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| Local files at Aminet CD 48 on 18-Mar-02
| Sorted by directory and file name. Age in weeks.
| A wide version of this file can be found in info/index/
|File              Dir        Size Age Description
|----------------- ---        ---- --- -----------
Dohodnina01.lha    biz/dbase    8K   3+Calculates income tax in Slovenia
ligamanager.lha    biz/dbase  462K   7+German database for sport leagues V3.4
TGest2DEMO.lha     biz/demo   456K   3+V2.0p1 TurboGest (PACHETTO GESTIONALE IT
DOpusRxTrash.lha   biz/dopus    4K  10+Global trashcan for DOpus Magellan
HomeBank.lha       biz/misc   290K   5+V2.0 The personal account manager (MUI)
GGSearch.lha       comm/irc     2K   5+Search GOOGLE with AmIRC
NickServAuth.lha   comm/irc     2K   8+NickServ identify AmIRC script
TrackChanged.lha   comm/irc     5K   5+Displays track and artist in AMIRC from 
Unreal32B6.lha     comm/irc   707K   8+Advanced IRC Daemon Based On Dreamforge
anubis-110.lha     comm/mail  263K   9+Anonymous EMail Sender, v1.1.0
anubis-110mos.lha  comm/mail  316K   9+Anonymous EMail Sender, v1.1.0 -MorphOS-
YAMGenesis.lha     comm/mail   24K  10+YAM-->Genesis-->Yam2NN, united. V1.06
YAMMiami.lha       comm/mail   33K  10+YAM-->Miami-->Yam2NN, united. V1.02
yamNewIcons.lha    comm/mail   45K   6+New Icon and toolbar for Yam
YamNewIcons1.1.lha comm/mail   45K   6+New Icons set of YAM
YAT.lha            comm/mail  580K  10+Yet Another heap of Taglines for YAM
ACas.lha           comm/misc   57K   7+Data transfer from/to Casio CFX-9850G
DragonDaemon.lha   comm/misc  430K   8+Dialer&more for Speed- and PowerDragon,S
eBook.lha          comm/misc    9K   7+EBook(EasyBook Cli Usage) eta v 0.1 
Homebank_SK.lha    comm/misc  403K  10+Homebanking (only german Sparkasse!)
LCR-I.lha          comm/misc   52K  10+LeastCostRouter for german Internet Prov
LCR.lha            comm/misc   71K  10+LeastCostRouter for german Telephone Pro
Spitfire2.lha      comm/misc  854K   9+Palm Desktop for the Amiga!
TTimeDeluxe.lha    comm/misc  1.2M  10+Displays Phonecosts online (Germany only
tv-prog.lha        comm/misc  293K  10+(PL) TV programe on computer! [v1.00b5]
Charon.lha         comm/net   173K   9+Download manager
Charon_Ger.lha     comm/net    24K   5+German localization for Charon v1.98
Charon_Pol.lha     comm/net    27K   5+Polish localization for Charon v1.98
nc_update_beta.lha comm/news  158K   4+NewsCoaster Full Version (v1.49) (MUI)
newscoaster_b.lha  comm/news  399K   4+NewsCoaster Full Version (v1.49) (MUI)
AmiDiction.lha     comm/tcp    27K  10+Online Dictionary
AmiDynDNS.lha      comm/tcp    23K client v0.82 (minor update)
amifish.lha        comm/tcp    10K   8+Quick And Easy interface for babelfish
BabelDoc.lha       comm/tcp    35K  10+Translate docs or strings from one langu
cim.lha            comm/tcp    23K   5+Instant Messenger with PGP Support and M
DiCaTool.lha       comm/tcp   1.2M  10+Digital camera & webcam tool
dicci.lha          comm/tcp    10K   8+Diccionarios Online  -  Online Dictionar
muimiamipanel.lha  comm/tcp    63K   5+MUI MiamiDx control Panel
muinlmiamipane.lha comm/tcp   132K   5+MUI MiamiDx control Panel
openssh_note.txt   comm/tcp     1K  10+How to Obtain AmigaOS Port of OpenSSH 3.
rc-ftpd.lha        comm/tcp   177K   2+Rc-ftpd - the best ftpd for amiga ;-)
MergeBuffers.lha   comm/uucp    8K  10+V1.2 merges Microdot's sortin-buffers (G
awebjfif68020.lha  comm/www    40K   4+AWeb-II 'official' JFIF/JPEG plugin v1.1
awebjfif68030.lha  comm/www    40K   4+AWeb-II 'official' JFIF/JPEG plugin v1.1
awebjfif68040.lha  comm/www    40K   4+AWeb-II 'official' JFIF/JPEG plugin v1.1
awebjfif68060.lha  comm/www    40K   4+AWeb-II 'official' JFIF/JPEG plugin v1.1
IBcc.lha           comm/www    47K   9+IBrowse CleanCache (& some HBasic code)
IBrowse2.2PL.lha   comm/www    17K   7+Polish Locale for IBrowse2.2 v.1.8
IP-Jacker.lha      comm/www     2K   8+Looks for IP, makes HTML-File an loades 
OpenURL.lha        comm/www   107K   5+OpenURL - easily open URLs. V3.3
achlonbux.lha      demo/aga   418K   3+AGA demo by Maf/Silicon and Leon/Silicon
atx-chuckrock2.lha demo/intro  35K   9+ChuckRock2 Cracktro from Anthrox
l2-inv.lha         demo/intro 315K   7+Lobotomia 2002 invitation intro by RNO &
lbt-diskutils1.lha demo/intro   5K   9+Disk Utils 1 Cracktro from Liberty
pdx-dstrike.lha    demo/intro  19K   9+Desert Strike cracktro from Paradox
ptg-skidmarks2.lha demo/intro   4K  10+Skidmarks2 Cracktro from Prestige
trsi-jumpnroll.lha demo/intro  36K   9+Jump n Roll Cracktro from TRSI
Gods+Iris-D_12.lha demo/mag   2.5M   4+Gods & IRIS - D.I.S.C #12 (Fixed Version
gods-disc12.lha    demo/mag   2.5M   5+Gods & IRIS - D.I.S.C #12
IRS-EC44.lha       demo/mag   1.5M   4+The Official Eurochart #44 IRIS
MWI-Overview09.lha demo/slide 1.9M   8+OVERVIEW #09 - party slideshow pack by M
MWI-Overview10.lha demo/slide 1.7M   8+OVERVIEW #10 - party slideshow pack by M
hum_uwmd.lha       demo/sound 751K   7+Underworld Musicdisk (HD Fixed)
PSL-KMJfixed.lha   demo/sound 5.3M   9+Kiss My Jazz FIXED by Pic Saint Loup (AG
UP-EP010.lha       demo/sound 2.6M   7+UP ROUGH "Saturday at Joe's EP" feat. Sa
MadeInCroatia.lha  demo/track 427K   8+Demo Made in Croatia by Binary
ADV-ITA.lha        dev/amos   478K   9+Italian adventures creator
centiped.lha       dev/amos   270K   4+Never finished Centipede-clone
guirtgdemo.lha     dev/amos    97K   8+Little RTG Effect Demo with AmosPro
PowerBackup.lha    dev/amos   112K   3+Backup program written with AMOS Pro 2.0
blitzgtfix.lha     dev/basic   87K   4+Blitz2 fix for many Gadtools problems
BlitzLstDec01.lha  dev/basic  361K   9+Blitz mailing list archives for December
clockita.lha       dev/basic   84K   9+Italian clock+alarm+source code (bugfix)
df_lib.lha         dev/basic    5K   9+Library for PureBasic
expat-dev.lha      dev/c       91K   9+Shared library to parse XML
6502d.lha          dev/cross   15K   7+6502 disassembler.
MuForce.lha        dev/debug  280K   4+The V40 Enforcer, detects illegal RAM ac
MuGuardianAngl.lha dev/debug  304K   4+MungWall superset, detect accesses to no
yaec.lha           dev/e      644K   9+Yaec - Yet Another E Compiler [2.5d]
AmigaTalk.lha      dev/lang   996K   4+V1.9 of AmigaTalk (Smalltalk GUI)
AmigaTalkUpd.lha   dev/lang   265K   5+V1.9a Update of V1.9 AmigaTalk (Smalltal
pilot.lha          dev/lang    45K  10+PILOT programming language, WB support
AD516-Dev.lha      dev/misc    27K   8+Sunrize AD516 Developer's information
EasySocketDev.lha  dev/misc    28K   5+Developer information for TCP/IP BOOPSI 
goosa.lha          dev/misc   826K   4+V2.0 of General Object-Oriented System A
Libero.lha         dev/misc   237K   7+State-Machine Code Generator
MuLink.lha         dev/misc   131K   4+Memory protect selected hunks of binarie
MuScan.lha         dev/misc   128K   4+Print the MMU tree layout.
NSA_amigaguide.lha dev/misc     9K  10+New Style Autodocs. amigaguide.library V
NSA_amiga_lib.lha  dev/misc    23K  10+New Style Autodocs. amiga_lib V1.2
NSA_dos.lha        dev/misc    63K  10+New Style Autodocs. dos.library V1.3
NSA_exec.lha       dev/misc    60K  10+New Style Autodocs. exec.library V1.3
NSA_utility.lha    dev/misc    14K  10+New Style Autodocs. utility.library V1.2
oop4a.lha          dev/misc   290K   4+OOP Developer-Kit - ClassSystem like JAV
Pomocnik.lha       dev/misc     9K   3+Translate Helper (PL)
MCC_SpeedBar.lha   dev/mui     79K   4+Highly configurable toolbar class
urltext.lha        dev/mui     54K   5+MUI public custom url class
DebugLib_R2.lha    dev/obero   26K   6+An Oberon Interface to the link library 
expat-src.lha      dev/src    159K   9+Shared library to parse XML
ggt.lha            dev/src     93K   4+Ada95-Source: Greatest common divisor of
intuiflake.lha     dev/src      5K  10+Intuition fractal graphics
intuistar.lha      dev/src      4K  10+Intuition fractal graphics
TurboVal.lha       disk/cache  27K   5+The best validator for FFS (v2.5)
fat95.lha          disk/misc  247K   3+Win95/98 compatible file system
IoJaz2Gb.lha       disk/misc    6K   4+Iomega Jaz 2GB DOS Drivers/Icons for Ami
tsgui.lha          disk/misc   41K   7+Create or write back image files (ADF) f
APassion.txt       docs/anno    4K   9+AmigaPassion: the deadline now is the 31
AP_News.txt        docs/anno    6K   8+AmigaPassion: the deadline now is the 31
DM2_localised.txt  docs/anno    1K   9+DiskMaster II has locale support now!
SV-Discount.lha    docs/anno    5K   7+Shareware bundle and RegNet information 
mountlist_r.lha    docs/help    7K   7+The Complete Guide to Mountlists
P96Speed12_PL.lha  docs/help   11K   8+Polish Locale for P96Speed 1.2
Scalos_PL.lha      docs/help   22K   3+Polish Locale for Scalos 40.16
SimpleFTP27_PL.lha docs/help   11K   8+Polish Locale for SimpleFTP 2.70
NotizieAmiga.lha   docs/lists 1.2M   2+Mailing-list NotizieAmiga 02/2002 (Itali
Aakt0102GFX.lha    docs/mags  401K  10+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0102GUIDE.lha  docs/mags   76K  10+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0102HTML.lha   docs/mags  229K  10+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0202GFX.lha    docs/mags  436K   5+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0202GUIDE.lha  docs/mags   73K   5+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0202HTML.lha   docs/mags  252K   5+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0901HTML.lha   docs/mags  242K   6+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
AIOV55.lha         docs/mags  529K   5+Amiga Information Online, Issue 55 (Janu
AmigaFuture34.lha  docs/mags  1.5M  10+Great german paper mag preview
amigazette_06.lha  docs/mags  2.5M  10+AMIGAzette 6th issue (21.08.2000) (itali
CD32outside4.lha   docs/mags  203K  10+German CD32 Magazin
musikansich08.lha  docs/mags  510K  10+German Music Magazine in HTML (01/01)
NoCover94.lha      docs/mags  1.6M  10+German Amiga Disk Mag - Januar Issue (Nr
NoCover95.lha      docs/mags  1.6M   4+German Amiga Disk Mag - Februar Issue (N
saku38.lha         docs/mags  2.6M  10+Saku #38 (4/2001). Finnish e-zine.
starmag29_ag.lha   docs/mags  2.1M   9+German Amiga-Online-Magazine (AG-Version
AmigaArena0102.lha docs/misc   71K   3+Amiga Arena Interviews
geo-zoo-bot.lha    docs/misc  165K   5+Guide ***POLISH ONLY*** about geography,
MemManual.lha      docs/misc  267K   4+Examples, Tutorial, (Auto)docs for Virtu
MuManual.lha       docs/misc  844K   4+Tutorial, examples, includes, (auto)docs
vtx-foryou.lha     docs/misc    6K   4+Ascii-Colly FOR YOU of Vortex
YambMUI.lha        game/2play  63K   5+Game with dices. More complex Yahtzee. (
PaybackDemo.lha    game/actio 5.1M   9+Payback playable demo (Updated)
PaybackUpdate7.lha game/actio 2.2M  10+Updates Payback to the latest version
Snail.lha          game/actio 127K  10+Conversion of Master System snail game
CatAtCrossroad.lha game/board  31K   5+Make the way to the kitten. V1.3
qrdq_amiga.lha     game/data   12M  10+Quake redone Quick (quake1 speedrun movi
sds_amiga.lha      game/data  431K  10+Batch to build pak0.pak from sds_mega.zi
JumpingAround.lha  game/demo  257K   8+JumpNRun demo game, working in progress
Mattonite.lha      game/demo  559K   7+Arkanoid demo game, working in progress
PuzzleBOBS_Dem.lha game/demo  107K  10+PuzzleBOBS DEMO Update
StefACS.lha        game/demo   56K   8+Adventures creator, working in progress
StefAdvConstrS.lha game/demo   60K  10+Adventures creator, working in progress
TV125R.lha         game/jump  292K   8+TechnoVenture Re-release (Platformer) 
Garden.lha         game/misc   20K   7+Pick flowers from the Garden.
GormanFish.lha     game/misc  531K  10+Elaborate virtual pet
ScummVM_AGA.lha    game/misc  395K   7+68k AGA/RTG Port of ScummVM, new in v0.3
Entity_Full.lha    game/role  919K   3+Futuristic graphic adventure
IntroCreate.lha    game/role  394K  10+Intro creator for GRAC 2 games
kill_em.lha        game/shoot 223K   8+A "Kill'em all" game
Connect4.lha       game/think  76K  10+Connect 4 game using MUI (with source)
Seachess.lha       game/think  17K   8+Tic-Tac-Toe; Source included. V1.1
Boersenkrach.lha   game/wb     54K   8+Simple stock exchange game (German) 
Lightit.lha        game/wb     36K   8+Light up this hexagonal-shaped board!
Multi_Q.lha        game/wb     38K   8+A collection of peg games
watchNplay.lha     game/wb    217K   3+Many effects and games.
kray.lha           gfx/3d     320K  10+Freeware raytracer v0.91
lwpa.lha           gfx/3d     1.2M   3+LightWave Particle Animator, PPC support
cybershow95a.lha   gfx/board  142K   9+SlideShow&Viewer(incl.PCD)for CybGfx&AGA
PNGTool.lha        gfx/conv    99K   3+Converts any type of image to PNG (1.1)
DiamondBOX.lha     gfx/edit   825K   9+Layer based 24 bit image editing V1.12
FlashMandelPL.lha  gfx/fract    9K   7+Polish Locale for FlashMandel 1.5
FlashMandelWOS.lha gfx/fract  793K   5+The best Mandelbrot & Julia fractals ren
cha_cyclepix.lha   gfx/misc   224K  10+Draw organic cyclic blobs
palette.lha        gfx/misc    22K   9+Colour setup tool with 5 register values
SvIV-PPC.lha       gfx/misc   630K  10+Update for SViewIV/PPC V25.5 (PPC)
SvIVFix925.lha     gfx/misc    50K  10+*Fix* for SViewIV V9.25 (30.12.2001)
ppmtovtx.lha       gfx/pbm     33K   4+PPM to Videotex (Teletext/Viewdata)
GhostScrGUI_PL.lha gfx/show     7K   7+Polish Locale for GhostScriptGUI 1.20
KeyFix.lha         gfx/show    20K   3+Working RAMIGA for DCE-Keyboardadapters
PicShow.lha        gfx/show    38K   5+Datatype picture viewer for directory to
xdiff_1_4.lha      gfx/x11    697K  10+Xdiff 1.4 Diff Utility for AmiWin
DCEKeyFix.lha      hard/drivr  20K   3+Working RAMIGA for DCE-Keyboardadapters
EuroMaps.lha       hard/drivr  23K   7+V1.00 Euro compatible keymap collection 
ScanTek4_6.lha     hard/drivr 204K   5+V4.5 Microtek/Highscreen/Mustek scanner 
w95euro_sp.lha     hard/drivr  11K   7+Keymap for Spanish Win95 keyboards with 
Win95Euro_ger.lha  hard/drivr   4K   8+Keymap for Germ.(Euro) Win95 keymap.V1.0
MMKeyboard.lha     hard/hack  279K   2+V1.21 Use entire Multmedia Keyboard on A
TestCard.lha       hard/hack  170K   8+Testcard generator for PAL/NTSC systems.
TestGear-Notes.lha hard/hack  715K   3+Test equipment projects, general notes.
TestGear1.lha      hard/hack  326K  10+Simple test equipment projects, Disk 1.
TestGear5.lha      hard/hack  124K   4+Test equipment projects, Disk 5.
GeoWorld-DemoD.lha misc/edu   854K   7+GeoWorld-Demo german (01/13/2002) - Geog
GeoWorld-DevTo.lha misc/edu    65K   4+GeoWorld-DevTool (02/12/02) - DeveloperT
GeoWorld-Upd13.lha misc/edu   360K   7+GeoWorld-Update13 (01/13/02) - The best 
Mentat.lha         misc/edu   232K  10+Mentat 0.7 english2english Longman dicti
MyLang.lha         misc/edu    52K   8+1.3 Freeware vocabulary trainer
amiVCSMAKER.lha    misc/emu    12K   5+AmiVCSMAKER (Makes VCS Files Out of BIN 
mamevg057.lha      misc/emu   922K   9+MAME Visual Guide 0.57 Addendum - PDF In
MuEVD.lha          misc/emu   138K   4+MuLib driven ShSh driver for ECS,AGA,P96
RaMithlon.lha      misc/emu     5K  10+Amithlon x86 Native Copy Routines (K7/P3
Traduct_Fr.lha     misc/misc  100K  10+Various French Translations (French Only
AmiPCB_1.06.lha    misc/sci   412K   4+PCB vectorial electronics program
MoonDial.lha       misc/sci    41K   3+V1.73 Moon-phase prog. Works with Visual
SunCalc.lha        misc/sci    43K   4+Sunrise/Sunset Calculator
bl_uva.lzh         mods/blasa  95K   3+For "Ganza" musicdisk, 2001, 16ch, 3m:21
55k.lha            mods/blkha  22K   4+PT mod by blakkhar
juck.lha           mods/blkha 213K  10+Techno PT mod by blakkhar
ambulance2.3.lha   mods/chip    7K  10+Short mod by moohead
brainshutdown.lha  mods/chip    3K  10+Short mod by moohead
analprojec.mpg     mods/grogo 8.0M  10+"anal projection" mp3 by GROGON
angels1.lha        mods/grogo  49K   4+"angel`s light 1" mod by GROGON
angels2.lha        mods/grogo 234K   4+"angel`s light 2" mod by GROGON
awake.lha          mods/grogo 162K   4+"awake" mod by GROGON
cosynook.lha       mods/grogo  46K   4+"cosy nook" mod by GROGON
dobranocka1.lha    mods/grogo   1K   4+"dobranocka 1" mod by GROGON
eksperyment.lha    mods/grogo 215K   4+"eksperyment ropucha" mod by GROGON
fishesfunre.lha    mods/grogo 124K   4+"fishe`s funreal" mod by GROGON
flyingoutth.lha    mods/grogo 212K   4+"flying out there" mod by GROGON
fog.lha            mods/grogo 117K   4+"fog" mod by GROGON
growingcrys.lha    mods/grogo 190K   4+"growing crystals" mod by GROGON
homematic.lha      mods/grogo 486K   4+"homematic" mod by GROGON
intoxicat.lha      mods/grogo 112K   4+"intoxication" mod by GROGON
intricate.lha      mods/grogo  61K   4+"intricate ir" mod by GROGON
i_have_change.mpg  mods/grogo 5.5M   9+"i have changed my mind" mp3 by GROGON
junggler.lha       mods/grogo 337K   4+"junggler" mod by GROGON
jungler.mpg        mods/grogo 3.6M   9+"jungler" mp3 by GROGON
killing_insti.mpg  mods/grogo 4.9M   9+"killing instinct" mp3 by GROGON
livepart.lha       mods/grogo 190K   4+"live part of dying" mod by GROGON
mickeymouse.mpg    mods/grogo 5.3M   4+"mickey mouse" mp3 by GROGON
monolitjazz.lha    mods/grogo  68K   4+"moonlit jazz" mod by GROGON
nauka.lha          mods/grogo 175K   4+"nauka chodzenia" mod by GROGON
next_to_fear.lha   mods/grogo 258K   9+"next to fear" xm by GROGON
nothorough.lha     mods/grogo 287K   4+"no thoroughfare" mod by GROGON
noxious.lha        mods/grogo 131K   4+"noxious breed" mod by GROGON
noxious2.lha       mods/grogo 121K   4+"noxious breed 2" mod by GROGON
parowka.lha        mods/grogo  98K   4+"parowka" mod by GROGON
river.lha          mods/grogo  70K   4+"river" mod by GROGON
rubber.lha         mods/grogo  62K   4+"rubber shoes" mod by GROGON
sdv1.lha           mods/grogo   3K   4+"sdv 1" mod by GROGON
sdv2.lha           mods/grogo   5K   4+"sdv 2" mod by GROGON
sdv3.lha           mods/grogo  18K   4+"sdv 3" mod by GROGON
sdv4.lha           mods/grogo   1K   4+"sdv 4" mod by GROGON
sdv5.lha           mods/grogo  21K   4+"sdv 5" mod by GROGON
sdv6.lha           mods/grogo   6K   4+"sdv 6" mod by GROGON
sdv7.lha           mods/grogo   6K   4+"sdv 7" mod by GROGON
sdv9.lha           mods/grogo  19K   4+"sdv 9" mod by GROGON
sense.lha          mods/grogo 211K   4+"sense" mod by GROGON
servant.lha        mods/grogo 534K   4+"servant-mind" xm by GROGON
shypickled.lha     mods/grogo  73K   4+"shy pickled cucumber" mod by GROGON
slowly.lha         mods/grogo 215K   4+"slowly enlived" mod by GROGON
squirrel.lha       mods/grogo  96K   4+"squirrel" mod by GROGON
stringer.lha       mods/grogo   5K   4+"stringer on dach" mod by GROGON
stubbor.lha        mods/grogo 466K   4+"stubbornness" mod by GROGON
tameless.lha       mods/grogo   4K   4+"tameless chipsong" mod by GROGON
target.lha         mods/grogo 108K   4+"target existence" mod by GROGON
theverybad.lha     mods/grogo  19K   4+"the very bad module" mod by GROGON
thug-wave.lha      mods/grogo  97K   4+"thud-wave" mod by GROGON
trace_runner.mpg   mods/grogo 2.1M   9+"trace runner" mp3 by GROGON
u-turn.lha         mods/grogo 137K   4+"u-turn" mod by GROGON
wellcome.mpg       mods/grogo 5.9M   9+"wellcome" mp3 by GROGON
yearning.lha       mods/grogo  93K   4+"yearning" mod by GROGON
zapierdolic.lha    mods/grogo  12K   4+"zapierdolic jozkowi" mod by GROGON
NKN_Santa.lha      mods/misc  104K   9+URGENT!!! Santa Claus is DEAD. b  NKN
SCX-JesusUT.lha    mods/misc  117K   9+A module by Jesus/S!P & Uncle Tom/Scoope
sadsummerbreez.lha mods/pro   331K  10+Short mod by moohead
BurningChrome.lha  mods/sets  129K   9+2 modules by Burning Chrome/S!P
Cryp_1.mpg         mods/techn 2.8M   7+This is the first Acid/Tekkno from Cryp 
vdo_morn.lha       mods/vdo   536K   4+Morning star [xm 32ch]
amplify.lha        mus/edit   169K   7+Amplify
id3tagLibGUI.lha   mus/edit   172K   9+MPEG Audio ID3Tag (ID3v1, ID3v2) Editor
MP3TagEditor.lha   mus/edit    34K  10+Editor of MP3's ID3v1 & ID3v2 tags
Samplemanager.lha  mus/edit   644K   2+V0.11b - AHI sample-editor, realtime eff
GMP-G.lha          mus/midi   124K   8+GUI for GMPlay V1.3(a)
AD516-AHI.lha      mus/misc    12K   8+AHI driver for the Sunrize AD516 audio c
mp32html.lha       mus/misc    61K   3+V2.97 - Converts MP3 directory to HTML.
normalize.lha      mus/misc   522K   3+Adjust volume of WAV files, v0.7.2
psidren.lha        mus/misc    24K   2+Renames PSIDs tunes to their real name
TheMPegEncGUI.lha  mus/misc    89K   4+GUI 4 Ncode, MusicIn, Lame, BladeEnc, Pe
Amoralplay.lha     mus/play   146K   4+Plays SIDSONGS, OctamedSS, mods etc!
bluetOwn2.lha      mus/play    70K   8+Robe for prayer2 mpeg audio player
dmdev.lha          mus/play   136K  10+Mpeg.device for Delfina DSP
EasyPlayer.lha     mus/play   104K   9+The GUI for *all* shell-based music play
EP_Mugician2.lha   mus/play    12K   3+EaglePlayer "Mugician II" external playe
EP_PaulShields.lha mus/play    10K   3+EaglePlayer "Paul Shields" external repl
EP_PaulSummers.lha mus/play     9K   5+EaglePlayer "Paul Summers" external repl
EP_PumaTracker.lha mus/play    10K   5+EaglePlayer "PumaTracker" external repla
EP_THermann.lha    mus/play     7K   3+EaglePlayer "Thomas Hermann" external re
EP_TME.lha         mus/play    10K   3+EaglePlayer "The Musical Enlightenment" 
4strokengine.lha   pix/anim   117K   3+Two separate anims of a 4 stroke engine
2onerous.jpg       pix/art    315K   5+Painting by Alvar Andersson
NKN_TelopXMAS.lha  pix/art    363K   9+2 SUPERB XMAS Background for ScalaMM
cojos_patts.lha    pix/back   537K  10+60 patterns for mui, birdie or wb (2nd a
Cool2426.jpg       pix/back   406K   3+Cool 24-bit 1024x768 background.
microshaft.jpg     pix/back    65K   4+A nice OS pic for your desktop.
oneGOD5.jpg        pix/back   110K   4+A nice OS pic for your desktop.
planet1.jpg        pix/back    16K   4+A nice OS pic for your desktop.
FlashMandelPic.lha pix/fract  5.6M  10+Many nice 800x600 fractal pictures rende
ab-glowicons.lha   pix/gicon  379K  10+GlowIcons for AmigaOS 3.5/39
AmigAIM_Icon.lha   pix/gicon    3K   6+Replacement icon for AmigAIM
cdel01.jpg         pix/henz   427K   4+An Elite-like spaceship over 3Pyramids
cefom06.jpg        pix/henz   601K   4+Martian face is making contact
cefom07.jpg        pix/henz   594K   3+Martian face is making contact
GortIcons.lha      pix/icon   335K   8+Gort Icon Collection for AmigaOS 3.5 / 3
Marble_1200.jpg    pix/illu   177K   3+An A1200 Airbrushed in a "marble" theme 
paws1200.jpg       pix/illu    35K   4+Amiga 1200 in laptop case
Space_1200.jpg     pix/illu   215K   3+An A1200 Airbrushed in a "space" theme b
awspace2.jpg       pix/misc   242K   4+A nice pic for members of Amigaworld on 
catch.lha          pix/misc    31K   5+[ancor] a new picture
hipsaudiop7.jpg    pix/misc   181K  10+A new HQ picture of my Amiga-Audio-playe
mxm.jpg            pix/misc   150K  10+A mxm-gretting-pic .. =)
mxm2.jpg           pix/misc   115K  10+A mxm-gretting-pic .. =)
obligement-31.jpg  pix/misc    88K   4+Obligement's cover
Screen_Pa_10.jpg   pix/misc    82K   7+Amiga PerfectPaint and TVPaint's picture
Screen_Pa_11.jpg   pix/misc    83K   4+Amiga TVPaint's picture
Screen_Pa_12.jpg   pix/misc    86K   4+Amiga TVPaint's picture
Screen_Pa_8.jpg    pix/misc    80K   9+Amiga TVPaint's picture
Screen_Pa_9.jpg    pix/misc    54K   8+Amiga TVPaint's picture
sgd-strip_3.lha    pix/misc    49K   5+[ancor] StarGround darkness
sgd-strip_4.lha    pix/misc    45K   5+[ancor] StarGround darkness
storma.jpg         pix/misc    75K   4+A small anti MS picture.
Amithlon1.mpg      pix/mpg    8.3M  11+1/18 Amithlon explained by Bernie Meyer
Amithlon10.mpg     pix/mpg    9.1M  11+10/18 Amithlon explained by Bernie Meyer
Amithlon11.mpg     pix/mpg    6.6M  11+11/18 Amithlon explained by Bernie Meyer
Amithlon12.mpg     pix/mpg    5.7M  11+12/18 Amithlon explained by Bernie Meyer
Amithlon13.mpg     pix/mpg    7.7M  11+13/18 Amithlon explained by Bernie Meyer
Amithlon14.mpg     pix/mpg     12M  11+14/18 Amithlon explained by Bernie Meyer
Amithlon15.mpg     pix/mpg    8.1M  11+15/18 Amithlon explained by Bernie Meyer
Amithlon16.mpg     pix/mpg    8.1M  10+16/18 Amithlon explained by Bernie Meyer
Amithlon17.mpg     pix/mpg     10M  10+17/18 Amithlon explained by Bernie Meyer
Amithlon18.mpg     pix/mpg    6.9M  11+18/18 Amithlon explained by Bernie Meyer
Amithlon2.mpg      pix/mpg     16M  11+2/18 Amithlon explained by Bernie Meyer
Amithlon3.mpg      pix/mpg    7.7M  11+3/18 Amithlon explained by Bernie Meyer
Amithlon4.mpg      pix/mpg    2.6M  11+4/18 Amithlon explained by Bernie Meyer
Amithlon5.mpg      pix/mpg     10M  11+5/18 Amithlon explained by Bernie Meyer
Amithlon6.mpg      pix/mpg    5.0M  11+6/18 Amithlon explained by Bernie Meyer
Amithlon7.mpg      pix/mpg    7.2M  11+7/18 Amithlon explained by Bernie Meyer
Amithlon8.mpg      pix/mpg    7.0M  11+8/18 Amithlon explained by Bernie Meyer
Amithlon9.mpg      pix/mpg    6.8M  11+9/18 Amithlon explained by Bernie Meyer
vd-amiga2001.mpg   pix/mpg    135M   2+<VD> show report "Amiga 2001", medium, G
vd-amiga2001s.mpg  pix/mpg     38M   4+<VD> show report "Amiga 2001", small, Ge
vd-woamiga2k_b.mpg pix/mpg    6.6M  18 --
A-Enter.jpg        pix/trace   45K   7+A-Enterprise (Star Trek)
Defiant.jpg        pix/trace   84K   7+USS Defiant (Star Trek)
Strange_thing.jpg  pix/trace   15K  10+A little Pic I made with Cinema4D
Alecos-WB-6.jpg    pix/wb     212K   9+Workbench Screenshot 1024x768 16 Bit by 
exocetwb.lha       pix/wb      48K   3+2 snapshots of Exocet's Workbench
MattsWB.jpg        pix/wb     128K   4+My 8-bit OS3.9 Workbench
PetersBench.jpg    pix/wb     192K   2+A screenshot of my workbench
proWB.jpg          pix/wb     269K  10+Proffesional OS 
Screen_Pa_7.jpg    pix/wb      80K  10+Amiga TVPaint's Picture
XenoMorph_WB06.jpg pix/wb     183K   6+XenoMorph's AMITHLON WB 1280x1024 32 Bit
XenoMorph_WB07.jpg pix/wb     348K   5+XenoMorph's AMITHLON WB 1280x1024 32 Bit
EuroXHelv.lha      text/bfont   8K   7+Euro update for XHelvetica.font
MUIPDFPrinter.lha  text/dtp    12K  10+PageStream4 arexx script - PDF file "pri
html-php.lha       text/edit   22K   3+Extended HTML,PHP,JavaScript,JSP parser
vim60bin.lha       text/edit  368K  10+VIM 6.0 powerful text editor (binaries)
vim60html.lha      text/edit  1.4M   9+VIM 6.0 Html documentation
vim60rt.lha        text/edit  2.0M  10+VIM 6.0 powerful text editor (runtime)
vim60src.lha       text/edit  1.4M   9+VIM 6.0 powerful text editor (sources)
Wordworth_Port.lha text/edit   12K   3+Portuguese Catalogs for Wordworth v7.0/7
AdamCaFont.lha     text/font  188K   7+V1.2 Fixed font for 1024x768 screens Eur
charmap.lha        text/font   76K   4+Display the whole charset of a given fon
EuroBmFonts.lha    text/font   66K   7+Euro enabled bitmap fonts, v1.0
Eurofonts.lha      text/font  899K   7+EURO Fonts.
SmileFonts.lha     text/font   22K  10+THE smileyoptimised fonts (V1.3)
AutoPDF15a.lha     text/misc  411K   3+AutoPDF 1.5a - Convert Postscript to PDF
eNote.lha          text/misc  172K  10+Electronical notebook
msdos-amiga.lha    text/misc   21K   3+Convert MSDOS texts to AMIGA text format
OneLine.lha        text/misc   10K   7+Convert CR-LF-TAB & spaces in a text fil
Epson_400.lha      text/print  26K   3+Epson Stylus 400/440/460/480 Driver for 
Epson_600.lha      text/print  27K   3+Epson Stylus 600/700 Driver for WB V40.2
Epson_Color.lha    text/print  14K   3+24 bit Epson Stylus Driver for WB V44.02
HP_Deskjet900C.lha text/print  23K   9+Deskjet 9x0C Driver for WB V40.03
Next3.1.lha        text/show  113K   7+Viewer for text/guides/html/datatypes
Vorschau.lha       text/show   56K   9+WYSIWYG viewer for ASCII-Text
LzxRepacker.lha    util/arc    16K  10+Repack LHA/ARJ/ZIP/RAR/... to LZX.
nulib2.lha         util/arc    91K  10+A disk and file archiver for NuFX (Shrin
xadmaster000.lha   util/arc   300K  10+V11.0 Powerful unarchiving tool (68000)
xadmaster020.lha   util/arc   301K  10+V11.0 Powerful unarchiving tool (68020)
xadmaster060.lha   util/arc   303K  10+V11.0 Powerful unarchiving tool (68060)
xadmasterdev.lha   util/arc   185K  10+V11.0 Powerful unarchiving tool (DEVEL)
Matrix.lha         util/blank  93K   5+Configurable DPMS blanker [68k/MorphOS]
Sherman_blanke.lha util/blank 2.0M   5+Funny, and curious blanker for 040+/AGA+
Sherman_ger.lha    util/blank   5K   4+German localization file for Sherman Bla
Sherman_Port.lha   util/blank   2K   3+Portuguese localization file for Sherman
Sherman_update.lha util/blank 214K   3+Update of Sherman blanker
Bekuna.lha         util/boot   32K   4+Hallo user programm German only!
bootinfo.lha       util/boot   43K   4+Show your HD space and RAM at boot
CPointer_2.3.lha   util/boot   16K  10+Puts Mouse Pointer anywhere on screen
MuFastChip.lha     util/boot  127K   4+Chip memory cache mode fine tuning tool
MuFastRom.lha      util/boot  127K   4+MuLib conformal ROM to RAM remapper
MuFastZero.lha     util/boot  144K   4+MuLib Zero Page remapper, FastExec/Prepa
MuLockLib.lha      util/boot  121K   4+Lock the mmu.library in memory on startu
MuMapRom.lha       util/boot  118K   4+MuLib based ROM Replacement Hack
MuOmniSCSIPatc.lha util/boot  125K   4+Make the omniscsi.device MMULib aware
MuProtectModul.lha util/boot  126K   4+MuLib ROM Modules Write Protection
MuRedox.lha        util/boot  115K   4+MuLib based math speedup patch for 040/0
MuSetCacheMode.lha util/boot  130K   4+MMU tree adjustment tool for experts
RndWBPatt.lha      util/boot    5K   7+Random WBPattern pics for OS3.9
skick344.lha       util/boot   88K   8+Soft-kicker under OS 2.0 - new release
splitkick13.lha    util/boot    9K   9+A Kickstart rom image splitter, v1.3
SysLock31.lha      util/boot   68K   4+SysLock (HD-protection passcode program)
GhostBuster.lha    util/cdity  69K   9+Automatically hides invalid disk icons -
ABF.lha            util/cli    27K   5+Hack: Modify on-the-fly the version
dprun.lha          util/cli     2K   4+Attempts to force programs to other pubs
ImageDTInfo.lha    util/cli    78K   4+ImageDatatypeInfo (& some HBasic code)
mirrorcopy_add.lha util/cli     1K   5+MirroCopy ADDon script (1.0)
splitjoin.lha      util/cli    56K   7+Splitter / Joiner
AmCurrency.lha     util/conv  154K   3+Currency converter - uses rates from www
Cas2Wav.lha        util/conv  733K   3+Atari XL .CAS image to .WAV converter.
DCM2ATR.lha        util/conv   30K   5+Atari 800 .DCM to .ATR disk image conver
TxtToHTMLv1.1.lha  util/conv   42K   8+Converts txt files to HTML Docs
TxtToHTML_upd.lha  util/conv   30K   8+Converts txt files to HTML Docs
Wav2Cas.lha        util/conv   82K   3+.WAV to Atari XL .CAS image converter.
WoW.lha            util/conv   81K  10+Text converter (Html, Ww6, Rtf, AGuide, 
mKF.lha            util/crypt  12K  10+MKF(Make Key File) eta v 0.1 (or Protect
Filer4_07.lha      util/dir   604K   9+Directory Utility for OS 2.04+
ProtrackerDT.lha   util/dtype   7K   3+Protracker datatype 1.15 (AHI)
file.lha           util/gnu   228K   8+Determine file type
DisLib.lha         util/libs   17K   4+A library based MC68K disassembler
LibFixes.lha       util/libs   56K   5+New fixes for crm, explode and reqtools!
MemLib.lha         util/libs   79K   4+Virtual Memory for AmigaOs
MMULib.lha         util/libs  616K   4+Library to ctrl the MC68K MMUs
MuMin.lha          util/libs   60K   4+Minimal MuLib archive for redistribution
zlib-library.lha   util/libs   49K   8+Shared library for zlib-(de)compression 
FlipSide_1.4.lha   util/misc    5K   8+Screen Cycler - Final Release
gdiff.lha          util/misc   46K   9+Graphical frontend for diff,diff3 V1.0
IFF-Arr.lha        util/misc   28K  10+IFF-FORM: modify, remove, add, create ch
KeyMapEd.lha       util/misc   81K   3+Keymap editor (old program, but it works
MultiRen.lha       util/misc  180K   4+Powerful multi-file renaming tool (with 
ReportPlus.lha     util/misc  480K   4+Report+ 5.3: Multipurpose utility
ReqAttackUpd.lha   util/misc  131K  10+1.96, update for users of ReqAttack1.90
sacds_cd46.lha     util/misc  1.0M  10+Search Aminet CDs Aminet scan catalog
VisualGuide.lha    util/misc   36K  10+Make filelist in AmigaGuide format.
Visualguide_fr.lha util/misc    1K  10+French translation for Visualguide
Amithlon.lha       util/moni    1K   5+SysSpeed Module-1.61GHz AthlonXP Amithlo
ErrorLog15.lha     util/moni   46K   4+Device monitoring and error logging pack
idlewos.lha        util/moni   12K   2+A cpu monitor with WarpOS Support
PowerTools.lha     util/moni   12K   4+Power failure logger
RunTime.lha        util/moni   47K   3+V1.01 computer run time monitor (Germany
Scout-src.lha      util/moni  382K   4+System monitor - GNU-GPL source code (V2
Scout.lha          util/moni  279K   4+System monitor (MUI & AmiTCP optional) (
uaemodule.lha      util/moni    1K   8+SysSpeed Module - 1.3ghz Athlon UAE
Mail-Convert.lha   util/rexx   27K  10+Converter for SimpleMail's addressbook f
Pixload-1.63.lha   util/rexx  378K   3+Minor update Pixload 1.63 ("Amidock" sty
rxmui.lha          util/rexx  636K   5+RxMUI - MUI GUIs in ARexx macros
Yam-Converter.lha  util/rexx   18K  10+Converter for Yam's addressbook from "An
AmberRAM.lha       util/sys    43K   5+Replacement RAM disk. GPL.
FastIEEE.lha       util/sys   150K   4+Speed up your mathieee libraries!
Mu680x0Libs.lha    util/sys   341K   4+MuLib aware 68060, 68040, 68030 and 6803
Integrity.lha      util/virus  10K   5+Professional virus detection tool v1.3
Safe.lha           util/virus  19K  10+Chaff file/memory killer v17.7
WatchDog.lha       util/virus  19K   4+Memory virus killer and detector v2.7
AmiStart.lha       util/wb    131K   8+A Windows like startmenu with drag&drop 
CopyIcon44.lha     util/wb      8K   3+CopyNewIcon clone for os3.5 (44.4a)
CyberLemmings.lha  util/wb    278K   8+Adds pets to your wb. (68K/MOS)
DWhoDatabase.lha   util/wb    1.1M  10+V3.0 Doctor Who database
eurokeym.lha       util/wb     26K   5+Keymaps to use Euro-Sign
Eurokeym.lha       util/wb     26K   4+Keymaps to use Euro-Sign
Execute.lha        util/wb     43K   7+Efficient replacement of Workbench 'Exec
MemView_DE.lha     util/wb    123K   2+A tiny Memory Viewer (German)
runargs.lha        util/wb     36K   8+V3.2, WB 3.9 ToolsDaemon Menu Launcher
sgrab.lha          util/wb    175K   3+Screen grabber with GUI (1.19a)
WBInfo3.1PL.lha    util/wb      7K   7+Polish Locale for WBInfo 3.1