha      mods/aweso 102K   6+Demo mod by Dr Awesome        ****+
Spacedeliria.lha   mods/aweso 108K   6+Synth mod by Dr Awesome       ****+
SportsIllustra.lha mods/aweso 129K   6+Slow mod by Dr Awesome        ****+
StreetSwept.lha    mods/aweso 132K   6+Rock mod by Dr Awesome        ****
Suspense.lha       mods/aweso 184K   6+Orchestra mod by Dr Awesome   ***+
Synposium.lha      mods/aweso 145K   6+Slow mod by Dr Awesome        ***+
UponMe.lha         mods/aweso  97K   6+Rock mod by Dr Awesome        *****
ZirkoniumTheme.lha mods/aweso 144K   6+Pop mod by Dr Awesome         ****+
Antimatter.lha     mods/bhead 294K   6+Demo mod                      ****
CantFakeTheFun.lha mods/bhead 562K   6+Piano mod                     *****+
CelestialLulla.lha mods/bhead 325K   6+Atmos mod                     *****
ChibaCityLight.lha mods/bhead 111K   6+Techno mod                    *****
CloudNine.lha      mods/bhead 218K   6+Jazz mod by Basehead          ****
CollapseHouse.lha  mods/bhead 118K   6+Demo mod                      ***+
DopeForYourMin.lha mods/bhead  45K   6+Synth mod                     ****+
Forever.lha        mods/bhead 267K   6+Melodic mod                   *****+
FreedomAtMidni.lha mods/bhead 574K   6+Atmos mod                     ****+
GlowBug.lha        mods/bhead 275K   6+Atmos mod                     ****+
GothamNights.lha   mods/bhead 312K   6+Atmos mod                     ****+
Guinness.lha       mods/bhead 358K   6+Synth mod                     *****
HighOnHedonism.lha mods/bhead 318K   6+Atmos mod                     *****
IceExperience.lha  mods/bhead 183K   6+Synth mod by Basehead         ****
Imajica.lha        mods/bhead 169K   6+Synth mod                     ****
LastDance.lha      mods/bhead 140K   6+Funk mod                      *****
LastRequest.lha    mods/bhead 316K   6+Melodic mod                   *****+
MissingTime.lha    mods/bhead 349K   6+Synth mod                     ****+
NeonJungle.lha     mods/bhead 255K   6+Funk mod                      ****+
OpenYourMind.lha   mods/bhead 327K   6+Synth mod                     ****
PassionPlay.lha    mods/bhead 289K   6+Atmos mod                     ****+
PoetryInMotion.lha mods/bhead 237K   6+Atmos mod                     *****+
QuickChip1.lha     mods/bhead  14K   6+Chip mod                      ****+
ShadesN2.lha       mods/bhead 524K   6+Atmos mod                     ****+
ShadesN3.lha       mods/bhead 644K   6+Atmos mod                     *****
ShadesN4.lha       mods/bhead 365K   6+Atmos mod                     ****+
Shiver.lha         mods/bhead 156K   6+Synth mod                     ****+
SmoothOperator.lha mods/bhead 317K   6+Synth mod                     ****+
SnowDancing.lha    mods/bhead 166K   6+Funk mod                      ****+
SokobanMain.lha    mods/bhead 201K   6+Slow mod                      *****
Spartacus.lha      mods/bhead 334K   6+Funk mod                      ****+
SteppinOut.lha     mods/bhead 392K   6+Funk mod                      ****
SuburbiaHighHo.lha mods/bhead 499K   6+Synth mod                     ****+
SummerDaydream.lha mods/bhead 233K   6+Funk mod                      ****+
TakeMeHigher.lha   mods/bhead 285K   6+Synth mod                     *****
TheHarlequin.lha   mods/bhead 271K   6+Funk mod                      ****+
TheWunderkind.lha  mods/bhead 222K   6+Atmos mod                     ****
TheZenGarden.lha   mods/bhead 369K   6+Atmos mod                     ****+
TrippingToNept.lha mods/bhead 234K   6+Trance mod                    ****+
Twitch.lha         mods/bhead 204K   6+Synth mod                     ****
UrbanCultureBo.lha mods/bhead 375K   6+Experimental mod              ****
7thFlicker.lha     mods/cato   70K   6+Funk mod by Don_Cato          ****
BadPussy.lha       mods/cato   81K   6+Funk mod by Don_Cato          ****+
Battlefields.lha   mods/cato   39K   6+Slow mod by Don_Cato          ****+
Cessna.lha         mods/cato  108K   6+Demo mod by Don_Cato          ****
ExellentSneake.lha mods/cato  255K   6+Funk mod by Don_Cato          *****
Fj0sLukt.lha       mods/cato  286K   6+Rock mod by Don_Cato          ***+
Frootzie.lha       mods/cato   76K   6+Slow mod by Don_Cato          ***+
GimmeSomeStuff.lha mods/cato  137K   6+Funk mod by Don_Cato          ****
Holocaust.lha      mods/cato    2K   6+Melodic mod by Don_Cato       ***
HyggeligMygg.lha   mods/cato   70K   6+Funk mod by Don_Cato          ***+
ICanHear.lha       mods/cato   90K   6+Experimental mod by Don_Cato  **
ICanSee.lha        mods/cato   29K   6+Jazz mod by Don_Cato          **+
ICanWalk.lha       mods/cato   20K   6+Rock mod by Don_Cato          ***
InKookarooland.lha mods/cato  320K   6+Jungle mod by Don_Cato        *****
InLivinColor.lha   mods/cato  136K   6+Jazz mod by Don_Cato          ***
LifeShowsItsFa.lha mods/cato    8K   6+Demo mod by Don_Cato          **
Moonstoned.lha     mods/cato  111K   6+Demo mod by Don_Cato          **
NiceOutfit.lha     mods/cato   24K   6+Demo mod by Don_Cato          ****
Peanuts2.lha       mods/cato   30K   6+Demo mod by Don_Cato          ***
Qasteron.lha       mods/cato  104K   6+Synth mod by Don_Cato         ****
SexySinner.lha     mods/cato   26K   6+Jazz mod by Don_Cato          ****
Sexy_SinnerII.lha  mods/cato  339K   6+Jazz mod by Don_Cato          ****
SlimRoom.lha       mods/cato   46K   6+Funk mod by Don_Cato          *****
SpaceSk1.lha       mods/cato    2K   6+Chip mod by Don_Cato          ****
SpaceSk2.lha       mods/cato    2K   6+Chip mod by Don_Cato          ****
SweepingTheLan.lha mods/cato    1K   6+Chip mod by Don_Cato          **+
TimeToGreave.lha   mods/cato   20K   6+Slow mod by Don_Cato          ***+
Velociphed.lha     mods/cato   58K   6+Demo mod by Don_Cato          *****
ViceVersa.lha      mods/cato  119K   6+Demo mod by Don_Cato          ****+
Viol.lha           mods/cato   20K   6+Jazz mod by Don_Cato          ****+
WhaleysWorld.lha   mods/cato   69K   6+Slow mod by Don_Cato          ***+
RisInTime.lha      mods/cels  285K   5+DRUM n bASS by the CELSIUS
AbsolumentRien.lha mods/chip  107K   6+Chip mod by Diesel            ****
AnEmotionalFis.lha mods/chip    4K   6+Chip mod by Daddy Freddy      *****
Arcadian.lha       mods/chip   15K   6+Chip mod by 16beat            ****+
AreYouExcited.lha  mods/chip    4K   6+Chip mod by Daddy Freddy      *****+
Aspirine.lha       mods/chip    4K   6+Chip mod by Diesel            *****+
AssisParTerre.lha  mods/chip    1K   6+Chip mod by Diesel            **
AtLast.lha         mods/chip    7K   6+Chip mod by Estrayk           ****
bed.lha            mods/chip    4K   3+PT Chip Module
BlaizerStrikes.lha mods/chip    5K   6+Chip mod by Blaizer           ****+
bloodysk.lha       mods/chip    4K   5+Chippy Song by Corrosion / DeGeNeRaTiOn.
BouncingBall2.lha  mods/chip   37K   6+Chip mod by Daddy Freddy      ****
BringYourOwnBo.lha mods/chip    2K   6+Chip mod by Daddy Freddy      *****
Chip16beat.lha     mods/chip   20K   6+Chip mod by 16beat            ****+
ChipFunks.lha      mods/chip    2K   6+Chip mod by Curt Cool         ****
Chippin2.lha       mods/chip    8K   6+Chip mod by Eagle             ****
Chippin3.lha       mods/chip    4K   6+Chip mod by Eagle             ****+
Chippin4.lha       mods/chip    3K   6+Chip mod by Eagle             ****+
Chippin5.lha       mods/chip    9K   6+Chip mod by Eagle             ****
Chippo.lha         mods/chip    2K   6+Chip mod by Daddy Freddy      ****
ChipSausage.lha    mods/chip    2K   6+Chip mod by Braintumour       ***
CookDaCookie.lha   mods/chip    5K   6+Chip mod by Djamm             *****+
CybernoFix.lha     mods/chip   42K   6+Chip mod by Daddy Freddy      ***+
Cybernoid2.lha     mods/chip   42K   6+Chip mod by Daddy Freddy      ***+
Damned.lha         mods/chip    3K   6+Chip mod by Diesel            ***+
DansLaBouteill.lha mods/chip    5K   6+Chip mod by Diesel            **
DerSteppenwolf.lha mods/chip    4K   6+Chip mod by Daddy Freddy      ******
DodoTime.lha       mods/chip    1K   6+Chip mod by Diesel            ***+
DureMission.lha    mods/chip    3K   6+Chip mod by Diesel            ***
GlitteringCave.lha mods/chip    8K   6+Chip mod by Fash              ****
GoGetIt.lha        mods/chip    5K   6+Chip mod by Airwalk           ****
HarmonicCharme.lha mods/chip    7K   6+Chip mod by Dockers           ****+
HvideCykler.lha    mods/chip    2K   6+Chip mod by Airwalk           ****
IntroMuzak.lha     mods/chip    4K   6+Chip mod by Dice              ****
ItsPhenomenal.lha  mods/chip   21K   6+Chip mod by 16beat            ****
Javelja.lha        mods/chip    4K   6+Chip mod by Airwalk           ****+
Kabouterruis.lha   mods/chip   13K   6+Chip mod by Fabian            *****
Kingdom19.lha      mods/chip    3K   6+Chip mod by Diesel            ***+
Krakout2.lha       mods/chip    3K   6+Chip mod by Curt Cool         **+
LalalalalaIIBi.lha mods/chip    2K   6+Chip mod by Diesel            ***
LastKick.lha       mods/chip    5K   6+Chip mod by Dockers           ****
LeCanardEstMor.lha mods/chip    1K   6+Chip mod by Diesel            **
Lilly01.lha        mods/chip   12K   6+Chip mod by Accord/Gel Dezign ****+
Lilly02.lha        mods/chip   16K   6+Chip mod by Accord/Gel Dezign *****+
Lilly03.lha        mods/chip   12K   6+Chip mod by Accord/Gel Dezign ****+
Lilly04.lha        mods/chip   12K   6+Chip mod by Accord/Gel Dezign ****
Lilly09.lha        mods/chip    8K   6+Chip mod by Accord/Gel Dezign ***
Lilly10.lha        mods/chip   11K   6+Chip mod by Accord/Gel Dezign ****+
Lost.lha           mods/chip    4K   6+Chip mod by Diesel            ***
lostdrea.lha       mods/chip    5K   5+Chippy Song by Rusty Cage/DeGeNeRaTiOn. 
l_force.lha        mods/chip    5K   3+PT Chip Module
Magic.lha          mods/chip    5K   6+Chip mod by Fabian            ****+
MelodyEchos.lha    mods/chip    5K   6+Chip mod by Cosmiq            ****
Micromix.lha       mods/chip    4K   6+Chip mod by Curt Cool         ***
MindDestructor.lha mods/chip    4K   6+Chip mod by Fabian            ***+
Minisound.lha      mods/chip    4K   6+Chip mod by Axis              ****
NeverForgetYou.lha mods/chip    5K   6+Chip mod by Ferdinand         ***
Noizzz.lha         mods/chip    2K   6+Chip mod by Fabian            ****
NoSun.lha          mods/chip    1K   6+Chip mod by Diesel            **+
ShortButShocki.lha mods/chip    2K   6+Chip mod by Fabian            ****+
smokey.lha         mods/chip   18K   3+PT Chip Module
SpaceCrunching.lha mods/chip    3K   6+Chip mod by Airwalk           ***
Spice.lha          mods/chip    7K   6+Chip mod                      ****
StinglessCar.lha   mods/chip    1K   6+Chip mod by Andy.finland      **+
Syfilisf.lha       mods/chip    1K   6+Chip mod by Fasjer            ****+
TeadropInAPot.lha  mods/chip    3K   6+Chip mod by Daddy Freddy      ****
Wacky1.lha         mods/chip    6K   6+Chip mod by Fabian            ****+
Wacky2.lha         mods/chip    1K   6+Chip mod by Fabian            *****
Wacky3.lha         mods/chip    4K   6+Chip mod by Fabian            ****+
Wacky4.lha         mods/chip    6K   6+Chip mod by Fabian            ****+
Wacky5.lha         mods/chip    3K   6+Chip mod by Fabian            ****
1001Nights.lha     mods/chrom 107K   6+Oriental mod by Chromag       ****
40kIntrosShort.lha mods/chrom  15K   6+Demo mod by Chromag           ***+
4k0.lha            mods/chrom   9K   6+Techno mod by Chromag         **+
Aetsch.lha         mods/chrom  13K   6+Techno mod by Chromag         ***+
AKindOfLove.lha    mods/chrom 175K   6+Techno mod by Chromag         *****+
AmbientBreak.lha   mods/chrom  97K   6+Slow mod by Chromag           ****+
Arschfique.lha     mods/chrom 169K   6+Demo mod by Chromag           ****+
BackToTheBrick.lha mods/chrom  80K   6+Jazz mod by Chromag           ***+
BassnTreble.lha    mods/chrom  72K   6+Demo mod by Chromag           *****
Beerbelly.lha      mods/chrom 178K   6+Jazz mod by Chromag           *****
BlueNoteCafe.lha   mods/chrom 118K   6+Funk mod by Chromag           ****+
BottomBurps.lha    mods/chrom  33K   6+Demo mod by Chromag           ****+
Brainstorming.lha  mods/chrom  38K   6+Melodic mod by Chromag        ****
BrokenHearted.lha  mods/chrom 151K   6+Slow mod by Chromag           ****
CharminAndSob.lha  mods/chrom 125K   6+Melodic mod by Chromag        ****+
CharminButDru.lha  mods/chrom 110K   6+Slow mod by Chromag           ****+
Charts13Music2.lha mods/chrom  78K   6+Jazz mod by Chromag           ****
ChillnRelax.lha    mods/chrom 180K   6+Techno mod by Chromag         ****+
Cockatoos.lha      mods/chrom  22K   6+Melodic mod by Chromag        ****
CoffeInOverdos.lha mods/chrom 141K   6+Hardrock mod by Chromag       ****
ConstantRomanc.lha mods/chrom  97K   6+Melodic mod by Chromag        ****+
CrankyPhonecal.lha mods/chrom 130K   6+Slow mod by Chromag           *****
EineSeefahrt.lha   mods/chrom  55K   6+Demo mod by Chromag           ***+
EndlessWhisper.lha mods/chrom  95K   6+Pop mod by Chromag            ****
ExcitingMoment.lha mods/chrom  25K   6+Demo mod by Chromag           ***+
Floodland.lha      mods/chrom  46K   6+Synth mod by Chromag          *****
FunkyPyramids.lha  mods/chrom  15K   6+Demo mod by Chromag           ***
Gaby.lha           mods/chrom 118K   6+Melodic mod by Chromag        ***+
GenerationII.lha   mods/chrom  55K   6+Demo mod by Chromag           ****
HumphyMainThem.lha mods/chrom 158K   6+Rock mod by Chromag           ****+
ICantFly.lha       mods/chrom  64K   6+Slow mod by Chromag           ***
LoveAndPain.lha    mods/chrom  79K   6+Slow mod by Chromag           *****
MadMoose.lha       mods/chrom 140K   6+Melodic mod by Chromag        ***+
MamboFish.lha      mods/chrom  57K   6+Demo mod by Chromag           ***+
MindAstray.lha     mods/chrom  80K   6+Slow mod by Chromag           ****+
MontyHiscore.lha   mods/chrom   6K   6+Chip mod by Chromag           ***+
MoonlightDance.lha mods/chrom 100K   6+Jazz mod by Chromag           ****
MusicalMuesli.lha  mods/chrom  78K   6+Jazz mod by Chromag           ****
NoMoreSuelze.lha   mods/chrom  78K   6+Synth mod by Chromag          ****
Nostalgy.lha       mods/chrom  75K   6+Demo mod by Chromag           *****
NoViolence.lha     mods/chrom 149K   6+Synth mod by Chromag          ***+
PassageInTime.lha  mods/chrom  79K   6+Demo mod by Chromag           ****+
PlanetEarth.lha    mods/chrom 114K   6+Jazz mod by Chromag           ****+
PopEl.lha          mods/chrom  90K   6+Pop mod by Chromag            ****
R0dgr0dMedFl0d.lha mods/chrom  18K   6+Demo mod by Chromag           ***+
Rollmops.lha       mods/chrom  25K   6+Demo mod by Chromag           ****+
SeidIhrFroehli.lha mods/chrom 306K   6+Trance mod by Chromag         ***+
ShitHappens.lha    mods/chrom 189K   6+Funk mod by Chromag           ****+
ShockT01.lha       mods/chrom   8K   6+Chip mod by Chromag           *****+
ShockT05.lha       mods/chrom   7K   6+Chip mod by Chromag           ****
ShockT06.lha       mods/chrom   7K   6+Chip mod by Chromag           ****+
ShockT12.lha       mods/chrom   4K   6+Chip mod by Chromag           *****
ShockT13.lha       mods/chrom   5K   6+Chip mod by Chromag           ****
ShockT15.lha       mods/chrom  33K   6+Demo mod by Chromag           ****+
Sledgehammer2.lha  mods/chrom  64K   6+Demo mod by Chromag           ****+
SmokeAndFly.lha    mods/chrom 190K   6+Trance mod by Chromag         ****+
SoSimple.lha       mods/chrom  61K   6+Synth mod by Chromag          ***+
SpaceBubbles.lha   mods/chrom  52K   6+Pop mod by Chromag            ****
Stairways.lha      mods/chrom  75K   6+Slow mod by Chromag           ***
Sundown.lha        mods/chrom  78K   6+Demo mod by Chromag           ***+
SurpriseSurpri.lha mods/chrom   6K   6+Chip mod by Chromag           ***
TestTubeBabies.lha mods/chrom  39K   6+Demo mod by Chromag           ***+
TheCurse.lha       mods/chrom 227K   6+Jungle mod by Chromag         ****+
TheFlood.lha       mods/chrom  46K   6+Demo mod by Chromag           ****
Ugly.lha           mods/chrom 159K   6+Funk mod by Chromag           ***
Ullyses.lha        mods/chrom  75K   6+Demo mod by Chromag           ***
UnpluggedJazz.lha  mods/chrom 176K   6+Jazz mod by Chromag           ****+
UtterlyUntitle.lha mods/chrom 142K   6+Funk mod by Chromag           ****+
WhatsLifeButDo.lha mods/chrom  60K   6+Jungle mod by Chromag         ***
AccessForHeave.lha mods/chryl 124K   6+Slow mod by Chrylian          ****+
ATravelInMyMin.lha mods/chryl 146K   6+Jazz mod by Chrylian          ****+
AWaitForAFunk.lha  mods/chryl 104K   6+Funk mod by Chrylian          ****+
BigBandBrass.lha   mods/chryl 128K   6+Jazz mod by Chrylian          ****
CongasParties.lha  mods/chryl 109K   6+Funk mod by Chrylian          ****
Cubit.lha          mods/chryl  57K   6+Funk mod by Chrylian          ****
DoinTime.lha       mods/chryl 180K   6+Jazz mod by Chrylian          ***+
FatalisScream.lha  mods/chryl 122K   6+Rock mod by Chrylian          ****+
FunkyGame.lha      mods/chryl  85K   6+Funk mod by Chrylian          ***+
InterpolIntro.lha  mods/chryl  17K   6+Jazz mod by Chrylian          ***
InTheGroove.lha    mods/chryl 123K   6+Jazz mod by Chrylian          ****+
IntroHard.lha      mods/chryl  54K   6+Hardrock mod by Chrylian      ***+
IntroMIA.lha       mods/chryl 141K   6+Demo mod by Chrylian          ****
IronWheels.lha     mods/chryl 164K   6+Hardrock mod by Chrylian      *****
JazzDontStopMo.lha mods/chryl 138K   6+Jazz mod by Chrylian          *****
JazzingTrip.lha    mods/chryl 138K   6+Jazz mod by Chrylian          ****
JeLaime.lha        mods/chryl 136K   6+Funk mod by Chrylian          ***+
KeepYourStyle.lha  mods/chryl 195K   6+Jazz mod by Chrylian          *****
LetsBeGroove.lha   mods/chryl 154K   6+Jazz mod by Chrylian          ***
Live3.lha          mods/chryl 104K   6+Jazz mod by Chrylian          ****
MetalicsTrip.lha   mods/chryl 132K   6+Rock mod by Chrylian          ****
MisterBoumBoum.lha mods/chryl  81K   6+Pop mod by Chrylian           ****
MysteryLand.lha    mods/chryl  78K   6+Slow mod by Chrylian          ****
NewJackMorning.lha mods/chryl 128K   6+Jazz mod by Chrylian          ****
OrganMachine.lha   mods/chryl 160K   6+Jazz mod by Chrylian          ****+
RealDanger.lha     mods/chryl 365K   6+Techno mod by Chrylian        ***+
RidingTheRainb.lha mods/chryl 120K   6+Slow mod by Chrylian          ****+
ScreamToBeFree.lha mods/chryl 152K   6+Slow mod by Chrylian          ***+
ShortJazz.lha      mods/chryl  17K   6+Jazz mod by Chrylian          ****
SlapIt.lha         mods/chryl 131K   6+Funk mod by Chrylian          ****
SonateToHer.lha    mods/chryl  93K   6+Piano mod by Chrylian         ***
StorieOfLove.lha   mods/chryl  55K   6+Jazz mod by Chrylian          ***
SurfingAsASpac.lha mods/chryl 199K   6+Funk mod by Chrylian          ****+
SweepDreamBebe.lha mods/chryl 121K   6+Jazz mod by Chrylian          ***+
TheTimeOfSmile.lha mods/chryl 159K   6+Synth mod by Chrylian         ***
WelcomeMyTri.lha   mods/chryl 125K   6+Jazz mod by Chrylian          *****+
WelcomeParad.lha   mods/chryl 161K   6+Jazz mod by Chrylian          ****
WingsOfDesire.lha  mods/chryl  47K   6+Funk mod by Chrylian          ****
1Past1.lha         mods/clawz 215K   6+Techno mod by Clawz           ***
2Past2.lha         mods/clawz   9K   6+Trance mod by Clawz           ***
AbsBBSIntro.lha    mods/clawz  12K   6+Techno mod by Clawz           ***+
Aimlessly.lha      mods/clawz   7K   6+Chip mod by Clawz             ****+
BigBoyNow.lha      mods/clawz 117K   6+Funk mod by Clawz             ***+
BinaryAmnesia.lha  mods/clawz 284K   6+Techno mod by Clawz           ****
BlacheBleuche.lha  mods/clawz  13K   6+Demo mod by Clawz             ***+
Charts14Music2.lha mods/clawz  84K   6+Demo mod by Clawz             ****+
CheebaCheeba.lha   mods/clawz  39K   6+Jazz mod by Clawz             ***+
ComputerWeeken.lha mods/clawz   5K   6+Chip mod by Clawz             ****
CriminalTears5.lha mods/clawz   6K   6+Chip mod by Clawz             ****+
CryOfD4.lha        mods/clawz   3K   6+Chip mod by Clawz             ****
CryOfD6.lha        mods/clawz   3K   6+Chip mod by Clawz             ****+
CryOfD7.lha        mods/clawz   2K   6+Chip mod by Clawz             ***+
DaysOfThunder.lha  mods/clawz   5K   6+Chip mod by Clawz             ****
DazzlingVision.lha mods/clawz 165K   6+Slow mod by Clawz             *****
DeadEnd.lha        mods/clawz  33K   6+Demo mod by Clawz             ***
Decibelz.lha       mods/clawz   8K   6+Chip mod by Clawz             ****
EspaceMelodie2.lha mods/clawz  32K   6+Slow mod by Clawz             *****
Extemporized.lha   mods/clawz  91K   6+Slow mod by Clawz             ****+
FastWrap.lha       mods/clawz   4K   6+Chip mod by Clawz             *****
FunblastLevel1.lha mods/clawz  46K   6+Demo mod by Clawz             ****+
FunblstIntro.lha   mods/clawz  44K   6+Demo mod by Clawz             ****
FunkyMushroom2.lha mods/clawz   3K   6+Chip mod by Clawz             *****+
GoingNowhere.lha   mods/clawz 145K   6+Slow mod by Clawz             ****+
HardSelection.lha  mods/clawz  82K   6+Synth mod by Clawz            ****
Harjdk0re.lha      mods/clawz   6K   6+Hardcore mod by Clawz         ***+
HeartOfCrystal.lha mods/clawz  67K   6+Demo mod by Clawz             ****
Hibakusha.lha      mods/clawz 207K   6+Techno mod by Clawz           ****+
HotWires.lha       mods/clawz   8K   6+Chip mod by Clawz             ****+
Insomnia.lha       mods/clawz  61K   6+Slow mod by Clawz             ****
JaiEuMonBac.lha    mods/clawz   3K   6+Chip mod by Clawz             **+
JazzyChip.lha      mods/clawz   8K   6+Chip mod by Clawz             ****
KillerInstinct.lha mods/clawz   7K   6+Demo mod by Clawz             ***+
KuulitteOikein.lha mods/clawz  87K   6+Jazz mod by Clawz             ****
Level1.lha         mods/clawz  53K   6+Demo mod by Clawz             ***
Level2.lha         mods/clawz  66K   6+Demo mod by Clawz             ****
Level3.lha         mods/clawz  37K   6+Demo mod by Clawz             ****+
Maquette2.lha      mods/clawz 113K   6+Demo mod by Clawz             ****
MitaaPirua.lha     mods/clawz   3K   6+Chip mod by Clawz             ****
MixedUp.lha        mods/clawz 126K   6+Demo mod by Clawz             ****+
MotionIntermed.lha mods/clawz 104K   6+Slow mod by Clawz             ****+
MotionOvertaki.lha mods/clawz 267K   6+Techno mod by Clawz           ****+
Mylene.lha         mods/clawz 163K   6+Slow mod by Clawz             ****+
OriginFx4.lha      mods/clawz  23K   6+Atmos mod by Clawz            ***
OutOfControl.lha   mods/clawz 140K   6+Slow mod by Clawz             ****+
PostModern.lha     mods/clawz 143K   6+Demo mod by Clawz             ****
Puzzled.lha        mods/clawz  42K   6+Jazz mod by Clawz             ***
RealCyberotica.lha mods/clawz 116K   6+Pop mod by Clawz              ****
RealHelpThaFoo.lha mods/clawz  63K   6+Funk mod by Clawz             ****
SeparateWays.lha   mods/clawz 125K   6+Funk mod by Clawz             *****
SetThePace.lha     mods/clawz 108K   6+Demo mod by Clawz             ****
Sleever2.lha       mods/clawz  57K   6+Demo mod by Clawz             *****
Space.lha          mods/clawz 217K   6+Demo mod by Clawz             ****+
SuddenImpact.lha   mods/clawz 269K   6+Trance mod by Clawz           *****+
SunkInInk.lha      mods/clawz 159K   6+Slow mod by Clawz             *****
SwelteringFore.lha mods/clawz 105K   6+Melodic mod by Clawz          ****+
Swerve.lha         mods/clawz  68K   6+Jazz mod by Clawz             ****+
SyntaxTerror.lha   mods/clawz  29K   6+Hardcore mod by Clawz         ****+
TalentIsNone.lha   mods/clawz 158K   6+Demo mod by Clawz             ***
Technologies.lha   mods/clawz  76K   6+Demo mod by Clawz             ****
TheBlackReign2.lha mods/clawz  38K   6+Hardcore mod by Clawz         ****+
TheMouseTheme.lha  mods/clawz   6K   6+Trance mod by Clawz           **+
TheresNoEnd.lha    mods/clawz  35K   6+Demo mod by Clawz             ****
ThrillingSound.lha mods/clawz   4K   6+Demo mod by Clawz             ***+
Vikinuum.lha       mods/clawz   9K   6+Demo mod by Clawz             ***+
Violence.lha       mods/clawz  68K   6+Demo mod by Clawz             ***+
VirtualRaspber.lha mods/clawz   3K   6+Chip mod by Clawz             ****
VoldsomKanonsl.lha mods/clawz  68K   6+Piano mod by Clawz            ***
VoodooWoman.lha    mods/clawz  62K   6+Demo mod by Clawz             ****+
YannickNoaille.lha mods/clawz   6K   6+Chip mod by Clawz             ****+
Yttrium.lha        mods/clawz   6K   6+Chip mod by Clawz             ****
Z00mn.lha          mods/clawz  12K   6+Techno mod by Clawz           *****
DreamScopeII.lha   mods/ctp   672K   3+DreamScopeII, MED version - by Counterpo
Afrodite.lha       mods/cutc  112K   6+Synth mod by Cutcreator       ****+
AstronomicalCl.lha mods/cutc  118K   6+Synth mod by Cutcreator       ****+
BlackCat.lha       mods/cutc   46K   6+Jazz mod by Cutcreator        ****+
BlushFunk.lha      mods/cutc   99K   6+Funk mod by Cutcreator        ****
BombsAway.lha      mods/cutc  103K   6+Demo mod by Cutcreator        ****
ChickenHouse.lha   mods/cutc   38K   6+Demo mod by Cutcreator        ***+
ChuFunkarh.lha     mods/cutc  165K   6+Funk mod by Cutcreator        ****+
ColombianRaid.lha  mods/cutc  138K   6+Demo mod by Cutcreator        ****+
Creatures.lha      mods/cutc  130K   6+Demo mod by Cutcreator        *****
CutemOpen.lha      mods/cutc   59K   6+Pop mod by Cutcreator         ****+
CuttingThrough.lha mods/cutc   74K   6+Funk mod by Cutcreator        ****
CyberRain.lha      mods/cutc  130K   6+Jungle mod by Cutcreator      *****
DreamOn.lha        mods/cutc  111K   6+Demo mod by Cutcreator        ****
EChrts15.lha       mods/cutc   87K   6+Slow mod by Cutcreator        ****+
EChrts17.lha       mods/cutc  106K   6+Melodic mod by Cutcreator     ****+
EChrts18.lha       mods/cutc   85K   6+Demo mod by Cutcreator        ****
EChrts20.lha       mods/cutc  106K   6+Pop mod by Cutcreator         *****+
EChrts21.lha       mods/cutc  114K   6+Pop mod by Cutcreator         ****
EChrts22.lha       mods/cutc  122K   6+Demo mod by Cutcreator        ****+
EChrts23.lha       mods/cutc  119K   6+Pop mod by Cutcreator         *****
EChrts24.lha       mods/cutc  131K   6+Pop mod by Cutcreator         *****+
EChrts26.lha       mods/cutc  123K   6+Jazz mod by Cutcreator        ****+
EChrts27.lha       mods/cutc  165K   6+Melodic mod by Cutcreator     *****
Genes.lha          mods/cutc   68K   6+Demo mod by Cutcreator        *****
KuglePolenHidd.lha mods/cutc    5K   6+Demo mod by Cutcreator        ***+
Megajazz.lha       mods/cutc  170K   6+Pop mod by Cutcreator         ***
Neosexus.lha       mods/cutc  177K   6+Rock mod by Cutcreator        ****+
OrientalFlash.lha  mods/cutc  122K   6+Oriental mod by Cutcreator    *****
OutburstOfFeel.lha mods/cutc   85K   6+Slow mod by Cutcreator        ****
Plexigladiator.lha mods/cutc  125K   6+Pop mod by Cutcreator         *****
Plundering.lha     mods/cutc  127K   6+Demo mod by Cutcreator        ****
PopulusAlba.lha    mods/cutc  117K   6+Demo mod by Cutcreator        ****
SadDream.lha       mods/cutc  106K   6+Slow mod by Cutcreator        ***+
ShiningPeople.lha  mods/cutc  134K   6+Pop mod by Cutcreator         ****
SmokyBar.lha       mods/cutc   90K   6+Jazz mod by Cutcreator        ****+
SneakinLikeThe.lha mods/cutc   81K   6+Jazz mod by Cutcreator        ****+
SwingYourThing.lha mods/cutc   71K   6+Jazz mod by Cutcreator        ***+
SyntheticQuart.lha mods/cutc   70K   6+Classical mod by Cutcreator   ****+
TasteOfFairyde.lha mods/cutc  213K   6+Slow mod by Cutcreator        ***
TheHauntedKind.lha mods/cutc  143K   6+Melodic mod by Cutcreator     ****
ThePuppetmaste.lha mods/cutc  150K   6+Rock mod by Cutcreator        ****
TheRebirth.lha     mods/cutc  136K   6+Piano mod by Cutcreator       *****
TheRhanain.lha     mods/cutc  102K   6+Synth mod by Cutcreator       ****+
Ttpttp05x.lha      mods/cutc  143K   6+Jungle mod by Cutcreator      *****
Tunetime.lha       mods/cutc   72K   6+Demo mod by Cutcreator        *****
TwinHearts.lha     mods/cutc  100K   6+Pop mod by Cutcreator         ****+
Winterdrops.lha    mods/cutc  149K   6+Jazz mod by Cutcreator        ****+
YakYakYak.lha      mods/cutc  111K   6+Pop mod by Cutcreator         *****+
ZampaiSaidAsh.lha  mods/cutc  112K   6+Pop mod by Cutcreator         *****
AlkaliHouse.lha    mods/dean  471K   6+Pop mod by Dean               ****+
Aquariu1.lha       mods/dean   73K   6+Techno mod by Dean            ****
Aquarium2.lha      mods/dean   35K   6+Atmos mod by Dean             ****+
AustralianBmxR.lha mods/dean  217K   6+Demo mod by Dean              *****
BRBTheme.lha       mods/dean   91K   6+Demo mod by Dean              *****
Chaosland.lha      mods/dean   89K   6+Trance mod by Dean            ****
DeathlyTurbule.lha mods/dean  108K   6+Funk mod by Dean              *****
EskoLikesMutan.lha mods/dean    8K   6+Jazz mod by Dean              ****+
EskoMaintune.lha   mods/dean   27K   6+Jazz mod by Dean              ***
EskoTheme.lha      mods/dean   49K   6+Jazz mod by Dean              *****
FrozenButterfl.lha mods/dean  116K   6+Piano mod by Dean             *****
HollyDisperinI.lha mods/dean   34K   6+Demo mod by Dean              *****+
HomeOrganBlues.lha mods/dean    1K   6+Chip mod by Dean              ****+
HurriHarKall.lha   mods/dean    3K   6+Chip mod by Dean              ****
HurriILaplandi.lha mods/dean  101K   6+Demo mod by Dean              ****+
I0nI0n.lha         mods/dean   51K   6+Techno mod by Dean            ****
InconvexLife.lha   mods/dean   56K   6+Jazz mod by Dean              ****
LousyAnna.lha      mods/dean  160K   6+Demo mod by Dean              ****+
Ompelukone.lha     mods/dean   40K   6+Demo mod by Dean              ***+
Reggae.lha         mods/dean   47K   6+Demo mod by Dean              ***+
Reggaebanana.lha   mods/dean   25K   6+Demo mod by Dean              **+
RentoMeininki.lha  mods/dean   25K   6+Demo mod by Dean              ***
RobotVMorse.lha    mods/dean   26K   6+Experimental mod by Dean      *+
RobotVsKorg.lha    mods/dean   95K   6+Experimental mod by Dean      *+
RobotVsMantra.lha  mods/dean   24K   6+Experimental mod by Dean      *
RobotVsSuperhe.lha mods/dean   33K   6+Experimental mod by Dean      *
SedatSo1.lha       mods/dean   67K   6+Accordion mod by Dean         ****
SedatSo2.lha       mods/dean   80K   6+Accordion mod by Dean         ****+
ShittingAround.lha mods/dean  275K   6+Funk mod by Dean              *****
SpeedyGonzales.lha mods/dean   83K   6+Hardrock mod by Dean          *****
Strychnine9.lha    mods/dean   77K   6+Techno mod by Dean            ****+
Vitusatana.lha     mods/dean   13K   6+Trance mod by Dean            ****
0110101001.lha     mods/delor 203K   6+Synth mod by Delorean         ***+
1DerSyndicate.lha  mods/delor 165K   6+Jazz mod by Delorean          ****
2SilverBalls.lha   mods/delor 168K   6+Jazz mod by Delorean          ***+
50ftDrumDemon.lha  mods/delor 178K   6+Synth mod by Delorean         ****+
9Over4Calypso.lha  mods/delor 206K   6+Pop mod by Delorean           *****
AFoolInLove.lha    mods/delor 215K   6+Synth mod by Delorean         ****
ANewWorld.lha      mods/delor 110K   6+Synth mod by Delorean         **
AtAGlance.lha      mods/delor 222K   6+Pop mod by Delorean           ***
ATouchOfGreen.lha  mods/delor 145K   6+Pop mod by Delorean           ****+
AutumnOfLife.lha   mods/delor   7K   6+Melodic mod by Delorean       ****+
BDrumDenied.lha    mods/delor 104K   6+Synth mod by Delorean         ***
BearIsland.lha     mods/delor 243K   6+Demo mod by Delorean          ****+
Bounce.lha         mods/delor 239K   6+Jazz mod by Delorean          ***+
BoysDontFly.lha    mods/delor 109K   6+Pop mod by Delorean           *****+
CantKeepStill.lha  mods/delor 235K   6+Funk mod by Delorean          *****
Carwash.lha        mods/delor 174K   6+Jazz mod by Delorean          ****+
ChartBusting.lha   mods/delor  89K   6+Melodic mod by Delorean       ****+
ClubAtlantique.lha mods/delor 164K   6+Demo mod by Delorean          ****
DadsHammonds.lha   mods/delor 107K   6+Funk mod by Delorean          ****
DeepInSpace.lha    mods/delor 192K   6+Demo mod by Delorean          **+
DeliriumIntro.lha  mods/delor 126K   6+Melodic mod by Delorean       ***
Deltasleep.lha     mods/delor 167K   6+Demo mod by Delorean          ****
DesertEagle.lha    mods/delor 135K   6+Demo mod by Delorean          ***+
EasySaxExcerci.lha mods/delor  67K   6+Rock mod by Delorean          ****+
EuroTunnel.lha     mods/delor 233K   6+Demo mod by Delorean          ***
F.lha              mods/delor 220K   6+Funk mod by Delorean          ****+
Facevalue.lha      mods/delor 147K   6+Jazz mod by Delorean          ****+
FanttiAndUDot.lha  mods/delor 197K   6+Slow mod by Delorean          ***
Fishnet.lha        mods/delor 149K   6+Demo mod by Delorean          ****
FishnetMix.lha     mods/delor 165K   6+Demo mod by Delorean          ***+
FMix.lha           mods/delor 148K   6+Funk mod by Delorean          ****
FunkodelicLoad.lha mods/delor  16K   6+Funk mod by Delorean          **+
GuitarSlayer.lha   mods/delor  66K   6+Hardrock mod by Delorean      *****
HawaiianGirls.lha  mods/delor  97K   6+Melodic mod by Delorean       ****+
Hegemony.lha       mods/delor  78K   6+Demo mod by Delorean          ****
Inside536Khz.lha   mods/delor 176K   6+Experimental mod by Delorean  ***
JollyRoger.lha     mods/delor 166K   6+Demo mod by Delorean          *****+
KissingAFool.lha   mods/delor  88K   6+Jazz mod by Delorean          ****
LoveHasNoColor.lha mods/delor  29K   6+Melodic mod by Delorean       *****
Lovemewhome.lha    mods/delor 234K   6+Demo mod by Delorean          ***+
MayhemEdition1.lha mods/delor 220K   6+Rock mod by Delorean          ****+
MerryAsHell.lha    mods/delor  21K   6+Melodic mod by Delorean       ****
Mignon.lha         mods/delor 218K   6+Demo mod by Delorean          ****+
MiragesOfTheMi.lha mods/delor  49K   6+Rock mod by Delorean          *****
MuffyThe4wdKat.lha mods/delor 175K   6+Jazz mod by Delorean          *****
NoProblem1994.lha  mods/delor 188K   6+Jazz mod by Delorean          ***
OchVemAerDu.lha    mods/delor 181K   6+Demo mod by Delorean          ***+
OFFSide.lha        mods/delor  48K   6+Demo mod by Delorean          ***+
OptionToDie.lha    mods/delor  76K   6+Funk mod by Delorean          ***+
Paganity.lha       mods/delor  29K   6+Funk mod by Delorean          ****+
QAlity.lha         mods/delor 205K   6+Rock mod by Delorean          ***
RainbowsEnd.lha    mods/delor 183K   6+Demo mod by Delorean          ***+
Release2TheSys.lha mods/delor 177K   6+Techno mod by Delorean        ****
Revelations.lha    mods/delor 134K   6+Demo mod by Delorean          ****+
RewardOfTheBea.lha mods/delor  53K   6+Demo mod by Delorean          ****
RideTheHype.lha    mods/delor 100K   6+Demo mod by Delorean          ****+
RosannasSong.lha   mods/delor  38K   6+Demo mod by Delorean          ****
Savoy.lha          mods/delor 187K   6+Pop mod by Delorean           ****+
Schwing.lha        mods/delor 178K   6+Funk mod by Delorean          *****
SimulatorRun.lha   mods/delor  41K   6+Demo mod by Delorean          *****+
SimulatrRunV2.lha  mods/delor 203K   6+Demo mod by Delorean          ****+
SlowDive.lha       mods/delor 190K   6+Synth mod by Delorean         ****
Smokebelch3.lha    mods/delor 132K   6+Demo mod by Delorean          ****
SoulFree.lha       mods/delor 192K   6+Jazz mod by Delorean          ****+
Spacecadet.lha     mods/delor 142K   6+Funk mod by Delorean          ***+
SpeedFreak.lha     mods/delor 108K   6+Techno mod by Delorean        ***
SpiritualGuida.lha mods/delor 174K   6+Experimental mod by Delorean  ****
Starfields.lha     mods/delor 180K   6+Demo mod by Delorean          ***
StillFighting.lha  mods/delor 217K   6+Funk mod by Delorean          ****
SupermarketMus.lha mods/delor 211K   6+Demo mod by Delorean          ****
TadpolesRide.lha   mods/delor  29K   6+Funk mod by Delorean          ****+
TestedAndProve.lha mods/delor 167K   6+Funk mod by Delorean          ****
ThermalSprings.lha mods/delor   4K   6+Chip mod by Delorean          ****
TheToesKnow.lha    mods/delor 118K   6+Demo mod by Delorean          ***+
ThingsAboutLov.lha mods/delor 149K   6+Melodic mod by Delorean       *****
TooFunky.lha       mods/delor 137K   6+Funk mod by Delorean          ****+
Tradewind.lha      mods/delor  55K   6+Demo mod by Delorean          *****
Trickshot.lha      mods/delor  84K   6+Funk mod by Delorean          ***+
TriggerHappy.lha   mods/delor 189K   6+Jazz mod by Delorean          ****
TroubleWalking.lha mods/delor 216K   6+Jazz mod by Delorean          ****+
Tweaked2FitIn.lha  mods/delor 133K   6+Jazz mod by Delorean          ****
VadeMecumOfLif.lha mods/delor 130K   6+Synth mod by Delorean         ***
Vantaa.lha         mods/delor 110K   6+Jazz mod by Delorean          ***+
Vantaa2.lha        mods/delor 159K   6+Jazz mod by Delorean          ***
VantaaM.lha        mods/delor 140K   6+Jazz mod by Delorean          ***+
Voyager6.lha       mods/delor 168K   6+Demo mod by Delorean          ****
WaterInGraz.lha    mods/delor 212K   6+Demo mod by Delorean          ***+
Whirlwind.lha      mods/delor  78K   6+Demo mod by Delorean          ***
Wildfire.lha       mods/delor  88K   6+Demo mod by Delorean          ****+
WildPitch.lha      mods/delor 266K   6+Funk mod by Delorean          *****
WomenCheat.lha     mods/delor 110K   6+Slow mod by Delorean          ****
WorldOnAString.lha mods/delor 216K   6+Melodic mod by Delorean       ****
YipYipYip.lha      mods/delor 108K   6+Synth mod by Delorean         **+
1991NotANumber.lha mods/demo  136K   6+Demo mod by Cosmiq            ****+
1Egypthemis.lha    mods/demo  489K   6+Demo mod by Absys             ****
2400nCounting.lha  mods/demo   13K   6+Demo mod by 911               ***+
3Disparition.lha   mods/demo  388K   6+Demo mod by Absys             ****
5Dollars.lha       mods/demo   65K   6+Demo mod by Breeze.finland    ***+
AlmostReal1.lha    mods/demo  121K   6+Demo mod by Djamm             ****+
ArtOfUndulatio.lha mods/demo  144K   6+Demo mod by Fash              ***
BackFromMoscow.lha mods/demo  147K   6+Demo mod by Airon             ****+
BackToHer.lha      mods/demo   70K   6+Demo mod by Dockers           ****+
BalladePourBA.lha  mods/demo   38K   6+Demo mod by Dockers           ****
Balli.lha          mods/demo  102K   6+Demo mod by Bruno             ***
BinaryNight.lha    mods/demo   84K   6+Demo mod by Fleshbrain        ****+
BodyGlove.lha      mods/demo   68K   6+Demo mod by Dice              ***
Charles2000.lha    mods/demo  121K   6+Demo mod by Andy.finland      ****+
ChromAtom.lha      mods/demo   75K   6+Demo mod by Fleshbrain        **+
ChromeDJJoge.lha   mods/demo   15K   6+Demo mod by DJ Joge           ****+
ClaryTheBitch.lha  mods/demo  220K   6+Demo mod by Blue_Silence      ***
Clary_The_PIG.lha  mods/demo  254K   6+Demo mod by Blue_Silence      ****+
ClassifiedCrus.lha mods/demo   94K   6+Demo mod by Fleshbrain        ***
ColorCrime.lha     mods/demo   67K   6+Demo mod by Accord+Deelite    ****+
DawnOfANewMan.lha  mods/demo  100K   6+Demo mod by Chris Meland      *****
Dazson.lha         mods/demo   24K   6+Demo mod by Arios             *****
DeathFlosh.lha     mods/demo   36K   6+Demo mod by Estrayk           ****
Deelitement.lha    mods/demo  111K   6+Demo mod by Accord+Deelite    ****+
DelightThemeMo.lha mods/demo   33K   6+Demo mod by Audiomonster      ****
Delve.lha          mods/demo   50K   6+Demo mod by Baroque           ****
Didlidih.lha       mods/demo   96K   6+Demo mod by Airwalk           ****
DMenace.lha        mods/demo   74K   6+Demo mod by Fabian            **+
DocBrainInflue.lha mods/demo  202K   6+Demo mod by Blue_Silence      ****+
DommerDag.lha      mods/demo   87K   6+Demo mod by Airwalk           ***
DrugstoreCowbo.lha mods/demo   72K   6+Demo mod by Blaizer           ****+
DyreHandlerSan.lha mods/demo  130K   6+Demo mod by Airwalk           ***+
EchomasterTCP.lha  mods/demo   15K   6+Demo mod by Dockers           ****
EnNoirEtBlanc.lha  mods/demo   33K   6+Demo mod by 911               ***+
Entretemps.lha     mods/demo    6K   6+Demo mod by Diesel            ***+
EspanaMeFalta.lha  mods/demo   97K   6+Demo mod by Dockers           ****
EternalDigging.lha mods/demo   72K   6+Demo mod by Bar               *****
ExceedMosaicSl.lha mods/demo   65K   6+Demo mod by Accord+Deelite    ****+
FairPlayTheme2.lha mods/demo   55K   6+Demo mod by Chrono            ***
Fireworks.lha      mods/demo   86K   6+Demo mod by Axel              ****
FredMus.lha        mods/demo   26K   6+Demo mod by Daddy Freddy      ****
FreneticDream.lha  mods/demo  163K   6+Demo mod by Blue_Silence      ****+
Fucked.lha         mods/demo    7K   6+Demo mod by Diesel            **
GameMusic.lha      mods/demo   43K   6+Demo mod by Accord+Deelite    ****
Goa_Azazel.lha     mods/demo  472K   5+Mod from demo Goa by The Black Lotus
Graveyard2.lha     mods/demo   82K   6+Demo mod by Fleshbrain        ***
GreenMarlboro.lha  mods/demo  110K   6+Demo mod by Bruno             *****+
GroundZero.lha     mods/demo   70K   6+Demo mod by Fleshbrain        ****
Gurufied.lha       mods/demo   63K   6+Demo mod by Baroque           ***+
HappyHour.lha      mods/demo   47K   6+Demo mod by Chrono            ****+
HipForTheHop.lha   mods/demo   71K   6+Demo mod by Firefox           ***
Hominisation.lha   mods/demo  114K   6+Demo mod by Dockers           ****+
HortusSiccus.lha   mods/demo   67K   6+Demo mod by Fash              ***+
HuileDePneu.lha    mods/demo  621K   6+Demo mod by Blue_Silence      ****
InARush.lha        mods/demo   27K   6+Demo mod by Draghan           ****
IndustrialMess.lha mods/demo  113K   6+Demo mod by 911               ****
Introductorium.lha mods/demo   42K   6+Demo mod by DJ Joge           ***+
IntroMusic1.lha    mods/demo   50K   6+Demo mod by Airon             ****
Jesus.lha          mods/demo   87K   6+Demo mod by Airwalk           ***
JumHopOfStrang.lha mods/demo   90K   6+Demo mod by Bruno             ***+
KarryEhh.lha       mods/demo   18K   6+Demo mod by Dice              **+
Katakomb.lha       mods/demo   80K   6+Demo mod by Fasjer            ***+
Kilg.lha           mods/demo  118K   6+Demo mod by Andy.finland      ****
Knallhatten.lha    mods/demo   99K   6+Demo mod by Blaizer           ****+
Kohinoor.lha       mods/demo   33K   6+Demo mod by Fleshbrain        ****
Lillemenyk.lha     mods/demo   35K   6+Demo mod by Airwalk           ***+
LongWalk.lha       mods/demo   38K   6+Demo mod by Daddy Freddy      ***+
MagicJourney.lha   mods/demo  221K   6+Demo mod by Fash              ****+
MagneticOcean.lha  mods/demo   46K   6+Demo mod by 911               ***+
Malta.lha          mods/demo   13K   6+Demo mod by Chris Meland      *****+
MercuryWind.lha    mods/demo  127K   6+Demo mod by Fleshbrain        ***+
MeSoul2.lha        mods/demo  177K   6+Demo mod                      ***+
MessyTheme.lha     mods/demo   37K   6+Demo mod by Axel              ***+
MetaphysiaEnd.lha  mods/demo   62K   6+Demo mod by 16beat            ****
Mindstorm.lha      mods/demo   58K   6+Demo mod by Fleshbrain        ****+
ModernSurf.lha     mods/demo   35K   6+Demo mod by Bruno             ****
MotherGoose.lha    mods/demo   23K   6+Demo mod by Accord+Deelite    *****
MotorolaInside.lha mods/demo  239K   6+Demo mod by Blue_Silence      *****
MusicalEmpire.lha  mods/demo   71K   6+Demo mod by Chris Meland      ******
Mystics.lha        mods/demo  138K   6+Demo mod by Adamski           ****+
NewHorizon.lha     mods/demo   52K   6+Demo mod by Daddy Freddy      ****+
NoLimitations.lha  mods/demo    9K   6+Demo mod by Accord+Deelite    ****
NotANumber.lha     mods/demo    3K   6+Demo mod by Diesel            ***+
NumbDoYouWanne.lha mods/demo  145K   6+Demo mod by 911               ****
ObscureSeason.lha  mods/demo   79K   6+Demo mod by Fleshbrain        ***+
OdalRetroflex.lha  mods/demo  178K   6+Demo mod by Fash              ****+
Official.lha       mods/demo   51K   6+Demo mod by Daddy Freddy      ****
OnThePlaygroun.lha mods/demo  160K   6+Demo mod by Amenophis         ***
OnYerNerves.lha    mods/demo   10K   6+Demo mod by 911               ***
OperaDe1.lha       mods/demo  102K   6+Demo mod by Adamski           ****+
OperaDe2.lha       mods/demo   93K   6+Demo mod by Adamski           ****
OperaDe4.lha       mods/demo   72K   6+Demo mod by Adamski           *****
OutOfEnergy.lha    mods/demo  190K   6+Demo mod by Curt Cool         ****
PanierDeMazout.lha mods/demo  110K   6+Demo mod by Blue_Silence      *****+
PinDrBeatBox.lha   mods/demo   82K   6+Demo mod by Blaizer           **
PinDrChooseAGa.lha mods/demo   42K   6+Demo mod by Blaizer           ***+
PinDrIgnition.lha  mods/demo  117K   6+Demo mod by Blaizer           ***+
PinDrKnightmar.lha mods/demo   76K   6+Demo mod by Blaizer           ****+
PinDrPresent.lha   mods/demo  157K   6+Demo mod by Blaizer           ****+
PinDrSteelWhee.lha mods/demo   77K   6+Demo mod by Blaizer           ****
PinFanCasino.lha   mods/demo  120K   6+Demo mod by Blaizer           ****
PinFanHorror.lha   mods/demo  124K   6+Demo mod by Blaizer           ****+
PinFanPartyLan.lha mods/demo  114K   6+Demo mod by Blaizer           ***+
PinFanPresent.lha  mods/demo  161K   6+Demo mod by Blaizer           *****
PinFanSpeedDev.lha mods/demo  123K   6+Demo mod by Blaizer           ***+
PolarChase.lha     mods/demo   74K   6+Demo mod by Fleshbrain        ****+
Postcard.lha       mods/demo   27K   6+Demo mod by Baroque           ****+
Powerstud.lha      mods/demo   36K   6+Demo mod by Blaizer           ***+
Proteus.lha        mods/demo   59K   6+Demo mod by Daddy Freddy      ***+
Punisher.lha       mods/demo   96K   6+Demo mod by Flame             ***
Rainbow.lha        mods/demo   23K   6+Demo mod by Bruno             ***+
RainfallII.lha     mods/demo  134K   6+Demo mod by Fabian            ***
Rappstan.lha       mods/demo   47K   6+Demo mod by Blaizer           ***
ReggaeMaxima.lha   mods/demo  103K   6+Demo mod by Brainbug          ****
RiverSideTwist.lha mods/demo   41K   6+Demo mod by Fleshbrain        ****+
RollsWithGurka.lha mods/demo  125K   6+Demo mod by Bruno             ****
RonoeAntin.lha     mods/demo  110K   6+Demo mod by Arios             ****
SadCircus.lha      mods/demo   83K   6+Demo mod by Cosmiq            ***
Sculptured.lha     mods/demo   17K   6+Demo mod by Daddy Freddy      *****+
ShiningLove.lha    mods/demo   94K   6+Demo mod by Axel              ****
Signiture.lha      mods/demo   18K   6+Demo mod by Baroque           ****
SkyIsFalling.lha   mods/demo   74K   6+Demo mod by Bird              ****
SmilyMelody.lha    mods/demo  101K   6+Demo mod by Cosmiq            ****+
Solex.lha          mods/demo    4K   6+Demo mod by Diesel            **+
SonicSlice.lha     mods/demo   47K   6+Demo mod by Fash              ****
SpaceCity.lha      mods/demo   69K   6+Demo mod by Bethoven          ****+
SpaceHarrier.lha   mods/demo   47K   6+Demo mod by Daddy Freddy      ****+
SpaceJumping.lha   mods/demo    9K   6+Demo mod by Airwalk           ****
Spotlight.lha      mods/demo   84K   6+Demo mod by Audiomonster      ****+
SpyingBuster.lha   mods/demo  117K   6+Demo mod by Dice              ***
StracgerIsCall.lha mods/demo   87K   6+Demo mod by Bruno             **+
Sumea_Alien.lha    mods/demo  329K   5+Mod from demo Sumea by Virtual Dreams
SunnyDays.lha      mods/demo   59K   6+Demo mod by Daddy Freddy      ****
SymphOBiip.lha     mods/demo    9K   6+Demo mod by Deck              *****
SynnissaKypsyn.lha mods/demo  123K   6+Demo mod by Bruno             ****
TalesOfHead.lha    mods/demo   74K   6+Demo mod by Bird              ****+
TDTIsland.lha      mods/demo   15K   6+Demo mod by Arpegiator        *****
Technolife.lha     mods/demo   73K   6+Demo mod by Codex             ****+
TheCheapSong.lha   mods/demo   24K   6+Demo mod by Draghan           ****+
TheClickSong.lha   mods/demo  100K   6+Demo mod by Bruno_Bossier     ****+
TheFrogFairgro.lha mods/demo   55K   6+Demo mod by Flame             ***+
TheMintMix.lha     mods/demo   29K   6+Demo mod by Chrono            ***+
TheRestMix.lha     mods/demo   21K   6+Demo mod by Chrono            ***
TheReturnOfYet.lha mods/demo   87K   6+Demo mod by Axel              ****
TheSeedsOfMome.lha mods/demo  123K   6+Demo mod by Bruno             ***+
ThinkOverTheSt.lha mods/demo   65K   6+Demo mod by Arios             ***+
Titania.lha        mods/demo   68K   6+Demo mod by Fabian            ***
Titanic.lha        mods/demo   21K   6+Demo mod by Fleshbrain        ***+
TjiIb.lha          mods/demo    6K   6+Demo mod by Airwalk           ****+
TorgnolBoulon.lha  mods/demo   83K   6+Demo mod by Arios             **
TransparentPla.lha mods/demo   25K   6+Demo mod by Blaizer           ***+
Trudelutt.lha      mods/demo   58K   6+Demo mod by Braintumour       ****
TrumpetGuitar.lha  mods/demo   63K   6+Demo mod by Cosmiq            ***
TryToLet.lha       mods/demo   49K   6+Demo mod by Accord+Deelite    ****+
TwiceBusted.lha    mods/demo  170K   6+Demo mod by Blue_Silence      ****+
Wackomania.lha     mods/demo   76K   6+Demo mod by Arpegiator        ****+
Walkmaniac.lha     mods/demo    7K   6+Demo mod by 911               ****
WarAndPeace.lha    mods/demo   64K   6+Demo mod by Daddy Freddy      ***+
waterrmx.lha       mods/demo   58K   2+Crazy'n'Cool Mod by Arrogance
WhoKnows.lha       mods/demo   69K   6+Demo mod by Fleshbrain        **+
Belewian.lha       mods/dizzy  81K   6+Trance mod by Andy.finland    ****
Carillon.lha       mods/dizzy  12K   6+Melodic mod by Andy.finland   ****
Cesium.lha         mods/dizzy  19K   6+Demo mod by Andy.finland      ****
Chzardomene.lha    mods/dizzy  60K   6+Funk mod by Andy.finland      *****
EarthGlimmer.lha   mods/dizzy  86K   6+Experimental mod by Andy.finla*+
Ezoqe.lha          mods/dizzy  87K   6+Jazz mod by Andy.finland      ***+
FanaattinenTyh.lha mods/dizzy   3K   6+Demo mod by Andy.finland      ***
Gramarye.lha       mods/dizzy  84K   6+Demo mod by Andy.finland      ***
IhmeellinenLuo.lha mods/dizzy  18K   6+Demo mod by Andy.finland      ***+
JohdatteluPols.lha mods/dizzy  91K   6+Melodic mod by Andy.finland   ****
Kavelija.lha       mods/dizzy   5K   6+Demo mod by Andy.finland      ***
Kidutus.lha        mods/dizzy  25K   6+Techno mod by Andy.finland    ***
Lompakko.lha       mods/dizzy  69K   6+Melodic mod by Andy.finland   ***+
Mielikuvitusno.lha mods/dizzy  45K   6+Folk mod by Andy.finland      **+
Omeher.lha         mods/dizzy  62K   6+Slow mod by Andy.finland      ****
PaarynasAllrit.lha mods/dizzy  94K   6+Jazz mod by Andy.finland      ****+
Rhodium.lha        mods/dizzy  89K   6+Slow mod by Andy.finland      ****
Scarptouch.lha     mods/dizzy 107K   6+Jazz mod by Andy.finland      *****+
Sisjaro.lha        mods/dizzy  44K   6+Oriental mod by Andy.finland  **
Spekulaatio.lha    mods/dizzy 143K   6+Demo mod by Andy.finland      ****
Stereotypia.lha    mods/dizzy  74K   6+Funk mod by Andy.finland      *****
Suuntaviivat.lha   mods/dizzy 260K   6+Jazz mod by Andy.finland      *****+
Syksy1.lha         mods/dizzy  27K   6+Demo mod by Andy.finland      **+
Syksy2.lha         mods/dizzy  19K   6+Demo mod by Andy.finland      ***
Synkronointion.lha mods/dizzy   2K   6+Experimental mod by Andy.finla**+
Taikuri.lha        mods/dizzy   9K   6+Demo mod by Andy.finland      **+
TowardsAndBack.lha mods/dizzy 122K   6+Funk mod by Andy.finland      *****+
Umoroqe.lha        mods/dizzy  92K   6+Demo mod by Andy.finland      ****
ActinideSurfer.lha mods/doh   301K   6+Demo mod by Doh               *****
AmigaDemoMusiq.lha mods/doh   311K   6+Demo mod by Doh               *****
BarmansPrayer.lha  mods/doh   120K   6+Demo mod by Doh               ****
BarTabac.lha       mods/doh     7K   6+Chip mod by Doh               ****+
Between2Waters.lha mods/doh     6K   6+Demo mod by Doh               ****+
BonzeTheme.lha     mods/doh     1K   6+Chip mod by Doh               ****
CccccGang.lha      mods/doh     5K   6+Chip mod by Doh               ****+
CelticRoak.lha     mods/doh    32K   6+Demo mod by Doh               ****+
CyberGilbert.lha   mods/doh   293K   6+Demo mod by Doh               ****
Dispersion.lha     mods/doh    10K   6+Chip mod by Doh               ****
Egometriospora.lha mods/doh   185K   6+Jazz mod by Doh               ***
EncaisseJeanno.lha mods/doh    14K   6+Demo mod by Doh               ****+
FlukasRevenge.lha  mods/doh    12K   6+Demo mod by Doh               ****
GodsDaughter.lha   mods/doh    10K   6+Chip mod by Doh               ***+
Hydrozennoide.lha  mods/doh     7K   6+Demo mod by Doh               ***+
IndianAgue.lha     mods/doh   154K   6+Atmos mod by Doh              ****
JimIsDead.lha      mods/doh    21K   6+Demo mod by Doh               ****
KenmareRiverEn.lha mods/doh    47K   6+Demo mod by Doh               ***+
Kenmare_River.lha  mods/doh    68K   6+Demo mod by Doh               ****
KillMeDarling.lha  mods/doh    10K   6+Chip mod by Doh               ***
LaDiscoDeJeanC.lha mods/doh   218K   6+Demo mod by Doh               **+
LaGnauleEtMoi.lha  mods/doh   228K   6+Funk mod by Doh               *****
MonsieurLampis.lha mods/doh    17K   6+Demo mod by Doh               *****
MrFrigolo2.lha     mods/doh    66K   6+Synth mod by Doh              ****
Nipex28InSpace.lha mods/doh     9K   6+Chip mod by Doh               ****+
PlatosPrisonne.lha mods/doh    16K   6+Demo mod by Doh               ***+
Polysiluride.lha   mods/doh     9K   6+Chip mod by Doh               ****
ShoahAbishag.lha   mods/doh     7K   6+Chip mod by Doh               ****+
SmoothShadows.lha  mods/doh   120K   6+Synth mod by Doh              *****
Starification2.lha mods/doh   127K   6+Demo mod by Doh               *****
StrungleMirand.lha mods/doh     6K   6+Chip mod by Doh               ***+
Tapiocapolis.lha   mods/doh   155K   6+Synth mod by Doh              *****
TheBofDay.lha      mods/doh     4K   6+Chip mod by Doh               ****+
Thermostat7.lha    mods/doh    12K   6+Chip mod by Doh               *****
ToothBrush3.lha    mods/doh   436K   6+Trance mod by Doh             *****
UnPeuPlusALoue.lha mods/doh   304K   6+Demo mod by Doh               *****+
WelcomeToSbrod.lha mods/doh     8K   6+Chip mod by Doh               *****
YaPleinDMondAL.lha mods/doh   188K   6+Demo mod by Doh               *****
BestialDevasta.lha mods/dremr  34K   6+Demo mod by Dreamer           ****+
Betray2.lha        mods/dremr 170K   6+Techno mod by Dreamer         *****+
Betrayer.lha       mods/dremr  99K   6+Techno mod by Dreamer         *****
BlackSacrifice.lha mods/dremr 178K   6+Hardrock mod by Dreamer       ******
Black_Queen2.lha   mods/dremr 117K   6+Jungle mod by Dreamer         ***+
BrokenCoin.lha     mods/dremr 165K   6+Jazz mod by Dreamer           ***+
BumbleeFlumble.lha mods/dremr 211K   6+Rock mod by Dreamer           *****+
CigaretteSmoke.lha mods/dremr 168K   6+Jazz mod by Dreamer           *****+
DevilSmile.lha     mods/dremr 162K   6+Funk mod by Dreamer           *****
DraculusEmpire.lha mods/dremr 103K   6+Demo mod by Dreamer           **
DreamerChild.lha   mods/dremr 179K   6+Organ mod by Dreamer          ****
Elektrocity.lha    mods/dremr 180K   6+Techno mod by Dreamer         ****+
Enter.lha          mods/dremr 156K   6+Classical mod by Dreamer      ***+
FolxVagen.lha      mods/dremr 195K   6+Folk mod by Dreamer           *****
FrightNight.lha    mods/dremr 302K   6+Jazz mod by Dreamer           ****+
GlobalTrashII.lha  mods/dremr 211K   6+Synth mod by Dreamer          ****+
IntroductionZe.lha mods/dremr 104K   6+Demo mod by Dreamer           ****
Kakafon.lha        mods/dremr 101K   6+Folk mod by Dreamer           ****
LightSn4.lha       mods/dremr 159K   6+Synth mod by Dreamer          ***
LightSnFina.lha    mods/dremr 118K   6+Synth mod by Dreamer          ***
Lokomotyva.lha     mods/dremr 238K   6+Jazz mod by Dreamer           ***
Lunatycy.lha       mods/dremr 161K   6+Trance mod by Dreamer         ****+
Oxygene.lha        mods/dremr 101K   6+Techno mod by Dreamer         ****
Paris1939.lha      mods/dremr 183K   6+Jazz mod by Dreamer           ****
PartySux.lha       mods/dremr 137K   6+Country mod by Dreamer        *****+
Phantasmagoria.lha mods/dremr 145K   6+Slow mod by Dreamer           *****
PowrotDoKrainy.lha mods/dremr 174K   6+Pop mod by Dreamer            ****+
Punkswing.lha      mods/dremr 136K   6+Hardrock mod by Dreamer       ****
Rozpierdalacz.lha  mods/dremr 119K   6+Hardrock mod by Dreamer       ****+
SchizoInvazion.lha mods/dremr 118K   6+Synth mod by Dreamer          ****
Sekuritate.lha     mods/dremr 145K   6+Rock mod by Dreamer           *****
StardustMemori.lha mods/dremr 135K   6+Pop mod by Dreamer            *****
TartarMountain.lha mods/dremr 316K   6+Rock mod by Dreamer           ****+
Terminator3.lha    mods/dremr 168K   6+Techno mod by Dreamer         ****
TransportDx.lha    mods/dremr 135K   6+Synth mod by Dreamer          *****
VioletMoth.lha     mods/dremr 126K   6+Rock mod by Dreamer           ****
WallOfSilence.lha  mods/dremr 106K   6+Demo mod by Dreamer           ****
000000.lha         mods/dsx   157K   6+Techno mod by DSX             *****
1410.lha           mods/dsx   538K   6+Trance mod by DSX             *****+
180Degrees.lha     mods/dsx    11K   6+Trance mod by DSX             ****+
240000V3.lha       mods/dsx    15K   6+Techno mod by DSX             *****
321Unknown.lha     mods/dsx   268K   6+Techno mod by DSX             *****+
Banja.lha          mods/dsx   366K   6+Techno mod by DSX             ****+
Cluster1.lha       mods/dsx     4K   6+Chip mod by DSX               *****+
DevilDay.lha       mods/dsx   135K   6+Pop mod by DSX                ****+
Fukmeslo.lha       mods/dsx   248K   6+Techno mod by DSX             *****
GeloTomic.lha      mods/dsx   182K   6+Trance mod by DSX             *****
Intro1.lha         mods/dsx     3K   6+Chip mod by DSX               ****
Intro4.lha         mods/dsx     3K   6+Chip mod by DSX               ****+
Intro6.lha         mods/dsx     3K   6+Chip mod by DSX               ***+
Intro7.lha         mods/dsx    18K   6+Demo mod by DSX               ****
JourneyToTheSt.lha mods/dsx    69K   6+Demo mod by DSX               *****
Karate1.lha        mods/dsx    53K   6+Demo mod by DSX               ****
Karate3.lha        mods/dsx   317K   6+Techno mod by DSX             ***+
Karate5.lha        mods/dsx   346K   6+Demo mod by DSX               ****
LandOfHope.lha     mods/dsx    51K   6+Slow mod by DSX               ***+
LongWayHome.lha    mods/dsx   119K   6+Slow mod by DSX               ****
MorningDew.lha     mods/dsx    17K   6+Slow mod by DSX               ***
MusicForIt.lha     mods/dsx    38K   6+Melodic mod by DSX            ****+
Nike1.lha          mods/dsx     2K   6+Chip mod by DSX               *****
OutOfControl.lha   mods/dsx   111K   6+Hardcore mod by DSX           ***+
OverloadedCirc.lha mods/dsx   171K   6+Techno mod by DSX             *****+
RealmOfDoom.lha    mods/dsx    87K   6+Demo mod by DSX               ****+
RenegadeV18.lha    mods/dsx   569K   6+Techno mod by DSX             *****+
Style1.lha         mods/dsx    91K   6+Slow mod by DSX               ****+
SymphonyOfDoom.lha mods/dsx   214K   6+Synth mod by DSX              ****+
Turbulances.lha    mods/dsx   137K   6+Techno mod by DSX             ****+
WarriorsOfGlor.lha mods/dsx   111K   6+Pop mod by DSX                ****
WarsawNewYork.lha  mods/dsx   238K   6+Trance mod by DSX             ***+
Winston100sLig.lha mods/dsx   183K   6+Techno mod by DSX             ****+
AreYouStupid.lha   mods/emax    3K   6+Chip mod by Emax              ****+
BananenIntroSo.lha mods/emax    6K   6+Chip mod by Emax              ****+
BlueTrees.lha      mods/emax   95K   6+Synth mod by Emax             ****
CastleOfDeath2.lha mods/emax    2K   6+Chip mod by Emax              ****+
CountMachine.lha   mods/emax  111K   6+Synth mod by Emax             ****+
DarksunFinal.lha   mods/emax   74K   6+Synth mod by Emax             ****
DarksunNo3.lha     mods/emax   76K   6+Synth mod by Emax             ****
DayOfJoy.lha       mods/emax    4K   6+Chip mod by Emax              *****
Delicate0ooz.lha   mods/emax    7K   6+Chip mod by Emax              ****+
DeniedLove.lha     mods/emax  139K   6+Pop mod by Emax               ****
EcstaticGuidan.lha mods/emax  126K   6+Synth mod by Emax             *****
FunkIt.lha         mods/emax  152K   6+Funk mod by Emax              ****+
Holehearted.lha    mods/emax  364K   6+Techno mod by Emax            *****
ItsGrimUpNorth.lha mods/emax    4K   6+Chip mod by Emax              ***+
KleinerTest.lha    mods/emax  243K   6+Demo mod by Emax              *****
LeckOFinger.lha    mods/emax   44K   6+Demo mod by Emax              ***
LimitedElectro.lha mods/emax   86K   6+Synth mod by Emax             ***
Luis.lha           mods/emax  252K   6+Synth mod by Emax             ****+
LunatificII.lha    mods/emax   49K   6+Synth mod by Emax             ***+
MagicalState.lha   mods/emax   76K   6+Demo mod by Emax              ***+
MagneticMusic.lha  mods/emax   83K   6+Synth mod by Emax             ***+
MusicForBoyz.lha   mods/emax   98K   6+Synth mod by Emax             ****+
NextWayToFutur.lha mods/emax   82K   6+Synth mod by Emax             *****
NyaTakterIgen.lha  mods/emax  279K   6+Synth mod by Emax             ***+
PepperoniEncou.lha mods/emax    4K   6+Chip mod by Emax              **+
PositionalSwit.lha mods/emax   45K   6+Demo mod by Emax              ***
RagTheHouse.lha    mods/emax   63K   6+Funk mod by Emax              ****
SchwanzusLongu.lha mods/emax   46K   6+Hardcore mod by Emax          ***
ScrewMe.lha        mods/emax   73K   6+Demo mod by Emax              ***
SequenceLine.lha   mods/emax   10K   6+Chip mod by Emax              ****
SilkEnergy.lha     mods/emax  111K   6+Demo mod by Emax              ****
Spalter.lha        mods/emax  276K   6+Demo mod by Emax              ****+
TakeMyHeart.lha    mods/emax  110K   6+Synth mod by Emax             *****+
TheVoicesOfMin.lha mods/emax   47K   6+Demo mod by Emax              **+
WindInYourHair.lha mods/emax  124K   6+Synth mod by Emax             ***
XposingSilence.lha mods/emax   59K   6+Demo mod by Emax              ***+
York.lha           mods/emax    2K   6+Chip mod by Emax              ***
AnotherShipToo.lha mods/facet  11K   6+Chip mod by Facet             ****+
AralTankstatio.lha mods/facet   5K   6+Chip mod by Facet             ****+
Chipchapchup.lha   mods/facet  10K   6+Chip mod by Facet             ****
ChipCmp1.lha       mods/facet  13K   6+Chip mod by Facet             *****
ChipCmp2.lha       mods/facet   8K   6+Chip mod by Facet             ****
ChipCmp4.lha       mods/facet   5K   6+Chip mod by Facet             ****+
ChipCmp5.lha       mods/facet   4K   6+Chip mod by Facet             ***+
ChipCmp7.lha       mods/facet   1K   6+Chip mod by Facet             ****
ChipCmp8.lha       mods/facet   3K   6+Chip mod by Facet             ***+
ChipCmp9.lha       mods/facet  10K   6+Chip mod by Facet             ****+
ChipCmpA.lha       mods/facet   3K   6+Chip mod by Facet             ****
ChipCmpB.lha       mods/facet   7K   6+Chip mod by Facet             ****+
EensEnVoorAlti.lha mods/facet   8K   6+Chip mod by Facet             ****
FunkyChip.lha      mods/facet   2K   6+Chip mod by Facet             ****+
GoodOldBob.lha     mods/facet  11K   6+Chip mod by Facet             ***+
HackyTacky.lha     mods/facet  20K   6+Demo mod by Facet             ***+
HeatcliffsRetu.lha mods/facet   9K   6+Chip mod by Facet             ****+
KingLizardIII.lha  mods/facet  21K   6+Demo mod by Facet             ***+
KlootZakje.lha     mods/facet   4K   6+Chip mod by Facet             ***+
Kriebelstune.lha   mods/facet   7K   6+Chip mod by Facet             ****+
LeadDeGroo.lha     mods/facet  13K   6+Demo mod by Facet             ****
LittleThing.lha    mods/facet   3K   6+Chip mod by Facet             ****+
Menu1.lha          mods/facet   8K   6+Chip mod by Facet             ****
StoerOfWatj.lha    mods/facet  20K   6+Synth mod by Facet            ****+
TecknoInvaders.lha mods/facet  13K   6+Techno mod by Facet           ***
TecknoIsHere.lha   mods/facet   7K   6+Techno mod by Facet           **+
ThePornoTuuuun.lha mods/facet   4K   6+Chip mod by Facet             ***+
Transmit.lha       mods/facet   6K   6+Chip mod by Facet             ***+
Treslatimo.lha     mods/facet   3K   6+Chip mod by Facet             ***
Volkorenbrood.lha  mods/facet   5K   6+Chip mod by Facet             ****
WeernChipje.lha    mods/facet   4K   6+Chip mod by Facet             ***+
Wextra.lha         mods/facet  36K   6+Demo mod by Facet             ***+
AStarNearTheMo.lha mods/fby   335K   6+Atmos mod by FBY              *****
Atmosphere.lha     mods/fby   151K   6+Atmos mod by FBY              ***+
Brasileiro.lha     mods/fby    57K   6+Synth mod by FBY              ****+
Ch3Atmo.lha        mods/fby    74K   6+Atmos mod by FBY              ****+
Ch3Away.lha        mods/fby    11K   6+Synth mod by FBY              *****
Ch3Labirinth.lha   mods/fby    13K   6+Synth mod by FBY              ***+
CheGuevara.lha     mods/fby   121K   6+Atmos mod by FBY              ****+
DalDentista.lha    mods/fby   221K   6+Techno mod by FBY             ****+
FBYThriller.lha    mods/fby    87K   6+Piano mod by FBY              ****+
FromTheDeep.lha    mods/fby   168K   6+Atmos mod by FBY              *****
Ironwall.lha       mods/fby   320K   6+Rock mod by FBY               *****
ItsDead.lha        mods/fby   145K   6+Rock mod by FBY               ****
LaGrandeClassi.lha mods/fby   245K   6+Atmos mod by FBY              *****+
Lamu.lha           mods/fby   169K   4+FBY 1996 12Ch 2:30 Great audio quality
Lupin3.lha         mods/fby   149K   4+FBY 1996 14Ch 3:30 A classic waltzer!
Newlands2.lha      mods/fby   132K   6+Atmos mod by FBY              *****
Paesaggi.lha       mods/fby   138K   6+Atmos mod by FBY              *****
PianoClassico.lha  mods/fby    22K   6+Piano mod by FBY              ****+
PuroAcid5.lha      mods/fby   138K   6+Techno mod by FBY             *****
ReturnToSpace.lha  mods/fby   280K   6+Atmos mod by FBY              *****+
RockingCheap.lha   mods/fby    45K   6+Rock mod by FBY               ****+
RollingJazz.lha    mods/fby   118K   6+Jazz mod by FBY               ****+
TecnoSound.lha     mods/fby    55K   4+FBY 1991 4Ch 3:10 Old pop/chip module
Trashinamentos.lha mods/fby   111K   6+Synth mod by FBY              ***+
VieniAvantiCre.lha mods/fby    57K   6+Synth mod by FBY              *****+
VirtuosismiCla.lha mods/fby   213K   6+Piano mod by FBY              *****+
XereX.lha          mods/fby   172K   6+Synth mod by FBY              ***
XereXRevenge.lha   mods/fby    80K   6+Slow mod by FBY               ****+
2Amigas.lha        mods/fermx  57K   5+Protracker 1.3b  module composed by Ferm
Alone.lha          mods/fermx 165K   5+Protracker module composed by Fermix (Fe
Amapola.lha        mods/fermx  68K   4+SoundTracker 2.5 module composed by Ferm
Ana.lha            mods/fermx  27K   5+SoundTracker 2.5 module composed by Ferm
APRecordar.lha     mods/fermx 144K   5+Protracker module composed by Fermix (Fe
Caminando.lha      mods/fermx  36K   5+SoundTracker 2.5 module composed by Ferm
ColdStation.lha    mods/fermx   7K   5+Protracker module composed by Fermix (Fe
Control.lha        mods/fermx  58K   5+Protracker 2.3 module composed by Fermix
Despedida.lha      mods/fermx  86K   5+Protracker 1.3b  module composed by Ferm
Dia.lha            mods/fermx  32K   5+Protracker 1.3b module composed by Fermi
Dia2.lha           mods/fermx  31K   5+Protracker 1.3b module composed by Fermi
Dream.lha          mods/fermx 219K   5+Soundtracker 1.3b module composed by Fer
Electric.lha       mods/fermx  37K   5+Protracker module composed by Fermix (Fe
Finguers.lha       mods/fermx  92K   5+Protracker 1.3b module composed by Fermi
FourDays.lha       mods/fermx 112K   5+Protracker module composed by Fermix (Fe
Igual.lha          mods/fermx  47K   5+Protracker module composed by Fermix (Fe
Ilusion.lha        mods/fermx 323K   5+SoundTracker 2.5 module composed by Ferm
Inocenc2.lha       mods/fermx  91K   5+Protracker 1.3b  module composed by Ferm
Inocencia.lha      mods/fermx  46K   5+SoundTracker V2.3  module composed by Fe
Intense.lha        mods/fermx  73K   5+Protracker 1.3b module composed by Fermi
LostThi2.lha       mods/fermx  80K   5+Protracker 2.3  module composed by Fermi
LostThi3.lha       mods/fermx  79K   5+Protracker 2.3  module composed by Fermi
LostThings.lha     mods/fermx 103K   5+Protracker 2.3  module composed by Fermi
Madrugada.lha      mods/fermx  59K   5+Protracker 2.2b  module composed by Ferm
Mosca.lha          mods/fermx  80K   5+Protracker 1.3b  module composed by Ferm
MyM.lha            mods/fermx  34K   5+Protracker 1.2b  module composed by Ferm
Odrusba.lha        mods/fermx  31K   5+Protracker module composed by Fermix (Fe
Ole.lha            mods/fermx   5K   5+Protracker 1.1b module composed by Fermi
PartyIII.lha       mods/fermx  84K   5+Protracker 2.3  module composed by Fermi
Piensas.lha        mods/fermx  48K   5+Protracker 1.1b module composed by Fermi
Rock.lha           mods/fermx   4K   5+Protracker 2.3 module composed by Fermix
Sintetic.lha       mods/fermx 126K   5+Protracker 2.3 module composed by Fermix
Song.lha           mods/fermx  21K   5+Soundtracker 1.3 module composed by Ferm
SoundFx.lha        mods/fermx  45K   5+SoundFx1.3 executable module composed by
Sunday.lha         mods/fermx 105K   5+Protracker 2.3 module composed by Fermix
Techno.lha         mods/fermx 176K   5+Protracker 1.3b module composed by Fermi
Vict.lha           mods/fermx  70K   4+Protracker 1.3b module composed by Fermi
Victima.lha        mods/fermx  76K   4+Protracker 1.3b module composed by Fermi
AfroAfro.lha       mods/funk   99K   6+Jazz mod by Bird              ****+
AfterMidnight.lha  mods/funk   43K   6+Jazz mod by Accord+Deelite    *****
Agenda22.lha       mods/funk   42K   6+Funk mod by 911               ****
Alloway.lha        mods/funk  133K   6+Funk mod by Andy.finland      ****
Annos.lha          mods/funk  150K   6+Funk mod by Andy.finland      ****
ArthyChaudDeVe.lha mods/funk  226K   6+Funk mod by Blue_Silence      *****
BeneathTheMask.lha mods/funk  168K   6+Jazz mod by Chorus+Sid        ***
BeverlyHillsFu.lha mods/funk   21K   6+Funk mod by Audiomonster      ****+
BeyondImaginat.lha mods/funk   89K   6+Funk mod by Accord+Deelite    ****+
BlownAway.lha      mods/funk  115K   6+Funk mod by Arios             *****+
BootyTime.lha      mods/funk   54K   6+Funk mod by Bruno             ****
Brainbugs70Wah.lha mods/funk   89K   6+Funk mod by Brainbug          *****+
BrokenCigarett.lha mods/funk   86K   6+Jazz mod by Brainbug          ****+
Chameleon.lha      mods/funk  127K   6+Funk mod by Chorus+Sid        ****
ColdFunkyStar.lha  mods/funk  168K   6+Funk mod by Djamm             *****
Contact.lha        mods/funk   66K   6+Funk mod                      ****+
CosmikDebris.lha   mods/funk  164K   6+Jazz mod by Chorus+Sid        ***+
DeeGroovie.lha     mods/funk  118K   6+Funk mod by Accord+Deelite    ****+
Deelicious.lha     mods/funk   41K   6+Funk mod by Accord+Deelite    *****
Diversion.lha      mods/funk   97K   6+Jazz mod by Chuck Buiscuits   ****+
DjammDjamm.lha     mods/funk   39K   6+Funk mod by Djamm             ****+
DjammsLife.lha     mods/funk  136K   6+Jazz mod by Djamm             *****
EkosGroove.lha     mods/funk  143K   6+Jazz mod by Djamm             ****
Fantasee.lha       mods/funk   95K   6+Funk mod by Fabian            ****
FenderFreak.lha    mods/funk  135K   6+Funk mod by Brainbug          *****
Festivalities.lha  mods/funk  289K   6+Funk mod                      *****
FoolingAround.lha  mods/funk   31K   6+Jazz mod by Accord+Deelite    *****
FreeOnBoard.lha    mods/funk   51K   6+Jazz mod by Braintumour       ****
Fruit.lha          mods/funk  209K   6+Funk mod                      *****
FunjusaKiDooo.lha  mods/funk   70K   6+Jazz mod by Djamm             ****+
FunkDet.lha        mods/funk   98K   6+Funk mod by Chorus+Sid        ***
FunkInBanglade.lha mods/funk   51K   6+Funk mod by Braintumour       ****
GrooveConnexio.lha mods/funk  202K   6+Funk mod by Deck              ******
Handskor.lha       mods/funk   36K   6+Jazz mod by Bruno             ***
HardBoiled.lha     mods/funk   75K   6+Funk mod                      ****
HelensEyes.lha     mods/funk  144K   6+Jazz mod by Djamm             ****+
HereIAm.lha        mods/funk  112K   6+Funk mod by Draghan           *****+
HomeAloneParta.lha mods/funk   55K   6+Funk mod by Brainbug          ****
InfinitFinite.lha  mods/funk  109K   6+Funk mod by Bruno             ***+
InfinitVisual.lha  mods/funk   88K   6+Funk mod by Djamm             **+
Infinity.lha       mods/funk   10K   6+Funk mod by 911               ****+
InnerCore.lha      mods/funk  203K   6+Jazz mod by Brainbug          ****
Japtique.lha       mods/funk  283K   6+Jazz mod by Braintumour       ****+
JazzFestarit.lha   mods/funk   50K   6+Jazz mod by Andy.finland      ****+
JeesMaanMiiIsA.lha mods/funk  242K   6+Funk mod                      ****+
JustMe.lha         mods/funk   86K   6+Funk mod                      *****
JustPlayItNose.lha mods/funk   92K   6+Funk mod by Axel              ****
JustToFunk.lha     mods/funk  142K   6+Funk mod by Blue_Silence      ****
Just_Another_Affai mods/funk  127K   6+Jazz mod by Anders Hamre      *****
KawaiAndAndy.lha   mods/funk  113K   6+Jazz mod by Andy.finland      ****
LastCigarette.lha  mods/funk  121K   6+Funk mod by Brainbug          *****
LastTrain.lha      mods/funk   99K   6+Funk mod                      *****
LateNiteShow.lha   mods/funk  167K   6+Jazz mod by Brainbug          ****
LenniGoesGroov.lha mods/funk  251K   6+Funk mod                      ****+
LostFunk.lha       mods/funk   77K   6+Jazz mod by Axis              ****
LoverBreath.lha    mods/funk   89K   6+Jazz mod by Audiomonster      *****
lsy_honkeefonk.lha mods/funk   24K   4+Funny & fast honky-piano mod by LousY
MemorialThings.lha mods/funk  147K   6+Jazz mod by Deck              *****
MinorSwing.lha     mods/funk  134K   6+Jazz mod by Chorus+Sid        ****
MoodByMelody.lha   mods/funk  288K   6+Jazz mod                      *****
NiggerJam.lha      mods/funk  152K   6+Jazz mod by Braintumour       ***+
OldMovieTribut.lha mods/funk  213K   6+Jazz mod by Brainbug          ****+
Organic2You.lha    mods/funk   18K   6+Jazz mod by Accord+Deelite    ***
PianoGoesBlues.lha mods/funk   82K   6+Jazz mod by Axel              ****+
PinkCruiser.lha    mods/funk   76K   6+Funk mod by Brainbug          ****+
PowerOfThree.lha   mods/funk  149K   6+Jazz mod by 911               *****
ProForma.lha       mods/funk  126K   6+Jazz mod by Accord+Deelite    ****+
RealJordanJazz.lha mods/funk  107K   6+Jazz mod by 911               ****+
RodRedrockDanc.lha mods/funk   74K   6+Funk mod by Fleshbrain        ****+
ScrambledEggs.lha  mods/funk   64K   6+Funk mod by Braintumour       ****+
ShitGroove.lha     mods/funk   74K   6+Funk mod by Bird              ****
Shortie5.lha       mods/funk   10K   6+Funk mod by 911               ****+
ShoveItRightIn.lha mods/funk  258K   6+Jazz mod by Chorus+Sid        ****+
Showdown.lha       mods/funk   56K   6+Funk mod by 911               *****
SinaSoumbouya.lha  mods/funk  142K   6+Funk mod by Baby              *****
SincerlyYours.lha  mods/funk   71K   6+Jazz mod by Brainbug          *****
SlapOrDie.lha      mods/funk  145K   6+Funk mod by Cash              ****+
SlapString.lha     mods/funk  107K   6+Funk mod by Brainbug          ****
SmokinBlues.lha    mods/funk  143K   6+Jazz mod by Chorus+Sid        ****+
SnakeDance.lha     mods/funk  107K   6+Funk mod by Djamm             ****+
SoftlyEnded.lha    mods/funk   62K   6+Jazz mod by Djamm             ****
SoundBox.lha       mods/funk  124K   6+Jazz mod by Accord+Deelite    ****
Stalactite.lha     mods/funk   97K   6+Jazz mod by Andy.finland      ****
StoneFree.lha      mods/funk  150K   6+Funk mod by Chorus+Sid        *****
SweetThing.lha     mods/funk   92K   6+Funk mod                      ***+
Taskukeisari.lha   mods/funk  153K   6+Jazz mod by Andy.finland      *****+
TheSideshow.lha    mods/funk   62K   6+Jazz mod by 911               ****+
TheSong.lha        mods/funk  156K   6+Funk mod by Audiomonster      *****
TitsThatFits.lha   mods/funk   29K   6+Funk mod by Accord+Deelite    *****
TooTight.lha       mods/funk  183K   6+Jazz mod by Brainbug          *****+
Top10Neighbour.lha mods/funk  539K   6+Jazz mod by Dune              ***
TrajanTheme.lha    mods/funk  264K   6+Funk mod by Blue_Silence      *****
UneBelleHistoi.lha mods/funk  112K   6+Jazz mod by Djamm             ****+
Unlimited.lha      mods/funk   26K   6+Jazz mod by Audiomonster      ***+
Waterfall.lha      mods/funk   64K   6+Funk mod                      ****+
WayAhead.lha       mods/funk   51K   6+Funk mod by Deck              ***
Waypoint.lha       mods/funk  204K   6+Jazz mod                      *****
WheresMyKey.lha    mods/funk   77K   6+Jazz mod by Chorus+Sid        ****+
WildEyed.lha       mods/funk   40K   6+Jazz mod by Codex             ****
WoebegoneMan.lha   mods/funk   90K   6+Funk mod by Andy.finland      ****
ForgetItAll.lha    mods/hardc 153K   6+Hardcore mod by Braintumour   ****+
Gabba15.lzh        mods/hardc 139K   4+Real gabba banger from Vox
hmr_dave.lha       mods/hardc 193K   3+Hardcore octamed module
MAD_Bomb.lha       mods/hardc  36K   2+Hardcore module by MadBart/Appendix
MAD_FuckThem.lha   mods/hardc  82K   2+Hardcore module by MadBart/Appendix
MAD_Hardkore.lha   mods/hardc  89K   2+Hardcore module by MadBart/Appendix
MAD_Hrdkore2.lha   mods/hardc  27K   2+Hardcore module by MadBart/Appendix
MAD_Madalk.lha     mods/hardc 115K   2+Hardcore module by MadBart/Appendix
MAD_MadTSign.lha   mods/hardc 341K   2+Hardcore module by MadBart/Appendix
MAD_Maxsux.lha     mods/hardc   2K   2+Hardcore module by MadBart/Appendix
MAD_Omen.lha       mods/hardc  27K   2+Hardcore module by MadBart/Appendix
MAD_Psychotron.lha mods/hardc 112K   2+Hardcore module by MadBart/Appendix
MAD_Sect.lha       mods/hardc  97K   2+Hardcore module by MadBart/Appendix
MAD_Suxx.lha       mods/hardc  32K   2+Hardcore module by MadBart/Appendix
mentality.lha      mods/hardc  95K   3+Tracker mod,supports most players
s_fog.lha          mods/hardc 145K   4+-*AMOREL*- Great moody Hardtrance mod!!!
s_I_ask_you.lha    mods/hardc 206K   4+-*AMOREL*- Great Oldschool module!!!!
tomorow.lha        mods/hardc  43K   3+Tracker mod,supports most players
ArtOfSpices.lha    mods/instr 168K   6+Guitar mod by Brainbug        *****
CostumbreEspan.lha mods/instr  15K   6+Guitar mod by Ferdinand       ****+
How2MakeACake.lha  mods/instr 110K   6+Guitar mod by Balrog.sweden   *****+
SunsetBlues.lha    mods/instr 138K   6+Guitar mod by Brainbug        *****+
SweetThing2.lha    mods/instr   9K   6+Instr mod                     ****
Vaarstemning.lha   mods/instr 463K   6+Guitar mod by Braintumour     ***+
accumulation.lha   mods/jorma 138K   6+Accumulation by PiirakkaMunalla (from JR
compo.lha          mods/jorma  61K   6+Compo? by PiirakkaMunalla (from Skenery'
crcerror.lha       mods/jorma 210K   6+CRC Error by Zetor (from Splidium)
dreamdel.lha       mods/jorma  72K   6+Dream De La Jorma by PiirakkaMunalla (fr
duracell.lha       mods/jorma  49K   6+Duracell by Vesuri (from Splidium)
flabber.lha        mods/jorma 227K   6+FlabberGaster by PiirakkaMunalla (from S
hokusphocus.lha    mods/jorma 152K   6+Hokusphocus by Naksahtaja (from Skenery'
howsexp.lha        mods/jorma  92K   6+How'sex-perience by RaatoMestari (from J
kompleksi.lha      mods/jorma 180K   6+Kompleksi by Vesuri (from Skenery'96 mus
kulp.lha           mods/jorma 210K   6+Kulp by Vesuri (from Pimu Lukun'n Up)
lockedout.lha      mods/jorma 200K   6+Locked Out by PiirakkaMunalla (from Spli
mindleap.lha       mods/jorma  34K   6+Mind Leap by PiirakkaMunalla (from JRm-E
monocle.lha        mods/jorma 191K   3+Monocle by Vesuri (house, from JRm-EP64)
panikk.lha         mods/jorma 126K   6+Panikk by Naksahtaja (from Splidium)
paste.lha          mods/jorma 163K   4+Pasteurised by Vesuri (house, from JRm-E
phunk112.lha       mods/jorma 228K   6+Phunk 112 by RaatoMestari (from Splidium
plankton.lha       mods/jorma 110K   4+Plankton by Naksahtaja (experimental hou
tangent.lha        mods/jorma  69K   6+Tangent 6.853 by PiirakkaMunalla (from S
tekkno132.lha      mods/jorma 176K   6+Tekkno 132 by RaatoMestari (from JRm-EP6
traktor.lha        mods/jorma 102K   4+Traktor by Vesuri (detroit, from JRm-fJ5
BackUp.lha         mods/jungl 204K   6+Drum & Bass by Sheffra
bsts.lha           mods/jungl 186K   4+'Better Safe Than Sorry' by Freq
Control.lha        mods/jungl 159K   6+Jungle mod                    *****
DaHype.lzh         mods/jungl 151K   4+Another jungl ch00n by Vox
DropItAndFlow.lha  mods/jungl  58K   6+Jungle mod by Braintumour     ****+
Frequent.lha       mods/jungl 155K   6+Jungle mod                    *****
HellRave.lha       mods/jungl 277K   6+Jungle mod                    ****
ia_sss.lha         mods/jungl 185K   4+Super Sharp Shooter - Jungle module by B
junglemn.lha       mods/jungl 186K   3+ScreamTracker 3 mod by Pirate Pete 
LetTheRaveLoos.lha mods/jungl 217K   6+Jungle mod by Braintumour     ****
mod_Tjungle.lha    mods/jungl  57K   3+Tech-Jungle CheeZoMod49
phd_cath.lha       mods/jungl 321K   3 [ PHD ] - Jungle XM by tEiS/PHD
phd_jung.lha       mods/jungl 226K   6 [ PHD ] - Jungle by JuiCe/PHD
phd_riot.lha       mods/jungl  27K   3 [ PHD ] - Chip jungle by piRaT/PHD
phd_soul.lha       mods/jungl 229K   4 [ PHD ] - Jungle by JuiCe/PHD
phd_vers.lha       mods/jungl 438K   5 [ PHD ] - Drum'n'bass by JuiCe/PHD
PickItUp.lha       mods/jungl 198K   6+Jungle mod by Braintumour     ****+
SaturdayNight.lha  mods/jungl 137K   6+Jungle mod by 911             ****
Varso3.lha         mods/jungl  22K   6+Jungle mod by Dune            *****
WestCoastDepan.lha mods/jungl  12K   6+Jungle mod by 911             ***+
another.lha        mods/mark   57K   5+Mark Salud's slow music module
apathy.lha         mods/mark   94K   6+Mark Salud's dance music module
back_on_blvd.lha   mods/mark   93K   3+Mark Salud's funky music module
because.lha        mods/mark  115K   3+Mark Salud's rock music module
bef.lha            mods/mark   78K   5+Mark Salud's pop music module
Challenged.lha     mods/mark   71K   4+Mark Salud's modern funk-techno music mo
disr.lha           mods/mark   71K   5+Mark Salud's funky-pop music module
dky.lha            mods/mark   36K   6+Mark Salud's slow music module
eco_man.lha        mods/mark   62K   5+Mark Salud's modern pop music module
eyeongalaxy.lha    mods/mark   52K   6+Mark Salud's funky music module
from_beyond.lha    mods/mark   77K   2+Mark Salud's tech music module
ifvenus.lha        mods/mark   38K   4+Mark Salud's pop music module
inandout.lha       mods/mark   39K   3+Mark Salud's slow music module
i_c_u.lha          mods/mark   61K   4+Mark Salud's technofunk music module
juice96.lha        mods/mark   70K   4+Mark Salud's pop music module
jumpy.lha          mods/mark   36K   5+Mark Salud's swinging-blues music module
justfun.lha        mods/mark   52K   4+Mark Salud's jazz music module
once_upon.lha      mods/mark   62K   4+Mark Salud's pop music module
onetrackminds.lha  mods/mark   55K   4+Mark Salud's pop music module
orispr.lha         mods/mark   83K   3+Mark Salud's pop music module
peoplenation.lha   mods/mark   61K   5+Mark Salud's jazz music module
prm.lha            mods/mark   49K   5+Mark Salud's modern jazz music module
rightno.lha        mods/mark   91K   3+Mark Salud's rock music module
scifi11.lha        mods/mark   77K   4+Mark Salud's dance music module
scifi4.lha         mods/mark  111K   4+Mark Salud's techno music module
stcorner.lha       mods/mark  116K   5+Mark Salud's pop music module
thistime.lha       mods/mark   71K   5+Mark Salud's rock music module
wedinoct.lha       mods/mark   55K   3+Mark Salud's pop music module
whatsup.lha        mods/mark  107K   3+Mark Salud's funky music module
whodoyouknow.lha   mods/mark   58K   5+Mark Salud's pop music module
workin.lha         mods/mark   89K   5+Mark Salud's funky music module
worldchamp.lha     mods/mark   39K   2+Mark Salud's swing music module
wow96.lha          mods/mark   43K   3+Mark Salud's dance music module
Spaceman.lha       mods/maxym 395K   4+8ch Take/Fast mod with vocoding - like d
After_The_War.lha  mods/med    66K   3+Tune by Ian Hall 
devil9.lha         mods/med    84K   3+One cool module
hmr_dave.lha       mods/med   193K   2+Hardcore octamed module
Tdance.lha         mods/med    19K   3+Little techno Song By DJthunder
whitedre.lha       mods/med    96K   4+Very NICE and SLOW song by IMMORTAL
winterday.lha      mods/med    80K   3+WinterDay by Haamed RanjbarNavaazi. 
ZoksMED.lha        mods/med    38K   3+Music module by Zok
ATimeForYou.lha    mods/melod  49K   6+Melodic mod by Bar            ****+
BrokenDreams.lha   mods/melod 163K   6+Melodic mod by Captain        *****
ComeMyWay.lha      mods/melod 716K   6+Melodic mod                   ****+
Come_MyWay2.lha    mods/melod 492K   6+Melodic mod                   ****+
Counterpoint2.lha  mods/melod 275K   6+Melodic mod by Counterpoint   ******
DayAfterDay.lha    mods/melod  48K   6+Melodic mod by Audiomonster   ***+
ForeignSkys.lha    mods/melod 210K   6+Melodic mod                   ******
ForrestGump.lha    mods/melod  86K   6+Melodic mod by Acechan        *****
IMissYou.lha       mods/melod 102K   6+Melodic mod by Braintumour    ****+
InternalProjec.lha mods/melod 281K   6+Melodic mod by Amenophis      ****+
LikeTheWind.lha    mods/melod  44K   6+Melodic mod by Firefox        *****
Megasong.lha       mods/melod  60K   6+Melodic mod by Bruno_Bossier  ***
OceanMemory.lha    mods/melod 182K   6+Melodic mod by Cash           ****+
SeaOfMemories.lha  mods/melod  51K   6+Melodic mod by 16beat         ***+
Stones1994.lha     mods/melod 224K   6+Melodic mod                   ******
suddenly.lha       mods/melod 103K   4+Protracker Mod by Doctor Qe
TheAwakening.lha   mods/melod 107K   6+Melodic mod by Blue_Silence   *****
dance.lzh          mods/misc   59K   3+Dance song - MOD format 
dance2.lzh         mods/misc   38K   3+Dance song - MOD format 
Deep_Sleep2.lha    mods/misc  106K   5+By one of 'Many More'
DoDoDoDoDo.lha     mods/misc   77K   5+By one of 'Many More'
Dumm.lha           mods/misc  175K   5+By one of 'Many More'
Girl_owr.lha       mods/misc  351K   5+Why Red? - the wired remix
Going_No_Where.lha mods/misc   83K   5+By one of 'Many More'
GrubbyBumbs.lha    mods/misc  105K   5+By one of 'Many More'
Iainonics.lha      mods/misc  289K   5+By one of 'Many More' & Iain
mo_drop.lha        mods/misc  565K   6+[MONO] - "Drob the Bass Knob" by ChuckB+
MO_INDI.lha        mods/misc  358K   6 [MONO] "Indigo" by Basehead - 16ch. Detr
m_ebb.lha          mods/misc  548K   4+[MONO] - Ebbtide Moon 
m_phase.lha        mods/misc  165K   5+[MONO] - Phase 187 by Hollywood
m_polar.lha        mods/misc  413K   3+[MONO] - PolarBjornAttack by Azazel 
M_REM2.lha         mods/misc  454K   6 [MONO] "Remissions 2" - Mono tunes remix
m_slad.lha         mods/misc  162K   6 [MONO] "Sladdfack" by Substance - mu-ziq
m_stop.lha         mods/misc  188K   4+[MONO] - Stop by Carebear 
m_theme.lha        mods/misc  235K   6+[MONO] - Theme by Mortimer Twang 
Radioactive.lha    mods/misc   44K   3+Fantastic tune by Brother
Ravemix.lha        mods/misc  123K   3+Fantastic tune by Brother
Terror.lha         mods/misc  196K   3+Fantastic tune by Brother
Zapomnienie.lha    mods/misc  109K   3+Fantastic tune by Brother
madboy.lha         mods/mnc   132K   4+Cool drum'n'bass/jungle by MEANACE!
strange.lha        mods/mnc   317K   4+Strange and wonderful ambient drum'n'bas
5AMonPoussin.lha   mods/piano 251K   6+Piano mod by Absys            *****+
ISaidNo.lha        mods/piano 365K   6+House mod                     *****+
kyz_pants.lha      mods/piano   4K   4+Sits in the cupboard and pants
lsy_littlebutt.lha mods/piano 101K   4+Funny ragtime-ish tune by Lousy
lsy_prelude.lha    mods/piano   2K   4+Cembalo song (no copy!) in chip by LousY
Njoy.lha           mods/piano 109K   6+Piano mod by Dockers          ****
OperaDeNuit3.lha   mods/piano  55K   6+Piano mod by Adamski          ****+
PerfectFit.lha     mods/piano 231K   6+House mod                     ****+
PieceOfDance.lha   mods/piano  99K   6+Piano mod by Audiomonster     ****+
TooMuchInMind.lha  mods/piano  72K   6+Piano mod by Brainbug         *****
1HumanoidDance.lha mods/pop   153K   6+Pop mod by Absys              ***+
4CrazyBabies.lha   mods/pop   286K   6+Pop mod by Absys              ***+
4RussianTeenag.lha mods/pop   226K   6+Pop mod by Absys              ****+
AlmostReal2.lha    mods/pop    10K   6+Pop mod by Djamm              ****+
AlphaLight.lha     mods/pop   127K   6+Pop mod by Cosmiq             ***+
ASongToSonia.lha   mods/pop    62K   6+Pop mod by Audiomonster       ****+
AvecDesPeches.lha  mods/pop    81K   6+Pop mod by Brainbug           ****+
Azile.lha          mods/pop   133K   6+Pop mod by Adamski            ****
Beatro.lha         mods/pop   126K   6+Pop mod by Braintumour        ****
BurningBridges.lha mods/pop    67K   6+Pop mod by Bruno_Bossier      ****+
CaesarPalace.lha   mods/pop    90K   6+Pop mod by Audiomonster       ****+
ClaryOutside.lha   mods/pop   295K   6+Pop mod by Blue_Silence       ****+
CupaLibre.lha      mods/pop   101K   6+Pop mod by Axel               *****
DanceFeeling.lha   mods/pop   101K   6+Pop mod by Audiomonster       ****
Dandelion.lha      mods/pop    23K   6+Pop mod by Daddy Freddy       *****
DeadlineFever.lha  mods/pop    87K   6+Pop mod by Axel               ****
Desorby.lha        mods/pop    78K   6+Pop mod by Andy.finland       ****+
DrFine.lha         mods/pop    72K   6+Pop mod by Airwalk            ****+
DukEnSabelgang.lha mods/pop    56K   6+Pop mod by Airwalk            *****
Exhausted.lha      mods/pop   161K   6+Pop mod by Bar                *+
Flyvhojt.lha       mods/pop    63K   6+Pop mod by Airwalk            ****
FuckThePub.lha     mods/pop   148K   6+Pop mod by Cosmiq             ****
GanskaFet.lha      mods/pop    49K   6+Pop mod by Accord+Deelite     ****+
Hotwired.lha       mods/pop   148K   6+Pop mod by Brainbug           ***+
Imaginations.lha   mods/pop   131K   6+Pop mod by Chorus+Sid         *****
ItsABootyTime.lha  mods/pop    43K   6+Pop mod by Bruno              ***+
KendalsLand.lha    mods/pop   123K   6+Pop mod by Blue_Silence       ****
LatinAssociati.lha mods/pop   256K   6+Pop mod by Breeze.finland     ****+
Leftover.lha       mods/pop    96K   6+Pop mod by Accord+Deelite     *****+
LiquidHips.lha     mods/pop    58K   6+Pop mod by 911                ****+
LoveBoat.lha       mods/pop    47K   6+Pop mod by Bruno              ****+
Manomagic.lha      mods/pop    48K   6+Pop mod by Fabian             ****+
Mourning.lha       mods/pop   103K   6+Pop mod by Bit-Arts           ****+
PanSelectMusic.lha mods/pop    43K   6+Pop mod by Airon              *****
PartyFinish.lha    mods/pop    35K   6+Pop mod by 16beat             ****+
PlanetSign.lha     mods/pop   139K   6+Pop mod by Djamm              ****+
PopIsBack.lha      mods/pop    91K   6+Pop mod by Feedback           ****
Pornolaulu.lha     mods/pop    80K   6+Pop mod by Bruno              ***
Posses.lha         mods/pop    94K   6+Pop mod by Blaizer            ****+
RaiseYourEyes.lha  mods/pop   109K   6+Pop mod by Feedback           ****
Reggit.lha         mods/pop    19K   6+Pop mod by Audiomonster       ****+
RequiemForBuh.lha  mods/pop   330K   6+Pop mod by Eagle              ****+
RobotSession.lha   mods/pop    87K   6+Pop mod by Bruno              ***
RSIMDSpace2.lha    mods/pop   151K   6+Pop mod by Bit-Arts           *****+
Saxtime.lha        mods/pop    88K   6+Pop mod by Bar                ***
SfidanteUndas.lha  mods/pop   148K   6+Pop mod by Bar                ****
Speed.lha          mods/pop   190K   6+Pop mod by Codex              ****+
TheBreathOfThe.lha mods/pop   278K   6+Pop mod by Arpegiator         *****
TurbidTumour.lha   mods/pop    32K   6+Pop mod by Daddy Freddy       *****
VirtualMinds.lha   mods/pop   146K   6+Pop mod by Blue_Silence       *****
WorldDance2.lha    mods/pop   175K   6+Pop mod by Arpegiator         *****
Zine7IntroTune.lha mods/pop    36K   6+Pop mod by Axel               ****+
atomicbomb.lha     mods/pro   241K   4+Soul/Trance by MASTER_T.O.M.
digital.lha        mods/pro   122K   5+Ambient Song by Corrosion / DeGeNeRaTiOn
harddance.lha      mods/pro   121K   4+Dancefloor by MASTER_T.O.M.
heat.lha           mods/pro   182K   5+Ambient Song by DiXaN / Vajrayana. 
hunter.lha         mods/pro    81K   5+Ambient Song by DiXaN / Vajrayana.From I
ichwuensche.lha    mods/pro   129K   4+Synthie-Pop by MASTER_T.O.M.
knock.lha          mods/pro   107K   4+Trance/Acid by MASTER_T.O.M.
mirror.lha         mods/pro   136K   5+Ambient Song by DiXaN / Vajrayana. 
mod_Blitz.lha      mods/pro   115K   3+Pop/Disco mix CheezoMod57
mod_chip5.lha      mods/pro     3K   3+Frere Jaques remix CheeZoMod54
mod_Scotty.lha     mods/pro    56K   3+CheeZo's Scotish re-mix CheeZoMod43
NatureInMotion.lha mods/pro   169K   4+ProTracker-Song #26 by Christian Sroka
sorry.lha          mods/pro    81K   5+Ambient Song by DiXaN / Vajrayana. 
speeed.lha         mods/pro   115K   4+Rave/Trance by MASTER_T.O.M.
tribute.lha        mods/pro    58K   3+Song by Corrosion / DeGeNeRaTiOn. From I
0Quectthal.lha     mods/rated 126K   6+Experimental mod              ***
3ADayInCalcutt.lha mods/rated 297K   6+Oriental mod by Absys         ****+
876.lha            mods/rated 172K   6+Experimental mod by Andy.finla**
BaroqueBouleva.lha mods/rated  14K   6+Organ mod by Deck             ****
CaribianFolklo.lha mods/rated  46K   6+Caribbean mod by Ferdinand    ***
DetSkaNokGaa.lha   mods/rated  77K   6+Country mod by Dice           *****
DoeatiModdaFoc.lha mods/rated 103K   6+Hardrock mod by Axel          ****+
ForeverAlien.lha   mods/rated  87K   6+Experimental mod by Fleshbrain**
Ghosts.lha         mods/rated 103K   6+Hardrock mod by Arios         ****+
Gumels.lha         mods/rated 213K   6+Hardrock mod by Braintumour   ****
HitAndRun.lha      mods/rated  89K   6+Hardrock mod by Arios         ****+
JacobFeastDay.lha  mods/rated 154K   6+Folk mod by Feedback          *****
JustForShowing.lha mods/rated  77K   6+Dance mod by Dockers          ****
LaCariocaChip.lha  mods/rated  24K   6+Tango mod by Ferdinand        *****
MaistasLika.lha    mods/rated 385K   6+Hardrock mod by Cosmiq        ***
MD1Movi1.lha       mods/rated 174K   6+Experimental mod by Diablo    ****
MD1Movi2.lha       mods/rated  72K   6+Experimental mod by Diablo    ***+
MD1Movi3.lha       mods/rated  58K   6+Experimental mod by Diablo    ****+
MD1Squeeze.lha     mods/rated  36K   6+Experimental mod by Diablo    ***
OhSusana.lha       mods/rated  72K   6+Folk mod by Ferdinand         **+
Pingouine.lha      mods/rated 115K   6+Hardrock mod by Arios         ****
RoughtIron.lha     mods/rated  46K   6+Hardrock mod by Bar           ***+
ShininOlBoots.lha  mods/rated 149K   6+Country mod by Brainbug       *****+
StellarGalerie.lha mods/rated 243K   6+Experimental mod              ***+
SubRave2.lha       mods/rated 120K   6+Hardrock mod by Brainbug      ****+
SunBeach.lha       mods/rated  54K   6+Reggae mod by Fabian          *****
SwingTheMoodV2.lha mods/rated  72K   6+Trumpet mod by Ferdinand      *****+
TechnoDredd.lha    mods/rated 137K   6+Flute mod by Airon            ****+
Theatrical.lha     mods/rated 160K   6+Experimental mod by Deck      ***
Uulima.lha         mods/rated  16K   6+Drums mod by Andy.finland     ***
Valerian777.lha    mods/rated  21K   6+Hardrock mod by Bruno         **+
3HardToBeSoft.lha  mods/rock   72K   6+Rock mod by Absys             ****
60sSurprise.lha    mods/rock  135K   6+Rock mod by Accord+Deelite    ****
70sReprise.lha     mods/rock   67K   6+Rock mod by Audiomonster      *****
african.lha        mods/rock   75K   5+Metal Song by Rusty Cage/DeGeNeRaTiOn. F
alrmmind.lha       mods/rock   78K   5+Metal Song by Corrosion / DeGeNeRaTiOn. 
anger.lha          mods/rock   55K   5+Metal Song by DiXaN / Vajrayana 
AnOrgan.lha        mods/rock   59K   6+Rock mod by Cosmiq            ****
ARockTale.lha      mods/rock  110K   6+Rock mod by 16beat            ****+
ash.lha            mods/rock   56K   5+Metal Song by DiXaN / Vajrayana 
BadBoogie.lha      mods/rock  106K   6+Rock mod by Brainbug          ******
BlowUp.lha         mods/rock  177K   6+Rock mod by Arios             *****+
buried.lha         mods/rock   95K   5+Metal Song by Corrosion / DeGeNeRaTiOn. 
clockwor.lha       mods/rock   77K   5+Metal Song by DiXaN / Vajrayana. From ID
Countryside.lha    mods/rock  158K   6+Rock mod by Deck              *****
criminal.lha       mods/rock   82K   5+Metal Song by Corrosion / DeGeNeRaTiOn. 
deathdis.lha       mods/rock   43K   5+Metal Song by Corrosion / DeGeNeRaTiOn. 
DiesIraeShort.lha  mods/rock  102K   6+Rock mod by Accord/Gel Dezign *****
DoTheRiffs.lha     mods/rock  239K   6+Rock mod by Cash              *****+
DowntownBlues.lha  mods/rock   88K   6+Rock mod by 16beat            *****
experime.lha       mods/rock   77K   5+Metal Song by Corrosion / DeGeNeRaTiOn 
fistfull.lha       mods/rock  111K   5+Song by DiXaN / Vajrayana. 
GalaxyImpact.lha   mods/rock  105K   6+Rock mod by Bethoven          *****
Geno.lha           mods/rock  360K   5+A collection of rock mods from genocide
Guitou.lha         mods/rock   76K   6+Rock mod by Bird              ****
happyter.lha       mods/rock   48K   5+Metal Song by Corrosion / DeGeNeRaTiOn. 
HeavyGuitars.lha   mods/rock  136K   5+By one of 'Many More'
HellParadise.lha   mods/rock  122K   6+Rock mod by Feedback          ****+
HighwaysEchos.lha  mods/rock  315K   6+Rock mod by Cash              ****
italians.lha       mods/rock  138K   5+Metal Song by Corrosion / DeGeNeRaTiOn 
JamminOnOurOwn.lha mods/rock  274K   6+Rock mod by Braintumour       *****
kadath.lha         mods/rock   64K   5+Metal Song by DiXaN / Vajrayana. From ID
Lonely.lha         mods/rock   70K   3+Calm "endtheme rock" module
march.lha          mods/rock   62K   5+Metal Song by DiXaN / Vajrayana. From ID
metalpow.lha       mods/rock   66K   5+Metal Song by Rusty Cage & Corrosion / D
Night.lha          mods/rock   76K   4+Nice hardrock module
nomore.lha         mods/rock   74K   5+Metal Song by Corrosion / DeGeNeRaTiOn. 
ParksonIntro.lha   mods/rock   74K   6+Rock mod by Arpegiator        *****
PasDeDominante.lha mods/rock   43K   6+Rock mod by Audiomonster      *****
PhoqueARessort.lha mods/rock  149K   6+Rock mod by Blue_Silence      ****+
PloughMan.lha      mods/rock   42K   6+Rock mod by Accord+Deelite    *****+
punkkipiisi.lha    mods/rock   49K   3+HC Punk MOD By Razor
Reactive.lha       mods/rock  174K   6+Rock mod by Bethoven          *****
Regndans.lha       mods/rock   22K   6+Rock mod by Brainbug          ****
rough.lha          mods/rock   66K   5+Metal Song by DiXaN / Vajrayana. From ID
runlife.lha        mods/rock   77K   3+Metal Song by Corrosion / DeGeNeRaTiOn. 
ShadowOfTheFir.lha mods/rock  130K   6+Rock mod by Arios             ****+
SikkeEnRumlen.lha  mods/rock  184K   6+Rock mod by Chorus+Sid        ****+
Slushpuppie.lha    mods/rock   82K   6+Rock mod by Accord+Deelite    *****
SoloMechanism.lha  mods/rock   93K   6+Rock mod                      ****
Spasme.lha         mods/rock  122K   6+Rock mod by Cash              ****
SteppinOut.lha     mods/rock  204K   6+Rock mod by Chorus+Sid        ****
StreetGangs.lha    mods/rock   88K   6+Rock mod by Audiomonster      ****+
ThinkingLikeWo.lha mods/rock  101K   6+Rock mod by Dice              *****+
TimeAfterTime.lha  mods/rock   70K   6+Rock mod by Bass-41           ****
tripem.lha         mods/rock  106K   3+Metal Song by Rusty Cage/DeGeNeRaTiOn. F
TubularDreams.lha  mods/rock  187K   6+Rock mod by Breeze.finland    ***+
UnNamed.lha        mods/rock   82K   6+Nice hardrock module
VoiceOfGalaxyI.lha mods/rock   77K   6+Rock mod by Bethoven          ****+
XLoader.lha        mods/rock   29K   6+Rock mod by Djamm             ***+
youlose.lha        mods/rock   48K   3+Metal Song by Corrosion / DeGeNeRaTiOn. 
Aarghh.lha         mods/s3m    96K   4+Aaarrrggghhh!!! / rock 
banjo.lha          mods/s3m    44K   3+8-channel ScreamTracker mod by Pirate Pe
critters.lha       mods/s3m   193K   3+9-channel ScreamTracker 3 mod by Pirate 
dafeet.lha         mods/s3m    57K   3+12-channel ScreamTracker 3 mod by Pirate
dodger.lha         mods/s3m   124K   3+10-channel ScreamTracker mod by Pirate P
freeway.lha        mods/s3m    82K   3+16-channel ScreamTracker 3 mod by Pirate
Infinity.lha       mods/s3m    92K   4+Journey to Infinity / space 
jamz.lha           mods/s3m    90K   3+12-channel ScreamTracker mod by Pirate P
Opus1.lha          mods/s3m   132K   4+Opus 1 / rock 
Opus4.lha          mods/s3m    65K   4+Mind Warp!!! / rock 
Opus5.lha          mods/s3m    60K   4+Opus 5 / rock 
Opus6.lha          mods/s3m   104K   4+Opus 6 / ars longa, vita brevis 
pianosad.lha       mods/s3m    72K   5+Scream Tracker 3.2 music module 
spoko.lha          mods/s3m   127K   5+Scream Tracker 3.2 music module 
untitled.lha       mods/s3m    91K   5+Scream Tracker 3.2 16ch module by Roy   
imagine.lha        mods/sidew 1.0M   4+MOD by Sidewinder.. Erasure style
zygo_ray.lha       mods/sidew 614K   5+MOD by Sidewinder.. Depesh MODE style
Alterraid.lha      mods/slow  265K   6+Slow mod by Dune              ****
AlwaysII.lha       mods/slow   56K   6+Slow mod by Arpegiator        *****+
AquaticSensati.lha mods/slow   79K   6+Slow mod by Djamm             *****+
Babydoll.lha       mods/slow   81K   4+Slow Mod by DJThunder
ballad.lha         mods/slow  174K   2+Slow, cool, nice ProTracker Module
Baska.lha          mods/slow  300K   6+Slow mod by Dune              ****
BrokenHeart.lha    mods/slow  284K   6+Slow mod by Blue_Silence      ****+
ButterflyFlies.lha mods/slow  157K   6+Slow mod by Djamm             *****
Congratulation.lha mods/slow   30K   4+Octamed 4 channel song
CotonRose.lha      mods/slow  194K   6+Slow mod by Blue_Silence      ****+
Delice.lha         mods/slow  134K   4+Mod by DJThunder
EarthMountains.lha mods/slow   79K   6+Slow mod by Breeze.finland    *****
EdgeExp.lha        mods/slow  204K   6+Slow mod by Braintumour       ****+
Firth_love.lha     mods/slow   47K   4+Slow Mod by DJThunder
FutureBlue.lha     mods/slow  206K   6+Slow mod by Acetip            ******
GoToSleep.lha      mods/slow  135K   6+Slow mod by Bc                ***+
IrisZic.lha        mods/slow   53K   6+Slow mod by Bird              ****
JustCrying.lha     mods/slow  115K   6+Slow mod by Axis              *****
LeftInSpace.lha    mods/slow  218K   6+Slow mod by Brainbug          ***+
LostInMyDreams.lha mods/slow   78K   6+Slow mod by Acetip            ****+
melo.lha           mods/slow  147K   3+One cool module
Metrossimo.lha     mods/slow   78K   6+Slow mod by Andy.finland      ****+
MidniteFeelin.lha  mods/slow  171K   6+Slow mod by Djamm             ******
Milian.lha         mods/slow   75K   6+Slow mod by Bar               ***+
MostlyLikeRain.lha mods/slow   67K   6+Slow mod by Chorus+Sid        ****+
Multiplies.lha     mods/slow   32K   6+Slow mod                      ****
Nirvana.lha        mods/slow   57K   6+Slow mod by Accord+Deelite    ****
NumbGaia.lha       mods/slow   37K   6+Slow mod by 911               ****+
over_now.lha       mods/slow   36K   3+Protracker mod by Chris Cusack
Postludium.lha     mods/slow   47K   6+Slow mod by Brainbug          *****
PublicAppearan.lha mods/slow   69K   6+Slow mod by Breeze.finland    ***
ShesFromHeaven.lha mods/slow  189K   6+Slow mod by Djamm             *****
Sleetiness.lha     mods/slow   40K   6+Slow mod by Bar               ****+
SlowMotion.lha     mods/slow   69K   6+Slow mod by Axel              ****+
SlowRiver.lha      mods/slow   28K   6+Slow mod by 911               ****
SunsetOn77.lha     mods/slow  117K   6+Slow mod by Bruno             *****
TheLostTemple.lha  mods/slow   94K   6+Slow mod by Accord+Deelite    ****
TheWlove.lha       mods/slow  103K   4+Slow Mod by DJThunder
UnknownDestina.lha mods/slow   71K   6+Slow mod by Dice              **+
Vanja.lha          mods/slow  127K   6+Slow mod by Brainbug          *****
Vaselino.lha       mods/slow  133K   6+Slow mod by 911               *****
WhiteOranges.lha   mods/slow   95K   6+Slow mod by Blue_Silence      ****+
IntoTheLight.lha   mods/smpl  5.2M   4+IFF8svx-RockSong The LIGHT-IntoTheLight 
2BabyTheMovie.lha  mods/synth 293K   6+Synth mod by Absys            *****
2DeathOfASiren.lha mods/synth 228K   6+Synth mod by Absys            ****+
2TheFirstNewAg.lha mods/synth  92K   6+Synth mod by Absys            *****
2TheLastNewAge.lha mods/synth 112K   6+Synth mod by Absys            *****
Aerodrome.lha      mods/synth 136K   6+Synth mod by 16beat           *****+
AlisonProject.lha  mods/synth 112K   6+Synth mod by Arpegiator       ******
AlteredState.lha   mods/synth 445K   6+Synth mod by Bruno_Bossier    ****
Apogee.lha         mods/synth  84K   6+Synth mod by Arpegiator       *****
AShadeInWaitin.lha mods/synth 323K   6+Synth mod by Fash             ****
AwareOfFeeling.lha mods/synth 185K   6+Synth mod by Eagle            *****
Bagdad.lha         mods/synth  32K   6+Synth mod by Fleshbrain       ****+
BeyondTheGalax.lha mods/synth  82K   6+Synth mod by Fash             ****
BirdsPlace.lha     mods/synth 146K   6+Synth mod by Feedback         ****+
BlackRain.lha      mods/synth  96K   6+Synth mod by Bruno_Bossier    *****
blk_pino.lha       mods/synth  27K   6+> ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW! <
blk_vago.lha       mods/synth 316K   6+> ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW! <
blk_webe.lha       mods/synth 136K   6+> ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW! <
BouncingBall.lha   mods/synth 159K   6+Synth mod by Daddy Freddy     ****
BrainFlood.lha     mods/synth  83K   6+Synth mod                     ***+
CapitaineHaddo.lha mods/synth  64K   6+Synth mod by Arios            *****
Chameleon.lha      mods/synth 146K   6+Synth mod by Flame            ***+
ChetMod1.lha       mods/synth 100K   3+AMIGA EUPHORIE by Chetan
ChetMod2.lha       mods/synth 137K   3+BLUE CRYSTAL II CUT by Chetan
ChetMod3.lha       mods/synth 188K   3+CULTURE CHALLENGE by Chetan
ChetMod5.lha       mods/synth  97K   3+SHRIMPS by Chetan
ChetMod7.lha       mods/synth 104K   3+ATLANTIS by Chetan
Chippin.lha        mods/synth   3K   6+Synth mod by Eagle            *****
ColdFear.lha       mods/synth 110K   6+Synth mod                     ****+
CultOfTip.lha      mods/synth 101K   6+Synth mod by Dockers          ****+
DesasterArea.lha   mods/synth  80K   6+Synth mod by 16beat           ****+
Dismal_Sport.lha   mods/synth  44K   6+Synth mod                     ***+
DoodleDoo.lha      mods/synth  18K   6+Synth mod by Alien            ***+
ElberethGiltho.lha mods/synth 161K   6+Synth mod by Breeze.finland   ***+
Exodia.lha         mods/synth 260K   6+Synth mod by Arpegiator       *****+
ExoticDrink.lha    mods/synth  87K   6+Synth mod by Dockers          ****
Farandole.lha      mods/synth 182K   6+Synth mod                     *****
FarFromEarth.lha   mods/synth 210K   6+Synth mod by Arpegiator       ******
FirstEscape.lha    mods/synth  88K   6+Synth mod                     ****+
Flashback.lha      mods/synth  64K   6+Synth mod                     ****+
FlyingThroughT.lha mods/synth 111K   6+Synth mod                     ****
GettingNasty.lha   mods/synth  60K   6+Synth mod by Accord+Deelite   *****+
GrinMemories.lha   mods/synth  72K   6+Synth mod by Arpegiator       ****+
H2OCompany.lha     mods/synth 145K   6+Synth mod by Arpegiator       *****
Hinterland.lha     mods/synth 181K   6+Synth mod by Alexel           *****
IfICouldFly.lha    mods/synth 126K   6+Synth mod                     ****+
Impulse2Endtun.lha mods/synth 102K   6+Synth mod by Accord/Gel Dezign*****
IntruderII.lha     mods/synth  92K   6+Synth mod by Bird             ***+
ItsALongWay.lha    mods/synth  29K   6+Synth mod by Feedback         ****
ItsNoSecret.lha    mods/synth  56K   6+Synth mod by Firefox          ****
JunglePower.lha    mods/synth   3K   6+Synth mod by Fabian           ***
Logedans.lha       mods/synth  20K   6+Synth mod by Fasjer           ****+
LonelyWolf.lha     mods/synth 284K   6+Synth mod by DJ Joge          ****+
LoveShy.lha        mods/synth 151K   6+Synth mod by Feedback         ****+
MagicSpring.lha    mods/synth 145K   6+Synth mod by Feedback         ****
ManicElectric.lha  mods/synth 168K   6+Synth mod by Flame            ****+
MentalOverdriv.lha mods/synth 372K   6+Synth mod by Fash             *****
MoonShining.lha    mods/synth  78K   6+Synth mod by Acetip           *****
NeverEndingLov.lha mods/synth  70K   6+Synth mod by Firefox          ***+
NightmarExperi.lha mods/synth 221K   6+Synth mod by Dockers          *****
NobodyDreaming.lha mods/synth 220K   6+Synth mod                     ****+
Noel.lha           mods/synth  82K   6+Synth mod by Daddy Freddy     *****
OfALandBeyondH.lha mods/synth 226K   6+Synth mod                     *****
OneNightShot.lha   mods/synth  35K   6+Synth mod by Arpegiator       *****
OpenWomad2.lha     mods/synth 216K   6+Synth mod by Baby             ****+
OS2WarpSpeed.lha   mods/synth 176K   6+Synth mod                     *****+
OverAcuteness.lha  mods/synth  63K   6+Synth mod by Arpegiator       ****+
Oxygen92.lha       mods/synth  65K   6+Synth mod by Arpegiator       ****
Oxyz.lha           mods/synth  74K   6+Synth mod by Bar              ****
Ozone.lha          mods/synth  69K   6+Synth mod by Arpegiator       *****
PlanetHollywoo.lha mods/synth 103K   6+Synth mod by Arpegiator       ****+
PuzzledMind.lha    mods/synth 320K   6+Synth mod                     ****+
Rainfall.lha       mods/synth  66K   6+Synth mod by Fabian           ****
RareGroove.lha     mods/synth  99K   6+Synth mod by Draghan          ****+
RastaMan.lha       mods/synth  65K   6+Synth mod by Firefox          ****+
RedClouds.lha      mods/synth 101K   6+Synth mod by Acetip           ****+
RyanThemeCyber.lha mods/synth  42K   6+Synth mod by Accord+Deelite   ****+
Sadisfaction.lha   mods/synth 100K   6+Synth mod by DJ Joge          ****+
Saturnal.lha       mods/synth  72K   6+Synth mod by Arpegiator       ****+
Setup2.lha         mods/synth  55K   6+Synth mod by Blaizer          ****
Simplified.lha     mods/synth 118K   6+Synth mod by Chris Meland     ****+
SinsOfAnAngel.lha  mods/synth  61K   6+Synth mod by DJ Joge          *****+
Solace.lha         mods/synth  84K   6+Synth mod by Fabian           ****
Solstice.lha       mods/synth 488K   6+Synth mod                     *****
Somerie.lha        mods/synth 211K   6+Synth mod                     ***+
SpaceDream.lha     mods/synth  80K   6+Synth mod by Daddy Freddy     ****+
StaticByteShor.lha mods/synth  92K   6+Synth mod by Firefox          *****
SummerLove.lha     mods/synth 118K   6+Synth mod                     ****
TheLastStar.lha    mods/synth  55K   6+Synth mod by Daddy Freddy     ****
TheTalisman.lha    mods/synth 128K   6+Synth mod by Accord+Deelite   *****
ToxicPack.lha      mods/synth  30K   6+Synth mod by Blue_Silence     ****
TRien.lha          mods/synth 216K   6+Synth mod                     ****
TripOverSkies.lha  mods/synth 180K   6+Synth mod by DJ Joge          *****
Turgican.lha       mods/synth  41K   6+Synth mod by Bar              *****
Visionaire.lha     mods/synth 378K   6+Synth mod by Bethoven         ****+
VoicesCloser.lha   mods/synth  98K   6+Synth mod by Dockers          ****+
VoyageToEterni.lha mods/synth 227K   6+Synth mod                     ****+
WhiteWolves.lha    mods/synth 114K   6+Synth mod by Arpegiator       ****+
WhoIsJarre.lha     mods/synth  88K   6+Synth mod by Bit-Arts         ****+
WillOfTheWind.lha  mods/synth  53K   6+Synth mod by Bruno_Bossier    ***
WorldOfSaracen.lha mods/synth 387K   6+Synth mod                     *****+
WorldwideSlack.lha mods/synth 260K   6+Synth mod                     ****
X14HaistaPoks.lha  mods/synth 314K   6+Synth mod                     ****
2much4.lha         mods/techn 165K   4+Techno/Goa/Progressive by Emulate
acidsymp.lha       mods/techn 142K   5+Acid Techno Song by Corrosion Of DeGeNeR
adult.lha          mods/techn 156K   5+Progressive Techno Song by Corrosion Of 
airp_mod.lzh       mods/techn 199K   3+Techno track by CSM 
AivanSanatonLa.lha mods/techn 198K   6+Techno mod by Breeze.finland  *****
AndNow.lha         mods/techn 241K   4+Techno/Goa/Progressive by Emulate
Astral.lha         mods/techn 200K   3+Octamed Song by Ham. Style: maybe techno
AstralicForces.lha mods/techn  14K   6+Techno mod by 911             ***+
Begonia.lha        mods/techn 225K   4+Techno/Goa/Progressive by Emulate
BladeRunnerRav.lha mods/techn 127K   6+Techno mod by Airon           ****+
blk_rape.lha       mods/techn 120K   6+> ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW! <
blk_x3o3.lha       mods/techn 403K   6+> ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW! <
BrainSucker.lha    mods/techn  35K   6+Techno mod                    ***
Caacaophoniaha.lha mods/techn  13K   6+Techno mod by Deck            ****+
ChaseInTheMoon.lha mods/techn  36K   6+Techno mod by Deck            ***+
cheek.lha          mods/techn  83K   5+Progressive Song by Corrosion / DeGeNeRa
Chicken.lha        mods/techn 169K   4+Techno/Goa/Progressive by Emulate
CultureRed.lha     mods/techn  65K   6+Techno mod by Draghan         ****
DayDream.lha       mods/techn 227K   4+Techno/Goa/Progressive by Emulate
DDDubbler.lha      mods/techn  84K   6+Techno mod by Airwalk         ***+
DenLilleStonne.lha mods/techn  98K   6+Techno mod by Airwalk         ***
DiddliDiddli.lha   mods/techn 174K   6+Techno mod by Braintumour     ****+
DieInEgypt.lha     mods/techn 156K   6+Techno mod by Bass-41         ****+
Dive179meters.lha  mods/techn 100K   6+Techno mod by Bc              ****+
DraskallKnorr2.lha mods/techn 118K   6+Techno mod by Fasjer          ****+
DreamsMachine.lha  mods/techn 209K   6+Techno mod by Amenophis       ****
FiddeliFisk.lha    mods/techn  26K   6+Techno mod by Braintumour     ****
FlareHouze.lha     mods/techn 235K   6+Techno mod                    ***
GloriaVictis.lha   mods/techn 216K   6+Techno mod by Amenophis       ****
Helio.lha          mods/techn  93K   4+Techno/Goa/Progressive by Emulate
Intruder.lha       mods/techn  75K   3+Some experimental techno by Musgrave
JammDawn.lha       mods/techn  19K   6+Techno mod by Dune            ***+
JungleFever.lha    mods/techn  17K   6+Techno mod by Daddy Freddy    ***
lolove.lzh         mods/techn 438K   3+Techno mod by Anti-Marv 
Loops.lha          mods/techn 137K   4+Techno/Goa/Progressive by Emulate
Mercurial.lha      mods/techn 130K   3+A med by Village Underground
msz_ftma.lha       mods/techn 1.2M   3+Fata morgana. - A Symphonie module by Mo
NeurolepticLif.lha mods/techn 874K   6+Techno mod by Cosmiq          ***+
NewDestination.lha mods/techn 102K   6+Techno mod by Bass-41         ***+
Next.lha           mods/techn  60K   4+Progressive Acid-House module (4 voice-P
NightWow.lha       mods/techn 112K   5+Small Short Soft HouSe TeCHnO
NM_UFOHouse.lha    mods/techn 133K   5+Outer Space House by Neil Martin
OpenUpYourHear.lha mods/techn 281K   6+Techno mod by Braintumour     ***+
Overpower.lha      mods/techn  86K   6+Techno mod by Bass-41         ***+
phd_cent.lha       mods/techn 176K   6 [ PHD ] - Triphop by JuiCe/PHD
phd_chry.lha       mods/techn 236K   6 [ PHD ] - Trance by piRaT/PHD
phd_emot.lha       mods/techn 292K   6 [ PHD ] - Groovy house by JuiCe/PHD
phd_esc.lha        mods/techn 251K   6 [ PHD ] - Acid/Breakbeat by piRaT/PHD
phd_fin2.lha       mods/techn 391K   5 [ PHD ] - Ambient by piRaT/PHD
phd_parl.lha       mods/techn 202K   6 [ PHD ] - Acid trance by piRaT/PHD
phd_red.lha        mods/techn 126K   6 [ PHD ] - Acid by JuiCe/PHD
phd_summ.lha       mods/techn 179K   6 [ PHD ] - Trance by piRaT/PHD
phd_warn.lha       mods/techn 270K   6 [ PHD ] - _DEEP_ House by piRaT/PHD
RaveOLution.lha    mods/techn 662K   6+Techno mod by Cosmiq          ****
rtdfreak.lha       mods/techn 200K   3+Weird Rotterdam Style by Crisp
Sealed.lha         mods/techn 197K   6+Techno mod by Braintumour     *****
SexSamLevnad.lha   mods/techn  62K   6+Techno mod by Fasjer          ***+
solicuturis.lzh    mods/techn 258K   5 Trance/techno/goa by BRINT (Rak & Hyg)
somethin.lha       mods/techn 119K   3+Progressive Song by Corrosion / DeGeNeRa
Starchild.lha      mods/techn  97K   6+Techno mod by Deck            *****
Subcon.lha         mods/techn 359K   4+Trip Hop/Trance  by  - Freq - 
Sys.lha            mods/techn  38K   6+Techno mod by Arios           ****
TechnosticCult.lha mods/techn 169K   6+Techno mod by Eniac           *****
Tekmotronics.lha   mods/techn  24K   6+Techno mod by Draghan         ****+
tripxzon.lha       mods/techn 112K   3+Progressive Song by Corrosion / DeGeNeRa
TwoTrees.lha       mods/techn 146K   4+House-Techno-Module by Rones
VirtualRetalit.lha mods/techn 130K   6+Techno mod by Eniac           ****+
WhyNot.lha         mods/techn 259K   4+Techno/Goa/Progressive by Emulate
yakked.lha         mods/techn  27K   6+HARDcore to a national anthem
3Teknopekno.lha    mods/tranc  84K   6+Trance mod by Absys           ****
Absolution.lha     mods/tranc  33K   6+Trance mod by Baroque         ****+
AfterSunset.lha    mods/tranc 405K   6+Trance mod                    ****+
APlaceOnEarth.lha  mods/tranc 171K   6+Trance mod by Bc              ***+
BloodnTears.lha    mods/tranc  49K   6+Trance mod by Bc              ***+
BreathTaker2.lha   mods/tranc 182K   6+Trance mod by Alien           *****+
CiaRulesUAll.lha   mods/tranc   8K   6+Trance mod by 911             ****
Crove220.lha       mods/tranc 146K   6+Trance mod by Braintumour     ****
cyber.lha          mods/tranc 229K   2+Fast, cybertronical, Techno-Trance.
DeathRave.lha      mods/tranc 236K   6+Trance mod by Airwalk         ****
DMP_InTheSky.lha   mods/tranc 272K   5+Tranze/Ambient/Breakbeat by !DmP!/PrS
DMP_ViciTrnz.lha   mods/tranc 296K   5+Tranze/Ambient/Miles etc by !DmP!/PrS
Exantiumicum.lha   mods/tranc 261K   6+Trance mod by Braintumour     ***
Excithrill.lha     mods/tranc 233K   6+Trance mod by Curt Cool       ****
Faktory.lha        mods/tranc 146K   6+Trance mod by Alien           ****+
Fonctionnement.lha mods/tranc  14K   6+Trance mod by Andy.finland    ****
FreezerBBStro.lha  mods/tranc  20K   6+Trance mod by Bethoven        ****
FreezersLech.lha   mods/tranc 248K   6+Trance mod by Bethoven        *****+
GuruIsBack.lha     mods/tranc 119K   6+Trance mod by Dax             *****+
HalfOfControl.lha  mods/tranc 197K   6+Trance mod by Dockers         ****+
ItsInYourBrain.lha mods/tranc 178K   6+Trance mod by Braintumour     ***+
JamesBoy.lha       mods/tranc  23K   6+Trance mod                    ***
leckt_mich.lha     mods/tranc 362K   4+House/Trance/Rave by MASTER_T.O.M.
LovelyLovelyRe.lha mods/tranc 450K   6+Trance mod by Cosmiq          ***
lowthink.lha       mods/tranc 119K   4+Some sort of Trance by MASTER_T.O.M.
NegaTime.lha       mods/tranc  82K   6+HardtranceModule by Rave Millenium
OnTheMoon.lha      mods/tranc 180K   6+Trance mod by Bass-41         ****
OverkillSilenc.lha mods/tranc 327K   6+Trance mod by Amenophis       ***+
PaganPriest.lha    mods/tranc 146K   6+Trance mod by Bass-41         ****
PingPongCrazy.lha  mods/tranc 197K   6+Trance mod by Amenophis       ***
RainOverMessyW.lha mods/tranc 156K   2+Electro/Trance-style module by *housemei
RaveOMatic.lha     mods/tranc 111K   6+Trance mod by Accord+Deelite  ****+
skwalker.lha       mods/tranc 153K   3+< Sky Walker > By Dave The Brave
spice.lzh          mods/tranc  85K   4 Trance/techno/goa by BRINT (Rak & Hyg)
st303nex.lha       mods/tranc 186K   4+Some sort of Trance by MASTER_T.O.M.
Subterranean.lha   mods/tranc 177K   6+Trance mod                    ****+
TBLMindprobe.lha   mods/tranc 250K   6+Trance mod by Azazel          ****
TearsOfTheBirs.lha mods/tranc 127K   6+Trance mod by Acechan         *****
TechnologySpic.lha mods/tranc  22K   6+Trance mod by Bethoven        ***+
TecknoBaj.lha      mods/tranc   4K   6+Trance mod by Blaizer         ****+
Trance124.lha      mods/tranc  67K   6+Trance mod by Alien           *****
Tranceformatio.lha mods/tranc 119K   6+Trance mod by Dice            *****
whoknows.lha       mods/tranc 124K   3+< Who knows > By Dave The Brave
WildWicked.lha     mods/tranc 241K   6+Trance mod by Braintumour     ***+
WithTheWind.lha    mods/tranc   4K   6+Trance mod by Diesel          ***+
ygtrance.lha       mods/tranc 260K   2+F-Horror, cybertronical, Techno-Trance.
acidstl.lzh        mods/xm    149K   4+Disco song / .XM format 
bh_Crossroads.lzh  mods/xm    385K   3 XM Module by Bee Hunter/JaZZ 
bh_FunkyTime.lzh   mods/xm    373K   3 XM Module by Bee Hunter/JaZZ 
bh_MondayRain.lzh  mods/xm    305K   3 XM Module by Bee Hunter/JaZZ 
dreams.lzh         mods/xm    115K   2+Slow song - .XM music file. 
junglmnd.lzh       mods/xm     73K   2+Jungle music - .XM music file. 
robbast.lzh        mods/xm    243K   2+Techno song - .XM music file 
ruins.lzh          mods/xm    225K   5+Xm module by CSM 
DBooster16.lha     mus/edit   630K   4+Very fast 8 channel music program V1.61
FutureComposer.lha mus/edit   210K   5+Editor for BSI Future Composer mods.
mline115.lha       mus/edit   486K   4+Powerful musiceditor with realtime effec
Protracker3_61.lha mus/edit   373K  12+Protracker 3.61, music composing program
GMPHandl.lha       mus/midi     6K   4+V1.1 Handle GMPlay easily with GUI
GMPlay_GUI.lha     mus/midi    16K   5+A MUI GUI for GMPlay v1.2+
KorgMAN17.lha      mus/midi    88K   4+Korg 05RW/X5/X5DR/03RW - Librarian V1.7
MidiFun.lha        mus/midi   229K   4+Here are some MIDI files that sound pret
MSE.lha            mus/midi    89K   5+MIDI SYStem EXplorer - PatchEditor+MORE
Prokson6.lha       mus/midi    43K   5+Prokofiev 6th Piano Sonata, complete .MI
Tchaik5_4.lha      mus/midi    80K   3+Tchaikovsky 5th Symphony, 4th movement .
aselect.lha        mus/misc     5K   6+Audioselector 1.0 Uses reads from Audios
audiosav.lha       mus/misc     1K   6+Audiosave 1.0 !QUICKTIME->IFF! Saves all
BangerZufall.lha   mus/misc     7K   6+Random program for choose music
Karami_v10.lha     mus/misc   114K   6+Make some karaoke to sing easily!
modCRUSHER.lha     mus/misc    12K   3+ModCRUSHER v2.0 - CooL MOD Compressor!
omed_19.lha        mus/misc     3K   3+ARexx script for OctaMED v6 and above.
omed_dub.lha       mus/misc     4K   3+ARexx script for OctaMED v6 and above.
OMED_Info.lha      mus/misc     5K   3+ARexx script for OctaMED v6 and above.
OMED_Sizes.lha     mus/misc     3K   3+ARexx script for OctaMED v6 and above.
PPitch12.lha       mus/misc    57K   3+State of the art instrument tuning tool.
ProDigital.lha     mus/misc   129K   3+Digital Player to compete with Sony's Mi
SS_ESC2Close.lha   mus/misc     4K   3+Shut OctaMED SS windows with ESC key.
wavepak.lha        mus/misc    37K   3+Fibonacci (de)compression for 8SVX, V1.3
AudbleIllusion.lha mus/play   388K   4+Audible Illusions Compact Disc Player.  
BFBPlayMasterD.lha mus/play   102K   3+Dev. material for multiformat replayer l
BFBPlyMasterU.lha  mus/play   125K   3+Library based Multi-format moduleplayer.
DeliTrackerTHX.lha mus/play     9K   3+DeliTracker THX (MC68000) Player
hippoplayer.lha    mus/play   400K   3+V2.34, modplayer kick1.2-3.x. AHI suppor
Play16_1_6.lha     mus/play    91K  41+Plays WAV, IFF, MAUD, etc, 14 bit output
ps3m312.lha        mus/play    35K  60+Plays S3Ms, XMs, MTMs, MODs and FTMs.
SmallPlayer10.lha  mus/play    33K   4+Small module player by Life Team
SPlayer_v1_3a.lha  mus/play   162K   3+Minor update. Now with IBrowse Support
Antanim.lha        pix/3dani  1.8M   4+LightWave Anim of an Ants walk cycle
p1.lha             pix/3dani  1.3M   3+Anime made with Real3D 3.3
animf1.lha         pix/anim   661K   4+Anime made with Real3D 3.3
animf2.lha         pix/anim   1.5M   4+Anime made with Real3D 3.3
APX_AmigaRulez.lha pix/anim   1.0M   4+Amiga Rulez! - traced anim by mADbART/aP
BeeAnim_short.lha  pix/anim   465K   4+Cool bee animation (short version)
BMW.lha            pix/anim   1.4M   5+My second car anim (With a BMW 850i)
caretake.lha       pix/anim   6.6M   6+ANIM7_16-File : Star Trek - Voyager : Ca
Cobra.lha          pix/anim   858K   5+Anim/sound example for AVB <executables 
crash.mpg          pix/anim   1.6M   4+Lightwave (no sound) rural/sci-fi 
crazyanm.mpg       pix/anim   297K   4+"Crazy" MPEG animation from Poland
digifly.lha        pix/anim   331K   3+FLC animation from Poland
earthxxv.lha       pix/anim   328K   4+"Earth XXV" HAM8 animation from Poland
GStarted.lha       pix/anim   447K   4+Get Started preview animation
hale_bopp.lha      pix/anim   975K   5+Animation of forthcoming comet Hale-Bopp
Handman.lha        pix/anim   240K   4+"Handman" animation from Poland
Happy.lha          pix/anim   1.2M   4+"Happy" animation from Poland
Horace.lha         pix/anim   1.1M   4+Horace/Granny Animation by Dale Hemmenwa
icapa.lha          pix/anim   2.6M   5+An anim of a monkey jumping on an IC.   
inexp.lha          pix/anim   3.1M   2+"Express" HAM8 animation from Poland
kata.lha           pix/anim   1.1M   5+An anim of a human performing a karate k
LemAnims.lha       pix/anim   156K   3+Four funny looping Lemming animations.
LiquidJupiter.lha  pix/anim   708K   4+A sphere with a changing texture
L_o_t.mpg          pix/anim    82K   4+Space MPEG animation from Poland
MagicPen.mpg       pix/anim   1.2M   4+"Magic Pencil" animation from Poland
MTT_Bilstein.lha   pix/anim   4.3M   6+Quicktime (PeterBilstein) of a Video tak
MTT_Haage.lha      pix/anim   2.8M   6+Quicktime (Hr. Haage) of a Video taken a
MTT_Huber.lha      pix/anim   4.2M   6+Quicktime (ProDAD) of a Video taken at t
MTT_Intro.lha      pix/anim   9.4M   5+Quicktime (Intro Video) shown at the MTT
MTT_Kittel.lha     pix/anim   7.7M   6+Quicktime (Hr. Kittel) of a Video taken 
MTT_Knecht.lha     pix/anim   2.7M   6+Quicktime (Hr. Knecht) of a Video taken 
MTT_Konjevic.lha   pix/anim   8.3M   6+Quicktime (Hr. Konjevic) of a Video take
MTT_Schlote.lha    pix/anim   2.2M   6+Quicktime (Hr. Schlote) of a Video taken
Oldclock.lha       pix/anim   3.2M   3+24 fr./sec. animation from Poland
PacDr.lha          pix/anim   4.1M   4+"Pacman Drama" animation from Poland
Parking.lha        pix/anim   1.5M   5+Small anim of a car parking B/W
Pigxxx.lha         pix/anim   2.1M   4+"Pig XXX" animation from Poland
Porsche.lha        pix/anim   1.4M   6+An anim with a Porsche...Download now :-
sat_dest.mpg       pix/anim   840K   3+MPEG animation from Poland
Scheme3D.lha       pix/anim    66K   4+"Scheme 3D" animation from Poland
Shuttle.lha        pix/anim   388K   3+Space Star-Trek animation from MAKU-BOX.
SpiralDivots.lha   pix/anim   490K   4+An object with changing shape & color
StarTrek.mpg       pix/anim    91K   4+Space-MPEG animation from Poland
sys.lha            pix/anim    25K   3+Anime made with Real3D 3.3
Tanks.lha          pix/anim   273K   6+10.7.96 A tank shooting another tank.
Tanks_Sound.lha    pix/anim   305K   4+Two tanks battling w/sound effects
Warp.lha           pix/anim   670K   3+Anim spacefighter going into warp
WORMS1st.lha       pix/anim   515K   4+"WORMS1st" DVideo animation from Poland
akira.lha          pix/art     21K   3+Picture made with Real3D 3.3
AMIcueRachel.lha   pix/art    116K   5+Rachel changing a lightbulb in AmiCUE
beast.lha          pix/art     33K   3+Picture made by FLYx
corinne.lha        pix/art    425K   3+Picture made by FLYx
dragon.lha         pix/art    425K   3+Picture made by FLYx
fem.lha            pix/art     57K   3+Picture made by FLYx
FishRachel.lha     pix/art     53K   5+Rachel catching Fred Fish disks
flower.lha         pix/art    187K   3+Picture made by FLYx
freewheels.lha     pix/art     98K   2+2D Picture
KarateRachel.lha   pix/art     39K   5+Rachel learning Karate
Ladyslayer.jpg     pix/art    296K   5+Ladyslayer Fantasy art picture
mystik.lha         pix/art     76K   2+Picture made by FLYx
MySTiK_II.lha      pix/art    175K   2+2D Picture
ozyguy.lha         pix/art     23K   3+Picture made by FLYx
prehistoire.lha    pix/art     29K   2+2D Picture
WStar.lha          pix/art     76K   3+Picture made by Helen, using Amiga, a mo
XMasRachel92.lha   pix/art     50K   5+Rachel waiting for Santa
Magnum1WB.lha      pix/back   617K   3+Workbench Background Pictures
Magnum2WB.lha      pix/back   722K   3+Workbench Background Pictures
AmigaLogoBoot.lha  pix/boot    31K   5+A nice bootpic
APX_Boot.lha       pix/boot   2.6M   3+BootPics by mADbART/aPPENDIx
dibujos.lha        pix/boot   308K   6+16 BootPics in Spanish
ShapeShiftPic.lha  pix/boot     8K  65+Excellent Boot Picture for ShapeShifter/
SabHalloween.lha   pix/eric   333K   3+Halloween Picture by Eric Schwartz
SabOnli1.lha       pix/eric   286K   6+Sabrina Online comic strips (GIF format)
SabOnli2.lha       pix/eric   251K   3+Sabrina Online comic strips (GIF format)
64ColorIconsV1.lha pix/icon   401K   4+Icons+ToolManager-Brushes in 64 Colors
AESicons7.lha      pix/icon   151K  36+140 NewIcon Imagedrawers!
cybericons_ins.lha pix/icon    37K   5+Installerscript to cybericons12.lha.
DefGVN.lha         pix/icon    42K   6+Replacement def_icons for MWB users
FBrowse.lha        pix/icon   169K   4+IBrowse futurewatch:the picture
IGfx_NetIcons.lha  pix/icon    45K   5+Large Net icons with IconoGraphix
NewIconsXTRA.lha   pix/icon   444K 103+OFFICIAL NewIcons Image Set (500+icons)
PGS_NIcon.lha      pix/icon     2K   5+PageStream 3.x NewIcon icon
OS40.lha           pix/illu   170K   3+V2.5 of my OS4 pic. (now 8-bit)
bear.lha           pix/misc   153K   5+HAM8 picture of a TeddyBear
EDm1.lha           pix/misc   155K   4+Graphics from the preview of the Evil's 
EDm2.lha           pix/misc   232K   4+Graphics from the preview of the Evil's 
EDm3.lha           pix/misc   256K   4+Graphics from the preview of the Evil's 
Faces.lha          pix/misc   114K   3+Two pictures of my brother
SCTqbist1.lha      pix/misc   1.6M   4+SciTech QBist Pictures Collection 1
ShutdownPic.lha    pix/misc   138K   6+Replacement for Shutdown picture.
Skulls.lha         pix/misc   216K   3+Picture of previev new Skulls slideshow 
SportCars.lha      pix/misc   404K   5+7 Photographs of sportcars by Ari Luukko
Vista_1.jpg        pix/misc   336K   6+VistaPro 3.0 picture
Vista_2.jpg        pix/misc   249K   6+VistaPro 3.0 picture
MagicStartMenu.lha pix/mwb    149K   5+Give StartMenu a MWB look and style! (V2
MWBenvwww.lha      pix/mwb     29K   6+MagicWB ToolBar for GoldED's envwww
MWB_DOpus8c.lha    pix/mwb    370K   3+Opus5.5/ToolManager small 2-frame icons
RabbitIcons17.lha  pix/mwb    281K   4+MagicRabbits ICON collection 17
VTXT_MWBIcons.lha  pix/mwb      9K   2+MagicWB icons for VideoText software
Afinal.lha         pix/real3  486K   3+Anim made by Samyl
afridge.lha        pix/real3   42K   3+Picture made by Samyl
Books.jpg          pix/real3   72K   2+Ray traced image
desert.lha         pix/real3  133K   3+Picture made with Real3D 3.3
eglise.lha         pix/real3   41K   4+Picture made with Real3D 3.3
elite.lha          pix/real3  463K   6+A collection of SF images
frigo.lha          pix/real3   72K   4+Picture made with Real3D 3.3
head.lha           pix/real3   97K   4+Picture made with Real3D 3.3
ljus.jpg           pix/real3  324K   3+My first Rendered Pic. Nice Candle with 
LostCty.jpg        pix/real3  105K   6+At the search of the Lost City
LostCty2.jpg       pix/real3   95K   6+At the search of the Lost City II
midage.lha         pix/real3  259K   6+Two 'middle age' images
place.lha          pix/real3   29K   3+Picture made with Real3D 3.3
teiera.jpg         pix/real3   95K   6+A niced metal Teapot
Toys.jpg           pix/real3   56K   2+A room with some toys.
UnitedColors.jpg   pix/real3   67K   2+Some pencils.
Tile00idx.jpg      pix/textu   56K   3+Tileable textures index
Tile01idx.jpg      pix/textu   45K   3+Tileable textures index
Tile02idx.jpg      pix/textu   57K   3+Tileable textures index
Tile03idx.jpg      pix/textu   55K   3+Tileable textures index
Tile03x.lha        pix/textu  1.3M  29 Tileable textures, 24bit IFF
Tile04idx.jpg      pix/textu   52K   2+Tileable textures index
Tile05idx.jpg      pix/textu   51K   2+Tileable textures index
Tile06idx.jpg      pix/textu   45K   2+Tileable textures index
Tile07idx.jpg      pix/textu   51K   2+Tileable textures index
Tile08idx.jpg      pix/textu   53K   2+Tileable textures index
Tile09idx.jpg      pix/textu   56K   2+Tileable textures index
Tile10idx.jpg      pix/textu   69K   2+Tileable textures index
Tile11idx.jpg      pix/textu   59K   2+Tileable textures index
Tile12idx.jpg      pix/textu   54K   2+Tileable textures index
Tile13idx.jpg      pix/textu   67K   2+Tileable textures index
Tile14idx.jpg      pix/textu   60K   2+Tileable textures index
Tile15idx.jpg      pix/textu   57K   2+Tileable textures index
Tile16idx.jpg      pix/textu   45K   2+Tileable textures index
Tile17idx.jpg      pix/textu   41K   2+Tileable textures index
Tile18idx.jpg      pix/textu   46K   2+Tileable textures index
Tile19idx.jpg      pix/textu   42K   2+Tileable textures index
Tile20idx.jpg      pix/textu   30K   2+Tileable textures index
1701_D_21.jpg      pix/trace   52K   2+Lightwave traced NCC1701-D
apx_ili.lha        pix/trace  260K   5+I love iNTEL! - trace by MadBart/Appendi
APX_PlBio.lha      pix/trace  245K   5+Planet Biohazard - trace by MadBart/Appe
APX_TrY2.lha       pix/trace  280K   5+Trash Yard - trace by MadBart/Appendix
both_goblins.jpg   pix/trace  110K   4+Raytrace of goblin like creatures    
Carpe_Tempus.jpg   pix/trace   88K   5+Great ray-traced picture!
DontFall.jpg       pix/trace   51K   5+A guy waterskiing. with a twist :)     
lens.jpg           pix/trace   42K   3+Lenseffeckt with ImageFX
lupa.jpg           pix/trace  126K   4+"Lupa" trace pix. from Poland
MM_Probe.lha       pix/trace  314K   2+LW3.5 render of Space Probe.
network.jpg        pix/trace   32K   3+Handcard picture
PalaceLW.jpg       pix/trace  251K   5+Created with Lightwave
p_man.jpg          pix/trace  261K   4+"Pacman :)" trace pix. from Poland
read.jpg           pix/trace  173K   5+Cinema4D rendered picture
Read2.jpg          pix/trace  169K   4+Cinema4D rendered picture
stormvision.lha    pix/trace  673K   5+Rendered images of Dophins and Phones ;-
TheSmugglers.jpg   pix/trace  262K   4+"Smugglers" JPEG picture from Poland
towercity.lha      pix/trace  516K   4+"Tower City XXII" trace pix. from Poland
t_egypt.jpg        pix/trace   29K   5+An anim of a human performing a karate k
t_real.jpg         pix/trace   55K   5+A picture of an amiga and a monitor.    
wasser.jpg         pix/trace   65K   3+A great Amiga picture
windol95.jpg       pix/trace  268K   4+"WINdol'95" trace pix. from Poland
alive.jpg          pix/unrl    86K   3+'It's alive!' image by UnreaL
amigawater.jpg     pix/unrl    64K   3+'Amiga Water' image by UnreaL
BadMF.lha          pix/unrl   2.1M   3+'BadMF' animation by UnreaL
C_Cracks.lha       pix/unrl   426K   3+'C-Cracks' animation by UnreaL
Diamond.lha        pix/unrl   668K   3+'Diamond' animation by UnreaL
escher.jpg         pix/unrl    73K   3+'Escher' image by UnreaL
Flight.lha         pix/unrl    12M   3+'Flight' animation by UnreaL
Flower.lha         pix/unrl   5.7M   3+'Flower' animation by UnreaL
flowers.jpg        pix/unrl   108K   3+'Flowers' image by UnreaL
goldhand.jpg       pix/unrl    96K   3+'Gold hand' image by UnreaL
Intro.lha          pix/unrl   3.1M   3+'Intro' animation by UnreaL
kandk.jpg          pix/unrl    92K   3+'K&K' image by UnreaL
keyboard.jpg       pix/unrl    81K   3+'Keyboard' image by UnreaL
k_k.jpg            pix/unrl    92K   3+'K&K' image by UnreaL
lamp.jpg           pix/unrl    73K   3+'Lamp' image by UnreaL
mandelesque.jpg    pix/unrl    95K   3+'Mandelesque' image by UnreaL
Mandel_a.lha       pix/unrl   2.5M   3+'Mandelesque' animation by UnreaL
Orange.lha         pix/unrl   956K   3+'Orange' animation by UnreaL
Paperplane.lha     pix/unrl   314K   3+'Paper plane' animation by UnreaL
Pendulum.lha       pix/unrl   348K   3+'Pendulum' animation by UnreaL
Pool.lha           pix/unrl   2.5M   3+'Pool' animation by UnreaL
room.jpg           pix/unrl   132K   3+'Room' image by UnreaL
skier.jpg          pix/unrl    94K   3+'Skier' image by UnreaL
Skier_a.lha        pix/unrl   1.3M   3+'Skier' animation by UnreaL
Star.lha           pix/unrl   2.3M   3+'Star' animation by UnreaL
TheLamp.lha        pix/unrl   3.3M   3+'Lamp' animation by UnreaL
UnreaL.jpg         pix/unrl    20K   3+This really is UnreaL
winsmoke.jpg       pix/unrl   128K   3+'Windows Smoke' image by UnreaL
SuzukiSA310.lha    pix/vehic  835K   4+Pictures of an amazing car
VW_Polo.lha        pix/vehic   40K   3+VW-Polo im JPEG-Format
Palma.lha          pix/views  103K   4+Some images from Palma del Rio (Cordoba)
Sierra.jpg         pix/views   70K   4+423x288 picture of the Sierra del Carmen
AmistationWB.lha   pix/wb     392K   4+2 Screengrabs of my CyberGFX Workbench 1
ClutteredWB1.lha   pix/wb      73K   2+A REALLY cluttered WB! :^)
FermixWB.lha       pix/wb      40K   4+My WorkBench!
FlipperWBPic.lha   pix/wb     107K   2+My Workbench screen without GFXcard
GuruWB.lha         pix/wb     464K   4+Snapshots of Guru's WB and Shapeshifter
GVNWB.gif          pix/wb      56K   6+A snapshot of Girish Nath's WB
gwath_mywb.lha     pix/wb      86K   3+IFF picture of Gwath's WB!
HeitmansWB.lha     pix/wb     543K   4+Three screen grabs of my WorkBench.
luboswb.lha        pix/wb     126K   3+My new Workbench
mid_bench.jpg      pix/wb     311K   2+Midnight's Workbench (961101)
MySirenWB2.lha     pix/wb     121K   6+My 680x269 256 colors "Boris" WB! ;^)
Nicos_WB.lha       pix/wb      83K   3+Workbench-Grab without any GFX-Card
sLAShWB.lha        pix/wb     380K   5+SLASh WB opened on 1024x768x24bit screen
vEGA_NI.lha        pix/wb      98K   4+VEGA's Newicons Wb!
wbshoot.lha        pix/wb      51K   4+Missed photo of my  WorckBench Screen !
WBShots96.lha      pix/wb     1.3M   4+6 WB-Shots in 1024x768x256
SIconFont.lha      text/bfont   2K   5+Very small 8pt prop. font for icons.
SiechuCake.lha     text/bfont  28K   3+Color font NOT for hungry people
FontCatalog100.lha text/dtp     5K   3+PGS3 arexx script - view all fonts
fontlist.lha       text/dtp     6K   3+Make fontlist in PageStream 3.1+, V1.1
PicCatalog209.lha  text/dtp     8K   3+PGS3 arexx script - view all pics in dir
guideformat.lha    text/edit   14K   6+Format AmigaGuide texts.
JIWA30.lha         text/edit  594K   4+Japanese texts editor V3.0
JIWAUpd1.lha       text/edit  164K   4+Japanese texts editor V3.0b UPDATE
JIWAUpd3.lha       text/edit  171K   3+Japanese texts editor V3.0b UPDATE
Luminus10.lha      text/edit  679K   4+NEW!  ANSI editor.  V1.0  Feature-packed
proged22.lha       text/edit  571K   3+Powerful Text editor - Better than GoldE
vim45bin.lha       text/edit  567K   5+Vim, Vi IMproved, text editor, bin+docs
vim45src.lha       text/edit  762K   5+Vim, Vi IMproved, text editor, sources
alive4.lha         text/font  176K   3+ALIVE 4 runes for LaTeX
AmiPL2PC_3.lha     text/font   13K   3+Polish fonts converter. OS2+. V3.00
ATEbeta5b.lha      text/font  180K   5+My answer to Adobe Type Manager(tm)
md_syfont.lha      text/font    6K   5+A replacement font for Topaz 8
tny_font.lha       text/font    5K   2+Tiny (5pt - 7pt high) proportional font
VTXT_Font_K8.lha   text/font    5K   4+Font usable with Videotext in Czech and 
Webcleaner.lha     text/font   52K   4+V2: Bitmap fonts for Amiga Web browsers.
html_text.lha      text/misc   24K   3+Convert .html files to plain text
newspeak.lha       text/misc   76K   3+English to NewSpeak filter
shh_wdma.lha       text/misc  168K   5+Wordmania 1.0 - an extensive anagram fin
WWTabManager.lha   text/misc   12K   6+V1.5 edit row/column size of WordWorth t
fixpost.lha        text/print   2K   6+Fix for HWGPOST "POST"-Ifffiles!
hp_dj600.lha       text/print  16K   5+HP Deskjet600 printer driver V1.0
stardriv.lha       text/print 282K   6+Official drivers for Star printers.
StudioAppDriv3.lha text/print 633K   6+Studio V2.13 Update, PageStream 3.x and 
evenmore031.lha    text/show   12K   3+Font sensitive text viewer (BETA)
MultiRead.lha      text/show    9K   5+FinalWriter/ProWrite files -> ASCII
Teller.lha         text/show   14K   3+Shows for expl. Phone-Numbers on WB
Vinci24_Nor.lha    text/show   11K   2+Norwegian catalog for Vinci v2.4
VPI.lha            text/show   35K   6+Product-Info files viewer with MUI.
apprepla.lha       util/app    35K   3+Replacing icons with a new one using an 
binhex372.lha      util/arc    11K   4+BinHex 4.0 (HQX7) encoder/decoder
GNUtar13.lha       util/arc   403K  25+GNUTar 1.11.2, Amiga V1.3 (68000/030), p
iblha.lha          util/arc     1K   4+Simple AmigaDOS Script that converts lzx
iblzx.lha          util/arc     1K   4+Simple AmigaDOS Script that converts lha
lzx121.lha         util/arc   161K  36+The Ultimate Archiver V1.21 Fixes/+Speed
msdos_lha.exe      util/arc    64K   3+LhA archiver 2.55 for MSDOS. Check .read
unsit_1_5c2.lzh    util/arc    44K 208 Un-archiver StuffIt .SIT files (Mac)
Unzip512x.lha      util/arc    97K  59+UnZip 5.12, Info-Zip Portable Un-zipper
uude.lha           util/arc    11K   4+Uuencoded file filter
uuhxgui121.lha     util/arc    12K   6+GUI for UUhx
XPKInterface17.lha util/arc    53K   6+Nice GUI for the XPK-packer-libraries
centre.lha         util/batch   1K   5+Centre strings on a line
r.lha              util/batch   2K   5+Util to reboot comp with/without confirm
random.lha         util/batch   3K   5+Output a random number for use in script
ShellDemo.lha      util/batch   2K   3+Classic demo in pure shell !
BlitzBlank260.lha  util/blank 641K  78+The ultimate screen blanker! (MUI)
B_Decay.lha        util/blank   6K   3+Decay - Pixel-loss blanker for BServer 1
B_Wrecked.lha      util/blank   7K   3+Wrecked - Rectangular blanker for BServe
BangerMenu33.lha   util/boot   84K   5+Startmenu activate CAPSLock,gfxboard-sup
CpuControl106.lha  util/boot   31K   5+MMU based softkicker; replaces CPU comma
DarkSound.lha      util/boot   51K   4+V2.5 Changes Workbench Sounds each boot.
fastblt.lha        util/boot    3K   5+Speed up blitter-wait operations.
FastIPrefs4028.lha util/boot   31K  18+FastIPrefs 40.28 & FastWBPattern 40.06
ffm.lha            util/boot    2K   4+For ANYONE without FastMem (includes boo
Guardhoundfix.lha  util/boot    8K   5+/dev/watchdog like functionality (fixed)
iconwin01.lha      util/boot    3K   3+Iconifies *any* window!
MemPatch.lha       util/boot    3K   4+Monitors memory allocations. Source.
remcards.lha       util/boot    2K   5+Removes PCMCIA stuff from system.
SIW.lha            util/boot   59K   6+V2: Watch/remote ctrl a scr in a win.
StartBar.lha       util/boot   31K   6+Toolbar to launch applications from WB
StartSelect.lha    util/boot   27K   3+Nice way to execute differents Startup-S
StartupCtrl1_1.lha util/boot   11K   2+Provides more & easy control to startup 
UnixDirs3.lha      util/boot   16K   5+AmigaDOS improver. V1.2
BigBrother_1_2.lha util/cdity   9K   5+MouseMeter+Blanker+Activate+.... V1.2
centerwin27src.lha util/cdity  12K   6+SAS/C Source for CenterWIN
center_win_usr.lha util/cdity   7K   6+Center/Zip active window by hotkey
Clipper.lha        util/cdity  44K   6+Multi-clipboard support for all programs
CxBar.lha          util/cdity  69K   6+A 1-line/row virtgrp ExchangeClone(MUI)
director16.lha     util/cdity  77K   6+SUPER cdity, Records mouse/keyboard inpu
MagicMenu_1_29.lha util/cdity 106K 156+PopUp menus for OS 2.x and newer
Magic_Exchange.lha util/cdity  16K   5+Exchange Clone
MCP121.lha         util/cdity 574K  13+MINOR UPDATE! The mother of the WB-Utils
MCXP321.lha        util/cdity 106K   5+MUI Preferences for MultiCX
ModePro4_15b.lha   util/cdity  75K   4+Screenmode promotion utility. V4.15
NewMode_39Ital.lha util/cdity   6K   4+Italian Catalog for NewMode 3.9
Opaque2_0.lha      util/cdity 155K   5+Opaque window commodity v2.0 (MUI)
PatchCX.lha        util/cdity  35K   6+A support cmdty for the patch.library.
ShutAll.lha        util/cdity 118K   3+Beautiful safe reboot/switch off Commodi
smartwin_src.lha   util/cdity  19K   4+SAS/C Source for SmartWIN
smart_win_usr.lha  util/cdity   7K   4+Always SmartRefreshed windows
TruePub.lha        util/cdity  14K   5+Public screen promoter. V1.3
wc37_53.lha        util/cdity  67K   5+WinCommodity v37.53, minor update
DirSize.lha        util/cli    22K   3+Calculate sizes of directories v1.6
promptpath.lha     util/cli     1K   3+Shortens shellprompts in a sensible way
PubS.lha           util/cli     3K   3+Gives you information about screens
ShellUtils.lha     util/cli    27K   6+9 handy ShellUtils. Asm sources included
Splitter.lha       util/cli    10K   5+Splits / rejoins large files
SPosSource.lha     util/cli     3K   3+Get the WBScreen X,Y pos. Source in asm.
WBTools.lha        util/cli     2K   5+WBOpen WBClose WBToFront WBToBack
dbf2asc2.lha       util/conv  107K   4+Converts dBASE files to sequential files
dechex.lha         util/conv   11K   4+Very nice dec <-> hex converter.
FileConv.lha       util/conv   61K   5+Converts PC Text Files <-> Amiga
Raw2Ent.lha        util/conv    8K   2+ASCII-Text -> Entity-Codes [1.2]
shtml.lha          util/conv   17K   5+.html to .txt converter.
AmyTree16.lha      util/dir   107K   3+Graphics Tree FileSystem Browser for CD 
akJFIF43x.lha      util/dtype  57K   2+AkJFIF.datatype V43.10 (JPEG)
akPNG43x.lha       util/dtype  47K   2+AkPNG.datatype V43.1 (PNG)
BMPdt405.lha       util/dtype  19K  30+Bmp picture datatype v40.5 for >= OS 3.0
DecompressorDT.lha util/dtype  13K   3+Datatype for multiformat compressed file
Dirdatatype016.lha util/dtype  43K   4+Directory datatype V1.6
DTypeGuide.lha     util/dtype   7K   4+Guide of datatypes 
IconDT402.lha      util/dtype  26K   4+Icon.datatype V40.2
JpegDataType.lha   util/dtype  28K 169+A JPEG datatype, 3.0+ and '020+ required
Markabletextdt.lha util/dtype  16K   4+Text.datatype mark patch. V1.2
Mpegvideodtc.lha   util/dtype  35K   2+MPEG video datatype V1.2
NewIconDT.lha      util/dtype  18K   3+DT for 'NewIcon' icons.Can convert 2 IFF
Paranimdtcpatc.lha util/dtype  12K   4+Animation.datatype patch for parallel ac
picdt_42_1.lha     util/dtype  10K 151 C= Dataypes for Windows Icons, .BMP, Mac
PictDT43.lha       util/dtype 260K  17+Picture.datatype V43.753 for AGA/CGraphX
png_dt.lha         util/dtype  79K  50+PNG DataType (68000/020) v. 43.2 + docs
PostScriptDT.lha   util/dtype   4K 114+PostScript DataType V39.0
SoundDT.lha        util/dtype   8K   3+New sound.datatype w/fixes for OS3.0
SVGDT431.lha       util/dtype  42K   4+SVG.datatype V43.1 - SVG Graphics File F
targadtype.lha     util/dtype  20K  38+Datatype for Targa or TGA images, V 43.0
ZGIFDT39_18.lha    util/dtype   7K  33+The FASTEST gif.datatype there is.
ZX_DataType.lha    util/dtype  36K   5+ZX Spectrum picture datatype V39.1
boards27.lha       util/libs   19K   6+Boards.library V 2.7 - 300 Expansion boa
DFunc38_7.lha      util/libs   84K   3+Multipurpose library, GUI/TXT/GFX/DISC +
Identify40.lha     util/libs   70K   4+Expansions, Hardware, Alerts, Functions 
LibGuide.lha       util/libs   86K   3+Biggest Guide of Amiga shared libraries 
mui36loc.lha       util/libs  109K   3+13! translations for MUI 3.6 (5th editio
mui36usr.lha       util/libs  920K  13+MagicUserInterface 3.6, user files
queue.lzh          util/libs   28K   6+Message queue library
shutdown.lzh       util/libs   44K   3+Shutdown command
afind.lha          util/misc  118K   5+Fast AminetCD search utility V1.59
CookieMonster.lha  util/misc   16K   5+Fortune Cookie/Random picture program
Cookies.lha        util/misc   54K   4+Fortune cookies with Reqtools interface
cookietool.lha     util/misc   28K   6+Clean up & reformat your fortunes, V1.3
Executive.lha      util/misc  822K   2+UNIX-like process scheduler (V2.00)
getmodeinfo20u.lha util/misc    4K   6+Get info about given screen mode
Installer_43_3.lha util/misc  104K  27+Amiga Technologies V43.3 Installer dev. 
morse.lha          util/misc   11K   6+Morse coder/decoder, v1.2 
NewPubScreen.lha   util/misc    5K   4+V1.4 Open your own public screens
PatchSetFunc.lha   util/misc   19K   4+Redirect SetFunction() to patch.library 
payadvice.lha      util/misc   95K   5+Wages database program, V1.1
reb_hun.lha        util/misc    1K   4+Hungarian catalog for Reboot 
recentif.lha       util/misc   11K   3+Powerfull Aminet Index creator 
Road_inside.lha    util/misc   75K   3+PCB Board By DJthunder
TotoPrint20.lha    util/misc   49K   3+Printing utility for italian Totocalcio 
VMM_V3_3a.lha      util/misc  307K  17+Virtual memory for Amigas with MMU
3000AIBB.lha       util/moni    2K   5+AIBB modules from a 3000 running Warp 30
AmigaLoad.lha      util/moni   32K   5+Display CPU-Load and Mem on a Moving Coi
BlitzIO.lha        util/moni   26K   5+I/O monitor to check Joystick/Keyboard e
lcdcpu.lha         util/moni    8K   3+SGI-ish CPU-monitor for Executive and LC
mem1_5.lha         util/moni   11K   3+Memory viewer/editor with search functio
SCSIBench.lha      util/moni  150K   5+Graphical speed test for SCSI devices
SSpd151.lha        util/moni  335K   5+SysSpeed V 1.51 - THE Speedtester ..some
SysLog.lha         util/moni   87K   3+Port of NetBSD syslog software (V1.20)
Pacshell05.lha     util/pack  153K   2+Packer Shell with Intuition Interface 
UnSquish.lha       util/pack   48K   4+Decompresser with GUI
adcom.lha          util/rexx    2K   3+Adds filenotes to files from RECENT v1.0
addressee.lha      util/rexx    4K   4+ARexx macros for envelopes and letter he
CEDMakeReadme.lha  util/rexx    1K   3+CED Arexx script to make README files
CheckArcs.lha      util/rexx    1K   5+Arexx Script Update For VirusZ
Gui_Coder.lha      util/rexx   14K   4+Message Encoder/Decoder
LoadLHA_ifx.lha    util/rexx    1K   5+ImageFX arexx scripts to load LHA pix.
PadLock41.lha      util/rexx    5K   6+Arexx script to Lock Hard Drives.
pcd_overview.lha   util/rexx    2K   5+ImageFX arexx to make  PhotoCD Overview
RexxMathLib.lha    util/rexx   19K   4+Faster & shorter math support for ARexx
tcalc_stats.lha    util/rexx   52K   2+TurboCalc3.5 ARexx Macros Statistical An
wac104.lha         util/rexx   11K   2+WAC (What?! Another Calendar?!)
Ww5_HTML_Help.lha  util/rexx    3K   2+WordWorth 5 Arexx HTML Helper
argue13.lha        util/sys   174K   4+Allows a user to create a MUI GUI for *A
argue13a.lha       util/sys    20K   4+Bugfix containing the Argue 1.3a executa
fsearch.lha        util/sys     4K   4+Ultra fast text search utility v1.4
Make060.lha        util/sys     2K   2+Set AFF_68060 flag in ExecBase
NewDate2.lha       util/sys    12K   6+*UPDATED* System date command.
RCS.lha            util/sys     7K   6+Random Workbench Border Colour on 2.0+ m
SerialPrefs21.lha  util/sys    49K   4+V2.1 - Extended Serial Preferences for W
Shining_3_08.lha   util/sys    27K   5+FRENCH Ephemerides + Birthday V3.08
stringer.lha       util/sys    30K   3+Powerful Search/Replace tool V2.0
ToolTypeEditor.lha util/sys    83K   5+Interface to edit icon tooltypes.  V1.3
VersionWB.lha      util/sys    22K   3+V2.00 AmigaDos Version replacement.
DCF77.lha          util/time  356K   2+Radio clock receiver - New generation!
EZCron.lha         util/time   58K   5+V1.72 of UN*X like Cron with E-Z to use 
HBD2550.lha        util/time   50K   6+Update 2550 of the TimeCalc v1.0 HistoBa
Mayland.lha        util/time  114K   6+A very powerful Calender & Reminder prog
REMDATEv2_22.lha   util/time  277K  22+Best personal organiser for all Amigas, 
REMDATE_Sup97.lha  util/time   15K   2+1997 Supplement file for REMDATE
Remind_EHP.lha     util/time   84K   4+Reminder & taskscheduler
SamClock.lha       util/time   51K   4+A Superb Workbench Clock 
AntiBeol_1_1.lha   util/virus   5K   4+Mem viruskiller for the new Packetviruse
CheckArc1_10.lha   util/virus  11K   3+This script scans RECURSIVELY your archi
CheckFile210.lha   util/virus  20K   5+Virus Check Arc's & Exe's For Viruses (B
trsivw63.lha       util/virus 614K   6 V6.3 of the AMIGA Viruskiller by M.Schma
VirusZ_II135.lha   util/virus 183K   5+VirusZ v1.35 by Georg Hoermann
Xtruder32.lha      util/virus 337K   3+Virus killer with extensive checking cap
Allocator.lha      util/wb     48K   3+Allocator v3.0 Small util for allocate m
CDeject.lha        util/wb      1K   5+Batch File To OPEN & CLOSE CD ROM
CloseWbPatch.lzh   util/wb     20K   2+Asks user before closing the wb.  V1.1
Copper_Demon.lha   util/wb     16K   4+Copper-rainbows on ALL pubscreens. V3.0
CyberShutDown.lha  util/wb    124K   6+ShutDown Program for use with StartMenu 
fetchit.lha        util/wb      5K   5+A drag'n'drop based dock manager
finderv2.lha       util/wb     45K   3+Fast, efficient File finder with GUI 
findit.lha         util/wb      5K   6+Another finding utility 
IKludge1_1.lha     util/wb      6K   3+IconKludge is a little program to remove
IMorse.lha         util/wb     12K   4+Morse program with GUI
IntuiJoin.lha      util/wb      9K   4+Join program with GUI, to use with Intui
IntuiSplit.lha     util/wb      9K   4+Split program with GUI
ISplitnJoin.lha    util/wb      9K   3+Split & Join program with GUI (ofcourse)
kcontroller1.lha   util/wb     29K   2+Intui-tool with a Win95 style Taskbar! 
Monitorkiller.lha  util/wb     34K   2+Very powerful monitor utility
mrjEyes.lha        util/wb     89K   3+V2.01 of highly configurable xeyes clone
mrjQuote.lha       util/wb    199K   3+V2.30 : random quote/signature generator
muBackdrop10.lha   util/wb     37K  81+MultiUser Workbench backdrop icons
NewIcons31upd.lha  util/wb     11K  12+Minor update for NewIconsV3.
NickPrefs.lha      util/wb     31K 224+Enhancement to IPrefs for WbPicture etc
PictureMenu_v2.lha util/wb    128K   5+Add anim-pictures to WB menu (MagicWB-st
pointers.lha       util/wb      3K  95+Two presets for the pointer to be used w
QDisk_v213.lha     util/wb     33K   2+Monitor Drive Space Usage From WB.
QLib_v109.lha      util/wb     36K   5+Show Ver/Rev of DTypes,Classes,Libs Etc.
RealIcons.lha      util/wb      6K   3+(V0.14) A system patch for better icons!
repicon11.lha      util/wb     11K   5+Replaces icon-images v1.1
RepIconII.lha      util/wb     13K   2+Replaces icon-images, uses MUI now
Rods_DefIcons1.lha util/wb     11K   5+Additional filetypes for the NewIcons pa
RunBar30.lha       util/wb     74K   3+RunBar - NEW VERSION, MAJOR UPDATE
StartMenu2.lha     util/wb    308K  23+The one TRUE Win95 Taskbar clone!
Super72NEW.lha     util/wb     19K   4+Super72 driver to 1940/1942 monitors.
SwazInfo18b.lha    util/wb     73K  74+Patches workbench icon information
SystemPrefs37.lha  util/wb    108K  29+Preferences for CPU (up to 68060) and RA
taskba61.lha       util/wb     70K   4+Win95 style taskbar v6.1 (Minor update)
Trashman.lha       util/wb     53K   4+The best trashcan manager. (v1.1)
TrashmnNorsk.lha   util/wb      4K   3+Norsk catalog for Trashman v1.1
Win95.lha          util/wb      6K  36+A Win95 taskbar Look-A-Like
WinTool.lha        util/wb      8K   4+Gives you information about any window