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|     Aminet CD 31
|     Urban D. Mueller  (
|     Aminet CD 31 contains over 1 gigabyte of freely distributable 
|     software. The newest archive included is from May 2nd. This CD is
|     completely filled with new material, in fact hundreds of megabytes
|     of new material had to be omitted for lack of space (mostly mods
|     and a large game). The contents are (after decompression):
|     1020M  of software newer than Aminte CD 30, consisting of:
|     200 Utilities
|     200 Games
|     200 Mods
|     200 Pictures/Anims
|     850 Files of other categories
|     The commercial highlight is the directory utility Directory Opus 5.5
| Local files at Aminet CD 31 on 5-May-99
| Sorted by directory and file name. Age in weeks.
| A wide version of this file can be found in info/index/
|File              Dir        Size Age Description
|----------------- ---        ---- --- -----------
AlphaBase.lha      biz/dbase  206K   2+V2.2.3 Universal database, English/Germa
CBAdress200.lha    biz/dbase  566K   6+Adressenverwaltung in MagicWB (Germany o
CBAdress200E.lha   biz/dbase  556K   6+Adressedatabase with MagicWB (English)
FLeagues.lha       biz/dbase  167K   6+Football Database For 100 Leagues (v2.3)
hingis.lha         biz/dbase  125K   0+Martina Hingis's singles matches in seas
HomeCINEMA.lha     biz/dbase   99K   2+V1.30 - THE German Video Database
MegaBookSR1.lha    biz/dbase  145K   6+The ULTIMATE Amiga Address Book (Update)
MTRechIII_1_06.lha biz/dbase  1.3M   8+MT-RechnungIII Invoice program V1.06
muil-1bl63-99.lha  biz/dbase  103K   6+Complete 1.Bundesliga (63-99)
StarBase.lha       biz/dbase  165K   6+Star Trek Episodes Database (v2.8b)
VowaData.lha       biz/dbase   93K   2+Updated Datafile for VorwahlenGuiV1.52
alchimylab.lha     biz/demo   158K   0+Alchimy Laboratory Junior Preview [ Scre
golded516.lha      biz/demo   2.3M   1+GoldED Studio 5 DEMO
Wildfire7_3D.lha   biz/demo   742K   4+Wildfire\7 DEMO (7.14) - 3D Operators
Wildfire7_3DF.lha  biz/demo   453K   4+Wildfire\7 DEMO (7.14) - 3D Text Operato
Wildfire7_Demo.lha biz/demo   1.7M   4+Wildfire\7 DEMO (7.14) MAIN FILES (no)PP
Wildfire7_PPC.lha  biz/demo   384K   4+Wildfire\7 DEMO (7.14) - PPC Files
Amplifier_Dopu.lha biz/dopus    0K   4+Load MPEG AUDIO files into Amplifier wit
CutNPaste33.lha    biz/dopus   20K   3+Adds Cut'n'Paste to DOpus5.5+ (Version 3
DeliTracker2_D.lha biz/dopus    1K   4+Load Modules into DeliTracker2 with Dopu
dopus5-bkgr.lha    biz/dopus  244K   0+A selection of backgrounds for use with 
dopus5-water.lha   biz/dopus  235K   0+Water Theme for Opus Magellan II
HTTPlister.lha     biz/dopus   15K   1+View AMINET RECENT in lister +download f
sakkare.lha        biz/dopus  177K   5+Awesome theme for magellanII
svconvert.lha      biz/dopus    6K   4+Convert pictures using SViewII and Dopus
AE26-nederland.lha biz/haage   11K   6+ArtEffect 2.6 - Nederlands locale
AE30-czech.lha     biz/haage   13K   2+ArtEffect 3.0 - Czech locale
AE30-dansk.lha     biz/haage   12K   3+ArtEffect 3.0 - Dansk locale
AE30-francais.lha  biz/haage   13K   2+ArtEffect 3.0 - Francais locale
AE30-norsk.lha     biz/haage   12K   1+ArtEffect 3.0 - Norsk locale
AW120-nederlan.lha biz/haage   11K   6+AmigaWriter 1.20 - Nederlands locale
AmiBroker300.lha   biz/misc   969K   9+Stock charting/analysis v.3.00 (Internat
Calendario1999.lha biz/misc     4K   3+Italian calendar made with TurboCalc
gemsylk.lha        biz/misc   163K   3+Business Chart.WB 1.3+. Version A.0 beta
HomeBank.lha       biz/misc   244K   6+V1.3 The Bank Account Manager (MUI)
invoicer2_91.lha   biz/misc   120K   0+Invoicing program.
TCPhoneBill.lha    biz/misc    11K   2+Tables For German Phone Bill! (V1.2)
Flash-230399.lha   biz/p5     939K   5+23.03.99 CyberStorm PPC/MK3 & Blizzard P
Flash-300399.lha   biz/p5     940K   4+30.03.99 CyberStorm PPC/MK3 & Blizzard P
cgxv42_r1.lha      biz/patch  248K   6+CyberGraphX V4 Update 1
CygnusEd_4_SP.lha  biz/patch   12K   6+Spanish catalogs for CygnusEd Pro 4.20
CygnusEd_4_Upd.lha biz/patch  310K   8+Update Patch for CygnusEd 4 (to 4.20)
PGSUniFilter15.lha biz/patch  246K   2+V1.5 PageStream V3.x/V4.x Gfx Import Fil
STFax3038Upd.lha   biz/patch  548K   5+Upgrade STFax Pro from version 3.0 to 3.
STFax38Upd.lha     biz/patch  431K   5+Upgrade STFax Pro from 3.7 to 3.8
fwml9902.lha       biz/swood   33K   7+Messages about FW during February 1999
fwml9903.lha       biz/swood   20K   3+Messages about FW during March 1999
BurnIt_Driv113.lha biz/titan  100K   3+BurnItMasterdrivers V1.13 (29.03.99)
BurnIT_Eguide.lha  biz/titan   30K   3+Burnit new english guide
CandyFX.lha        biz/titan    6K   3+New Effects for CandyPro
CandyPFRguide.lha  biz/titan   10K   3+CandyPro french guide
EDoomMovie_00.lha  biz/titan   66K   3+EvilsDoom Movie Part 0 of 18
EDoomMovie_01.lha  biz/titan  1.5M   3+EvilsDoom Movie Part 1 of 18
EDoomMovie_02.lha  biz/titan  1.6M   3+EvilsDoom Movie Part 2 of 18
EDoomMovie_03.lha  biz/titan  854K   3+EvilsDoom Movie Part 3 of 18
EDoomMovie_04.lha  biz/titan  2.5M   3+EvilsDoom Movie Part 4 of 18
EDoomMovie_05.lha  biz/titan  2.5M   3+EvilsDoom Movie Part 5 of 18
EDoomMovie_06.lha  biz/titan  2.5M   2+EvilsDoom Movie Part 6 of 18
EDoomMovie_07.lha  biz/titan  2.4M   3+EvilsDoom Movie Part 7 of 18
EDoomMovie_08.lha  biz/titan  2.5M   3+EvilsDoom Movie Part 8 of 18
EDoomMovie_09.lha  biz/titan  2.6M   3+EvilsDoom Movie Part 9 of 18
EDoomMovie_10.lha  biz/titan  2.5M   3+EvilsDoom Movie Part 10 of 18
EDoomMovie_11.lha  biz/titan  2.6M   3+EvilsDoom Movie Part 11 of 18
EDoomMovie_12.lha  biz/titan  2.5M   3+EvilsDoom Movie Part 12 of 18
EDoomMovie_13.lha  biz/titan  2.6M   3+EvilsDoom Movie Part 13 of 18
EDoomMovie_14.lha  biz/titan  2.6M   3+EvilsDoom Movie Part 14 of 18
EDoomMovie_15.lha  biz/titan  2.6M   3+EvilsDoom Movie Part 15 of 18
EDoomMovie_16.lha  biz/titan  2.6M   3+EvilsDoom Movie Part 16 of 18
EDoomMovie_17.lha  biz/titan  2.6M   3+EvilsDoom Movie Part 17 of 18
EDoomMovie_18.lha  biz/titan  773K   3+EvilsDoom Movie Part 18 of 18
EvilsDoom_demo.lha biz/titan  2.3M   4+EvilsDoom Demo RolePlayGame
FDreamsFrench.lha  biz/titan  313K   3+French Guide for FantasticDreams
Shadow060_V1.1.lha biz/titan   94K   2+Shadow 3rd Moon V1.4a 68060er and Pionee
ShadowGVP.lha      biz/titan   71K   3+Shadow 3rd Moon GVP, SX32 fix
shadowV1.1.lha     biz/titan  164K   1+Shadow 3rd Moon V1.4a and Pioneer CDDA-B
Sword_demo.lha     biz/titan  440K   4+Sword Demo Jump&Run Game
DC-ML13.lha        comm/amiex  22K   2+A Lister for the MessageBases of SystemX
MoMail17UPD.lha    comm/amiex  39K   6+Email Door for Ami-Express BBS.
cnet5demo.lha      comm/bbs   1.7M   5+CNet/5 Professional BBS (DEMO)
DC-X106b.lha       comm/bbs    94K   2+System-X 1.06 (eSSeXX) Updatefiles 1.06 
FlufNet.lha        comm/bbs    48K   9+Fluffy Net - Popular World Network
bulllister.lha     comm/cnet    5K   5+Bull Lister Version 1.0
DLG1_27.lha        comm/dlg   1.1M   3+DLG 1.27 Free Upgrade
uuepro.lha         comm/fido   16K   1+Fastest & smartest 68k uuencode on Earth
AmIRC_HU.lha       comm/irc    14K   3+Unofficial hungarian catalog for AmIRC
LogFormat102.lha   comm/irc     9K   0+LogFormat v1.02, AmIRC Logfile Format Ut
MyMatch.lha        comm/irc    16K   3+Display Countries of Users in an IRC Cha
NetbusKick.lha     comm/irc     3K   2+Kicks people who try to netbus on IRC
NetbusKick_Fix.lha comm/irc     3K   2+Kicks people who try to netbus on IRC. B
soundamirx.lha     comm/irc     2K   1+Sound AmIRX Script For AmIRC/WildIRC
AFM3.lha           comm/mail   43K   4+AFM3 - Aminet Ftp by Email (MUI+YAM)
Hurl.lha           comm/mail   27K   3+The Ultimate URL integrator for TCP Clie
iris.lha           comm/mail  283K   1+Email client (SMTP/POP3) V1.9
IrisUpdate.lha     comm/mail   46K   1+Update Iris V1.8 to V1.9
ML-Support.lha     comm/mail   60K   6+Tool to manage MLs, 1.6, MUI, incl. Sour
SnipSub.lha        comm/mail    3K   8+Remove text in [] from subjects (YAM)
StarGate1_1.lha    comm/mail  872K   8+StarGate 1.1. MUI release internet maile
StarGate1_1Doc.lha comm/mail  743K   8+StarGate 1.1 html docs
TMS.lha            comm/mail   78K   6+TMS - TagMySig V1.00 - For YAM2P6
TMS2_0.lha         comm/mail   59K   0+TMS - TagMySig V2.00 - For YAM2P6/P7
YAM20p7_HU.lha     comm/mail   22K   6+Unofficial hungarian YAM2.07 translation
YAM2P7_PL.lha      comm/mail   45K   1+YAM2P7 - PL version by Spider
yamexpansion.lha   comm/mail  159K   1+V2.3 handles recent emails with YAM 2.0 
YAMsp.lha          comm/mail   95K   1+YAM Spanish Documentation v2.0 7.2
zmimegr-15.lha     comm/mail    6K   9+Greek catalog for Ralph Seichter's "zmim
Fluffy.txt         comm/maxs    1K   9+Join Fluffy Net Today..
Fluffy_Guide.lha   comm/maxs   17K   9+Fluffy Net Guide (28-Feb-99)
KewlStory_12.lha   comm/maxs   49K   5+Let your callers make up a story, 1.2
life1_1.lha        comm/maxs   23K   3+Uncrashes Maxs/Paragon BBS Doors
MagicFile_46.lha   comm/maxs  178K   5+Automated file menus & more for MAXs, 4.
shell.lha          comm/maxs   36K   2+A rewrite of MAXShell
User_Msg_36.lha    comm/maxs   13K   9+Another User Msg door for the great MAXs
AGM33c_full.lha    comm/misc  492K   1+FULL VERSION of full-blown German Teleko
Camedia.lha        comm/misc   36K   3+Transfers pictures from digital camera (
cim_v2.lha         comm/misc  193K   9+Caller Id Manager for the Amiga, V2.749
ClipWatch.lha      comm/misc   41K   5+Tool to call Clip/WIT remote surveillanc
CManager_HU.lha    comm/misc    4K   2+Unofficial hungarian translation
dring.lha          comm/misc   28K   3+Distinctive ring for TrapDoor
dvbcontrol.lha     comm/misc  111K   0+V0.68 D-Box/Mediamaster Settings Editor
dvbcontrolfont.lha comm/misc  355K   1+Many Fonts for DVBControl
FTS10_full.lha     comm/misc  124K   1+Remote control program for the AMIGA
GFSPhone.lha       comm/misc   39K   9+GFSPhone (Phone emulator? or simulator?)
LedA16.lha         comm/misc   94K   9+On-line timer/application launcher hybri
MakeFTPScript.lha  comm/misc   15K   6+Make FTP script for UNIX system (V1.7)
nullser10.lha      comm/misc   11K   6+Null Modem Sim V1.0 - Networks Emulators
orion.lzh          comm/misc   18K   1+Amiga<->IBM-PC data transfer program.
Packet-Point.lha   comm/misc  203K   6+Point programme for Packet-Radio (ham)
PalmBackup.lha     comm/misc  176K   3+1.3 - Backup/Restore/Install for PalmPil
PalmMail.lha       comm/misc   13K   3+Sync your email with the PalmPilot
RScript_online.lha comm/misc    4K   3+Online/offline support with Miami
S5-Trans.lha       comm/misc  121K   0+Copy files to and from Psion S5 v 0.4 (B
showguru.lha       comm/misc    2K   4+Shows Guruhistory (AMMS)
SMB-it.lha         comm/misc    7K   0+Translation into Italian Language of the
TagoMiga.lha       comm/misc  101K   1+A powerful PostcardWare tagtool, v1.3
TagoMigaSrc.lha    comm/misc   84K   1+A powerful PostcardWare tagtool (source 
TCounter.lha       comm/misc   47K   4+Counter for Online-Costs (german) Versio
TTimeDeluxe.lha    comm/misc  556K   3+Displays Phonecosts online (Germany only
uprc.lha           comm/misc   68K   2+Generates Aminet upload readme files
MM_PowerFix.lha    comm/mmgr   58K   5+Simple AreaFix, very configurable (beta)
AmiComSysMUI.lha   comm/net   296K   0+V1.25 Personal Communicator like ICQ (MU
sshnote.txt        comm/net     0K   3+Note regarding comm/net/SSH.lha.
slrn-bin.lha       comm/news  385K   0+Slrn 1.2.2  Amiga binarie
slrn-src.lha       comm/news  409K   0+Slrn source code
facts.lha          comm/tcp    45K   6+2.5/GUI Syncronise clock with NTP server
ftp4all225.lha     comm/tcp   265K   6+FTP Server for Amiga.
GetAllHTML.lha     comm/tcp    15K   4+Auto-download/check entire web sites! (v
hserv.lha          comm/tcp   137K   5+Hserv ARexx web server with resume
jl.lha             comm/tcp    26K   3+JustLinux dyndns server client (MUI)
jldyndns.lha       comm/tcp     2K   3+ARexx script to update the
MiamiPhone.lha     comm/tcp    62K   3+V1.5 The Miami Phone Log Analyzer (MUI)
MiamiPhone_HU.lha  comm/tcp     3K   2+Hungarian locale & Matav prefs for v1.5
micq-0.4.0.lha     comm/tcp   187K   0+A commandline-based ICQ client (non-ixem
MiLoad.lha         comm/tcp     7K   2+Graphical packet monitor for Miami reg.
MyHost.lha         comm/tcp     7K   5+Shows your host on one or all interfaces
NetInfo_HU.lha     comm/tcp     3K   6+Unofficial hungarian catalog for NetInfo
PortalOpening2.lha comm/tcp   181K   3+Remote administration tool for Amiga
queso.lha          comm/tcp    13K   4+QueSO/6.6 find out what OS a host runs
rxsocket.lha       comm/tcp    90K   5+Rxsocket.library - TCP/IP for ARexx
Sniffy.lha         comm/tcp    39K   5+The internet body guard
YGM.lha            comm/tcp    68K   6+Checks up to 3 POP3 mailboxes for new ma
term48_HU.lha      comm/term   17K   3+Hungarian translation for term v4.8
SafeEdit.lha       comm/thor    3K   1+Prevents posting unedited messages with 
thor26_api.lha     comm/thor  118K   9+API developer docs for THOR 2.6
thor26_arexx.lha   comm/thor  142K   9+Optional ARexx scripts for THOR 2.6
thor26_bbs.lha     comm/thor   98K   9+BBS archive for THOR 2.6 (QWK/FIDO/BLUE/
thor26_docs.lha    comm/thor  935K   9+Additional doc formats for THOR 2.6 (PS/
thor26_inet.lha    comm/thor  201K   9+Internet archive for THOR 2.6 (TCP/SOUP/
thor26_main.lha    comm/thor  1.1M   9+Offline mail/news/... reader, main archi
ThorFAQsp.lha      comm/thor   13K   6+THOR FAQ Spanish translation 2.6.0
UMSBiff1_2.lha     comm/ums    17K   1+Mailbox flag for UMS
aminet+.lha        comm/www    47K   8+An Altenate Interface for Aminet
arf-wizard.lha     comm/www    87K   1+Aminet Readme File Creator
autoindex2g.lha    comm/www    63K   3+Generates html doc to view pictures with
AWBNetbt.lha       comm/www     7K   3+Netscape4 Style buttons for AWebII 3.x
BoingTransf.lha    comm/www   129K   1+24bit/256 colors BoingBall Ibrowse-trans
DNS.lha            comm/www    39K   2+Check if is available. 1.3 
ffchecker.lha      comm/www    32K   6+V2.1 F1GP website Checking Utility
HTTPResume.lha     comm/www   108K   1+Resume interrupted HTTP downloads
HTTPResume_Cat.lha comm/www     2K   0+Catalan localization for HTTPResume v1.6
HTTPResume_Cze.lha comm/www     3K   6+Czech localization for HTTPResume v1.5
HTTPResume_Fre.lha comm/www     3K   1+French localization for HTTPResume v1.6
HTTPResume_Ger.lha comm/www     2K   6+German localization for HTTPResume v1.5
HTTPResume_Ita.lha comm/www    21K   6+Italian localization for HTTPResume v1.5
HTTPResume_Por.lha comm/www    20K   2+Portuguese localization for HTTPResume v
HTTPResume_Ru1.lha comm/www    43K   4+Russian localization for HTTPResume v1.5
HTTPResume_Ru2.lha comm/www     3K   6+Russian localization for HTTPResume v1.5
HTTPResume_Ser.lha comm/www    22K   1+Serbian localization for HTTPResume v1.6
HTTPResume_Slo.lha comm/www     3K   6+Slovenian localization for HTTPResume v1
HTTPResume_Spa.lha comm/www    22K   6+Spanish localization for HTTPResume v1.5
HTTPResume_Swe.lha comm/www     2K   0+Swedish localization for HTTPResume v1.6
Hunt.lha           comm/www    14K   2+Find and request interface for grep/wget
IBrowseScripts.lha comm/www   175K   4+V1.71 Handy scripts for IB and more
icr.lha            comm/www    11K   2+Restores IBrowse cached WWW pages for lo
Lynx282dev24.lha   comm/www   884K   1+Fast WWW browser -Colors and more now-
mapPlugv13.lha     comm/www    71K   3+HTML client side image map editor v1.3
metalweb.lha       comm/www   493K   0+V3.0 WYSIWYG Html Editor!
pEditorv10a.lha    comm/www    49K   3+Free MUI based text editor v1.0a
RandAnim.lha       comm/www    12K   4+Start any browser with random xfer anim 
simplehtml.lha     comm/www    23K   5+V0.2 of the simple HTML Offline Browser
StreamMP3.lha      comm/www     4K   0+Stream mp3 files directly off internet!
StreamRA.lha       comm/www     3K   0+Stream RealAudio files directly off inte
tidy.lha           comm/www    67K   3+Tidy your HTML - fixes common HTML error
WebColour.lha      comm/www    15K   4+Creates HTML code for coloured text
xhatchfiles1_3.lha comm/xeno   33K   4+Hatches any file in a FileEchoarea
7UP-SLC5.lha       demo/aga    62K   2+"Summer Libation Camp 5 Announce" - wild
a2-phtna.lha       demo/aga   3.1M   4+SHEDULE ONE demo by phase truce & nah-ko
bm-qapmoc.lha      demo/aga    74K   3+Qapmoc 40K by Black Monks, 3rd place at 
C-P_Frost.lha      demo/aga   1.0M   4+Frostbyte by Core, 1st at Midwinter99. R
ctz-rsr.lha        demo/aga   3.6M   6+CONTRAZ: Retrospectacular (Kindergarden'
dcs-neb.lha        demo/aga   2.7M   3+Nebula by Dual Crew - Shining (2nd at TG
dcs-phef.lha       demo/aga   4.3M   3+Phenomenon(final) by Dual Crew - Shining
DKG-JP7Intro.lha   demo/aga   300K   9+Announce intro for Jurassic Pack #7!
easter99.lha       demo/aga   100K   6+Animation for Easter
Eph-Flux.lha       demo/aga   1.4M   3+Flux - 2nd in the demo compo at TG'99
FLP-Elthiag.lha    demo/aga   3.3M   5+"Elthiag" by Floppy - 3rd at Astrosyn`2
GenderBender.lha   demo/aga   6.2M   3+GenderBender - TotalVision (PPC & 68k & 
GenderBender_F.lha demo/aga   859K   3+GenderBender - Fixed PPC Version
GnS-Away.lha       demo/aga   1.7M   4+*WINNER* Demo at TRiP'99 by GENESIS.
ltx-epilepsy.lha   demo/aga   2.6M   3+Latex: Epilesy. Third place at CSX.
ltx-rubber.lha     demo/aga   837K   3+Rubber Mania. Latex first demo.
NCE-VEND.lha       demo/aga   1.8M   3+4th place at MS99 by NUANCE
nocreds.lha        demo/aga   145K   2+Ms 2k-1 fastintro from cromatics
PHT-Schedule.lha   demo/aga   3.1M   5+"Schedule One" by Phase Truce - 7th at A
PSB-7Dni7Nocy.lha  demo/aga   4.2M   2+"7 dni i 7 nocy" by PSB. Wild from Astro
PSB-PUK_final.lha  demo/aga   1.9M   2+"PUK part 1" by PSB. - Freeside`98 wild 
PSB-TV2.lha        demo/aga   379K   2+"PSB Television part II" - wild from ast
PTN-Mansion.lha    demo/aga   1.0M   5+"Mansion Of Illusion" by Potion - 4th at
PTN-Vertus.lha     demo/aga   2.2M   5+"Vertus" by Potion - 1st at Astrosyn`2
smokebomb.lha      demo/aga   3.1M   3+Smoke bomb by ozone. 3th place at ms99!
WPZ-Astrology.lha  demo/aga   2.4M   5+"Astrology" by Whelpz - 5th at Astrosyn`
wpz-frozen08.lha   demo/aga   846K   4+Frozen Pack#o8 - Astrosyn 2 Party Editio
wpz-frozen09.lha   demo/aga   300K   4+Frozen Pack#o9 - Astrosyn 2 Party Editio
wpz-frozen10.lha   demo/aga   476K   3+Frozen Pack#1o -  The Gathering Party Ed
wpz-frozen11.lha   demo/aga   541K   3+Frozen Pack#11 - Mekka & Symposium Party
wpz-frozen12.lha   demo/aga   691K   3+Frozen Pack#12 - Mekka & Symposium Party
ITB-BestBefore.lha demo/ecs    22K   5+"Best Before 2000" by Itb - A500 demo fr
PTN-Rout.lha       demo/ecs   273K   5+"Rout" by Potion - A500 demo from Astros
a2-intro_4k.lha    demo/intro  73K   5+Whole 13 4k intro releases from Astrosyn
APX-Tower.lha      demo/intro  57K   5+"Tower" by Appendix - 7th at Astrosyn`2
Ast_Amnesty.lha    demo/intro  67K   0+AGA 64 intro 
DCR-SEMI.lha       demo/intro  64K   6+It's our contribution for Astrosyn 2
dcs-2cb.lha        demo/intro  60K   3+4-BROMO-2,5-DIMETHOXYPHENETHYLAMINE by D
DKG-2998z.lha      demo/intro  30K   3+4th place at Mekka/Symposium'99 Amiga 40
DKG-BreezeNow.lha  demo/intro   5K   5+5th place at Astrosyn'99!
FLP-Eraser.lha     demo/intro  63K   5+"Eraser Head" by Floppy - 4th at Astrosy
IRS-FIO.lha        demo/intro 435K   6+Intro by IRIS
ltx-ascii.lha      demo/intro 124K   3+Latex: Ascii Attack. First place at CSX
ltx-jul.lha        demo/intro 114K   3+Latex presents: Jul. (suprice compo)
Mkd-SUPER.lha      demo/intro  64K   6+Superpocket/Mkd, 2  at the Volcanic5
Nature-Grid.lha    demo/intro  40K   2+The winning 40k intro at M/S'99
OLB-Legends.lha    demo/intro  56K   5+"Legends Never Die" by Old Bulls - 6th a
PHT-Plastic.lha    demo/intro 131K   5+"Plastic" by Phase Truce & Nah-Kolor - 2
PTN-Gush.lha       demo/intro 129K   5+"Gush" by Potion - 1st at Astrosyn`2
WPZ-Oh.lha         demo/intro 130K   5+"Oh" by Whelpz - 3rd at Astrosyn`2
Beret1.lha         demo/mag   864K   2+1st edition of polish disk magazine
DemoGuide.lha      demo/mag   348K   0+The Demo.Guide 8 rev. 2
DemoGuide8.lha     demo/mag   348K   2+8th Demo.Guide with reviews and informat
DemoGuidePic10.lha demo/mag   586K   2+Pics for The Demo.Guide #8 and later
DemoGuidePic11.lha demo/mag   585K   2+Pics for The Demo.Guide #8 and later
DemoGuidePic12.lha demo/mag   219K   2+Pics for The Demo.Guide #8 and later
DemoGuidePic8.lha  demo/mag   590K   2+Pics for The Demo.Guide #8 and later
DemoGuidePics4.lha demo/mag   588K   2+Pics for The Demo.Guide #8 and later
DemoGuidePics5.lha demo/mag   590K   2+Pics for The Demo.Guide #8 and later
DemoGuidePics6.lha demo/mag   588K   2+Pics for The Demo.Guide #8 and later
DemoGuidePics7.lha demo/mag   584K   2+Pics for The Demo.Guide #8 and later
DemoGuidePics8.lha demo/mag   590K   0+Pics for The Demo.Guide #8 and later
DemoGuidePics9.lha demo/mag   585K   0+Pics for The Demo.Guide #8 and later
Eurochart09.lha    demo/mag   509K   5+Eurochart 9 by Crusaders
Eurochart10.lha    demo/mag   535K   1+Eurochart 10 by Crusaders
Eurochart12.lha    demo/mag   613K   1+Eurochart 12 by Crusaders
Eurochart13.lha    demo/mag   668K   1+Eurochart 13 by Crusaders
Eurochart20.lha    demo/mag   751K   5+Eurochart 20 by Static Bytes
Eurochart35a.lha   demo/mag   762K   1+The Official Eurochart #35 by DEPTH Arch
Eurochart35b.lha   demo/mag   861K   1+The Official Eurochart #35 by DEPTH Arch
Eurochart35c.lha   demo/mag   619K   1+The Official Eurochart #35 by DEPTH Arch
Eurochart37a.lha   demo/mag   663K   3+The Official Eurochart #37 by DEPTH Arch
Eurochart37b.lha   demo/mag   813K   3+The Official Eurochart #37 by DEPTH Arch
Grapevine10a.lha   demo/mag   760K   1+LSD Grapevine diskmag, issue 10 (1/3)
Grapevine10b.lha   demo/mag   779K   1+LSD Grapevine diskmag, issue 10 (2/3)
Grapevine10c.lha   demo/mag   733K   1+LSD Grapevine diskmag, issue 10 (3/3)
Grapevine13a.lha   demo/mag   751K   1+LSD Grapevine diskmag, issue 13 (1/3)
Grapevine13b.lha   demo/mag   822K   1+LSD Grapevine diskmag, issue 13 (2/3)
Grapevine13c.lha   demo/mag   782K   1+LSD Grapevine diskmag, issue 13 (3/3)
Grapevine14a.lha   demo/mag   754K   1+LSD Grapevine diskmag, issue 14 (1/3)
Grapevine14b.lha   demo/mag   790K   1+LSD Grapevine diskmag, issue 14 (2/3)
Grapevine14c.lha   demo/mag   797K   1+LSD Grapevine diskmag, issue 14 (3/3)
Grapevine15b.lha   demo/mag   751K   1+LSD Grapevine diskmag, issue 15 (2/3)
Grapevine15c.lha   demo/mag   761K   1+LSD Grapevine diskmag, issue 15 (3/3)
HDU-fin.lha        demo/mag   784K   6+Mag & utility with graphic interface
JP7.lha            demo/mag   1.8M   3+Jurassic Pack#7 - diskmag by Faith, Gods
MWI-SDV16.lha      demo/mag   1.1M   5+SAVE DA VINYL #16 - packmag by MAWI edit
obligement14.lha   demo/mag   825K   4+Obligement #14 - Famous FRENCH fanzine !
SceneArchives.lha  demo/mag   1.0M   2+SASU v1.05: Ultimate Demo CDs. - 8 CD's 
SP6.lha            demo/mag   1.8M   0+Seenpoint #6 - the demoscene mag
SP9.lha            demo/mag   1.7M   1+Seenpoint #9 by Scoopex [March/99]
tr5_eng_1_2.lha    demo/mag   811K   6+Trashcan diskmag issue 5 (english) [1/2]
tr5_eng_2_2.lha    demo/mag   496K   6+Trashcan diskmag issue 5 (english) [2/2]
tr5_eng_gal.lha    demo/mag   773K   6+Trashcan 5 gallery (english edition)
wpz-info04.lha     demo/mag    88K   4+WhelpzInfo issue#o4. Minimagazine about 
wpz-info05.lha     demo/mag   106K   1+WhelpzInfo issue#o5. Minimagazine about 
pjz_tg99.lha       demo/slide 1.0M   4+Partyslide and report fresh from TG99.
jrm-guil.lha       demo/sound 463K   4+DA JoRMaS: Guillotine (a Mekka & Symposi
jrm-sund.lha       demo/sound  62K   3+DA JoRMaS: Sundance (2nd at The Gatherin
jrm-ulst.lha       demo/sound 923K   4+DA JoRMaS: Ulsteri (3rd at The Gathering
msy-bt.lha         demo/sound 2.1M   9+[MSY] Beginning Times music disk
sHROOMINDs.lha     demo/sound 2.1M   3+SHROOMINDs - musicdisk featuring TRIP/De
trp-as1.lha        demo/sound 2.1M   4+Australian Style #1 by Trip
ADV-ITA.lha        dev/amos    77K   9+Italian adventures creator for AMOSPro
AMOSList-0199.lzh  dev/amos   122K   9+Messages about AMOS during January 1999
AMOSList-0299.lzh  dev/amos   354K   9+Messages about AMOS during February 1999
IntuiExtend20b.lha dev/amos   409K   4+Extention pour Amos v2.0b/AmosPro v1.12+
nrock.lha          dev/amos     2K   2+A simple noize-generator (german only)
RealMix.lha        dev/amos     1K   6+Realtime audio-mixing in AMOS
redalert.lha       dev/amos    36K   6+Simulates a software-failure (without re
sticktest.lha      dev/amos     1K   6+Sticktest <- check all your sticks!
SymBase.lha        dev/amos    59K   2+Database extension for AmosPro
tgroove.lha        dev/amos    79K   6+TurboGroove KillerBeatBox v1.0
tronclone.lha      dev/amos    94K   6+Tronclone - you name it!
yellow.lha         dev/amos    36K   6+YellowAlert - simulates a recoverable al
AsmPro.lha         dev/asm    159K   4+Asm-Pro V1.16 mc680x0 macro assembler
DND.jpg            dev/asm     24K   1+Drag`n`Drop - Library for polygon dragic
ESA.lha            dev/asm     62K   3+Extended Syntax Assembly v1.8
fixref.lha         dev/asm      3K   8+Fix for ASMOne LinkObjects! to work with
noe_ppc_c2p.lha    dev/asm    195K   5+Ppc c2p converters (8bpp and 15bpp)
preass140.lha      dev/asm    245K   8+Compiler for HighLanguageCode directly i
ace_ftp.lha        dev/basic  4.1M   2+ACE BASIC compiler FTP site files
AFM2_Source.lha    dev/basic   10K   4+AFM2_01 Source Code for BB2
BFBBlitz.lha       dev/basic   94K   1+BFB Converted to Blitz, And EASY!!!
BlitzLstFeb99.lha  dev/basic  823K   9+Messages Posted To The Blitz List FEB 99
BlitzLstMAR99.lha  dev/basic  738K   4+Messages Posted To The Blitz List Mar 99
CNKI.lha           dev/basic   34K   4+Converts a brush/animbrush to .CNK file
dbplaylibBB2.lha   dev/basic   60K   1+Dbplayer library v2 - BB2 Include files 
gtshape.lha        dev/basic    3K   5+Blitz2 - code for fixing GTShapes
lotocode.lha       dev/basic   11K   6+ACE source for LoTo98!
MEDFuncs.lha       dev/basic    5K   0+MEDFuncs - Functions for using the exter
multisel.lha       dev/basic   32K   6+Multiple select listviews in Blitz2
NewCommandSet.lha  dev/basic  323K   0+NCS V1.80 - 21 new Blitz Basic II libs t
NIB1_00.lha        dev/basic   22K   0+Use newicons.library thru Blitz EASILY!
outline.lha        dev/basic   17K   6+Blitz2 example of using bullet.library
Prefs2000.lha      dev/basic   19K   6+Cool preferences system for Blitz users!
REDHelpFix1.lha    dev/basic  176K   8+Adds missing descriptions to BB2 online 
StatsFuncs.lha     dev/basic   41K   1+Big update, much easier to find stuff.
ubbinstall.lha     dev/basic    3K   3+Fixed install script for Blitz 2 (from U
UDP_Chat.lha       dev/basic   94K   5+UDPfuncsV2.3 for Blitz-good for Net game
ADOSLib.lha        dev/c       16K   2+Additional DOS Lib for vbcc
cflow.lha          dev/c       46K   6+Show C call structure
CLib37x.lha        dev/c       36K   6+Example.library in 100% C (SAS/Storm/Max
ctags.lha          dev/c      180K   6+Generate tag files for source code
DependantScan.lha  dev/c       51K   9+V1.1 generates SAS/C MakeFiles, w/source
GAPLib.lha         dev/c      232K   1+Comprehensive Genetic Algorithm Programm
GED_Scripts.lha    dev/c        9K   6+Useful ARexx Scripts for C Programming
MEMLib.lha         dev/c       73K   5+Port of MEM.Lib for vbcc
MMULib.lha         dev/c       10K   5+Vbcc stubs linklib for mmu.library
PMM.lha            dev/c      1.4M   2+Project-Make-Manager (PMM) for vbcc
random.lha         dev/c       53K   9+Some random number generation algorithms
Storm_FlexCat.lha  dev/c        3K   6+FlexCat Makescripts for StormC
STRINGLib.lha      dev/c       81K   5+Many stringfunctions (linklib for vbcc)
SUPRALib.lha       dev/c      103K   5+Port of SUPRA linklib for vbcc
vbccm68k.lha       dev/c      654K   6+Free optimizing ANSI C compiler (68k)
vbccm68ksrc.lha    dev/c      401K   6+Sources for Amiga 68k
vbccppc.lha        dev/c      699K   6+Free optimizing ANSI C compiler (PPC/ELF
vbccppcnative.lha  dev/c      493K   6+Vbcc executables compiled for PPC/ELF
vbccppcsrc.lha     dev/c      329K   6+Sources for Amiga PPC/ELF
vbccsrc.lha        dev/c      330K   6+General sources of vbcc
vbccwos.lha        dev/c      567K   6+Free optimizing ANSI C compiler (PPC/War
vbccwosnative.lha  dev/c      353K   6+Vbcc executables compiled for PPC/WarpOS
vbccwossrc.lha     dev/c      308K   6+Sources for Amiga PPC/WarpOS
GBDK-2.1-src.lha   dev/cross  623K   1+GameBoy Developer's Kit 2.1 sources
GBDK-2.1.lha       dev/cross  707K   1+GameBoy Developer's Kit 2.1
z88dk_v1.0.lha     dev/cross  576K   6+Z88DK - Generic Z80 Small C+ Compiler wi
z88dk_v1.0s.lha    dev/cross  165K   6+Z88DK - Generic Z80 Small C+ Compiler wi
ggdebug.lha        dev/debug   15K   6+Shared debug lib with PowerUP support.
Sashimi.lha        dev/debug   16K   8+Enhanced drop-in replacement for Sushi, 
2b_ShowModule.lha  dev/e       23K   6+Showing AmigaE modules
ARexxComm.lha      dev/e       20K   6+Easy ARexx port module for AmigaE (v1.1)
audio_in_e.lha     dev/e       11K   4+Audio examples using audio and ahi devic
bbalance-e.lha     dev/e        5K   9+Amiga E files for BetterBalance.mcc 11.1
bbbf-e.lha         dev/e        4K   9+Amiga E files for bootblock.library 3.1
E-List9811.lha     dev/e      127K   5+All November 98 msgs on the AmigaE Maili
E-List9812.lha     dev/e       50K   5+All December 98 msgs on the AmigaE Maili
E-List9901.lha     dev/e       49K   5+All January 99 msgs on the AmigaE Mailin
E-List9902.lha     dev/e       53K   5+All February 99 msgs on the AmigaE Maili
filevirus-e.lha    dev/e        4K   9+Amiga E files for filevirus.library 2.8
icon-e.lha         dev/e        5K   9+Amiga E files for Icon.mcc 1.1
nofrag-e.lha       dev/e        2K   9+Amiga E files for nofrag.library 2.2
openurl-e.lha      dev/e        4K   9+Amiga E files for openurl.library 2.0
pkb-e.lha          dev/e        6K   9+Amiga E files for Pkb.mcc 14.3
ptreplay-e.lha     dev/e        3K   9+Amiga E files for ptreplay.library 6.6
quicktools-e.lha   dev/e        3K   9+Amiga E files for quicktools.library 2.4
twfled-e.lha       dev/e        6K   9+Amiga E files for TWFmultiLED.mcc 12.4
xvs-e.lha          dev/e        3K   9+Amiga E files for xvs.library 33.17
gtlayout.lha       dev/gui    376K   3+Gtlayout.library V45.1
gui4cli.lha        dev/gui    536K   1+Easy, event driven GUI language - V3.7
IconV9.lha         dev/lang   273K   6+Icon Programming Language
nrcobol_1f.lha     dev/lang   246K   6+COBOL compiler V1.0f. ANSI85. GUI + Cli.
scm.lha            dev/lang   660K   4+Scheme interpreter for R5RS
2b_UAE_Detect.lha  dev/misc     2K   0+UAE Detection procedure
AutodocV132.lha    dev/misc    46K   4+A really neat autodoc viewer v1.32 (OS3.
Backbone_Upd.lha   dev/misc   373K   2+Updates V2.08 to V2.10
CyberAVI_QT_Sr.lha dev/misc   716K   4+CyberAVI and CyberQT complete source cod
Devices.lha        dev/misc     4K   6+Tiny tool to get all infos about DOS dev
FlexCat.lha        dev/misc   100K   2+2.2 - Flexible catalogs (C, Asm, Oberon,
FlexCat_0x0.lha    dev/misc    18K   2+2.2 - patch files for 020,040,060 binari
FlexCat_CatSrc.lha dev/misc   117K   2+2.2 - #?.c(d|t) and #?.texinfo files
FlexCat_Src.lha    dev/misc    27K   2+2.2 - FlexCat source files
GuiGFXLib.lha      dev/misc   230K   3+Application layer for pixel graphics
IOBlixDevKitR3.lha dev/misc    56K   0+IOBlix Development Kit R3
Istar.lha          dev/misc   523K   6+Knowledge Based System Inference Net Bui
PManager.lha       dev/misc    47K   0+Visual C project manager v2.6
ReCatItProGRca.lha dev/misc     5K   5+ReCatItPro v1.00 Greek catalog
threadSDK20.lha    dev/misc    19K   6+Thread shared library for Amiga. v2.0
MCC_TWFmLED.lha    dev/mui     67K   6+MUI indicator LED class
OberonAModules.lha dev/obero   49K   6+Modules for Oberon-A 1.6
ScrollingTrick.lha dev/src    489K   2+Best scrolling algor. for games (doc+src
SoundDT41src.lha   dev/src     53K   2+Sounddt41 source code
FloppyFlux.lha     disk/bakup  25K   1+V1.1, Backup your old floppy disks to HD
SortCopy.lha       disk/bakup  18K   6+Tiny directory/link/backup/copy program
acdb.lha           disk/cdrom  92K   2+CDDB client for the Amiga v1.1
FlashROM_11.lha    disk/cdrom  16K   5+Amiga tool to change the flash ROM of Pl
JoyControl32.lha   disk/cdrom  18K   8+CD32pad ->Asimtunes ->LCD or other.
MUICD_HU.lha       disk/cdrom   6K   3+Hungarian translation for MUI CD v1.13
OptyCD2_HU.lha     disk/cdrom   3K   3+Hungarian translation for OptyCD v2.1
2b_RDBArc18.lha    disk/misc   61K   3+Simpliest way to backup your HD's RDB, v
JsplitIt.lha       disk/misc   47K   2+Split & join files between Amiga & IBM w
Park.lha           disk/misc    6K   6+Parks devices and ejects media
SCSIFormat.lha     disk/misc   18K   3+Lowlevel format SCSI drives
SCSIQuery.lha      disk/misc   17K   3+Prints internal infos of SCSI devices
tequilla.lha       disk/misc  190K   6+Writes Amiga Disks from Amiga Dos Images
xfs.lha            disk/misc  260K   5+V2.17 Multi filesys+.device, win95+mac++
Zip4mat.lha        disk/misc   96K   6+Automatically prep & format your zip dis
saved11.lha        disk/moni  103K   4+Hex editor v1.1, specially for editing s
Saved12.lha        disk/moni  107K   2+Hex editor v1.2, specially for editing s
SCSISnoop.lha      disk/moni    6K   3+Snoops accesses to SCSI devices and othe
RecoverRDB_src.lha disk/salv   16K   3+Helps to recover deleted RDB - source
a2-invit.lha       docs/anno   19K   8+Astrosyn`2 official invitation files
AIOPetro.lha       docs/anno   13K   4+Petro Tyschtschenko interviewed in AIO i
AmigaBounce.txt    docs/anno    0K   1+New Amiga Bounce
Dkg-prices.lha     docs/anno    1K   9+Pricelist for Amiga products at DarkAge
EmailAIO.txt       docs/anno    1K   4+Get AIO magazine each month via email, t
a590faq.txt        docs/help   20K   4+How to bring your A590 up-to-date FAQ
Amiga_MO_FAQ.lha   docs/help  159K   5+V1.3, Amiga Magneto-Optical Drive FAQ
c.s.a.i-FAQ.lha    docs/help   30K   9+Comp.sys.amiga.introduction FAQ (3-1-99)
c.s.a.i-FAQ_g.lha  docs/help   32K   9+Comp.sys.amiga.introduction FAQ (3-1-99)
agpg.lha           docs/hyper 108K   3+Amiga Games Patches Guide
agpg_txt.lha       docs/hyper 484K   3+Amiga Games Patches Guide -AddOn Textes
AmigaInfo.lha      docs/hyper 112K   9+ITALIAN ONLY Amiga Mags Febbraio 1999
aMiGaPoWeR.lha     docs/hyper  67K   9+AMiGa=PoWeR French Amiga Magazine
Amiga_A-Z.lha      docs/hyper  25K   6+Amiga A-Z Dictionary
Amimag12a.lha      docs/hyper 683K   4+AmigaGuide version of Amimag
b5guide.lha        docs/hyper 102K   5+Babylon 5 Episode Guide
BAB5_Gde.lha       docs/hyper  38K   4+Babylon 5 Episode Guide (115a)
BibelGuide01.lha   docs/hyper 770K   3+The bible in AmigaGuide, UpDate V0.6 sea
BibelGuide02.lha   docs/hyper 481K   3+The bible prophets in AmigaGuide, V0.4 s
BibelGuide03.lha   docs/hyper 118K   3+The bible new testament in AmigaGuide, V
BibelHyperGuid.lha docs/hyper 328K   3+The bible in HyperGuide, searchable HTDS
BUFF_Gde.lha       docs/hyper 100K   5+Buffy Vampire Slayer Episode Guide (51)
CDG201.lha         docs/hyper 207K   4+List of AMIGA-CDROMs V2.01 (German Only)
france-amiga.lha   docs/hyper 159K   1+Infos du site (french)
loto_f.lha         docs/hyper 480K   4+French demo version of LotoGUIDE (lotery
Maths_A_Level.lha  docs/hyper  31K   6+Maths A Level revision (ULEAC/EDEXCEL)
MuchMore46Dt.lha   docs/hyper  12K   9+German AmigaGuide for MuchMore v4.6
MusicBase_1.50.lha docs/hyper 152K   0+Music texts database v.1.50
Physics_A_Leve.lha docs/hyper  16K   6+Physics A Level revision (OCEAC modular)
REDD_Gde.lha       docs/hyper  14K   3+Red Dwarf Episode Guide (52)
STEP_Gde.lha       docs/hyper 242K   2+Star Trek Episode Guide (571)
TBOCL.lha          docs/hyper   5K   1+TheBigOldChipList- AmigaGuide:CustomChip
XFLS_Gde.lha       docs/hyper 211K   2+The X-Files Episode Guide (132a)
zeit.lha           docs/hyper  15K   8+Science fiction-stories
Aminet-CD-30.lha   docs/lists  42K   2+Aminet CD 30 index and description
ClassesGuide.lha   docs/lists  10K   4+A Guide of Amiga custom BOOPSI classes. 
CNCT0499.lha       docs/lists 106K   5+*NEW* Monthly UK BBS Directory
CNCT0599.lha       docs/lists  70K   1+CoNnEcTiOnS: May 1999 - *NEW* Monthly UK
DevGuide.lha       docs/lists  75K   3+Guide about  303 Amiga Devices   -21-
DTypeGuide.lha     docs/lists  74K   3+Guide about  240 Amiga datatypes -23-
GHAS.lha           docs/lists 130K   1+Update: database of over 800 herbs
LibGuide.lha       docs/lists 228K   3+Guide about 2309 Amiga libraries -37-
ShopsMailbox.lha   docs/lists 307K   3+New Shops and Mailbox guide 12.04.1999
ukbbslis6.txt      docs/lists  77K   3+List of UK BBSes - Version 6 - APRIL 99
ukbbslist5.txt     docs/lists  77K   9+List of UK BBSes - Version 5 - March 99
ukbbslst5.1.lha    docs/lists  86K   9+List of UK BBSes Version 5 March 99 + GU
Aakt0399GFX.lha    docs/mags  283K   9+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0399GUIDE.lha  docs/mags   86K   9+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0399HTML.lha   docs/mags  229K   8+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0499GFX.lha    docs/mags  394K   4+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0499GUIDE.lha  docs/mags   97K   4+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0499HTML.lha   docs/mags  232K   4+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
AaktInt0399.lha    docs/mags  246K   6+English edition of the infotainment maga
AaktInt0399GFX.lha docs/mags  283K   6+English edition of the infotainment maga
AaktInt0499.lha    docs/mags  238K   2+International infotainment magazine
AaktInt0499GFX.lha docs/mags  394K   2+International infotainment magazine (gra
ACNews10.lha       docs/mags   56K   1+E-zine focused on Amiga News: #10-Apr 99
ACNews_9.lha       docs/mags   62K   5+E-zine focused on Amiga News: #9-Mar 99
AGamer399.lha      docs/mags  811K   9+New Amiga-Games magazine (german) 
AGamer399light.lha docs/mags  120K   9+New Amiga-Games magazine (german) 
agsaku28.lha       docs/mags  1.7M   4+AmigaGuide-Saku #28. Finnish diskmag.
AIOV22.lha         docs/mags  222K   5+Amiga Information Online, Issue 22 (Marc
AIOV23.lha         docs/mags  225K   1+Amiga Information Online, Issue 23 (Apri
Amiga4ever6.lha    docs/mags  857K   4+Issue 6 of the German Freeware Mag
AmigaTimes10.lha   docs/mags  175K   6+German Online Mag (Guide)
AmigaTimes10h.lha  docs/mags  1.0M   6+German Online Mag (HTML)
AmZ_8-AG.lha       docs/mags  156K   3+German Online-Magazine for AMIGA. AGuide
AmZ_8-HT.lha       docs/mags  355K   3+German Online-Magazine for AMIGA. HTML-E
ascene0D.lha       docs/mags  1.8M   2+First Austrian Online Amigazine, Feb.99
ascene0E.lha       docs/mags  1.4M   2+First Austrian Online Amigazine, Apr.99
astorm7.lha        docs/mags  300K   9+Croatian AMIGA Magazine
astorm8.lha        docs/mags  513K   1+Croatian AMIGA Magazine
gadget40.lha       docs/mags  523K   0+German Freeware Magazine
hp23html.lzh       docs/mags  285K Magazine #23 (Feb/Mar) HTM
Mags_txt_index.lha docs/mags   25K   1+TEXT indices of magazine articles
MIPreport4.lha     docs/mags  725K   6+MIP Report #4 speed Edition
NCAUGFeb99News.lha docs/mags  522K   6+Feb 1999 NCAUG Newsletter
NCAUGMar99News.lha docs/mags  590K   6+March 1999 NCAUG Newsletter
NintendoMag.lha    docs/mags   76K   3+New  Nintendo Magazin   12.04.1999
nocover61.lha      docs/mags  1.7M   1+Great german diskmagazine
PCguideTool.lha    docs/mags  209K   2+Guide tool for PCs with Nintendo&Shop
Reflector044I.lha  docs/mags  559K   8+Club mag for raytracing freaks (German)
saku28d1.lha       docs/mags  451K   3+Saku #28 (2/99). Finnish diskmag. 1/2
saku28d2.lha       docs/mags  499K   3+Saku #28 (2/99). Finnish diskmag. 2/2
StarMag17.lha      docs/mags  328K   6+Ultimate German Diskmag, DECRUNCH IT!
woa3.lha           docs/mags   89K   3+World Of Amiga diskmag Issue 3
afd-copy-ru.lha    docs/misc    4K   4+AFD-copyright (russian)
AFD-Files1-13.lha  docs/misc  121K   8+Standard Copyright Note in 13 languages
Alterno.lha        docs/misc    5K   8+Article by Emrah Oral on Alternative use
DzeHistory.lha     docs/misc    4K   2+DAzzLe BBS closed! History (swedish).
EuroChamp.lha      docs/misc   24K   6+Statistics of soccer Euro Champs '60-'96
EvilsDoomSE.lha    docs/misc    5K   6+Called by the rumour of ED is being canc
F1Champ.lha        docs/misc   26K   6+Statistics of Formula One '50-'98
fc_mar99.txt       docs/misc   40K   0+FreeCell ML messages - Mar 1999
JAFEB.lha          docs/misc  243K   4+JUST-AMiGA mailing list msgs for all of 
jamar.lha          docs/misc  166K   4+JUST-AMiGA mailing list msgs for all of 
minidisc.lha       docs/misc  106K   1+Minidisc inlay card templates!
Recipes.lha        docs/misc  774K   5+Over 500 recipes!
scenet28.lha       docs/misc  107K   1+SCENET - Sceners's internet database - #
SCSI-Netz.lha      docs/misc    5K   0+Translation into Italian Language of the
SCSI_PCMCIA.lha    docs/misc  124K   5+Allows you to connect a SCSI PCMCIA read
WorldCup.lha       docs/misc  114K   6+Statistics of soccer World Cups '30-'98
GamesLists.lha     docs/rview  15K   6+Some short lists of amiga games
GamesLists2.lha    docs/rview  14K   6+Some more lists of amiga games
blob.lha           game/2play 270K   0+Ultimate 8-player platformer - V1.1
BomberBlaster.lha  game/2play 794K   0+Newest work in progress demo of great Su
die.lha            game/2play 651K   1+THE BEST 2player duel
SCL_DreamCars.lha  game/2play  41K   3+SCL! - 32k game at Symposium'99   -exe- 
SpodRacer.lha      game/2play 1.6M   4+Full version of this Destruction Derby i
YATAG.lha          game/2play 121K   3+V1.1 2pl action game incl. source
Tanx_squadron.lha  game/actio 3.4M   2+Turn Based Stratergy
XFire2PV.lha       game/actio 713K   3+AGA/RTG 1-4pl HighEnd shoot'em up (previ
Xfire2PVFix.lha    game/actio  31K   2+Fix for XFireII V0.61
Abacus_PL.lha      game/board   7K   5+Polish translation for Abacus 2.20
Ambassador15b.lha  game/board 161K   5+Client for IGS, Internet Go Server, V1.5
Ambassador17.lha   game/board 164K   3+Client for IGS, Internet Go Server, V1.7
JeaWorldWar.lha    game/board 217K   8+An Amiga version of the most famous boar
ProGammon.lha      game/board  91K   4+An interesting game of backgammon. v2.83
RenLeg_CVD.lha     game/board  31K   9+Renegade Legion: Centurion vehicle desig
sol_dt.lha         game/board  62K   3+*Inofficial* German exe for Solitaire v1
D-Gen_Levels.lha   game/data    2K   2+Play all the levels of D-Generation
DC2Lvl-Jewels5.lha game/data  524K   4+99 new Levels for Diamond Caves II
Dune2_Levels.lha   game/data  159K   2+Play all the levels of Dune II
ETW-Pitches.lha    game/data  2.5M   2+Eat The Whistle 2.0 pitches!
F1GP_1999.lha      game/data    8K   3+1999 F1 season data for F1GP-Ed (12-Apr-
fastqprogs.lha     game/data  137K   2+Simple mdl's for std quake and botmods
frogmaps.lha       game/data  1.9M   2+Quake custom maps for optimized frogbot
gm_backdrop10.lha  game/data  113K   4+Replacement Backdrops for F1GP
gm_backdrop11.lha  game/data  181K   4+Replacement Backdrops for F1GP
gm_backdrop12.lha  game/data  452K   3+Replacement Backdrops for F1GP
gm_backdrop13.lha  game/data  501K   3+Replacement Backdrops for F1GP
gm_backdrop9.lha   game/data  198K   6+Replacement Backdrops for F1GP
gm_cart1999.lha    game/data   21K   1+Cart Datafile for F1GP
GreenWoods.lha     game/data  723K   6+15 cool woodland based tracks for XTR
GreenWoodsIFF.lha  game/data  375K   6+GreenWoods IFF tiles for XTR Editor user
HeroQuest2_Bst.lha game/data    7K   1+More kicks with HeroQuestII
LatexREKO.lha      game/data  544K   4+Latex girls cardset for Klondike AGA
MaP_gameV.lha      game/data  981K   5+Another cardset for game MarryAmPic
Qb3demo2.lha       game/data   60K   8+QuakeBoost3 version of demo2 !
Qboost3demo.lha    game/data   72K   8+QuakeBoost3, Skill3 E1M1, Fast!
swosbra1.lha       game/data    7K   5+Swos Brazilian Datafile season 98/99
swosfra1.lha       game/data   13K   6+Swos French Datafile season 98/99
TheDCFiles.lha     game/data  423K   6+3 landscapes & 3 custom levels for WORMS
TheWRMFiles.lha    game/data  856K   7+33 damn good custom levels for WORMS
waltz.lha          game/data  275K   3+Quake Level (for PainKeep)
WDC_Candy.lha      game/data   94K   5+EXCELLENT "Candy Land" WormsDC DIY Land 
xavworms.lha       game/data  380K   8+Some stunning levels for Worms from XavP
DocDM2.lha         game/demo  1.0M   5+Quake Inet-DM-demo, rec.on 060/66
Moonbases_demo.lha game/demo  680K   0+Moonbases playable demo (AGA)
Moon_RTG_demo.lha  game/demo  592K   0+Moonbases playable demo (graphics card)
NuxP2.lha          game/demo  614K   6+Second preview of NUXELIA!
pf_demo.lha        game/demo  562K   4+The upcomming release from Alive. v1.1
skoolzout.lha      game/demo   77K   3+Skool Daze & Back to Skool clone!
heroes2.lha        game/gag    25K   8+Funny short-stories
hseher.lha         game/gag    22K   8+Can read your mind
spiralo.lha        game/gag    23K   8+Life inside the Amiga
ACB_Pics_V1.2.lha  game/hint  857K   5+Pics for Amiga Cheat-Box 1.2
ACheatBox-HTML.lha game/hint  1.4M   6+Cheats & more V1.3 (german)
AmigaCheatBox.lha  game/hint  814K   6+Cheats & more V1.3 (german)
psx-cheats.lha     game/hint  250K   2+GERMAN playstation cheats collection
ufo-cheater-en.lha game/hint   68K   9+Cheat Tool (UFO ECS) english V 1.3
ufo-cheater-ge.lha game/hint   71K   9+Cheat Tool (UFO ECS) deutsch V 1.3
bouldercaves.lha   game/jump  268K   3+V4.27, BoulderDaesh Caves Archive
boulderdaesh.lha   game/jump  705K   3+V4.27, BoulderDaesh Main Archive
bouldergames.lha   game/jump  1.1M   3+V4.27, BoulderDaesh Games Archive
bouldergraph.lha   game/jump  151K   3+V4.27, BoulderDaesh Graphics Archive
bouldersound.lha   game/jump  160K   3+V4.27, BoulderDaesh Sound Archive
FaYoh.lha          game/jump  435K   4+Full version of a GianaSisters-style pla
FaYoh2.lha         game/jump  800K   6+Full version of a nice SuperMarioWorld-s
superbobdylan.lha  game/jump  546K   4+A Super Mario-inspired platform game
amigotchyfull.lha  game/misc  453K   1+Free full version of the first *REAL* vi
anoidfix.lha       game/misc   34K   9+IMPORTANT! In Anoid.lha this file is mis
Arkanos.lha        game/misc  160K   2+Break out game with new features
bobblep.lha        game/misc  194K   2+A Puzzle Bobble clone
Demolicious.lha    game/misc   53K   1+Quake demo editor
F1GP-Ed.lha        game/misc  558K   2+Formula One Grand Prix / WC Editor V3.44
F1GP-Ed_Upd342.lha game/misc   89K   2+Patch F1GP-Ed 3.42 to 3.44
F1GP-Ed_Upd343.lha game/misc   54K   2+Patch F1GP-Ed 3.43 to 3.44
fu_smht.lha        game/misc  1.9M   3+German indoor championships (football ma
GuiCreator.lha     game/misc  162K   3+A program to make Gui s for commands/pro
hereticportal.lha  game/misc   15K   9+The Ultimate MUI for all Heretic ports.
mau-mau_src.lzh    game/misc    8K   5+C-Source Code for V1.4 
ovenbird.lha       game/misc  313K   4+An arcade-adventure - Ovenbird v0.50
ovenbirded.lha     game/misc  239K   4+Editors for Ovenbird v0.50
ovenbird_src.lha   game/misc   41K   5+Source codes for Ovenbird v0.50
PlayFKiss.lha      game/misc   48K   6+Kisekae player, 2.08
QSpeedGuide.lha    game/misc   13K   2+Guide for speeding up Quake modification
RushHour_16a.lha   game/misc  344K   5+Switch trafficlights, like C64 Traffic
SCL_SuperBall.lha  game/misc   45K   3+SCL! - 32k game at Symposium'99   -exe- 
Starbase.lha       game/misc  235K   6+Build up new base like UTOPIA
VoxelRaceWOS.lha   game/misc  509K   3+Fixed PPC/WOS Voxelracing-Game
1999pilots.lha     game/patch   1K   3+1999 pilots for F1GP
actftrhd.lha       game/patch  14K   0+HD Installer for Action Fighter v1.0
anrchyhd.lha       game/patch  14K   0+HD Installer for Anarchy v1.0
aquanthd.lha       game/patch  15K   0+HD Installer for Aquanaut v1.0
armlythd.lha       game/patch  15K   0+HD Installer for Armalyte v1.1
atrkidhd.lha       game/patch   8K   0+HD Installer for Atomic Robo-Kid v1.2
baalhd.lha         game/patch  13K   0+HD Installer for Baal v1.0b
barbarianiihd.lha  game/patch   8K   3+HD-Installer for Barbarian II V1.0
barthd.lha         game/patch  14K   0+HD Installer for Bart vs the Space Mutan
beaverhd.lha       game/patch  14K   0+HD Installer for Beavers v1.1
birdsofpreyhd.lha  game/patch  13K   5+HD-Installer & fix for Birds Of Prey V1.
blordhd.lha        game/patch  13K   0+HD Installer for Beastlord v1.0
brathd.lha         game/patch   6K   0+HD Installer for Brat v1.1
brtwldhd.lha       game/patch  14K   0+HD Installer for Bart VS the World v1.0
cartonhd.lha       game/patch   6K   0+HD Installer for Cartoon Collection v1.0
cduck2hd.lha       game/patch   6K   0+HD Installer for Count Duckula II v1.0
cduckhd.lha        game/patch   6K   0+HD-Installer for Count Duckula V1.0
civhack.lha        game/patch 196K   3+Saved game editor for Civilization
cjusahd.lha        game/patch   6K   0+HD Installer for CJ In the USA v1.0b
ckdizyhd.lha       game/patch  14K   0+HD Installer for Crystal Kingdom Dizzy v
cpunkshd.lha       game/patch   8K   0+HD Installer for Cyberpunks v1.0
creatrhd.lha       game/patch  15K   0+HD Installer for Creatures v1.0
ddlbughd.lha       game/patch   8K   0+HD Installer for Doodlebug v1.2
denisahd.lha       game/patch   6K   0+HD Installer for Dennis AGA v1.3 (JST)
dizyeahd.lha       game/patch   8K   0+HD Installer for Dizzy's Excellent Adv v
drillrhd.lha       game/patch   6K   0+HD Installer for Driller v1.0
drksidhd.lha       game/patch   6K   0+HD Installer for Dark Side v1.0
dscapehd.lha       game/patch   6K   0+HD Installer for Dragonscape v1.0
ETW-20-201p.lha    game/patch  33K   2+Eat The Whistle 2.0 -> 2.01 68k/PPC fix!
ETW-CD20p.lha      game/patch 509K   2+Eat The Whistle 2.0 68k/PPC version!
eyehrshd.lha       game/patch  21K   0+HD Installer for Eye of Horus v.9
fnltrphd.lha       game/patch   6K   0+HD Installer for Final Trip v1.0
frblsthd.lha       game/patch   6K   0+HD Installer for Fireblaster v1.0
frogbot.lha        game/patch 573K   2+Optimized Frogbot for quake
gotazthd.lha       game/patch   8K   0+HD Installer for Gold of the Aztecs v1.0
harlqnhd.lha       game/patch   6K   0+HD Installer for Harlequin v1.0
hemdalhd.lha       game/patch   7K   0+HD Installer for Heimdall v1.2
indyhd.lha         game/patch  15K   0+HD Installer for Indy - Last Crusade (Ac
infesthd.lha       game/patch  16K   0+HD Installer for Infestation v.9b
jst.lha            game/patch 142K   3+JOTD Startup for HD Installs & Degrader 
jst_dev.lha        game/patch 514K   3+JOTD Startup for HD Installs & Degrader 
JWWSInstall.lha    game/patch  71K   3+Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker HD Insta
kidgiihd.lha       game/patch  14K   0+HD Installer for Kid Gloves II v1.0
KVKCChlng.lha      game/patch  11K   6+HD Installer for Chips Challenge V1.0
KVKShaqFu.lha      game/patch  12K   6+HD installer for ShaqFu AGA/ECS
laherohd.lha       game/patch   7K   0+HD Installer for Last Action Hero v1.0
lastdlhd.lha       game/patch  18K   0+HD Installer for Last Duel v1.0
lchaoshd.lha       game/patch   8K   0+HD Installer for Lords of Chaos v1.0
lweapnhd.lha       game/patch   7K   0+HD Installer for Lethal Weapon v1.1
mcdnldhd.lha       game/patch  14K   0+HD Installer for McDonaldLand v1.1
mjrmtnhd.lha       game/patch   6K   0+HD Installer for Major Motion v1.0
mnshnrhd.lha       game/patch   6K   0+HD Installer for Moonshine Racers v1.0
MortalKombat2H.lha game/patch   5K   5+MortalKombat2_Hd {4 disks)
nicky2hd.lha       game/patch   6K   0+HD Installer for Nicky Boom II v1.0
nspirthd.lha       game/patch   6K   0+HD Installer for Ninja Spirit v1.1
onestphd.lha       game/patch   8K   0+HD Installer for One Step Beyond v1.1
orkhd.lha          game/patch  15K   0+HD Installer for Ork v1.1d
otlagahd.lha       game/patch   6K   0+HD Installer for Out To Lunch AGA v1.2
pyrmaxhd.lha       game/patch   6K   0+HD Installer for Pyramax v1.0
Qboost3.lha        game/patch 342K   8+Qboost3, Best Quake speedup!
rainbwhd.lha       game/patch  19K   0+HD Installer for Rainbow Islands v1.1
satanhd.lha        game/patch   7K   0+HD Installer for Satan v1.0
scifihd.lha        game/patch   7K   0+HD Installer for SCI-FI Collection v1.0
slkwrmhd.lha       game/patch  18K   0+HD Installer for Silkworm v1.3c
smagichd.lha       game/patch   6K   0+HD Installer for Slightly Magic v1.0b
sootyhd.lha        game/patch   6K   0+HD Installer for Sooty & Sweep v1.0
sotb3hd.lha        game/patch   8K   5+HD Installer for Shadow Of The Beast III
spacehulkhd.lha    game/patch  25K   3+HD Installer for Space Hulk V1.0
splbndhd.lha       game/patch  14K   0+HD Installer for Spellbound v1.0
spndzyhd.lha       game/patch   8K   0+HD Installer for Spindizzy Worlds v1.0
strmblhd.lha       game/patch   6K   0+HD Installer for Stormball v1.2b
strmldhd.lha       game/patch   7K   0+HD Installer for Stormlord v1.1
supercarshd.lha    game/patch  10K   1+HD-Installer & fix for Supercars V1.1
swalkhd.lha        game/patch   7K   1+HD-Installer for SleepWalker AGA V1.0b
SWOSEd.lha         game/patch 220K   1+V1.85. Team editor for SWOS. (MUI)
teclpshd.lha       game/patch   6K   0+HD Installer for Total Eclipse v1.0
thrilthd.lha       game/patch  13K   0+HD Installer for Thrill Time v1.0
tmachnhd.lha       game/patch   7K   0+HD Installer for Time Machine v1.0
toobinhd.lha       game/patch   8K   0+HD Installer for Toobin v1.1
unixcmds.lha       game/patch 103K   5+Port of simple un*x commands
vcrunhd.lha        game/patch   6K   0+HD Installer for Vector Championship Run
wdywldhd.lha       game/patch  14K   0+HD Installer for Woody's World v1.1b
WHDCybEmpires.lha  game/patch  21K   3+HD Installer for Cyber Empires
WHDElite2.lha      game/patch  28K   3+HD Installer for Elite V2.0
WHDKatakis.lha     game/patch  18K   4+HD Installer for Katakis
WHDShinobi.lha     game/patch  18K   6+HD Installer for Shinobi
WHDSteelEmpire.lha game/patch  21K   3+HD Installer for Steel Empire
WHDStryx.lha       game/patch  29K   4+HD Installer for Stryx
WHD_Lotus2.lha     game/patch   9K   6+HD installer for Lotus 2 (original)
wickedhd.lha       game/patch  11K   0+HD Installer for Wicked v1.0
wrekrshd.lha       game/patch  16K   0+HD Installer for Wreckers v1.0
xtru.lha           game/patch  88K   1+Track installer and manager for XTreme R
zarthrhd.lha       game/patch   8K   0+HD Installer for Zarathrusta v1.2
hg_aztec.lha       game/role   10K   6+Hired Guns char-GoldOfTheAztec
hg_clebard.lha     game/role    6K   6+Hired Guns char gfx-Clebard
hg_hardos.lha      game/role    8K   6+Hired Guns char gfx-Hardos
hg_k-lemming.lha   game/role    8K   6+Hired Guns char gfx-K-Lemming
hg_ninjaw.lha      game/role    7K   6+Hired Guns char gfx-Ninjaw
hg_rodland.lha     game/role    8K   6+Hired Guns char gfx-Rodland
hg_satanik.lha     game/role   10K   6+Hired Guns char gfx-SatanikEX3
ADescentPPC.lha    game/shoot 593K   0+Amiga Descent Version 0.8 (PPC,WarpUp)
ADescentPPCW3D.lha game/shoot 612K   0+Amiga Descent Version 0.8 (PPC,Warp3D)
battlezone1.4.lha  game/shoot 451K   2+Tank game beta for 3D graphics card
cblast.lha         game/shoot 1.1M   4+Fine game like Dungeon Master & Hired GU
Heretic.lha        game/shoot 791K   0+Heretic Amiga Port v1.1 (68k & PPC)
seuckers.lha       game/shoot 146K   6+2 EXCELLENT (snigger) SEUCK games
VAxen.lha          game/shoot 372K   1+VAxen - Hexen Amiga Port v0.8 (PPC)
warphexen.lha      game/shoot 263K   0+Hexen for PowerPC (WarpUP)
Wolf3D.lha         game/shoot  96K   4+Wolfenstein 3D Amiga Port v0.15 (68k)
stefadv2.lha       game/text   64K   9+2nd little italian text adventure
C8french.lha       game/think  20K   1+FRENCH Crazy 8 translation +simpson corr
MUIMine.lha        game/think 154K   0+MUI based Minesweeper game V1.2
SBoom20.lha        game/think 183K   8+Very Configurable MineSweeper.ALL Amigas
SCL_Workaholic.lha game/think  41K   3+SCL! - 32k game at Symposium'99   -exe- 
soliton200.lha     game/think 310K   6+Klondike & Freecell card game, MUI
Soliton_HU.lha     game/think   3K   5+Hungarian translation for Soliton v2.00
Soliton_PL.lha     game/think   8K   5+Polish translation for Soliton 2
startrekanm.lha    game/think 3.1M   5+Optional Anims My Star Trek Game
startrekprg.lha    game/think 1.0M   2+Updated Star Trek Game! Hires graphics!
TaskForce.lha      game/think 303K   3+Tactical combat game & editor (V0.34; lo
blitztiler.lha     game/wb     32K   3+Simple WB board game for DBLhires scrn.
freecell.lha       game/wb     77K   9+A Workbench card game
Luffar.lha         game/wb     22K   6+A TCP/IP Noughts&Crosses game.
AmHelios.lha       gfx/3d     479K   6+Simple port of Helios radiosity renderer
SSProDisk1a.lha    gfx/3d     264K   9+3D SIRDS Maker in 24-bits! Posters! 6.1c
SSProDisk1b.lha    gfx/3d     548K   9+Patterns and Sourcepics for SSPro
herz.lha           gfx/3dobj   43K   4+Maxon Cinema object of a sweet heart
HolyCubeT3D.lha    gfx/3dobj  173K   6+Volumetric light Scene for Tornado3D
r-idroid.lha       gfx/3dobj  139K   6+Imperial Maintenance-Droid (Reflections)
r-spiral.lha       gfx/3dobj  132K   6+Spiralo-droid for Reflections
r-spli.lha         gfx/3dobj   57K   3+Space Liner for monzoom, Reflections
R4_Corvette.lha    gfx/3dobj  1.1M   8+Corellian Corvette for monzoom 3d pro
CGraphX224u.lha    gfx/board  147K   3+CyberGraphX Extension Update 
CGraphX225u.lha    gfx/board  147K   3+CyberGraphX Extension Update 
CyberBlanker.lha   gfx/board   43K   5+Energy saving Screenblanker(CyberGraphX)
cybershow93.lha    gfx/board  137K   2+SlideShow&Viewer(incl.PCD)for CybGfx&AGA
egsapps71c.lha     gfx/board  432K   0+EGSPhotoAlbum, EGS-TV, EGSTVPlayer packa
ppm4opal.lha       gfx/board    8K   6+PPM Modules V1.70 for Opalpaint
qrt4opal.lha       gfx/board    7K   6+QRT Modules V1.70 for Opalpaint
rtgPIP.lha         gfx/board   14K   8+Rtgmaster PIP Sublibrary
Anim2gif.lha       gfx/conv   151K   6+Converts and rescales an amiga animation
Anim2mpegB.lha     gfx/conv   263K   6+Converts amiga animations to mpeg animat
Anim2mpegS.lha     gfx/conv   280K   6+Converts amiga animations to mpeg animat
Anim2qt.lha        gfx/conv   165K   3+Converts and rescales an amiga animation
bwtogrey.lha       gfx/conv    35K   2+Converts black and white RAW images to g
JPEG-Box.lha       gfx/conv   209K   4+JPEG generator for WWW graphics V4.10 (6
jpeg2ps.lha        gfx/conv    61K   6+JPEG to Postscript converter (68k and PP
JpegTool.lha       gfx/conv    15K   2+Datatypes <-> jpeg converter (1.4)
Mp2anim.lha        gfx/conv   270K   1+Converts & scales mpeg animations to ami
Mpeg2Anim13.lha    gfx/conv   606K   1+Converts MPEG animations into ANIM files
pdhfic.lha         gfx/conv    62K   6+Datatypes to Spectrum SCR/TAP/ZX82/TZX/b
AmiCAD_2.00.lha    gfx/edit   239K   6+Schematics vectorial electronics program
bsdemo.lha         gfx/edit   135K   4+Demo of vector modular drawing program
Iconian298_HU.lha  gfx/edit     6K   6+Hungarian fixed translation for Iconian
picFX.lha          gfx/edit    90K   0+Great CARDWARE image deformer (MUI) 0.87
picFXdat.lha       gfx/edit   130K   2+Some example pics/funcs for picFX
universalgio51.lha gfx/edit    36K   2+Photogenics univ. loader&animation saver
VE-addspace.lha    gfx/edit     2K   3+Visual Eng. - Add space v1.63
VE-addspaceb.lha   gfx/edit     2K   3+Visual Eng. - Add space B v1.07
VE-Extras.lha      gfx/edit   125K   1+Visual Eng. - External files v1.66
VE-gausedge.lha    gfx/edit     2K   4+Visual Eng. - Gaussian edge v1.55
VE-gausfeather.lha gfx/edit     1K   4+Visual Eng. - Gaussian feather v1.21
VE-logotexture.lha gfx/edit     2K   4+Visual Eng. - Logo texture v1.15
VE-primcolors.lha  gfx/edit     2K   4+Visual Eng. - Primary colors v1.81
VE-rotate.lha      gfx/edit     1K   3+Visual Eng. - Rotate v1.00
VE-runhook.lha     gfx/edit     1K   6+Visual Eng. - Run Hook v0.01
VE-shadow.lha      gfx/edit     4K   4+Visual Eng. - Shadow v3.19
VE-signature.lha   gfx/edit     2K   5+Visual Eng. - Signature v1.00
VE-Tutorial1.lha   gfx/edit   142K   0+Visual Eng. - Tutorial 1 - Logo related 
VE-Tutorial2.lha   gfx/edit   111K   0+Visual Eng. - Tutorial 2 - Visual Logo 1
VE-VCard.lha       gfx/edit     3K   2+Visual Eng. - Visual Card v1.72
VE-VGradient.lha   gfx/edit     1K   2+Visual Eng. - Visual Gradient v1.27
VE-VSurface.lha    gfx/edit     2K   0+Visual Eng. - Visual Surface v1.24
VE-zoom14.lha      gfx/edit     1K   0+Visual Eng. - Zoom14 v1.00
DMandel.lha        gfx/fract   94K   6+Mandel & Julia generator with ARexx, RTG
FlashMandel.lha    gfx/fract  983K   9+Nice Mandelbrot rendering program with R
MountainView.lha   gfx/fract   39K   2+Make landscapes, view them from all side
SManWOSB1.lha      gfx/fract   59K   6+Mandelbrot generator for WarpOS
card_prep.lha      gfx/ifx      3K   3+Prepare Reko or Soliton cardset pics
Forging.lha        gfx/ifx      3K   1+FXForge filters
fastifxmodul71.lha gfx/misc    38K   2+Univ. loader&saver(incl.animation saver)
IFX_Antique.lha    gfx/misc    13K   3+ImageFX Antique Hook (PPC) (src included
photoalbum63.lha   gfx/misc   227K   2+Picture management (incl.PCD) for AGA&Cy
pvrgjpeg.lha       gfx/misc   295K   7+PVRG-JPEG library 1.2 and tools (68k and
SvII-1.lha         gfx/misc   261K   3+SViewII V8.35 (10.4.99) - Part 1/8
SvII-2.lha         gfx/misc   202K   3+SViewII V8.35 (10.4.99) - Part 2/8
SvII-3a.lha        gfx/misc   135K   3+SViewII V8.35 (10.4.99) - Part 3a/8
SvII-3b.lha        gfx/misc   213K   3+SViewII V8.35 (10.4.99) - Part 3b/8
SvII-4.lha         gfx/misc    41K   3+SViewII V8.35 (10.4.99) - Part 4/8
SvII-5.lha         gfx/misc    51K   3+SViewII V8.35 (10.4.99) - Part 5/8
SvII-6.lha         gfx/misc    62K   4+SViewII V8.30 (31.3.99) - Part 6/8 (opti
SvII-7.lha         gfx/misc   113K   3+SViewII V8.35 (10.4.99) - Part 7/8 (opti
SvII-8.lha         gfx/misc   211K   3+SViewII V8.35 (10.4.99) - Part 8/8 (opti
SvII-PPC.lha       gfx/misc   942K   4+Update for SViewII PPC modules V23.1
SvIIFix821.lha     gfx/misc    32K   9+*Fix* for SViewII V8.21 (1.3.99)
SvIIFix830.lha     gfx/misc     5K   4+*Fix* for SViewII V8.30 (1.4.99)
SvIIFix831.lha     gfx/misc     6K   3+*Fix* for SViewII V8.30 (9.4.99)
Upgrade40.lha      gfx/misc     2K   3+Run Photogenics 1.2aSE with OS release 3
VideoEasel.lha     gfx/misc   630K   3+THE flexible Cellular Automata (LIFE...)
xipaintmodul61.lha gfx/misc    58K   2+Univ. loader&anim.saver for XiPaint
AMP.lha            gfx/show   135K   0+MPEG1/2 video player for PPC, v1.02 (990
mpeg2decodeWOS.lha gfx/show   204K   9+MPEG-2 movie replayer with sound (WarpUP
PhotoFolio092.lha  gfx/show   200K   2+V0.92 View/Store/Catalog images
PowerView.lha      gfx/show    75K   5+JPEG Viewer (CGFX and AGA) for PPC-Amiga
PowerView.readme   gfx/show     2K   0+JPEG Viewer for AGA and PPC (BETA!)
PPCjpeg.lha        gfx/show    58K   6+Very fast PowerPC (WarpOS) JPEG-Viewer
Show.lha           gfx/show   696K   1+Cybergfx only picture viewer (040+PPC) V
ShowV1.16.lha      gfx/show   671K   6+Cybergfx only picture viewer (040+PPC) V
ttscanner.lha      gfx/show   121K   8+Scans pictures by MacroSystem's VLab
visgui.lha         gfx/show     8K   6+Simple but powerful GUI for Visage made 
amiwm0.20pl48p.lha gfx/x11     10K   6+Amiwm little patch
amias154p.lha      hard/drivr  42K   2+As154p autoswitch driver (1.1)
BetaScanCanon.lha  hard/drivr  19K   4+Driver for Canon scanners (1999.03.04)
BetaScanEpson.lha  hard/drivr  21K   4+Driver for Epson scanners (1999.03.04)
BetaScanHP.lha     hard/drivr  17K   4+Driver for HP ScanJet scanners
BetaScanMicro.lha  hard/drivr  34K   4+Driver for Microtek scanners (1999.01.22
BetaScan_2.15.lha  hard/drivr 169K   4+Scan program for virtually any scanner
BetaSnapScan.lha   hard/drivr  30K   4+Driver for Agfa SnapScan scanners 
Camedia.lha        hard/drivr  41K   8+Transfers pictures from digital camera (
FMradio.lha        hard/drivr  40K   4+FMRadio (for Wizard-Radio)
IOBlix12Usr379.lha hard/drivr 275K   0+V37.9, IOBlix1200 software update, 28-Ap
IOBlixSerUpd.lha   hard/drivr  15K   4+IOBlixZ2 and IOBlix1200 serial driver bu
IOBlixZ2Usr379.lha hard/drivr 269K   0+V37.9, IOBlixZ2 software update, 28-Apr-
PassiveMixer.txt   hard/drivr   2K   8+Simpliest audio stereo 2 channels mixer
ScanTrax.lha       hard/drivr 803K   4+HP/Epson Scanner-Driver V2.2
Spitfire.lha       hard/drivr 185K   3+A Palm Desktop for the AmigaOS!
Abaton.lha         hard/hack   30K   2+Abaton SCAN 300/FB scanner controller.
AudioMixer.lha     hard/hack    4K   4+Active Stereo Mixer
HiQ.lha            hard/hack   66K   8+Play samples with more then 30 kHz frequ
ICS101.lha         hard/misc  1.3M   2+V1.01 ICS - professional color correctio
macnullmodem.lha   hard/misc   20K   2+Macintosh to RS232 null modem cable
DITO_Snap.lha      misc/edu   107K   3+Snapshots of the DITO_Spanish dictionary
DITO_Spanish.lha   misc/edu   4.1M   3+Spanish and LA Dictionary - 170000 words
GeoWorld-Upd08.lha misc/edu   106K   3+GeoWorld-Update8 (04/12/99) - new econom
Aaf.lha            misc/emu     8K   1+Unpacks archives in Apple format
AmiGenerator.lha   misc/emu   416K   2+Sega Genesis/MegaDrive emulator, v1.05 (
anes.lha           misc/emu    53K   5+A/NES v0.99.99 - Nintendo emulator
Anonymous.lha      misc/emu    40K   3+SPC700 emulator V0.40 (19.3.99)
c1581.lha          misc/emu    49K   1+A c1581 filesystem for Amiga (3.5") driv
C64Gfx.lha         misc/emu   327K   1+C64 graphics format conversion package
CoolNESs.lha       misc/emu   117K   1+Cool-NES-emulator v0.76   99.04.20
cp4.lha            misc/emu   555K   6+C= Plus4 Emulator - V0.63
dissa.lha          misc/emu    87K   2+Pc-Engine Roms Tools V1.76+Gui
execute64.lha      misc/emu    39K   8+V1.16 Amiga->C64 Transfer and Execute.
fMSX.lha           misc/emu   946K   2+MSX emulator (v2.1), req. 68020/OS3.0
MacBin.lha         misc/emu     9K   0+Ports data from Amy to Mac
mame060.lha        misc/emu   2.2M   0+Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator 0.35.11
mameppc.lha        misc/emu   3.2M   0+Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator 0.35.11
mamesrc.lha        misc/emu   378K   0+Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator 0.35.11
TrueReality.lha    misc/emu   121K   3+Nintendo 64 emulator - Version 990322.2 
uae-app_015.lha    misc/emu    39K   1+UAE-ADF Mount+Unmount Workbench-Interfac
uae_app_015fix.lha misc/emu     2K   0+Bugfix for UAE-App 0.1.5 Installer scrip
warpsnes.lha       misc/emu   388K   6+SNES Emulator for PowerPC (WarpUP) V3.5
Wet.lha            misc/emu     9K   8+Wet Paint, Spectrum Emulator Snapshot
wlz80core.lha      misc/emu    13K   4+Wzonka-Lad's FAST GB-Z80 source code
wzonka-lad.lha     misc/emu   223K   2+Wzonka-Lad - Gameboy emulator v0.99.13e
zx81utils.lha      misc/emu    43K   6+ZX80/ZX81/TS1000 program file utilities
r9401ami.lzh       misc/kids  479K   3+Ready Robot Ed Disk Magazine Jan 1994
r9402ami.lzh       misc/kids  441K   3+Ready Robot Ed Disk Magazine Feb 1994
r9403ami.lzh       misc/kids  464K   3+Ready Robot Ed Disk Magazine Mar 1994
r9404ami.lzh       misc/kids  462K   3+Ready Robot Ed Disk Magazine Apr 1994
r9405ami.lzh       misc/kids  460K   3+Ready Robot Ed Disk Magazine May 1994
r9406ami.lzh       misc/kids  471K   3+Ready Robot Ed Disk Magazine Jun 1994
r9407ami.lzh       misc/kids  448K   3+Ready Robot Ed Disk Magazine Jul 1994
r9408ami.lzh       misc/kids  462K   3+Ready Robot Ed Disk Magazine Aug 1994
r9409ami.lzh       misc/kids  479K   3+Ready Robot Ed Disk Magazine Sep 1994
r9410ami.lzh       misc/kids  475K   3+Ready Robot Ed Disk Magazine Oct 1994
r9411ami.lzh       misc/kids  470K   3+Ready Robot Ed Disk Magazine Nov 1994
r9412ami.lzh       misc/kids  467K   3+Ready Robot Ed Disk Magazine Dec 1994
bluepol.lha        misc/math   65K   4+Count point position to polygon(+algor.)
convertor.lha      misc/math  168K   0+Powerful UnitConverter. V2.79
FastFibo.lha       misc/math    6K   0+Calculates Fibonacci & Lucas numbers
fastprim_src.lzh   misc/math    5K   5+Assembler Source Code for V1.3
Fibonacci.lha      misc/math    7K   6+A simple CLI program to calculate Fibona
number.lha         misc/math   28K   8+Convert Arabic numerals to many language
Prime.lha          misc/math    9K   2+Calculation of primenumbers, V6.3
TCalcStats2.lha    misc/math  337K   4+Statistical Analysis using TurboCalc 5
AmiKanji_beta.lha  misc/misc  4.6M   3+XJDic1.1 and other utils for japanese
AmiSuperLotto.lha  misc/misc   41K   6+V0.93-SuperEnalotto for Amiga!
ASuperLottoPPC.lha misc/misc   49K   6+V0.93-SuperEnalotto for Amiga!
Cinn.lha           misc/misc  468K   6+Brainwave frequency changed by binaural
cowner13.lha       misc/misc   21K   1+Protects Software against Pirates
lotolib.lha        misc/misc   20K   3+Lotolib for LOTO v2.3+ (1976 au 10-Avr-9
modek_id.lha       misc/misc   11K   0+Yet another mode id display ;-D
pyramid.lha        misc/misc   27K   8+Egyptian oracle
sdate.lha          misc/misc   25K   8+Find out your lucky number
Sezioni.lha        misc/misc  112K   5+Sezioni v2.0 DEMO (ITALIAN)
SpaTra05.lha       misc/misc  131K   4+Spanish Translations Pack 05 v0.40
SpaTra06.lha       misc/misc   32K   5+Spanish Translations Pack 06 v0.10
Totogol.lha        misc/misc  132K   5+Totogol v3.6 DEMO (ITALIAN)
TotoSei.lha        misc/misc   74K   3+TotoSei v2.0 DEMO (ITALIAN)
AmiLab2E.lha       misc/sci   340K   6+Electronic circuit simulator. V2.11
rbrett.lha         misc/sci    22K   8+Chinese mathematic exercise
Statistics.lha     misc/sci    72K   9+Statistical Analysis Software
years.lha          misc/sci    44K   8+Years are...
lha-114d.tar.gz    misc/unix   59K   2+Archiver for .lha and .lzh files for UNI
Realms.lha         mods/atmos 284K   9+Realms by Quiddity (aka Screech) - slow,
SCL_Infinity.lha   mods/atmos 778K   3+SCL! - Mod.DCC_Infinity   -pt-
SCL_Mermaids2.lha  mods/atmos 543K   3+SCL! - Mod.TRN_Mermaids-2000   -pt-
Suburb.lha         mods/atmos  80K   9+Suburbia by Quiddity (aka Screech) - sli
Diamond.lha        mods/chip    1K   6+Chip mod by Wavemaker/Centolos for Cento
Smoky.lha          mods/chip   29K   9+Smoky by Quiddity (aka Screech) - Chip/J
traidmillChipC.lha mods/chip   53K   6+Collection with Chipmods composed by tra
SCL_InABox.lha     mods/demo   92K   3+SCL! - Mod.MRV_InABox  -pt-
cafe.mpg           mods/elbie 5.2M   6+Caf  a smoth jazz tune by ElbiE^t13n!
dachip.lha         mods/elbie   2K   3+A nice chiptune by elbie^t13n!
Elusive_Nothin.mpg mods/elbie 3.6M   6+Nothing Last Forever[gothic]Elusive Cure
Eminent.mpg        mods/elbie 4.3M   6+Eminent a synthpop song by ElbiE^t13n!
fog.lha            mods/elbie   3K   3+A nice chiptune by elbie^t13n!
happy.lha          mods/elbie   5K   3+A nice chiptune by elbie^t13n!
hidden.lha         mods/elbie   4K   3+A nice chiptune by elbie^t13n!
planet.lha         mods/elbie   1K   3+A nice chiptune by elbie^t13n!
SummerFeelings.lha mods/evrim 113K   6+"Trashcan #5" Diskmag music by eVRIMSSON
A-fog.lha          mods/hardc 126K   7+-*AMOREL*- Great moody Hardtrance mod!!!
A-I-ask-you.lha    mods/hardc 187K   6+-*AMOREL*- Great Oldschool module!!!!
A-mothahug.lha     mods/hardc 271K   6+-*AMOREL*-Nice fast(240bpm) hardcore son
A-oldgabba.lha     mods/hardc 276K   6+-*AMOREL*- great oldschool Gabba module!
A-paaarty.lha      mods/hardc 287K   6+-*AMOREL*- Great Hardcorejungle module!!
A-pathofdarkne.lha mods/hardc 504K   6+-*AMOREL*- Great oldschool hardcore!
A-stop.lha         mods/hardc 108K   6+-*AMOREL*- Great Hardcore mod!
comeBreed.lha      mods/hardc  79K   1+A good gabber PT module by Breed
fkBreed.lha        mods/hardc  20K   1+A good speedcore PT module by Breed
hccb05wp.lha       mods/hardc 145K   4+Whats Your Preference - Enticer 05
hccb06th.lha       mods/hardc 184K   4+This is Hardcore - Brutal Tendencies 06
hccb07bg.lha       mods/hardc 157K   4+BassKick GoForIt Tronix & Enticer 07
hccb09tw.lha       mods/hardc 187K   4+The Terror Within - Brutal T 09
hccb10js.lha       mods/hardc  82K   4+Justification - Tronix 10
zz-mp.lha          mods/hardc 135K   3+Pt.mod ZZNIC CREW zz-style...
Abi10.lha          mods/house  60K   0+Funky house tune.
houseBreed.lha     mods/house  40K   4+A happy house PT module by Breed
Dune3.lha          mods/instr 629K   3+Ultimate OSS Trance by SNIPER!
ahdistus.lha       mods/jorma  52K   4+Ahdistus by Naks (Distorted elektro, fro
ballfish.lha       mods/jorma  60K   4+Ballfish by Pekka Pou (Elektro, from Sun
junomonk.lha       mods/jorma  87K   3+Juno Monk by Vesuri (Mono Junk, from JRm
luminenssi.lha     mods/jorma 142K   2+Luminenssi by Vesuri (Drum'n'bass, from 
meeting.lha        mods/jorma 232K   4+Meeting by Vesuri (House, from Ulsteri)
A-dream.lha        mods/jungl 175K   7+-*AMOREL*- Tripping jungle module =] Fil
Abi08.lha          mods/jungl 250K   0+Breakbeat Ambient style mod.
Hour-rmx.lha       mods/jungl 175K   2+Hard drum'n'bass roller by Vox
lns30jungleEp1.lha mods/jungl 376K   4+JungleEp p1 - Devils delegate
lnsR9_boy.lha      mods/jungl 185K   3+The boy from bronx - triphop remix
Oceanic.lha        mods/jungl 285K   2+Mellow drum'n'bass by Vox
RememberMe.lha     mods/jungl 473K   9+Amiga Teenage Riot is back w. Hardcore J
Flow.lha           mods/med   138K   0+Octamed 7 SoundStudio - MMD3
Rock_Piano.lha     mods/med   162K   0+Octamed 7 SoundStudio - MMD3
sta-efin.lha       mods/med   554K   2+Static Presentz EVOLUTION FINAL
sta-jack.lha       mods/med    97K   2+Static Presentz FREEJACK (Orig)
sta-load2.lha      mods/med    89K   2+Static Presentz OVERLOADED II
tst_crys.lha       mods/med   375K   2+Swirly high quality trance octamed modul
Freedom_rmx.lha    mods/melod  82K   4+Spoochy's 13th OctaMed mod.
Maiga_rmx.lha      mods/melod  87K   4+Spoochy's 15th OctaMed mod.
Sadley.lha         mods/melod 270K   1+Spoochy's 19th OctaMed mod.
ataruita.lha       mods/midi   20K   9+Urusei Yatsura italian song
divert12.lha       mods/midi   56K   9+Divertimento12, GM song by Stefano Regat
A2-M4chn_1.lha     mods/misc  2.8M   3+Astrosyn`2 - 4 channel music compo entri
A2-M4chn_2.lha     mods/misc  2.4M   3+Astrosyn`2 - 4 channel music compo entri
A2-MMulti_1.lha    mods/misc  3.1M   2+Astrosyn`2 - multichannel music compo en
A2-MMulti_2.lha    mods/misc  3.4M   2+Astrosyn`2 - multichannel music compo en
A2-MMulti_3.lha    mods/misc  3.2M   2+Astrosyn`2 - multichannel music compo en
Fantasy_Lacy.lha   mods/misc  244K   1+Spoochy's 18th OctaMed mod.
Idontknow.lha      mods/misc   47K   1+8ch XM mod by sBf (Slarti) - Slarti Synt
ops.lha            mods/misc   69K   9+A very joking mod!!!
nd-gldrm.lha       mods/neuro 185K   7+Experimental ambient tune, OSS, 8ch.
nd-grain.lha       mods/neuro 138K   5+8ch. OSS groovedubjazzrelaxstuff!
gethood.lha        mods/piano 144K   4+Spoochy's 14th OctaMed mod.
HappyB.lha         mods/pop   221K   1+Funny tune by Antonio
SlideUP.lha        mods/pop   352K   1+Pop Rock tune by Antonio
SweetMelody.lha    mods/pop   247K   1+Just a Small Melody tune by Antonio
4our-hit.lha       mods/pro   170K   2+Final Hit- a PT Mod By Ganja/Nerve Axis.
backon.lha         mods/pro     8K   2+Back on Plastic - a PT Mod By Ganja/Nerv
bintslap.lha       mods/pro   297K   2+Bint Slapper - a PT Mod By Ganja/Nerve A
Caused.lha         mods/pro   280K   9+Caused by defect module by Estrayk / Cap
contrast.lha       mods/pro   333K   2+Contrasts - a PT Mod By Ganja/Nerve Axis
DontHoldYourBr.lha mods/pro   111K   6+Synth mod by Wavemaker/Centolos
dpefreak.lha       mods/pro    28K   2+Skinheaddopefreak - a PT Mod By Ganja/Ne
fluidrun.lha       mods/pro   169K   2+Fluids Running - a PT Mod By Ganja/Nerve
funkahol.lha       mods/pro   319K   2+Funkaholics - a PT Mod By Ganja/Nerve Ax
gonehigh.lha       mods/pro   198K   2+Days Gone High - a PT Mod By Ganja/Nerve
Happyness.lha      mods/pro    37K   9+Melodic, peaceful & warm song by GtF
Jilted.lha         mods/pro   431K   9+Jilted module by Estrayk / Capsule ^ Nah
Jilted2.lha        mods/pro   214K   9+Jilted2 module by Estrayk / Capsule ^ Na
latinoway.lha      mods/pro   348K   2+Latino Way - a PT Mod By Ganja/Nerve Axi
Microphobic.lha    mods/pro     5K   6+Chip mod by Wavemaker/Centolos
ripped.lha         mods/pro     1K   2+Ripped Idea - a PT Mod By Ganja/Nerve Ax
runfluid.lha       mods/pro   462K   2+Running Fluids - a PT Mod By Ganja/Nerve
Skinup.lha         mods/pro   640K   9+"Skin up pin up" mod by Estrayk & Evelre
SunnyShine.lha     mods/pro    20K   9+One minute (and a bit) sunshine, by GtF
TrancyJam.lha      mods/pro    29K   9+Melodic Trance-Dancefloor mod by GtF
viidakko.lha       mods/pro   206K   2+Viidakkomies - a PT Mod By Ganja/Nerve A
Hahaha.lha         mods/punn  643K   9+A Sick Techno Mod By Punnik & Dj TCO (Kn
Mindtrip.lha       mods/punn  680K   9+A dance Mod By Punnik (15th at the party
ZzTjipper.lha      mods/punn    2K   9+A Chipper By Punnik (Richard Hof)
1999.lha           mods/stame 151K   5+"1999", module by Stamen 1998
abandon.lha        mods/stame 139K   5+"Abandon", module by Stamen 1998
aurora.lha         mods/stame  96K   5+"Aurora", module by Stamen 1998
deeplove.lha       mods/stame 121K   5+"Deepest Love", module by Stamen 1998
dloverx.lha        mods/stame 199K   5+"DLove Remix", module by Stamen 1998
dsilence.lha       mods/stame 170K   5+"Dead Silence", module by Stamen 1998
fadhoriz.lha       mods/stame  62K   5+"Fading Horizon", module by Stamen 1999
fallinst.lha       mods/stame 103K   5+"Fall In Somethin'", module by Stamen 19
fantasy.lha        mods/stame  78K   5+"Fantasy", module by Stamen 1998
inntears.lha       mods/stame 159K   5+"Innocent Tears", module by Stamen 1998
mantra.lha         mods/stame  93K   5+"Mantra", module by Stamen 1998
osechope.lha       mods/stame 129K   5+"One Secret Hope", module by Stamen 1998
rofthero.lha       mods/stame 147K   5+"Return Of The Hero", module by Stamen 1
spdylady.lha       mods/stame 107K   5+"Speedy Lady", module by Stamen 1999
stldance.lha       mods/stame 106K   5+"Starlight Dance", module by Stamen 1998
tgrelife.lha       mods/stame 119K   5+"The Great Life", module by Stamen 1998
thcolony.lha       mods/stame 146K   5+"The Colony", module by Stamen 1998
venus.lha          mods/stame  72K   5+"Venus", module by Stamen 1999
wtfuture.lha       mods/stame 103K   5+"Way To Future", module by Stamen 1998
A-nameless.lha     mods/techn  59K   6+-*AMOREL*- iNsTiNcT competition module. 
A-weird.lha        mods/techn  57K   6+-*AMOREL*- Very experimental track, gues
astralBreed.lha    mods/techn  36K   4+A little techno PT module by Breed
classicBreed.lha   mods/techn 177K   1+A good dance PT module by Breed
crs_ast1.lha       mods/techn 2.0M   3+CRS00043: Atomic Shelter Tunes vol. 1
danceBreed.lha     mods/techn  93K   1+A bad dance PT module by Breed
flat_eric.lha      mods/techn  56K   4+Flat Eric RULEZ ;)
lns12_miniEp.lha   mods/techn 130K   6+Minimal techno ep - siamese elephants
lns22_peasants.lha mods/techn 169K   5+British peasants - minimalism
lns28_tomatEp1.lha mods/techn 236K   4+Tomat Ep p1 - A happy tomato
lns29_arson.lha    mods/techn 230K   4+Premeditated arson - techno house
lns31technoEp1.lha mods/techn 172K   4+Techno ep p1 - Monster
lns31_technoEp.lha mods/techn 111K   3+Techno ep p2 - calling pilot
lnsR14_power.lha   mods/techn 135K   3+More power - electro remix
ph-haf2.lha        mods/techn  86K   6+History and Future (Remix)
ph-sain.lha        mods/techn  34K   4+Samba-technomod - Samba Inferno
ph-temp.lha        mods/techn 147K   6+The Temple
ph-tff2.lha        mods/techn  93K   6+The Final Frontier (Remix)
bodyBreed.lha      mods/tranc 104K   1+A good trance PT module by Breed
Denoman.lha        mods/tranc 126K   4+Spoochy's 12th OctaMed mod.
floorBreed.lha     mods/tranc  92K   1+A good trance PT module by Breed
godBreed.lha       mods/tranc  69K   1+A good trance PT module by Breed
lns13_childe.lha   mods/tranc 281K   5+Children of the sun - softtrance
lns16_desert.lha   mods/tranc 211K   5+Desert hero - hardtrance
lns17_light.lha    mods/tranc 346K   5+Let there be light - hardtrance
lns19_pressure.lha mods/tranc 235K   5+Endangered by pressure - acid+goa
lns20_secret.lha   mods/tranc 181K   5+Secret world - softtrance
lns21_Ra.lha       mods/tranc 188K   5+The eye of Ra - softtrance
lns24_coin.lha     mods/tranc 515K   5+Co-incidence - softtrance remix
lns25_tmt.lha      mods/tranc  31K   5+The morning trip - goa
lns26_hardEp1.lha  mods/tranc 389K   4+Hardtrance ep p1 - snowblower
lns27_goaEp1.lha   mods/tranc 585K   4+Goa Ep p1 - empty brain
lns27_goaEp2.lha   mods/tranc 450K   4+Goa Ep p2 - segregation of objekts
nearBreed.lha      mods/tranc 159K   4+A little trancy PT module by Breed
Traminglo.lha      mods/tranc 170K   4+Spoochy's 16th OctaMed mod.
aerotrnc.lha       mods/wmr   1.2M   7+IMM: "AeroTrance" by Deviator
an_blue.lha        mods/wmr   814K   2+IMM-Mon: "Blue Water Pond" / A.Akerheden
an_lost.lha        mods/wmr   3.6M   2+IMM-Mon: "Lost Your Belief"/A. Akerheden
an_mini4.lha       mods/wmr    87K   8+IMM-Mon: "Forca Fun Fare!" by Anders A.
awaken.lha         mods/wmr   1.2M   5+IMM-Mon: "Unsensual Awakening" by Jimmy
aws_aq16.lha       mods/wmr   1.1M   5+IMM: "Aquarium" (16bit) by Awesome
bas_ines.lha       mods/wmr   1.0M   4+IMM: "I've Never Seen" by BASiC
bto-prof.lha       mods/wmr   1.7M   2+IMM: "Profound" by BeatOmen
castston.lha       mods/wmr   907K   5+IMM-Mon: "Cast in Stone" by Jimmy
ds-above.lha       mods/wmr   386K   5+IMM: "Above the Clouds" by Dawnstar
gg_solid.lha       mods/wmr   343K   1+IMM: "Solid-State" by Gronda Gronda
higher2.mpg        mods/wmr   701K   2+IMM-Exp: "Higher" by Deceiver
hs-mltbn.lha       mods/wmr   5.1M   5+IMM-Mon: "Multidimensional Brain"
ifihadkn.lha       mods/wmr   602K   9+WMR: "If I Had Known" by Seventh Sky
j2neptun.lha       mods/wmr   2.0M   1+IMM: "Journey to Neptune" by A.Akerheden
junvoco.lha        mods/wmr   366K   5+IMM: "Junvoco" by Madnezzz/BrainFreezE
kls97308.lha       mods/wmr   174K   5+IMM: "Defafacsh" by KLawS
lastone.lha        mods/wmr   587K   5+IMM: "The Last One" by ChAllEnger
nb_astra.lha       mods/wmr   526K   5+IMM: "Astral Dreams" by Nightbeat
nb_retrd.lha       mods/wmr   901K   5+IMM-Mon: "Retard (Psychedelic Mix)"
nb_stead.lha       mods/wmr   659K   9+IMM-Mon: "The Steadfast" by Nightbeat
newbegin.lha       mods/wmr   155K   5+IMM-Mon: "A New Beginning" by Deeno
night.lha          mods/wmr   906K   2+IMM: "Night" by Flagrant
ninoleon.lha       mods/wmr   459K   6+WMR: "True Professionals" by Nino
nintpak1.lha       mods/wmr    91K   5+IMM-Mon: "Nintendo Pak #1" by Nighthawk
numb.lha           mods/wmr   714K   2+IMM-Mon: "Numb" by Deeno
oo-press.lha       mods/wmr   394K   4+IMM: "Press Play on Tape" by Xyltburk
sandover.lha       mods/wmr   205K   6+IMM-Ref: "Sand over Water" by Loki
sectng.lha         mods/wmr   635K   6+IMM: "Secret Thing" by Tobe
somewhere.mpg      mods/wmr   2.9M   2+IMM-Mon: "Somewhere" by Deceiver
tro-days.lha       mods/wmr   584K   8+IMM: "Days of Glory" by Trobe
underneath.mpg     mods/wmr   2.5M   2+IMM-Mon: "Underneath" by Deceiver
w-ihe.lha          mods/wmr   1.2M   2+IMM: "In Her Eyes" by Warder
wolf_m09.lha       mods/wmr   5.3M   5+IMM-Sel: "Fox" by WolfSong
worstome.mpg       mods/wmr   1.4M   2+IMM-Mon: "Worst of Me" by Deceiver
writwall.lha       mods/wmr   4.9M   2+IMM-Mon: "Writing on the Wall"/Arclight
breathe.lzh        mods/xm    1.5M   8+Very good Trip hop xm by Respiri Piano
cogito.lzh         mods/xm    156K   9+Jungle xm by Respiri Piano
facc.lha           mods/xm    467K   9+Absolutely destructive hardcore mod
faus.lzh           mods/xm    249K   8+Dream - Progressive song by Respiri Pian
FF7.lzh            mods/xm    261K   8+Final fantasy dance by Respiri piano
heyorig.lzh        mods/xm    239K   9+Dance song by Respiri Piano
just.lzh           mods/xm    404K   9+Dance remix of Sidewinder's one by Respi
lamp.lzh           mods/xm    140K   9+This one is for those who are CRAZY by R
plastic.lzh        mods/xm     45K   9+Dance song by Respiri Piano
PowerShortage.lha  mods/xm     14K   6+4ch XM by Wavemaker/Centolos for Centolo
powow.lzh          mods/xm    217K   9+Breakbeat song by Respiri Piano
rexlil.lzh         mods/xm    158K   9+Old, very old techno trax by Respiri Pia
sciura.lha         mods/xm    462K   4+Crazy mod without any sense!
simon.lzh          mods/xm     96K   9+Progressive song by Respiri Piano
soalive.lzh        mods/xm    130K   9+This song's alive !!! By Respiri Piano
some.lzh           mods/xm    138K   9+By Respiri Piano
ST2.lzh            mods/xm    147K   9+Mini Suite by Respiri Piano
ST3.lzh            mods/xm    366K   9+Mini suite 2 by Respiri Piano
ultra.lzh          mods/xm    218K   9+Progressive song by Respiri Piano
mp3ted.lha         mus/edit     6K   4+MP3 TAG Editor with GUI
PlotCMD.lha        mus/edit    15K   6+Let's you plot OctaMED commands graphica
samplee.lha        mus/edit   244K   0+Fast 16bit Stereo Sample Editor AHI-supp
WaveTracer.lha     mus/edit     2K   3+Extensive sound-editor/ -converter/ -cre
felicida.lha       mus/midi    19K   9+Felicidad, GM song by Stefano Regattin
GSPTool-2.0.lha    mus/midi    15K   2+Data exchange with Amiga and GSP-21Pro
MSE.lha            mus/midi   198K   5+MIDI SYStem EXplorer - PatchEditor+MORE
XGToolset4.lha     mus/midi   327K   9+B&PipesToolset edit YAMAHA XG-Devices
XGToolset5.lha     mus/midi   148K   6+B&PipesToolset edit YAMAHA XG-Devices
XGToolset5_src.lha mus/midi   219K   6+Sourcecode of XGToolset5
AmTagEdFR173p.lha  mus/misc     6K   3+Full french catalogs for AmTagEd V1.73
MiraMP3GUI11.lha   mus/misc    43K   1+GUI for 8hz, MusicIN & Pegase
MP3I.lha           mus/misc    17K   6+Writes the Title, Author, etc into MP3s
MP3TEDv22.lha      mus/misc   128K   2+MP3 TagEditor v2.2 (Free keyfile)
MPTool_1.22.lha    mus/misc    66K   1+Lists, adds & edits TAGs, cleans your MP
NSM_iset.lha       mus/misc     6K   9+Specify instrument-parameters in octamed
NSM_tnw041c.lha    mus/misc    55K   6+Tracknameswindow plug-in for Octamed.
PasajeTerror.lha   mus/misc   1.2M   3+Sound Effects control using Scala400MM (
QJukebox.lha       mus/misc     3K   2+Jukebox rexx script for QMaster/Studio16
qtsoundripp.lha    mus/misc     1K   2+Ripps audio from quicktime movies
scopext4.lha       mus/misc    39K   2+The AMIGA audio analyzer
SoundBoxKey.lha    mus/misc     1K   1+Free Keyfile, Soundfile multi-format con
Tag2Name.lha       mus/misc     5K   8+Renames MP3-files from ID3-tag, flexible
AmigaAMP.lha       mus/play   331K   3+MPEG audio player with GUI (68k/PPC)
Amoralplay1.1.lha  mus/play   106K   1+-*AMOREL*- No fuss multiformat(OSS etc.!
AMPlifier.lha      mus/play   283K   1+Powerfull MPEG audio player (V1.54)
AmpSkins01.lha     mus/play   3.4M   6+Skins for AmigaAmp(24bits)
AmpSkins02.lha     mus/play   4.7M   6+Skins for AmigaAmp(24bits)
EP_BennDaglish.lha mus/play     5K   4+EaglePlayer Benn Daglish external replay
EP_Polski.lha      mus/play    24K   4+Catalog files for Eagleplayer V2.01
MindSID.lha        mus/play   227K   4+A nice SID-player with GUI
MYST_Data_9.lha    mus/play   593K   1+YM2149 soundchip emulator Musics Data #9
NeonBars.lha       mus/play    73K   6+3D analyzer for AmigaAMP (Warp3D/Rave3D)
PlasmaPlugin.lha   mus/play    13K   6+Plasma-Spectrum Plugin for AmigaAMP
play16start.lha    mus/play    81K   3+Starts 'Play16' with Abort-Window
PowerPlayer.lha    mus/play   157K   6+Nicely plays many music modules
Sid4Amiga.lha      mus/play   254K   6+Plays C64 Sid Music Files
VisFS.lha          mus/play     6K   8+Fullscreen spectrometer plugin for Amiga
2Hours.jpg         pix/addic  191K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
Airbattle.jpg      pix/addic  399K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
AlmostHome.jpg     pix/addic  103K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
Ancient.jpg        pix/addic  195K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
ApexPoster.jpg     pix/addic  221K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
ArcticDawn.jpg     pix/addic  148K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
Backdrop1.jpg      pix/addic  328K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
Backdrop2.jpg      pix/addic  256K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
BackdropDN1.jpg    pix/addic  333K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
BackdropDN2.jpg    pix/addic  261K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
BackdropDN3.jpg    pix/addic  285K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
Beach.jpg          pix/addic  193K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
Bikers.jpg         pix/addic   54K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
Caves.jpg          pix/addic  142K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
Chase.jpg          pix/addic  534K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
Colony.jpg         pix/addic  295K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
CosmicFantasy.jpg  pix/addic   79K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
DeathMatch.jpg     pix/addic  175K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
Desert.jpg         pix/addic  246K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
DesertPatrol.jpg   pix/addic   53K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
DezertedCity.jpg   pix/addic  176K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
DoAliensDream.jpg  pix/addic  174K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
Eternal.jpg        pix/addic   88K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
Featon.jpg         pix/addic  196K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
FutureBandits.jpg  pix/addic  351K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
GodsPlace.jpg      pix/addic   97K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
Grass.jpg          pix/addic  125K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
Ground.jpg         pix/addic  261K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
Hotwave1.jpg       pix/addic  328K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
Hotwave2.jpg       pix/addic  281K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
Iceworld.jpg       pix/addic  236K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
Intruders.jpg      pix/addic   79K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
KillingGame.jpg    pix/addic  131K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
LandOfFeaton.jpg   pix/addic  233K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
LightStorm.jpg     pix/addic   90K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
MagicalWorld.jpg   pix/addic  233K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
Mountains.jpg      pix/addic  147K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
NewWorlds.jpg      pix/addic  160K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
OmegaCentaurus.jpg pix/addic   83K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
OnTheirWay.jpg     pix/addic  329K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
OnThePatrol.jpg    pix/addic  173K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
OrionSystem.jpg    pix/addic  152K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
OuterDimension.jpg pix/addic  357K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
Outpost.jpg        pix/addic  443K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
Parallel.jpg       pix/addic  391K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
PlanetaryDust.jpg  pix/addic  127K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
Robowar.jpg        pix/addic  243K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
RoutineCheck.jpg   pix/addic   60K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
SkyTravellers.jpg  pix/addic  215K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
Snowland.jpg       pix/addic  196K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
SomeplaceCold.jpg  pix/addic  369K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
SpaceTravel.jpg    pix/addic  175K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
Strangers.jpg      pix/addic  327K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
Suburbs2100.jpg    pix/addic  742K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
Survivvals.jpg     pix/addic   86K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
TP7Back1.jpg       pix/addic  142K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
TP7Back2.jpg       pix/addic  144K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
TP7Back3.jpg       pix/addic  150K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
TP7Back4.jpg       pix/addic  101K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
TP7Back5.jpg       pix/addic  157K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
TP7Logo1.jpg       pix/addic  107K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
TP7Logo2.jpg       pix/addic  106K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
Visitors.jpg       pix/addic  251K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
WaterCanyon.jpg    pix/addic  205K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
Wetland.jpg        pix/addic  192K   5+Picture by Dawid Michalczyk (3DAddict)
AvsMS.lha          pix/anim   4.5M   9+Amiga vs MicroSoft SoundANIM
Landing.mpg        pix/anim   2.0M   3+The Landing Animation by Tobias Richter 
oko.lha            pix/anim    28K   2+I used to be crazy but I'm much better n
picaoanims.lha     pix/anim   490K   3+Portuguese anims with sound from Picao
Sub.lha            pix/anim   844K   5+Sub anim with sonar sound in IFF-SoundAN
TheCrash_Part1.lha pix/anim   2.4M   2+MedEvac unit in action.
TheCrash_Part2.lha pix/anim   1.5M   2+MedEvac unit in action.
TheCrash_Part3.lha pix/anim   1.8M   2+MedEvac unit in action.
wavingrose.lha     pix/anim   1.4M   2+Waving rose animation created by WildFir
WF7_MVS-Block1.mpg pix/anim   506K   1+Wildfire 7 - MVS Example - Block
WF7_MVS-Block2.mpg pix/anim   506K   1+Wildfire 7 - MVS Example - Shadow Block
WF7_MVS-Cube1.mpg  pix/anim   506K   0+Wildfire 7 - MVS Example - Cube 1 Anim 
WF7_MVS-Cube2.mpg  pix/anim   506K   0+Wildfire 7 - MVS Example - Cube 2 Anim 
WF7_MVS-Cube3.mpg  pix/anim   506K   0+Wildfire 7 - MVS Example - Cube 3 Anim 
WF7_MVS-Heart.mpg  pix/anim   506K   0+Wildfire 7 - MVS Example - Heart Anim 
WF7_MVS-RoundD.mpg pix/anim   506K   0+Wildfire 7 - MVS Example - Disk Anim 
WF7_MVS-Tube1.mpg  pix/anim   506K   2+Wildfire 7 - MVS Example - Tube Anim 
WF7_MVS-Wrap1.mpg  pix/anim   506K   1+Wildfire 7 - MVS Example - Wrap Ext Anim
WF7_MVS-Wrap2.mpg  pix/anim   506K   1+Wildfire 7 - MVS Example - Wrap 2 Anim 
2grey-sw.jpg       pix/art     40K   0+Nice pic of 2 aliens Hand drawn in DPain
Angel_Heart.jpg    pix/art     23K   2+"Angel Heart" created by Dr.Ferkel
bsb.lha            pix/art     38K   4+An Anti-BSB Pic
Cow2.jpg           pix/art     32K   0+What really happened to the mutilated co
CUFAlley.lha       pix/art    327K   1+Alley - WB Background
CUFEva01.lha       pix/art    312K   1+Prototype EVA 01 - WB Background
CUFGandalf.lha     pix/art    216K   1+Gandalf's Journey - WB Background
deadman.jpg        pix/art    280K   6+A dead man laying against the wall
EOS1.jpg           pix/art     39K   2+"Bantu" created by Dr.Ferkel
RachelRuns.jpg     pix/art    232K   4+Rachel Raccoon finishes running with a p
RPG-Icons.lha      pix/art     32K   4+154 Icons painted for never released RPG
CUFA3000.lha       pix/back   262K   1+Amiga 3000 - WB Background
CUFGroovy.lha      pix/back   385K   1+Groovy  - WB Background
CUFMasses.lha      pix/back   297K   1+Amiga For The Masses - WB Background
CUFRei.lha         pix/back   352K   1+Rei Ayanami (Spring) - WB Background
Blossom.lha        pix/boot    56K   5+Blossom Bootup for Rainboot2
Chopsuey.lha       pix/boot    30K   5+Chopsuey Bootup for Rainboot2
StartBoot.lha      pix/boot   125K   5+START Bootup for Rainboot2
TheBeast.lha       pix/boot    10K   5+The Beast Bootup for Rainboot2
AF-Underwater.jpg  pix/fauna  260K   6+Great underwater plant scene (1280x1024 
HawkMANGAIcons.lha pix/icon    30K   9+My personal MANGA icons and more! 
leeicons.lha       pix/icon    56K   9+New Icons for Heretic, Fusion etc.
MODiskIcons12.lha  pix/icon   104K   5+Icons for 3.5" Magneto-Optical disks
ProlitePlus.lha    pix/icon   748K   4+Prolite Icons, YAM2 & DOpus images, etc!
SPLight.lha        pix/icon   131K   7+Smoother, lighter Songplayer buttons
pris1.jpg          pix/illu   174K   2+Pris Zato, Amiga-created character
SCL_LandOfMagx.lha pix/illu    79K   3+SCL! - Handpixeled pic at Symposium'99  
winuae1.jpg        pix/illu   199K   9+Helpfully screengrab WinUAE-Config Nr.1
winuae2.jpg        pix/illu   195K   9+Helpfully screengrab WinUAE-Config Nr.2
snark.jpg          pix/imagi   95K   0+Future War Helicopter by Colinou
barbie200.jpg      pix/jason  150K   8+PC Answers, Jan 99 commission. 24 bit.
biker400.jpg       pix/jason  1.2M   3+Cycling Plus, Apr 99 commission. 1Mb.
blowup150.jpg      pix/jason  231K   2+PC Answers, Mar 99 commission. 24 bit.
bug.jpg            pix/jason   59K   1+Amiga Format Gallery winner
connecting150.jpg  pix/jason  296K   2+PC Answers, Mar 99 commission. 24 bit.
dj200.jpg          pix/jason  366K   8+PC Answers, Jan 99 commission. 24 bit.
ghost200.jpg       pix/jason  357K   8+PC Answers, Jan 99 commission. 24 bit.
iceskating150.jpg  pix/jason  342K   2+PC Answers, Mar 99 commission. 24 bit.
jumping200.jpg     pix/jason  157K   8+PC Answers, Jan 99 commission. 24 bit.
BirdOfPrey.jpg     pix/mark   417K   6+A Klingon Bird of Prey (Star Trek)
Confrontation.jpg  pix/mark   362K   6+Enterprise meets Klingon Bird of Prey
D-Shuttle.jpg      pix/mark   306K   3+A Shuttlecraft flying away
JemHadar.jpg       pix/mark   254K   9+Jem'Hadar vessel coming out of wormhole
Klingons.jpg       pix/mark   265K   4+Bird-of-Prey, Vor'Cha and Negh'Var
OnPlanetVulcan.jpg pix/mark   263K   6+Klingon Bird of Prey landing on Vulcan
Rebels.jpg         pix/mark   288K   6+Collected rebel vessels (Star Wars)
SearchForSpock.jpg pix/mark   324K   8+Bird of Prey attacking U.S.S. Grissom
TheVoyageHome.jpg  pix/mark   292K   8+Klingon Bird of Prey over Earth
TheWrathOfKhan.jpg pix/mark   335K   6+The final battle: Enterprise vs Reliant
USSVoyager.jpg     pix/mark   269K   9+The U.S.S. Voyager
3ptc3.lha          pix/misc   386K   6+3Pyramids Digital Trading Cards - Pack 3
A2-G24bit_1.lha    pix/misc   2.2M   4+Astrosyn`2 - 24bit gfx compo entries [1/
A2-G24bit_2.lha    pix/misc   1.5M   4+Astrosyn`2 - 24bit gfx compo entries [2/
A2-GAscii.lha      pix/misc     7K   4+Astrosyn`2 - ascii graphics compo entrie
A2-GPixel_1.lha    pix/misc   1.3M   4+Astrosyn`2 - pixel compo entries [1/2]
A2-GPixel_2.lha    pix/misc   1.9M   4+Astrosyn`2 - pixel compo entries [2/2]
A2-GTrace_1.lha    pix/misc   1.1M   4+Astrosyn`2 - raytracing gfx compo entrie
A2-GTrace_2.lha    pix/misc   2.1M   4+Astrosyn`2 - raytracing gfx compo entrie
ACE_I.jpg          pix/misc    22K   6+A Mystic ACE Symbol
anc_fatality.lha   pix/misc   154K   3+[ANCOR] a new pic with Sandra
AP3Recto.jpg       pix/misc   194K   6+AMiGa=PoWeR N 3 Cover Recto
AP3Verso.jpg       pix/misc   226K   6+AMiGa=PoWeR N 3 Cover Verso
c65-back.jpg       pix/misc    87K   6+C65 back view
c65-board.jpg      pix/misc   224K   6+C65 board view
c65-front.jpg      pix/misc   104K   6+C65 front view
c65-left.jpg       pix/misc    98K   6+C65 left view
c65-transf.jpg     pix/misc    41K   6+C65 transformer
eautest.jpg        pix/misc   1.2M   8+Work for the Future aMiGa=PoWeR III Cove
MC-RR.gif          pix/misc     8K   5+Roadrunner Mazda Club Logo (GIF)
MCRR.jpg           pix/misc    44K   5+Roadrunner Mazda Club Logo
nexus.jpg          pix/misc    57K   4+Cute graffiti picture
toast.jpg          pix/misc    76K   4+Cute graffiti picture
OverheadFanT3D.mpg pix/mpg    793K   4+Volumetric light through a fan.Tornado3D
AKIconz4_WiP.lha   pix/mwb     41K   5+A MWB *GAMES* Icon Collection (Vol. 4) -
FALCONER-Icons.lha pix/mwb    473K   3+Many Cool Icons & More 4 MWB
magicwbmix.lha     pix/mwb     15K   8+MWB Icons (Settlers, Battle Isle, ...)
glowcollection.lha pix/nicon  167K   0+Yes, 100 more icons in GlowIcons' style
glowiconsaddon.lha pix/nicon   93K   0+57 new icons in GlowIcons' style
glowiconspack.lha  pix/nicon   78K   3+48 more icons in GlowIcons' style
LeeIcons2.lha      pix/nicon   66K   2+More Newicon's
MonGlowicon.lha    pix/nicon    2K   6+GlowIcon for Monzoom
NI_bck10.lha       pix/nicon  436K   2+AlotOfNewIcons for BC KID +GlowIcons
NI_i5010.lha       pix/nicon   92K   6+AlotOfNewIcons for INDIANAPOLIS 500 +MWB
NI_pww11.lha       pix/nicon  680K   9+AlotOfNewIcons for POWERMONGER WW1 +Mwb
NI_rbi10.lha       pix/nicon   70K   6+AlotOfNewIcons for RAINBOW ISLANDS +Magi
NI_tnt10.lha       pix/nicon  441K   2+AlotOfNewIcons for TRAPS N' TREASURES +G
NI_trc10.lha       pix/nicon  713K   2+AlotOfNewIcons for TURRICAN 1,2&3 +GlowI
NI_wod10.lha       pix/nicon  109K   6+AlotOfNewIcons for WRATH OF THE DEMON +M
ohnomoreglow.lha   pix/nicon   74K   3+Even more icons in GlowIcons' style
SJI-Aurora-Pre.lha pix/nicon  505K   4+SadJesterIcons Aurora Set Prerelease
bicyclex1.jpg      pix/sport  164K   5+Cycling is fun. M. Emrah Oral / 95,96,98
bicyclex2.jpg      pix/sport  259K   5+Cycling is fun. M. Emrah Oral / 95,96,98
bicyclex3.jpg      pix/sport  251K   5+Cycling is fun. M. Emrah Oral / 95,96,98
bicyclex4.jpg      pix/sport  207K   5+Cycling is fun. M. Emrah Oral / 95,96,98
tennisx1.jpg       pix/sport  222K   5+Tennis player. M.Emrah Oral / 1991
tennisx2.jpg       pix/sport  218K   5+Tennis player. M.Emrah Oral / 1991
tennisx3.jpg       pix/sport  216K   5+Tennis player. M.Emrah Oral / 1991
tennisx4.jpg       pix/sport  213K   5+Tennis player. M.Emrah Oral / 1991
tennisx5.jpg       pix/sport  251K   5+Tennis player. M.Emrah Oral / 1991
3emars.jpg         pix/trace  303K   3+3eFighters in the orbit of Mars
3PCL2.jpg          pix/trace  241K   6+The Martian station 3Pyramids
3pshop.jpg         pix/trace  161K   6+Shopping-area at 3Pyramids
3pshop2.jpg        pix/trace  154K   6+Droid from Star Wars-Episode 1
3_Balls.jpg        pix/trace   82K   6+Surreal Picture With 3 Floating Balls
ad_new.jpg         pix/trace   61K   4+Raytraced Advanced BBS Logo
ashop.jpg          pix/trace  133K   6+Amiga-shop on Mars
Comet.jpg          pix/trace  131K   5+Lightwave trace by RAT
FredTraces0.lha    pix/trace  576K   6+Very nice Lightwave traces by Fred of Fa
FredTraces1.lha    pix/trace  576K   6+Very nice Lightwave traces by Fred of Fa
FutureCity.jpg     pix/trace  347K   2+Lightwave-rendered image of a futuristic
helicop.jpg        pix/trace  102K   8+Helicopter Picture (Tornado3D)
IMDR.jpg           pix/trace  168K   6+Imperial Maintenance Droid (Star Wars)
lc-amiga.jpg       pix/trace  103K   6+The new low-cost Amiga ;)
mad-MysticMira.lha pix/trace  701K   3+MysticMiracle by Madbart/Appendix
MyAmiga1024.lha    pix/trace  632K   6+Awesome A3000 render! Makes nice backdro
MyAmiga1280.lha    pix/trace  483K   6+Awesome A3000 render! Makes nice backdro
MyAmiga800.lha     pix/trace  451K   6+Awesome A3000 render! Makes nice backdro
rosp2.jpg          pix/trace  160K   6+Spiralo at 3Pyramids
SCL_QuakerFace.lha pix/trace   41K   3+SCL! - Raytraced pic at Symposium'99   -
sliner.jpg         pix/trace  311K   3+A Space Liner at Mars
SniperCity.jpg     pix/trace  118K   3+Image of a city at night.
SniperMuseum.jpg   pix/trace   88K   3+The inside of a Museum made with Lightwa
Sniper_UFO.jpg     pix/trace   61K   3+Captured UFO made in Lightwave3D.
Spider.jpg         pix/trace  309K   8+Spider (Ronny R hl)
starwar8.jpg       pix/trace   91K   8+X-Wing and the Planet Tatooine (Tornado3
sw-Fight2.jpg      pix/trace  105K   6+StarWars: <Two Rebel Combat Cruisers aga
sw-Fleet.jpg       pix/trace   79K   6+StarWars: <Huge Rebel Armada Approching 
sw-NebulonB.jpg    pix/trace   66K   6+StarWars: <Nebulon-B Command Ship>
AmigaIDE.lha       pix/wb      13K   6+My AmigaIDE vs BeOS BeIDE
bliZzard_grab.jpg  pix/wb     149K   2+Preview of My new DOpus theme: <unamed>
davebench2.jpg     pix/wb     117K   6+CyberGrab of my Workbench
DND.lha            pix/wb       8K   1+Picture of drag`n`drop.library in use.
IkeWB.lha          pix/wb      76K   6+Grab of 800x600-16 CV3D/CGFX Workbench
QuesWB.lha         pix/wb      73K   4+My new style workbench grab :)
StuBench.lha       pix/wb      56K   2+My 16 colour WorkBench 3.1 screen
SuperWB.lha        pix/wb     361K   0+SuperStarDust WorkBench
Wartburg.lha       pix/wb     382K   6+Wartburg pictures
Whiskas-Opus3.jpg  pix/wb     243K   8+Great grab using the new MagicMenu and V
cd-pgs-tem.lha     text/dtp    11K   9+CD Jewl Case Cover Templates For PageStr
Notes1.5.lha       text/dtp   283K   4+ProPage4 Notes-print-Genie Deu&Eng
AmisED.lha         text/edit  257K   3+Powerful EZ to use editor (C/ANSI/AG)
Amitex_3.15.lha    text/edit  278K   9+Text editor (French and english versions
CatManGED.lha      text/edit    9K   3+Essential download for all translators
CED_HTML.lha       text/edit   73K   6+AREXX scripts for CygnusED v4.2
GedEiffel.lha      text/edit   36K   8+SmallEiffel mode for GoldEd 4
Skriptmanagr13.lha text/edit  197K   4+Create Script, AmigaGuide ->simple to do
Textloader.lha     text/edit  575K   6+TextEd 7.92 german/english SuperED!!
vocabo.lha         text/edit  161K   9+Lessical checker for every text editors 
wordpadv1.lha      text/edit  132K   3+MUI Based TextEditor v1
FlodisEuro.lha     text/font    8K   8+EURO-COMPATIBLE, 12pt, serif bitmap font
TransFont_2.2.lha  text/font   54K   4+Bitmap font code page converter
Guided.lha         text/hyper  46K   4+Amigaguide editor 
Guided0_1b.lha     text/hyper 101K   5+Amigaguide editor 
heddley120fr.lha   text/hyper  17K   3+French catalog for Heddley 1.20
HSCCaps.lha        text/hyper   9K   4+Generates caps in HTML (src inc.)
HTML2Guide.lha     text/hyper  19K   3+HTML to AmigaGuide convertor v2.0
Voimariini.lha     text/hyper  17K   5+A powerful HTML editor (req. MUI)
Alt2Koi8.lha       text/misc    8K   3+Convert from ALT to KOI8 (russian)
B2G.lha            text/misc   30K   5+Converts Big5 <-> GuoBiao (chinese)
Big5-CNS.lha       text/misc   19K   3+Converts Big5-CNS (chinese text formats)
BlankPurge.lha     text/misc   22K   6+Strips blank lines from Amiga text files
docu2.lha          text/misc   22K   6+Converts iff-docu files to rtf or ascii
Esplit.lha         text/misc    8K   3+Splits japanese EDICT into PN & normal
EsplitX.lha        text/misc    8K   3+Splits japanese EDICT into rude/normal
ExpandDict.lha     text/misc   56K   6+Espands a shrunken wordlist
GB-Folding.lha     text/misc   11K   4+Change "return" in GuoBiao chinese text
GBDetect.lha       text/misc   11K   4+Fix corrupted GuoBiao chinese texts
HanZiPlus.lha      text/misc   57K   4+HanZiPLUS utilities
HZ-Utils.lha       text/misc   52K   5+Chinese texts conversion utilities
JChar.lha          text/misc   29K   3+Generates various japanese charsets
JCode.lha          text/misc   22K   3+Print japanese codes out of a text
JConv.lha          text/misc   25K   3+Converts japanese codes between texts
JGrep.lha          text/misc   13K   2+Japanese GREP on Amy
KDFilt.lha         text/misc    7K   3+Filter for KanjiDic
Koi2Alt.lha        text/misc    8K   3+Convert from KOI8 to ALT (russian)
LToR.lha           text/misc    6K   3+Latin to cyrillic filter
m2aeur10.lha       text/misc    5K   4+Convert Microsoft euros to Amiga
Map-GuoBiao.lha    text/misc   15K   4+Ascii -> GuoBiao chinese texts
MrConvert.lha      text/misc   23K   6+Convert text PC->Amiga and vice versa v1
pdflib.lha         text/misc  1.4M   6+Pdflib (libpdf) and tools (68k and PPC)
R2Tex.lha          text/misc    7K   3+Converts ROI8 cyrillic to AMS TEX
RM4mat.lha         text/misc   10K   4+Remove format code in GB texts (chinese)
RToL.lha           text/misc    6K   3+Cyrillic to latin filter
Text2PS.lha        text/misc   11K   6+Converts plain ASCII to PostScript
wordwrap.lha       text/misc   35K   4+Reformat ASCII texts to new width, V2.3
Epson_400.lha      text/print  14K   0+Epson Stylus 400/440 Driver for WB V1.9
Epson_600.lha      text/print  14K   0+Epson Stylus 600 Driver for WB V1.11
ESCUtil.lha        text/print 143K   2+EPSON Stylus COLOR Series Utilitiy
HP_Deskjet400C.lha text/print  13K   0+Deskjet 400C/L Driver for WB 1.6
HP_Deskjet600C.lha text/print  13K   0+Deskjet 600C Driver for WB V1.9
HP_Deskjet670C.lha text/print  14K   0+Deskjet 670C/690C Driver for WB V1.17
HP_Deskjet870C.lha text/print  14K   0+Deskjet 870C/890C Driver for WB V1.6
OlivettiJP.lha     text/print  13K   0+Olivetti JP driver for WB 1.0
OlivettiJP790.lha  text/print   8K   0+Olivetti JP 790 (HPDJ560C) Driver for WB
prtman39.lha       text/print 145K   2+Printmanager for AmigaOS3 (39.21)
PrtManUpd.lha      text/print  25K   2+Bugfixed PrtMan (39.22)
EvenMore.lha       text/show  271K   1+V0.53 - A nice textviewer
Next2.6.lha        text/show   70K   2+Viewer for text/guides/html/datatypes
bzip2.lha          util/arc   241K   1+File compressor for 68k/PowerUp/WarpOS
CheckX.lha         util/arc    33K   4+V1.56 Check for Archives/Packers/Viruses
DMS2HD1_5.lha      util/arc    47K   1+Unpacks DMS archives to HD v1.5
LhA.lha            util/arc    92K   2+Full LhA plus LhX (extract-only)
LZXRepacker17.lha  util/arc     7K   6+Repack LHA/ARJ/ZIP/RAR/HA/TAR/TGZ to LZX
xadmaster.lha      util/arc   121K   6+V1.8 Powerful unarchiving system
xDMS.lha           util/arc   161K   5+Portable DMS unpacker v1.3
CGXBlanker.lha     util/blank  14K   5+CyberGfx-ScreenBlanker with DPMS
ForcePal.lha       util/boot   26K   6+Small, FeaturePacked, CLI Palette Util
GameSelect.lha     util/boot   36K   6+Startup-GUI for Games, Demos etc.
NewStuff.lha       util/boot   35K   1+Get instant access to new files! (v1.0)
NoWBStartup2.lha   util/boot   14K   1+Stop WBStartUp progs from running
PipeCon.lha        util/boot   39K   6+Watch Amiga Boot Sequence Happen! + More
Rainboot2_5.lha    util/boot  622K   5+The Ultimate Multimedia Boot v2.5
RemAPollo.lha      util/boot   29K   0+A1200 040\060 MMU Apollo Turboboard Rema
Scegli.lha         util/boot   20K   8+Very configurable bootmenu (supports Gfx
sdate10.lha        util/boot   10K   6+A program to let you set the date / time
sdate10_src.lha    util/boot    1K   6+Source code for StartupDate (see sdate10
AHelp1_2.lha       util/cdity  80K   1+The ultimate HELP: manager v1.2
Altabber.lha       util/cdity  26K   4+Windoze-like Alt-Tab 1.5 (w/ source)
GetSize_dt.lha     util/cdity   2K   4+German catalog for GetSize v1.0
MarkMouse.lha      util/cdity   8K   6+Locate mouse pointer on screens
ModePro.lha        util/cdity 204K   5+4.63 Screenmode Promotion & Public Scree
Scheduler1_3.lha   util/cdity  19K   6+Schedule manager and viewer
ALeXcompare.lha    util/cli    33K   3+Compare files/dirs/trees & display diffe
AToB.lha           util/cli    11K   6+Printable ascii > 8 bit bytes(see BtoA)
Boo-Utils.lha      util/cli    19K   1+MakeBoo & DeBoo on Amy
bout.lha           util/cli     4K   0+Comment command replacment
BToA.lha           util/cli     8K   6+8 bit bytes > printable ascii(see AtoB)
demime.lha         util/cli    14K   6+Simple tool to demime quoted-printable t
dos2amiga.lha      util/cli    20K   3+Converts DOS 8.3 filename to long Win95 
FileExtract.lha    util/cli     8K   1+Extract part of a file into a new file
JBanner.lha        util/cli     7K   5+Makes banners using any system font
MBMan.lha          util/cli   101K   3+Online manual for the Shell. V1.01
MirrorCopy.lha     util/cli    18K   6+Create and maintain an exact copy of a d
NilNull.lha        util/cli    11K   4+New NULL device and RunBack replacement
r.lha              util/cli    41K   8+V1.48 Just in time GUIs for every DOS co
recorder_src.lzh   util/cli     9K   1+Assembler Source Code for V1.4
RequestAssign.lha  util/cli    19K   0+GUI for the Assign command.
SetRGB.lha         util/cli     9K   2+Set front screen colours by hex or name
SRename.lha        util/cli    51K   2+Advanced rename/renumber CLI program.
StarDate.lha       util/cli   108K   5+StarDate-Clock (CLI) for free use
VersCheck.lha      util/cli   263K   2+Check your libs,devs,dtypes,classes
a2h.lha            util/conv    6K   4+Converts ASCII text to html (V1.00)
HTML2Guide-1.2.lha util/conv   72K   8+Converts HTML to AmigaGuide. Whole direc
AmigaFileViewe.lha util/dir    92K   5+File viewer very similar to Windows Expl
CASCADEv1_0e.lha   util/dir   679K   4+Multitool for CLI,Dirs,Filemanagment
GetType.lha        util/dir    70K   0+V1.13, knows 1100+ filetypes.
Ordering_v1.17.lha util/dir   320K   1+Powerful directory utility for OS 2.04
simplefind-cr.lha  util/dir     7K   5+Croatian Catalogs for SimpleFind 2.5
simplefind-fr.lha  util/dir     2K   9+French Catalog for SimpleFind 2.5
akJFIF-dt.lha      util/dtype 314K   2+AkJFIF-dt V44.32 (JPEG, 68000-060, PPC/W
akPNG-dt.lha       util/dtype 344K   2+AkPNG-dt V44.32 (PNG, 68000-060, PPC/WOS
akTIFF-dt.lha      util/dtype 390K   2+AkTIFF-dt V44.32 (TIFF, 68000-060, PPC/W
f1gp_bkg_dt.lha    util/dtype  13K   6+Datatype for F1GP backdrop pictures V1.3
ilbmdt44.lha       util/dtype   8K   4+Improved ilbmdt (44.19)
MacPict2-dtc.lha   util/dtype 110K   2+Macintosh PICT2 pictures datatype (v40.4
PCX-DT43.lha       util/dtype  14K   2+Pcx.datatype 43.7 for Picture.datatype 4
picsize.lha        util/dtype  11K   5+Shows picture dimensions using datatypes
wavdt41.lha        util/dtype   8K   2+Datatype for wave sounds (41.3)
YUVNdt.lha         util/dtype  23K   6+Datatype for IFF-YUVN/VLAB images (43.0a
em1934bin.lha      util/gnu   4.0M   5+GNU Emacs-19.34 V2.10 installed in gg:
em1934dif.lha      util/gnu   407K   2+GNU Emacs-19.34 V2.11 diffs
em1934i0.lha       util/gnu   418K   2+GNU Emacs-19.34 V2.11 Intuition 28bit
em1934i1.lha       util/gnu   431K   2+GNU Emacs-19.34 V2.11 Intuit. 28bit-seg
em1934i3.lha       util/gnu   426K   2+GNU Emacs-19.34 V2.11 Intuition 32bit
em1934src.lha      util/gnu   8.5M   5+GNU Emacs-19.34 V2.10 source
em203bin.lha       util/gnu   6.1M   5+GNU Emacs-20.3 V2.9 installed in gg:
em203dif.lha       util/gnu   407K   2+GNU Emacs-20.3 V2.11 diffs
em203i0.lha        util/gnu   535K   2+GNU Emacs-20.3 V2.11 Intuition 28bit
em203i1.lha        util/gnu   556K   2+GNU Emacs-20.3 V2.11 Intuit. 28bit-seg
em203i3.lha        util/gnu   547K   2+GNU Emacs-20.3 V2.11 Intuition 32bit
em203src.lha       util/gnu    11M   5+GNU Emacs-20.3 V2.10 source
xpdf-0.8-020-b.lha util/gnu   666K   2+Xpdf 0.8 - a Portable Document Format vi
xpdf-0.8-040-b.lha util/gnu   642K   2+Xpdf 0.8 - a Portable Document Format vi
xpdf-0.8-src.lha   util/gnu   376K   2+Xpdf 0.8 - a Portable Document Format vi
chunky_dev.lha     util/libs   83K   6+THE BEST chunky gfx system! AGA/CGFX (de
chunky_usr.lha     util/libs   86K   6+THE BEST chunky gfx system! AGA/CGFX (us
dmxemul.lha        util/libs   12K   2+DMX sound system emulation V40.23
GatewayLibrary.lha util/libs   73K   2+Shared Library with many functions
HSMathLibs_881.lha util/libs   73K   4+Very fast replacement for all math libra
IdentifyDev.lha    util/libs   73K   1+Identify hardware and more, ListExp (V11
IdentifyUsr.lha    util/libs  122K   1+Identify hardware and more, ListExp (V11
IdmLib.lha         util/libs   55K   8+V1.144, Idm.lib package (+ developer fil
MailPro.lha        util/libs   64K   6+Library for mail tossers, mail processor
MMULib.lha         util/libs  218K   5+Library to ctrl the MC68K MMUs, beta
PalmLink.lha       util/libs   93K   1+Connect Amiga with 3Com Palm PDA (V1.2)
regex.lha          util/libs   43K   1+Regex.library POSIX 1003.2 regular expre
2b_CAF.lha         util/misc   19K   3+CAF - Collect Aminet Files (with source)
ABShell.lha        util/misc    2K   5+V1.0, Open Shell window on its own scree
AmiSearch2ITA.lha  util/misc   14K   8+Italian catalog for AmiSearch 2.3
ARC3.1GRcatalo.lha util/misc    6K   6+ARC 3.0 or 3.1 Greek Catalog
ARC32.lha          util/misc  117K   4+Aminet Readme Creator 3.2
AtLast.lha         util/misc    7K   1+At last! Reboot from WB's Quit menu!
dreamcdguide.lha   util/misc  215K   1+256 colours interface for Aminet and Dre
FixRam.lha         util/misc   13K   6+Fix the RamDisk Icon on the Workbench
HDPa.lha           util/misc    1K   2+HDP users MUST read this or it'll not wo
HDPnote.lha        util/misc    1K   2+HDP users MUST read this or it'll not wo
IFFMaster_HU.lha   util/misc    3K   5+Hungarian translation for IFFMaster v1.6
ITabs.lha          util/misc    2K   6+V1.0, Prg that will replace tabs with sp
LC2.lha            util/misc  151K   1+Aussie Lotto checker/database.
loto98.lha         util/misc   59K   6+A *good* lottery predictor and checker
Lunar.lha          util/misc   21K   6+Calendar conversion utility
mpgerman.lha       util/misc    3K   4+German Catalog for Miamiphone V1.5
Opener.lha         util/misc    7K   3+The great Public Screen Utility
PatchID.lha        util/misc   59K   3+Change display names (e.g. "PAL:LowRes")
PubScrnTools.lha   util/misc   35K   1+Public Screen Tools (src included)
RandPY.lha         util/misc   31K   5+Tests knowledge of chinese language
ReadDisk.lha       util/misc    6K   5+V1.2, Rip data from trackdisk style disk
ResetRun2.lha      util/misc   10K   0+Resets your computer and runs a given pr
rgbpch.lha         util/misc    4K   2+Maximum white patch
RHelfer.lha        util/misc  162K   6+Helps to solve german crosswords. V2.11
RudeMouser.lha     util/misc   39K   3+Useful tool, executes AmigaDOS commands 
Sanyo_VCR.lha      util/misc   49K   1+Sanyo VCR programing tool v1.0
Sanyo_VCR101.lha   util/misc   50K   0+Sanyo VCR programing tool v1.01
SaveBit.lha        util/misc    2K   5+V1.5, Save data from inside files.
SmartView.lha      util/misc    8K   6+A SmartViewer for the Aminet CD's. V1.0
Switch2Which.lha   util/misc    8K   6+To switch between the PPC kernels
TaskersFlush.lha   util/misc   26K   1+V2.4beta *** MUI-Crash-fixed *** / Autom
Tottogol2.lha      util/misc   44K   6+V2.6-Italian prog for Totogol-Needs MUI
Tottogol2PPC.lha   util/misc   55K   6+V2.6-Italian prog for Totogol-Needs MUI
VisualGuide26.lha  util/misc   15K   6+Make filelist in AmigaGuide format.
WarpUpSettings.lha util/misc   10K   3+Set WarpUp-Env-Vars with GUI
A1200PPC.lha       util/moni    1K   4+SysSpeed Module - A1200 BlizzardPPC
Apollo40_30.lha    util/moni    3K   5+AIBB module for Apollo 040/30Mhz OverClo
ShowMem.lha        util/moni   15K   5+Shows memory fragmentation via gfx
YAMM.lha           util/moni   25K   1+YAMM 1.93 Monitors mem levels, can warn 
brlecomp.lha       util/pack   27K   2+Compresses greyscale images very quickly
codecs_library.lha util/pack  256K   3+Codecs.library, second beta version
XPKatana.lha       util/pack  103K   0+XPK (un)packer with complete GUI, ARexx 
FWCalendar.lha     util/rexx   58K   1+THE calendar creator for FW & Pagestream
pictag_v1.2.lha    util/rexx    7K   8+CED macro to input an HTML <IMG...> tag
rmh.lha            util/rexx   39K   1+Rmh.library - Rexx Must Have functions
rxcmanager.lha     util/rexx   19K   5+Rxcmanager - CManager ARexx functions
rxwiz.lha          util/rexx   37K   2+Rxwiz.library - great GUIs in ARexx
WW-Rech_kor.lha    util/rexx   16K   9+Correction of WW-Rech_22.lha
ViNCEd.lha         util/shell 711K   2+ViNCEd, the final CON: solution. ^Z, TAB
ViNCUpdate.lha     util/shell 216K   2+ViNCEd, the final CON: solution. ^Z, TAB
BHFormat.lha       util/sys    21K   2+NSD-aware Format command with source
flshlib.lha        util/sys     1K   3+Flush a library from system (+ source E)
info_catala.lha    util/sys     1K   9+Catala catalog for info
SavInstaller.lha   util/sys   218K   3+C= Installer replacement (April 11, 1999
StringSnip.lha     util/sys    12K   4+Much better editing features in string g
BeatIt11.lha       util/time   26K   2+BeatIt 1.1 is a beat clock for AmigaOS
bitime.lha         util/time   22K   3+Shows current iNET(or std) time invented
DCF77.lha          util/time  380K   3+Radio clock receiver, clock, time signal
ITimeCalc.lha      util/time    4K   3+Shows current Internet-time invented by 
KaiClock.lha       util/time   64K   4+KaiClock V2.2. A clock for WB
RememberTime.lha   util/time    2K   1+Util for Amigas without battery clock
SetDST.lha         util/time   48K   0+Adjusts time for Daylight Saving Time
sguard.lha         util/time  105K   6+SummertimeGuard 1.04
stclock.lha        util/time   12K   3+Space Liner for monzoom, Reflections
SummerGer.lha      util/time    3K   4+German Catalog for sguard V 1.0
TimeOL.lha         util/time    7K   9+Measures time (ONLine or whatever)
VClock_v1.5a.lha   util/time  329K   3+Update. Fixed Notify Bug (Ack!)
VC_II_Cat.lha      util/virus   9K   2+Catalan translation for Virus Checker
vht-vg27.lha       util/virus  78K   3+VirusWarning.Guide v2.7 (VHT-DK)
vht_vc20.lha       util/virus 436K   3+Version v2.0 of Virus_Checker II
xvsLibrary.lha     util/virus  47K   6+V33.18 External Virus Support Library
adda_12.lha        util/wb     28K   2+Add assigns and paths to your system
adda_src.lha       util/wb      1K   1+Source for AddAssign
ASCII-Clip.lha     util/wb     26K   2+Shows ASC Code & copies it to clipboard
assmas.lha         util/wb     35K   2+Program for easy assigning from wb
binstall.lha       util/wb     56K   1+Utility to send disk to friends
EASysX_Guide.lha   util/wb    310K   9+Get informed about the powerful Wizard s
FarsiKit0_1b0.lha  util/wb     31K   6+Persian (Farsi, Iranian) Locale File and
flynn.lha          util/wb     88K   5+System load meter
FullPalette_HR.lha util/wb      1K   7+FullPalette: Croatian catalog
Gurus99_15O4.lha   util/wb    469K   3+Shows infos about Gurus (German + Engl.)
IceBoot.lha        util/wb     26K   6+Cold boot. clear all boot resistent prog
LCD_Clock.lha      util/wb     10K   0+Simple LCD clock with configurable colou
MagicMenuGRcat.lha util/wb      6K   6+Greek Catalog for Magic Menu (V2.15)
MemMon.lha         util/wb     26K   4+MemMon 1.92 Monitors mem levels, can giv
mouse_control.lha  util/wb     67K   6+Control mouse pointer via ARexx v1.3
NewIconsPatch.lha  util/wb      9K   8+Patched NewIcons (Enforcer Hit)
NewInstaller.lha   util/wb    662K   5+THE Ultimate Addon Tool for C= Installer
Scalos.lha         util/wb    532K   0+V1.2a, ALiENDESiGN's workbench replaceme
Sgrab.lha          util/wb     44K   4+Screen grabber with GUI (1.10)
Starter.lha        util/wb     25K   1+Run programs from a file requester!
StopMenu.lha       util/wb    496K   6+Very nice taskbar with many options (0.9
TextLoaderNG.lha   util/wb    287K   4+V1.13 Converts Docs(Word,WPerfect,AWrite
TheBossV2_10b.lha  util/wb    122K   4+An easy-to-use and powerful system manag
tombraid.lha       util/wb    711K   4+Tombraider Workbench Theme
TotalCalc1_21.lha  util/wb     45K   0+Calculator with interesting features
TTManager34_no.lha util/wb      7K   5+Norwegian catalog to TTManager 3.4 
VisualPrefs_NL.lha util/wb     34K   2+VisualPrefs: Dutch catalog and docs
WBBump.lha         util/wb    104K   0+V1.3 beta - Bumpmapped image on your WB
wbstars2.lha       util/wb     84K   9+V2.09 Animated workbench-background (war
wbstars2_src.lha   util/wb     49K   9+Sourcecode of WBStars / WBSnow