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|     Aminet CD 30
|     Aminet CD 30 contains close to 1 gigabyte of freely distributable 
|     software. The newest archive included is from Mar 1st. This CD is
|     completely filled with new material, there was no room for anything
|     else. The contents are (after decompression):
|     960M of software newer than Aminet CD 29, consisting of:
|     250 Pictures/Anims
|     200 Utilities
|     200 Games
|     200 Mods
|     700 Files of other categories
|     The commercial highlight of the CD is the 3D shooter Gloom 3.
| Local files at Aminet CD 30 on 4-Mar-99
| Sorted by directory and file name. Age in weeks.
| A wide version of this file can be found in info/index/
|File              Dir        Size Age Description
|----------------- ---        ---- --- -----------
AExplor_Update.lha biz/cloan   62K   3+Free update to AExplorer 3.01
pio_cel.lha        biz/cloan    5K   8+I/O lib: loads/saves kiss CEL files
pio_cel_src.lha    biz/cloan   10K   8+Personal_cel_io.library source
AvgObjectSize.lha  biz/dbase    3K   2+FinalCalc report from MiniSQL in ARexx
CDDateiKey.lha     biz/dbase    1K   8+Free Keyfile for CD-Datei
datagi21.lha       biz/dbase  607K   8+Powerful database (only italian version)
DBFtoMUIbase.lha   biz/dbase   13K   2+Converts DBF file to MUIbase import file
DefectForm.lha     biz/dbase    4K   2+MiniSQL defect form editor in ARexx
Dohodnina98.lha    biz/dbase    8K   1+Calculates income tax in Slovenia
Fiasco_NL_Cat.lha  biz/dbase   27K   4+Fiasco 2.21 Dutch catalogs
FLeagues.lha       biz/dbase  127K   1+Football Database For 100 Leagues (v2.2)
Football.lha       biz/dbase  165K   4+Setup leagues/cups then manipulate the s
gkartei6.1.lha     biz/dbase  208K   1+Powerful and easy database.
HomeCINEMA.lha     biz/dbase   91K   2+V1.20 - THE German Video Database
ligamanager.lha    biz/dbase  369K   0+German database for sport leagues V3.2
msql-207-nse.lha   biz/dbase  377K   1+MiniSQL Database engine - nse
msql-207-upd.lha   biz/dbase   82K   1+MiniSQL Database engine - update
msql-207-wse.lha   biz/dbase  389K   1+MiniSQL Database engine - wse
MsqlLib.lha        biz/dbase  102K   1+Access mSQL database with a shared libra
MTRechIII_1_05.lha biz/dbase  1.2M   2+MT-RechnungIII Invoice program V1.05
PDSUtil.lha        biz/dbase   33K   2+Amigaguide Filemanager for pdsoft utils2
Regist_V1_4.lha    biz/dbase   59K   0+Benutzerverwaltung fuer Programierer (ge
Scion508.lha       biz/dbase  707K   1+Genealogy database manager (V5.08)
ScionExtras.lha    biz/dbase  122K   1+Scion Genealogist support programs
StarBase.lha       biz/dbase  100K   0+Star Trek Episodes Database (v2.7)
CycasPictures2.lha biz/demo   126K   7+CYCAS Architecture Design, rendered Imag
eTeacherBoot.lha   biz/demo    70K   2+ETeacher 5 bootlogo for CGFX system
eTeacherDemo.lha   biz/demo   3.1M   3+5.20 - Multimedia English tutor (incl. s
GolemBetaDemo.lha  biz/demo   181K   1+0.75 - Business soft for firms (PL only)
PayrollPlusDem.lha biz/demo   681K   3+Payroll Program for the Amiga.
Rachunki_VAT.lha   biz/demo    83K   1+Demo of Polish business program, v3.15
STFaxProDemo.lha   biz/demo   982K   6+STFax Professional Demo (Fax/Voice packa
wf7_fold.lha       biz/demo    20K   8+Wildfire7\PPC - Folding Effect Sessions
wf7_mwave.lha      biz/demo     3K   7+Wildfire7\PPC - Magnet + Wave MPEG Sessi
CutNPaste32.lha    biz/dopus   17K   7+Adds Cut'n'Paste to DOpus5.5+ (multi-fil
DO5-iMac-Theme.lha biz/dopus  549K   8+IMac Theme for DirOpus Mag II
FirstSel.lha       biz/dopus    5K   4+2 Arexx-scripts, result is 1st selected 
HTTPlister.lha     biz/dopus   25K   8+View AMINET RECENT in lister +download f
LCARS-Theme.lha    biz/dopus  825K   5+StarTrek TNG LCARS Theme for DirOpus Mag
RandomPattern.lha  biz/dopus    9K   3+Random Backdrops Picture with DirOpus
SoundOpus.lha      biz/dopus    8K   7+The ultimate Dopus soundplaying solution
ViewToolRexx.lha   biz/dopus    4K   1+ViewTool ARexx-Script for DOpus5
AE26-czech.lha     biz/haage   11K   4+ArtEffect 2.6 - Czech locale
AE26-dansk.lha     biz/haage   10K   5+ArtEffect 2.6 - Dansk locale
AE26-deutsch.lha   biz/haage   11K   3+BUG FIX! ArtEffect 2.6 - Deutsch locale 
AE26-espanol.lha   biz/haage   11K   4+ArtEffect 2.6 - Espanol locale
AE26-francais.lha  biz/haage   11K   4+ArtEffect 2.6 - Francais locale
AE26-italiano.lha  biz/haage   15K   4+ArtEffect 2.6 - Italiano locale
AE26-magyar.lha    biz/haage   11K   4+ArtEffect 2.6 - Magyar locale
AE26-norsk.lha     biz/haage   10K   4+ArtEffect 2.6 - Norsk locale
AE26-polski.lha    biz/haage   45K   4+ArtEffect 2.6 - Polski locale
AE26-portugues.lha biz/haage   11K   4+ArtEffect 2.6 - Portugues locale
AE26-turkce.lha    biz/haage   10K   4+ArtEffect 2.6 - Turkce locale
AW120-czech.lha    biz/haage   11K   4+AmigaWriter 1.20 - Czech locale
AW120-dansk.lha    biz/haage   10K   4+AmigaWriter 1.20 - Dansk locale
AW120-deutsch.lha  biz/haage   11K   4+AmigaWriter 1.20 - Deutsch locale
AW120-italiano.lha biz/haage   11K   4+AmigaWriter 1.20 - Italiano locale
AW120-magyar.lha   biz/haage   11K   4+AmigaWriter 1.20 - Magyar locale
AW120-norsk.lha    biz/haage   10K   4+AmigaWriter 1.20 - Norsk locale
AW120-turkce.lha   biz/haage   10K   4+AmigaWriter 1.20 - Turkce locale
GameDev-Guide.lha  biz/haage   81K   5+Guide about game development for PowerPC
WarpUP_V31.lha     biz/haage  1.4M   5+WarpUP Release 3.1
Calendar1999.lha   biz/misc     3K   6+Calendar of 1999 created whit TurboCalc
Calendario1999.lha biz/misc     3K   6+Italian Calendar of 1999 created whit TC
MoneyManager10.lha biz/misc    83K   2+A very nice and free accounting program
TapeLabel.lha      biz/misc     4K   4+Label tape created with Wordworth
CygnusEd_4_Upd.lha biz/patch  301K   5+Update Patch for CygnusEd 4 (to 4.17)
eTeacherDE-Upd.lha biz/patch   17K   2+Update of Grammar handbook for German us
PGSUniFilter14.lha biz/patch  245K   4+V1.4 PageStream V3.x/V4.x Gfx Import Fil
STFaxPrt.lha       biz/patch    8K   5+Latest printer driver for STFax
WWPatch.lha        biz/patch    4K   4+WW7 patch to speed up the spell checker
FCTax_Canada.lha   biz/swood   13K   2+Canadian 1998 Tax Return for FinalCalc
fwml9812.lha       biz/swood   18K   8+Messages about FW during December 1998
fwml9901.lha       biz/swood   14K   4+Messages about FW during January 1999
FWTabTools.lha     biz/swood   30K   2+Macros for FinalWriter- Tables ( Docs Ge
blackjack.lha      comm/bbs    22K   4+BlackJack (17+4) Onlinespiel f r alle Ma
fmt12.lha          comm/bbs    33K   2+Multi-Top V1.2 - Bull Creator for FAME
IND-FD25.lha       comm/bbs    17K   7+File list downloader V2.5 for DayDream
compulist21.lha    comm/cnet   22K   6+A nice BBS lister for CNet v3.05c and 4.
netsec13.lha       comm/cnet    6K   6+Replacement for network aliasing offered
safecracker.lha    comm/cnet    8K   1+SafeCracker V1.1 A simple/fun door game 
BlackIRC.lha       comm/irc   374K   1+V1.0: NEW IRC-Client for AmigaOS, many e
GetMODinfo.lha     comm/irc     3K   2+Displays module info from Hippoplayer/De
HDSearch.lha       comm/irc     6K   6+3.0 AmIRC/HardDrive File Finder & Sender
KuangEleven25.lha  comm/irc    46K   8+3.0 Gamma(25) UPDATE Requires Gamma(17)
KuangEleven3Gm.lha comm/irc   396K   8+3.0 Gamma(17) The ULTIMATE AmIRC2 AddOn
Log2Html.lha       comm/irc    17K   1+V0.92 AmIrc log to Html converter
NetStat2AmIRC.lha  comm/irc     2K   1+Shows MiamiNetStat output within AmIRC.
Online-O-Meter.lha comm/irc     2K   1+Shows time you have been online within A
soundamirx.lha     comm/irc     2K   3+Sound AmIRX Script For AmIRC/WildIRC
XdccGet.lha        comm/irc    67K   4+The fastest GUI for XDCC Requesting v3.5
AmiURLRequest.lha  comm/mail   12K   6+Get any www file with email
CCN_Chartreuse.lha comm/mail   11K   4+Automatic emails downloading with Yam an
CCN_Vercors.lha    comm/mail   10K   4+Write message with Yam from IBrowse.
Chamechaude.lha    comm/mail   18K   4+Download emails every 'n' minutes
Filter15a.lzh      comm/mail  144K   6+Filters email by configurable headers (1
fromged-1.lha      comm/mail    1K   2+Add "From:" field to email
GetMailWD.lha      comm/mail    8K   0+FlashMail script for Miami&Yam - v1.4
Hurl.lha           comm/mail   24K   1+The Ultimate URL integrator for TCP Clie
iris.lha           comm/mail  277K   3+Email client (SMTP/POP3) V1.8
IrisUpdate.lha     comm/mail   43K   3+Update Iris V1.7 to V1.8
liststats.lha      comm/mail   62K   8+Mailing list stats tracker BUGFIX
ML-Support.lha     comm/mail   59K   3+Tool to manage MLs, 1.5, MUI, incl. Sour
NI4YAM.lha         comm/mail   81K   8+GFX for Yam 2.0 in NewIcon style
Re_xx.lha          comm/mail    5K   1+Re[xx]: again in YAM 2.0!
SupertagsYAM.lha   comm/mail  1.0M   6+49736 .taglines for YAM2
YAM13_5.lha        comm/mail  512K   7+MUI Internet mailer V1.3.5
YAM20p6_HU.lha     comm/mail   42K   0+Unofficial hungarian YAM2.06 translation
YAM2AmIRC.lha      comm/mail   13K   0+V2.12. Outputs new mail info from YAM to
yam2html.lha       comm/mail   19K   5+View HTML with YAM
YamExp21_HU.lha    comm/mail    3K   1+Hungarian catalog for YamExpansion v2.1
yamexpansion.lha   comm/mail  129K   0+V2.2 handles recent emails with YAM 2.0 
yamexpDEU.lha      comm/mail    3K   5+Deutsch catalog file for YamExpansion v2
yamexpNOR.lha      comm/mail    3K   5+Norwegian catalog file for YamExpansion 
YamExp_HU.lha      comm/mail    4K   0+Hungarian catalog for YamExpansion v2.2
CallBBS_11.lha     comm/maxs   10K   6+Add and display other BBS's, simple door
CDoorExample.lha   comm/maxs    3K   4+How to prog Maxs BBS Doors in C
FluffyNet.lha      comm/maxs   47K   2+Fluffy Net: Mail Net Starter Kit - Join 
Fluffy_Guide.lha   comm/maxs   17K   3+Fluffy Net Guide (06-Feb-99)
Functions_13.lha   comm/maxs   15K   3+Many MAXs functions in one door.
HangAmi_15.lha     comm/maxs   18K   4+Game door for MAXs BBS.
KewlCDPro_22.lha   comm/maxs  279K   5+A powerful CD-ROM accessing door, 2.2
kewl_caller_14.lha comm/maxs   48K   3+Display last 10 callers for MaxsBBS.
maxcid.lha         comm/maxs   25K   7+Caller ID security door for MAXs BBS
MaxsHelp.txt       comm/maxs    1K   7+Maxs BBS Pro v2.11 Support/Help
MAXsPro2-Oz.lha    comm/maxs  177K   4+MAX's BBS Professional v2.11 (full versi
MAXs_Files.lha     comm/maxs   95K   3+Gremlins MAXs file listings (02/99)
mp2.lha            comm/maxs  212K   7+Max's BBS Professional v2.11 FULL VERSIO
No_Password_13.lha comm/maxs   16K   6+Users can leave msg for their password.
pchat.lha          comm/maxs   35K   7+A pager & chat door for MAXs BBS
shell.lha          comm/maxs   31K   4+A rewrite of MAXShell
Sys-Stats_11.lha   comm/maxs   15K   6+Displays system stats and info.
UserCheck_14.lha   comm/maxs   25K   7+A verification door for checking users.
AsmsCKey.lha       comm/misc    0K   2+Free Keyfile for AsmsC (Amiga Short Mess
atomic1_5.lha      comm/misc   12K   2+Amiga Worldwide Atomic Clock Synchronize
BorayLetter60.lha  comm/misc  263K   1+Multimedia emails - yet tiny files!
casio.lha          comm/misc   20K   6+Casio BOSS - backup and restore data - V
Cibils302.lha      comm/misc  120K   6+MUI Amateur Radio utility v3.02
cim_v2.lha         comm/misc  184K   3+Caller Id Manager for the Amiga, V2.501b
CManager.lha       comm/misc  495K   4+Contact Manager, a centralised system-wi
CManGer.lha        comm/misc    4K   4+German Catalog for CManager
dring.lha          comm/misc   16K   1+Distinctive ring for TrapDoor
GSM_Text_Msgr.lha  comm/misc   10K   6+Program to send text messages to GSM mob
isdnmon40.lha      comm/misc  106K   7+ISDN - Statemonitor (MUI)
ITA1004Config.lha  comm/misc  208K   0+Config-Software for "I-TA 1004 II"
LogSTFax.lha       comm/misc    1K   8+Call logger script for STFax Pro
Make_OC_key.lha    comm/misc    7K   5+Keyfile Generator for Online Check (germ
OCproFinal_src.lha comm/misc   47K   5+Source Code f r ONline_Check (German)
olga_v1_0.lha      comm/misc   60K   7+Package for handling OLITEC Self Memory 
PalmBackup.lha     comm/misc   87K   2+0.18 - Backup/Restore/Install for PalmPi
riktnummer01.lha   comm/misc   16K   4+Associates cities with phone prefixes.
TCounter.lha       comm/misc   47K   4+Counter for Online-Costs (german) Versio
Ti92-Link.lha      comm/misc   80K   1+Connect a Ti-92 Calc to an Amiga
uprc.lha           comm/misc   59K   4+Generates Aminet upload readme files
V90upgradeUK.lha   comm/misc  167K   3+V90 upgrade for Dynalink V1456VQE modem
AMarquee49.lha     comm/net   264K   1+V49.7 TCP Data Broadcast System (library
AmiMUD.lha         comm/net   260K   6+Version 3.1 of THE Amiga MUD Client.
AmiWinPopup.lha    comm/net    33K   4+Shows WinPopup-Messages from other hosts
2b_Yam2NN.lha      comm/news  134K   1+Usenet access for YAM 2.0+ v. 0.84
MD2b_fr.lha        comm/news    9K   7+French catalog for Microdot-II v0.253
AmFTP191_HU.lha    comm/tcp    11K   3+Hungarian translation for AmFTP v1.91
amiftpd16.lha      comm/tcp    44K   1+Easy-to-use FTP service daemon for Miami
ARWS-Miami.lha     comm/tcp     1K   6+Get ARexx-Web-Server to work on Miami
bos.lha            comm/tcp    10K   2+Amiga nobo 1.5 - fake bos server
facts.lha          comm/tcp    39K   1+2.3/GUI Syncronise clock with NTP server
gendemo104.lha     comm/tcp   1.7M   2+Genesis demo. A new, powerful, TCP/IP st
MiamiPhone_HU.lha  comm/tcp    46K   7+Hun catalog & Matav for MiamiPhone v1.4
MiamiStartStop.lha comm/tcp    62K   7+2.52 Miami Controller/Full Online Detail
NAT10.lha          comm/tcp   176K   4+NetBIOS Auditing Tool 1.0.
WebVision21.lha    comm/tcp   145K   1+The ultimate webcam viewer (MUI)
YGM.lha            comm/tcp    65K   1+Checks your POP3 mailbox for new mail
Autoview.lha       comm/thor    4K   8+Translate special message tags to dev in
IBMailToThor.lha   comm/thor    4K   7+IBrowse Arexx script for mail using Thor
umsrfc1_0.lha      comm/ums   346K   1+UUCP/NNTP/POP3/SMTP for UMS (V1.0)
TaylorUUCP1.06.lha comm/uucp  523K   1+Amiga port of Taylor UUCP 1.06.1 , a Un*
aipw.lha           comm/www    16K   5+MUI IP Watcher. Shows your IP+HostName.
arf-wizard.lha     comm/www    73K   2+An Aminet Readme FIle Creator
BoingTransf.lha    comm/www    65K   3+BoingBall Ibrowse-transferAnim made with
cache2dir.lha      comm/www     6K   6+Cache von IBrowse zu Directory 
CCN_Oisans.lha     comm/www    10K   4+Start IBrowse and connect it to the web
ffchecker.lha      comm/www    14K   8+V2.1 F1GP website Checking Utility
FileExtract.lha    comm/www    20K   7+Extract files from your IBrowse cache an
HTMLcolours.lha    comm/www     8K   4+Colour names and Hex numbers for use in 
HTTPResume.lha     comm/www   117K   0+Resume interrupted HTTP downloads
HTTPResume_Fre.lha comm/www     3K   7+French localization for HTTPResume v1.4
HTTPResume_Por.lha comm/www    19K   7+Portugues localization for HTTPResume v1
HTTPResume_Rus.lha comm/www     2K   0+Russian localization for HTTPResume v1.5
HTTPResume_Ser.lha comm/www    20K   0+Serbian localization for HTTPResume v1.5
HTTPResume_Spa.lha comm/www    20K   5+Spanish localization for HTTPResume v1.4
JugglerTrans.lha   comm/www    39K   8+"The Juggler" transfer anim (IBrowse, AW
Lynx282dev17.lha   comm/www   947K   1+The fastest WWW browser ,v2.8.2dev17
OpenURL20.lha      comm/www    63K   3+Library for easily sending URL->Browser
RaiskaaHTML.lha    comm/www    28K   7+Strip junk from HTML document
RandAnim.lha       comm/www     7K   8+Start IBrowse with a randomly selected x
SavePage.lha       comm/www    14K   2+Save page with images in AWeb. V1.0
shoutcast.lha      comm/www     1K   3+Play SHOUTCast from Ibrowse! 1.1
StreamMP3.lha      comm/www     3K   0+Stream mp3 files directly off internet!
ThansButtons.lha   comm/www    83K   5+Best toolbar for IB.256 cols. Many sizes
tidy.lha           comm/www   104K   6+Utility to tidy up and pretty-print HTML
webchannelsII.lha  comm/www   121K   3+A Channel-Window for the Amiga (like Win
webcolour_src.lha  comm/www    15K   6+Source code for 'WebColour' (Creates HTM
WEBup.lha          comm/www    22K   2+Tool to easily upload homepages!
stonicdrom.lha     comm/xeno   17K   3+XenolinkBBS Multi-CDRomdoor (max. 4 CD's
Colours.lha        demo/40k    39K   6+40k intro by cromatics, at TP98.
lns-tmt.lha        demo/40k    81K   7+The Morning Trip by Loonies, 2nd at TP98
SCX-1000.lha       demo/40k    41K   6+1000% - The Winning 40kb Intro from The 
ays-cru2.lha       demo/aga    36K   8+"Cruisin II" 40k-Intro by Abyss
ays-rcru.lha       demo/aga    37K   8+"ReCruisin" 40k-Intro by Abyss
bra-snow.lha       demo/aga   101K   4+Snow, snow, snow dentro from Bullshit Ar
DiamondPPC.lha     demo/aga   2.0M   0+Diamond Quest PPC - UKONX - (Volcanic99)
eggwould.lha       demo/aga   213K   4+Egg Would demo from Bullshit Artists
FLP-Eniac4k.lha    demo/aga     4K   6+"Eniac4k" Floppy at The Party8.
Noxzema.lha        demo/aga   3.0M   6+Noxzema by Damage, 1st at Gelloween94
Psy-tt2.lha        demo/aga   903K   6+Prophesy - Retribution (Halloween demo 2
solectron.lha      demo/aga   3.4M   4+Solectron - Ukonx - 2nd place at Slash 9
tcd-rad.lha        demo/aga   559K   1+Radiation by TCD, 5th On CS X (1998)
temple3a.exe       demo/aga   238K   1+Does not compute Demo
temple4a.exe       demo/aga   129K   1+Just out walking demo
templebob.exe      demo/aga   550K   1+Bob Marley Tribute demo
tstar.lha          demo/aga   742K   1+Temple Star Demo
wpz-frozen07.lha   demo/aga   498K   4+Frozen Pack#o7 - Special January'99 Edit
xiii-Oxy.lha       demo/aga   960K   6+2nd place from Amigademo-competiton at T
XZN-Commodo.lha    demo/ecs   296K   2+An old dentro by X-ZoNe (for italians)
BeyondBelief.lha   demo/euro  806K   5+Beyond Belief by Noxious
PM-Spejs.lha       demo/intro 117K   6+Space Case 58k intro by Pas Maters
RNO-Newschool.lha  demo/intro  41K   3+Newschool? final TP8 intro by RNO. (8th)
DemoGuide.lha      demo/mag   316K   6+The Demo.Guide 7 rev 2
DemoGuidePics3.lha demo/mag   240K   6+Pics for The Demo.Guide #7 and later
Eurochart36a.lha   demo/mag   860K   3+The Official Eurochart #36 by DEPTH Arch
Eurochart36b.lha   demo/mag   825K   3+The Official Eurochart #36 by DEPTH Arch
Eurochart36c.lha   demo/mag   263K   3+The Official Eurochart #36 by DEPTH Arch
HDU-no16.lha       demo/mag   1.4M   8+Mag & utility with graphic interface
HDU-no17.lha       demo/mag   1.3M   3+Mag & utility with graphic interface
MWI-Excess04.lha   demo/mag   1.6M   8+"Excess #04" by Madwizards
neophyte6.lha      demo/mag   700K   4+Neophyte #6 - FRENCH fanzine 
obligement13.lha   demo/mag   829K   4+Obligement #13 - FRENCH fanzine (Scala)
Planet06.lha       demo/mag   906K   4+Planet 06 - ITALIAN Diskmag [tHe lASt eD
Planet06fiX.lha    demo/mag   1.1M   3+Planet 06 fiXed ver - ITALIAN Diskmag [t
tr5_eng_int.lha    demo/mag   741K   3+Trashcan 5 Announcetro by Ozone & Networ
tsp01.lha          demo/mag   3.1M   3+The Scene Press - Issue #1
wpz-info03.lha     demo/mag    92K   1+WhelpzInfo issue#o3. Minimagazine about 
wpz-ymadlo02.lha   demo/mag   737K   6+Ymadlo#o2 by Whelpz. Magazine in Polish 
FR_IO.lha          demo/sound 2.4M   7+Some great 8-voice tracks
FR_NC.lha          demo/sound 1.3M   7+Some great 8-voice tracks
nvx_extra.lha      demo/sound 2.8M   4+Extravaganja - musicdisk by Nerve Axis w
ADV-ITA.lha        dev/amos    76K   6+Italian adventures creator for AMOSPro
asos135.lha        dev/amos   212K   4+AMOS GUI package.
modifile.lha       dev/amos    65K   6+File modifier written with AMOSPro
multiwindows.lha   dev/amos    40K   7+Window interface procedures for Amos(pro
rastermaster16.lha dev/amos   113K   7+Amos colour table/copperbar editor.
samplesm.lha       dev/amos    90K   6+Creates IFF and RAW samples (italian)
sillysource1.lha   dev/amos    59K   3+Amos Pro Source Code to this game  
sillysource2.lha   dev/amos    22K   3+Amos Pro Source Code to this game  
sillysource3.lha   dev/amos    87K   3+Amos Pro Source Code to this program  
sillysource4.lha   dev/amos   190K   3+Amos Pro Source Code to this Game  
sillysource5.lha   dev/amos   1.6M   3+Amos Pro Source Code to this Game  
sillysource6.lha   dev/amos   182K   3+Amos Pro Source Code to this Game  
ESA.lha            dev/asm     57K   6+Extended Syntax Assembly v1.6
ira105_src.lha     dev/asm    137K   5+MC680x0 reass., new features added.
XZN-BBStro_src.lha dev/asm     32K   7+Source code of an old Ecs intro!
XZN-CaT01_src.lha  dev/asm     65K   7+Source code of an old Aga intro!
XZN-Energie_sr.lha dev/asm    112K   7+Source code of an old Aga intro!
XZN-Over_src.lha   dev/asm     83K   7+Source code of an old Aga intro!
XZN-ST03IntroS.lha dev/asm    110K   7+Source code of an old Aga intro!
AIDEsrc.lha        dev/basic  348K   4+V2.13, ACE IDE (source)
Blitz.I.lha        dev/basic   37K   1+Blitz Library Investigator
BlitzCompEx001.lha dev/basic   16K   1+Novice help (Blitz Compendiun EX001)
BlitzlstJAN99.lha  dev/basic  425K   4+Messages Posted To The Blitz List DEC 98
clockita.lha       dev/basic   23K   6+Italian digital clock + source code
Crazy8.src.lha     dev/basic   32K   2+Blitz source for Crazy8's
crcfuncs.lha       dev/basic    4K   5+[Blitz2] CRC32 calculation function
land.lha           dev/basic   62K   5+Generate isometric landscapes
mclk32BB.lha       dev/basic   14K   7+MemoryClock bar at the top of the screen
Mildred.lha        dev/basic  1.4M   1+Chunkygraphics library v1.38 for Blitz B
NChangeLibnum.lha  dev/basic   21K   4+Choose and search libnums 
NewChangeLibnu.lha dev/basic   20K   5+Choose and search libnums 
NewCommandSet.lha  dev/basic  314K   3+NCS V1.70 - 21 new Blitz Basic II libs t
NewFDConvert.lha   dev/basic   41K   4+Newer FDConvert for Blitz Basic
orionircsrc.lha    dev/basic  346K   3+An Blitz Basic IRC Client SOURCE
StatsFuncs.lha     dev/basic   56K   4+More statements and functions for Blitz!
AMPlifier_SDK.lha  dev/c        5K   5+AMPlifier Software Development Kit
awin.lha           dev/c      216K   8+Easy-to-use API for RTG chunky display
ctags.lha          dev/c       62K   2+Exuberant Ctags
EGCSWOSAlib.lha    dev/c       15K   8+Amiga.lib for EGCS-WarpUP
flash-0.4.3.lha    dev/c      339K   1+Shockwave Flash Plugin and Library V0.4.
GED_Scripts.lha    dev/c        9K   1+Useful ARexx Scripts for C Programming
mkmk.lha           dev/c       57K   0+Makefile rebuilder
SASCOptsPlus_s.lha dev/c      128K   7+SAS/C SCOpts replacement
Storm_FlexCat.lha  dev/c        3K   1+FlexCat Makescripts for StormC
dz80.lha           dev/cross   38K   1+DZ80 Labelling z80 disassembler
FG-PSXControl.lha  dev/cross   51K   8+PSXControl v1.0 - Amiga Yaroze software
GBDK-2.0-src.lha   dev/cross  353K   3+GameBoy Developer's Kit 2.0 sources
GBDK-2.0.lha       dev/cross  580K   3+GameBoy Developer's Kit 2.0
MiniPIC.lha        dev/cross   60K   6+Pic12c508 programmer v1.2
MemSniff.lha       dev/debug   14K   6+Mungwall & Enforcer DB tool w/o MMU (bug
RemoveLibrary.lha  dev/debug    4K   7+Removes libraries from memory, Cluster s
AmSp4E.lha         dev/e       31K   3+AMOS Bobs&Icons for AmigaE v3+ (v1.45)
audio_in_e.lha     dev/e       11K   7+Audio examples using audio and ahi devic
dbplayerE.lha      dev/e       44K   1+DigiBooster replayer as Shared library(E
dclistview.lha     dev/e       42K   5+EasyGUI PLUGIN: Dbl-clickable listview
dephcol_src.lha    dev/e        5K   8+Calculate gfx depth to colors, w/source.
emuiundoc.lha      dev/e        4K   6+MUIundoc translated to AmigaE
openurl_e.lha      dev/e        3K   8+Amiga E files for openurl.library
ProcIdx.lha        dev/e        4K   0+Lists procedures & their line number.
sane80bitFloat.lha dev/e        4K   7+SANE 80bit float <-> double converter-mo
UnfinishedEsrc.lha dev/e      1.2M   7+E Source Code for various unfinished pro
libx11gcc.lha      dev/gcc    947K   2+X11 library for amiga with gcc V1.0
jvp.lha            dev/lang    73K   4+Amiga Visual Pascal *DEMO* v0.5
SmallEiffel.lha    dev/lang   2.4M   8+GNU SmallEiffel -0.79 compiler for Amiga
SmallEiffel020.lha dev/lang   967K   8+GNU SmallEiffel -0.79 020 executable fil
SmallEiffel040.lha dev/lang   967K   8+GNU SmallEiffel -0.79 040 executable fil
SmallEiffel060.lha dev/lang   968K   8+GNU SmallEiffel -0.79 060 executable fil
Blitt_src.lha      dev/misc    55K   7+Source to a graphical blitter toy for pr
CyberXXXSrc.lha    dev/misc   759K   3+CyberAVI and CyberQT complete source cod
DReg.lha           dev/misc    64K   4+Data Register Processor with asm source
Dumper.lha         dev/misc     2K   4+V1.3, prg that will dump files in hex.
fcxref.lha         dev/misc    78K   1+Fast XRef for programmers
FD2Pragma.lha      dev/misc    89K   5+V2.88 creates pragma, inline, ... files
gta_dev.lha        dev/misc    13K   5+Development Files for a GTA game
GuiGFXLib.lha      dev/misc   230K   2+Application layer for pixel graphics
IOBlixDevKitR2.lha dev/misc    45K   4+IOBlix Development Kit R2
PManager.lha       dev/misc    47K   4+Visual C project manager v2.3
Reloc.lha          dev/misc    63K   8+Relocates an exe-binary for ROMs V1.3
WHDLoad_dev.lha    dev/misc   362K   1+HD-Installer for OS-Killer
WHDLoad_usr.lha    dev/misc   100K   1+HD-Installer for OS-Killer
WildDEV.lha        dev/misc   332K   1+Developer archive for WILD, the 3D libra
WildFIX.lha        dev/misc     5K   2+FIX to wild.library
WildUSER.lha       dev/misc   968K   1+Animated! New 3D modular library for gam
yaav.lha           dev/misc    82K   7+YAAV V0.99 - Yet Another Autodoc Viewer
bcc_src.lha        dev/mui    233K   7+Source for BCC3.5
ClassDirector.lha  dev/mui     24K   7+MUI Classes Browser v0.1a
GenCodeC.lha       dev/mui    109K   1+C-Generator (v2.2h) for MUIBuilder
MCC_CompactWin.lha dev/mui     19K   6+Alternative window class for MUI
MCC_NList0_89.lha  dev/mui    187K   2+MUI List clone with horiz scroll and muc
MCC_Pkb.lha        dev/mui     86K   2+Piano keyboard, MUI-Class
MCC_SettingsWi.lha dev/mui    126K   4+SettingsWindow MUI custom class
MCC_TableGroup.lha dev/mui     31K   7+Extern class for MUI that allows advance
MCC_TearOff.lha    dev/mui     63K   6+Movable group classes for MUI
MCC_TWFmLED.lha    dev/mui     65K   0+MUI indicator LED class
davesblitzsrc.lha  dev/src    181K   5+Collection of Blitz Source Code
FaderFunct.lha     dev/src      2K   1+Fade functions for fading colortables.
RBF_src.lha        dev/src      3K   2+C++ source for easy TileCoding of vector
SortCopy.lha       disk/bakup  18K   6+Tiny directory/link/backup/copy program
acdb.lha           disk/cdrom  29K   8+CDDB client for the Amiga v0.4
cdlib.lha          disk/cdrom   9K   0+Read the AsimCDFS CDDA library
CDMounter.lha      disk/cdrom  11K   5+A tool from Multi CD's and removable med
GPlayer_Port.lha   disk/cdrom   2K   2+Portuguese Catalog for GroovyPlayer v1.1
GroovyPlayer.lha   disk/cdrom 259K   5+Powerful freeware CD player with colorfu
MakeCDnorskC.lha   disk/cdrom  36K   3+Norwegian catalog for MakeCD V3.2
MakeCDsuomiC.lha   disk/cdrom  34K   6+Finish catalog for MakeCD V3.2a
MyCDIDs.lha        disk/cdrom 108K   5+The CD-IDs of my CD-Collection (345 CDs)
TP_News.lha        disk/cdrom   9K   6+Trinity Player (v0.80) news!
2b_HfMounterMu.lha disk/misc   19K   6+Virtual disks on HD. v1.0
Diskspr3.lha       disk/misc  147K   4+Use 984KB or 1.968MB floppy disks!,V3.3
file2hex.lha       disk/misc   17K   4+File2Hex - hexdump to a file
hdinst.lha         disk/misc   87K   1+HDInstTool - Harddisk Installation Tool
HDToolBoxPatch.lha disk/misc    4K   1+V1.1, HDToolBox patch for optical drives
IDEfixTURBO.lha    disk/misc   10K   1+IDEfix *** TURBO PATCH ***
Park.lha           disk/misc    6K   7+Parks devices and ejects media
saved10.lha        disk/moni   92K   1+Hex editor v1.0, specially for editing s
DiskOptimizer.lha  disk/optim  18K   6+V1.7 - Disk Optimizer with NSD/TD64 supp
akDT-Beta.lha      docs/anno    1K   2+Information on akDT beta versions (14.2.
trogsoft.txt       docs/anno    1K   8+Details of Trogsoft Products/Services
ucmsshot.lha       docs/anno   10K   5+New business card creator grabs!
mad-mcud.lha       docs/help  1.4M   4+MistycznyCud- LW3D tutorial!POLiSH ONLY-
Sol_Lucas12.lha    docs/help   89K   2+Lucas Arts Solutions 1.2 German
Sol_Sierra11.lha   docs/help   71K   2+Sierra On-Line Classics Solutions 1.1
Amiga_A-Z.lha      docs/hyper  18K   2+Amiga A-Z Dictionary
BAB5_Gde.lha       docs/hyper  35K   0+Babylon 5 Episode Guide (115)
BibelGuide00.lha   docs/hyper 571K   3+The 5 books Mose as AG update (german)
BibelGuide01.lha   docs/hyper 752K   3+The bible in AmigaGuide, UpDate V0.5 sea
BibelGuide02.lha   docs/hyper 458K   3+The bible prophets in AmigaGuide, V0.1 s
CZ_Bible_Kr01.lha  docs/hyper 501K   8+Czech Bible of Kralice in AmigaGuide V0.
CZ_Bible_Kr02.lha  docs/hyper 666K   8+Czech Bible of Kralice in AmigaGuide V0.
CZ_Bible_Kr03.lha  docs/hyper 620K   8+Czech Bible of Kralice in AmigaGuide V0.
f1gp-hof.lha       docs/hyper  34K   3+Amiga F1GP Hall of Fame (February 1999)
HoFnews.lha        docs/hyper   1K   3+Amiga F1GP Hall of Fame News
IndexAG.lha        docs/hyper  92K   7+Make context index for AmigaGuide docume
IronMaiden.lha     docs/hyper 113K   2+Iron Maiden Guide V2.0
Keeper.lha         docs/hyper  93K   7+Program to catalog magazine articles
MuchMore46Dt.lha   docs/hyper  12K   5+German AmigaGuide for MuchMore v4.6
Pulp.lha           docs/hyper  64K   6+The Pulp Database Guide file
sfclubs.lha        docs/hyper  13K   3+Addresses of sci-fi-clubs
ST-Voyager_V4.lha  docs/hyper 511K   7+GERMAN ONLY guide to the StarTrek Voyage
STEP_Gde.lha       docs/hyper 238K   1+Star Trek Episodes Guide (564)
ZCD.lha            docs/hyper 710K   1+Guide for Amiga products (in italiano)
Aminet-CD-29.lha   docs/lists  42K   1+Aminet CD 29 index and description
ASTRA_Freqs.lha    docs/lists  48K   8+ASTRA frequences in WW3 format
ClassesGuide.lha   docs/lists   9K   4+A Guide of Amiga custom BOOPSI classes. 
CNCT0399.lha       docs/lists  98K   0+*NEW* Monthly UK BBS Directory - Updated
DevGuide.lha       docs/lists  49K   2+Guide about  285 Amiga Devices   -20-
DTypeGuide.lha     docs/lists  49K   2+Guide about  237 Amiga datatypes -22-
f1info.lha         docs/lists 625K   7+Tons of info on F1 Software, Jan 99
LibGuide.lha       docs/lists 195K   2+Guide about 2235 Amiga libraries -36-
N64-Nintendo64.lha docs/lists  14K   1+Nintendo 64 Guide! Nintendo 64 Guide!
Nintendo-Guide.lha docs/lists  40K   1+The New  NINTENDO  guide!!!!!  22.02.99
ShopsXMailboxD.lha docs/lists 306K   0+NEW Shops and Mailbox GUIDE  26.02.1999
ukbbslist4.txt     docs/lists  76K   4+List of UK BBSes - Version 4 - FEB 1999
Aakt0199HTML.lha   docs/mags  185K   8+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0299GFX.lha    docs/mags  558K   4+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0299GUIDE.lha  docs/mags   98K   4+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0299HTML.lha   docs/mags  294K   3+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
AaktInt0199.lha    docs/mags  240K   5+English edition of the infotainment maga
AaktInt0199GFX.lha docs/mags  215K   5+English edition of the infotainment maga
AaktInt0299.lha    docs/mags  289K   1+English edition of the infotainment maga
AaktInt0299GFX.lha docs/mags  558K   1+English edition of the infotainment maga
ACNews_7.lha       docs/mags   37K   5+E-zine focused on Amiga News: #7-Jan 99
ACNews_8.lha       docs/mags   38K   1+E-zine focused on Amiga News: #8-Feb 99
agsaku27.lha       docs/mags  1.3M   5+AmigaGuide-Saku #27. Finnish diskmag.
AIOV20.lha         docs/mags  418K   5+Amiga Information Online, Issue 20 (Janu
AIOV21.lha         docs/mags  243K   1+Amiga Information Online, Issue 21 (Febr
Amimaniacs.lha     docs/mags   83K   4+Amimaniacs Online Amiga Magazine
AmZ_7-AG.lha       docs/mags  119K   6+German Online-Magazine for AMIGA. AGuide
AmZ_7-HT.lha       docs/mags  230K   6+German Online-Magazine for AMIGA. HTML-E
ascene0C.lha       docs/mags  2.4M   4+First Austrian Online Amigazine, Jan.99
dc7.lha            docs/mags  691K   6+DoubleClick Issue 7 (HTML)
FT_Online1_99.lha  docs/mags  920K   3+German Amiga Magazin (FunTime) - Online
FunTimeGUI1_99.lha docs/mags   66K   3+Fun Time 1/99 Guide Version
gadget39.lha       docs/mags  497K   1+German Freeware Magazine
hp21html.lzh       docs/mags  793K Magazine #21 (Oct/Nov) HTM
hp22html.lzh       docs/mags  369K Magazine #22 (Dec/Jan) HTM
saku27d2.lha       docs/mags  340K   5+Saku #27 (1/99). Finnish diskmag. 2/2
sm-anm_015.lha     docs/mags  357K   8+A big german amiga-newsmagazine
sm-aum-016.lha     docs/mags  395K   5+A big german amiga user magazine
woa.lha            docs/mags   45K   8+World Of Amiga Diskmag Issue 1
woa2.lha           docs/mags  409K   2+Issue two of World Of Amiga
A4000T_Loaded.lha  docs/misc  334K   2+Feb. 1999. Pictures & text showing a "lo
ChronicaLiserg.lha docs/misc   10K   1+Weird Chronicles (Italian)
FoundEspaM.lha     docs/misc  354K   8+Foundation Manual V1.07 (HTML/Spanish)
FoundFranM.lha     docs/misc  356K   8+Foundation Manual V1.07 (HTML/French)
FoundItalianM.lha  docs/misc  358K   8+Foundation Manual V1.08 (HTML/Italiano)
jajan.lha          docs/misc  183K   3+JUST-AMiGA mailing list msgs for all of 
MSHTut30.lha       docs/misc  356K   8+MSHTut30.lha -- Version 3.0 of the tutor
scenet26.lha       docs/misc   61K   5+SCENET - Sceners's database #26
scenet27.lha       docs/misc   68K   4+SCENET - Sceners's usefull database #27
SDPackN.lha        docs/misc   32K   1+Infomation on joining Satanic Dreams.
Shareware.lha      docs/misc    1K   3+Suggestion for UK Registraion site
StarTrekDemo.lha   docs/misc  825K   2+StarTrekGuide-Demo
WorldCup.lha       docs/misc  114K   3+Statistics of soccer World Cups '30-'98
6-Tris.lha         game/2play 220K   6+"Rather tremendous" - Amiga Format
6-Tris_src.lha     game/2play 151K   6+Source code to 6-Tris++
BomBer_Gug.lha     game/2play 342K   2+A new fantastic BomBer Man clone !!
FA_Levels.lha      game/2play 504K   5+Extra levels for Frontal Assault
FA_Levels2.lha     game/2play 415K   5+Extra levels for Frontal Assault
FA_Music.lha       game/2play 479K   5+Extra tunes for Frontal Assault
FA_Music2.lha      game/2play 608K   5+Extra tunes for Frontal Assault
FA_Music3.lha      game/2play 660K   5+Extra tunes for Frontal Assault
FirePower_src.lha  game/2play 321K   6+Source code to Fire Power
FrontalAssault.lha game/2play 700K   5+"Excellent fun" - Amiga Format
FrontalAssauSr.lha game/2play 475K   5+Source code to Frontal Assault
HellShot.lha       game/2play 595K   2+HellShot, a funny arcade game
HellShotUpd.lha    game/2play 556K   2+HellShot, a funny arcade game
lc.lha             game/2play  45K   7+LightCycle clone ;-) + scr icluded
LightSpeed2.lha    game/2play 126K   3+Good looking light cycles on a pubscreen
zoardes.lha        game/2play   3K   6+Psycho-gameshow
zoardes2.lha       game/2play  23K   3+Psycho-gameshow
BatNav.lha         game/actio 260K   3+BatNav: 3D Battleship Game
cpv1p5.lha         game/actio  97K   1+Cyberpet simulator - full screen gfx
snakewars.lha      game/actio 148K   1+Drive left and right dodging mines
ToTheMoonV1_2.lha  game/actio 168K   4+Landing game
wreckage.lha       game/actio 503K   4+Wreckage XV45 - driving simulation
Wreckage_src.lha   game/actio 159K   4+Wreckage XV45 source
ZeroGravitySrc.lha game/actio 487K   7+Source for Zero Gravity.
FreeCell1.5.lha    game/board  91K   3+Logical patience-type card game
uzemicz1.lha       game/board 396K   7+Czech vesion of logical game, part 1/2
uzemicz2.lha       game/board 279K   7+Czech vesion of logical game, part 2/2
AB3d2XC1.lha       game/data   27K   4+AB3d2_XC Easier LNK file - more life!
Elfstomp.lha       game/data  123K   1+Large Techno-Gothic Level for Ultimate D
FoundCatalan.lha   game/data    4K   8+Foundation Catalan (Catalog+Missions)
FoundCroat.lha     game/data    7K   8+Foundation Croatia (Catalog+Missions)
FoundDansk.lha     game/data    4K   8+Foundation Dansk (Catalog+Missions)
FoundDeutsch.lha   game/data    4K   8+Foundation Deutsch (Catalog+Missions)
FoundEspa.lha      game/data    4K   8+Foundation Spanish (Catalog+Missions)
FoundEspa2.lha     game/data    3K   8+Alternative Foundation Spanish (Catalog)
FoundFinnish.lha   game/data    4K   8+Foundation Finnish (Catalog+Missions)
FoundFran.lha      game/data    5K   8+Foundation French (Catalog+Missions)
FoundItaliano.lha  game/data    4K   8+Foundation Italiano (Catalog+Missions)
FoundNederland.lha game/data    4K   8+Foundation Nederlands (Catalog+Missions)
FoundPortugal.lha  game/data    5K   8+Foundation Portuguese (Catalog+Missions)
FoundSlovensko.lha game/data    4K   8+Foundation Slovenian (Catalog+Missions)
FoundSvenska.lha   game/data    4K   8+Foundation Svenska (Catalog+Missions)
gm_helmet1.lha     game/data   10K   6+Replacement Helmet Files for F1GP
gm_helmet2.lha     game/data   11K   6+Replacement Helmet Files for F1GP
gm_helmet3.lha     game/data   11K   6+Replacement Helmet Files for F1GP
MaP_game.lha       game/data  1.0M   3+New *improved* Cardset for MarryAmPic
MaP_game2.lha      game/data  1.3M   3+New *bugfixed* Cardset for MarryAmPic
MaP_game3.lha      game/data  1.0M   3+New *bugfixed* Cardset for MarryAmPic
MaP_game4.lha      game/data  976K   1+New Cardset for MarryAmPic
MaP_Music.lha      game/data  1.3M   3+New *bugfixed* cardset for MarryAmPic
MaP_Oldies.lha     game/data  673K   4+New *bugfixed* Cardset for MarryAmPic
MaP_Oldies2.lha    game/data  745K   4+New *bugfixed* Cardset for MarryAmPic
MaP_Trek.lha       game/data  640K   3+New *bugfixed* cardset for MarryAmPic
MRP_MixBag.lha     game/data  1.5M   1+New Cardset for MarryAmPic
Qb3demo2.lha       game/data   60K   2+QuakeBoost3 version of demo2 !
Qboost3demo.lha    game/data   73K   2+QuakeBoost3, Skill3 E1M1, Fast!
Qboost3_demo.lha   game/data   73K   2+QuakeBoost3, Skill3 E1M1, Fast!
Qconnect.lha       game/data    3K   1+QuakeConnect, 183 servers!
swosden.lha        game/data    4K   6+Denmark swos datafile 15-1-99
swosden1.lha       game/data    4K   6+Denmark swos datafile 15-1-99
swoseng.lha        game/data   26K   6+Swos England 98/99 datafile 15-1-99
swoseng1.lha       game/data   26K   4+Swos English Datafile season 98/99
swostac.lha        game/data    9K   6+Some generic tactics for swos
Worms-BESTOF98.lha game/data  2.1M   1+Worms best levels and DIY
ab3d1demo_hack.lha game/demo  389K   3+AlienBreed3D Demo hack, Intuition Screen
enzimas.lha        game/demo  247K   4+Enzimas game's demo by Marcio Esper 'Ice
Marblelous2.lha    game/demo  605K   5+Playable demo of Marblelous 2 (ECS and R
napalm-screens.lha game/demo  2.5M   1+NAPALM final screens
NuxShots.lha       game/demo   64K   1+Screenshots from Nuxelia.
OloFight.lha       game/demo  2.7M   8+OloFight final playable demo - THE BEAT'
SuperPinoDemo.lha  game/demo  550K   3+The Last Platform Game on -Am ga!
TANX_Preview_1.lha game/demo  542K   4+New Parallel Realities Game Demo
TANX_Preview_2.lha game/demo  632K   4+New Parallel Realities Game Demo
MemCare.lha        game/gag     1K   1+Software failure simulation v0.0
amicheats.lha      game/hint  2.5M   6+18-Jan-1999 HTML mirror of Ami Cheats we
CheatCollectD.lha  game/hint  560K   8+V1.9 big collection of cheats, solutions
CheatCollectE.lha  game/hint  994K   8+V1.9 big collection of cheats, solutions
it_goes.lha        game/hint  177K   0+Game Compatibility List UAE,PPC,060,040,
anoid.lha          game/misc  173K   1+Breakout in HAM (2000+ colors at once!) 
BrickFast.lha      game/misc  883K   7+BrickFast - an ARKANOID clone (1.00) 199
calidan.lha        game/misc  466K   2+Realtime strategy game like dune2-NEW ve
DiamondCave2_9.lha game/misc  559K   4+Emerald Mine Clone V2.9 Freeware!
DiamondEdit1_6.lha game/misc  101K   4+Leveleditor for Diamond Caves - Freeware
ETW-Editor.lha     game/misc   30K   8+MUI editor for Eat The Whistle teams!
Gin_Rummy.lha      game/misc  207K   3+Computer Gin Rummy 
GPLogFiler1.1.lha  game/misc   35K   2+F1GP logfile viewer. (MUI)
HereticPort.lha    game/misc   12K   4+The Ultimate MUI for all Heretic ports.
HereticPortal.lha  game/misc   13K   2+The Ultimate MUI for all Heretic ports.
hexenportal.lha    game/misc   15K   1+The Ultimate MUI for all Hexen ports.
InitPoolSrc.lha    game/misc    7K   8+InitPool E source
Mummy_Main.lha     game/misc  432K   3+Humourous Game For Children  
ozz-feast.lha      game/misc  189K   1+A 2D version of Time Crisis, but using t
PlayFKiss207.lha   game/misc   47K   6+Kisekae player (MUI)
playpac.lha        game/misc  402K   0+Pacman game with random mazes
Qgrabber.lha       game/misc    1K   7+Advanced screen-grabber for Quake
Quest.lha          game/misc  627K   5+Quake Level editor (ported from Linux)
sbremix.lha        game/misc  571K   7+Nice remix of an old commercial game cal
SBRemixV1_2.lha    game/misc  579K   1+Nice remix V 1.2 of an old commercial ga
Schlachtfeld.lha   game/misc  950K   4+German strategy game for 1-4 players
videopokeri_sr.lha game/misc   34K   3+Source codes for VideoPokeri.lha
WarGrounds.lha     game/misc  318K   3+Dune 2 with Attitude! (V39)
AB3D2-Ita.lha      game/patch   7K   3+Italian Translation of AB3D2-TKG levels
CDTV-Turrican.lha  game/patch   9K   1+HD-Installer for Turrican (CDTV)
ETW-CD12p.lha      game/patch 250K   7+Eat The Whistle 1.2 commercial update!
flashbackhd.lha    game/patch  28K   4+HD-Install script & fix for Flashback V3
ItaCiv.lha         game/patch   2K   3+Italian presentation of Civilization
jst.lha            game/patch 133K   4+JOTD Startup for HD Installs & Degrader 
KVKBarbarian.lha   game/patch  10K   8+HD installer for Barbarian from Psygnosi
KVKBlastrds.lha    game/patch  13K   8+HD installer for Blasteroids V1.0
KVKBrian.lha       game/patch   7K   8+HD installer for Brian the Lion AGA V1.0
KVKDBreed.lha      game/patch  10K   8+HD installer for Dragon Breed
KVKDHero.lha       game/patch   7K   8+HD installer for Disposable Hero V1.0
KVKTPods.lha       game/patch  12K   8+HD installer for Terrorpods V1.0
KVKVigil.lha       game/patch   6K   8+HD installer for Vigilante V1.0
LSL-fix.lha        game/patch  39K   5+Installable Leisure Suit Larry 1
ManiacManV3.lha    game/patch  71K   4+ManiacMan V3 Third Beta
mythhd.lha         game/patch   9K   6+HD Installer for Myth & Myth CD32 V1.0
Qboost1upd.lha     game/patch 156K   6+Qboost1 => Qboost2fix - Quake Speedup
Qboost2fix.lha     game/patch 649K   6+Qboost2 update+fix, Best Quake speedup
qwakhd.lha         game/patch   6K   4+QWAK HD-Installer V1.3d
Reboot-StartV2.lha game/patch  29K   2+Run games from WB that requires 2MB of c
SlamMan.lha        game/patch   8K   1+Slamtilt Highscore Manager
SlamtiltJudge.lha  game/patch  28K   6+Imports slamtilt highscores.
turr2hd.lha        game/patch  15K   1+HD Installer for Turrican 2
WHDCiscoHeat.lha   game/patch  25K   8+HD Installer for Cisco Heat
WHDFinalFight.lha  game/patch  16K   2+HD Installer for Final Fight V1.2
WHDIDemos.lzh      game/patch 368K   1+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesA-B.lzh   game/patch 511K   1+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesC-E.lzh   game/patch 623K   1+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesF-G.lzh   game/patch 615K   1+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesH-M.lzh   game/patch 658K   1+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesN-R.lzh   game/patch 609K   1+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesS-T.lzh   game/patch 626K   1+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesU-Z.lzh   game/patch 285K   1+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDObitus.lha      game/patch  23K   5+HD Installer for Obitus V1.1
WHDTheOath.lha     game/patch  17K   3+HD Installer for The Oath V1.1
WHDUniverse.lha    game/patch  21K   2+HD Installer for Universe V1.2
WHDUtopia.lha      game/patch  18K   0+HD Installer for Utopia
HammyTown.lha      game/role  543K   4+Graphic Adventure, Full Game!
Krysztaly0.5.lha   game/role   84K   1+Create your hero for RPG Krysztaly Czasu
mob_city.lha       game/role  586K   3+Gangsters type adventure game  
SHba.lha           game/role   75K   3+Beta A release of new EOB/Hired Guns typ
Zangband.lha       game/role  1.4M   0+Zangband 2.2.3c - Roguelike solo RPG
ADescent020.lha    game/shoot 476K   4+Amiga Descent Version 0.8 (Editor, 020 v
ADescent040.lha    game/shoot 474K   4+Amiga Descent Version 0.8 (Editor, 040/F
ADescent060.lha    game/shoot 467K   4+Amiga Descent Version 0.8 (Editor, 060 v
AHeretic.lha       game/shoot 182K   6+Amiga port of the game Heretic(v0.1)
AmiHeretic.lha     game/shoot 796K   2+Heretic for PowerPC (WarpUP) and 68k
Botss3source.lha   game/shoot  25K   4+BOTSS 3 Source Code
defender++.lha     game/shoot 478K   3+Defender clone with more vertical freedo
EvilInsects_sr.lha game/shoot 205K   7+Source for Evil Insects.
Heretic.lha        game/shoot 616K   0+Heretic Amiga Port v0.89 (68k & PPC)
Hexen-0.1-060.lha  game/shoot 239K   5+Amiga Hexen V0.1 (FPU only version)
Hexen.lha          game/shoot 281K   2+Amiga port of Hexen I V1.1 r0.37
ktcv2p6.lha        game/shoot 268K   1+Kill that cow v2.6 3d shootemup
tgbv2.lha          game/shoot 111K   1+Ten Green Bottles V2
VAxen.lha          game/shoot 382K   3+VAxen - Venus Art Hexen Port v0.6 (PPC)
WarpHereticD.lha   game/shoot 208K   4+Heretic for PowerPC (WarpUP)
WarpHexen.lha      game/shoot 255K   4+Hexen for PowerPC (WarpUP)
GAG-Neuro.lha      game/text   17K   2+Worlds first AmigaGuide-Adventure! (Germ
stefadv.lha        game/text   21K   6+Little italian text adventure
stefadv2.lha       game/text   63K   6+2nd italian text adventure
Crazy8.B.lha       game/think  70K   4+GFX card compatable beta version
Crazy8.beta.lha    game/think  64K   5+GFX card compatable version
Crazy8.lha         game/think 493K   4+Card game  you vs. computer
CrazyUPD.lha       game/think  83K   4+Update Crazy8 v2.7 to v2.8
IForce.lha         game/think 509K   8+Invasion Force v0.17 unfinished wargame
IForce_src.lha     game/think 421K   8+Invasion Force v0.17 sources (SAS/C)
Jazznic.lha        game/think 353K   1+A simple puzzle game, similar to puzznic
kulki_s.lha        game/think 217K   2+System Screen ver of superb logical game
Overdose_src.lha   game/think 240K   7+Source for Overdose.
plasma_src.lha     game/think  24K   8+Source for Plasma Bubble puzzle game
Rexoban.lha        game/think   3K   2+Sokoban game in 100% ARexx!
soliton171.lha     game/think 270K   4+Solitaire card game, V1.71 (MUI)
Soliton171_HU.lha  game/think   3K   1+Hungarian translation for Soliton v1.71
spot_it.lha        game/think 205K   3+Spot The Difference between the pictures
startrekprg.lha    game/think 983K   3+NEW Star Trek Game! Hires graphics!
TaskForce.lha      game/think 219K   7+Tactical combat game & editor (V0.32)
Tribus.lha         game/think  49K   3+Tribus: An easy strategy game.
Yarzee.lha         game/think  32K   3+V1.00 MUI Yahtzee clone.
Yarzee10b.lha      game/think 108K   6+MUI Yahtzee clone.
ShkSnake.lha       game/wb      6K   4+WB Game - Snake clone [v1.7]
StarTrek1.0.lha    game/wb     22K   5+WB Star Trek game
WBsteroids.lha     game/wb    203K   3+Asteroids-clone in scaleable wb-window
IFF_3DGF.lha       gfx/3d       2K   3+IFF "3DGF" v1.1 specifications
LightView1_07.lha  gfx/3d     440K   5+V1.07 - Realtime LightWave objects showe
OglBench.lha       gfx/3d     166K   7+OpenGL benchmark for 060 or PPC
c-player.lha       gfx/3dobj  122K   3+A Great Panasonic Walkman LW Object
City.lha           gfx/3dobj  517K   1+An extreamly Large City in Imagine forma
oldcar.lha         gfx/3dobj  504K   3+A little car made with Imagine 2
r-perh.lha         gfx/3dobj   19K   7+Perry Rhodan-logo for Reflections
Space1999IOB.lha   gfx/3dobj  430K   2+Space 1999 3D objects in Imagine 5+ form
spaceship_c4d.lha  gfx/3dobj   38K   8+C4d object of a spaceship
mv1440sup72_2.lha  gfx/aga     29K   3+Patched MicroVitec Super72, 840x400 now
chunkyppc.lha      gfx/board   22K   1+Chunkyppc.library for mpeg2decodeWOS
Cybermagic.lha     gfx/board  198K   4+Blanker f. GFXCards 15/16/24Bit(V0.3.2)
CybermagicB20.lha  gfx/board   53K   4+Modules for Cybermagic (68020)
CybermagicB40.lha  gfx/board   64K   4+Modules for Cybermagic (68040)
CyberPiPView.lha   gfx/board    7K   4+Videolayer picture viewer (1.6)
cybershow91b.lha   gfx/board  136K   8+SlideShow&Viewer(incl.PCD)for CybGfx&AGA
egsapps71c.lha     gfx/board  432K   0+EGSPhotoAlbum, EGS-TV, EGSTVPlayer packa
P96Speed.lha       gfx/board  141K   3+P96/CGFX v1.2 graphics benchmark program
Picasso96.lha      gfx/board  512K   4+Picasso96 system for Amiga graphics boar
PIV-MooVId.lha     gfx/board   46K   2+The Ultimate AVI/MOV player for PicassoI
pnmview_grf.lha    gfx/board   46K   7+Show PBM/PGM/PPM-images on the Graffiti 
AnimPro.lha        gfx/conv   146K   2+Conversion utility for animations 0.4A
CreateIndex.lha    gfx/conv    16K   5+Make HTML picture index with ImageStudio
jpeg2mov.lha       gfx/conv    26K   3+Creates a QuickTime-Movie with many JPEG
JpegTool.lha       gfx/conv     6K   0+Datatype <-> jpeg converter (1.1)
Mpeg2anim12.lha    gfx/conv   618K   4+Converts MPEG animations into ANIM files
PPT_dist.lha       gfx/conv   791K   0+A Modular Image Processing Package
sfwjpg.lha         gfx/conv   221K   7+Seattle FilmWorks (SFW) to JFIF converte
UConv_PBMPGM_K.lha gfx/conv   182K   7+Ultraconv3/4-Loader and -Saver for PBM a
whirly.lha         gfx/conv    80K   3+Straight forward frontend for whirlgif
gcview.lha         gfx/edit    49K   3+IFF/DType/ANIM5 Viewer & Editor
Pgx_CEL.lha        gfx/edit     3K   6+Photogenics: loads/saves 32 bit KiSS CEL
Pgx_CEL_src.lha    gfx/edit     3K   6+CEL.gio source in AmigaE
Portrait.lha       gfx/edit    91K   7+24-bit paint package
VE-addspace.lha    gfx/edit     2K   3+Visual Eng. - Add space v1.61
VE-addspaceb.lha   gfx/edit     2K   3+Visual Eng. - Add space B v1.00
VE-primcolors.lha  gfx/edit     2K   0+Visual Eng. - Primary colors v1.67
VE-scaler.lha      gfx/edit     2K   3+Visual Eng. - Scaler v1.15
VE-shadow.lha      gfx/edit     4K   3+Visual Eng. - Shadow v2.94
VE-VAnim.lha       gfx/edit     4K   3+Visual Eng. - Visual Anim v2.34
DMandel.lha        gfx/fract   94K   4+Mandel & Julia generator with ARexx, RTG
FlashMandel.lha    gfx/fract  993K   5+Nice Mandelbrot rendering program with R
card_prep.lha      gfx/ifx      3K   1+Prepare Reko or Soliton cardset pics
LoadGifAnim.lha    gfx/ifx      8K   1+ImageFX script to break apart GifAnims
Saturate.lha       gfx/ifx      8K   5+Improved saturation for ImageFX 2.x
dephcol.lha        gfx/misc     5K   8+Calculate gfx depth to colors, w/source.
flickwerk.lha      gfx/misc    50K   2+Picture mosaic creator
gnuplot-3.7bin.lha gfx/misc   1.6M   5+Interactive function and data plotting
gnuplot-3.7doc.lha gfx/misc   235K   5+Interactive function and data plotting
gnuplot-3.7src.lha gfx/misc   1.3M   5+Interactive function and data plotting
id_v143.lha        gfx/misc    78K   1+Add your own description to image
photoalbum61a.lha  gfx/misc   225K   8+Picture management (incl.PCD) for AGA&Cy
PowerCrawler.lha   gfx/misc   328K   4+V1.31 Cool mapeditor for blockbased game
SGXS.lha           gfx/misc    26K   1+V1.2 another piccy grabbing utility
SvII-1.lha         gfx/misc   246K   1+SViewII V8.21 (20.2.99) - Part 1/8
SvII-2.lha         gfx/misc   206K   1+SViewII V8.21 (20.2.99) - Part 2/8
SvII-3a.lha        gfx/misc   136K   1+SViewII V8.20 (22.11.98) - Part 3a/8
SvII-3b.lha        gfx/misc   213K   1+SViewII V8.20 (22.11.98) - Part 3b/8
SvII-4.lha         gfx/misc    41K   1+SViewII V8.21 (20.2.99) - Part 4/8
SvII-5.lha         gfx/misc    51K   1+SViewII V8.21 (20.2.99) - Part 5/8
SvII-6.lha         gfx/misc    62K   1+SViewII V8.21 (20.2.99) - Part 6/8 (opti
SvII-7.lha         gfx/misc   113K   1+SViewII V8.21 (20.2.99) - Part 7/8 (opti
SvII-8.lha         gfx/misc   212K   1+SViewII V8.21 (20.2.99) - Part 8/8 (opti
SvII-PPC.lha       gfx/misc   658K   1+Update for SViewII PPC modules V22.2
SvII-WIZ.lha       gfx/misc    85K   1+Wizard.library for use with SViewII
vma104b-intro1.lha gfx/misc   496K   5+VMA1.04b  Introduction show part 1
vma104b-intro2.lha gfx/misc   507K   5+VMA1.04b  Introduction show part 2
vma104b.lha        gfx/misc   413K   6+V1.04b of an Real-Time Visual/Video FX a
STIMP_geom.lha     gfx/pbm    238K   7+Several programs for geometrical and log
STIMP_noise.lha    gfx/pbm    856K   7+Several programs for noise reduction und
AMP.lha            gfx/show   109K   4+MPEG1/2 video player for PPC, very fast!
FV21BETA-src.lha   gfx/show    39K   5+C/ASM sources for FV (FastView)
gsaview.lha        gfx/show    23K   3+GsAView - View ghostscript output with a
mpeg2decode.lha    gfx/show   216K   2+MPEG-2 movie replayer with sound(PowerUP
mpeg2decodeWOS.lha gfx/show   203K   0+MPEG-2 movie replayer with sound (WarpUP
MysticView.lha     gfx/show   703K   2+User-friendly picture viewer
PowerView.lha      gfx/show    74K   2+JPEG Viewer for PPC-Amigas v0.3b beta
PPCjpeg.lha        gfx/show    57K   6+Very fast PowerPC (WarpOS) JPEG-Viewer
ripley.lha         gfx/show   299K   1+Mpeg video player 68k/powerup, including
Show.lha           gfx/show   782K   3+Cybergfx only picture viewer V1.14
yav168.lha         gfx/show   215K   7+Shows bitmap pictures on all amigas. 
AiwaNSXS212Ctl.lha hard/drivr  12K   7+Panel to control the Aiwa NSX-S212 audio
amias154p.lha      hard/drivr  38K   2+As154p autoswitch driver
BetaScanCanon.lha  hard/drivr  19K   4+Driver for Canon scanners (1999.01.22)
BetaScanDev.lha    hard/drivr  32K   4+BetaScan driver development
BetaScanEpson.lha  hard/drivr  21K   4+Driver for Epson scanners (1999.01.29)
BetaScanHP.lha     hard/drivr  12K   4+Driver for HP ScanJet scanners
BetaScanMicro.lha  hard/drivr  32K   4+Driver for Microtek scanners (1999.01.22
BetaScan_2.05.lha  hard/drivr 168K   4+Scan program for virtually any scanner
BetaSnapScan.lha   hard/drivr  30K   2+Driver for Agfa SnapScan scanners (1999.
IOBlix12Usr377.lha hard/drivr 271K   4+V37.7, IOBlix1200 software update, 1-Feb
IOBlixZ2Usr377.lha hard/drivr 269K   4+V37.7, IOBlixZ2 software update, 1-Feb-9
MUISnapScan.lha    hard/drivr 127K   3+Scanner driver for AGFA SNAPSCAN's 68020
ned1_src.lha       hard/drivr   2K   8+Asm-source of ned1.lha
PanasoHD101.lha    hard/drivr  15K   7+Panel to control the Panasonic NV-HD101 
PCKeymap.lha       hard/drivr   3K   5+Keymap for British Win95 keyboards. V1.0
ScanTek4_4.lha     hard/drivr 201K   3+V4.4 Microtek/Highscreen/Mustek scanner 
ScanTrax.lha       hard/drivr 799K   2+HP/Epson Scanner-Driver V2.1
SerialMouseD.lha   hard/drivr  11K   3+Serial mouse (PC mouse) driver
SetupIOBlixUpd.lha hard/drivr  38K   2+SetupIOBlix bug fix
Spitfire.lha       hard/drivr  85K   0+Sync your Palm Pilot with your Amiga!
A5001MChip.lha     hard/hack    2K   8+1 Meg Chip Activation (A500)
DB50XGHack.lha     hard/hack  259K   1+DB50XG <-> AMIGA Deu&Eng
i2clib40.lha       hard/hack  117K   7+I2C-bus hard/software interface project.
Play-Hitach.lha    hard/hack    9K   0+Connect Hitachi RGB TV to Playstation
a4khtml.lha        hard/misc  103K   4+A4000 Hardware Guide in HTML (v4.2, 6/98
FanInstall.lha     hard/misc    3K   4+Install a CPU cooling fan in an A1200
NewMouse11.lha     hard/misc   13K   2+Serial mouse driver w/ wheel and D'n'D s
DITO_Snap.lha      misc/edu   110K   1+Snapshots of the DITO_Spanish Dictionary
DITO_Spanish.lha   misc/edu   3.8M   1+Spanish and LA Dictionary - 160000 words
GeoWorld-Upd07.lha misc/edu    36K   6+*GeoWorld-Update7* (01/17/99) - EURO upd
AmiGenerator.lha   misc/emu   394K   2+Sega Genesis/MegaDrive emulator, first b
Anonymous.lha      misc/emu    38K   4+Beta SPC700 emulator V0.31 (12.1.99)
CardTrickEVD.lha   misc/emu    18K   7+ShapeShifter EVD for CGX & P96, v1.2
cbsv018b.lha       misc/emu   159K   7+ZX-Spectrum128k emulator + TR-DOS v0.18b
CoolNESs.lha       misc/emu    96K   8+Cool-NES-emulator v0.74   99.01.04
cp4.lha            misc/emu   295K   5+C= Plus4 Emulator - V0.54
dissa.lha          misc/emu    81K   0+HuC6280 Disassembler V1.72+Gui
ExtractLGP.lha     misc/emu     8K   4+Extract files from Final Fantasy VII's L
Frodo_Port.lha     misc/emu     2K   5+Portuguese locale Catalog for Frodo v2.4
GOldNEST.lha       misc/emu    42K   7+NES-RomImage Editor (0.42)
Mac_TroubleII.lha  misc/emu   112K   2+Macintosh Troubleshooter AmigaGuide v2.0
MagiC64_Port.lha   misc/emu     4K   5+Portuguese locale Catalog for MagiC64 v1
PippinEVD.lha      misc/emu    13K   7+ShapeShifter EVD with PIP display, v1.1
sge.lha            misc/emu    21K   5+SGE: The Spectrum Graphics Editor/Ripper
ShapeShiftr310.lha misc/emu   282K   8+Macintosh II emulator, V3.10
SPCRecordPPC.lha   misc/emu    59K   4+PPC SPC-700 emulator V0.90 (11.12.98)
taer199812.lha     misc/emu     1K   7+Amiga Emulation Report / DECEMBER 1998
tr-981125.lha      misc/emu   107K   8+Nintendo 64 emulator - Amiga revision 3 
tr-981125_src.lha  misc/emu   148K   8+Source for Nintendo 64 emulator - Amiga 
TrueReality.lha    misc/emu   177K   3+Nintendo 64 emulator - Version 990203.1 
WinnerEVD.lha      misc/emu     8K   7+ShapeShifter EVD with window display 1.2
wlz80core.lha      misc/emu    12K   7+Wzonka-Lad's FAST GB-Z80 source code
zx81utils.lha      misc/emu    28K   4+ZX81 snapshot convertor and list utils
MultiK.lha         misc/kids    7K   4+TimesTables game for Kids
mummy_d1.lha       misc/kids  403K   3+Humourous Game For Children  
mummy_d2.lha       misc/kids  436K   3+Humourous Game For Children  
mummy_d3.lha       misc/kids  447K   3+Humourous Game For Children  
necb.lha           misc/kids  200K   3+Colouring Book Game for Children  
MathFX_src.lha     misc/math  149K   7+Advanced Charting, Analysis and Plotting
Rachmistrz.lha     misc/math  574K   2+Math program
VintEval_src.lha   misc/math    9K   8+Asm-source of VintEval.lha
ZahlzuWort.lha     misc/math    7K   2+Program to convert numbers into words
AmiSuperLotto.lha  misc/misc   37K   7+V0.92b-SuperEnalotto for Amiga!
AmiSuperLottoP.lha misc/misc   45K   7+V0.92b-SuperEnalotto for Amiga!
ASTRA_fdb.lha      misc/misc   79K   8+ASTRA frequences as Fiasco 2.2 database.
biorytmi_src.lha   misc/misc   12K   3+Source codes for Biorytmi
cerpheus.lha       misc/misc   40K   7+Collection of oracles and more
ESP.lha            misc/misc   47K   3+ESP-Test
kaffee.lha         misc/misc   25K   3+Arabic coffee-oracle
keno-belge.lha     misc/misc  272K   3+How to win at BELGIUM KENO - OS 2.0/3.0+
keno-francais.lha  misc/misc  235K   3+How to win at FRENCH KENO - OS 2.0/3.0+H
loto-francais.lha  misc/misc  261K   3+How to win at FRENCH LOTO - OS 2.0/3.0+H
lotolib.lha        misc/misc   20K   6+Lotolib for LOTO v2.3+ (1976 au 16-jan-9
MWb-pointers.lha   misc/misc   10K   3+A cool set of "MagicWb" mouse-pointers!
physio.lha         misc/misc   22K   3+Character-analysis
PMU.lha            misc/misc  338K   2+How to win at FRENCH TURF- OS 2.0/3.0+HD
SillyDiet_src.lha  misc/misc   12K   7+Lose calories quickly and easily
SpaTra03.lha       misc/misc  148K   8+Spanish Translations Pack 03 v0.76
SpaTra04.lha       misc/misc  169K   7+Spanish Translations Pack 04 v0.5
SpaTra05.lha       misc/misc  192K   3+Spanish Translations Pack 05 v0.35
SWERates.lha       misc/misc    2K   4+Swedish rates for Phonebill (990202)
zodiac.lha         misc/misc   28K   3+Character-analysis
AmiSPICEed.lha     misc/sci   478K   4+Simulation environment for SPICE (V1.9)
DAlmanac_Data.lha  misc/sci    11M   0+Datas for Digital Almanac
DAlmanac_Exe.lha   misc/sci   470K   0+Great Astronomical Program (39.30)
ephem.lha          misc/sci   118K   8+Display ephemerides for all the planets
GBF.lha            misc/sci    47K   3+Life on other planets
orbit.lha          misc/sci    67K   6+Shows the satelittes
WorldMap_bin.lha   misc/sci   1.1M   4+Map of the world (5120 x 3072), binaries
WorldMap_dat1.lha  misc/sci   4.1M   7+Huge map of the world (5120 x 3072), dat
WorldMap_dat2.lha  misc/sci   4.0M   7+Huge map of the world (5120 x 3072), dat
WorldMap_dat3.lha  misc/sci   4.4M   7+Huge map of the world (5120 x 3072), dat
highlandscapes.lha mods/8voic 432K   4+'High Landscapes' - OSS Mod by Mark Harm
triumphofthefu.lha mods/8voic 144K   4+'Triumph of the Futile' - OSS Mod by Mar
alone.lha          mods/atmos 461K   4+Mod.Alone v4 by Johno aka sTiLsKiN
ph-mex.lha         mods/atmos 108K   4+Mexican Hymn
ay-colly2.lha      mods/chip   36K   8+Collection of the best AY musics for DT.
ay-colly3.lha      mods/chip   41K   2+Collection of the best AY musics for DT.
cry.lha            mods/chip    2K   5+MIM`s AHX module done in 1998
tex.lha            mods/chip    2K   5+MIM`s AHX module done in 1998
01_prelude.mpg     mods/elbie 1.5M   1+01_prelude by elbie
02_nocturnus.mpg   mods/elbie 1.3M   1+02_nocturnus by elbie
03_minuette_fo.mpg mods/elbie 866K   1+03_minuette_for_ofelia by elbie
04_impromptus.mpg  mods/elbie 2.5M   1+04_impromptus_vega by elbie
05_symphony1cm.mpg mods/elbie 5.1M   1+Symfony in goth style by ElbiE^t13n!
AHX_Dont_You.lha   mods/evrim   1K   7+AHX chiptune - by eVRIMSSON
AHX_Easy_Ride.lha  mods/evrim   1K   7+AHX chiptune - by eVRIMSSON
AHX_Friends.lha    mods/evrim   1K   7+AHX chiptune - by eVRIMSSON
AHX_Moonlight.lha  mods/evrim   1K   7+AHX chiptune - by eVRIMSSON
AHX_NowYou.lha     mods/evrim   1K   7+AHX V2.3 chiptune - by eVRIMSSON
AHX_Slow_Down.lha  mods/evrim   1K   7+AHX chiptune - by eVRIMSSON
AHX_TheThin.lha    mods/evrim   1K   7+AHX V2.3 chiptune - by eVRIMSSON
BCrisis-End.lha    mods/evrim 256K   7+Sample edition - soundtrack by eVRIMSSON
Meditation.lha     mods/fby   522K   8+FBY 1998 4Ch 3:30 9th place TheParty98
ats-vist.lha       mods/hardc 758K   1+10chan DBM (Hardcore) by d-dYZER
hccb01rb.lha       mods/hardc 257K   0+RudeBoyStyle,wikid Gabber house by Entic
hccb02dp.lha       mods/hardc 275K   0+WeDontPlay, Killer gabber house by Entic
hccb03gg.lha       mods/hardc 169K   1+FromTheGetGo, Nasenbluten style by Entic
sad-332.lha        mods/hardc 158K   2+332 BPM Acid Gabba by Sadista (PT 3.61)
sad-animalpain.lha mods/hardc 146K   2+268 BPM Pain Core by Sadista (PT 3.61)
sad-braco_dao.lha  mods/hardc 108K   2+255 BPM Acid Core by Sadista (PT 3.61)
sad-cvrle.lha      mods/hardc  35K   2+255 BPM Hard Core by Sadista (PT 3.61)
sad-dobra.lha      mods/hardc 101K   2+250 BPM Hard Core by Sadista (PT 3.61)
sad-dop_time.lha   mods/hardc 133K   2+251 BPM Acid Core by Sadista (PT 3.61)
sad-fasmulj.lha    mods/hardc 266K   2+250 BPM Hard Core by Sadista (PT 3.61)
sad-hell_earth.lha mods/hardc 122K   2+255 BPM Gabba by Sadista (PT 3.61)
sad-holy_noize.lha mods/hardc  28K   2+241 BPM Hard core by Sadista (PT 3.61)
sad-klanje.lha     mods/hardc  59K   2+255 BPM Experimental Gabba by Sadista (P
sad-ko_to_kaze.lha mods/hardc 286K   2+240 BPM Pain Core by Sadista (DBM 10ch)
sad-mafija.lha     mods/hardc 300K   2+241 BPM Happy HardCore by Sadista (PT 3.
sad-mali_ivo.lha   mods/hardc 154K   2+240 BPM Happy core by Sadista (PT 3.61)
sad-no_com.lha     mods/hardc 163K   2+249 BPM Acid Core by Sadista (PT 3.61)
sad-pain_core.lha  mods/hardc 241K   2+280 BPM Pain Core by Sadista (PT 3.61)
sad-primar_a.lha   mods/hardc 178K   2+244 BPM Pain Core by Sadista (PT 3.61)
sad-razbi.lha      mods/hardc 218K   8+245 BPM Gabba by Sadista (PT 4ch)
sad-razdr_kuja.lha mods/hardc  52K   2+250 BPM Happy Core by Sadista (PT 3.61)
sad-ruzna.lha      mods/hardc 247K   8+241 BPM Gabba by Sadista (PT 4ch)
sad-ruzna_kuja.lha mods/hardc  62K   2+248 BPM Hard Core by Sadista (PT 3.61)
sad-yenkies.lha    mods/hardc 149K   2+255 BPM Gabba by Sadista (PT 3.61)
zab-coalmine.lha   mods/hardc  65K   4+Pt.mod  ->ZABBA<- industial HC 236bpm
zab-frogs_shit.lha mods/hardc 114K   7+Pt.mod  ->ZABBA<- gabba 230bpm
zab-h_of_pain.lha  mods/hardc 161K   7+Pt.mod  ->ZABBA<- funny gabba 232bpm
zab-lukka_npl.lha  mods/hardc 800K   4+DBM10ch ->ZABBA<- gabba 220bpm
zab-nek_tuce.lha   mods/hardc 359K   7+DBM10ch ->ZABBA<- progressiveHC 220bpm
zab-phobia.lha     mods/hardc 149K   3+DBM10ch ->ZABBA<- gabba 230bpm
zab-zgabberung.lha mods/hardc  75K   7+Pt.mod  ->ZABBA<- gabba 236bpm
aftrtgts.lha       mods/jungl 266K   7+Afterthoughts
Gangstars.lha      mods/jungl 438K   4+Drum and bass techstep by istari
Kanalratte.lha     mods/jungl 289K   4+Drum and bass jungle by istari
Scientist.lha      mods/jungl 488K   4+Jungle techstep by istari
Apocalyptic.lha    mods/med   111K   2+Apocalyptic cool flow med by Ronin
cnstntchng.lha     mods/med   243K   2+Futuristic med module by Ronin
dd99.lha           mods/med    60K   6+Full Yamaha CS1x MIDI production (MMD3)
doves.lha          mods/med    16K   6+Full Yamaha CS1x MIDI production (MMD2)
evolution99.lha    mods/med   1.2M   8+HQ OctamedSS music module by Immortal
MjK-NoHype.lha     mods/med   763K   7+16ch OSS beaty-technotrack by Mijk...
MjK-TheOrig.lha    mods/med   1.7M   3+16chOssTune by Mijk. Doin' it MY style!
MonsoonDreams.lha  mods/med   225K   2+Monsoon Dreams - slow med by Ronin
nightie.lha        mods/med   251K   2+Nightie - Odd song by DJTwiglet
Reckless.lha       mods/med   136K   4+Mod.Reckless  by sTiLsKiN
SaltSea.lha        mods/med    59K   2+MEDmodule using MIDI
theDawn.lha        mods/med   180K   2+Slow ambient drift med by Ronin
tst_asot.lha       mods/med   2.4M   6+Second album release from Transient
tst_bett.lha       mods/med   314K   1+Techno trance rave octamed module
tst_ephe.lha       mods/med   745K   7+Melodic 10chnl oss dance module
tst_fuzz.lha       mods/med   421K   6+Phuzzy house octamed module
tst_spee.lha       mods/med   288K   1+Goa inspired techno octamed module
UrbaNights.lha     mods/med   100K   2+Schizo Insomniacs in Rain med by Ronin
Hamo_Damo.lha      mods/melod 144K   7+Spoochy's 10th OctaMed mod.
Space_Hell.lha     mods/melod 133K   7+Spoochy's 11th OctaMed mod.
Androids.lha       mods/midi    4K   1+MIDmodule created in 8MED SS
Blaskraft.lha      mods/midi    6K   1+MIDmodule created in 8MED SS
Melodi1.lha        mods/midi    3K   1+MIDmodule created in 8MED SS
Melodi2.lha        mods/midi    4K   1+MIDmodule created in 8MED SS
AfterTheWar.lha    mods/misc  434K   7+DBM by Mr.Lou / Dewfall Productions
coldbrain.lha      mods/misc   29K   6+A monobrained xm-mod by sbf/phx
djD-Alone.lha      mods/misc  182K   6+18ch DigiBooster Module from Desco
djD-Search.lha     mods/misc  185K   6+18ch DigiBooster Module from Desco
ElecMemories.lha   mods/misc  326K   6+DBM Dance by Mr.Lou / Dewfall Production
gewrhem.lha        mods/misc   27K   6+A new xm-mod by sbf/phx
Humpf.lha          mods/misc   33K   6+Nice synth-style xm-mod by sbf/phx
newbiz.lha         mods/misc   90K   6+Synth/techn0 xm-mod by sbf/phx
NightInTown.lha    mods/misc  273K   5+DBM Dance by Mr.Lou / Dewfall Production
NoeExpedition.lha  mods/misc  252K   8+DBM module "Noe Expedition" by TAMM
on.lha             mods/misc   16K   7+8 Chn MusicLine mod by MIM
Port01.lha         mods/misc  346K   5+MOD module "Port 01" by TAMM
rutblues.lha       mods/misc   97K   7+A funny "digestive" mod
shrat.lha          mods/misc    4K   6+A short chiptrip xm-mod by sbf/phx
tiny.lha           mods/misc   19K   5+TMUs first MOD - dated March 1988
tmu02.lha          mods/misc   24K   5+TMUs final MOD - dated March 1988
UkrytyWymiar.lha   mods/misc  739K   5+DBM module "Ukryty Wymiar" by TAMM
Bass_in_Snow.mpg   mods/mpg   3.5M   5+Sounds like Drum N'Bass
chz_liquid_.mpg    mods/mpg   4.9M   1+CHAVEZ` trancey bass-kicker "liquid" (mp
DevilzParadize.mpg mods/mpg   3.3M   2+Future devil sounds
DrugsofDelta.mpg   mods/mpg   4.5M   2+Future ambient sounds
Future_Dream.mpg   mods/mpg   4.4M   2+Future ambient sounds
HHR_Lf3.lha        mods/mpg   4.6M   2+Life part III , MP3 tune by Ramboy 
HHR_LSR.lha        mods/mpg   3.6M   2+Liquid Skies HHR-RMX , MP3 tune by Rambo
indygo_sat98.mpg   mods/mpg    43M   4+Indygo-LiveAct from Satellite party by A
IntoTheLight.mpg   mods/mpg   2.6M   2+MP3 version of IntoTheLight.lha - by The
LightInDarknes.mpg mods/mpg   3.4M   2+A dark sound by dELTARAY
morkeleb.mpg       mods/mpg   2.2M   1+Morkeleb. Hardtrance (MP3) tune from Emu
Not_your_Extiz.mpg mods/mpg   2.8M   6+Drum N'BASS like sound
PeopleWL.mpg       mods/mpg   2.1M   1+MP3 version of PeopleWL.lha by Cooksey's
Strange.mpg        mods/mpg   1.6M   6+Strange Feelings. Hardtrance (MP3) tune 
wdr_amiga.lha      mods/mpg   1.4M   1+Amiga in German TV show (MP3 Voice)
flight.lha         mods/pete  267K   1+18-CH Techno Mod by Pirate Pete
alone.lha          mods/piano 101K   7+Fasttracker II Piano Mod by Belial
dark.lha           mods/piano  75K   8+Fasttracker II Piano Mod by Belial
ms-scfo.lha        mods/pop   403K   4+Scotland forever!
ms-sure.lha        mods/pop    58K   3+Summer (Remix)
brm_chip.lha       mods/pro   200K   6+Chip-modules by Broom.
brm_mod2.lha       mods/pro   610K   6+Modules by Broom.
brm_mod3.lha       mods/pro   594K   6+Modules by Broom.
brm_mod7.lha       mods/pro   415K   6+Modules by Broom.
UnderWaterOver.lha mods/pro    87K   5+The winner of WorkShock party by Wolf
happymet.lha       mods/rock  114K   7+Happy Metal (?!?!) mod
p0xod.lha          mods/rock   47K   6+Good 4ch Metall modul by Night Knight (j
apparentf.lha      mods/roz   431K   3+[RMBish Pop Trance! By Roz/Fit^Rno]
izazin.lha         mods/roz   412K   3+[Trancy House remix of PSB's "It's a Sin
Desert_Planet.lha  mods/symph 1.0M   4+Desert Planet  By Thunder
Space_Crusader.lha mods/symph 1.1M   4+Space Crusaders   By Thunder
901039.lha         mods/techn 123K   5+TB303 on the loose!!!
af-bababumba.lha   mods/techn 417K   3+DBM12ch ->Acid Frog<- acid 140bpm
af-pumpaj.lha      mods/techn 597K   4+DBM10ch ->Acid Frog<- acid trance 145bpm
af-transpiral.lha  mods/techn 673K   4+DBM16ch ->Acid Frog<- hard trance 144bpm
brm_cook.lha       mods/techn 335K   6+XM by brm.
brm_prop.lha       mods/techn 608K   6+XM by brm.
brm_refu.lha       mods/techn 238K   6+XM by brm.
DDay-DJNick.lha    mods/techn 819K   2+16-ch. OLD OSS BBeat by D.J.Nick/D-Troni
djD_Daydream.lha   mods/techn 151K   8+8ch DigiBoosterModule from djd
djh_g2k.lha        mods/techn 373K   4+Gods 2000 - A Hotcakes "Remix By Request
gen-acid.lha       mods/techn 1.3M   8+150 BPM Acid by Genacid (DBM 8ch)
gen-izvij.lha      mods/techn 1.0M   8+131 BPM Acid by Genacid (DBM 8ch)
gen-savo.lha       mods/techn 1.3M   8+125 BPM House by Genacid (DBM 20ch)
MjK-NadiaRMX.lha   mods/techn 594K   7+Mijk remixed Spoochy. OSS, Big Beat V.
nwp_sp.lha         mods/techn 252K   6+(NWP 021) - Spuren
SwG-Gakr.lha       mods/techn 358K   0+Plastikman remix (mod) in 4 ch PT! 
SwG-Wood.lha       mods/techn 458K   0+Laid back techno tune in 4ch P.T!
tunnel.lha         mods/techn 157K   4+'Tunnel' - OSS Mod by Mark Harman
amateur.lha        mods/wmr   1.0M   3+IMM: "Amateur" by Chris and the Clones
anotherw.lha       mods/wmr   232K   7+IMM: "Another World Now Falls Apart"
an_m.lha           mods/wmr   590K   5+IMM: "Child of Immortal Phantasia"
bc-goann.lha       mods/wmr   112K   2+IMM: "Goanna" by B.C.
bridge2.lha        mods/wmr    90K   3+IMM-Ref: "Bridge to the Universe Pt. II"
congrgat.lha       mods/wmr   351K   7+IMM: "Congregate"
cr3spent.lha       mods/wmr   1.3M   3+IMM: "Time Spent (On You)" by Chromix
ct_etts.lha        mods/wmr   877K   2+IMM: "Escape to the Stars" by Cap. Trip
dawnrnwy.lha       mods/wmr   456K   4+IMM: "Dawn Runaway" by MindWalker
eoftech.lha        mods/wmr   371K   6+IMM: "The World to Come"
er-cari.lha        mods/wmr   113K   6+IMM: "Carioca Wannabe"
exspearm.lha       mods/wmr   674K   2+IMM: "Ex-Spearmint" by Solo of EiA
gm-twtc.lha        mods/wmr   405K   6+IMM: "The World to Come"
hypnvamp.lha       mods/wmr   7.4M   2+IMM: "Hypnotic Vampire" by Heatseeker
imp-rm02.lha       mods/wmr   1.1M   5+IMM-Mon: "To Space and Beyond"
khazizian.lha      mods/wmr   576K   4+IMM: "Khazizian" by Shaft/DDR Rhythm
k_acadmc.lha       mods/wmr   972K   7+IMM-Mon: "Academic"
k_device.lha       mods/wmr   2.3M   3+IMM-Mon: "My Device" by B00MER
k_dreamp.lha       mods/wmr   634K   2+IMM-Mon: "Dreamplay" by Norfair/Kosmic
k_dsil.lha         mods/wmr   860K   4+IMM-Mon: "'Dream Silicon" by Genosha
k_exceed.lha       mods/wmr   3.3M   7+IMM-Mon: "Exceed"
k_give2.lha        mods/wmr   790K   1+IMM-Mon: "I Give a Little Love (Remix)"
k_gravit.lha       mods/wmr   4.4M   2+IMM-Mon: "Gravity" by Probe
k_ifonk.lha        mods/wmr   215K   5+IMM-Mon: "Ill Fonk"
k_porno.lha        mods/wmr   648K   7+IMM-Mon: "Porno v1.10"
k_return.lha       mods/wmr   2.4M   4+IMM-Mon: "Return to Plent Necros"
k_suckl.lha        mods/wmr   1.4M   1+IMM-Mon: "Suckl" by Zinc/Kosmic
lostsoul.lha       mods/wmr   529K   2+IMM: "Lost Souls" by DipA
mchanges.lha       mods/wmr   499K   7+IMM: "A Time of Changes"
megashit2.lha      mods/wmr     7K   3+IMM-Ref: "Megashit 2" by Libertine
mss-sock.lha       mods/wmr   969K   3+IMM-Mon: "Socks Don't Have Feelings"
ovf_deta.lha       mods/wmr   714K   5+IMM: "Details"
realone.lha        mods/wmr   728K   8+IMM: "Real One"
revealing.lha      mods/wmr   147K   8+IMM: "Revealing"
shapes.mpg         mods/wmr   4.6M   2+IMM-Mon: "Shapes" by Nightbeat & Nevill
viper.lha          mods/wmr   909K   3+IMM: "Viper" by T-Fire/Freestyle Undrgnd
zulurev.lha        mods/wmr    13K   3+IMM-Ref: "Zulu's Revenge" by Rage
13thOfFriday.lha   mods/xceed  10K   4+SHort hOuse mod by X-cEEd/eNdzeit   [PT]
CyberMotion.lha    mods/xceed 285K   4+132bpm "amiga-techno" tune          [PT]
DeathTrance.lha    mods/xceed  18K   4+GOa cHip tUne fRom fLying mInds/fLp [PT]
Diztorted_R.lha    mods/xceed 317K   4+MSX from "NADIA" by FLP 1st at IO5  [PT]
Flea.lha           mods/xceed  23K   4+Music from dentro FLEA BY APPENDIX  [PT]
alike.lzh          mods/xm    256K   1+Listen with fasttracker 2
atomic.lzh         mods/xm    366K   1+Listen with fasttracker 2
ex5rmx.lzh         mods/xm    279K   1+Listen with fasttracker 2
heyremix.lzh       mods/xm    218K   1+Listen with fasttracker 2
IndustrialMF.lha   mods/xm    188K   7+Scum's first release.
joyce.lzh          mods/xm    219K   1+Listen with fasttracker 2
mydefina.lzh       mods/xm    992K   1+Listen with fasttracker 2
rexlil.lzh         mods/xm    158K   1+Listen with fasttracker 2
switch.lzh         mods/xm    221K   1+Listen with fasttracker 2
BeatBox2.lha       mus/edit   293K   3+FREEWARE Point and click music editor
BeatBoxUPD.lha     mus/edit   137K   3+Update to FREEWARE Point and click music
MelodyRecGUI.lha   mus/edit    70K   2+GUI for MelodyRecord
OctamedSS1.03c.lha mus/edit   733K   4+-*AMOREL*- OctamedSS, Freeware after Dec
PlotCMD.lha        mus/edit    10K   1+Let's you plot OctaMED commands graphica
samplee.lha        mus/edit   217K   0+Fast 16-Bit Stereo Sample Editor, AHI su
SamplitudeConc.lha mus/edit   2.5M   3+HD Recording/Editing for Prelude
SamplitudePrel.lha mus/edit   2.5M   3+HD Recording/Editing for Prelude
WaveTracer.lha     mus/edit   1.1M   1+Extensive sound-editor/ -converter/ -cre
WaveTracerUpda.lha mus/edit   250K   1+Extensive sound-editor, update-files
aby_midi_02.lha    mus/midi    77K   3+5 MidiFiles for Roland SC-88
aby_midi_03.lha    mus/midi    41K   3+4 MidiFiles for Roland SC-88
ataruita.lha       mus/midi    20K   4+Urusei Yatsura italian song
b-ptutor.lha       mus/midi   387K   4+Bars&Pipes Pro 2.5 tutorial in spanish V
divert12.lha       mus/midi    56K   6+Divertimento12, GM song by Stefano Regat
felicida.lha       mus/midi    19K   6+Felicidad, GM song by Stefano Regattin
midiIn32.lha       mus/midi   152K   7+MIDI-ctrl sample player for FREE (32 cha
TG300pe14.lha      mus/midi   118K   6+A Comprehensive Yamha TG300 Patch Editor
XGTool.lha         mus/midi   140K   5+XG Editor and Librarian for Yamaha MU10
XGToolset3.lha     mus/midi   325K   1+B&PipesToolset edit YAMAHA XG-Devices
8svxtoxxx.lha      mus/misc    24K   3+IFF-8SVX -> 8SVX, RAW, AIFF, WAV, VOC co
AmTagEd.lha        mus/misc   242K   5+1.73 - MPEG audio TAG ID3 editor
MPTool_1.21.lha    mus/misc    66K   8+Lists, adds & edits TAGs, converts your 
NSM074.lha         mus/misc    48K   1+New plug-in system for Octamed. Not arex
NSM_crange.lha     mus/misc     5K   1+Nice plug-in for instrumentation.
NSM_expand.lha     mus/misc     7K   1+Expand or shrink a range in octamed
NSM_inslines.lha   mus/misc     6K   1+Inserts or deletes lines fast in Octamed
NSM_invert.lha     mus/misc     4K   1+Turn intervals upside-down in octamed
NSM_iset.lha       mus/misc     6K   0+Specify instrument-parameters in octamed
NSM_tnw041b.lha    mus/misc    49K   1+Tracknameswindow plug-in for Octamed.
NSM_transpose.lha  mus/misc     7K   1+Various transposing-functions for octame
offset.lha         mus/misc    29K   6+Remove a DC offset from a Studio16 sampl
play_handler_s.lzh mus/misc    29K   7+Plays audio samples as DOS-Device
PLSTsearch.lha     mus/misc    10K   5+Searchtool for Protracker PLST-files. V1
PrefixMMD.lha      mus/misc     3K   3+V1.0, Prefix OctaMED mods with MMD?.*
QMaster.lha        mus/misc   114K   3+Make/Edit Studio 16 cuelist files with A
SmpteCTRL.lha      mus/misc    32K   3+CLI/GUI SMPTE Ctrl program for Studio 16
TheMPegEncGui.lha  mus/misc    50K   0+GUI for MusicIn, Lamer, Pegase, Mpega, M
zms-kc3.lha        mus/misc   109K   7+Bassline Synth featuring TB-303 style Se
AmigaAMP.lha       mus/play   256K   5+MPEG audio player with GUI (68k/PPC)
AMPlifier.lha      mus/play   279K   2+Powerfull MPEG audio player (V1.52)
amplifier151Fr.lha mus/play     2K   4+French catalog for amplifier v1.51
AMPlifier_PL.lha   mus/play     2K   2+Polish locale to AMPlifier 1.51.
AMPlifier_Port.lha mus/play     2K   2+Portuguese Catalog for AMPlifier v1.51
Deli14BitGenie.lha mus/play    29K   5+STUNNING 14Bit NotePlayer for DeliTracke
EP_JasonPageN.lha  mus/play     8K   1+EaglePlayer Jason Page New external repl
EP_Polski.lha      mus/play    24K   5+Catalog files for Eagleplayer V2.01
EP_RobHubbard.lha  mus/play     2K   3+EaglePlayer Rob Hubbard external replaye
mpgagui312.lha     mus/play   248K   7+THE real Gui for MpegA V3.0 and up
NeonBars.lha       mus/play    35K   1+Warp3D spectrometer plugin for AmigaAMP
SongPlayer.lha     mus/play   295K   1+Cool and powerfull audio player V1.53 68
SongPlayer_de.lha  mus/play     9K   0+German catalog file for SongPlayer 1.53
SPlayer_1.9cf2.lha mus/play    93K   6+SPlayer 1.9c - Minor Bug Fix 2
VisFS.lha          mus/play     6K   4+Fullscreen spectrometer plugin for Amiga
Mad_indygo.lha     pix/3dani  7.2M   6+Animated INDYGO logo by Madbart/Appendix
Gates_DOOM.lha     pix/anim   1.0M   6+"DOOM and Bill" animation
Holly_Benji.lha    pix/anim    25K   2+A.k.a. CaptainTsubasa (B/W)
Jumping_Bones.lha  pix/anim   799K   5+Character animation using Tornado3d bone
kel2.lha           pix/anim    86K   8+An Anti-Kelly Family Animation
kel3.lha           pix/anim   113K   6+An Anti-Kelly Family Animation (3/7)
kel4.lha           pix/anim   378K   3+An Anti-Kelly Family Animation (4/7)
KillJap.lha        pix/anim    24K   2+How to kill a jap (B/W)
Lib.lha            pix/anim    14K   2+A dragonfly having a bad day (B/W)
Malice.lha         pix/anim    11K   2+Have you got malice? discover it now! (B
microsmash.lha     pix/anim    36K   1+Small anim, joke? or is it true? 
Moby.lha           pix/anim    32K   2+Moby Dick, unlucky whale! (B/W)
MyLSD.lha          pix/anim    20K   2+Nothing to do with drugs,they suxx!(B/W)
shark.lha          pix/anim   130K   1+Imagine anim of a swimming shark. 
shusho.mpg         pix/anim   347K   1+(ALN) Shuttle Attack...
train.lha          pix/anim   297K   1+Imagine anim of a steam train. 
Vespa.lha          pix/anim   149K   1+Imagine anim of Vespa scooter. 
Voyager.lha        pix/anim   5.2M   0+SoundANIM scene from the Voyager Intro
wf7_fold_anim.lha  pix/anim   356K   8+Wildfire7\PPC - Folding 1+2 MPEG Anims
wf7_mwave_anim.lha pix/anim   341K   7+Wildfire7\PPC - Magnet + Wave MPEG Anim
Ayumi.jpg          pix/art     98K   1+A portrait of Ayumi
BW-mura.jpg        pix/art    122K   1+Handdrawn japanese village (B/W)
Dragon.lha         pix/art     96K   2+Incredible picture of a dragon made by h
DragonFire.jpg     pix/art    104K   8+Graphic Art by William F. Maddock
DragonIsland.jpg   pix/art     91K   8+Graphic Art by William F. Maddock
Hands.lha          pix/art     12K   1+A face done entirely by hands.
Hermes.jpg         pix/art     74K   4+"Bantu" created by Dr.Ferkel
KamiKaze.lha       pix/art      6K   1+Pixelled Kamikaze logo
KiyomiAtsuko.jpg   pix/art     46K   1+Caricature of two jap friends (B/W)
Nikochan01.jpg     pix/art     83K   1+A cute baby :)
Orchid.jpg         pix/art     40K   2+B/W handmade (then scanned) orchid 
Psyko.jpg          pix/art     46K   2+B/W caricature of italian scener Psyko
RS-FEE.jpg         pix/art    242K   8+Pencil drawing
rs-foldflyer.jpg   pix/art    151K   8+Pencil drawing
rs-foldwoman.jpg   pix/art    369K   8+Pencil drawing
rs-heidi.jpg       pix/art    387K   4+Pencil drawing
rs-heiko.jpg       pix/art    180K   4+Pencil drawing
rs-jt.jpg          pix/art    393K   4+Pencil drawing
rsc-alien.jpg      pix/art    649K   4+Coloured pencil drawing
rsc-bjh.jpg        pix/art    764K   4+Coloured pencil drawing
rsc-eagle.jpg      pix/art    653K   4+Coloured pencil drawing
rsc-ufo1.jpg       pix/art    307K   4+Coloured pencil drawing
rsc-ufo2.jpg       pix/art    383K   4+Coloured pencil drawing
Strajnar1.lha      pix/art     31K   5+3 nice hand drawn pictures
Strajnar2.lha      pix/art     15K   4+Another interesting hand drawn picture
techno-alien.jpg   pix/art     96K   2+Picture of an alien scanned on my Amiga
BoingBallBackd.lha pix/back   225K   2+Boingball backdrops
miracleoflife.lha  pix/back   146K   1+Amiga500-WB-Backdrop image in 724x566x4 
PLNiedoborI.lha    pix/back    36K   6+WB background picture
wboingb.jpg        pix/back    67K   3+Boingballbackground for big WBs
cgxbpsx.lha        pix/boot    84K   1+CyberGraphics Bootpiclibrary with Playst
DoNoEat.lha        pix/clip     0K   2+"DoNoEat!" japanese symbol handmaded
bowling_1.jpg      pix/glenn   71K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
bowling_2.jpg      pix/glenn   74K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
chromechecks_1.jpg pix/glenn   76K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
chromeclacker1.jpg pix/glenn   72K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
cosmetics_1.jpg    pix/glenn   58K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
crossroads_1.jpg   pix/glenn  101K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
crystalballs_1.jpg pix/glenn   51K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
crystalballs_2.jpg pix/glenn   55K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
cube_1.jpg         pix/glenn   84K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
cube_2.jpg         pix/glenn   84K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
cube_3.jpg         pix/glenn   84K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
curly.jpg          pix/glenn   39K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
desk_1.jpg         pix/glenn   49K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
desk_2.jpg         pix/glenn   63K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
dream_1.jpg        pix/glenn   91K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
fogcover.jpg       pix/glenn   17K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
gears_1.jpg        pix/glenn   72K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
glasses_1.jpg      pix/glenn   60K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
glasses_2.jpg      pix/glenn   57K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
glasses_3.jpg      pix/glenn  111K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
glennxsworld_1.jpg pix/glenn   86K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
kaleidoscope_1.jpg pix/glenn   29K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
kaleidoscope_2.jpg pix/glenn   29K   1+Second test with mirrors. This one is fr
legos_1.jpg        pix/glenn   72K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
legos_2.jpg        pix/glenn   92K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
muscleman.jpg      pix/glenn   75K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
nexis_1.jpg        pix/glenn   82K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
nuts.jpg           pix/glenn   70K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
paperclips.jpg     pix/glenn   88K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
peace_1.jpg        pix/glenn   37K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
pencils_1.jpg      pix/glenn   60K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
pencils_2.jpg      pix/glenn   77K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
pencils_3.jpg      pix/glenn   45K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
pillers_1.jpg      pix/glenn   26K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
pillers_2.jpg      pix/glenn  106K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
pillers_3.jpg      pix/glenn  100K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
pillers_4.jpg      pix/glenn   89K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
pinball_1.jpg      pix/glenn   67K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
pinball_2.jpg      pix/glenn   81K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
redmanhomes_1.jpg  pix/glenn   90K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
rgb-balls.jpg      pix/glenn   52K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
sink.jpg           pix/glenn   27K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
slinky_1.jpg       pix/glenn   65K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
soldering_1.jpg    pix/glenn   70K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
starcones_1.jpg    pix/glenn   81K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
starcones_2.jpg    pix/glenn   72K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
streetlamps_1.jpg  pix/glenn   87K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
streetlamps_2.jpg  pix/glenn   76K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
tacks_1.jpg        pix/glenn   52K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
tenticles_1.jpg    pix/glenn   78K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
teraknor.jpg       pix/glenn   42K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
tuberide3.jpg      pix/glenn   29K   1+Raytrace Image by Glenn J. Schworak
GoldedTbarV20.lha  pix/icon    35K   6+Toolbar images for GoldED
megaicons.lha      pix/icon    60K   4+IconoGFXstyle Icons.
ProLite_Mlc.lha    pix/icon   130K   4+A very cool NewIcons set for ProWBLite.
tk_rdicon.lha      pix/icon     2K   8+A cute ramdisk icon (NEWICON)
ZIP-Disk.lha       pix/icon     1K   3+ZIP-Disk: IconoGraphix style icone for Z
ZT_DockBrushes.lha pix/icon   1.2M   4+True color dock brushes for ToolManager 
Apus_grab.jpg      pix/illu    67K   6+Linux APUS Snapshot in 24bit with BVisio
Basselope.lha      pix/illu    32K   6 The X-15 Cruise Basselope
EscapeNow.lha      pix/illu     1K   1+An infamous browser's banner reinvented
winuae.jpg         pix/illu   195K   1+Screen grab of the WinUAE with MagicWB
ball200.jpg        pix/jason  284K   3+PC Answers, Feb 99 commission. 24 bit.
biker180.jpg       pix/jason  373K   3+PC Answers, Feb 99 commission. 24 bit.
error200.jpg       pix/jason  282K   3+PC Answers, Feb 99 commission. 24 bit.
virus200.jpg       pix/jason  257K   3+PC Answers, Feb 99 commission. 24 bit.
BomberAttack.jpg   pix/mark   353K   8+Y-Wing-Fighter attacking Tie-Bomber
Corvette.jpg       pix/mark   261K   7+A Correlian Corvette (Blockade Runner)
Evacuation.jpg     pix/mark   341K   3+Rebel transport escorted by two X-Wings
MileniumFalcon.jpg pix/mark   292K   4+Han Solo's Millennium Falcon (Star Wars)
RightBehind.jpg    pix/mark   297K   8+X-Wing-Fighter followed by Tie-Fighter
ShuttleTie.jpg     pix/mark   329K   6+Imp. Shuttle escorted by TieInterceptors
TieAttack.jpg      pix/mark   229K   2+Falcon seen from inside Tie-Interceptor
Tydirium.jpg       pix/mark   289K   6+Imperial Shuttle with interieur
Y-Wing.jpg         pix/mark   280K   8+An Y-Wing-Fighter from Star Wars
3PBOMA.jpg         pix/misc    75K   6+3Pyramids-bookmark
BannerAugs.lha     pix/misc     7K   1+AUGS Banner (Amiga User Group Spoleto)
IO4Party.jpg       pix/misc   130K   6+Picture by Planet G Productions 
LF_Images_1.lha    pix/misc   253K   6+An ATAT from StarWars trilogy, a picture
MoreSTImages.lha   pix/misc     7K   7+More ScreenTab-Images by Overmind
OFS_WB.jpg         pix/misc   345K   3+OFS Workbench with BVisionPPC :)
snowy.lha          pix/misc   409K   7+IFF picture, a wintery scene
spaceship.lha      pix/misc   203K   8+[ANCOR] a pic with spaceships
c98-1.mpg          pix/mpg    9.1M   8+Riff^Raff's C98 video  160x120x61968  
c98-2.mpg          pix/mpg     10M   8+Riff^Raff's C98 video  160x120x61968  
c98-3.mpg          pix/mpg    8.6M   8+Riff^Raff's C98 video  160x120x61968  
c98-4.mpg          pix/mpg    7.8M   8+Riff^Raff's C98 video  160x120x61968  
mucha.lha          pix/mpg    7.0M   1+"Mucha" animation
BNSMWBpattern3.lha pix/mwb    3.0M   6+3rd BNS MWB patterns pack
FALCONER-Icons.lha pix/mwb    473K   1+Many Cool Icons & More 4 MWB
hricons1.lha       pix/mwb     42K   7+MWB Icons For HTTP Resume
MCSerbian.lha      pix/mwb     31K   8+Serbian set of icons for MagicCountry
MWB-Lanch.lha      pix/mwb     14K   2+My old 8 colours MWB
STFax-Icons.lha    pix/mwb     34K   7+MWB icons & images for STFaxPro
Aquaricon.lha      pix/nicon  204K   3+32color NIcons with screen palette contr
Baticons.lha       pix/nicon  154K   3+Suberb Newicons inspired in BatMAN the s
BetaScanNIcons.lha pix/nicon    2K   4+2 HP scanner NewIcons for BetaScan
FTypeICONS.lha     pix/nicon   39K   4+Nice collection of filetype icons - NewI
glowiconsaddon.lha pix/nicon   90K   0+57 new icons in GlowIcons' style
glowiconspack.lha  pix/nicon   76K   0+48 more icons in GlowIcons' style
GVP_NIcons.lha     pix/nicon   13K   2+Some GVP and SCSI icons in NewIcons form
Heretic-ni.lha     pix/nicon    3K   5+Great Newicons for Heretic 68k & PPC
LightningIcons.lha pix/nicon   23K   1+NewIcons v4 iconset by Lightning
LucyNIcons.lha     pix/nicon  403K   4+Great NewIcons for many games
mufcNicons.lha     pix/nicon  779K   4+Manchester United based backdrops and Ne
newkyicons1.lha    pix/nicon    7K   5+Small Collection of Newicons
NI-pow10.lha       pix/nicon  586K   6+AlotOfNewIcons for POWERMONGER +MagicWB
NI-pww10.lha       pix/nicon  109K   6+AlotOfNewIcons for POWERMONGER WW1 +Magi
RDIcon10.lha       pix/nicon  552K   8+AlotOfNewIcons for RODLAND +MagicWB
RIicon10.lha       pix/nicon   69K   7+AlotOfNewIcons for RAINBOW ISLANDS +Magi
VCNIcons.lha       pix/nicon  283K   4+VC's NewIcons for Games
AMIGA-fantasy1.jpg pix/trace  148K   3+JPEG pictures of AMIGA fantasy
AMIGA-fantasy2.jpg pix/trace  139K   3+JPEG pictures of AMIGA fantasy
AMIGA-fantasyB.jpg pix/trace  236K   3+JPEG pictures of AMIGA fantasy
Cemetary.jpg       pix/trace  131K   1+"Cemetary" by Necroscope
cplayer.jpg        pix/trace   42K   3+A Great Panasonic Walkman
dagobah2.jpg       pix/trace  110K   7+Yoda on Dagobah
EKTemplePic.lha    pix/trace  1.4M   6+Pictures of a temple made with POV 3.1
Jugglers_Odyss.jpg pix/trace  173K   4+LW rendered satirical image "Jugglers Od
Landes15.jpg       pix/trace  250K   7+"Landes15" trace picture 768x576x24
LightBulb.jpg      pix/trace  207K   7+"LightBulb" trace picture 800x600x24
mad-pest.lha       pix/trace  289K   1+Peace-Scenetime edition by Madbart/Appen
mfmw2.jpg          pix/trace  164K   7+Millennium Falcon at the Metalmoon
schiffe.lha        pix/trace  148K   3+5 cute "plastic" spaceships
ShootingTieFig.jpg pix/trace  101K   8+Shooting Tie-Fighter
sohu2.jpg          pix/trace  185K   7+Soulhunter-ship from Babylon 5
starblad.lha       pix/trace  289K   3+Raytraced Spaceship
sw-Calamari.jpg    pix/trace   95K   4+StarWars: <MonCalamari battlecruiser esc
sw-StarDestr01.jpg pix/trace  121K   4+StarWars: <Exploding StarDestroyer>
sw-StarDestr02.jpg pix/trace   86K   4+StarWars: <StarDestroyer attacked by two
sw-TheFight.jpg    pix/trace  123K   4+StarWars: <The biggest SW space battle e
swcovers.jpg       pix/trace  114K   7+Star Wars S.E. Covers (Tornado3D)
turaat.jpg         pix/trace  186K   4+Tusken Attack (Star Wars)
fuji01.jpg         pix/views   65K   2+A view of Fuji (Japan) 924x 615
fuji02.jpg         pix/views   57K   2+A view of Fuji (Japan) 934x 620
matsuri01.jpg      pix/views   98K   2+A temple during Shogatsu[Japan]. 930x616
matsuri02.jpg      pix/views  111K   2+A temple during Shogatsu[Japan]. 930x616
minami.jpg         pix/views   75K   2+South Japan just before Nagoya. 920x 608
shiyakusho01.jpg   pix/views   73K   2+Nagoya Town Council [Japan]. 922x 611
a500ocs.jpg        pix/wb     150K   2+Amiga500-WB-Shot in 724x566x4 by TMU
ABY_WBench.lha     pix/wb      27K   3+ABY_WBench: IconoGraphix style Workbench
BeJagWb2.lha       pix/wb      98K   4+My new Workbench, only Jag make it possi
davesbench.jpg     pix/wb     102K   3+Screengrab of my Workbench
hossabench.jpg     pix/wb     417K   4+Grab of my Really-Big-Hossa-Workbench
LuckysWB2.lha      pix/wb     292K   5+This is my daily Workbench!
MacronWB.lha       pix/wb     819K   6+Macron's BVision Workbench !!
MurphyWB.jpg       pix/wb     407K   5+Its my WB in DBLPAL 640x512 with FBlit!!
remywb01.jpg       pix/wb     217K   4+CybergraphX WB screen grab
RikyWB1.jpg        pix/wb     125K   7+WB Snapshot in 24bit with new BVision Pe
TheBrainsWB.lha    pix/wb      86K   8+This is my PERVERSE Workbench!
VeloxWb.lha        pix/wb     119K   5+My nice Wb with Blizzard Vision in 16bit
WinUAE-grab.jpg    pix/wb     164K   6+A pic of an 800x600 WinUAE Workbench
AutumnFalls.jpg    pix/wfm    282K   7+Graphic Art by William F. Maddock
CatTastrophy.jpg   pix/wfm    124K   7+Graphic Art by William F. Maddock
Celestia.jpg       pix/wfm     47K   7+Graphic Art by William F. Maddock
CountryMasque.jpg  pix/wfm     65K   8+Graphic Art by William F. Maddock
DangerZone.jpg     pix/wfm    439K   6+Danger Zone by William F. Maddock
DemonDance.jpg     pix/wfm     63K   7+Graphic Art by William F. Maddock
DownHome.jpg       pix/wfm    211K   7+Graphic Art by William F. Maddock
DragonFire.jpg     pix/wfm    103K   7+Graphic Art by William F. Maddock
DragonIsland.jpg   pix/wfm    127K   7+Graphic Art by William F. Maddock
FoxFire.jpg        pix/wfm    137K   7+Graphic Art by William F. Maddock
FractalOcean.jpg   pix/wfm    144K   7+Graphic Art by William F. Maddock
Gates.jpg          pix/wfm     62K   6+Gates by William F. Maddock
LifeReturns.jpg    pix/wfm    174K   7+Graphic Art by William F. Maddock
Mapping.jpg        pix/wfm     37K   7+Graphic Art by William F. Maddock
Mixer.jpg          pix/wfm     46K   7+Graphic Art by William F. Maddock
NightEyes.jpg      pix/wfm     58K   7+Graphic Art by William F. Maddock
Parkland.jpg       pix/wfm     39K   7+Graphic Art by William F. Maddock
RainbowFrost.jpg   pix/wfm    353K   5+Rainbow Frost by William F. Maddock
Relief.jpg         pix/wfm    158K   8+Graphic Art by William F. Maddock
RendersMoon.jpg    pix/wfm    128K   6+Render's Moon by William F. Maddock
SpiderCave.jpg     pix/wfm     27K   7+Graphic Art by William F. Maddock
SpiritTrails.jpg   pix/wfm    338K   6+Spirit Trails by William F. Maddock
StormFront.jpg     pix/wfm    218K   7+Graphic Art by William F. Maddock
VeilsOfMystery.jpg pix/wfm    492K   7+Graphic Art by William F. Maddock
Notes.lha          text/dtp   269K   4+Notes print Genie for ProPage4 Deu&Eng
Notes1.3.lha       text/dtp   275K   1+ProPage4 Notes-print-Genie Deu&Eng
CED_HTML.lha       text/edit   61K   4+AREXX scripts for CygnusED v4.2
ConvertWW.lha      text/edit    2K   5+Wordwrap converter script for CED
felix.lha          text/edit   78K   6+GoldED-PlugIn window-list and autoreload
GedEiffel.lha      text/edit   26K   4+SmallEiffel mode for GoldEd 4
GedInstaller.lha   text/edit   21K   4+Installer mode for GoldEd 4
guidecheck.lha     text/edit   37K   5+V1.16 AmigaGuide syntax checker (and mor
JanoEditor.lha     text/edit   20K   5+TextEditor  8 23-jan-99
Skriptmanagr12.lha text/edit  186K   2+Create Script, AmigaGuide ->simple to do
Vorlagen.FW.lha    text/edit  107K   6+Collection of templates for Finalwriter
BalticRimLT.lha    text/font   14K   7+Keymap for Lithuanian fonts
FlodisEuro.lha     text/font    8K   2+EURO-COMPATIBLE, 12pt, serif bitmap font
PropTopas.lha      text/font    2K   6+Proportional replacement for Topaz 8
wbfont.lha         text/font    2K   7+Proportional replacement for Topaz 8
WebFonts.lha       text/font  1.5M   6+TrueType fonts from Microsoft
GetHelp.lha        text/hyper 228K   2+Browse compressed archived HTML docs
Heddley120beta.lha text/hyper 179K   2+Powerful AmigaGuide creator. WB2+
htmledit.lha       text/hyper  60K   8+HTML editor v 1.32. uses MUI.
MiraNAVI14a.lha    text/hyper  62K   3+LHA, LZX, DMS & ZIP in AmigaGUIDE file!
PowerGuide211F.lha text/hyper   1K   4+French catalog for PowerGuide V2.11
2b_Ort.lha         text/misc  591K   2+Polish spell checker by BlaBla, v1.1
AmiToVMS.lha       text/misc    6K   7+Convert Amiga text file to VMS text file
MrConvert.lha      text/misc   23K   5+Convert text PC->Amiga and vice versa v1
MSWordView_src.lha text/misc  842K   3+Converts MSWord8 (Word97) documents to h
MSWordView_usr.lha text/misc  746K   3+Converts MSWord8 (Word97) documents to h
Rashumon3Add.lha   text/misc    1K   2+Choice all the 3 languages in Rashumon3
RenameFont.lha     text/misc    3K   4+Renaming Font util for AMF & PBF with sr
TextInfo.lha       text/misc   14K   7+Sorts unique words in texts after freque
WordConverter.lha  text/misc   84K   4+Converts Word 2,4,5,6,7,8 files to text,
BJCUtil.lha        text/print  57K   4+Canon BJC 7000 Setup-Util V0.2
Epson_400.lha      text/print  13K   2+Epson Stylus 400/440 Driver for WB V1.7
Epson_600.lha      text/print  13K   3+Epson Stylus 600 Driver for WB V1.8
GraphPaper.lha     text/print   4K   8+Print Graphpaper
GraphPaper_src.lha text/print  14K   8+ASM-source of GraphPaper
HPControl_key.lha  text/print   1K   4+FREE KEYFILE for HP_Control!!!
HP_Deskjet600C.lha text/print  13K   5+Deskjet 600C Driver for WB V1.7
HP_Deskjet870C.lha text/print  13K   5+Deskjet 870C/890C Driver for WB V1.5
prtman39.lha       text/print 140K   2+Printmanager for AmigaOS3 (39.19)
prtman_espanol.lha text/print   4K   6+Updated spanish catalog for prtman39
Stylus300_src.lha  text/print   9K   8+Asm-source of the Epson Stylus300 printe
Videolabel.lha     text/print  47K   2+Prints Videolabels with GUI V1.0 (German
EvenMore.lha       text/show  242K   5+V0.52 - A nice textviewer
Fvc.lha            text/show   13K   2+A companion to your file viewer with oth
gute-reader.lha    text/show   11K   8+Display  ETEXT with auto bookmark
Next2.5.lha        text/show   71K   2+Viewer for text/guides/html/datatypes
TextView122.lha    text/show   60K   5+Textviewer for PP,XPK,AGuide,HTML,Pipes.
AppISizer_No.lha   util/app     1K   5+Norwegian catalog for AppISizer
AppReplaceIcon.lha util/app    81K   1+Replacing icons with a new one
WReplaceIcon.lha   util/app     8K   2+Icon replacer with AppWindow
AmySTP16c_src.lha  util/arc    20K   7+UU Encode/Decode replacement with source
Archiver.lha       util/arc   263K   7+A very good MUIGui for Lha, Lzx...etc.V2
CheckX.lha         util/arc    32K   2+V1.47 Check for Archives/Packers/Viruses
FileDiz.lha        util/arc     4K   5+FILE_ID.DIZ Extractor. (v2.3)
lhant.lha          util/arc    38K   2+Windows LHA with LONG FILE NAMES
LZHUtils_src.lha   util/arc    25K   7+Split, Join and Repair LhA files
LZXRepacker16.lha  util/arc     6K   1+Repack LHA/ARJ/ZIP/RAR/HA/TAR/TGZ to LZX
PKDDescript.lha    util/arc    16K   4+Like DMSDescript, but for PackDev (pkd)
SNESDiz.lha        util/arc    27K   2+Creates File_id.diz from SNES Romms V1.8
UnRAR.lha          util/arc     0K   0+UnRAR 2.04.1 (68k+PPC)
X-Arc.lha          util/arc   584K   4+Archive Management Tool [LhA, LZX, Zip, 
xadmaster.lha      util/arc   104K   3+V1.6 Powerful unarchiving system
adx10.lha          util/batch   2K   7+Archives disk images using YADI and LZX 
Boot-Startup.lha   util/batch   4K   3+Programmable boot menu script
displaybeep.lha    util/batch   1K   6+Flash display as an event alert
TestSFShd.lha      util/batch   7K   1+Scripts to 'GUIfy' SFSCheck error report
BOGL.lha           util/blank 105K   7+Madhouse OpenGL Blanker for AmigaMesaRTL
twinkle.lha        util/blank   4K   6+ScreenBlanker for MadHouse 2.60
alertpat.lha       util/boot    3K   7+German catalog for Alert Patch 3.0.347
AlertPatch_dt.lha  util/boot    3K   6+German catalog for Alert Patch 3.0.347
alm32b.lha         util/boot  145K   8+Birthday reminder at startup and more
AmyShutDown_sr.lha util/boot   21K   7+Amiga ShutDown system launcher
autoexec.lha       util/boot   11K   1+The easy way to boot on 2 startup-sequen
ConsoleFix.lha     util/boot    3K   7+Fix a bug in the console.device
ControlV1.2.lha    util/boot   41K   7+Save the BootTime everytime V1.2
EuroHack.lha       util/boot    2K   6+Add Euro sign to Topaz 8 font
FixGetMsg.lha      util/boot    2K   7+Fix for GetMsg() when looped on 060
GameSelect.lha     util/boot   67K   7+Startup-GUI for Games, Demos etc.
getpassword.lha    util/boot   49K   4+Asks user for a password (CLI/WB)
IntuiWheel10.lha   util/boot    2K   1+MouseWheel support for commodities.libra
Kickstop.lha       util/boot   52K   8+Remove Kickstart from A1000's ROM V1.2
mclk32.lha         util/boot    3K   7+MemoryClock bar at the top of the screen
RemAPollo.lha      util/boot   18K   6+A1200 040\060 MMU Apollo Turboboard Rema
rr.lha             util/boot    2K   5+RandRam [VERY COOL STARTUP PROGRAM:-]
RunOldGames.lha    util/boot  284K   7+Run old Amiga500-games.Try this..!
selector90.lha     util/boot  564K   1+Unique launching tool / script language
start_a.lha        util/boot   63K   5+Quick & easy startup selector
ToolsDaemonPor.lha util/boot    3K   5+Portuguese locale Catalog for ToolsDaemo
AssignZ_srp.lha    util/cdity   2K   2+Serbian translation for AssignZ
ClipHistoryPch.lha util/cdity  13K   6+Patch ClipHistory 2.4 for workaround wit
HappyDT.lha        util/cdity 176K   4+Allow all prog. to use Datatypes
MCXPrefs.lha       util/cdity  58K   5+Gadtools GUI for MultiCX 2.80
meautostart.lha    util/cdity  42K   2+Autostart function like Wind**s 95,1.3
meexchange.lha     util/cdity  29K   7+Exchange-Replac.,with new features,2.2
mereset.lha        util/cdity  16K   7+Commodity to reset the computer, V3.1
mewandel.lha       util/cdity  17K   2+Change Basis 2-62 and rom-numbers, V2.3
MultiHelp_Src.lha  util/cdity   2K   8+E Source to the online help program Mult
scrollscreen.lha   util/cdity   4K   7+Scrolls the screen [x] and [y] lines
braco_src.lha      util/cli     3K   3+Source code for Bracket Counter (BraCo)
CDR1_14.lha        util/cli     4K   1+Change directory through a file req.
Compare.lha        util/cli    68K   8+Compare two binary files V1.6
CompareFiles.lha   util/cli     5K   1+Programe with great number of options to
DefSys.lha         util/cli     8K   2+Move SYS: and related assigns.
DisplayBeeeep.lha  util/cli     9K   5+Mini command that do a DisplayBeep ;)
GetHexModeID.lha   util/cli     7K   4+GetModeID version with hex output
iffinfowb.lha      util/cli    22K   5+IFF Picture infomation displayer
LClearRAM.lha      util/cli     1K   1+Small cli utility to clear RAM, but leav
linkdir_source.lha util/cli     3K   4+Sourcecode for LinkDir 
MBMan.lha          util/cli    91K   1+Online manual for the Shell. V1.0
memwatch11.lha     util/cli     4K   8+Auto-start VM when RAM is running low. V
move37.lha         util/cli     4K   7+Yet another move command for ADos (37.2)
nowb.lha           util/cli     8K   6+Stop WBStartUp progs from running
r.lha              util/cli    16K   5+V1.12 Just in time GUIs for every DOS co
SRename.lha        util/cli    50K   1+Advanced rename/renumber CLI program.
WBLaunch.lha       util/cli    17K   2+Simulate WB startup from Shell
CarriageRet.lha    util/conv   59K   8+Add/remove CR before every LF V1.4
fixaiff_jf.lha     util/conv    7K   8+Fixaiff V1.0 fixes aiffs for DelFX
makedoc-palm.lha   util/conv   33K   8+Convert ASCII to/from PalmPilot DOC
nocode.lha         util/conv    4K   7+Fast ASCII code stripper with an edge (o
dir2html.lha       util/dir    27K   8+Create directory indexes in HTML format
Drawersize.lha     util/dir    13K   6+Shows size of drawer on WB titlebar
GetType.lha        util/dir    66K   1+V1.12, knows 1100+ filetypes.
SID2.lha           util/dir   335K   2+SID v2.00 trial, original distribution f
simplefind.lha     util/dir   249K   6+V2.5 of the FileFinder
simplefindupd.lha  util/dir    86K   2+Small Bugfix for SimpleFind 2.5
akPrefs.lha        util/dtype  21K   4+Prefs for Datatypes from A. Kleinert
damap-dt.lha       util/dtype   8K   7+DT for DigitalAlmanac textures
f1gp_bkg_dt.lha    util/dtype  13K   2+Datatype for F1GP backdrop pictures V1.2
ilbmdt44.lha       util/dtype   8K   6+Improved ilbmdt (44.17)
PalmIMGV_dt.lha    util/dtype   4K   1+Datatype for PalmPilot IMGV image files
PCD-DT.lha         util/dtype 135K   7+Datatype for Photo-CD Images (43.9)
RGBx_DT.lha        util/dtype  15K   6+Release 1.1, RGBx DataType for RGBN and 
rgfx-dt.lha        util/dtype 119K   7+Datatype for IFF-RGFX-Format (43.9)
RSND-DT.lha        util/dtype  32K   7+Datatype for IFF-RSND-Format (41.0)
SoundDT41.lha      util/dtype  38K   4+Sounddt 41.8a, svxdt 41.5
YUVNdt.lha         util/dtype  10K   2+Datatype for IFF-YUVN/VLAB images (43.0)
BPPCFix-GUI.lha    util/libs   10K   2+A Simple MUI GUI For BPPCFix
chunky_dev.lha     util/libs   43K   2+8-bit chunky gfx system for AGA/CGFX (de
chunky_usr.lha     util/libs   14K   2+8-bit chunky gfx system for AGA/CGFX (us
gfx3dlib_v32.lha   util/libs   15K   1+3d graphics library for AGA Amiga. v3.2
graphics3d.lha     util/libs  267K   5+3D graphics shared library V15.00
jpeglibrary50.lha  util/libs  257K   4+V5.0 shared library to load/save jpegs
MUI38_HU.lha       util/libs    7K   3+Hungarian fixed translation for MUI v3.8
OpenLibPatch.lha   util/libs    4K   4+Fakes OpenLibrary() to open any version
PalmGUI.lha        util/libs   23K   6+A GUI for PalmTransfer, V2.0
PGPLib1_3.lha      util/libs   15K   4+Pgp.library with ARexx port
ppclibemu.lha      util/libs   75K   5+Ppc.library emulation under WarpOS
prooflibrary10.lha util/libs  128K   4+V1.0 shared library to load/save thumbna
reqtools_patch.lha util/libs   13K   7+Patch reqtools.library 38.1436 for PROGD
WarpUP_CGXBoot.lha util/libs   19K   2+CGX V3/4 WarpUP/Warp3D Boot Picture
wfmh-boot.lha      util/libs  118K   1+W.F.M.H. bootlogos for CGFX system
0VBRRun.lha        util/misc    3K   3+V1.0, Run programs with VBR at 0.
ACInstallerSrc.lha util/misc   21K   7+Amiga Computing Installer Source Code
aclock.lha         util/misc   19K   1+V2.1 Tiny,low-overhead,backround ALARM C
afind.lha          util/misc  124K   6+Fast AminetCD search utility V1.61
AminetIdx.lha      util/misc   35K   2+V1.2 INDEX display, search & more (MUI)
AmiSearch11Dt.lha  util/misc    5K   4+German catalog for AmiSearch 1.1
ARC31.lha          util/misc   88K   5+Aminet Readme Creator 3.1
aview.lha          util/misc  145K   6+Multiview enhancement V1.49
Blizzard126066.lha util/misc    0K   2+SysSpeed Module (A1200_Blizzard1260-66)
car.lha            util/misc   11K   5+MUI The BEST Aminet ReadMe Creator!!!
CDCat30.lha        util/misc  404K   1+PPC/68k (Aminet-)CDROM cataloger (MUI/Lo
checktime.lha      util/misc    2K   7+'CHeCK TiMe' gr8 util by mr_W
ClipTranslator.lha util/misc   29K   4+Translates a selected text using ITAL2.x
DragBox.lha        util/misc   25K   3+V1.8 Drag/Size window before opening it
DragBoxP.lha       util/misc   16K   3+V1.8 Dragging patch for OpenWindow()
EuroConv.lha       util/misc   21K   4+V1.2 Euro converter (french)
FileCleaner.lha    util/misc   16K   7+Rename files in a dir to look nicer
GenRand_SE.lha     util/misc   52K   2+Prog. SuperEnalotto (italiano)
KLS.lha            util/misc   19K   8+KLS (Korean Locale System).
LocaleTest.lha     util/misc  220K   2+Tester of Amiga locale system. v.2.1
MCPPReload.lha     util/misc   26K   6+Workaround for MaxonC 4 startup link bug
MemorySnooper.lha  util/misc   36K   6+Memory allocation monitor
pIRAT-Password.lha util/misc    9K   7+AREXX script to get password from user.
Randyprog.lha      util/misc   12K   4+Run another program with Truely random p
ReFluX.lha         util/misc    8K   1+Automatic memory flusher, beta.
RHelfer.lha        util/misc  157K   7+Helps to solve german crosswords. V2.10a
SetRGB32P.lha      util/misc    9K   7+V0.1 Patches SetRGB32() to use LoadRGB32
tnm.lha            util/misc   12K   5+MUI Make ThumbNails and HTML files.
Tottogol2.lha      util/misc   41K   7+V2.5b-Italian prog for Totogol-Needs MUI
Tottogol2PPC.lha   util/misc   48K   7+V2.5b-Italian prog for Totogol-Needs MUI
VisualGuide25.lha  util/misc   13K   1+Make filelist in AmigaGuide format.
WindowPatch.lha    util/misc   12K   7+V0.2 Disables window activation and more
AIBBApollo_040.lha util/moni    1K   6+AIBB module for Apollo 040/25MHz
AIBBCyberPPC.lha   util/moni    1K   6+AIBB module for CyberStorm PPC 604-233MH
Apollo40_25.lha    util/moni    1K   5+AIBB module for Apollo 040/25MHz
CpuLoadII.lha      util/moni   16K   7+Nice (looking?) CPU-usage meter
ShowMem.lha        util/moni   15K   4+Shows memory fragmentation via gfx
SIATP.lha          util/moni   91K   3+SIATP(System Information And Test Progra
StackWatch.lha     util/moni   31K   4+Monitors stack usage of any tasks
WatchOpenDev.lha   util/moni   29K   7+Monitor OpenDevice() with SerFlags, v1.3
AKPointer.lha      util/mouse   2K   6+Some *VERY* nice hires mouse pointerz
AKPointerz.lha     util/mouse   2K   6+*VERY* nice hires pointerz (v1.1)
urkanpointer.lha   util/mouse   0K   3+Clean looking Mousepointer for hires
agf.lha            util/pack   12K   6+AGF - n*8-bit Sample Pre-Packing Process
BlitzDMS_key.lha   util/pack    0K   0+Free Keyfile for BlitzDMS
xfdmaster.lha      util/pack  226K   3+Rel1.24 Decrunch packed files (exe/data)
xpk_Develop.lha    util/pack  106K   3+V5.0a Compression package, developer cut
xpk_Source.lha     util/pack  175K   3+V5.0a Compression package, source files
xpk_User.lha       util/pack  225K   3+V5.0a Compression package, user edition
ADEml2ag.lha       util/rexx    1K   6+ADE mailinglist archives to guide
FWCalendar.lha     util/rexx   39K   1+THE calendar creator for FW & Pagestream
pictag.lha         util/rexx    6K   4+CED macro to input an HTML picture tag
prgmanager2_2.lha  util/rexx  100K   1+Run Programs, ARexx-Prg, Scripts (german
rndwbpic12.lha     util/rexx    3K   4+Rand WB pic selector with nice features
whichprinter.lha   util/rexx    3K   5+Turboprint printer Selection script (ger
WW-Rech_22.lha     util/rexx   16K   0+A new bill-assistant for WordWorth
WW_Rechnung.lha    util/rexx   13K   1+A new bill-assistant for WordWorth
ViNCEd.lha         util/shell 707K   3+ViNCEd, the final CON: solution. ^Z, TAB
ViNCUpdate.lha     util/shell 281K   3+Update ViNCEd >=3.65 to 3.66
2b_mv_deutsch.lha  util/sys    38K   0+OS 2.0+ MultiView - deutsch catalog & do
2b_mv_os2.lha      util/sys    74K   2+OS 2.0+ MultiView replacement
2b_mv_polski.lha   util/sys    35K   2+OS 2.0+ MultiView - polski catalog i dok
2b_mv_prefs.lha    util/sys    33K   0+OS 2.0+ MultiView replacement Preference
info.lha           util/sys    23K   0+AmigaDOS info command replacement (39.16
nd2-wel.lha        util/sys     1K   8+*WELSH* Datafile for NewDate 2
porthandler.lha    util/sys    11K   5+Improved L:port-handler (41.3)
SavInstaller.lha   util/sys   200K   2+C= Installer replacement (Feb 16, 1999)
StringSnip.lha     util/sys    11K   1+Much better editing features in string g
backclock.lha      util/time   37K   5+Beautiful Transparent clock for Workbenc
backclock_src.lha  util/time   15K   6+Source code from backclock
BeatIt.lha         util/time   25K   7+BeatIt is a beat clock for AmigaOS
Beet.lha           util/time    9K   7+The Swatch  Beat  clock try-out...
bITime.lha         util/time   13K   1+Shows current iNET time invented by Swat
Countdown2000.lha  util/time   67K   8+The BEST 2000 countdown program, screens
ITimeCalc.lha      util/time    3K   7+Shows current Internet-time invented by 
MBClock.lha        util/time   14K   1+A Simple Clock
Sguard.lha         util/time  101K   6+SummertimeGuard 1.03
fungicide18.lha    util/virus   9K   3+Finds new STD trojan/viriis + fully feat
vhtvb215.lha       util/virus  19K   2+Version 2.15 of Virus_Checker brainfile.
vhtvc111.lha       util/virus 394K   7+Version 1.11 of Virus_Checker II
VT_Binary.lha      util/virus 411K   2+V3.15 virus killer, binary files
VT_DocFiles.lha    util/virus 490K   2+V3.15 virus killer, German documentation
xvsLibrary.lha     util/virus  47K   2+V33.17 External Virus Support Library
adda1.lha          util/wb     65K   1+Easy Assign maker
AddIcon.lha        util/wb     17K   1+Add standard icons to files. V1.0
assmas.lha         util/wb     34K   3+Program for easy assigning from wb
DockNet20.lha      util/wb      6K   8+Mui Dock to launch apps NEW!!! Now comes
DockNet20_src.lha  util/wb      4K   8+DockNet 2.0 Source
EyesMUI.lha        util/wb     67K   2+My own personal MUI settings
FreakBar.lha       util/wb      2K   7+Toolbar
FullPalette21.lha  util/wb     35K   2+Define, save & lock ALL Workbench colors
Gurus99_15O1.lha   util/wb    520K   6+Shows infos about Gurus (German + Engl.)
Gurus99_15O2_u.lha util/wb    170K   0+Gurus99 Update 15.O1 -> 15.O2
Locked.lha         util/wb     34K   5+Secure Selected by you 6 drivers (fixed)
MCC_TWFmultiLE.lha util/wb     25K   4+App. launcher, BeOS TrackBar style.
mdisplay.lha       util/wb     48K   8+Calls user-defined viewers according to 
MultiUsage2.lha    util/wb    196K   2+Run a prg when a file type is recognize.
Post_It.lha        util/wb    119K   2+Display a message when a date is reached
RndBG21c.lha       util/wb     10K   0+Random background selecter.
SortIcons.lha      util/wb      8K   1+Sorts Workbench icons. V1.0
Starter.lha        util/wb     19K   2+Run programs from a file requester!
startpanel.lha     util/wb    196K   4+App. launcher, BeOS TrackBar style.
StopMenu.lha       util/wb    491K   1+Very nice taskbar with many options (0.9
SweepSys.lha       util/wb     46K   3+Shows usage of libraries & devices v1.02
TextLoaderNG.lha   util/wb    313K   2+Converts Documents (Word6-8,WPerfect,Ami
uninstall.lha      util/wb    107K   1+UnInstaller for the Amiga! Version 1.0
UpdateNewIcon.lha  util/wb     48K   3+Copies icons from one to another via App
VisualPrefs_BA.lha util/wb     33K   2+VisualPrefs: Bosnian catalog and docs
VisualPrefs_PT.lha util/wb     35K   3+VisualPrefs: Portuguese catalog and docs
winstuff.lha       util/wb     27K   5+Cascade / tile / arrange windows on Work