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| Local files at Aminet Games CD on 23-Aug-00
| Sorted by directory and file name. Age in weeks.
| A wide version of this file can be found in info/index/
|File              Dir        Size Age Description
|----------------- ---        ---- --- -----------
1497.lha           game/2play 109K 207+Multiplayer Colonization-clone. V0.10.
3DSB.lha           game/2play  76K 127+A new 3D game(v1.1) for 2 players    game/2play 1.0M  91+Little cars races (AGA)
6-Tris.lha         game/2play 220K  83+"Rather tremendous" - Amiga Format
6_Tris.lha         game/2play 186K 199+*ULTIMATE* multiplayer Tetris; 6 PLAYERS
6_TrisPlus.lha     game/2play 220K 198+COMPLETELY *ULTIMATE* 6 PLAYER TETRIS!
airTaxi.lha        game/2play 334K 258+AirTaxi demo v1.4 (25mhz, 1m req). Final
am15_1.lha         game/2play 226K 252+AutoMobiles V1.5 Disk 1/2 by OverFlow Pr
am15_2.lha         game/2play 298K 252+AutoMobiles V1.5 Disk 2/2 by OverFlow Pr
amitron.lha        game/2play 452K 127+V2.42d, Tron-like game with many feature
ampu101.lha        game/2play 793K 196+VERY GOOD Worms 'clone' ,AGA,Freeware
amtank.lha         game/2play 275K 200+An excellent tanks clone.
aThrust.lha        game/2play  81K 286+Thrust-like game for two players
atoms.lha          game/2play  44K  35+Classic Atoms game with ASM source
Awaking.lha        game/2play 238K 154+Quizspiel req. AGA (German only))
BattleDuel.lha     game/2play 1.8M  49+The *ULTIMATE* artillery game V1.7.105
BeastieII.lha      game/2play 361K 194+Tanx meets Worms new game from 5DL
Beasties.lha       game/2play 551K 196+*Re-upload* Great new 'Worms' clone demo
bh.lha             game/2play 461K 149+BrutalHomicide, An addictive and fun gam
BH196.lha          game/2play 450K 190+!Ultimate! 2 player arcade shoot'em-up
BlitzBombers.lha   game/2play 1.2M 133+It's BLITZBOMBERS. And it's FREE.
Blobs.lha          game/2play 119K 243+A fun, two player, scrolling platform ga
BomBer_Gug.lha     game/2play 342K  78+A new fantastic BomBer Man clone !!
BOMBv1_2.lha       game/2play 489K 225+Amiga Format award-winning game
boom_aga.lha       game/2play  45K 214+AGA DynaBlaster/BomberMan clone, 2-4 pla
botsb.lha          game/2play 337K 164+Like tank battle only Beetles!
BruceLee.lha       game/2play 501K  28+Bruce Lee, The C64 game.
bship.lha          game/2play 549K 215+BattleShipsII v0.3DEMO
bugDEMO.lha        game/2play 171K  67+V1.80 (30-4-99) Demo of Bug Bomber
burst.lha          game/2play 144K 145+Clone of Sega game "Bust a Move2"
Carnage.lha        game/2play 619K 283+Intense hires seek & kill game -  v1.00
Cat2.lha           game/2play 388K 291+Tron-like game
catapults10.lha    game/2play 211K 281+Build castles, then destroy 'em; v1.00
Desperadoes.lha    game/2play 121K 129+2 player shootout, Desperadoes
dfight14.lha       game/2play  62K 174+4 Player Dogfight Simulator v1.40
die.lha            game/2play 651K  69+THE BEST 2player duel
die12.lha          game/2play 598K  57+Massive 2pl duel, major update
Dogfight11.lha     game/2play 136K 232+2-player scrolling WWI dogfight game
Doktor.lha         game/2play 1.4M 105+Great Dr Mario Clone from Deathless Soft
Doubletris.lha     game/2play  62K 214+Tetris-Clone for two players
Dragon2.lha        game/2play  62K 259 2 player airplane dogfight
Duelcity.lha       game/2play 618K 168+A balistic game, up to 10 players in cha
Duell.lha          game/2play  62K 121+BattleDuel-Game, pl. shoot at same time
DynaBlaster.lha    game/2play 368K 179+A Bomber-Man remake
fallthru.lha       game/2play  46K 220+Simple 2 player balls and blocks game.
FightingSpirit.lha game/2play 665K 124+A Full Contact clone game, up to 10 play
Fireflies1_3.lha   game/2play 298K 223+One to five simultainous player game.
FirePower.lha      game/2play 406K 180+Big explosions! Blast your mates! Cool!
ForestFight.lha    game/2play 618K 124+A 2 players game, balistic kind of game.
freeciv.lha        game/2play 824K  21+Amiga Version 1.9 => Freeciv 1.10.0
FreeCiv1.0j.lha    game/2play 481K  95+FreeCiv that works, hassle free
FrontalAssault.lha game/2play 700K   8+"Excellent fun" - Amiga Format
gf2_reg110.lha     game/2play 253K 251+GF2 v1.10 - Shoot/Action 2 ply game
gravity_f.lha      game/2play  80K 201+It's like Worms in Space....ADDICTIVE!
GridLock.lha       game/2play 118K 147+2 player game Modem/NullModem/Ami-TCP
GridLock95.lha     game/2play 147K 244+V95.Dec.12 - 2 player game Modem/NullMod
HellShot.lha       game/2play 595K  79+HellShot, a funny arcade game
HellShotWOS.lha    game/2play 254K  63+HellShot WOS
hex.lha            game/2play  71K 202+2 players board game with nice gfx & snd
hex2.lha           game/2play  71K 201+2 players board game with nice gfx & snd
Hunt.lha           game/2play  30K 232+2 player duell in a 3D labyrinth
idiotftr.lha       game/2play 376K 237+A 2 player fighting game with stupid sti
kick_em.lha        game/2play 427K 218+Beat 'em up
Knockout.lha       game/2play 190K 258+Two *very* addictive multiplayer games.
KnockOut2.lha      game/2play 611K 221+VERY addictive game! Now works with 1MB!
kombatplus.lha     game/2play  54K 285+Kill a friend today...
Light.lha          game/2play  61K 100+Light cycles game - runs on a pubscreen.
LightCycles2.lha   game/2play 402K 198+Light Cycles with new features.
LightSpeed2.lha    game/2play 126K  80+Good looking light cycles on a pubscreen
Macht.lha          game/2play 126K 155+Risiko Risk Clone:1-6 players
Macht_INT.lha      game/2play  67K 131+Risiko Risk INT:1-6 players
Marathon1_1c.lha   game/2play 366K 260+2 Player blitz II game (68020+ required)
Marathon1_3.lha    game/2play 381K 223+2 Player blitz II game (68020+ required)
MasterBlast221.lha game/2play 197K 247+The ultimate Dynablaster Clone V2.2
mayhem2.lha        game/2play 146K 160+Mayhem II: Multiplayer Actiongame
MazeBlazers.lha    game/2play  59K 239+1-4 player 1st person maze game FREEWARE
Megasquad.lha      game/2play  53K  47+2 player combat arena game
NetChessV0.95.lha  game/2play  14K  24+NetChess V0.95  chess, in net
Pong.lha           game/2play   7K 259 No frills Pong, 2 players
PowerBattle.lha    game/2play 252K 259+Light MultiPlayer StrategyGame, demo/dev
RingWorm.lha       game/2play 364K 220+Ringworm - Nice wormy game, great fun
RoboBall.lha       game/2play 217K 191+American-football 2 player game
RoketzPD.lha       game/2play 630K 292+The ultimate AGA only arcade gravity gam
RoketzPD_V2_25.lha game/2play 670K 289+Ver. 2.25 of this AGA only gravity-shoot
RoketzPD_V2_28.lha game/2play 673K 210+Ver. 2.28 of this AGA only gravity-shoot
Ruota.lha          game/2play  68K 223+V1.1-Guess hidden phrases VS. 1/3 oppone
saucery.lha        game/2play 1.1M  95+Great 2-player game! Shoot down your fri
SCL_DreamCars.lha  game/2play  41K  71+SCL! - 32k game at Symposium'99   -exe- 
scl_prvg.lha       game/2play  34K 122+32K game by CineTech & SCL!  -GAME-    .
skirmish.ntsc.lha  game/2play 246K 121+Ultimate 8-player Dogfight - NTSC v1.1
skirmish.pal11.lha game/2play 247K 121+Ultimate 8-player Dogfight - PAL v1.1
SkirmishPAL.lha    game/2play 243K 167+Ultimate 8-player Dogfight - PAL version
slotwa11.lha       game/2play 141K 169+SLOT WARRIOR - Combat game for 2-4 playe
Snacky.lha         game/2play 337K 168+An Amos snake action game, 2 players nee
SneechV1_5.lha     game/2play 390K 231+NEW Vers of *THE BEST* Multi Snake Game!
SneechV1_51.lha    game/2play 342K 208+THE BEST Tron/Snake Game (BugFixed Demo)
SneechV1_51b.lha   game/2play 342K 173+THE BEST Tron/Snake Game (Saves Scores!)
so2.lha            game/2play 304K  66+Shoot Out 2. 2 player cat-and-mouse mayh
spacewar.lha       game/2play  65K 208+2 Player Space Game
SpeedBreak.lha     game/2play 602K 189+Really Great 1/2 players shoot game
squares.lha        game/2play 151K 181+A small adictive game basen on O+Xs.+oth
StrikeCom.lha      game/2play 293K 263+V1.10, dogfight game for two players
stx_sh.lha         game/2play 462K 238+Statix - Freeware Version
SuperDodge.lha     game/2play 109K 199+Fast simple addictive action line game.
Tactrix.lha        game/2play 129K 218+Board game similar to chess, but with we
tag_w_amos.lha     game/2play 303K 267+TAG, with amos.library 2+
tankkk.lha         game/2play 104K 190+V0.77. 2-4 player shoot'em'up
TeamTetris.lha     game/2play 174K 259 2 player collaborative tetris, nice
Temptris.lha       game/2play 262K 210+Tetris w. several 2-player modes
TheDuell.lha       game/2play 206K 194+Action-game for 2 players only.
TheGrid.lha        game/2play  53K 277+Mantisofts latest (go on try it)
therace5.lha       game/2play  59K 260+Great 100m Running game, 0-4 players
TLC.lha            game/2play 137K 273+3 player 'Tron' game, with editor.
TopYahtzee106.lha  game/2play 189K 292+Game of dice. Great! Should work on any 
Trax.lha           game/2play  79K 259 2 player tank duel
Warhost.lha        game/2play 136K 201+V1.0 - Multiplayer tactical tank battle.
war_v1_1.lha       game/2play 252K 181+Tank battle game by Andrew Harrison
wAZiT.lha          game/2play 202K 151+Zooming Gravitygame. V1.10. Full game!
WireChaos.lha      game/2play  33K 259 5 player tron game
WizoGames.lha      game/2play 163K 261+3 fun & addictive games for 1-6 players
Wormsigns.lha      game/2play 643K 199+A cool game up to 12 players !
Xeno2Demo.lha      game/2play 403K 130+5 level Xenomorphs 2 demo. 2 player, A12
XFireReg.lha       game/2play 2.0M 119+Registered Version of a Multiplayer-Shot
Xhess.lha          game/2play  70K  87+A simple board game based on chess. AGA 
xpilot.lha         game/2play  41K 227+XPilot ship editor
YAGG100.lha        game/2play 389K 246+Yet another gravity game. v39 & fast Ami
Yagg126.lha        game/2play 493K 196+Yagg 1.26    The best gravity game
zoardes2.lha       game/2play  23K  80+Psycho-gameshow
zorb2.lha          game/2play 124K 160+Zorb 2: Multiplayer Actiongame
AmbassadorFrui.lha game/actio 451K 259 Colorful slot machine
AmiGuess.lha       game/actio 681K 121+Humerous Guessing Game
ays_rotr.lha       game/actio  35K 174+32KB GAME: R.O.T.R. by ABYSS           
BallyFive.lha      game/actio  80K 259 Quix like action game
BangerRacers.lha   game/actio 182K 259 Top view car racer, 2+ players
BatNav.lha         game/actio 260K  80+BatNav: 3D Battleship Game
Blobble.lha        game/actio 110K 259 Action game
BombPacman.lha     game/actio 183K 259 Pacman with puzzles (old)
bombsqd.lha        game/actio 227K 149+Disarm the bombs in time.
BROD.lha           game/actio 598K  28+Galaga-like game from Croatia
BrutalTenia.lha    game/actio 424K 198+Brutal Tenia - fast scrolling action gam
ccalpha.lha        game/actio 560K  88+Collision Course Alpha
Centipede.lha      game/actio  15K 259 Classic action game
Cheat_Mania.lha    game/actio  13M  35+Funny Slot-Machine with nice features
Circus.lha         game/actio 149K 259 Bang da balloons, arkanoid like
cpv1p5.lha         game/actio  97K  78+Cyberpet simulator - full screen gfx
CrackOut.lha       game/actio 265K 144+Rather old break out clone (fixed again!
DizzyLizzy.lha     game/actio 240K 259 Boulder dash like game
Double_Battle.lha  game/actio 227K 199+A new Breakout-Game
FishyFishy.lha     game/actio  95K 259 Big fish eats small fish
FlamingEngines.lha game/actio 365K 259+Top view car racer, 1-4 players
gameboot.lha       game/actio   3K 225+GameBoot v1.0, bootblock racing game!
Gobblies.lha       game/actio 192K 259 Simple maze game
Gunnygo.lha        game/actio 286K 259 Scrolling platform game
hamhven.lha        game/actio 286K 144+Guide a Hot Dog to safety.
HopAndHurl.lha     game/actio 153K 259 Maze puzzle game
IndycarChallen.lha game/actio 135K 259 Car racing game w/ configurable cars
InternalCombus.lha game/actio 404K 259 Top view car race, 1-3 players, good
Jetstrike.lha      game/actio 355K 259 2D flying game demo
Karamalz.lha       game/actio 539K 259+Promotional hockey game
kikstart.lha       game/actio 617K  20+Cool funny driving game, full version!
knock_out.lha      game/actio 365K 198+The ultimate Break Out-type game.
LastLap.lha        game/actio 314K 259 Top view car race, scroll, 1-2 players
MegaWorm.lha       game/actio  55K 259 Yet another worm game, but nice
meteor2.lha        game/actio  72K 118+Spaceship in a meteorfield
MrSharkRacing.lha  game/actio 383K 259 Top view racing game, good music, tricky
NanoFly.lha        game/actio 238K 259+Dungeon flying game, nice
Pacmac.lha         game/actio   5K 259 OS friendly Pacman game
Pacman3d.lha       game/actio  79K 259 Pacman in 3D
Pallukat.lha       game/actio  88K 259+Weird Pacman-game (2 players)
Paranoid.lha       game/actio 245K 259 Yet another breakout clone
Pepsi_Game.lha     game/actio 750K 259 Promotional sports game, easy
poing4.lha         game/actio 108K 189+Nice breakout clone
Posiden.lha        game/actio 370K 179+Underwater action game.
Punica.lha         game/actio 441K 259+Very simple platform game, German
QBall2.lha         game/actio  48K 259 Simple pengo like game
renegadedemoup.lha game/actio  11K 120+Revenge of Renegade: The update
robotwld.lha       game/actio 220K 198+Mega Man-esque platform shoot'em up acti
rokkit.lha         game/actio 128K 128+Simple and addictive spaceship game.
SantaAndRudolp.lha game/actio 413K 259 Christmas game
sharks.lha         game/actio 273K  35+Great Action-diving V1.3 !
sharksaga.lha      game/actio 294K  31+Great Action-diving now AGA !
sharksmulti.lha    game/actio 293K  19+Great Action-diving OCS/AGA ! V1.5
Skidmarks2.lha     game/actio 551K 259 3D top view racing game demo, great
skimstr.lha        game/actio 173K 163+Downhill Skiing at it's best.
snakewars.lha      game/actio 148K  78+Drive left and right dodging mines
SoapStar.lha       game/actio 180K 121+Humerous Puzzle Game
SolidQuad.lha      game/actio 446K 259 Car racing game, simple 3D perspective
SpaceWalker.lha    game/actio 332K 259 Puzzle game, nice gfx
SpeedBall.lha      game/actio 102K 259 Puzzle game demo
sprballz.lha       game/actio 203K 198+Superballz - `Marble Madness` style game
Squirm.lha         game/actio 106K 259 Worms like game
SS2000.lha         game/actio 288K 176+Nice Solid Action Game!!
StarBuster.lha     game/actio  96K 259 Breakout with many extras
StarFig1.lha       game/actio 190K 259+A cool 3d space flight sim with more the
StarFig2.lha       game/actio 351K 259+A cool 3d space flight sim with more the
StixNTrax.lha      game/actio 851K 121+Humerous Ice Hockey Game
TakeTheMoney.lha   game/actio   6K 259 Simple OS friendly boulder dash
TarkAmpu.lha       game/actio  56K 259+Reflex/mousehand-tester :-)
ToTheMoonV1_2.lha  game/actio 168K  81+Landing game
Tronn.lha          game/actio 200K  93+Tronn by THY
Tsmash.lha         game/actio 118K 174+Nice Solid Arkanoid Game!!
VectorTrap.lha     game/actio 157K 259 Excellent maze puzzle game
Vermone2.lha       game/actio 422K 149+VERMONE 2 - A great worm game by HIT MAN
waverun.lha        game/actio 409K  31+Waverun: Futuristic race game inspired i
Wheels.lha         game/actio 865K 206+Racing game with FAST 3d-voxelspace-GFX
wo2097.lha         game/actio 241K 175+Worms style game. Nice graphics.
Worms.lha          game/actio  30K 259 Worms game with extras, good
wreckage.lha       game/actio 892K  47+Wreckage XV45 - driving simulation
xpilot020.lha      game/actio 268K 151+XPilot:  Multiplayer gravity war game cl
xpilot040.lha      game/actio 266K 151+XPilot:  Multiplayer gravity war game cl
zerogravity.lha    game/actio 268K 171+ZeroGravity: AGA-only fast paced tunnel 
Zyrad2.lha         game/actio 235K 259 Worms like puzzle game, tricky
4Wins12.lha        game/board  11K 202+The best 4 Wins game on WB.
abacus100.lha      game/board  54K 258+One/two player board game, V1.00
abacus200.lha      game/board  43K 194+Board game like Abalone, V2.00
abacus220.lha      game/board  47K 189+Board game like Abalone, V2.20 (MUI)
Adrasthello.lha    game/board  48K 199+Internet othello client for ios
AmigaDraughts.lha  game/board 201K  92+A traditional game of Draughts (checkers
AmonopolyV14.lha   game/board 193K 237+The classic board game. V1.4
AmonopolyV16.lha   game/board 202K 144+The classic game, International version
AmyBordBin.lha     game/board 189K 262+GNU Chess frontend and ICS client
Backgammon.lha     game/board  46K 222+Backgammon game w/source  -  V2.3
barricadewb.lha    game/board  11K 127+Classic board game
Casino.lha         game/board 175K 221+Collection of gambling games
cg_hexagone.lha    game/board  11K  36+Cg_Hexagone (a small Game)
cg_risk.lha        game/board 614K  36+Cg_Risk (Risk Game)
cg_solit.lha       game/board   5K  36+Cg_Solit (Solitaire Game)
checkers_au.lha    game/board 178K 181+A simulation of the game Checkers/Draugh
Chess.lha          game/board  41K 158+Old but good small graphical PD chess
Chess_2_0.lha      game/board  39K 281+Old but good small graphical PD chess
dada.lha           game/board 124K 124+Dada a small game for young kid 
dfire.lha          game/board 178K 171+Distant Fire; StarWars-strategy game
Doppelkopf.lha     game/board  74K 117+Cardgame in german Language(V 2.2)
Elevators.lha      game/board 164K 248+Elevators - A Children's Game 
excards3.lha       game/board 220K 252+5 Great card games for AGA.
Four.lha           game/board   8K 201+Fastest WB-4-Wins-Game.
FreeCell1.7.lha    game/board  96K  66+Logical patience-type card game
FreeCell1.8.lha    game/board  97K  44+Logical patience-type card game
GChessBin.lha      game/board 977K 262+GNU chess program
halma.lha          game/board  45K 103+Board game,your computer can be a player
Imperial.lha       game/board 351K 122+Oriental board game using MahJong tiles.
Invisible.lha      game/board 199K 165+An attractive game for one player
Irc4InARow.lha     game/board  26K 170+Play 4 in a row on InterNet.
LaserRace.lha      game/board 278K 246+Laser Race - A Children's Game 
Mancala.lha        game/board 382K 200+Ancient african board game
ManDontWorry.lha   game/board  83K  51+Well-known board game 
manipulate.lha     game/board   9K 201+Part of the CRP (Chess Replacement Proje
MensErger.lha      game/board 275K 131+MensErgerJeNiet Game for AGA
MUIBackgammon.lha  game/board 174K 156+MUI based backgammon game w/source.
NoGo.lha           game/board  22K 155+Very old Asian board game
pesten.lha         game/board  24K 274+A nice UNO like card game V1.0
pigb4src.lha       game/board 567K 105+PIGbase4 v2.8 68020 version + source.
PIGbase4.lha       game/board 693K 105+AMIGA Chess-database v2.8. PGN+PIG forma
PIGbaseX.lha       game/board  78K 153+Extra chess piece-sets (iff) for PIGbase
PIGs1994.lha       game/board 744K 152+Chess games for PIGbase4 database, pig f
PIGsMix1.lha       game/board 606K 152+Chess games for PIGbase4 database, pig f
Plato.lha          game/board  25K 208+Variant of the strategy based board game
Primiview.lha      game/board  89K 114+SGF-file viewer/editor (V39.15)
ProGammon.lha      game/board  99K  52+An interesting game of backgammon. v2.88
Risiko.lha         game/board 311K 154+The Game "Risk" (V1.5)
rummi.lha          game/board  19K 246+Rummikub combinatory game (V1.3 bugfix)
SBackgammon.lha    game/board 129K 251+The ultimate Amiga backgammon game
SeriousBackgmn.lha game/board 128K 252+The ultimate Amiga backgammon game
ShanghaiII.lha     game/board 206K 250+Greek Shanghai, board game. PAL display.
ShroomGammon.lha   game/board 258K 252+Backgammon with Mushrooms! *GREAT FUN*
solitarexx.lha     game/board 120K 127+Another multi-solitaire program (+ REKO 
STowers.lha        game/board 356K 143+Castles, like Thromulus /by LEGION S.A./
Stratego.lha       game/board 1.1M 127+Detailed version of the game Stratego.
upsidedown.lha     game/board 110K 220+Othello/Reversi with specs features 2.61
vchess.lha         game/board 196K 186+Superb,fully functional chess game,V4.1
VChess35.lha       game/board 233K 243+Excellent chess game, V3.5, needs OS 2.0
vchess40.lha       game/board 198K 194+Superb,fully functional chess game,V4.0
wbwort_v2_1.lha    game/board 105K 178+Great scrabble-clone in german 
wbwort_v2_2.lha    game/board 127K 160+Scrabble clone, NEW:German & English, 25
wbwort_v2_3_1.lha  game/board 143K 129+Multi-language scrabble clone (bugfix)
wbwort_v3_0.lha    game/board 195K  54+Multi-language scrabble clone, (new user
WhiteLion.lha      game/board  38K 147+Othello/Reversi player V1.31
woman_cards.lha    game/board 563K 292+New card set for Klondike AGA
00TinToy.lha       game/demo  690K 196+Tin Toy AGA (Demo) - Mutation Software.
aabograt.lha       game/demo  804K 157+Vulcans-BOGRats Plat/Puzzler Demo
aaburnnn.lha       game/demo  2.1M 157+Vulcans-BurnOut AGA CarSmash Demo
aagene4.lha        game/demo  5.7M 115+Vulcans-Genetic Species Final Demo Versi
aagspec3.lha       game/demo  7.4M 131+Vulcans-Genetic Species CDRom Ver3 Demo
aahilido.lha       game/demo  656K 157+Vulcans-Hillsea Lido SeaSide Sim Demo
aatimekp.lha       game/demo  637K 157+Vulcans-TimeKeepers Complex Puzzle Demo
aatroops.lha       game/demo  899K 157+Vulcans-TinyTroops Strategy War Demo
aavalha1.lha       game/demo  696K 157+Vulcans-Valhalla 1 Lord Of Infinity Demo
aavalha2.lha       game/demo  702K 157+Vulcans-Valhalla 2 Lord Of Infinity Demo
aavalha3.lha       game/demo  676K 157+Vulcans-Valhalla 3 Fortress Of Eve Demo
ab3d1demo_hack.lha game/demo  389K  80+AlienBreed3D Demo hack, Intuition Screen
ABreed3d.lha       game/demo  384K 278+Alien Breed 3d Demo (AGA)
aga_pi_1.lha       game/demo  1.4M 210+First demo version of a new pinball game
aggrsn.lha         game/demo  254K 198+Very early demo of AGA shoot-em-up
albion.lha         game/demo  920K 176+Blue Byte's Albion dungeon routine
AlienF1.lha        game/demo  139K 178+A fast, full texture-mapped F1 Game
AMRVoxel.lha       game/demo  504K 158+A new Voxel engine based racing game dem
ApexGolf.lha       game/demo  200K 193+Great new golfing game from Apex.
a_a_gesp.lha       game/demo  851K 205+Genetic Species a DoomClone Preview by A
bab101.lha         game/demo   86K 239+Born Again Bad Game Demo w/AMOSPro 2.0
ballunacy.lha      game/demo  277K 230+Ballunacy demo
Bangboo_Demo.lha   game/demo  107K 244+Bangboo-Demo
Banshee_AGA.lha    game/demo  454K 292+Good AGA shootemup game demo
bbdemo.lha         game/demo  355K 173+BlitzBombers DEMO (from AF disk)
BD2Demo.lha        game/demo  425K 207+Superb RPG demo from 5DL
BeBopDemo.lha      game/demo  399K 292+Demo of the game BeBop 'N Drop
biingsli.lha       game/demo  462K 270+BIING ECS Slideshow
BlobzHD.lha        game/demo  657K 198+`Blobz` Playable demo (AGA+Hard disk req
Blobz_1.lha        game/demo  402K 199+Addictive arcade puzzler from Apex
Blobz_2.lha        game/demo  177K 199+Disk two of blobz
Blox.lha           game/demo  220K 207+5DL Arcade puzzle
BManager.lha       game/demo  298K 208+Football Management Game
Boppin.lha         game/demo  319K 259+Game demo
BorisBall.lha      game/demo  359K 219+Buying Megaball 4? Try this first!
BoulderBash.lha    game/demo   37K 259+Demo version of boulder dash clone
Bouncer.lha        game/demo  267K 207+5DL Arcade puzzle
Bouncy.lha         game/demo  137K 208+Platform Puzzler.
BountyHV1p.lha     game/demo  248K 171+Update cheat exe for Bountyhunter.
BreathlessSD.lha   game/demo  568K 230+Great unpublished Breathless demo level
CITAS_DEMO.lha     game/demo  131K 292+GDS Demo (demo of CITAS tool from GDS)
CommandStrike.lha  game/demo  170K 162+CommandStrike (Command & Conquer Clone)
Cyber.lha          game/demo  126K 292+Game demo, Cybersphere from Psycon Soft.
CyberDm2.lha       game/demo  156K 292+Excellent new brick-smashing game (Demo 
DAntz.lha          game/demo  273K 207+5DL Arcade puzzle
DC2preview.lha     game/demo  217K 152+Diamond Caves II sneak preview
DC_Demo.lha        game/demo  826K 114+New Famous Break Out Style Game
DefaceDemo.lha     game/demo  1.6M 172+Macabre puzzle/strategy game.
Delta4Preview.lha  game/demo  1.0M 158+Announcement of upcoming Amiga game : De
demofob1.lha       game/demo  691K 224+Fields of Battle 1.3, Demo (File 1/10)
demofob2.lha       game/demo  676K 224+Fields of Battle 1.3, Demo (File 2/10)
demofob3.lha       game/demo  671K 224+Fields of Battle 1.3, Demo (File 3/10)
demofob4.lha       game/demo  664K 224+Fields of Battle 1.3, Demo (File 4/10)
demofob5.lha       game/demo  673K 224+Fields of Battle 1.3, Demo (File 5/10)
demofob6.lha       game/demo  680K 224+Fields of Battle 1.3, Demo (File 6/10)
demofob7.lha       game/demo  642K 224+Fields of Battle 1.3, Demo (File 7/10)
demofob8.lha       game/demo  693K 224+Fields of Battle 1.3, Demo (File 8/10)
demofob9.lha       game/demo  716K 224+Fields of Battle 1.3, Demo (File 9/10)
DetriousII.lha     game/demo   10K 259+Puzzle game demo
dup_promo.lha      game/demo  307K 279+Mega-slideshow demo of DUP Products
dwaga.lha          game/demo  155K 292+Demo of AGA-only dungeon game.
echaos.lha         game/demo  304K  97+ExplosiveCHAOS: great 2 play bomber fun!
ETW_Demo.lha       game/demo  597K  91+Demo version of the new GREAT soccer gam
euro_man.lha       game/demo  439K 144+Football Management Game 5DL
exp_main.lha       game/demo  117K 104+Early demo of Expansion - a new realtime
fears.lha          game/demo  223K 292+Demo of a Wolfenstein3D-like game !
FighterDualPro.lha game/demo  338K 259 Game preview
FireWall.lha       game/demo  1.6M 160+Commanche Clone
FirstSamurai.lha   game/demo  266K 259 Game demo
FOV_3Ddemo.lha     game/demo  389K 251+Breathless Demo.
frontier.lha       game/demo  175K 292+Frontier (Elite 2), Non-playable preview
Gamble.lha         game/demo  232K 208+Gambling games collection.
GameSmithDemos.lha game/demo  840K 292+Demos of GameSmith Development System; S
GatorManiaDemo.lha game/demo  479K 134+Gator Mania V1.2 Demo Platform Game.  Wr
gfight.lha         game/demo   80K 160+Gravity Fight - Demoversion
Globulus.lha       game/demo  135K 259+Platform game demo w/ a twist
GloomDemo.lha      game/demo  428K 271+Playable "Gloom"-Demo (Doom-like)
Gunbee-F99.lha     game/demo  669K 104+New cute anime shoot'em up (level demo)
Hidus.lha          game/demo  397K 219+Superb platform/shoot'em up with great G
imagems.lha        game/demo  158K 265+Imagems Demoversion
IntGolf.lha        game/demo  306K 128+Cool golfing game from F1Software
iso_demo.lha       game/demo  192K 252+Isometric game engine demo written in Bl
Jimmys.lha         game/demo  215K 240+Great Platform Game (New Version)
JoeyDemo.lha       game/demo  209K 292+Demo of a Sokoban type game
JumpEm.lha         game/demo  403K 207+Great arcade puzzle game from 5DL
Kargon.lha         game/demo  577K 189+Thrilling dungeon-chase, 1-4 players
KargonDemo.lha     game/demo  577K 200+Thrilling dungeon-chase, 1-4 players
legend.lha         game/demo  296K 292+Demo of a new game called Legend ...
LightCyclePlay.lha game/demo  298K 191+Drive the rendered Tron LightCycle
LSNewDemo.lha      game/demo  155K 220+A New Demo Of The Excellent Tron Clone L
MagicBoy.lha       game/demo  206K 292+Playable demo of Magic Boy by Empire
Marblelous2.lha    game/demo  605K  82+Playable demo of Marblelous 2 (ECS and R
megatyphoon.lha    game/demo  247K 205+Fastest ever hard core arcade action
MFSDemo.lha        game/demo  202K 246+Modelairplane Simulation Program Demo-V1
Microlyte.lha      game/demo  275K 221+AGA Demo of flight sim/dog fight game
midnight.lha       game/demo  230K 274+Preview of an AGA RPG.
Monopoly.lzh       game/demo  151K 292+Demo version of a Monopoly game
Moonbases_demo.lha game/demo  680K  68+Moonbases playable demo (AGA)
MOONROCKS6.lha     game/demo  176K 292+GDS Demo (lunar-lander type game)
MooseDriveDemB.lha game/demo  391K 292+Fun "viewed from the top" car racing gam
murder12.lha       game/demo  166K 119+MURDER - "Haunted" clone from The Other 
nemeses.lha        game/demo  400K 148+Nemeses shoot'em up *update* F1Software
Nobochi.lha        game/demo  314K 185+New shoot'em up from 5DL
offence.lha        game/demo  150K 288+Great horizontal scrolling shoot'em up.
OloFight.lha       game/demo  2.7M  84+OloFight final playable demo - THE BEAT'
onEscapee.lha      game/demo  5.0M 157+First Playable Aminet Release ! BugFree.
outfall.lha        game/demo  168K 218+Outfall, neat console game clone.
ParaTeas.lha       game/demo  703K 292+Teaser for new game
ParrotIsland.lha   game/demo  761K 242+Very great adventure like Monkey Island
PB8016.lha         game/demo  209K 260+Light turn by turn MultiPlayer Strategyg
pf_demo.lha        game/demo  562K  72+The upcomming release from Alive. v1.1
PhobosAzk.lha      game/demo  140K 166+This is preview of ascii game "Phobos"..
pin_fan.lzh        game/demo  270K 292+Playable demo of pinball fantasies
Plebs.lha          game/demo  165K 207+5DL Platform/Shootem Up
pnp.lha            game/demo  259K 215+Pitch 'N' Putt, new golf game, demo.
Powder.lha         game/demo  427K 176+Commercial quality shoot'em'up game.
PrePreLemmings.lha game/demo  390K 292 Pre-preview of Lemmings 2. Animation. VE
Punish5.lha        game/demo  2.2M 228+CAPITAL PUNISHMENT.v5 preview
Qwak.lha           game/demo  208K 292+Playable demo of Team 17's Quak
R3_demo.lha        game/demo  388K 264+1/2 pl, Thrustlike-Heaps of features.
Rabbits.lha        game/demo  185K 200+New arcade puzzle game from 5DL
Razor.lha          game/demo  574K 163+New 2D side-view shot-em-up, with Projec
RedZone.lha        game/demo  215K 259 Game demo
Rotator.lha        game/demo  399K 219+New platform/puzzle with great GFX
Scions.lha         game/demo  406K 211+Preview of Almagica - Scions of a Forgot
ShadowofTimeD.lha  game/demo  958K 110+*NEW DEMO* of ISoT - AGA adventuregame.
shh_lsde.lha       game/demo  155K 201+A New Demo Of The Excellent Tron Clone L
skoolzout.lha      game/demo   77K  71+Skool Daze & Back to Skool clone!
slamdemo.lha       game/demo  858K 228+Demo of SlamTilt, new pinball game.
Speed.lha          game/demo  204K 265+Speed!!! Playable Preview - AGA Texturem
starboy.lha        game/demo  232K 155+StarBoy, Shoot-em-up/platform game *upda
SuperPinoDemo.lha  game/demo  550K  80+The Last Platform Game on -Am ga!
svdemo.lha         game/demo  127K 292+Great demo of VERY VIOLENT shareware gam
TANX_Preview_1.lha game/demo  542K  81+New Parallel Realities Game Demo
tbra.lha           game/demo  819K 258+The Big Red Adventure Demo
Teeny.lha          game/demo  335K 157+Teeny Weenys *Update*
TestamentDemo.lha  game/demo  1.3M 186+Playable demo of a new 3D-game
ThDawn.lha         game/demo  724K 219+Latest version superb RPG adventure
TheSettlers.lha    game/demo  360K 292+European version of BlueBytes "The Settl
Total_Excess.lha   game/demo  188K 284+Awesome Shoot'm up game!
TraumazeroP2.lha   game/demo  521K 107+Traumazero Preview 2 
tritus_demo.lha    game/demo  213K 220+Superb 3-player Tetris Clone
VK_DEMO.lha        game/demo  765K 250+Virtual Karting playable demo
VK_SCREENSHOTs.lha game/demo  114K 254+Virtual Karting screenshots
walls17.lha        game/demo   29K 287+3D-Wolfie without tmapping
wen2175h.lha       game/demo  1.7M 201+Wendetta 2175 preview (hungarian)
Wendetta.lha       game/demo  1.3M 201+Demo of commercial shoot em-up for AGA-A
WendettNew.lha     game/demo  585K 199+New Demo of commercial shoot em-up for A
WingCommander.lha  game/demo  484K 259 Game preview
wolf.lha           game/demo   23K 194+Demo of a mechwarrior game
Wrstldemo.lha      game/demo  560K 292+AGA/ECS Wrestling Game playable demo Req
XFireNEW.lha       game/demo  607K 151+Enhanced Demo of Multiplayer Shoot`em up
XMasLemmings.lha   game/demo  264K 441+Christmas Lemmings demo
XPE.lha            game/demo  652K 168+Preview of Gobi Software new,  powerful 
ZD_Pre06.lha       game/demo  815K 160+FIRST demo of a new strategic game (AGA)
ZD_PrevV04.lha     game/demo  806K 163+FIRST demo of a new strategic game (AGA)
mindwarp3.lha      game/gag    34K 181+Nice eyecandy program similar to mindwar
Petro.lha          game/gag    69K  87+Find out how to say Petro Tyschtschenko!
piebill.lha        game/gag    76K 118+A little game to send pies in Bill's fac
Sheep.lha          game/gag    36K 102+Electronic sheep on your Workbench!
1bounce.lha        game/jump  185K 149+Bounce plus Editor
aztec.lha          game/jump  196K 292 Freely distributable jump'n'run game
boulderdaesh.lha   game/jump  705K  70+V4.27, BoulderDaesh Main Archive
Bounce.lha         game/jump  184K 258+A highly enjoyable bouncy platform game!
Bucktoot.lzh       game/jump  248K 292 Cool platform game, pretty funny...
CharlieJC.lha      game/jump  526K 230+Shareware demo of the ex-commercial game
chip.lha           game/jump  513K 223+Chippy Game
cintro.lha         game/jump  231K 223+Chippy game Intro
CrazySue.lha       game/jump  306K  28+Classic PD platform game "Crazy Sue"
CrazySueII.lha     game/jump  456K  28+Classic PD platform game "Crazy Sue II"
croak.lzh          game/jump   86K 292+A frogger clone
Croak2.lha         game/jump   92K 262+Version 2 of the Amiga Frogger clone - C
DangerDogg.lha     game/jump  437K 205+Best Shareware Jump'n'Run ever.
diamonds.lha       game/jump  150K 292+game, platform, get the diamonds
EgyptianRun.lha    game/jump   30K 292+Cute little "road race + hazards" game. 
Erik.lha           game/jump  268K 228+Erik, Pd vers of a great platformer.
exile.lha          game/jump  187K 292+Bizarre and wholly delightful platform g
FaYoh.lha          game/jump  435K  72+Full version of a GianaSisters-style pla
FaYoh001.lha       game/jump  152K 172+GianaSisters-style game from NC.Gamez. (
FaYoh2.lha         game/jump  800K  74+Full version of a nice SuperMarioWorld-s
FlashFlood.lha     game/jump   63K 214+Amiga version of a c64 game.
FredFrog.lha       game/jump  326K 174+Guide a frog back home.
frogger.lha        game/jump    6K 292+Classic old game
hoiagaremix.lha    game/jump  711K 292+The dino platformer is now PD ;)
HotAir0_5.lha      game/jump   57K 292+Scrolling platform/puzzle game.
JetSetBilly.lha    game/jump  349K 259+"Jet Set Willy" type game with complete 
JetSetWilly97.lha  game/jump  238K 170+Jet Set Willy '97
jumper.lha         game/jump   41K 292+A good 'Frogger' clone.
JumpingJack.lha    game/jump   94K 259 Mario Bros like platformer
JumpmanDl1_2_1.lha game/jump  251K 185+BASED ON THE C64 GAME (JUMPMAN), BUG FIX
JumpmanJr.lha      game/jump  241K 292+File version of JumpMan Jr. (PAL)
KTLD.lha           game/jump  123K 292+Action platform game involving collectin
laby2.lha          game/jump   73K  91+One big level platform game
Ladder.lha         game/jump   38K 183+Multitasking game (CP/M conversion)
minerunner11.lha   game/jump   77K 292 Best Loderunner for Amiga (V1.1)
minerunner16.lha   game/jump  416K 260 Fine Loderunner for Amiga, 1-4 Players, 
minerunner17.lha   game/jump  456K 252+Multitasking Loderunner, 1-4 Plys, bugfi
minerunner18.lha   game/jump  462K 218 Multitasking Loderunner, 1-4 Plys
monty.lha          game/jump  376K 167+Top Platform game demo, 4 levels from 20
motherlode.lha     game/jump   53K 292+Loderunner clone
mystfish.lha       game/jump  173K 215+Platform/puzzle arcade game
Obstickle.lha      game/jump  321K 259 Platformer with good gfx
OrangeMan.lha      game/jump  472K 259 Platform game, nice
PetersQuest12.lzh  game/jump  322K 292+Arcade game w/ 20 levels, dig. sound, an
PlatMan.lha        game/jump  177K 259 Pacman on platforms, good, great gfx
popeye.lha         game/jump  459K 292+bignonia's port of the c64 classic "pope
ptw.lha            game/jump  518K  89+Adult arcade adventure game
RackRunner.lha     game/jump  104K  43+Old platform game with level-editor.
robert.lha         game/jump  136K 148+Jump-and-Run with Horror-Atmosphere
Rock.lha           game/jump  167K 199+Simple and addictive platform game
Running.lha        game/jump   67K 292+Classical maze and puzzle game.
SpaceCadet.lha     game/jump  117K 259 Classical platformer, cute!
SpaceCase.lha      game/jump  289K 259 Classical platformer, nice
Sploggy.lha        game/jump  244K 259+Mario bros like platformer demo, playabl
Sproing.lha        game/jump   40K 241+Classic jump through holes to reach top.
superbobdylan.lha  game/jump  546K  72+A Super Mario-inspired platform game
sys.lha            game/jump   87K 292+arcade style game similar to Pengo
TL2DemoF.lha       game/jump  792K 207+Lode Runner Remake (V.F.)
toadmtn.lha        game/jump  402K 162+Like frogger only a Toad.
tophatwi.lha       game/jump  117K 290+TopHatWilly V1.2 from OverFlow
TopHatWilly1_1.lha game/jump  116K 292+TopHatWilly V1.1 from OverFlow   
wi13a.lha          game/jump  792K 148+German Science Fiction-Mag
wi13b.lha          game/jump  699K 148+German Science Fiction-Mag
Wibble_Giddy.lha   game/jump  181K 151+Nice game with a lot of puzzles
WillysCastleOf.lha game/jump  249K 259 Simple platformer, nice gfx
wiz2.lha           game/jump  131K  63+Follow-up to WiZiO - platform game
WiZiO.lha          game/jump   86K  94+Platform romp in Mario style
WizzysQuest.lha    game/jump  133K 276+Excellent 50-level puzzle/platform game
Wonderland.lha     game/jump  124K 170+Jump'n'run made with Amos including sour
zool.lha           game/jump  195K 292+ZOOL Demo (has been a rave on the USENET
3games.lha         game/misc  158K 292+3 Shareware games (runs on 1.3 - 3.0)
501.lha            game/misc   71K 292+Keeps score for the dart game 501. V1.15
6kPacman.lha       game/misc    8K 156+Good pacman clone, only 6k! (RTG Friendl
ABC.lha            game/misc  241K 272+Educational  
abdash11909.lha    game/misc  261K 292+A boulderdash game clone
aBetterSnake.lha   game/misc   15K 273+A Snake Game...
ABoulderDash.lha   game/misc   98K 260+Fast colourfull Boulderdash clone with s
ADaleks.lha        game/misc   19K 292+Amiga version of known VM/CMS game.
ADVMiniDash.lha    game/misc  268K 292+C-64 style Boulderdash clone (Better)
AGPPerf.lha        game/misc   13K 254+F1GP/WC telemetry recording utility
airwarrior.lha     game/misc  1.1M 292+V2.9c of the BEST flight sim available
AMIgotchy.lha      game/misc  497K 142+The first *REAL* virtual pet for the AMI
amigotchyfull.lha  game/misc  453K  69+Free full version of the first *REAL* vi
AmiKiss11.lha      game/misc  108K 292+Paper-doll game for changing clothes.
amrwolf.lha        game/misc  252K 220+Preview of a new Wolf-3d Engine.
anoid.lha          game/misc  173K  77+Breakout in HAM (2000+ colors at once!) 
apple.lha          game/misc  109K 292+Apple hunt is a short Boulderdash clone.
Aquaventura.lzh    game/misc  168K 292+Aquaventura (Psygnosis) playable demo.
ar.lha             game/misc  339K 158+Alphabet Recognition game.
Arkanos.lha        game/misc  166K  15+Break out game with new features
ASokoban1_1.lha    game/misc   44K 292+ASokoban v1.1 - specific bugs fixed.
Atoms3a.lha        game/misc   68K 292+Binary for AGA machines *sigh*
attacks.lzh        game/misc   74K 292+Strategy game, 7x7 grid, like arcade gam
axlife1.lha        game/misc  161K 292+Port of Xlife-life on an infinite grid
axlife12.lha       game/misc  202K 282+Port of Xlife-life on an infinite grid
bacman.lha         game/misc  490K 292+The best PacMan-clone. AGA only
bagitman.lha       game/misc   97K 292+Another of Bignonia's C64 --> Amiga conv
BaldersGrove.lha   game/misc  125K 292+Boulderdash clone, now for two players.
BattleShip.lha     game/misc   75K 225+A classic game of Battle Ship. Mouse con
bauer.lha          game/misc   87K 110+Farm simulation (German necessary)
bcs.lha            game/misc  199K 291+Duplicate a personage /4 child aged >3
bdash09.lha        game/misc   85K 292+A boulderdash game clone
BD_styles.lha      game/misc   33K 254+12 new graphical styles for BoulderD sh 
Bfv1.lha           game/misc   44K 190+Nice little game (German Only)
biaccoarchive.lha  game/misc  154K 277+Nibbler arcade clone V0.0
billiard_games.lha game/misc   73K 292+Contains 3 billiard games. Shareware.
Blobble.lha        game/misc  295K 171+Overhead puzzle/platform game
Blocks.lha         game/misc  546K 100+ENGiNE 9 present yet another columns gam
BMeisterV14.lha    game/misc   80K 220+B rgermeister V1.4 (German only!)
Bmv26.lha          game/misc  112K 190+Nice little game (German Only)
bobblep.lha        game/misc  194K  70+A Puzzle Bobble clone
Bomber.lha         game/misc   98K 292+Amiga ver of the Mac game called "Bombs"
boscar.lha         game/misc  283K 134+Cool car racing game.
Bounce.lha         game/misc  162K 221+One Person bounce the ball game.
Bouncing.lha       game/misc  420K  93+Bouncing Round-First Puzzle Bobble  Clon
BreakOut.lha       game/misc   12K 292+A 3D game, needs 3D glasses.
Breed96.lha        game/misc  176K 212+Space colonisation/exploration game V1.3
BrickFast.lha      game/misc  883K  84+BrickFast - an ARKANOID clone (1.00) 199
BRIKfighter.lha    game/misc  187K 169+Cool & Smooth Breakout Game (ECS, Freewa
c5sim.lha          game/misc  303K 127+Race Sinclair C5s around a track!
calidan.lha        game/misc  643K  55+Realtime strategy game like dune2-NEW ve
Casino.lha         game/misc  139K 262+Slot machine game
Cave.lha           game/misc   49K 292+Just a little game
CCC.lha            game/misc  415K 270+Destroy a large city with your monster. 
Cheese.lha         game/misc  156K 292+OS-friendly platform game, nice graphics
ClassicRacer.lha   game/misc  521K  19+Completely different racing game
cmed240.lha        game/misc   99K 269+Championship Manager Editor V2.4 68020+
Cocker.lha         game/misc  118K  51+1/2 player breakout game
colums.lha         game/misc  163K 164+A very nice colums game  
copper.lzh         game/misc   37K 292+Brickout game similar to Arkanoid
CoreWars.lha       game/misc  124K 259 Assembler virus programs fighting
CQuiz30.lha        game/misc  319K  93+German question & answer game about C=
Crazy8.lha         game/misc  347K 178+Card game 1player vs computer music & so
CritturCauldrn.lzh game/misc   19K 292+life simulator, not like the rest!
CrossMaze.lzh      game/misc   69K 292+Crossword puzzle game
CryptoKing.lha     game/misc   12K 292+Encryption game. V1.3
CyberMan.lha       game/misc  294K 120+CyberMan executable only
CyclesII.lha       game/misc   64K 292+*Another* Light Cycles game.
Das_Erbe2.lha      game/misc  401K 259 Environmental game, German
DC_Disk2_2.lha     game/misc  402K 248+One-disk-Version of Diamond Caves 2.2
DeluxePacMan.lha   game/misc  166K 292 Pacman type game. V1.4
DeluxePacman_A.lha game/misc  388K 154+PacMan clone with lots of extra features
Deluxe_PacmanE.lha game/misc  315K 154+PacMan clone with lots of extra features
Diamchall.lha      game/misc  215K  41+Platform game: collect all diamonds
DiamondCavesII.lha game/misc  439K 138+Emerald Mine - the next generation v1.3
Diplomacy.lha      game/misc  143K 292+Classic strategy game based on WW I. V2.
dk025.lha          game/misc  101K 193+Early preview of a "Doppelkopf" game (ge
DK050.lha          game/misc  124K 130+Much enhanced Version of "Doppelkopf"  G
Dome.lha           game/misc  183K 254+Amos strategy game beta demo version
DonkeyII.lha       game/misc  114K  65+Adaptation of an electronic game
donkeykong.lha     game/misc  243K 292+Another of Bignonia's C64 --> Amiga conv
DPacMan17.lha      game/misc  277K 264+PacMan clone with lots of extra features
DPacManAGA.lha     game/misc  371K 273+PacMan clone with lots of extra features
DriveIFF.lha       game/misc   48K 260+Drive over your fave IFFs Mode7 style!
drwho.lha          game/misc  311K 292 a very good game based on Doctor Who cha
dune3.lha          game/misc  639K 292+Worm race game
dungeon.lha        game/misc   16K 259+Generate PostScript/LaTeX maps for FRP g
Egypt.lzh          game/misc   17K 292+Two player maze game
Energiemanager.lha game/misc  588K 259 Environmental game, German
enquiry.lha        game/misc  154K 292+A horse racing simulator (NOT predictor)
esnake.lha         game/misc   47K 292+Classic snake game with highscore list. 
Excavation.lha     game/misc  160K 250+An underground arcade/strategy game
fastlife_2_7.lha   game/misc  169K 292+Conway's Life game with 200+ patterns
FBN_BFTM.lha       game/misc   68K 239+Simple BlackJack program
FBN_Solo.lha       game/misc  346K 239+Excellent Star Trek Battle Simulator
FBusiness.lha      game/misc  203K 115+FootballManager-Game in german. V1.9 !!
feder.lha          game/misc  400K 169+Strategy space adventure full game
FFFF.lha           game/misc  439K 116+A platformgame by Nukleus in 1998
FForces10a.lha     game/misc  215K 258+Multiplayer tactical fantasy battle for 
fighterduel.lha    game/misc   90K 188+The Spacehawks' 1st Shoot`em-up Game
FireAndIce.lha     game/misc  178K 292 'Fire & Ice' Game Preview With Playable 
fishfun.lha        game/misc  293K 158+Freshwater fishing fun
FiveDice.lha       game/misc   31K 140+A multiscan productivity 5 dice game.
flightcontrol.lha  game/misc   15K 189+Kennedy Approach (ATC) clone
Flipper.lha        game/misc   10K 292+Small fast Othello program.
Fluffles.lha       game/misc  177K 227+Keep the Fluffles bouncing. One player g
FootyGame.lha      game/misc   39K 124+The Ultimate Little WB Footy Game
FoundationEd.lha   game/misc  461K 178+Map editor for new *Settlers II* style g
franticfreddie.lha game/misc  148K 292+Another of Bignonia's C64 --> Amiga conv
Friends.lha        game/misc  108K 234+AGA Dynablaster clone
Fun_2_3_demo.lha   game/misc  365K 292+Educational program for young minds.
galipo.lha         game/misc   71K 169+"Lemmings Galipo" Spain Productions * AL
GalShipDesigne.lha game/misc   51K 157+Ship designer for the Galaxy PBEM game
GetOut.lha         game/misc   20K 197+A maze game by Delon
gox2.lha           game/misc  109K 254+Dutch SlotMachineSim, Many Features
GPDisplay.lha      game/misc   82K 254+F1GP/WC telemetry displaying utility
GPDisp_trac.lha    game/misc  177K 254+Track data for GPDisplay
gravity.lha        game/misc   56K 148+Dodge the balls you're attracting
Grokworld.lha      game/misc  184K 164+Test if you know the countries of the wo
gs10ureg.lha       game/misc  192K 292+Version 1.0 of Galactic Struggle
HArbiter1.12.lha   game/misc   87K  91+The best Core Wars environment for Amiga
Heli.lha           game/misc  510K 292+Helicopter Game
HereticPortal.lha  game/misc   15K  76+The Ultimate MUI for all Heretic ports.
herman.lha         game/misc  595K 144+Educational games collection from F1Soft
heroed2.lha        game/misc  332K 254+Amiga version of the classic C-64 H.E.R.
hexenportal.lha    game/misc   15K  77+The Ultimate MUI for all Hexen ports.
HillClimb.lha      game/misc  262K 225+A motorcycle hillclimb game. 1 - 5 playe
hilt2.lha          game/misc  385K 168+Action/strategy game 5DL *update*
hoidemo.lha        game/misc  122K 292+Playable demo of "Hoi, Lets Play" game
Hollywood.lha      game/misc  143K 292+Easy to play trivia game
HQMM.lha           game/misc   59K 292+MapMaker for Hero Quest
HyperViper.lha     game/misc  111K 155+The classic viper in a labyrinth
InitPool_v1.lha    game/misc   21K 117+Wargames initiative manager (v1.00)
intmercs.lha       game/misc  238K 248+Rebelstart style strategy game
Jack.lha           game/misc   39K 292+One player BlackJack game for WB 2.0+
jasko.lha          game/misc  225K 202+Simply game based on Sokoban from PC
Jouster3.lha       game/misc  599K 274+Decent Joust Clone with Extras.
kiddot.lha         game/misc   70K 292+Giftware Kid's game from Ready Robot Clu
kidnumb.lha        game/misc   63K 292+Kid's 2-player number game Freeware from
kidstop.lha        game/misc  3.6M 158+Interactive entertainment for kids
Kniffel1_5.lha     game/misc   32K 288+Another game of dice, version 1.5
Kniffel1_6.lha     game/misc   36K 219+Another game of dice, version 1.6
KniffelGer.lha     game/misc  173K 127+The best German Kniffel-Game ever!!!
Lance_A_Lot.lha    game/misc  153K 241+Joust type game with flying horses (68k)
LanderGame.lha     game/misc  257K 292+X-Specs 3D Lunar Lander game
laserbikes.lha     game/misc  121K 292+Single part Multi-player action game.
Lem2LevEd103.lha   game/misc  408K 188+Lemmings 2 Level Editor Shareware Demo!
life.lha           game/misc    3K 265+Life Version 1.1
Life_3d.lha        game/misc   20K 292+3D version of classic cellular-automaton
Lingo161.lha       game/misc  813K 172+A clasic Spanish TV Game called Lingo
LoserDash.lha      game/misc  151K 228+BDash clone, 1..4 players, map editor
Lotto_DeckV2_2.lha game/misc  170K 174+X Lotto Program.
L_Game.lha         game/misc  181K 292+Bugfixed version of L-Game (One of the c
L_peli.lha         game/misc   63K 259+Excellent Finnish strategy game. Freewar
MagicPocketsDe.lha game/misc  224K 292+Demo of new Bitmap Brothers game
MambaMove.lha      game/misc  102K 292+Game of moving an apple eating snake
MangFendAce.lha    game/misc  411K 254+Pete Storonskij's full version: combat
ManiacBall.lha     game/misc  448K 170+A multiplayer Breakout game V1.5
MapStation.lha     game/misc   81K 259+Game level map editor
mathtir.lha        game/misc  176K 196+Shoot the target answer/Tirez sur la bon
MatrixBlaster.lha  game/misc  299K 292 TRON Light Cycles in AMOS
mau_mau.lha        game/misc   15K 229+The German card game (in German) - V1.4 
MegaBAGA.lha       game/misc  280K 292+AGA OPTIONAL Fast exploding action game!
Megasquad.lha      game/misc   55K 292+Two player game
megatron.lha       game/misc   73K 292+Classic old game
MegaTron141.lha    game/misc  171K 252+V1.41, tron clone for up to 7 players
MegaTron15.lha     game/misc  198K 219+V1.5, tron clone for up to 7 players
MF_HQ0_54.lha      game/misc  446K 282+A HQ & Factory for MechForce
montecar.lha       game/misc   48K 234+A French roulette simulation. FREEWARE.
MonteCarlo.lha     game/misc   49K 171+A french roulette simulation V1.1 FREEWA
MrE.lha            game/misc  478K  59+MrE's Compendium *WITH SOURCE*
MSoft_Pengo.lha    game/misc  242K 292+Pengo-type game. Unbelievably good.
MUILoto.lha        game/misc   28K 160+A loto proggy (V02.05)
MutantPenguin.lha  game/misc  225K 292+PENGO!!! Fast moving/flashed-up
Naixalag_Demo.lha  game/misc  133K 196+A working version of the old classic Gal
NewStubbCity.lha   game/misc  139K 292+Virtual reality game
NewWorld131.lha    game/misc  387K 292+New World game v1.31
nIBbLIT_v1_0e.lha  game/misc  257K 265+(VERY) GOOD NIBBLER CLONE (22 levels)
nsx_pre.lha        game/misc  129K 261+The BEST nibbler. no more clones after t
Nuclear.lha        game/misc   88K 226+One or two player game. Create nuclear r
NumberCruncher.lha game/misc   24K  50+Addition game from Michael Price - v1.0
NumbersUp.lha      game/misc   23K 292+Simple little game. V1.2
orkattack.lha      game/misc  305K 292+Drop rocks on heads. Brilliant!!
Orm.lha            game/misc   23K 292+PD snake game. V1.4
Outside.lha        game/misc  291K 181+Cool Breakout-Game
ovenbird.lha       game/misc  313K  72+An arcade-adventure - Ovenbird v0.50
overlander.lha     game/misc  207K 292+Jump over obstacles using buggy
Paccer.lha         game/misc   48K 292+Pacman clone with sound and game editor.
PacMan87.lha       game/misc   77K 292+A nice little "pacman like" game.
PacMan96.lha       game/misc  571K 191+Superb PacMan-Clone, systemfriendly
Pacmans_Return.lha game/misc  237K 254+Amos stylish conversion of THE GAME
pacwar.lha         game/misc  112K 279+2 Player Pacman thingy.
Paint.lha          game/misc   45K 237+Little game in AMOS
panic.lha          game/misc   91K 120+Electronic game
pbdream2.lha       game/misc  258K 292+Pinball Dreams 2 Playable Demo
pengo2.lha         game/misc  341K 292+---> The Ultimate Pengo-clone <---
pengoreg.lha       game/misc  243K 169+MartinSoft Pengo, registered version(!) 
pharaoh.lha        game/misc  103K 292+Amiga version of the C= 64 game
PinBallDreamDe.lha game/misc  186K 292+Great pinpall simulator. PAL Overscan
PinballFantasy.lha game/misc  258K 292 Demo of Pinball Fantasies, the follow-up
pingpong.lha       game/misc   19K 292+A new version of pingpong
pingwynne.lha      game/misc  453K 292+Arcade fun with Graham Taylor + a pengui
PinHi.lha          game/misc    4K 250+Shows highscores of Pinball Illusions
PIV120.lha         game/misc  243K 174+AGA Breakout from NC.Gamez. V1.20.
playpac.lha        game/misc  403K  40+Pacman with random maze
poing2.lha         game/misc  320K 232+A cool pong game with powerups & more
poing22.lha        game/misc   59K 292+A breakout style game.
Poing3.lha         game/misc   76K 289+Amusing systemfriendly bat & ball game
poing5.lha         game/misc  130K 155+Nice breakout clone
poing6.lha         game/misc  142K 130+Fun horizontal breakout game
Powerball.lha      game/misc  161K 268+Great new breakout game
powerpong.lha      game/misc   80K 292+Hit the ball with the paddle...
PowerTetris.lha    game/misc  448K 292+Shareware version of a tetris game
PowerTetris114.lha game/misc  448K 193+Cool & Smooth Tetris Game (ECS, Sharewar
Pranger.lha        game/misc  106K  33+Cheap 1ply game- get 2 ships to collide
psb.lha            game/misc   88K 130+Power Signal Box Simulation Beta V0.026
psd_eval.lha       game/misc  344K 279+Psycho Squares Deluxe - Strategy
Pssst_AGA_V1.lha   game/misc  402K 271+Classic Spectrum Game 100% 68020 AGA
punter.lha         game/misc  353K 230+Punter V3.2R Horse racing sim.
puzlex.lha         game/misc  258K 171+Tetris style puzzle game
Puzzle.lha         game/misc  275K 282+Try to put 16 clr images back together
Puzzler.lha        game/misc  232K 259+Small puzzle game for the Amiga. Should 
Pz15.lha           game/misc    9K 292+Computer simulation of tile puzzle.
Quiz.lha           game/misc   51K 292+A simple quiz game.
r13.lha            game/misc   24K 178+Simple roulette game
racer.lha          game/misc  1.9M 182+3D Racing game (The best on Amiga!)
RacerUpd1_5.lha    game/misc  704K 170+Update RACER V1.0,V1.1 -> V1.5
racer_up.lha       game/misc   82K 178+Update RACER V1.0 -> V1.1
Revolver_V1.lha    game/misc  279K 122+Stunning 3d Spherical Light Cycles Game!
rfmp11.lha         game/misc  724K  64+Most playable soccer manager ever (V1.1)
rfmpro12.lha       game/misc  833K  51+Most playable soccer manager ever (V1.2)
rmstit.lha         game/misc  400K 168+Raise the Titanic!
robosq.lha         game/misc  369K 147+Break-Out with 3 paddles
Rocko.lha          game/misc  290K 236+Boxing Game with Digitized Graphics
Rocky.lha          game/misc   48K 292+Boulderdash !. V1.0
rsq12.lha          game/misc   52K 231+Choplifter(ish) game v1.2: playability++
rubber.lha         game/misc  447K 292+Fixed!!- playable/unusual platformer
RushHour.lha       game/misc  105K 201+Switch traffic lights, Version 1.2
RushHour14.lha     game/misc  297K 172+Switch traffic lights, Version 1.4
RushHour15.lha     game/misc  410K 163+Switch traffic lights, like 'Traffic' on
RushHour_16a.lha   game/misc  344K  73+Switch trafficlights, like C64 Traffic
SBall.lha          game/misc   12K 292+Control a bouncing ball w/joystick game
sbl_aga_atomz.lha  game/misc  173K 292+Atomz for AGA (raytraced) 
sbremix.lha        game/misc  571K  83+Nice remix of an old commercial game cal
SBRemixV1_2.lha    game/misc  579K  77+Nice remix V 1.2 of an old commercial ga
Schiffeversenk.lha game/misc   14K 292+Find and sink your opponents ships. V1.0
Schlachtfeld.lha   game/misc  950K  81+German strategy game for 1-4 players
SCL_SuperBall.lha  game/misc   45K  71+SCL! - 32k game at Symposium'99   -exe- 
scorched.lha       game/misc  232K 292+Scorched Earth-type game.
ScreechAGA2_51.lha game/misc  734K 183+Super Sprint Clone with more Depth!
ScreechV2_40.lha   game/misc  565K 231+One of the best race games around!
Screech_ECS.lha    game/misc  591K 182+Super Sprint Clone with more Depth!
Screech_V2_41.lha  game/misc  590K 217+One of the best race games around!
ScreV1_61.lha      game/misc  368K 279+Screech V1_5 - Demo of a car racing game
SeaLance.lha       game/misc  233K 292+Game based on a Trident sub simulator
SensibleSoccer.lzh game/misc  160K 292+Soccer game demo. PAL, you need fat agnu
SeveredHeadsHD.lha game/misc  864K 236+Futuristic/Horror Game 
shells.lha         game/misc  903K 188+Traced, multitasking  gambling game 
Shepherd1_1.lha    game/misc  436K 292+Fantastic shareware gods-game.
Shoot_Pontoon.lha  game/misc   72K 292+Shoot Pontoon V1
Shop_Drop.lha      game/misc  146K 226+One player game. Joystick control.
Simon.lha          game/misc   62K 292+A Simple Simon type of game
Simon_10.lha       game/misc   11K 243+BabySafe Simon for Mouse
situp.lzh          game/misc  390K 269+A simple game with ham graphics!
SlotCars.lha       game/misc   38K 292+Fast action one or two player game.
slots.lha          game/misc  361K 150+Customisable fruit machine. Babylon 5/St
snackman.lzh       game/misc  214K 292+SnackMan, PacMan clone. A500-A3000 comp.
SnailRace.lha      game/misc  197K 215+A race of snails for one or two players.
snakeabit.lha      game/misc   54K 194+Neat snake game - up to 140 bobs on scre
SnowFort.lha       game/misc  406K 254+Pete Storonskijs snowfort building game
Solid2AGA.lha      game/misc  828K 289+The best (AGA only) pong clone (with cur
SonOfBlagger.lha   game/misc   80K 292 Converted C=64 game with source
sorefist.lha       game/misc  326K 196+New Beat 'Em' Up. Renegade clone.
spacetaxi_fix.lha  game/misc  237K 292+Bugfix for SpaceTaxi, like the C64er gam
SpaceTrib_F.lha    game/misc  2.5M 117+Space Tribulations (F) - A graphical adv
sparrow.lha        game/misc  520K 103+Sparrow - an editable game v1.00
spcworm.lha        game/misc  545K 231+Race with your worm, and try to avoid th
Speed18.lha        game/misc  192K 252+Upto 4-played car racing game
SpeedRacerFX.lha   game/misc  308K 196+(V1.01) Cool,fast 3D vector Racing game.
SplatDemo.lha      game/misc  373K 223+Fun new breakout clone
sprballz.lha       game/misc  267K 195+Superballz 1.1 (Level editor now works..
SSW.lzh            game/misc  156K 292+Game similar to Space Wars
StAid2.lha         game/misc  128K 292+Create quizzes and test. V0.8
Starbase.lha       game/misc  247K  32+Build up new base like UTOPIA - V1.2
StarReko.lha       game/misc  597K 252+Klondike III AGA Cardset.
starwars106.lha    game/misc  154K 292+StarWars - Trivia Version 1.06
Staufer.lha        game/misc  103K 259+Strategy game
SteelFortress.lha  game/misc  168K 212+Castle-RISK clone, V3.0, needs MUI3
SunMaze.lha        game/misc   18K 292+3D maze demo with shadows in corridors.
supertrail.lha     game/misc   55K 181+Guide ball through tricky levels (incl. 
talisman.lha       game/misc  768K 234+The Talisman (Graphic Adventure)
Teddy_deu.lha      game/misc   74K 157+Game in Dynablasters style (German)
Teddy_en.lha       game/misc   73K 157+Dynablasters like game (English Version)
Tiles.lha          game/misc   40K 292+Basic tile game, 144 tiles, 36 sets. V2.
TimeBomb_V1_0.lha  game/misc  216K 258+Diffuse those timebombs. Amiga Gridtrap!
tomtespe.lzh       game/misc  104K 292+A fun two player game
TotoLotto.lha      game/misc   36K 275+Lotto game
trailblazer.lha    game/misc   85K 292+a classic game
trailer.lha        game/misc    3K 292+a classic game
TrainDriver.lha    game/misc  398K 223+V1.9 Train Driver Simulator
TrainDvr13.lha     game/misc  403K 257+Train Driver V1.3 Improved gfx & font
turbo.lha          game/misc   51K 292+Two and four player versions of TurboHoc
twon.lha           game/misc  125K 292+The TWON game
ultquiz.lha        game/misc   83K 228+The Ultimate Quiz II PD version
varidiam.lha       game/misc  407K 186+Manga Strategy/Action Mech Combact
VideoPokeri.lha    game/misc  140K 289+Nice multitasking video poker game
VieIII.lha         game/misc   74K 213+A GUI life game
wabes21.lha        game/misc  302K 292+Faster 2 Player on same screen Pac Man
Wag_O_Fun.lha      game/misc  100K 177+A joystick waggling game.
Wanderer.lha       game/misc  187K 292+Neat little game with graphics and sound
WarGrounds.lha     game/misc  318K  79+Dune 2 with Attitude! (V39)
warrior.lha        game/misc  199K 292+AirWarrior, multi player flight sim
warrior1.lha       game/misc  514K 158+Adventure/strategy game from 5DL 1of2
warrior2.lha       game/misc  556K 158+Adventure/strategy game from 5DL 2of2
wAZiT_3d.lha       game/misc   26K 160+Zooming Gravitygame. From NcG. FAST!!!
werner.lha         game/misc  169K 134+The ultimate Werner/Flashbier clone.
WizardWars.lha     game/misc   53K 259+Shareware strategy game
WordPuzzle.lha     game/misc   55K 292+Find a word in a puzzle type game. V1.1
WormWars.lha       game/misc  731K   8+WormWars 6.2: Advanced snake game
wormwars_1_3.lha   game/misc  165K 224+Tron-game. Creatures, objs, editor. 3.1.
Wriggle.lha        game/misc  145K  96+Wriggle - Now with AHI-sound! v2.2
Yacht.lha          game/misc   11K 292+The famous 5 dice game
Yahtzee.lha        game/misc  207K  55+Yahtzee 3.10... a dice game
yatz.lha           game/misc   33K 292+One player Yatzee game v1.1
znykdist.lha       game/misc  112K 292+Combination of Tetris and other games --
aarbron.lha        game/role  1.5M 154+The Chronicles of Aarbron
Ack.lha            game/role  149K 259+Ultima style game, German
adv.lha            game/role  230K 258+Adventure construction set w/src
Adventu.lha        game/role  527K 230+The original text adventure
AdventuDS1_0.lha   game/role  1.0M 275+Creates Multi-Player Fantasy/RPG's
Adventure.lha      game/role  644K 195+The original text adventure
AdventureDS1_0.lha game/role  1.0M 275+Creates Multi-Player Fantasy/RPG's
antep.lzh          game/role  201K 292+Antepenult v1.1, like ULTIMA.
atlantis.lha       game/role  185K 170+Little Textadventure (German!!)
BackStage.lha      game/role  732K 259+Promotional adventure game, German. Good
BangerDSA_KS.lha   game/role   56K 239+DSA-plant search programm
BHHIVDocs.lha      game/role  118K 127+Doc's for BHHIV (Jan-98)
Bifi_1.lha         game/role  705K 259+Promotional adventure game, German. Good
Bifi_2.lha         game/role  788K 259+Promotional adventure game, German.
BlackDawn.lha      game/role  240K 292+Alien Breed meets Dungeon Master RPG
bleed.lzh          game/role   30K 292 Bloody cool adventure game
bleed2.lzh         game/role  171K 292+Next part of bleed
chaos_.lha         game/role  239K 173+V1.01 An 8 player strategy wizard fantas
ChildMurdAGA.lha   game/role  2.3M 280+Text/graphics adventure in horror genre
Child_Murderer.lha game/role  1.8M 280+Text/graphics adventure in horror genre
CM1.lha            game/role  372K 269+Text/graphics adventure in horror genre
cthangband.lha     game/role  891K  18+Cthangband 4.0.0 - Roguelike solo RPG
cursed070.lha      game/role  562K 259+Demo of a great RPG
CWMmoria120.lha    game/role  412K 292+Rogue-like dungeon exploration game
Cyberdrone.lha     game/role  382K 191+RPG game written in AmosPro
Cyber_SpcHD.lha    game/role  898K 226+Cyberspace game (V1.01, HD Version)
DarkSpring.lha     game/role  714K  89+A fun point'n'click adventure
Dark_Obsession.lha game/role  228K 214+Text Adventure
diev112.lha        game/role   16K 292+Dragon Bones(TM?) style prg. UPDT.
dma043.lha         game/role  309K 268+Preview of Dungeon Master Aid .43 (ad&d)
dmast.lha          game/role   66K 177+ShadowRun CyberDeck Tool German version
DMastE.lha         game/role   31K 172+ShadowRun CyberDeck Tool English version
DMAv3_0.lha        game/role   82K 169+Dungeon Master Computer Assistant V3.0
dodweather.lha     game/role   70K 254+Weather generator for the DoD RPG
drink_drown.lha    game/role  210K 292+Sends you off on a pub crawl
Dunczone.lha       game/role  630K  55+Spoof translation of German game
dungen2ntsc.lha    game/role  243K 177+Dungeon floorplan generator/editor
dungen2pal.lha     game/role  264K 177+Dungeon floorplan generator/editor
Dungeon.lha        game/role  294K 237+Classic text adventure
DungeonEx.lha      game/role  372K 182+Top-down realtime joystick adventure gam
DungeonHero.lha    game/role  136K 249+Fantastic RPG like Dungeon Master
Eldritch.lha       game/role  401K 172+V1.39b : (MINOR UPGRADE) Top-view advent
Epsilon_9.lha      game/role  825K  18+Futuristic graphic adventure
Escape.lha         game/role  561K  24+Graphic adventure game for A1200
FE_Demo.lha        game/role  1.4M 109+Final Existence Role Playing Game
fGRAAL2A.lha       game/role  360K 145+"Olaf va a l'est" FRENCH indy adv. clone
Graal2a.lha        game/role  318K  89+Graphic Adventure Authoring Language 2.3
GraalA.lha         game/role  489K 222+Graphic Adventure Authoring Language 1.0
GraalB.lha         game/role  453K 222+Graphic Adventure Authoring Language 1.0
GraalHerald1.lha   game/role  534K 194+GRAAL extra hints & tips
HammyTown.lha      game/role  543K  81+Graphic Adventure, Full Game!
hg_suzievixen.lha  game/role    8K 292 Hired Guns character graphic - a yiffy v
ICS100.lha         game/role   35K 292+Char. generator for Call of Cthulhu RPG
InformTool11.lha   game/role   56K 247+Updated version of InformTool GUI
InnerDemonsHD.lha  game/role  1.6M 222+Text/Graphics Adventure
Inner_Demons.lha   game/role  236K 279+Text adventure in horror genre
KAK.lha            game/role  243K 109+Action rpg adventure game
LabyrinthII.lha    game/role   47K 292+Role playing text adventure game.
Lair.lha           game/role   37K 259+Multi-User Dungeon Fantasy game, 2 playe
larn.lha           game/role  255K 292+larn2 - dungeon type adventure game upda
LegendofElves.lha  game/role  938K  50+Graphic Adv. (like Monkey Island) v1.5
legion.lha         game/role  1.5M 116+Shareware version of the game - Legion
LOF1_1.lha         game/role  402K 270+Fantasy adventure game (Demoversion) V1.
MatGen.lha         game/role   15K 114+Matrix Tool For FASA's Shadowrun GMs.
Moria_gfx_1_2.lha  game/role  255K 292+Graphic UMoria 5.5 for the Amiga. (v1.2)
nethack322.lha     game/role  1.1M 185+Nethack 3.2.2 for Amiga
nethack322b8.lha   game/role  1.2M 128+New nethack 3.2.2 port (beta)
NetHack_3_1.lha    game/role  710K 292+NetHack 3.1 Dungeon Exploration Game - B
oangband.lha       game/role  845K  18+Oangband 0.4.1 - Roguelike solo RPG
Omega802Gfx.lha    game/role  337K 174+Omega, a rogue-like game. Optional gfx.
Omega802_bin.lha   game/role  304K 292+Omega 0.80.2 bin+lib, no ixemul, 1.5M me
Omega804.lha       game/role  369K  88+RPG v0.80.4. Bug fixed and improved w/ G
PanicSociety.lha   game/role  772K 270+Multilevel graphic puzzle adventure. V1.
ParrotIsland.lha   game/role  1.4M  34+Full release of the Adventure
psychowd.lha       game/role  372K 214+Psychoward! Humorous graphic adventure 
reselvis.lha       game/role  331K 214+"I rescued Elvis..." Humorous graphic ad
rgae.lha           game/role   20K 265+Moria type adventure game. Alpha release
rgae0060.lha       game/role   37K 254+Moria type adventure game. Test release.
Rogue11.lha        game/role  129K 228+Rogue, the ancestor of NetHack, Moria, A
RoleAid.lha        game/role  409K 292+roleplaying weather and time tool
RoomEditor.lha     game/role   37K 252+GUI editor for ACircleMUD 2.2
RPGDemo1.lha       game/role   81K 168+Zelda type RPG demo
Scott.lha          game/role   71K  67+Adventure interpreter for Scott Adams cl
Severed1.lha       game/role  405K 268+Futuristic adventure game
Starbase_13.lha    game/role  1.1M  12+Futuristic graphic adventure
StarWarsADV.lha    game/role  373K  17+Star Wars - Textadventure (german)
TACL.lha           game/role  250K 292+Adventure play for games using ACL.
Telekom1.lha       game/role  326K 259 Promotional adventure game, German. Good
telekommando2.lha  game/role  687K 292+PR Game, German
thrallbound.lha    game/role  261K 292+Adventure game, set in Norway.
TileEditor102.lha  game/role   29K 216+Tile Editor for NetHack v3.2.0 (bugfix)
Time1.lha          game/role  391K 228+Introductory text/graphics Adventure
TimelessEmpire.lha game/role   93K 292+Non-graphical interactive fiction game. 
Ula_Tor0.lha       game/role   82K 129+A small text adventure (beta version)
utgv1.lha          game/role  418K 292+Graphical Adventure Game (Ult*ma-ish)
ZAngband.lha       game/role  1.1M  18+Zangband 2.2.8 - Roguelike solo RPG
Zerg.lha           game/role   74K 292+An Ultima clone adventure game. V1.0
ZhandulinHelmi.lha game/role  592K 252+A Finnish textadventure with some graphi
Zngam206.lha       game/role  808K 129+Zangband - a solo RPG based upon Angband
5kInvade.lha       game/shoot   8K 184+Good space invaders clone, only 5k!
AE.lha             game/shoot 217K  64+Old but funny alien hunt
ae2000.lha         game/shoot 371K  14+Funny alien slaughter
AgeOfRock.lha      game/shoot 239K 143+Tetris the other way round: shoot at blo
AirFight.lha       game/shoot 176K 136+Duel of two airplanes (ver2.0)
AlienFF.lha        game/shoot 178K 196+Platform Shoot'Em Up with lots of blood.
AmegaRace.lha      game/shoot  94K 259+Shoot-everything-that-moves
AmigaWars.lha      game/shoot 130K 269+Shoot down IBM's, Apples, and Atari's!!
Amoeba.lha         game/shoot 110K 292+Clone of Space Invaders
argus.lha          game/shoot 356K 238+Vertical scrolling. Fast with great GFX.
Assim.lha          game/shoot 427K 154+Little shoot`em`up game
AsteroidsReg92.lha game/shoot 372K 176+Asteroids v0.92 registered
Astrokid.lha       game/shoot 490K 215+Multi level epic arcade style game
battlecars.lha     game/shoot  47K 292+3d driving/shooting game for 1-2 players
bikerbabe.lha      game/shoot 283K 259+Small platform shoot-em-up game
Blasted.lha        game/shoot 214K 181+Great new shoot'em Up
blaster.lha        game/shoot 283K 292+Excellent shoot'em up game!
Blitz_3_06.lha     game/shoot 182K 200+Fly over scyscrapers and bomb them
BloodWars.lha      game/shoot 235K 259+BloodWars v2.0 Beta for Amiga. Public Do
BombManiac.lha     game/shoot   7K 259+Killing game -- kill your opponent and s
Boron2.lha         game/shoot 154K 259+Horiz. scrolling shoot-em, great music
bplaneb.lha        game/shoot  53K 251+Double scroll/dual playfield biplane gam
bratw101.lha       game/shoot 218K 272+(AGA) 4 player realtime action. Gravity 
BumBum.lha         game/shoot 114K 150+Small stupid parody shoot'em up (czech!)
ChaosCastle.lha    game/shoot 304K  63+Destroy minerals, vegetals and animals. 
Choplift3d011.lha  game/shoot  79K  92+ChopLifter 3D V0.11
ChopLifter3D.lha   game/shoot 242K  60+ChopLifter 3D V0.18
CommandoRaid.lha   game/shoot 142K 292+Funky Blitz Basic 2 shoot-em-up
cowwars11.lha      game/shoot 227K 292+Hurl cows at opp - avoid fire penguin
cquest.lha         game/shoot 327K 222+Chippy game
Croins1_05.lha     game/shoot 458K 145+Asteroids-clone game
cybernetix.lha     game/shoot 145K 292+Excellent shareware shoot-em-up!
cycrisis.lha       game/shoot 346K 156+Destroy the Cyborgs..
DBIB.lha           game/shoot 1.8M  16+Create DOOM-style games
DCharge.lha        game/shoot 127K  87+Small Game where you blow up submarines
defender.lha       game/shoot 148K 292+Defender, like the arcade
DeluxeGalaga_A.lha game/shoot 1.0M 154+Galaga clone with lots of extra features
Deluxe_GalagaE.lha game/shoot 857K 154+Galaga clone with lots of extra features
Devious.lha        game/shoot 214K 259 Vert. scrolling shoot-em-up, hard
DGalaga24.lha      game/shoot 373K 292+Deluxe Galaga v2.4
DGalaga2_6cAGA.lha game/shoot 465K 257+Latest version of the best shoot em' up 
DGalagaAGA.lha     game/shoot 465K 257+Latest version of the best shoot em' up 
dodge.lha          game/shoot 101K 210+Dodge the asteroids!
DrugBusters.lha    game/shoot 143K 259 Anti-drugs game
duck.lha           game/shoot 199K 243+A fun little shoot em up
DvmxDem2.lha       game/shoot  91K 178+A tribute to Xevious! Second Release
dvmxdemo.lha       game/shoot  87K 214+Shoot'em up - a tribute to Xevious!
DynamiteWar.lha    game/shoot 293K 292+Tiny game for 2-5 players. V2.0
EvilInsects2.lha   game/shoot 131K 259 Space invaders like, AGA gfx
EvilInsects_sr.lha game/shoot 205K  84+Source for Evil Insects.
ExtremeViolenc.lha game/shoot 107K 292+Excellent 2-player game - v6.92
fatally2.lha       game/shoot 466K  88+Silly shoot-em-up featuring Fat Ally
FatalMission.lha   game/shoot 263K 227+Blast them bad guys in spaceships (in sp
Fleuch.lha         game/shoot  66K 292+Scrolling, shoot-em-up, gravity game
Fracas.lha         game/shoot 127K 259 3D walker duel, good!
galactoid.lha      game/shoot  79K 292+1 or 2 player shoot-em-up game
Galax.lha          game/shoot 160K 171+Shoot'em up made with Amos including sou
Galaxians.lha      game/shoot 218K 117+Arcade Galaxians *SHAREWARE*
Galaxy.lha         game/shoot  63K 202+Simple blitz shoot'em up
Geeks.lha          game/shoot 152K 252+Shoot the geeks?! (all amigas)
gf2_game.lha       game/shoot 185K 292+Gravity Force 2. Great 2 player PD-game
girlact.lha        game/shoot  40K 250+Girl Actions - A simple "Galaxians" clon
gnysht14.lzh       game/shoot 353K 165+Simple shoot'em up game from Japan!
Greeblies.lha      game/shoot 117K 208+Manic shoot'em'up written in Blitz
gridatta.lha       game/shoot  78K 259+Amiga Version of the C64 Oldie "Crossfir
grokwar.lha        game/shoot 247K 167+Shoot down passenger airplanes...
Groundwars.lha     game/shoot 152K 142+AGA shooter from NC.Gamez
Guardian35.lha     game/shoot 148K 145+Horizontal-scrolling shoot em up for wb
Gwars1_5.lha       game/shoot 460K  35+Galagawars V1.5 + Source by Michael Ross
highnoon.lha       game/shoot  62K 166+Conversion of violent C-64 game
HotShots.lha       game/shoot 229K  32+Free game. Remake of a great classic
Humartia.lha       game/shoot  27K 292+Shoot'em up type Arcade game
Insecticide.lha    game/shoot 234K 259 Kill da bugs, tasteless
intruderalert.lha  game/shoot 314K 292+Berzerk clone w/great sound!
inv.lha            game/shoot  10K 292+small stupid space invaders+SOURCE 
in_the_target.lha  game/shoot 181K 247+Shoot'em up in a blu sky.
ITP_Demo.lha       game/shoot 381K 279+Playable multilevel arcade shootemup
ktcv2p6.lha        game/shoot 268K  78+Kill that cow v2.6 3d shootemup
Lemmingoids2.lha   game/shoot 328K 259+Asteroids with Lemmings! Fun.
Liberator.lha      game/shoot 281K 259+Vertical scolling shoot em up, nice
linetrix.lha       game/shoot 233K 188+Fast paced space shooter
MadBomber.lzh      game/shoot  86K 292+Small arcade game. PD
mash.lha           game/shoot 465K 237+Psychotic potato war game.
MatrixHunter.lha   game/shoot 142K  61+Shoot Starships V1.0
maze.lha           game/shoot 263K 231+Maze game with BLOOD for 1 player
mcomand.lzh        game/shoot  53K 292 Missile Command (quite old)
metograsp.lha      game/shoot  92K 292+3D-Gravity-Game for 2 Players
MFTanks.lha        game/shoot  55K 259+3D wire frame shooting game
microbes.lzh       game/shoot 106K 292+Shoot-em-up, somewhat like Tempest
MineTrasher.lha    game/shoot 232K 259 Flying boulder dash, good
MissileCmd.lha     game/shoot  55K 292+Fast-paced "Missile Command" type game. 
monsters10aga.lha  game/shoot 561K 248+Multitasking WizardOfWor, 1-4 Players, A
Mostares2.lha      game/shoot 488K 259+3D wire frame flying game
Nerdkill.lha       game/shoot  97K 208+Tension relief massacre game
Nu.lha             game/shoot 205K 259 Vertical scrolling shoote-em, nice
offence.lha        game/shoot 363K 128+Full version of the shareware shoot'em u
OnSlaught.lha      game/shoot 357K 259+Space invader like game, hard
Parahemmot.lha     game/shoot 121K 259+Sick paratroopers-clone (sort of)
poweroids11.lha    game/shoot 411K 260+Asteroids with raytracing gfx, 1-4 Playe
poweroids12.lha    game/shoot 418K 252+Multitasking Asteroids, raytraced gfx, 1
quickmon.lzh       game/shoot  60K 292+QuickMoney, 1/2 player maze shoot-em-up
rdogz.lha          game/shoot 484K  65+Game based on the film Reservoir Dogs!
Rescue.lzh         game/shoot 336K 292+shoot'em up game
RevengeAGAntsc.lha game/shoot 511K  87+Revenge AGA NTSC Version 1.20 
RevengeAGApal.lha  game/shoot 525K  88+Revenge AGA PAL Version 1.20 
RevengeCamelsP.lha game/shoot 120K 292+PAL version
revenge_aga.lha    game/shoot 521K 108+REVENGE AGA (sequel to T.V.Chubbies(tm) 
RingWar.lha        game/shoot  39K 292+Classic arcade reflex game
Scorch185.lha      game/shoot 439K 279+Scorched Tanks V1.85
ScudBuster.lha     game/shoot  82K 292+Scuds vs. Patriot missle game. V0.8
se.lha             game/shoot 336K 231+Shoot em'up for 1 player
SED.lha            game/shoot 207K 280+Shooting game
SewerBlast.lha     game/shoot 109K 259 Shoot incoming monsters w/ mouse
SheepCommand.lha   game/shoot 137K  11+Tank style game, with sheeps, Balrog Sof
sheepsho.lha       game/shoot 159K 201+Clay-Pigeon Shooting with Sheep! 
shoot.lha          game/shoot 163K 130+Your the fastest gun in the west.
shootist.lha       game/shoot 164K 137+Exciting Shooter
SoloAssault.lha    game/shoot 428K 259 1st person flying game, nice gfx
SpaceAceDemo.lha   game/shoot  11K 292+Shareware shoot-em-up spaceship game.
SpaceInvaders.lha  game/shoot 188K 115+Arcade Space Invaders
SpaceMission.lha   game/shoot  68K 275+Horizontal scrolling shoot'em up
spacewar.lha       game/shoot  91K 292+arcade style game with lots of options
SSheep.lha         game/shoot 222K  27+Kill the Sheep!
sta.lha            game/shoot 142K 148+Star Trek-Actiongame
stardefender10.lha game/shoot 377K 216 Arcade classic, runs in multitasking 
Starwoids.lha      game/shoot 831K 259+Gravity force+air rescue, great!
subsim.lha         game/shoot  63K 276+Mantisoft SubSim (shoot-em-up)
Tankkk0745.lha     game/shoot  70K 289+2-4 player shoot'em'up
TankYou.lha        game/shoot  15K 259+Artillery style game
Tanx.lha           game/shoot 215K 292+A "Tank" or "Artillery" type game.
targets.lha        game/shoot  84K 222+Shoot moving targets (with sound)
targets2.lha       game/shoot  85K 220+Shoot as many targets as you can in 1 mi
TCAA.lha           game/shoot 154K 128+T.V.Chubbies(tm) - Armchair Assassin AGA
tgbv2.lha          game/shoot 111K  78+Ten Green Bottles V2
TheHuntIsOn.lzh    game/shoot 338K 214+New 3D Maze Game for All Amigas
TigersBane.lha     game/shoot 846K 145+Side-view Attack Helicopter action/sim
timecamp.lha       game/shoot 349K  99+Alpha1.2 of 3D Hired-Guns/AB3D type game
Tinvaders.lha      game/shoot 162K 176+Good Solid Shooter!!
TriClops.lha       game/shoot  54K 292+Nice graphics oriented 3-D space game.
TTTW.lha           game/shoot  97K 237+Tic-Tac-Toe Warriors v1.0: A SEUCK game
TurboRK211DEM.lha  game/shoot 138K 292+Gravity shooting game for 2 Pl. Demo.
TXIIv96.lha        game/shoot 433K 274+A Fast Action Shoot'em Up (V0.96)
UFOFight100.lha    game/shoot  37K 237+Fast multiplayer UFO shoot game. V1.00
Waponez.lha        game/shoot 317K 149+Full ver' of an NC.Gamez game!
warphexen.lha      game/shoot 263K  68+Hexen for PowerPC (WarpUP)
WipeOut_1_3.lha    game/shoot 172K 292+A totally brainless shoot'em up game
witc.lha           game/shoot 238K  55+WWI Dogfight/2d game for up to 8 planes
wordchamp202.lha   game/shoot 202K 229+A shoot-up game a little like TETRIS
xapdemo.lha        game/shoot 185K 292+Manic arcade destruction! Totally origin
xasteroids.lha     game/shoot  49K 277+Xasteroids - asteroids style arcade game
Xenex.lha          game/shoot 261K 259 Asteroids variant, good gfx+snd
XenoDemo.lha       game/shoot 212K 292+Playable demo of XenoStar from AGE Ent. 
YoungDefender.lha  game/shoot 2.1M 186+Blitz Basic Shoot'em up. AGA reqd. V1.0
z0.lha             game/shoot 2.9M 117+Full Motion Video Game (FMV)
z1.lha             game/shoot 1.6M 117+Full Motion Video Game (FMV)
z2.lha             game/shoot 2.3M 117+Full Motion Video Game (FMV)
z3.lha             game/shoot 3.0M 117+Full Motion Video Game (FMV)
z4.lha             game/shoot 3.1M 117+Full Motion Video Game (FMV)
z5.lha             game/shoot 1.3M 117+Full Motion Video Game (FMV)
z6.lha             game/shoot 2.7M 117+Full Motion Video Game (FMV)
z7.lha             game/shoot 2.2M 117+Full Motion Video Game (FMV)
z8.lha             game/shoot 2.4M 117+Full Motion Video Game (FMV)
zaxxon.lha         game/shoot 131K 251+The c64 classic Zaxxon perfectly convert
zerberk14.lha      game/shoot 110K 260+Arcade game like Berzerk, 1-4 Players, V
Zodesdemo.lha      game/shoot  10M  67+Jump & Run Game
zombies2.lha       game/shoot 398K 278+Gory death kill Op. Wolf style game
Zybex.lha          game/shoot 188K 171+Shoot'em up made with Amos including sou
3dTTT_1_9.lha      game/think  12K 292+3-dimensional Tic Tac Toe
4GetDemo.lha       game/think 213K 292+Addictive multi-level puzzle game with g
Abacross.lha       game/think 203K 222+A maths Scrabble/Tic-Tac-Toe hybrid
acd_e.lha          game/think  72K  31+Crossword Deluxe V2.5 English
AGA_Puzzle.lha     game/think  72K 100+Play puzzle with any IFF picture v1.1
AHextris.lha       game/think  33K 292+Hextris like game, 2.04 only.
amalone.lha        game/think  45K 238+Program of the nice board game Abalone
AmiCross.lha       game/think  18K 222+Logic puzzle for AGA machines
AmigaGnuChess.lha  game/think 199K 292+Amiga port with nice graphics (needs 2.0
AmigaTration.lha   game/think  22K 292+Concentration for the Amiga. V1.0
AMines12.lha       game/think  10K 292+Amiga version of XMines
amoeba.lha         game/think 396K 185+Board game with nice graphic and sound
Amotrix.lha        game/think 142K 168+Yet another tetris clone - old but fun
amyfreecell.lha    game/think  13K 220+Cardgame, requires OS3.0, 68020+
AntiMatter2_1.lha  game/think  31K 289+"Find the atoms" logic game v2.1.
ASokoban24.lha     game/think  44K 269+V2.4 (Dutch catalog added)
asteriodsii092.lzh game/think 159K 292+Asteroids for OS2.0+ systems
atoms.lha          game/think 179K 236+A nice atomic game V2.0
Atoms3.lha         game/think 134K 205+A nice atomic game V3.0
Atoms31.lha        game/think 161K 190+A nice atomic game up to 4 players V3.1
Auto.lha           game/think 178K 237+Quiz-Game in AMOS.
A_Sweeper.lha      game/think 123K 100+AGA Workbench MineSweeper V1.02 
BackGammon099.lha  game/think  25K 292+Workbench BackGammon Game
BallMasterAGA.lha  game/think 1.4M  99+Addictive puzzle game with many levels
BallMasterECS.lha  game/think 936K  99+Addictive puzzle game with many levels
bebop.lha          game/think 233K 292+Remote Tetris relate
BIGTriple.lha      game/think  83K  91+V1.1 of WB-Games
bilo.lha           game/think   6K 292 Binary Logic: Think game, requires Kick 
blackbox.lha       game/think  44K 269+Game. Find atoms by firing laser-beams i
BlackJackBeta1.lha game/think  49K 292+BlackJack Beta Test Version
blitztriz.lha      game/think 303K 200+THE Tetris Clone (What else?) written in
BlockBlank.lha     game/think 442K 186+Match tile sides to complete - (160 puzz
BloodWars_265.lha  game/think 311K 188+BloodWars v2.65 Beta for Amiga.
Bloog.lha          game/think 324K 124+Cute AGA puzzlegame from NC.Gamez
Bones.lha          game/think 226K 171+1 Player Dominoe Game
boomfield.lha      game/think 373K 292+BoomFiled is a great version of MineSwee
brain.lha          game/think  18K 292 Think game
Briscola.lha       game/think  31K 201+Briscola, Italian card game, rules in En
BWMapMaker_111.lha game/think  89K 188+MapMaker for BloodWars 2.+
C4.lha             game/think  20K 280+Connect 4 game includes C source
cardgame.lha       game/think 501K 239+Card-game by PROXIMA
cc3_11.lha         game/think 200K 246+China Challenge III (1.1)
celest.lha         game/think  54K 292+Strategy game for up to 9 players
chaos.lzh          game/think 1.5M  60+World's best strategy game. 0-8 players.
CheckersConq2.lha  game/think 166K 254+Pete Storonskij's checkers game v2
China_Tiles.lha    game/think 149K 284+A challenging and addictive puzzle game.
circuitwar.lha     game/think  30K 292+2 to 4 player strategy game.
Cognition.lha      game/think 265K 259+A small PD puzzle game by Team Hoi.
Colors.lha         game/think 151K 259 Tetris type game
colours.lha        game/think 407K 241+Great Tetris/Breakout! synthesis
colpro12.lha       game/think 571K 215+Most compelling mindbender. v1.2.
Connect4.lha       game/think   6K 222+Connect IV game (WB; computer and player
Connex.lha         game/think  28K 292+A "connect-4" type game. V4.0
Connexion.lha      game/think  66K 177+*ANARCHY* Connect 4 and then some! v1.20
Conundrum2.lha     game/think 149K 254+PWS's new hexagon puzzle game V2
cosmc247.lha       game/think 633K 242+Tactical space combat simulator. v2.47a
CountDown.lha      game/think 112K 130+*MDS CountDown Solver* 
Counter.lha        game/think  56K 271+Nice logical game with 100 levels + edit
Crazy8.lha         game/think 436K 139+Card game  you vs. computer
CrazyBalls101.lha  game/think 162K 221+CrazyBalls V1.01, a really amazing game
CrazyClock.lha     game/think  57K 292+The easy alternative to the R.'s Cube.
crun.lha           game/think  72K 292+Boulderdash type game
CubusV1_01.lha     game/think 129K 292+3D Tetris variant
DawnVideoPoker.lha game/think 326K  30+VideoPoker. MAJOR UPDATE!
Deface.lha         game/think 1.7M 128+Macabre puzzle/strategy game
Defektris.lha      game/think 142K 292+Enhanced Tetris with custom level editor
deminer.lha        game/think  12K 283+MineSweeper like game         WB2.0
demon.lha          game/think 165K 260+INCREDIBLY ADDICTIVE Solitaire Card Game
DenverDuck.lha     game/think 102K 292+Block Pushing Puzzle Game
doublesquares.lha  game/think 120K 292+tile game, place tiles by colour
Dragon.lha         game/think  60K 284+Simple single-player board game.
dragonsntsc.lha    game/think  79K 172+A cool shangaii,imperial type game NTSC 
dragonsp.lha       game/think  79K 173+A cool shangaii,imperial type game
drowv1_0.lha       game/think 459K 223+Death Row Game Show.  Solve or Fry
DualMaze13.lzh     game/think  53K 292+Solve two mazes at the same time!
DumbBell.lha       game/think  16K 259 OS-friendly puzzle game
EdHlSHP.lha        game/think  13K 292+History Level Editor 0.2
EIMinefieldV1.lha  game/think  43K 292+Adjustable to screen modes! Nice GUI.
elderi.lha         game/think 438K 217+Strategy game similar to Warlords.
Emporos.lha        game/think  54K 292+Conquest type game.
eor.lha            game/think 234K 205+A great (IMHO) great ... game
EternalRome.lha    game/think 113K 292+Historical strategy game. V1.1
Euchre.lha         game/think  65K 102+Euchre! v1.2  The card game on The Amiga
Exit16v2.lha       game/think 103K 292+Simple puzzle game written in AMOS.
FBN_SoII.lha       game/think 761K 200+Star Trek Battle Simulator (PD)
FinalDemineur.lha  game/think  16K 292 Another 'Mines' game, nice, French docs
FinalDemineur2.lha game/think  53K 212+Another 'Mines' game, nice, French docs,
flipgrid.lha       game/think 148K 181+An addictive puzzle game where you must 
flipover.lha       game/think  55K 276+MANTISOFT (Tilie Puzzle)
FourInARow.lha     game/think  10K 292+Quite good Four-In-A-Row game.
FTC.lha            game/think 270K 165+FreeTradingCompany eco game (GERMAN ONLY
fusecutt.lha       game/think  11K 292+A small puzzle game by Lakris (Rune Espe
Gallowz.lha        game/think  42K  49+Hangman - but good! v1.1
george.lha         game/think 148K  63+Repton-clone (PAL - AGA) + Level Editor
GermanJack.lha     game/think 381K 229+A talking Cardgame with Cardset-Support
GlufsM10.lha       game/think  30K 189+GlufsMines v1.0, great minesweeper game.
Greed.lha          game/think  60K 259+Numeric puzzle game
GSReversi122.lha   game/think 101K 210+An great othello-game with AGA-support!
GuessStress.lha    game/think 198K  10+GuessStress V1.0 Puzzle game.   
HangmanV1_3.lha    game/think 378K 292+A GUI Hangman game in six different lang
Hexis.lha          game/think  69K 259+Tetris type game
hextris_1_0.lha    game/think  25K 292+Hexagonal tetris
HitPuzzle.lha      game/think 219K 118+*Hit Puzzle* - A puzzle-bobble game by H
HitPuzzleReg.lha   game/think 216K  17+HIT PUZZLE "REGISTERED"- A puzzle game b
HitTiles2.lha      game/think 261K 191+A very configurable Shanghai game
HitTiles2SE.lha    game/think 426K 118+*Hit Tiles 2 - Special Edition* by HIT M
HitTiles2SEreg.lha game/think 422K  17+HIT TILES 2 SPECIAL EDITION "REGISTERED"
how.lha            game/think  97K 292+A ball rolling, race the clock game.
Hydrocis.lha       game/think 139K 285+An innovative new game. All Amigas. V1.8
Hydrocis19.lha     game/think 194K 239+V1.9, with real time water simulation
ifd-log.lha        game/think  65K  89+Lights Out Simulation, programmed in Eas
IFF_ABK_Conv.lha   game/think 194K 181+Bugfixed Version for GJack V1.1
Interferon.lzh     game/think  48K 292+Tetris variation
interstate.lha     game/think 240K 280+Interstate is a racing card game based o
IntuiMines.lha     game/think  16K 292+Mines clone, with source! Works w. ks 1.
JackMan.lha        game/think 219K 178+A puzzle PacMan-game from swe. NC.Gamez 
Jazznic.lha        game/think 353K  77+A simple puzzle game, similar to puzznic
JellyOthelly.lha   game/think  73K 251+Very funy version of Othello.
Jigsaw.lha         game/think 318K 221+Jigsaw Game
JMines1_0.lha      game/think  14K 292+Yet another version of Minesweeper.
Joey.lha           game/think 210K 259 Sokoban like puzzle game
kiloquorst.lha     game/think 216K 270+Cool and complex and funny strategical
ki_1_3.lha         game/think 139K 248+Klax-Ishido-mix, Shareware, V1.3
lazymines.lha      game/think  52K  87+The ULTIMATE minesweeper game
LazyMines31.lha    game/think  65K 268+ULTIMATE minesweeper v3.1 WON'T CRASH
lgstones.lha       game/think 533K 225+Aga logical game
lightsoff110.lha   game/think  29K 242+MUI based brainboggling game
Lites.lha          game/think  23K 228+Fun little lights game
log.lha            game/think  64K 109+Lights Out Simulation, programmed in Eas
Logic.lha          game/think 290K 182+Great Game!
Loop_D_Loop.lha    game/think 174K 292+A puzzle game based around loops.
LoreOfConquest.lha game/think  43K 292+War game similar to Risk in concept.
LostIslands.lha    game/think 1.1M  18+A very strange psychedelic game
Luffar20.lha       game/think  24K 292+Best game of noughts & crosses. SWEDEN.
MagicFields.lha    game/think  61K 265+"MAGIC FIELDS", Amiga Version of a C64 o
Magic_Cards.lha    game/think 267K 124+Selection of patiences
MahJong.lha        game/think 5.2M   9+Very nice Shanghai Clone
Manos.lha          game/think  57K 236+A minefield game
Marbles.lha        game/think 319K 183+Extremely cool thinking game. Full 256-c
marryamp.lha       game/think 355K 199+A CardSet game to find sound-pairs
Marryampic.lha     game/think 107K  40+A CardSet game to find sound-pairs
Marryam_pic.lha    game/think 349K 214+A memory cards game with sounds.
MasterMind.lha     game/think 183K 177+Nice boardgame V1.1 (NTSC-fix)
MasterMind96.lha   game/think  77K 227+Best MasterMind close ever (asm)
master_mi.lha      game/think  77K 282+Guess the color/ beat the clock game
MastrMindSolv.lha  game/think  57K 172+Quintology of programs for solving Maste
maze.lha           game/think 135K 175+Impossible maze game
MCB_Reko.lha       game/think 560K 174+DCTalk Cardset 4 Klondike 3
MEM.lha            game/think  16K 292+Memory game
memory.lha         game/think 138K 156+Bubble Pop Memory V1.110. Card game.
memoryag.lha       game/think 140K 156+Bubble Pop Memory V1.110. Card game (AGA
MindField.lha      game/think 254K 222+Very tough puzzle game, (not for the Fai
Mine.lha           game/think  50K 292+Modula 2 version of the popular game
MineClearer.lha    game/think  18K 292+Amiga version of Minesweeper program . V
mineclone12a.lha   game/think  78K 292+An excellent minesweeper style game
Minefield201.lha   game/think  25K 292+Best Minefield prog on Amiga; V2.01
MineHuntDeluxe.lha game/think 177K 149+Very nice *FREEWARE* mine hunter
minen.lha          game/think  15K 259 Minesweeper clone
mines.lha          game/think  65K 124+OS friendly,fast and configurable Mines
mineseeker1_11.lha game/think  22K 249+The best looking Amiga MineSweeper game
MineSweeper.lha    game/think  90K  65+Mines with normal, nexagonal and triangl
MineSweeper2_7.lha game/think  54K 292+MineSweeper Game, version 2.7 8-March-94
Mines_mgsw.lha     game/think  60K 133+The Minesweeper game V2_02
minitils.lha       game/think 405K 107+Shangay style game (AGA)
Missionnaires.lha  game/think 155K 102+A classic game on 8 bits computer
mkbibel.lha        game/think 106K 238+Very systemfriendly Bible - Quiz Game.
moped.lha          game/think 251K 116+A strange puzzlegame from NC.Gamez
MUIEmpire.lha      game/think  98K 263+MUI multiple player strategy game
MUIReversi.lha     game/think 167K 188+MUI-based Reversi (Othello) V1.100
MUI_FreeCell.lha   game/think 285K  21+Amiga MUI version of well-known solitair
MultiPuzzle.lha    game/think  26K  87+Sort the bricks with any motive
Multris.lha        game/think 150K 259+Prerelease of a Tetris clone
m_mind.lha         game/think 141K 237+Groovy Mind game
NameGame.lha       game/think  72K 292+Game based on word skill puzzle contest.
navalbattle.lha    game/think  65K 247+Game of naval battle against computer
NBG.lha            game/think  52K 230+Puzzle game based on Speccy classic
NeverMind.lha      game/think 113K 124+Avoid mines to reach exit. (0.99 )
NewMasterMind.lha  game/think  26K  88+NewMasterMind - just a doc update
newznyk.lha        game/think 107K 292+Combination of Tetris and other games --
nim.lha            game/think   6K  97+A very simple version of the mathematica
obsess.lha         game/think 122K 292+Tetris variant with extras
offcols1.lha       game/think 460K 184+Offensive COLOURS - 1 or 2 players toget
oozeaga.lha        game/think 354K 292+The ultimate Othello game. AGA version
oozeagau.lha       game/think 431K 284+Ooze AGA V2 Shareware. 
oozeecs.lha        game/think 141K 292+The ultimate Othello game. For all Amiga
oozeecsu.lha       game/think 202K 284+Ooze ECS V2 Shareware.
Orbz.lha           game/think 552K 242+An AGA strategy/think game
Othello.lha        game/think   8K 292+Othello game.
overdose.lha       game/think 196K 171+Overdose: puzzle-game for all Amigas
oxyd.lha           game/think 504K 292+Great fly-and-solve-riddles game
P4_1_04.lha        game/think  33K 207+The strongest four-in-a-row game V1.04
Pacomix2.lha       game/think 935K  67+Ultimate logical game - freeware!
Patience.lha       game/think 132K  29+20 games of patience V1.2
Peg_It.lha         game/think  97K 248+Original and VERY addictive Puzzle game
Petris.lha         game/think  11K 113+A Great Multitasking Tetris Game With Lo
Phalanax.lha       game/think 495K  16+Phalanax-XVIII Chess program
PicCross.lha       game/think  14K 271+PicCross 1.0 Picture/Logic Puzzle
pickout.lha        game/think  68K 292+'memory' game with good sound & gfx     
PilesTilesV1_5.lha game/think 221K 220+VERY Addictive & Fun Tiles puzzle game!
pipeline.lha       game/think 122K 248+Puzzle a PipeLine-network, V1.0
plasma.lha         game/think 148K 116+Plasma Bubble puzzle game
PlubZ.lha          game/think 252K 178+Kill aliens in this game from swe. NC.Ga
Polataa5.lha       game/think 334K  94+Breakout with puzzles 'n' enemies
prettyreko.lha     game/think 594K 286 Pretty Women Cardset for Reko Klondike. 
PushOver.lzh       game/think 266K 292+Push Over (Ocean) playable demo.
puzzle.lha         game/think  11K 292+an <n> x <m> font sensitive Puzzle game 
Puzzly.lha         game/think 465K 206+Replacement 4 previous version
Puzzo_Mania.lha    game/think 5.8M  39+Puzzles
Quandary.lha       game/think   7K 262+A nice strategy game for 2 players.
RalePitz.lha       game/think 419K 252+Nice board game
ReflexFinal.lzh    game/think  36K 292+Math game
RistiNolla.lha     game/think  13K 292+A Finnish game like CrossZero/Go-Moku. V
roachfrm.lha       game/think  90K 292+Amiga puzzle game involving cockroaches.
Robossy.lha        game/think 7.9M  36+Puzzle game with 30 levels
Robouldix.lha      game/think 220K 292+Payware game, base on BoulderDash
rockslide.lzh      game/think 156K 288+Addictive falling blocks game
RollOn.lha         game/think 106K 292+A "Soko-Ban" type game with level editor
RubiCube.lha       game/think 152K  51+Implementation of the Magic Cube 
SameGame.lha       game/think  14K  10+Addictive puzzle game with coloured ball
sboom.lha          game/think 157K 201+Very Configurable MineSweeper.ALL Amigas
Schlachtfeld.lha   game/think 494K 121+Strategy game for 1-4 players (V1.1)
scl_sldt.lha       game/think 529K 121+Slide It AGA Fixed. by Secretly!      ..
SCL_Workaholic.lha game/think  41K  71+SCL! - 32k game at Symposium'99   -exe- 
Scopone2.lha       game/think  69K 252+Scopone Scientifico, italian card game
Score4.lha         game/think  25K 259+Cross between 3D Tic-Tac-Toe and Connect
ScramProvs.lha     game/think  50K 168+Scrambles proverbs for you to unscramble
seahaven2000.lha   game/think  60K  24+Patience card game by DawnBringer
SensoPro.lha       game/think  71K 292+Remember and mimic sound/color sequence.
ShanghaiGR.lha     game/think 208K 176+*Greek Shanghai*
Shapez.lha         game/think 185K 177+A puzzlegame written in AMOS from swe. N
shift_it.lha       game/think 258K 234+Bring blocks of same colour together, so
shuffle.lha        game/think  90K 196+Shuffle. small shuffle game. 
Skip.lha           game/think 118K 191+Solit r-like game, 2 players only.
Slider.lha         game/think 229K 280+V1.07-Elegant AGA/ECS number slide puzzl
slrx12.lha         game/think 110K  27+Cool multi solitaire game with REKO card
SmokeEmPokr141.lha game/think 270K 283+Multi-player draw-poker game. V1.4.1
solitaire.lha      game/think   8K 130+Jump over pegs now with time & highscore
soliton140.lha     game/think 198K 171+Solitaire card game, V1.40 (MUI)
soliton151.lha     game/think 232K 139+Solitaire card game, V1.51 (MUI)
soliton170.lha     game/think 264K 123+Solitaire card game, V1.70 (MUI)
soliton200.lha     game/think 310K  74+Klondike & Freecell card game, MUI
Spelltris.lha      game/think 367K 237+Like Tetris, but make words from letters
sphere32.lha       game/think 492K 205+Spheres of Influence 3.2
spider_0_8.lha     game/think  51K 252+X11 Port of a Card Game
StadtLand.lha      game/think 322K 132+German Stadt-Land-Quitz   
step5.lha          game/think 553K 288+Best aga tetris 
StepFive.lha       game/think 619K 202+Enhanced AGA version of the well known t
sttngg.lha         game/think 139K 148+Star Trek - The Next Generation - Versio
SuperBlockout.lha  game/think 166K 171+Tetris clone made with Amos including so
TaskForce.lha      game/think 344K  19+Tactical combat game & editor (V0.39)
tbs_wtse.lha       game/think 398K 173+The Wormiest Tetris Ever, V1.2a Enhanced
TetrisR13b.lha     game/think 143K 292+Tetris - faithful to original.
Tetris_Duel.lha    game/think 296K 292+1 or 2 player Tetris Clone - AGA Only
tetris_ik.lha      game/think 133K 183+Classic Tetris
Tetriz.lha         game/think 149K 240+Polished tetris clone. Great sfx & gfx.
tgm101.lha         game/think 245K 240+Tangram Master v1.01 shareware puzzle ga
TheGallows.lha     game/think  44K 292+Hangman type game with over 3000 words. 
the_sun.lha        game/think 276K 173+Addictive and original arcade puzzle
TileFall15.lha     game/think 125K 180+Addictive tetris-style tile game, v1.5
tltetris.lha       game/think 102K 292+The Best Tetris-clone around !!!
touchamania17.lha  game/think  43K 289+Memory training game (SENSO-like) V1.7
tp.lha             game/think 422K  86+This is version 1.4 of TetrisPro!
Tricky.lha         game/think 146K 292+An innovative and addictive game.
TripleYachtZ.lha   game/think  71K 292+Plays standard/triple "YachtZ"  . V1.2
TrivialTRAG12.lha  game/think 475K 153+High Quality Quiz Game (Spanish Only)
TTetris.lha        game/think  43K 292+Multi-player Tetris clone.  With source.
Tubes.lha          game/think 217K 255+V1.6, advanced pipeline game
Twinz.lha          game/think 133K 251+Great matching pairs game.
TwinzPro.lha       game/think 424K 220+The *ULTIMATE* pairs game!!!! [From MPD]
TwinzV3_Full.lha   game/think 584K 171+Full version of my classic Pairs game Tw
Twister038b.lha    game/think  30K 168+The Ultimate Rubik's Cube program. (MUI)
Two_Of_A_Kind.lha  game/think  66K  99+A colourful little memory game
t_triz.lzh         game/think  55K 292 A small Tetris clone
uniconq.lha        game/think 139K 189+Game for the conquest of universe V1.79 
vanilla.lha        game/think 172K 181+Classic Tetris
vbfintro.lha       game/think 100K  68+Virtual Ball Fighters Intro [ ScreenShot
VenusTris.lha      game/think 118K 215+The tris game against the computer.
Vier.lha           game/think   8K 266+A little connection 4 player
Wangle.lha         game/think  81K 292+'Sliding-block' strategy game
WargameProc18.lha  game/think 343K 237+WarGame PBM/PBEM Engine, V1.8 Update
watchit.lha        game/think  86K 239+Game known by the (NL-)name 'Onderuit'
wb_pairs.lha       game/think  26K 177+Like Pairs but for MagicWB   v1.1
WhiteLion.lha      game/think  38K 152+Othello/Reversi player V1.31
WhiteLion13.lha    game/think  37K 292+Othello player, new settings requester 
wizwars.lzh        game/think  57K 292+Strategy game
world.lha          game/think  28K 292+simple 2-8 player game
xatoms.lha         game/think  22K 292+Exploding atoms - a small logical game f
X_Wins.lha         game/think  61K 239+MUI based "4-in-a-row" game V2.4
yactris0_1.lha     game/think  99K 292+Yet Another Clone (tet)TRIS, v0.1
Yahtchoo.lha       game/think  73K 176+*ANARCHY* Nice Yahtzee + HiScores. v1.02
Yahzee.lha         game/think  37K 108+Dice game - just a doc update
Yarzee.lha         game/think  32K  80+V1.00 MUI Yahtzee clone.
Yarzee06b.lha      game/think  84K  85+MUI Yahtzee clone.
Yarzee08b.lha      game/think 105K  83+MUI Yahtzee clone v0.08b.
Yarzee10b.lha      game/think 108K  83+MUI Yahtzee clone.
yatcy.lha          game/think 138K 292+The best version of YATZEE !!
yatzoo.lha         game/think 336K 292+Yatzooie AGA is a yatzie type game. 1meg
ZCheckers_03a.lha  game/think  16K 292+Intuition-Based Checkers (v2.0+)
Zetris10.lha       game/think  16K 292 Another Tetris Clone
15game.lha         game/wb     12K 222+A small WB-game. Move 15 tiles in order.
4wins.lha          game/wb     15K 292+WB game - connect4 clone
521.lha            game/wb     12K 210+Fiendish wb friendly puzzle game (wb 3.0
acm_0_1.lha        game/wb    160K 231+Kennedy Approach like ATC game - preview
acm_0_2.lha        game/wb    156K 218+Kennedy Approach like ATC game - preview
amilights1_1.lha   game/wb     68K 231+Amilights 1.1, puzzle game for workbench
aniso.lha          game/wb     11K 292+WB puzzle game sim. to Brain Game
AQuix.lha          game/wb    123K 134+Separate blocks by drawing lines
arcanoid.lha       game/wb    117K 106+"Arkanoid" clone in window version 2.9a
Bangem.lha         game/wb     34K  95+Nice action (?) game from the carnivals
BattleSheep.lha    game/wb     76K 259 Sink ships (paper game)
Be.lha             game/wb     29K  97+Nice action (?) game from the carnivals
BlackHole.lha      game/wb     31K 110+One player bump the baddies game
Blackjack2.lha     game/wb     38K 259 Blackjack card game
Blast.lha          game/wb     13K 251+Space Shoot game running in window.
blitztiler.lha     game/wb     32K  71+Simple WB board game for DBLhires scrn.
blockout.lha       game/wb    137K 196+Workbench game with moving blocks (very 
BM21.lha           game/wb    110K 205+Nice Little WB Game (German Only!)
BM263.lha          game/wb    115K 183+Buergermeister V2.63 - manage your city 
BM_V2_73.lha       game/wb    277K 172+B rgermeister V2.73 - manage your city (
BM_V2_76.lha       game/wb    283K 152+Buergermeister V2.76 - manage your city 
BM_V2_77.lha       game/wb    278K  91+Buergermeister V2.77 - manage your city 
BM_V2_78.lha       game/wb    190K  50+Buergermeister V2.78 - manage your city 
Boum.lha           game/wb     24K  38+Nice system & user-friendly minesweeper
BSnake.lha         game/wb    170K  88+Snake game in Blitz2
CatTrap14.lha      game/wb     27K 157+CatTrap - Push blocks and trap the cats 
cdworm.lha         game/wb     22K  14+A funky snake game "clone" from OnyxSoft
ColorRiddle13.lha  game/wb     42K 236+A mastermind-clone
Crossword.lha      game/wb     22K 259 Several crosswords
Daleks.lha         game/wb     16K 259 All-against-one game (simple)
detris20.lha       game/wb     30K 177+Tetris for WB by Deniil 715!
DiffNumbers.lha    game/wb     37K 171+The AmigaVersion of the JEME-API-Classic
DPoker_v1_0b.lha   game/wb     33K 271+GREAT WB+MUI poker (straight-bug fixed)
dZug13.lha         game/wb     21K 292+An excellent train/wormgame for WB
Getem_V1_0.lha     game/wb     87K 292+Gem'x alike game for WB.
Gladiator.lha      game/wb    214K 259 Moria like game on WB
harrier.lha        game/wb     22K 292+Workbench-friendly shoot-'em-up
HBMonopoly.lha     game/wb    215K 178+V1.2 now faster loading, sound..
Hexagons.lha       game/wb     36K 272+The Ultimative Hexagonal Challenge. V1.0
Hexagons22.lha     game/wb     61K 230+V2.2 of the ultimate hexagonal challenge
Hexagons23.lha     game/wb     66K 191+V2.3 of the great hexagonal tetris clone
HexaMine11.lha     game/wb     51K 200+Very nice hexagonal Minesweeper, V1.1
HIT1_0.lha         game/wb    656K 152+A MagicWB Hang Man Game!
hybris_1_7.lha     game/wb     40K 248+Tetris-clone, OS2+, V1.7
Kranzhand.lha      game/wb     16K 225+Little WB-Riddle called Kranzhand
KRSNAke.lha        game/wb    502K 234+The Zen Snake game! [v1.17] fnord!
Lines.lha          game/wb     67K 292+An OS-friendly game where you must draw 
littlesn.lha       game/wb     49K 199+Drive a snake between blocks.
mefuenf.lha        game/wb     16K 188+Small 5x5 game,(German)
megalgen.lha       game/wb      9K 188+Small "Galgen-Spiel", (German)
MegaMindII.lha     game/wb    217K 171+Master Mind clone
mimic.lha          game/wb    101K 292+Simon type game for workbench
Mindteaser.lha     game/wb     18K 217+Small puzzle game for WB. OS2.0 or highe
mtrisV1.lha        game/wb     11K 228+WB game. Tetris clon. Kick 1.3
mtrisV12.lha       game/wb     12K 211+WB game. Tetris clon. Kick 1.3. No bugs.
Mui_Kniffel.lha    game/wb     18K 137+Kniffel/Yazzee Game (German)
Pegged.lha         game/wb     15K 259 Solitaire game with pins
Ponder.lha         game/wb     19K 200+Genious Workbench-game
pookah.lha         game/wb     71K 201+Version 2 of the popular dice game.
Puzzle.lha         game/wb     15K 271+A simple puzzle game in a WB window.
Robots.lha         game/wb     18K 259 All against one game on WB
Roulette1_1.lha    game/wb     23K 186+Roulette game for OS3.x
samotnik.lha       game/wb     11K 226+Simple logical board game for Workbench.
samotnik1_1.lha    game/wb     11K 200+V1.1 of logical game for WB.
SBLgames1_V3.lha   game/wb    259K 292+A collection of five workbench games
shiftit.lha        game/wb      6K 292+Workbench game - sliding puzzle
ShkSnake.lha       game/wb      6K  80+WB Game - Snake clone [v1.7]
Shuffle.lha        game/wb     29K 292+WB game. Sliding blocks. V1.0
simplepac.lha      game/wb     92K 110+Version 1.1 of the simple WB Pacman Game
snake.lha          game/wb     14K 292+A 2.0+ Workbench snake game
snakebyte.lha      game/wb     49K 191+A different type of WB snake game, V1.0
SnakeGame.lzh      game/wb      7K 292+simple system-friendly game - source/1.3
SnakePit.lha       game/wb    286K 292+System friendly, simple, addictive game.
SnakesNAdders.lha  game/wb     24K 267+Workbench/Pubscreen worm game,KS2+,<10K 
SnakesNAdders2.lha game/wb     42K 201+*UPDATED* Workbench/Pubscreen 'worm' gam
Solohalma.lha      game/wb     43K  30+Boardgame for one person
SuperWorm211.lha   game/wb    117K 208+WB worm game, gradual turning, V2.11
sv.lha             game/wb     17K 216+Battleship/Schiffe versenken  V1.1
Szkwa.lha          game/wb     22K 259 Thinking game on the WB
Target.lha         game/wb      8K 292+Shooting the target. V2.1. All Amigas.
Targetus.lha       game/wb     13K 178+Shoot targets! System friendly. Any Amig
TowerOfHanoi.lha   game/wb     42K 214+A WorkBench game 
towersof.lha       game/wb     43K 199+The classic game of towers 
Tripppin.lha       game/wb     34K 292+Workbench "trip-up-your-opponent" game
TTA.lha            game/wb     18K 283+Genius TicTacToe for Amiga Workbench
TTTwb.lha          game/wb      8K 292+The Clasic pencil & paper game.
WackBan1_01.lha    game/wb     51K 160+PacMan for WB. Improved V1.01. NcG
WBGames.lha        game/wb     74K 292+6 Games for WB/PubScreen, 7th edition
WBGMS15.lha        game/wb     53K 292+The set of desktop games
WBPerplexity.lha   game/wb    280K  57+A really cool WB game from engine nine d
wbperplexity13.lha game/wb    247K  38+Version 1.3 really kewl update :)
WBPerplexity15.lha game/wb    472K  20+Version 1.5b update of WBPerplexity
WBPET2.lha         game/wb    825K 112+The BEST pet for Amiga.
WBrain.lha         game/wb     21K 292+A thinking game for the WorkBench
WBSolo.lha         game/wb      9K 231+Simple WorkBench Solo game v1.2
WBsteroids.lha     game/wb    203K  80+Asteroids-clone in scaleable wb-window
WBTRIS_1_54.lha    game/wb     52K 292+A little Tetris clone to play on the wor
WinTris121.lha     game/wb     86K 258+Workbench Tetris Clone v1.21 (Kick 2.0+)
Wolf.lha           game/wb     71K  32+Remake of a Soviet electronic game.
WordHunt.lha       game/wb     82K 199+Word search puzzle maker v1.3
WormGame.lha       game/wb    111K 184+The best Workbench Worm Game. V1.10 OS2+
xwins.lha          game/wb     33K 132+Very nice WB game (like 4Wins)
Yinyang.lha        game/wb      6K 259 Chinese sliding puzzle game on WB