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|     Aminet CD 19
|     Aminet CD 19 contains 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The 
|     newest archive included is from May 1st. This CD is completely filled 
|     with new material, there was no room for anything else. Almost 700M of
|     of new stuff had to be omitted. The contents (when uncompressed):
|     940M of software newer than Aminet CD 18
|     Consisting of:
|     450 Mods
|     300 Utilities
|     250 Games
|     250 Pictures
|     250 Communications programs
|     700 Files of other categories
|     The commercial highlights of the CD are CanDo 2.5 and AmiAtlas 1.3
|     (the latter only in German).
|File              Dir        Size Age Description
|----------------- ---        ---- --- -----------
pp2ni.lha          biz/cloan    6K  10+PPaint NewIcon export script. 
PPRX_DefAnmGif.lha biz/cloan    3K   9+PPaint DefineAnimGif.pprx script v. 1.0
PPUITxtcze.lha     biz/cloan   26K   5+Czech locale for Personal Paint
PPUITxtesp.lha     biz/cloan   23K   4+Spanish locale for Personal Paint
PPUITxthun.lha     biz/cloan   27K   4+Hungarian locale for Personal Paint
Script_dt.lha      biz/cloan   11K   6+Cloanto Script DataType v. 40.2
ADM34.lha          biz/dbase  533K   6+THE german address & home office tool, V
ADM34dvidoc.lha    biz/dbase   60K   6+German DVI documentation for ADM (Addres
AmigaBase24FIN.lha biz/dbase    6K   5+Suomi catalog file for AmigaBase 2.4
AmwayDeckV3_2.lha  biz/dbase  178K   4+DataBase For AMWAY Distributors.
Ax.lha             biz/dbase  353K   8+V1.01  Aminet INDEX database  (Bugs fixe
Ax_UpdateDB.lha    biz/dbase    6K   8+UpdateDB utility for Ax
birdbase2.lha      biz/dbase   81K   8+Database for storing bird-watching recor
db3_4.lha          biz/dbase  315K   8+Multi purpose database. Now 13 languages
db3_4src.lha       biz/dbase  206K   8+Multi purpose database. Source code
dbStart.lha        biz/dbase    1K   7+Starts a "db" database.
EasyVideo42.lha    biz/dbase  222K   5+Good home-video Mangement-System
FBase13.lha        biz/dbase  110K   7+Easy DataBase for Amiga with Rom 2.04+ (
FBase13b.lha       biz/dbase  112K   5+Easy DataBase for Amiga with Rom 2.04+ (
Fiasco_2_01pch.lha biz/dbase  147K   2+Patches Fiasco 2.0 to 2.01
Gkartei6_0.lha     biz/dbase  124K   7+V6.0 Powerful and easy database.
liga3.lha          biz/dbase  140K   2+V 3.40 of database for soccer leagues
mca43acz.lha       biz/dbase    5K   9+Czech catalog for database McAgenda
McF44.lha          biz/dbase  128K   2+*McFiler* catalogues files w/ many usefu
MicroBase220.lha   biz/dbase  344K   9+German database supports dBASE/Datatypes
mSQL_2_B5.lha      biz/dbase  481K   2+SQL-Server! Amiga Binary!! C00L, Get it 
MusicManIII.lha    biz/dbase  829K   8+A must have for CD, MC... collectors (BU
OwnWords.lha       biz/dbase  228K   4+Dictionary system (ARexx/Commodity) DEMO
Phonemaster.lha    biz/dbase   51K   4+An advanced Dbase, see readme for feats.
PM5_Birth.lha      biz/dbase    4K   4+PM5-plugin, Show birthdays, on Startup.
Trekkie.lha        biz/dbase   92K   5+Star Trek Database, V2.7
TrekkieData.lha    biz/dbase  464K   5+Datafile for Trekkie, V2.5
AmyResource.lha    biz/demo   529K   3+*ITALIAN* new CD-ROM collection preview
BurnIt_Demo.lha    biz/demo   234K   4+The CD-Recording software. Demo V1.21
TurboCalc4.lha     biz/demo   971K   9+Demo of TurboCalc4 - best-selling Amiga 
BlueDopus.lha      biz/dopus   30K   4+Config for Dopus 4.12
gcc_error.lha      biz/dopus   13K   6+Connect GCC C/C++, DOpus5 and GoldED 4.
TheBlackOpus.lha   biz/dopus    8K   6+The Black Opus -a cool config for DOpus 
AEPatch1.lha       biz/haage  148K   7+ArtEffect patch 1
AEPatch2.lha       biz/haage   81K   7+ArtEffect patch 2
AEPatch3.lha       biz/haage   79K   7+ArtEffect patch 3
AEPatch4.lha       biz/haage  147K   7+ArtEffect patch 4
AEPatch5.lha       biz/haage   71K   7+ArtEffect patch 5
AEToolboxSets.lha  biz/haage   86K   8+ArtEffect Toolbox Icon Sets
AE_BrushesEngl.lha biz/haage    4K   8+ArtEffect English Brushes
AE_DockIcon.lha    biz/haage    2K   8+ArtEffect Dock Icon
AE_Logo.lha        biz/haage   71K   7+ArtEffect Logo (JPEG) 
AE_MagicWBIcon.lha biz/haage    2K   8+ArtEffect MagicWB Icon
AE_PlugIn1.lha     biz/haage   12K   8+ArtEffect Plug-Ins
AE_ScanQuix.lha    biz/haage    3K   8+ArtEffect Plug-In for ScanQuix
AE_ToolboxSet2.lha biz/haage   21K   8+ArtEffect Toolbox Picture 
ArtEffect1_5.lha   biz/haage  700K   8+ArtEffect (Demo): Outstanding Graphics P
C_Buch.lha         biz/haage    4K   8+C and C++ Books for Amiga
SC_EngGuid.lha     biz/haage   28K   8+English Guide for StormC-Demo
SC_EngRead.lha     biz/haage    4K   8+English Readme for StormC-Demo
SC_FastLib.lha     biz/haage  194K   5+Replacement for "storm.lib" and "amiga.l
SC_FD2Prag.lha     biz/haage    4K   8+FD2Pragma for StormC
SC_GerGuid.lha     biz/haage   53K   8+German Guide for StormC-Demo
SC_GerLoca.lha     biz/haage   18K   8+German Locale for StormC-Demo
SC_GerRead.lha     biz/haage    2K   8+German Readme for StormC-Demo
SC_ItaGuid.lha     biz/haage   11K   8+Italian Guide for StormC-Demo
SC_ItaLoca.lha     biz/haage   17K   8+Italian Locale for StormC-Demo
SC_ItaRead.lha     biz/haage    5K   8+Italian Readme for StormC-Demo
SC_Pch1.lha        biz/haage   50K   8+StormC Patch 1
SC_Pch2.lha        biz/haage  164K   8+StormC Patch 2
SC_Pch3.lha        biz/haage  207K   8+StormC Patch 3
SC_Pch4.lha        biz/haage  289K   8+StormC Patch 3
SC_Pch5.lha        biz/haage  434K   8+StormC Patch 5
SC_Pch6.lha        biz/haage   95K   8+StormC Patch 6
SC_Pch7.lha        biz/haage   63K   8+StormC Patch 7
SC_Pch8.lha        biz/haage  120K   8+StormC Patch 8
SC_Tools.lha       biz/haage   11K   8+StormC Tools: Screen Manager and MagicMe
SC_TWiMUIL.lha     biz/haage  307K   7+StormTWiMUI Library for StormC (Sharewar
StormC2_0.lha      biz/haage  921K   7+StormC (Demo): ANSI C & C++ Development 
StormC_CDFiles.lha biz/haage   18K   8+English CD files of StormC-Demo
StormC_WizLib.lha  biz/haage  147K   8+WizardLibrary 
StormWizard2_0.lha biz/haage  728K   8+StormWIZARD (Demo): Outstanding GUI Edit
WizardLibrary.lha  biz/haage   85K   8+WizardLibrary 
AlarmistOff.lha    biz/misc     3K   3+Close Alarmist Event Log-window after a 
Alarmst_Ontim.lha  biz/misc     2K   4+Corrected Alarmist_OnTimeEdit.rexx
AmiBrokerE.lha     biz/misc   336K   5+Stock charting/analysis v.2.00 (English)
Ami_BrokerPL.lha   biz/misc   671K   5+Stock charting/analysis v.2.00 (Polish) 
A_Ontime.lha       biz/misc     2K   4+Corrected Alarmist_OnTimeEdit.rexx
CompteBanc210.lha  biz/misc    25K   6+MUI accounting program v2.10 (french)
EO230.lha          biz/misc   430K   6+Everyday Organiser 2.30 MUI
GestaBanque.lha    biz/misc   281K  10+French bank account manager
Gestion2.lha       biz/misc   223K   6+Intuitive and very powerful management b
pretium.lha        biz/misc   132K   4+Checkbook accounting demo V 1.1
DCF77update.lha    biz/patch  124K   2+Update for DCF77 3.0-3.3 to 3.4
IRJ.lha            biz/patch   20K  10+Make Imagine use ASL filerequesters, 2-2
TurboCalc402.lha   biz/patch  180K   8+Updates TurboCalc 4.00 -> 4.02 (D,E,F,I 
TurboClc404.lha    biz/patch  205K   2+Updates TurboCalc 4.00 -> 4.04 (D,E,F,I 
updidfx2.lha       biz/patch    0K   2+Replaces obsolete IDEfix patch 
xdve270Iupd.lha    biz/patch  409K   4+X-DVE 2.70 free update (ITALIAN)
xdve270upd.lha     biz/patch  406K   6+X-DVE 2.70 free update (UK/DE/USA ONLY)
xdve271upd.lha     biz/patch  408K   2+X-DVE 2.71 free update (UK/DE/USA ONLY)
FW_AllInOne.lha    biz/swood   74K   9+FW-Macros-Packet - german -
FW_Font.lha        biz/swood   23K   2+FontCode/FontLook packet V2.72 - german 
FW_Font_eng.lha    biz/swood   18K   2+FontCode/FontLook packet V2.72 - english
FW_MEf.lha         biz/swood   27K   2+Macro ( Insert Several ) V1.51 - german 
FW_MEf_eng.lha     biz/swood   24K   2+Macro ( Insert Several ) V1.51 - english
FW_TipsNTricks.lha biz/swood   11K   4+FW-Tips&Tricks - german -
LastWords.lha      comm/ambos  10K   8+A random logoff display tool for AmBoS
NoCarrier.lha      comm/ambos   5K   3+AmBoS-Tool, shows a nice message before 
Quibble.lha        comm/ambos  11K   2+Random text displayer for AmBoS
CLAutoMapsCLI.lha  comm/bbs    36K   2+Automaps for Connectline BBS-Systems
DayDreamBBSDev.lha comm/bbs    97K  10+DayDream BBS v1.28 - Developer files.
DBulletin.lha      comm/bbs     4K   8+Swedish Bulletin utility for NiKom BBS's
dcall105.lha       comm/bbs    16K   6+TransAmiga "Todays Callers" Script v1.05
dCN_Z20.lha        comm/bbs    69K   9+Best and quickest Zippy 2.0 for FAME
famedc11.lha       comm/bbs    10K   6+Starts on FAME foreign DoorConfig doors.
famemh16.lha       comm/bbs    14K   6+FAME MsgHeader replacement door v1.6.
famerc11.lha       comm/bbs     6K   6+Remotecontrol FAME Nodes v1.1.
famesr11.lha       comm/bbs     7K   6+Easy start of TCP/TERM from FAME v1.1.
FAMETr12.lha       comm/bbs     6K   6+FAMETrapDoor v1.2 for FAME BBS.
famewh12.lha       comm/bbs    13K   6+FAME WHO Door v1.2. Source included.
FA_De103.lha       comm/bbs    70K   8+FAME Developer kit version 1.3 (Complete
FCheck251.lha      comm/bbs    10K   3+FileChecker for AMMS, *UPDATE*
FList_211.lha      comm/bbs   169K   5+FList v2.11 - TransAmiga PRO Filelister
GMC_BBS_250.lha    comm/bbs   697K   2+Mailbox with Fax and XPR Libs FREEWARE!
HL2000.lha         comm/bbs     2K   3+A Clock for countdown to the year 2000 u
KFBraw.lha         comm/bbs    13K  10+KFB raw download door for Maxs BBS
mcheck15.lha       comm/bbs    99K   4+Multi-Check V1.5 - Multi Archive Tester
MezzWall.lha       comm/bbs    16K   2+VERY configurable wall for ALL BBS:es!
ppoint29.lha       comm/bbs    67K   4+Best PointTool for the Prometheus System
proid19.lha        comm/bbs   298K   4+FILE_ID.DIZ-Checker for Prometheus
pwatch10.lha       comm/bbs    15K   4+PortWatcher for the Prometheus System
rbt_tlnt.lha       comm/bbs    86K   5+How to setup a telnet node for E!
SkyLogOffKom.lha   comm/bbs    19K   5+Allows typing in a logoff-comment (with 
SkyVorwahl.lha     comm/bbs    94K   5+Area code database for users
TRSI_DC110p.lha    comm/bbs   114K   6+SysopComment-Door (v1.10p) for FAME BBS
upl12.lha          comm/bbs    84K   7+Upl v1.2, PRO TransAmiga Uploading Tool
upl121.lha         comm/bbs    85K   6+Upl v1.21, PRO TA Upload Tool [BUGFIX!]
BaudAnsi_V1_8.lha  comm/cnet   48K   2+BaudAnsi V1.8-Shows Baudrate of the Call
cnet_backup.lha    comm/cnet   38K   5+CNet Amiga BackUp/LHA Packer Utility!
cnet_milles.lha    comm/cnet   54K   4+Mille Bornes French Card Game for CNet!
cnet_pager.lha     comm/cnet  222K   4+Chat Pager Using RexxReqTools Requestors
cnet_toolkit.lha   comm/cnet  148K   5+Numerous ARexx, MCI, Text Enhancements!
cnet_who.lha       comm/cnet   53K   2+CNet Amiga WHO Replacement Package!
cnet_wof.lha       comm/cnet  258K   3+Wheel of Fortune for CNet Amiga BBS's!
comparebbstext.lha comm/cnet    8K   7+BBSText Diff Process for CNet Amiga 4.xx
gu40pack.lha       comm/cnet   83K   7+GetUser Package for CNet 3.05c & 4.26b!
INetShell308b.lha  comm/cnet  734K   8+INetShell v3.08 CNet->Internet SubSystem
portstatus.lha     comm/cnet   11K   7+Port Utility for CNet 3.x & 4.26b+
revive.lha         comm/cnet   18K   5+UnKill Users on CNet Amiga 3/4 BBS's!
sysopnote3.lha     comm/cnet   14K   8+Multi-Bulletin Displayer For CNet 3.05 -
timerclock.lha     comm/cnet   15K   7+Online Time Display & User TIMERS tool!
time_clock.lha     comm/cnet   14K   8+Online Time Display & User TIMERS tool!
wordlink.lha       comm/cnet  342K   4+A Scrabble (tm) like game.
StoryInteracti.lha comm/dlg     8K   2+Handles an on-line story that users can 
UpCD.lha           comm/dlg    12K   2+Bored of upload CDs with su*king utils? 
AFManager.lha      comm/fido   23K   6+V1.4 (3.4) Area fixing much simpler from
BSS_MailNotify.lha comm/fido    8K   4+Speed up mail imrport operation. Faaast!
Cyclone125c.lha    comm/fido  381K   6+Cyclone Fido Point Program v1.25c
FluffyNet.lha      comm/fido   27K   7+Fluffy Net - Mail Net Starter Kit!
AEMail.lha         comm/mail  339K   5+AEMail 1.15 E-Mail GUI w MIME/UUENCODE
AirMailHTML.lha    comm/mail  317K   6+AirMail 4.2 HTML docs
AirMailPlugI.lha   comm/mail   30K   6+AirMail Plugin for Web Browsers
AirMail_p.lha      comm/mail  317K   6+AirMail 4.2 MUI internet mailer
AminetUpload.lha   comm/mail    1K   4+Uploading Files to Aminet with YAM
AutoReplyThor.lha  comm/mail    9K   7+Auto mail responder for use with Thor
MailCheck.lha      comm/mail   34K   7+ESSENTIAL scripts for Miami and YAM - V1
mailer_deamon.lha  comm/mail    6K   8+MAILER-DEAMON for batched SMTPD
MailWatch.lha      comm/mail   93K   7+V4.1d - Watch lots o' files.
oo082.lha          comm/mail  241K   9+Multi-format offline message reader
PeekMail.lha       comm/mail    9K   2+Check if there's mail in MailBox
pj_uud100.lha      comm/mail   24K   7+The most compatible Amiga UUDecode by PJ
pj_uudecode13.lha  comm/mail   21K   6+V1.3 a good Amiga UUDecoder by PJ.
q_blue23.lha       comm/mail  373K   9+Blue Wave & QWK offline mail reader
THORHandyRexx.lha  comm/mail    1K   2+Bunch of handy rexx scripts for Miami ;7
YAM13guide_es.lha  comm/mail   28K   6+Spanish Amigaguide documentation for YAM
yamhtml.lha        comm/mail   39K   3+YAM 1.3.4 HTML-Guide !
YamTools.lha       comm/mail   58K   6+(v1.4) Adds SEARCH function and more to 
CreMAX1_2.lha      comm/maxs   59K   5+A new menu system for MAX's. V1.2
dfbv13.lha         comm/maxs  207K   7+Latest file base for MAXS
KewlCDPro_15.lha   comm/maxs  197K   4+The ULTIMATE CD-Rom door for MAXs, 1.5
KewlPage_23.lha    comm/maxs   71K   4+The ultimate page door! Try it :)... V2.
KewlRAW_14.lha     comm/maxs   47K   9+The BEST raw download door for MAXs, V1.
KingQuest_40.lha   comm/maxs   48K   9+The BEST questionnaire door for MAXs, 4.
levelm10.lha       comm/maxs   34K  10+Door for MAXs BBS handling access reques
NSAFileGen.lha     comm/maxs   54K   7+The *ULTIMATE* Filelist generator!
PowerACCESS_12.lha comm/maxs   21K   2+Fully Featured Access Management System 
PowerPAGE_20.lha   comm/maxs   51K   2+SysOp Paging System for MAXsBBS (v2.0)
PowerPOLL_13.lha   comm/maxs   47K   2+Fully Featured Poll & Voting System for 
PowerRwDL_13.lha   comm/maxs   29K   2+Fully Featured Raw Download System for M
PowerRwUL_13.lha   comm/maxs   23K   2+Fully Featured Raw Upload System for MAX
PowerSEND_18.lha   comm/maxs   29K   2+Unique Message Addressing System for MAX
AGM26.lha          comm/misc  227K   8+AGM `97 V2.6- 10.000 Vorwahlen, ARexx-Po
AGM3.lha           comm/misc  249K   3+Geb.Manager: ARexx,21 Zonen,Logbuch,Stat
AmigaTNC.lha       comm/misc   33K  10+Packet radio modem driver (TNC emulator)
ANSIshll.lha       comm/misc   10K   2+V1.1 Opens a shell in ANSI. Useful for B
avmNfax2_14.lha    comm/misc  706K   5+Voicemail/fax for voice/fax modems
avmNfaxPrg2_14.lha comm/misc   63K   5+Programmer for avmNfax2.14
CasioSF.lha        comm/misc   15K   7+Transfers CasioSF data to/from Amiga
connect23.lha      comm/misc   36K   3+Two Computer - OneModem - Connector
DoDIZv3_0b_pch.lha comm/misc   22K   7+Fixes some bugs in DoDIZ v3.0a.
FunFont.lha        comm/misc   21K   3+Add cool graphics to AMirc etc
Getty_14.lha       comm/misc  126K   4+Multitasking Remote-Shell and/or BBS-Fro
IconifyTC.lha      comm/misc    0K   5+ARexx script to iconify TimeConnect
MakeZCMail.lha     comm/misc   19K   3+Creates ZC-Mails from ASCII/BINS 2.0b1
mbq092.lha         comm/misc   32K   9+File list browser for use with PCBoard
NBar.lha           comm/misc   51K   5+French Net App launcher/coster - v1.52
netstat182.lha     comm/misc  163K   2+The Essential UK Online Timer. Update.
New8n1.lha         comm/misc   73K   5+Replaces serial.device.  V37.34
OC.lha             comm/misc   99K   2+Online_Check 2.9,Telefon Costs Counter
oc30.lha           comm/misc   99K   2+Online_Check 3.0a,Telefon Costs Counter
oc31.lha           comm/misc  104K   2+Online_Check 3.1,Telefon Costs Counter
pbill35.lha        comm/misc  296K   9+Log file analyzer for comm. programs
PhoneCost1_3.lha   comm/misc   42K   6+Calculates your telephone charges from v
PPoint_v0_12.lha   comm/misc   63K   8+A German point-programme for PacketRadio
QuitTC.lha         comm/misc    1K   6+ARexx script to quit from TimeConnect
RecentScript.lha   comm/misc   27K   5+Scripts from AmiNetIndex w. MUIRexx V1.1
rgb2hex.lha        comm/misc   92K   8+RGB to HEX converter in paint box form
RunC64_V1_3.lha    comm/misc   27K   3+Transfer a file Amiga->C64 & execute.
ScattiGUI.lha      comm/misc   20K   6+GUI per Scatti 2.x (ITALIAN Only)
STFax.lha          comm/misc  205K   2+STFax 1.360 - Powerful and user-friendly
SWastedTime.lha    comm/misc    0K   9+Swedish translation of WastedTime 1.1c
TC_Portugal.lha    comm/misc    1K   6+Portugal phone rates for TimeConnect
ZConnectLib.lha    comm/misc   22K   4+Easy processing of ZConnect buffers!
zpoint_3_15.lha    comm/misc  782K   6+Powerful Z-Netz point program, Rel 3.15
MM_CreateTIC.lha   comm/mmgr   17K   7+V1.0 - TickAreas Autocreator for Mail Ma
MM_SearchMsgs.lha  comm/mmgr    4K   7+V1.0 - Very quick & simple searching too
MM_SendFile.lha    comm/mmgr   22K   7+V0.16 - The best Filesender for Mail Man
ahi_sf_6_1b.lha    comm/net   384K   3+Speak Freely for Amiga (AHI)
AMarquee1_43.lha   comm/net   135K   2+AmiTCP data broadcast library & server
AmiComSys.lha      comm/net    36K   3+V1.9 Broadcast/Messages Client for Inter
AmiMUD27.lha       comm/net   238K   9+Version 2.7 of THE Amiga MUD Client.
AmiMUDPrefs14.lha  comm/net    22K   8+Version 1.4 of the MUI Preferences edito
AmSound.lha        comm/net    35K   2+Easily play sounds with AmIRC and Kuang 
ARemote1_00B.lha   comm/net    38K   2+Control all your Amigas from 1 kbd & mou
EasyTransfer20.lha comm/net    55K   2+Easy Transfer 2.0B
localdev.lha       comm/net     6K   5+Allows unlimited local ip addresses
netmenu11.lha      comm/net   111K   8+Easy way to launch your internet s/w (v1
QAmiTrack1_80.lha  comm/net    73K   5+Online Amiga tracker, needs AMarquee.lib
DWdecode.lha       comm/news   74K   6+(v1.02) Very SMART mass decoder of USENE
FFNews156.lha      comm/news  212K   7+*The* new Amiga NNTP Newsreader
ffnews_update.lha  comm/news   71K   7+FFNews update (Executable only!)
AmFTPPL.lha        comm/tcp     7K   7+AmFTP - PL version by WFMH LocalePL (upd
AmiChatOrg1_3.lha  comm/tcp   268K   2+Gobs of chatline info by Cooksey IX-Guid
amirc.lha          comm/tcp   576K  10+Fully featured GUI IRC Client (v1.410)
AmIRCAskHost.lha   comm/tcp     2K   7+ARexx AskHost script for AmIRC 
AmIRCFetch.lha     comm/tcp     3K   8+ARexx file retrieval ARexx script for Am
AmIRCFinger.lha    comm/tcp     2K   8+ARexx Finger script for AmIRC 
AmIRCPing.lha      comm/tcp     2K   8+ARexx Ping script for AmIRC 
AmIRCsounds.lha    comm/tcp   240K   7+IFF samples to use with AmIRC
AmIRCspanish.lha   comm/tcp    11K   8+Spanish catalog for AmIRC 1.41
AmIRCURLShow.lha   comm/tcp     3K   7+ARexx URLShow script for AmIRC 
AmIRCWhoIS.lha     comm/tcp     2K   6+ARexx WhoIs script for AmIRC 
AmIRC_Spanish.lha  comm/tcp    12K   7+*Fixed* Official Spanish Translation for
AmiServ.lha        comm/tcp     4K   5+First FServe for use with AmIRC! (2nd Re
AmyDynDNS100.lha   comm/tcp     6K   1+AmyDynDNS v1.00 - DynDNS Client for Amig
AmyMlDyn100.lha    comm/tcp     8K   1+AmyMlDyn v1.00 - Monolith DynDNS Client 
atcp43serppp.lha   comm/tcp    17K   7+Amitcp v4.3 SeriaLPPP Scripts'n'setup.
Crak.lha           comm/tcp    42K  10+UNIX/AmiTCP passwd file checker
CServer.lha        comm/tcp     2K   6+Smart AmIRC script for multiple servers.
dyn1_0_3.lha       comm/tcp    15K   2+Dyn DYNDNS client v1.0.3
DynDNS.lha         comm/tcp     1K   2+Static hosts for dynamic IPs
FunFont.lha        comm/tcp    21K   3+Add cool graphics to AMirc etc
Gir03.lha          comm/tcp   115K   6+Gsm internet realtime audio player
GoldEDPL.lha       comm/tcp     6K   7+GoldED - PL version by WFMH LocalePL
HLConv131.lha      comm/tcp    27K   9+V1.31 Converts between various hotlists 
Ilona.lha          comm/tcp    57K   2+Stand-alone bot for IRC, featuring MUI.
IRCSounds.lha      comm/tcp   1.3M   2+Very cool samples for AmIRC 
IRC_Convert.lha    comm/tcp    12K   2+Temperature conversion from within AmIRC
john.lha           comm/tcp   334K   9+V1.4 John the Ripper (AmiTCP/Unix PWchec
john14.lha         comm/tcp   232K  10+V1.4 (040) John the Ripper (AmiTCP/Unix 
k11usr_11.lha      comm/tcp     6K   3+GUI editor for Kuang Eleven's userlist, 
KuangEleven28.lha  comm/tcp   244K   5+Kuang Eleven 2.8-The ULTIMATE script for
MCF_Buttons.lha    comm/tcp    38K   3+Buttons for all your AmIRC Clients.
mFinger_Spanis.lha comm/tcp     1K   7+Official Spanish Translation for mFinger
MiamiHandyRexx.lha comm/tcp     3K   3+Bunch of handy rexx scripts for Miami ;7
MiamiMonitorFR.lha comm/tcp     1K   6+French catalog for MiamiMonitor V1.2 fro
MiSpeedMeter.lha   comm/tcp    14K   3+V1.2 of cps counter for Miami 2.0+ (regi
ModServer11.lha    comm/tcp     7K   4+Three AmIRC scripts for mod freaks.
Narrate.lha        comm/tcp     6K   5+AmIRC script to SPEAK what is typed! v1.
NetScripts.lha     comm/tcp     7K   5+Scripts which help improve the interacti
Trivia.lha         comm/tcp     3K  10+Trivia game for AmIRC!
Whois.lha          comm/tcp    14K   6+A simple whois client
TermCzech.lha      comm/term   39K   5+Czech rates & catalog for Term. E2 & K8
AminetParse.lha    comm/thor   17K   2+FAST Aminet INDEX/RECENT parser for Thor
BounceSpam.lha     comm/thor    4K   8+Add addrs to GetMail config via Thor v1.
DMThor.lha         comm/thor    6K   2+V1.52 Create Digests from Thor Conferenc
HTMLThor.lha       comm/thor    9K   4+V1.48 Create HTML Pages from Thor Confer
MDApprove.lha      comm/thor    5K   2+Handles Majordomo approvals/bounces V1.0
sortmail.lha       comm/thor   54K   8+Process incoming mail with Thor. v3.35
ThorAPI_ASM.lha    comm/thor   16K   8+Assembler includes for THOR 2.4
ListManager.lha    comm/ums    50K   4+V3.26 Mailinglist Client and Server, Rel
PINT.lha           comm/ums   186K   8+*THE* Reader for UMS, v2.0
umszco.lha         comm/ums    71K   4+V1.2b, ZConnect im-/exporter. German onl
ADPro_TAM.lha      comm/www    93K   8+Make transfer anims with ADPro
AG_MenuConfig.lha  comm/www     1K   9+AMIGAGUIDE.menuconfig for EdHT an HTML E
amis_html.lha      comm/www    18K   4+WYSIWYG HTML editor for AMIS.
AmiTransWorld.lha  comm/www   597K   3+Transfer Anims (IBrowse, AWeb, Voyager)
apx_iban.lha       comm/www    67K   8+My 1st Ibrowse def animation
autoindex210.lha   comm/www    17K  10+Generates html doc to view pictures with
AWebMWB.lha        comm/www     2K  10+MagicWB style buttons for AWeb-II
AwebPack.lha       comm/www   212K   9+Transfer Anims, Logo + BG for AWeb
AWebTAPack.lha     comm/www   116K   8+2 Transfer Anims for AWebII
DynamicRedirec.lha comm/www     6K  10+Treat dynamic IP's as pseudo-static
GetHistoryENG.lha  comm/www     3K   2+Converts and loads Ibrowse GlobalHistory
HLHandler110.lha   comm/www    56K   6+Manage & share a hotlist among browsers
Hotlist.lha        comm/www     6K   7+Hotlist Converter v0.97 for Webbrowsers.
HTMLDate.lha       comm/www     2K   5+Update date in HTML with GoldED (V1.3)
IBAmigaTransf.lha  comm/www   209K   5+Transfer Animation for IBrowse or Voyage
IBButtons.lha      comm/www    28K   2+New cool lookin' buttons for IBrowse.
IBfindURL1_4.lha   comm/www     7K   2+IBrowse Arexx scripts for Search in Hotl
IBHotListSearc.lha comm/www     7K   8+IBrowse Arexx scripts for Search in Hotl
IBrowseAnim.lha    comm/www    32K   9+A very nice TransferAnimation for IBrows
ib_hotlist.lha     comm/www     1K   3+My I-Browse Hotlist
ImageFX_TAM.lha    comm/www    93K   8+Make transfer anims with ImageFX
JTAWicon.lha       comm/www     5K   6+Update: Create Icons for WWW to be used 
mwm311.lha         comm/www   223K   8+Magic Web Maker v3.11 (3.x OS only).
onlinetv.lha       comm/www     9K   3+YAM 1.3.4 HTML-Guide !
RegisterURL.lha    comm/www     3K   5+IBrowse Arexx script to register URL's
ScanWWW.lha        comm/www   147K  10+Provides easy webserver updates!
SearchAdr.lha      comm/www     4K   4+Search URL& File -> Clipboard
sitemap.lha        comm/www     3K   6+Create a sitemap.html from a dir listing
supercache.lha     comm/www     6K   1+View *all* www caches from *ANY* web bro
TransAnim.lha      comm/www    35K   3+TransferAnim for VoyagerNG.
TrnsAnms.lha       comm/www    67K   4+4 Transfer Anims for Voyager-NG
urldecode.lha      comm/www    14K  10+A little urldecoder for any kind of cgi-
URLManager1_2.lha  comm/www    74K   3+Import/Export/Edit URL hotlists, D&D, Mu
Voyager28_Ger.lha  comm/www     5K   2+German catalog for Voyager-NG V2.24b
VoyagerIta.lha     comm/www     9K   2+Italian Catalog for Voyager 2.10 & next
VoyagerNl.lha      comm/www     4K   8+Dutch catalog for Voyager Prerelease 2
VR_WebS_v06.lha    comm/www   228K   3+Web Page Maker with visual demos of tags
WebDesign.lha      comm/www   283K   5+V1.4c HTML editor, easy to use
bbslst0497.lha     comm/xeno  122K   5+The Xenolink ONLY BBS-LIST [ Year 3, Edi
bsytme112.lha      comm/xeno   65K   5+Creates statistics about percentage of d
MultiMailer10.lha  comm/xeno   40K   5+Creates statistics about percentage of d
newusev6.lha       comm/xeno   58K   6+Xenolink New User Script V6.0.
newusev8.lha       comm/xeno   81K   2+Xenolink NewUser.rexx V0.8.
xenoblue059b.lha   comm/xeno   39K   6+Bluewave maildoor for Xenolink version 0
ABitMore.lha       demo/aga   298K   6+New version of Abyss' Extra. (Not!)
Apt_dc21.lha       demo/aga   206K   3+Digital Chips#21, chipserie by apt!
Assfart.lha        demo/aga    67K   6+Assfart by apathy, intro from tg97!
CDN_NoShame.lha    demo/aga    37K   5+40k Cydonia intro, 1st at Scenery'97
dft_par1.lha       demo/aga   739K   5+DRiFTERS PARADISIO!  1/3  4th at Sym'97
dft_par2.lha       demo/aga   649K   5+DRiFTERS PARADISIO!  2/3  4th at Sym'97
dft_par3.lha       demo/aga   498K   5+DRiFTERS PARADISIO!  3/3  4th at Sym'97
FearFactory.lha    demo/aga   2.1M   5+Arsenic Demo from the Symposium97 by Ars
IMS_K64.lha        demo/aga    67K   6+Kenguru 64k by IMPULSE - 2nd at Symposiu
PSB_AntyDemo.lha   demo/aga   496K   2+ANTYDEMO - golden collection of PSB demo
PSB_Awantura.lha   demo/aga   174K   3+AWANTURA O BASIE - golden collection of 
PSB_Celebrate.lha  demo/aga   320K   2+CELEBRATE - it`s our 2nd birtday!
PSB_Desperado.lha  demo/aga   380K   2+DESPERADO - golden collection of PSB dem
PSB_DiskoPolo2.lha demo/aga   1.4M   2+DISKOPOLO KUHL 2 - golden collection of 
PSB_Dre.lha        demo/aga    59K   3+DRESIARZ - golden collection of PSB demo
PSB_Dresiarz2.lha  demo/aga   584K   2+DRESIARZ 2 - golden collection of PSB de
PSB_Drsoteka.lha   demo/aga   172K   3+DRESOTEKA - golden collection of PSB dem
psb_mkuh.lha       demo/aga    22K   4+NEW pOWER THEMO bY PSB!, released at TG'
PSB_Provocatio.lha demo/aga   1.4M   2+PROWOKACJA - golden collection of PSB de
reapp.lha          demo/aga   580K   2+1st place at ACG Hack IV, 1st or 2nd at 
s7_syn.lha         demo/aga   2.4M   3+Synergy by Sector 7, 1st at SILIconv.`97
sn3_4kb1.lha       demo/aga     2K   4+4kb intro by Rad Rats from Scenest'97
sn3_64kb.lha       demo/aga   372K   5+All 64kb intros from Scenest'97, 4-6, ap
sn3_ims2.lha       demo/aga    64K   5+Kenguru 64kb v2.0! by IMPULSE, new routi
sn3_wld1.lha       demo/aga   150K   3+SCENEST'97 - Debut by United Firg Prod (
sn3_wld2.lha       demo/aga   878K   3+SCENEST'97 - I love Commodore by Lamer C
Speed25.lha        demo/aga   823K   4+Speed 25, pack by Blaze/NAHKOLOR^Floppy
S_ASM96C.lha       demo/aga   396K   7+Sonik Clique - ASM'96 invitation!
thesign.lha        demo/aga   1.1M   4+The Sign by Scoopex (Final)
ThugLife.lha       demo/aga   1.4M   4+Thug Life. 3rd at Symposium97 Demo compo
Underground.lha    demo/aga   215K   5+Intro of Polish Rave Club
BeamCtrl.lha       demo/euro  159K   6+Beam Control - The first multi-frequency
PartyHall_Oxyr.lha demo/euro  590K   5+Party-Demo from the Symposium by Oxyron
mrg_uthd.lha       demo/file  531K   4+Axis's "Unknown territory" hd-version.
ays_dbox.lha       demo/intro  40K   5+Diskobox by Abyss - Winning 40k at Sympo
AYS_Wonderland.lha demo/intro   4K   5+4K-Intro:Abyss in Wonderland-Symposium97
BMPD.lha           demo/intro 206K   3+Small intro announcing the arrival of BM
CSL_Changing.lha   demo/intro  39K   5+Changing 40k by CAPSULE - 3rd at Symposi
DKG_Fantasy.lha    demo/intro  62K   5+Dark Age's contribution to Symp'97
ghd_neuF.lha       demo/intro  34K   2+Neuk ln :: bug fix for our 40k intro at 
trsi_ke.lha        demo/intro  13K   2+Trsi intro `kargon (english)`
EC28A.lha          demo/mag   772K   5+The Official Eurochart 28 by Depth
EC28B.lha          demo/mag   562K   5+The Official Eurochart 28 by Depth
EC29a.lha          demo/mag   859K   5+The Official Eurochart 29 by Depth
EC29b.lha          demo/mag   830K   5+The Official Eurochart 29 by Depth
etc_xf15.lha       demo/mag   334K   4+Issue 15 (apr 97) of the scene news mag 
trash3_1.lha       demo/mag   681K   5+Trashcan #3 (Spanish) (1/2)
trash3_2.lha       demo/mag   796K   5+Trashcan #3 (Spanish) (2/2)
crm_hih1.lha       demo/slide 407K   5+Scandinavian slide show (program & doc)
crm_hih2.lha       demo/slide 362K   5+Scandinavian slide show (pictures)
Dazzle_DKS.lha     demo/slide 3.3M   3+New slideshow from Darkness... Get it NO
LBN_InAbsur.lha    demo/slide 491K   5+SlideShow by La an
MangaSlide.lha     demo/slide 672K   5+Manga slideshow
SaintSeiya1.lha    demo/slide 402K   3+SaintSeiya slideshow
spectrum.lha       demo/slide 700K   2+Slideshow with old&good Spectrum screens
atw_bdn1.lha       demo/sound 851K   6+Blurred Notes by Artwork 1/2
bnxchip3.lha       demo/sound  68K   4+BRONX Chip Pack #3
Convergence_D1.lha demo/sound 636K   4+CoN\/eRGeNcE - No 1 - by AreaA 51 (2/2)
Convergnce_D2.lha  demo/sound 808K   4+CoN\/eRGeNcE - No 1 - by AreaA 51 (2/2)
jrm_hc01.lha       demo/sound 146K   6+DA JoRMaS: HC Andersen's Underground Rav
jrm_sutj.lha       demo/sound  62K   6+DA JoRMaS: Sutju (Gathering'97 64k intro
jrm__mrj.lha       demo/sound  41K   6+DA JoRMaS: Sutju (Symposium'97 40k intro
Lunatic.lha        demo/sound 979K   3+Lunatic Sounds by Loonies.
off_carp.lha       demo/sound  91K   6+ThX MusicTro by Offence ("Carpe Noctem")
Assfart.lha        demo/tg97   64K   4+Assfart/Apathy - 9th at TG97
BlackHair.lha      demo/tg97  1.6M   4+Black Hair Tongue Disease/Ward - 6th at 
brunost.lha        demo/tg97    4K   6+Brunostalgia by contraz,4k winner TG97
ctz_br4k.lha       demo/tg97    6K   2+Brunostalgia/Ctz, 4k #1 TG97 FIXED
ctz_plong.lha      demo/tg97  728K   4+.plong/Contraz - 12th at TG97
DeusExMachina.lha  demo/tg97  2.0M   4+Deus Ex Machina/Limited Edition - 3rd at
DoorMat.lha        demo/tg97   26K   4+64K: DoorMat - 17th at TG97
dust_pre.lha       demo/tg97  4.2M   4+Exit Planet Dust/Artwork - 2nd at TG97!
Eclipse.lha        demo/tg97  4.7M   4+Eclipse/Triumph - 4th at TG97!
energy.lha         demo/tg97  1.1M   4+Energy/Gods - 5th at TG97!
Ephidrena.lha      demo/tg97  2.0M   4+Ephidrena - Abiotic/Ephidrena - 7th at T
EspenBrede.lha     demo/tg97  234K   4+Espen Bredesen/Orange - 11th at TG97
Findyourself.lha   demo/tg97  773K   4+Find Yourself/trsi^fairlight - 17th at T
Gts_tg97.lha       demo/tg97   61K   4+64K: Nocturne/Giants - 13th at TG97
HaleBopp.lha       demo/tg97  359K   4+Hale-bop-p/Elefantklubben - 14th at TG97
jrm_sutj.lha       demo/tg97   61K   4+64K: Sutju/dA JoRMaS - 6th at TG97
NeedleFreak.lha    demo/tg97  134K   4+Needle Freak/Rape - 8th at TG97
PowerDeath.lha     demo/tg97  4.0M   4+PowerDeath/Procyon - 13th at TG97
sbs_4kb.lha        demo/tg97    4K   4+64K: Dual 4kb!/Subspace - 11th at TG97
Spb_Snack.lha      demo/tg97  710K   4+Snack/Spaceballs - 10th at TG97
TBL_CD.lha         demo/tg97  4.5M   4+Demo: Captured Dreams/TBL - 1st at TG97
vtr_abt.lha        demo/tg97   59K   4+64K: Ability/Vector - 16th at TG97
dw2_12.lha         demo/tp96   18M   8+DataWorld2 by Infect and WK-Artworks
Abk2Mod_II.lha     dev/amos    39K   3+AMOS Banks->ProTracker Mods (uncrippled)
AMOS0297.lzh       dev/amos   124K  10+Messages about AMOS during February 1997
AMOS0397.lzh       dev/amos   173K   6+Messages about AMOS during March 1997
AMOS0497.lzh       dev/amos   197K   1+Messages about AMOS during April 1997
AMOSP61Ext.lha     dev/amos    18K   2+AMOS Pro P61 Music Extension V1.1
bestofsd.lha       dev/amos    22K   5+Lots of small AMOS-procedures
dirdropp.lha       dev/amos    47K   8+DirDropper, dumps dir to textfiles
EasInt.lha         dev/amos    59K   4+Point'n'click prg 2 write Interface code
extensionlist.lha  dev/amos    17K   2+Lists your extensions in AMOSPro
GuiExt.lha         dev/amos   124K   6+GUI Extension v1.61 - *THE* best Intuiti
keystate.lha       dev/amos     1K   2+AMOS code to read key states. No bugs li
KyzerAMOScode.lha  dev/amos    18K   6+Old AMOS effects (some asm)
MoreUselssPrgs.lha dev/amos   394K   3+Even more useless programs for AMOS
MPlasma.lha        dev/amos     1K   3+A very smooth, psychadelic "plasma"
Optim_Tips.lha     dev/amos     7K   4+Some optimisation tips for AMOS programm
picpack.lha        dev/amos     1K   2+AMOS code to Pack Pictures
rjkpro_1.lha       dev/amos    82K   6+Miscellaneous AMOS procedures and genera
Tools.lha          dev/amos     7K   9+A small (2K) extension for AMOSPro. v1.0
vargolle.lha       dev/amos    55K   5+Vargolle - a platform game by PG Games
VR_TAPSv1_2.lha    dev/amos   157K   6+Encrypt AMOS files! Load BOBs in FASTRAM
ChipAsmSRC.lha     dev/asm    712K   7+ASM Source to Devious Chip Pack !
ppcasmpk.lha       dev/asm     53K   2+PowerPC Emulator&Disassembler for Coders
dark.lha           dev/basic  128K   6+Html viewer in Blitz with sources
dbview2_ace.lha    dev/basic   25K   9+DBase file access for ACE
dungen2src.lha     dev/basic  364K   6+DunGen 2.0 source code (Blitz 2.1)
fpulib.lha         dev/basic    1K   7+An fast FPU-Library for Blitz2
MethodBBLib.lha    dev/basic   15K   4+An OOP library for bb2 V1.3
TCP_to_Blitz.lha   dev/basic  167K   5+Write AmiTCP applications with Blitz Bas
tritonblitz.lha    dev/basic   90K   1+Blitz2-Triton-conversion, better libs & 
AMCSrc1.lha        dev/c      130K   2+AM C Sources Vol 1
AMCSrc2.lha        dev/c      218K   2+AM C Sources Vol 2
amis_c.lha         dev/c       39K   5+Pro. C editor for AMIS.
AsyncIFF.lha       dev/c        2K   2+Asyncronous IFFParse operations
AsyncIO.lha        dev/c       46K   2+AsyncIO library for fast IO. Release 9
CLib37x.lha        dev/c       29K   5+Example.library in 100% C (SAS/Storm/Max
CTO.lha            dev/c        3K   2+Converts a binary file to a linkable obj
C_V43_DT.lha       dev/c       20K   6+How: OS3 V40/43 PicDatatype in 100% C
nrdargs.lha        dev/c        8K   5+Shell-/workbench transparent ReadArgs in
stormamiga_lib.lha dev/c      188K   2+Very small and fast Replacement for "sto
vbcc.lha           dev/c      1.0M  10+Free optimizing ANSI C compiler
EMPIC_12a.lha      dev/cross   76K   8+PIC 16C84 programming system
EMPIC_13c.lha      dev/cross   79K   5+PIC 16C84 programming system
MemSniff.lha       dev/debug    8K   5+Mungwall & Enforcer DB tool w/o MMU
2b_E020.lha        dev/e        1K   5+E module with 2 020+ optimised procedure
Ecstasy.lha        dev/e        0K   3+Ecstasy/ECstasy information.
efindhit12.lha     dev/e        6K   9+EFindHit v1.2 (for Enforcer output)
fakestack.lha      dev/e        1K   7+Tells the system where AmigaE stack is.
littletool.lha     dev/e       27K   8+Example in E , with amigaguide.library
little_toolu.lha   dev/e       13K   8+Little_tool ,  bugfix , update
muisupport.lha     dev/e        1K   3+Two small support procs for E & MUI.
ViewModule.lha     dev/e        4K   2+View those .m module files with PPMore !
XPK.lha            dev/e       16K   6+XPK in E V1.0
GenCodeC2_2e.lha   dev/gui    111K   9+C-Generator (v2.2e) for MUIBuilder
MPGui5x.lha        dev/gui     56K   7+Layout requesters from a text file OS3.0
MPGui5xs.lha       dev/gui     68K   7+MPGui5xs.lha Source Code
pmdev.lha          dev/gui     91K   2+Popup Menu Library
tri20b2dev.lha     dev/gui    187K   4+Triton GUI creation system. r2.0b2 dev
tri20b2usr.lha     dev/gui    214K   4+Triton GUI creation system. r2.0b2 usr
bprolog.lha        dev/lang   339K   8+B-Prolog V2
ahidev.lha         dev/misc   318K   3+Retargetable audio v4, Developer's Archi
Atlantis.lha       dev/misc   191K   3+THE game level editor. MUI. OS 2.04+.
BugReporter.lha    dev/misc    62K   4+Easy, GUI driven maintaining of bug repo
CanDoSDKexampl.lha dev/misc    31K   2+Example of what the CanDo SDK can do.
Espanol_Fix.lha    dev/misc     1K   8+Espa ol.language 38.3  a little improved
FD2Pragma.lha      dev/misc    52K   6+V2.35 creates pragma, lvo and stub files
FetchRefsNote.txt  dev/misc     2K   6+Seeking new programmer for FetchRefs
Localizer1_31.lha  dev/misc    37K   4+A Locale Development Tool
prog_bar_12.lha    dev/misc    52K  10+A Progress Bar Link Library Amiga progra
ReCatIt.lha        dev/misc    43K   2+(V2.10) The best ".catalog" and ".cd" Ed
RenderLib.lha      dev/misc   101K   2+Amiga shared library for graphics progra
samediff.lha       dev/misc   101K  10+Compare, list, and edit differences of t
simplecat.lha      dev/misc    21K   9+SimpleCat V1.2 - programmers catalog cre
Strux_D.lha        dev/misc   177K   6+Flowchart editor (german version)
Strux_E.lha        dev/misc   173K   6+Flowchart editor (english version)
TimePatch.lha      dev/misc     6K   6+Patch for OpenDevice etc,
scusee.lha         dev/moni    21K   6+See what a SCSI device does...
MCC_HTMLtext.lha   dev/mui     99K   3+HTMLtext.mcc with Browser (MUI)
MCC_Lamp.lha       dev/mui     69K   7+Lamp MUI custom class (Version 11.1)
MCC_NList0_64.lha  dev/mui    137K   2+MUI List clone with horiz scroll and mor
MuiCluster.lha     dev/mui     69K   7+MUI Interface for Cluster
MUIPlusPlus.lha    dev/mui     85K   7+C++ wrapper classes for MUI 3.8
MUI_HotHelp.lha    dev/mui    193K   7+MUI 3.8 autodocs in HotHelp format
CGXMPEG_Oberon.lha dev/obero    3K   3+AO interface for cgxmpeg.library v41.4
CyberGL_Oberon.lha dev/obero   12K   3+AO interface for cgxmpeg.library v41.4
ExecutiveObero.lha dev/obero   27K  10+AO Interface for ExecutiveAPI v1
OberObjects.lha    dev/obero   25K   5+Oberon-A GUI class library
VAD_ManipulSrc.lha dev/src    2.8M   5+Manipulations demo - full sources
AmiPC_1_26.lha     disk/bakup 498K   1+The Ultimate Multi-OS Backup System
Aminet17DB.lha     disk/cdrom  21K   8+FDB index file of Aminet 17 CD.
AminetSet4DB.lha   disk/cdrom 174K   8+FDB index files of Aminet Set 4 CDs (Wit
ANews95DB.lha      disk/cdrom  58K   5+FDB index file of AmigaNews 95 CD
atapi.lha          disk/cdrom   0K   2+Replaces obsolete ATAPI demo
AtapiPnPUpg.lha    disk/cdrom  42K   9+V 3.6 Atapi cd.device upgrade (demo vers
CDIDCollection.lha disk/cdrom 898K   5+The defenite CDDA ID collection!
CDIDColUpd.lha     disk/cdrom  11K   5+CDDA ID collection updater (from v3.5)
cdrfc.lha          disk/cdrom 213K   6+File compare system for CD recorder and 
Demos4Ever_DB.lha  disk/cdrom  39K   5+FDB index file of Demos r 4ever CD
Do_It2_DB.lha      disk/cdrom  13K   5+FDB index file of Do_It2! CD
Do_It_DB.lha       disk/cdrom   6K   5+FDB index file of Do_It! CD
GroovyPlayer.lha   disk/cdrom 261K  10+Update to CD player with colorful GUI
JPC_kat.lha        disk/cdrom  60K   8+Access the JPC music mail order catalog
MegaCdPlayer.lha   disk/cdrom 100K   3+CD player for CD32/Archos/Squirrel/Cache
MUICD.lha          disk/cdrom 152K   7+CDDA player for CD32, fixed for NList 0.
musicbox.lha       disk/cdrom 113K   5+Most powerful CDDA player and CD manager
NakInfo.lha        disk/cdrom  11K   5+A GUI for Nakamichi MBR-7 CD Changers an
OptyCDPlayer_n.lha disk/cdrom   3K   8+Dutch catalog for OptyCDPlayer V1.8
PlayTrack.lha      disk/cdrom  35K   3+Brillant wee 14-bit CD-player using Amig
qrzcd07.lha        disk/cdrom  15K   2+Search QRZ Ham Radio CDROM database v0.7
quicksampv10.lha   disk/cdrom  43K   3+NEW and FAST CD-Sampling utility
tgae_db.lha        disk/cdrom  55K   5+FDB index file of The Global Amiga Exper
2b_MDC0_95.lha     disk/misc   24K   8+Now you can copy: pc, diskspare and tdis
2b_RDBArc1c.lha    disk/misc   31K   5+Simpliest way to backup your HD's RDB
adf2disk11.lha     disk/misc    3K   1+Write .adf on amiga disk drives
dev_hdl.lha        disk/misc   27K   7+AmigaDOS device for raw device access
GList10.lha        disk/misc   66K   2+GuideList 1.0 - Keep track of your archi
HotStartup.lha     disk/misc   15K   3+Runs a script every time you insert a di
idefix97.lha       disk/misc  323K   2+Use ATAPI devices (CD-ROM) with IDE port
NewHackdisk.lha    disk/misc   34K   6+Hackdisk.device V2.04.
RDBArc10_norsk.lha disk/misc    1K   5+Norwegian translation to RDBArc 1.0c
2b_BadLink_1.lha   disk/salv   22K   8+Validation error? Try this!
AmyResource3.txt   docs/anno    6K   3+Amy Resource Volume 3 Official Announce
BSkyB.txt          docs/anno    1K   9+New Amiga TV show in the offing!
Developer.txt      docs/anno    1K   8+Developer's conference to be held at WOA
kg97_inv.txt       docs/anno   17K   4+Text invitation to Kindergarden'97!
PowerCon97.txt     docs/anno    7K   8+Latest information about PowerCon'97!
rmwww.lha          docs/anno    1K  10+Info on the Ruben Monteiro WWW Site
Scenery97.txt      docs/anno   15K   9+Invite text for Scenery'97 party
arexxbegn20.lha    docs/help  443K   7+ARexx For Beginners (& Others) .guide
csag_faq.lha       docs/help   81K FAQ v2.12
c_s_a_i_FAQ.lha    docs/help   25K   1+Comp.sys.amiga.introduction FAQ (4-20-97
How2GetOnAFCD.lha  docs/help    8K   8+How to submit files to Amiga Format CDs
pctaskgu.lha       docs/help    9K   9+A guide for PC Task 4.0 owners
UploadToAminet.txt docs/help    9K  10+Spanish translation of readme.upload
wb13guid.lha       docs/help   17K   8+A guide for Workbench 1.3 users v2
AmigaOL5.lha       docs/hyper 873K   8+Amiga On Line Magazine, number 5 
AmigaOL6.lha       docs/hyper 475K   3+Amiga On Line Magazine, number 6 
AmigaOLS.lha       docs/hyper 360K   5+Amiga On Line Magazine, Special Issue 
AMIGAzette_1_1.lha docs/hyper 541K   7+Pr sentation of French Fanzine AMIGAzett
Amigaztte_83.lha   docs/hyper 560K   8+Presentation of French Association Amiga
AMIyNET21.lha      docs/hyper 799K   8+Spanish Amiga Internet users list. (Span
BlitzOp_v10.lha    docs/hyper   9K   7+47 Tips To Reduce Blitz2 Executable Size
Diccionario.lha    docs/hyper 1.2M   9+Spanish->German Dictionary (70000 words)
expdami.lha        docs/hyper   7K   5+Expanding the Amiga
f1gp_hof.lha       docs/hyper  28K   6+Amiga F1GP/WC Hall of Fame (latest relea
FrDocHiP2_39.lha   docs/hyper  49K   3+French documentation for Hippoplayer v2.
Spelling.lha       docs/hyper 105K   4+The Spelling Guide V.1.20
Synapse2_3.lha     docs/hyper 581K  10+French AmigaGuide Database about the Ami
trsishad.lha       docs/hyper 867K   2+Shades jpg`s (audiocd)
VoyagerGuide.lha   docs/hyper 982K   7+GERMAN ONLY guide to the StarTrek Voyage
WebDesignAG.lha    docs/hyper  13K   4+Docs for Web Design1.4c (AmigaGuide)
ZCD.lha            docs/hyper 224K   4+Guide for Amiga products (in italiano)
AmiInfo0397_Te.lha docs/lists   1K   2+Amiga Info Line! 03/97 Tehran
Aminet_CD_18.lha   docs/lists  67K   3+Aminet CD 18 index and description
f1info.lha         docs/lists 524K   2+F1 Software/Licenceware info Apr/May 97
libguide.lha       docs/lists 146K   7+Biggest Guide of Amiga shared libraries 
sscomplist.lha     docs/lists  26K   3+Games compatible with Shapeshifter V1.5
Aakt0497.lha       docs/mags   31K   6+AMIGA aktuell - German news magazine
Aakt0597.lha       docs/mags   19K   2+AMIGA aktuell - German news magazine
AGSaku21.lha       docs/mags  209K   5+Amigaguide-version of a Finnish diskmag
am1_4ag.lha        docs/mags   95K   8+The Amiga Monitor: November 1996 (1_4) A
am1_8ag.lha        docs/mags  134K   8+The Amiga Monitor: March 1997 (1_8) Amig
am1_8htm.lha       docs/mags  149K   8+The Amiga Monitor: March 1997 (1_8) HTML
AmigaChannel6.lha  docs/mags   39K   5+Amiga Channel 6, [Revista en Espa~ol] 7 
ar503.lha          docs/mags  119K   7+Amiga Report 5.03, March 22, 1997
ar504.lha          docs/mags   72K   3+Amiga Report 5.04, April 16, 1997
av101.lha          docs/mags   11K   2+Amiga View 1.01, January 20, 1997
Chamiga0.lha       docs/mags  536K   9+Chamiga Magazine Argentine Amiga Magazin
F0NT02.lha         docs/mags  555K   8+Hungarian all-about mag issue #02
Fun_Time2_97.lha   docs/mags  479K  10+Fun Time Magazin / Freeware
gadget29.lha       docs/mags  533K   7+German Freeware Magazine
mb_mar97.lha       docs/mags  383K   8+Miggybyte multi-media disk mag(16/MAR/97
rspeed1.lha        docs/mags   20K   8+Motorsport Disk Magazine - Issue 1
rspeed2.lha        docs/mags   28K   8+Motorsport Disk Magazine - Issue 2
saku21.lha         docs/mags  167K   5+Disk version of a Finnish diskmag
Starmag6.lha       docs/mags  376K   9+Really good German Diskmag !!!
tarantula_01.lha   docs/mags  162K   4+Issue 1 of new HTML magazine. In English
A1200HWGuide.lha   docs/misc   41K   3+The A1200 Hardware Guide
ahiman.lha         docs/misc  238K   3+Retargetable audio v4, Doc. Archive
ansis.lha          docs/misc   21K   9+8 Ansi-Animations from MAKU-BOX...
bcplforbid.txt     docs/misc    6K   6+How to do a Forbid() in BCPL. (Fun)
BussgelderV20.lha  docs/misc   43K   2+German fees
F0NT01patch.lha    docs/misc   18K   7+Patch: Hungarian all about mag issue #01
FrostByte.lha      docs/misc    3K   4+Project FrostByte 
MindGam1.txt       docs/misc    5K  10+Some Questions to test your I.Q.
MindGam2.lha       docs/misc   13K  10+Some Questions to test your I.Q.
MindGam3.lha       docs/misc   16K  10+Some Questions to test your I.Q.
MindGam4.lha       docs/misc  151K  10+Some Questions to test your I.Q.
mtgpg.lha          docs/misc   46K   4+MagicTG Decks, Tricks & Stratergies
mtgrul04.lha       docs/misc  767K   3+Magic The Gathering - AmiGuide Database
Petition.lha       docs/misc    1K   6+Amiga Games Petition
scnetv14.lha       docs/misc   82K   3+Sceners's e-mail addresses #14, 22/04/97
sn3_rep.txt        docs/misc    4K   5+SCENEST'97 party report by lORD
sn3_res.txt        docs/misc    8K   2+SCENEST'97 - official party results
sym97rep.txt       docs/misc    5K   5+Symposium-Mekka'97 party report by lORD
VulQ.lha           docs/misc    1K   6+A questionnaire that goes to Vulcan Soft
Animations.lha     docs/rview  19K   3+1.4 QT(MOV), AVI and MPEG FAQ for Amiga
DelfinaDSP.lha     docs/rview  72K   4+Review of Delfina DSP 16-bit audio board
StormC.txt         docs/rview  22K   5 REVIEW: StormC 2.0 programming environme
AAntics.lha        game/2play 800K  10+Albatross Antics - 1 or 2 player game
archery.lha        game/2play  96K   7+Hit moving targets with accuracy
BattleDuel.lha     game/2play 1.2M  10+The *ULTIMATE* artillery game V1.6.80
crush.lha          game/2play 283K  10+Crazy 2Player action game (ALL Amigas)
dfight14.lha       game/2play  62K   3+4 Player Dogfight Simulator v1.40
DynaBlaster.lha    game/2play 368K   8+A Bomber-Man remake
FirePower.lha      game/2play 406K   9+Big explosions! Blast your mates! Cool!
SneechV1_51b.lha   game/2play 342K   2+THE BEST Tron/Snake Game (Saves Scores!)
ays_rotr.lha       game/actio  35K   3+32KB GAME: R.O.T.R. by ABYSS           
boche.lha          game/actio 100K   8+BOCHE, a SEUCK game 
kosmik.lha         game/actio  96K   8+Kosmik Debris, a SEUCK game 
kritterz.lha       game/actio 112K   8+Kritterz, a SEUCK game 
nautilus.lha       game/actio 233K   9+Drive a submarine and collect pots!
Posiden.lha        game/actio 370K   9+Underwater action game.
rebound.lha        game/actio 631K   3+A fast bouncy ball type game.
SS2000.lha         game/actio 288K   5+Nice Solid Action Game!!
Tsmash.lha         game/actio 118K   3+Nice Solid Arkanoid Game!!
wo2097.lha         game/actio 241K   4+Worms style game. Nice graphics.
checkers_au.lha    game/board 178K  10+A simulation of the game Checkers/Draugh
Invisible.lha      game/board 199K   2+A Simple, but very interesting board gam
Primiview.lha      game/board  66K  10+SGF-file viewer/editor (V39.13)
Wallstones.lha     game/board 251K   6+4 Wins game with nice gfx and sound.
wbwort_v2_1.lha    game/board 105K   7+Great scrabble-clone in german 
ACK_Lamoria.lha    game/data   23K  10+2 adventuremodules for ACK (German)
AS_Cockpits_97.lha game/data  118K   3+F1GP Cockpit Designs For Each 1997 Team
aws_bkg1.lha       game/data  383K   9+Replacement BKG Files for F1GP
aws_bkg2.lha       game/data  305K   6+Replacement Track BKG Files for F1GP
BattleWRM.lha      game/data   29K   4+Battle ground level for worms.
BD_Styles2.lha     game/data   24K   8+8 all-new styles for BoulderD sh
boblev.lha         game/data    1K   3+Some levels for Bob the Amzing Lemon
Cards_StarTrek.jpg game/data  162K   2+Cardset for Soliton (solit r-cardgame)
Cars_REKO.lha      game/data  580K   7+New Cardset for REKO s Klondike
DC_JJLvl.lha       game/data   56K   8+25 new Levels for Diamond Caves
elbbircs.lha       game/data   88K   3+Af's second batch of sexy Worms levels
F1GP_1997.lha      game/data    5K   2+1997 season data for F1GP-Ed (28.4.97)
F1GP_Sounds.lha    game/data  263K   9+23 replacement sound samples for F1GP
Gallows.lha        game/data   35K   4+Word Data/Cheat For TheGallows
Gloomgmt.lha       game/data    2K   2+New script-file (german) for Gloom Delux
Jakes_BDS.lha      game/data   67K   5+Megaball 3.0/4.0 Boards
MB_ClassicLvl.lha  game/data   52K  10+25 new Levels for ManiacBall
MB_MagicLvl.lha    game/data   52K  10+25 new Levels for ManiacBall
mrmen.lha          game/data   15K   2+Landscape for wormsDC, and cheat codes
MyDrms01.lha       game/data  650K   8+New HAM8 cardset for Klondike III AGA
MyDrms02.lha       game/data  665K   8+New HAM8 cardset for Klondike III AGA
MyDrms03.lha       game/data  659K   8+New HAM8 cardset for Klondike III AGA
nilsworms.lha      game/data   41K   5+Some images for Worms
PlayWorm.lha       game/data   45K   8+A sexy custom stage for worms =:)
Play_WormDC.lha    game/data   59K   7+A sexy stage for WormsDC =:)
Premier96_97.lha   game/data   24K   7+Premier League data 96/97 for SWOS
Rockosland.lha     game/data   19K   5+New DIY-Landscape for WORMS-DC
SolitonCards.lha   game/data  526K   2+2 Cardsets for Soliton (solit r-cardgame
Soliton_cards.lha  game/data   18K   7+Cardset for the game "Soliton"
SWOSEsp.lha        game/data   13K   9+SWOS spanish league updated data file (F
The_Rock.lha       game/data   82K   6+Alcatraz level for worms. (plus 4 great 
TKGgertxt.lha      game/data    7K   3+New Text_File (german) for AB3D II - TKG
TKGMinigun.lha     game/data    8K   6+Minigun for TKG
TropicalDeath.lha  game/data   19K   9+Deathmatch track for Xtreme Racing.
veggie.lha         game/data   14K   5+New landscape type for WormsDC.
VirtuNidus.lha     game/data   51K   2+Course for Jack Nicklaus' Unlimited Golf
wdccheese.lha      game/data   17K   5+A very nice LANDSCAPE for Worms DC
WDCPack.lha        game/data   39K   4+Some landscapes and customs for WormsDC
WDCRuins.lha       game/data   22K   3+High quality level for WORMS DC
wdcsamp2.lha       game/data   62K   2+Those 'rude' samples for WormsDC
wdcsamps.lha       game/data  1.7M   3+HUGE (2.5Meg) sample set for WormsDC
WeirdWorms.lha     game/data   43K   8+A cool custom stage for worms!
wormsdc_maps.lha   game/data   47K   6+Two Custom Levels For WormsDC
wrm_dc_lev.lha     game/data  343K   2+New Levels for WORMS DIRECTORS CUT
wrm_dc_sam.lha     game/data  664K   2+New Samples for WORMS DIRECTORS CUT
xtr_adf.lha        game/data  457K   6+5 Extra tracks for Xtreme Racing
XTR_PSI_1.lha      game/data   39K   6+2 new race tracks for XTR
aagenesp.lha       game/demo  2.9M   4+Vulcans-GENETIC SPECIES 3D Demo V2.00
albion.lha         game/demo  920K   5+Blue Byte's Albion dungeon routine
AlienF1.lha        game/demo  139K   7+A fast, full texture-mapped F1 Game
bbdemo.lha         game/demo  355K   2+BlitzBombers DEMO (from AF disk)
bkiller.lha        game/demo  893K   3+BrainKiller new 3D Shooter
CadaverDemo.lha    game/demo  175K   7+Cadaver demo - 1 unique bonus level
computerlevel.lha  game/demo   93K  10+New 6 map level for Gloom.
DefaceDemo.lha     game/demo  1.6M   9+Macabre puzzle/thinking game.
KangFuDEMO.lha     game/demo  5.8M  10+Playable demo of AGA CD-ROM platform gam
LoR_Demo.lha       game/demo  515K   4+Legend of Rome playable demo.
Powder.lha         game/demo  427K   5+Commercial quality shoot'em'up game.
Skimmers.lha       game/demo  1.4M   3+Demo of the latest game by Team Mango
Trapped_2New.lha   game/demo  1.2M   5+Party-Demo from the Symposium by Oxyron
Wheels1.lha        game/demo  574K   9+Final preview of the 3D racing game 1/3
Wheels2.lha        game/demo  649K   9+Final preview of the 3D racing game 2/3
Wheels3.lha        game/demo  482K   9+Final preview of the 3D racing game 3/3
amooga.lha         game/gag    10K   6+More Gateway News and Sneak Preview of n
AMooGA2.lha        game/gag   105K   5+Sneak Preview of new AMigA
AngryEyes.lha      game/gag    51K   7+Simple soft sprite demo for gfx boards
DisplayBeepReq.lha game/gag    19K   3+Adds a requester for DisplayBeep(), it s
Godlog.lha         game/gag    41K   2+A Gag Prog about God Logging on
StupidTxtv13PL.lha game/gag     5K   9+Program, which displays stupid texts (GU
windowwalker.lha   game/gag    10K   3+Man on the WB, just for fun. V1.06
AB3DIIGuide.lha    game/hint   34K   8+BIG Alien Breed 3D II guide!
AB3DII_Guide_S.lha game/hint   35K   8+BIG AlienBreed3DII guide (Swedish versio
BardsTale.lha      game/hint   46K   2+BardsTale I+II+III walkthrough
CheatCollectio.lha game/hint  1.2M   8+V1.3 big collection of cheats, solutions
IndyJones.lha      game/hint   11K   2+Indiana Jones III + IV walkthrough
kgb.lha            game/hint    6K   7+Complete solution for KGB as seen in AF 
MonkeyIsland.lha   game/hint   13K   2+Monkey Island I+II walkthrough
pgi_solu.lha       game/hint    1K   8+Solution for 'Persian Gulf Inferno'
playstat.lha       game/hint  181K   4+Playstation Cheats & Sol in ENGLISH
PSXCheatsV1_3.lha  game/hint   69K   8+PSX Cheats Guide: CHEATS: 128  u. BUSTER
PSX_Cheater20d.lha game/hint  310K   3+PSX Cheat-Database, !great new version! 
SwCheat55.lha      game/hint  298K   8+Over 1050+ game hints/cheats.
SwCht55t.lha       game/hint  268K   8+Over 1050+ hints/cheats (Text only)
banana.lha         game/jump  545K   2+A cute platform game like Rainbow Island
boulderdaesh.lha   game/jump  1.6M   2+Best BoulderDaesh 1:1 Clone V3.61
boulderupdate.lha  game/jump  362K   2+BoulderDaesh V3.00+ -> V3.61
FredFrog.lha       game/jump  326K   3+Guide a frog back home.
LLD_KickIt.lha     game/jump  254K   1+Cute and crazy game. Kick the zombies!
mforest.lha        game/jump   33K   5+Another platformgame by PG
steve2.lha         game/jump   37K   5+Oh no! More platform from PG Games!
Sumpis.lha         game/jump   16K   3 Platform game by Rising Software
yeti.lha           game/jump  327K   7+DonkeyKong clone with a Yeti
AerialRA.lha       game/misc  456K   5+Great car racing from Insane Software. P
AerialRB.lha       game/misc  312K   5+Great car racing from Insane Software. P
Angelworms.lha     game/misc  888K   9+The best ever sound set for T17's Worms
Crazy8.lha         game/misc  347K   7+Card game 1player vs computer music & so
DuneIILevSel.lha   game/misc   60K   6+Level selecter for DuneII. Play all 66 l
F1GPEd_FrDocs.lha  game/misc   64K   8+French documentation for F1GP-Ed V3.31
F1GPEd_Upd330.lha  game/misc   26K  10+Patch F1GP-Ed 3.30 to 3.31
F1GP_Ed.lha        game/misc  448K  10+Formula One Grand Prix / WC Editor V3.31
FoundationEd.lha   game/misc  461K   7+Map editor for new *Settlers II* style g
GalShipDesigne.lha game/misc   51K   7+Ship designer for the Galaxy PBEM game
Invis.lha          game/misc  199K   6+Interesting matrix game. 
Invisible.lha      game/misc  199K   2+A Simple, but very interesting board gam
lars.lha           game/misc   92K   4+Lars och hans garage - a sick "game"
Lotto_DeckV2_2.lha game/misc  170K   3+X Lotto Program.
MrUFO.lha          game/misc  475K   2+Gravity flight -type action game with 8 
PIV120.lha         game/misc  243K   3+AGA Breakout from NC.Gamez. V1.20.
playpac.lha        game/misc  263K   8+Pacman game with random levels
qbic.lha           game/misc  179K   4+A old but great Q*Bert clone
Quasarw.lzh        game/misc  658K   3+A New Amazing Game with the best scroll 
r13.lha            game/misc   24K   7+Simple roulette game
racer_up.lha       game/misc   82K   7+Update RACER V1.0 -> V1.1
RezANDSparky.lha   game/misc  457K   4+Rez & Sparky interative comic book
RushHour14.lha     game/misc  297K   1+Switch traffic lights, Version 1.4
supertrail.lha     game/misc   55K  10+Guide ball through tricky levels (incl. 
Traindriver.lha    game/misc  394K   3+V1.93 London-Glasgow sim
Wag_O_Fun.lha      game/misc  100K   6+A joystick waggling game.
AB3D2Ed.lha        game/patch  47K   4+The Ultimate Alien Breed 3D II - TKG Sav
AB3DTrainer.lha    game/patch  26K   7+Cheat program for Alien Breed 3D
alfred.lha         game/patch  18K   8+Alfred Chicken AGA installer
bbghd.lha          game/patch  21K   8+HD Installer for Body Blows Galactic AGA
bbhd.lha           game/patch  24K   8+HD Installer for Body Blows ECS V1.2
caddemo.lha        game/patch 279K   4+Cadaver demo - 1 unique bonus level
cannon2hd.lha      game/patch  18K   8+HD Installer for Cannon Fodder 2 V1.2
cannonhd.lha       game/patch  86K   7+HD Installer for Cannon Fodder V1.0a
chaosaga_hd.lha    game/patch  27K   6+HD Installer for Chaos Engine AGA V1.0
chaoshd.lha        game/patch  41K   8+HD Installer for Chaos Engine ECS V1.2
Civvie.lha         game/patch  22K   8+Better savefiles for Civilization ECS
GDTrainer.lha      game/patch  26K   9+Cheat for Gloom Deluxe
GloomTrainer.lha   game/patch  26K   6+Cheat for Classic Gloom
godshd.lha         game/patch  27K   8+HD Installer for Gods V1.0
golfhd.lha         game/patch  16K   8+HD Installer for Sensible Golf V1.2a
JoinSlamtilt.lha   game/patch   6K   8+Highscore joiner for Slamtilt pinball wr
jp3cd32_hd.lha     game/patch  14K   8+HD Installer for James Pond 3 CD32 V0.9
jsaga_hd.lha       game/patch  13K   8+HD Installer for Jungle Strike AGA V1.0a
leanderhd.lha      game/patch  82K   3+HD Installer for Leander V1.2a
nsphd.lha          game/patch  22K   5+HD Installer for No Second Prize BETA
overhd.lha         game/patch  25K   8+HD Installer for Overdrive V1.0a (bugfix
pxhd.lha           game/patch  35K   5+HD Installer for Project-X original V1.3
pxse_hd.lha        game/patch  26K   8+HD Installer for Project-X Special Editi
roadrashhd.lha     game/patch  13K   8+HD Installer for RoadRash V1.0a
ruffhd.lha         game/patch  22K   8+HD Installer & Fix for Ruff'n'Tumble V1.
sb2hd.lha          game/patch  62K   8+HD Installer for Speedball 2 & fix V1.3
Screech2_52Pch.lha game/patch  75K   3+Screech AGA PATCH please read: important
sfroghd.lha        game/patch  38K   8+HD Installer for Superfrog V1.1a (bugfix
sotb3hd.lha        game/patch  23K   5+HD Installer for Shadow Of The Beast III
SpanishSWOSEd.lha  game/patch   2K   6+Spanish localization for SWOS Ed. 1.5
SWOSEd.lha         game/patch 149K   3+V1.6. Team editor for SWOS. (MUI)
td2hd.lha          game/patch   9K   8+HD Installer for Test Drive II & patch V
tkgfixer.lha       game/patch   5K   4+TKG Workbench Loader/Fixer
warhd.lha          game/patch  17K   8+HD Installer for Warzone V1.1
wdoghd.lha         game/patch  21K   8+Wonderdog HD-Installer V1.0
WV2EPatch.lha      game/patch  25K   5+Whale's Voyage 2 English Patch
xenon2hd.lha       game/patch  36K   5+Xenon 2 HD-Installer V1.2b & Fix
XTRDecrunch.lha    game/patch   3K   4+XPKZ Decruncher for Xtreme Racing Files
Z2Install.lha      game/patch  33K   9+Zeewolf 2 Hard Drive Installer
ZInstall.lha       game/patch  37K   8+Zeewolf Hard Drive Installer
zoolhd.lha         game/patch  19K   8+HD Installer for Zool ECS V1.2b
7realms.lha        game/role  263K   6+PDVersion2.1: Full version now available
AA.lha             game/role  270K   8+Nice Roleplayinggame for all amigas
chaos_.lha         game/role  239K   2+V1.01 An 8 player strategy wizard fantas
dmast103.lha       game/role   66K   6+ShadowRun CyberDeck Tool German version
DSA_Sheet.lha      game/role    4K   5+Blank Character-Sheet for "DSA" (German)
dungen2ntsc.lha    game/role  243K   6+Dungeon floorplan generator/editor
dungen2pal.lha     game/role  264K   6+Dungeon floorplan generator/editor
Eldritch.lha       game/role  520K   2+V1.39b : (MINOR UPGRADE) Top-view advent
Frotz222r8.lha     game/role  241K   6+Infocom game interpreter
Omega802Gfx.lha    game/role  337K   3+Omega, a rogue-like game. Optional gfx.
OmegaGfxSrc.lha    game/role  293K   3+Omega, a rogue-like game. Optional gfx.
Sheet.lha          game/role    4K   6+Character sheet for AD&D Player's Option
silver.lha         game/role  555K   4+UPDATE - A german RPG-game with Construc
som_rpgdemo.lha    game/role  188K   8+An early demo of a Zelda/Secret of mana 
AsteroidsReg92.lha game/shoot 372K   5+Asteroids v0.92 registered
botss3.jpg         game/shoot 250K   3+BOTSS 3 Advert
DvmxDem2.lha       game/shoot  91K   7+A tribute to Xevious! Second Release
hanger_1.lha       game/shoot 433K   2+Syndicate/Walker cross Alien Conspiracy 
hanger_2.lha       game/shoot 691K   2+Syndicate/Walker cross Alien Conspiracy 
hanger_3.lha       game/shoot 684K   2+Syndicate/Walker cross Alien Conspiracy 
hanger_4.lha       game/shoot 674K   2+Syndicate/Walker cross Alien Conspiracy 
hanger_5.lha       game/shoot 724K   2+Syndicate/Walker cross Alien Conspiracy 
hanger_6.lha       game/shoot 611K   2+Syndicate/Walker cross Alien Conspiracy 
hanger_7.lha       game/shoot 495K   2+Syndicate/Walker cross Alien Conspiracy 
Massacre.lha       game/shoot 377K   5+SEUCK Game by Massacre
scav2.lha          game/shoot 362K   2+Huge scrolling Asteriod game with a diff
Tinvaders.lha      game/shoot 162K   5+Good Solid Shooter!!
Waponez.lha        game/shoot 270K   7+Vert.scrolling shoot'em up from swe. NC.
Claw.lha           game/text   81K  10+Wearing The Claw [INFORM]
FMS.lha            game/text   94K  10+Frobozz Magic Support [TADS]
Hero1.lha          game/text   85K  10+Hero, INC Part One: Calling All Heroes [
Lists.lha          game/text  100K   2+Lists and Lists by Andrew Plotkin [INFOR
Sutwin.lha         game/text   17K   2+The Space Under The Window [INFORM]
Accordian.lha      game/think  37K   6+Accordian, a solitaire card game.
ASokoban3_SER.lha  game/think   2K   2+Serbian locale for ASokoban 3.0 
CANEdemo.lha       game/think 303K   6+Gravity- puzzlegame from NC.Gamez (AGA).
Connexion.lha      game/think  66K   6+*ANARCHY* Connect 4 and then some! v1.20
DestructPoker.lha  game/think 126K   2+V1.11, 1 player poker, Jokers, Double...
dragonsp.lha       game/think  79K   2+A cool shangaii,imperial type game
flipgrid.lha       game/think 148K  10+An addictive puzzle game where you must 
FTC.lha            game/think 278K   3+FreeTradingCompany eco game (GERMAN ONLY
GermanJack.lha     game/think 441K  10+Bugfixed Version 1.1 Multimedia
IFF_ABK_Conv.lha   game/think 194K  10+Bugfixed Version for GJack V1.1
JackMan.lha        game/think 219K   7+A puzzle PacMan-game from swe. NC.Gamez 
Marryampic.lha     game/think 357K   8+A CardSet game to find sound-pairs
MasterMind.lha     game/think 183K   7+Nice boardgame V1.1 (NTSC-fix)
maze.lha           game/think 135K   4+Impossible maze game
MCB_Reko.lha       game/think 560K   4+DCTalk Cardset 4 Klondike 3
Pairs132.lha       game/think  88K   2+Shanghai clone, AGA Multiscan only
PlubZ.lha          game/think 252K   7+Kill aliens in this game from swe. NC.Ga
ShanghaiGR.lha     game/think 208K   5+*Greek Shanghai*
Shapez.lha         game/think 185K   7+A puzzlegame written in AMOS from swe. N
soliton131b.lha    game/think 189K   4+Solitaire card game, V1.31b (MUI)
SolitonSpanish.lha game/think  16K   4+Official Spanish Translation for Soliton
Sol_Fractasm.lha   game/think 954K   6+High quality cardset for 'Soliton' (PNG)
tbs_wtse.lha       game/think 398K   2+The Wormiest Tetris Ever, V1.2a Enhanced
the_sun.lha        game/think 276K   2+Addictive and original arcade puzzle
TileFall15.lha     game/think 125K   9+Addictive tetris-style tile game, v1.5
wb_pairs.lha       game/think  26K   7+Like Pairs but for MagicWB   v1.1
Yahtchoo.lha       game/think  73K   5+*ANARCHY* Nice Yahtzee + HiScores. v1.02
arcan26_27.lha     game/wb     17K   5+Patch from MiniArcanoid 2.6 to 2.7
arcan27_28.lha     game/wb     15K   5+Patch from MiniArcanoid 2.7 to 2.8
arcanoid.lha       game/wb     90K   5+"Arkanoid" clone in window version 2.8
BM_V2_73.lha       game/wb    277K   1+B rgermeister V2.73 - manage your city (
Boum.lha           game/wb      8K   7+MineSweeper  v1.0b REALLY FIXED  ;^)
detris20.lha       game/wb     30K   6+Tetris for WB by Deniil 715!
HBMonopoly.lha     game/wb    215K   7+V1.2 now faster loading, sound..
Targetus.lha       game/wb     13K   7+Shoot targets! System friendly. Any Amig
xwins.lha          game/wb     32K   4+Very nice WB game (like wallstones)
MyMPEG_gui.lha     gfx/3d      91K   2+GUI for Real3D V3.x to create MPEGs.V1.1
RefSkripts.lha     gfx/3d     287K   9+Scripts for Reflections 4
ScreamerII.lha     gfx/3d      51K   2+V0.83 A LightWave ScreamerNet Controller
stereo.lha         gfx/3d     448K   2+Create AMAZING real stereo 3D images
tmd2lwo.lha        gfx/3d     231K   3+Convert Sony Playstation 3D Objects to L
WolfGTXV.lha       gfx/3d     2.2M   2+Anim&Model of a SuperCar.
A4000DT_LW.lha     gfx/3dobj  106K   4+An Amiga 4000 (Desktop) LightWave Obj.
DeoCan.lha         gfx/3dobj   19K   2+Deo-Can Imagine Object from Turkiye
glasses1.lha       gfx/3dobj   29K   8+Glasses object for Imagine
glasses2.lha       gfx/3dobj   28K   8+Glasses object for Imagine
NMSOB.lha          gfx/3dobj  352K   9+Some 3d objects in imagine format
QT_BuoysA.lha      gfx/3dobj  600K   5+Imagine Object:8 Star Fleet Buoys by Mat
RunningLegs.lha    gfx/3dobj  189K   8+Small example of using bones in LW
sw_awing.lha       gfx/3dobj  118K   9+Star Wars A-Wing Fighter 3d model in Ima
sw_ssd.lzh         gfx/3dobj  503K   9+Star Wars Super Star Destroyer 3d model 
sw_tie.lha         gfx/3dobj  190K   9+Star Wars TIE Fighter 3d model in Imagin
AGAMorph_V1_3.lha  gfx/aga    479K   4+Morphing program (AGA) V1.3 68000-040FPU
AGA_Morph_1_3b.lha gfx/aga    479K   4+Morphing program (AGA) V1.3 68020-040FPU
CGraphX223u.lha    gfx/board  373K   9+CyberGraphX Extension Update 
CGXModePL.lha      gfx/board    2K   2+CGXMode - PL version by WFMH LocalePL
cgxmode_frcat.lha  gfx/board    3K   2+French catalog for CGXMode 2.2
CGXPrefs.lha       gfx/board   26K   3+PrefsProg for CyberGraphX3 EnvVars(MUI)
Cyber56khz.lha     gfx/board    2K   4+Cyber56Khz - A hack to allow 56khz audio
cybershow82a.lha   gfx/board  129K  10+SlideShow&Viewer(incl.PCD)for CybGfx&AGA
Graffiti_lib.lha   gfx/board  260K   4+Support library for Graffiti Video Card
MUICyber102.lha    gfx/board   16K   6+ENV: Preferences Editor For CyberGraphX 
P96Emu.lha         gfx/board    5K   5+Picasso96 Emulation Library
Picasso96.lha      gfx/board  316K   5+Picasso96 system for Amiga graphics boar
ppm4opal.lha       gfx/board    9K   7+PPM Modules V1.30 for Opalpaint
qrt4opal.lha       gfx/board    8K   7+QRT Modules V1.30 for Opalpaint
rtgmasdev.lha      gfx/board  484K   3+Rtgmaster Developer Archive
rtgmasdriv.lha     gfx/board  118K   3+Rtgmaster Driver Archive
rtgmaster.lha      gfx/board  407K  10+The RtgMaster Library System
rtgmasuser.lha     gfx/board  211K   3+Rtgmaster User Archive
ArcSprDisp.lha     gfx/conv    19K   6+V2.13 - show Archimedes sprites on Amiga
ArtPRO1_03.lha     gfx/conv   318K   7+A powerful gfx-converter, V1.03
AW_AfterAlias.lha  gfx/conv    11K   8+This ADPro operator applies perfect anti
AW_DeFlicker.lha   gfx/conv    10K   8+This ADPro operator removes interlace fl
AW_Freeze_DEMO.lha gfx/conv     9K   8+This ADPro operator eliminates motion be
DumpDTAnim013.lha  gfx/conv    26K  10+Create pictures+sounds from anim dtc obj
IFFAnimGIFAnim.lha gfx/conv     6K   6+Convert IFF anims to GIF anims (ImageFX 
MPImage.lha        gfx/conv   272K   7+Gui/Cli graphics conversion library OS3.
MPImages.lha       gfx/conv   122K   7+Source to Gui/Cli graphics conversion li
PicConvert.lha     gfx/conv   854K   5+MultiGfx Converter V2.3 Uses NetPBM
psximgtls.lha      gfx/conv    42K   8+Convert Sony Playstation (PSX) Game GFX
animated1_2.lha    gfx/edit   279K   2+Add events to your IFF-anims, v1.2
AsciiArtPro31.lha  gfx/edit   121K  10+V3.1 of AsciiArtPro - Some new features 
Ascii_ArtP4I.lha   gfx/edit   121K   7+AsciiArtPro Now uses a standard WORKBENC
GIOUpd.lha         gfx/edit     1K   7+Added ARexx support for Photogenics 2
MPMorph.lha        gfx/edit   677K   7+Morphing/Warping program OS3.0+
MPMorphs.lha       gfx/edit   278K   7+Morphing/Warping program Source OS3.0+
PGS_PNGGio.lha     gfx/edit    52K   6+PNG GIO for Photogenics 2 -> ARexx!
PGS_TargaGio.lha   gfx/edit     2K   6+Targa GIO for Photogenics 2 -> ARexx!
PGS_ToolBox.lha    gfx/edit     5K   6+Replacement toolbox for Photogenics V2
Textimages.lha     gfx/edit   419K   6+Paint program (AGA)
universalgio.lha   gfx/edit    34K  10+Photogenics universal loader&animation s
WF_Base.lha        gfx/edit   997K   7+The BEST Animation/Image-Processor - V2.
WF_Bina881.lha     gfx/edit   400K   7+The BEST Animation/Image-Processor - V2.
WF_Binary.lha      gfx/edit   410K   7+The BEST Animation/Image-Processor - V2.
WF_Images.lha      gfx/edit   363K   4+The BEST Animation/Image-Processor - V2.
WF_Plug881.lha     gfx/edit   861K   7+The BEST Animation/Image-Processor - V2.
WF_PlugIns.lha     gfx/edit   882K   7+The BEST Animation/Image-Processor - V2.
WF_Upda881.lha     gfx/edit   520K   4+The BEST Animation/Image-Processor - V2.
WF_UpdateA.lha     gfx/edit   530K   4+The BEST Animation/Image-Processor - V2.
black1_2.lha       gfx/fract   27K   3+Black'n'white mandel generator
ChaosPro.lha       gfx/fract  742K   9+V3.3 of a fractal explorer like Mand2000
DMandel.lha        gfx/fract   81K   7+Mandelbrot&Julia generator w. ARexx
julia_AC.lha       gfx/fract   12K   4+Short&quick fractal generator; v2.0
Mandela.lha        gfx/fract   90K   8+Mandelbrot program. Shareware.
anim_concept.lha   gfx/misc   100K   3+Concept of a new interactive Movie forma
aweswarm.lha       gfx/misc   120K  10+A program that simulates a swarm of flie
Cataloger.lha      gfx/misc   108K  10+1.97 Makes thumnail-based image catalogs
cdgsxlGUI2.lha     gfx/misc   229K   2+Comfortable GUI for the CDXL-Player 'cdg
cdxl28svx.lha      gfx/misc    11K   2+CLI Tool to extract the sound of CDXL mo
EasyPrint_Pch.lha  gfx/misc   151K   9+Patch to version 2.27 (registered users)
Easy_Print.lha     gfx/misc   118K   9+The Powerful Printing Program (2.27)
fastifxmodul.lha   gfx/misc    36K  10+ImageFX loaders(incl.PCD)&savers(
Gallery.lha        gfx/misc   169K   2+Creates HTML gallery from your pictures
house2.lha         gfx/misc    47K   5+House model MaxonCAD2
Iip_agapreview.lha gfx/misc   3.4M   9+A very nice CD-Rom Demonstration
Iip_ecspreview.lha gfx/misc   1.9M   9+A very nice CD-Rom Demonstration
MasterGrabber.lha  gfx/misc    40K   4+New screengrabber with nice functions.
mplasma.lha        gfx/misc     1K   5+A very smooth, psychadelic "plasma"
New_cdxl.lha       gfx/misc   210K   9+Concept of an expanded CDXL-format
photoalbum30.lha   gfx/misc   206K  10+Picture management (incl.PCD) for AGA&Cy
POLISH_Hause.lha   gfx/misc   224K   5+My first House model (MaxonCAD2)
PowerCrawler.lha   gfx/misc   308K   2+MapEditor: Incredible Features!! V 1.10+
ProRen.lha         gfx/misc    79K   2+Renumber animframes,very flexible! (GUI)
PVKat.lha          gfx/misc    11K   8+Ger-lang. Kat-Generater f. PicView(Rexx)
rename2u.lha       gfx/misc   174K   4+Rename multiple files with ease!
VEUpdate.lha       gfx/misc   106K   2+VideoEasel Upgrade 1.30 to 1.33 (minor b
VideoEasel.lha     gfx/misc   917K   2+THE flexible Cellular Automata (LIFE + m
vlabtv016.lha      gfx/misc   284K  10+Vlab frame grabber soft for CyberGraphX
xipaintmodul.lha   gfx/misc    55K  10+Univ. loader&anim.saver for XiPaint
XLToolKitGUI.lha   gfx/misc   262K   2+Comfortable GUI for the CDXL Toolkit fro
pnmtoljpg.lha      gfx/pbm     92K   9+Lossless jpeg
AlienPrincess.lha  gfx/show    53K   3+JPG caricature of Alien
CyberAVI19.lha     gfx/show    76K   7+AVI animation player for CyberGraphX/AGA
CyberQT11.lha      gfx/show    74K   7+QuickTime animation player for CyberGrap
Cyber_AviGui.lha   gfx/show    21K   2+Gui for CyberAVI 1.9
DBufDTAnim013.lha  gfx/show    27K   8+Double-Buffered animation.dtc playback, 
ecchi02.lha        gfx/show    13K   6+Player for .ECC animations, v0.2
FLI_Master.lha     gfx/show   140K   8+Fastest Amiga FLI player? Will convert t
gs403_000.lha      gfx/show   446K   2+Ghostscript4.03 68000 bin, bugfix 2
gs403_data.lha     gfx/show   682K   4+Ghostscript4.03 data archive, get a bin 
gs403_fnts_std.lha gfx/show   1.4M   4+Ghostscript4.03 HQ fonts archive
gs_020.lha         gfx/show   436K   2+Ghostscript4.03 020 binary, bugfix 2
gs_020fpu.lha      gfx/show   421K   2+Ghostscript4.03 020fpu bin, bugfix 2
gs_030.lha         gfx/show   436K   2+Ghostscript4.03 030 bin, bugfix 2
gs_030fpu.lha      gfx/show   421K   2+Ghostscript4.03 30fpu bin, bugfix 2
gs_040fpu.lha      gfx/show   422K   2+Ghostscript4.03 040fpu bin, bugfix 2
gs_040sf.lha       gfx/show   436K   2+Ghostscript4.03 040sf bin, bugfix 2
gs_src_amiga.lha   gfx/show   121K   2+Ghostscript4.03 Amiga sources,  bugfix 2
gs_src_gs.lha      gfx/show   2.7M   4+Ghostscript4.03 original sources
gs_src_jpg6a.lha   gfx/show   660K   4+Ghostscript4.03 PNG sources
gs_src_png.lha     gfx/show   132K   4+Ghostscript4.03 PNG sources
gs_src_zlib.lha    gfx/show   103K   4+Ghostscript4.03 Zlib sources
patience.lha       gfx/show    16K   9+Simple Intuition Patience Game - AGA onl
qt14.lha           gfx/show   266K   7+QuickTime player for AGA/CyberGFX. V1.4
s2m1_21.lha        gfx/show   798K   2+Plays Animations + sfx + music
XAnim.lha          gfx/show   291K   7+ (91-97) Amiga Rev. 0.3 by Sauro
XingPlay.lha       gfx/show    22K   5+The fastest Xing mpeg player w/cgfx supp
Zoomer.lha         gfx/show    22K   7+Display DR2D polygons in a window (w/sou
Plotmtv_Amiwin.lha gfx/x11    371K   1+2D/3D-plotting-program with X11/EPS-outp
amigamon.lha       hard/drivr   1K   2+MonitorInfo for Win95 and Amiga Monitors
cnetdevice.lha     hard/drivr  59K   2+CN40BC PCMCIA Network Card driver
ned1.lha           hard/drivr   2K   3+Keymap with easy to remember deadkeys
PreludeAHI.lha     hard/drivr   6K   7+AHI driver for Prelude soundcard, V2.21
ScanTek3_0.lha     hard/drivr 124K   3+V3.0 Microtek/Highscreen/Mustek scanner 
ScanTrax.lha       hard/drivr 238K   5+Hewlett-Packard Scanner-Driver V1.1
1200Tower21.lha    hard/hack   22K   8+V2.1 - How to put your 1200 in a TOWER
A1200tower_XTR.txt hard/hack    9K   7+EXTRA help on putting your 1200 in a Tow
A1300_V2_0.lha     hard/hack   53K   4+A1200mTower and keep your A1200 keyboard
a2232tuning.lha    hard/hack   24K   7+Enhance the A2232 in many ways [Update]
a500key1.lha       hard/hack  160K   3+How to conect the keyboard of our old A5
AT1200mod.lha      hard/hack    2K   2+AT1200 disk drive modification
B1220+4M.lha       hard/hack  697K   4+Blizzard1220_4Mb add 4Mb Simms ram
DansAmigaMouse.lha hard/hack    2K   5+A three button C= Amiga mouse?  Yes!
DCF77_Plus1_10.lha hard/hack  393K   9+Radio-controlled watch NEW Features
DriveSolution.lha  hard/hack  288K   3+New solution for A1200's new drive
eleguide.lha       hard/hack   68K   2+Little guide about electronic basics 
Genes_PC_Mouse.lha hard/hack    3K   8+Make an AMiga mouse from a pc mouse
HiDensity.lha      hard/hack    6K   9+Use HD Disks on Amiga Tech. A1200 intern
i2c_support.lha    hard/hack   30K   3+Useful stuff for i2clib39 users, updated
KBD_Reset103.lha   hard/hack    8K   8+Solution for the keyboard-reset-problem
KeyboardRepair.lha hard/hack    6K   6+How to overhaul an Amiga keyboard
Mix_and_Tick.lha   hard/hack    8K   8+Audiomix- and Ticksignalgeneratorcircuit
AmigaTemp.lha      hard/misc  148K   7+Thermometer. V1.42
relais28.lha       hard/misc   26K   4+The one and only relais-controller
OldHacks.lha       misc/antiq 328K   6+Old hacks - the ultimate 80s collection!
AmigaW517.lha      misc/edu   1.3M   3+World Countries Database
AmigaWorldUp.lha   misc/edu   164K   3+World Countries Database Update
ConjEsp.lha        misc/edu    81K   2+Conjugates more than 11000 spanish verbs
DITOspanish.lha    misc/edu   1.6M   9+Spanish Dictionary for DITO (70000 words
NumConv.lha        misc/edu    17K  10+Converts cardinal numbers into sixteen d
551conv.lha        misc/emu     7K   2+Converts Atari-800-disks to image/files
ABeeb.lha          misc/emu   113K   5+BBC Micro emulator v.0.9.1
agv105.lzh         misc/emu    17K   3+Simple AmigaGuide browser for MS-DOS
AmiGameBoy.lha     misc/emu    35K   5+AmiGameBoy with sound !!
AMIGHPv3d.lha      misc/emu   273K   7+A RPL->ASM Compiler for HP48 on AMIGA
AmiMasterGear.lha  misc/emu    50K   8+MasterSystem&GameGear AGA Emulator. Fast
Arc64.lha          misc/emu     9K   4+C64 archive processor V1.3
bbfaq.lha          misc/emu    27K   4+Bridgeboards Frequently Asked Questions 
D32.lha            misc/emu   155K   8+Emulator, debugger, assembler for 6809e
GertZXstuff.lha    misc/emu    31K   3+ZX Spectrum BASIC stuff by Gert Kuiper
MasterGear1_0c.lha misc/emu    66K   8+SEGA MasterSystem/GameGear emulator V1.0
P96_SVD_12.lha     misc/emu     3K   7+Picasso96 video driver for ShapeShifter
pcblkami.lha       misc/emu    25K  10+Amiga jokes to run on PC or emulator
tapsplit.lha       misc/emu     3K   8+TapSplit - split's blablerk.tap for ZXAM
und64.lha          misc/emu    27K   3+THE C-64 archive file processor v38.14b1
v2600.lha          misc/emu   131K   2+Atari 2600 emulator for fast Amigas
wotizpsx.lha       misc/emu    14K   8+Gives info about Sony Playstation files
wzonka_lad.lha     misc/emu   111K   1+Wzonka-Lad - Gameboy emulator v0.64.
Zx_utils.lha       misc/emu    17K  10+ZX-Spectrum file conversion utilities (Z
calc999g1.lha      misc/math    9K   3+Conv. to/fro base 2-36. hex,oct,bin&c
ci.lha             misc/math   11K   5+Desktop calculator for complex numbers
convertor.lha      misc/math  228K   4+The Ultimate Unit Converter. V1.4
Geometry_12.lha    misc/math   41K   5+Geometrical calculations (update)
Laplace.lha        misc/math  691K   6+V0.8.1 symbolic algebra program
MathScript32.lha   misc/math  411K   5+WYSIWYG Equation Editor V3.2 (MUI)
MS_Francais.lha    misc/math   24K   3+French catalogs for MathScript 3.2
2b_Polware16.lha   misc/misc  302K   4+Library of Polish PD software
biblishScions.lha  misc/misc   44K   4+ScionV4.09 Database of biblish persons 0
CZLocStuff_1.lha   misc/misc  310K   9+Czech catalog stuff no.1
FLM_IslD.lha       misc/misc   50K   4+FLM: Icelandics <-> German WB 1.1
LotPredict.lha     misc/misc  153K   8+Covers Winsday lottery. Got 84% in AS!
MUILoto.lha        misc/misc    8K   7+A french loto proggy
Rezystory.lha      misc/misc   20K   5+To decode colour code of resistors
SpaTrans03.lha     misc/misc  105K   8+Spanish translations several programs II
Studio_Lotto.lha   misc/misc  544K   6+Lotto program in Italian
toto8.lha          misc/misc   49K   5+Prg. to win at Totogol V0.91. Italian.
chemie_pse121.lha  misc/sci   105K   8+Periodic table of the elements in german
chimicad.lha       misc/sci   297K   7+Chemical CAD program(2D bitmap) V1_14
ChipMnk_lib.lha    misc/sci    50K   9+ChipMunk Package - Electronic circuits t
ChipMunkWebDoc.lha misc/sci   194K   9+ChipMunk Package - Documentation in HTML
graph306.lha       misc/sci   130K   5+Graphwrite3.06 PD Graphing calc&fitting 
life.lha           misc/sci     1K   4+Small but big life simulator!
log_040.lha        misc/sci   709K   9+Digital/Analog circuit simulator with sc
log_bin.lha        misc/sci   797K   9+Digital/Analog circuit simulator with sc
log_doc.lha        misc/sci   352K   9+Digital/Analog circuit simulator with sc
log_fpu.lha        misc/sci   705K   9+Digital/Analog circuit simulator with sc
log_lib.lha        misc/sci   108K   9+Digital/Analog circuit simulator with sc
PetitChimiste.lha  misc/sci    95K   7+A 3D presentation tool for chemical mole
Statistics.lha     misc/sci    66K   2+Statistical Analysis Software
until.lha          misc/sci   145K   9+Graphics editor
until_040.lha      misc/sci   144K   9+Graphics editor
until_doc.lha      misc/sci    62K   9+Graphics editor
until_fpu.lha      misc/sci   144K   9+Graphics editor
until_lib.lha      misc/sci    12K   9+Graphics editor
util.lha           misc/sci    52K   9+ChipMunk Package - additional tools
util_fpu.lha       misc/sci    49K   9+ChipMunk Package - additional tools
view.lha           misc/sci   227K   9+Data manipulation and plotting tool
view_040.lha       misc/sci   230K   9+Data manipulation and plotting tool
view_doc.lha       misc/sci   223K   9+Data manipulation and plotting tool
view_fpu.lha       misc/sci   229K   9+Data manipulation and plotting tool
view_lib.lha       misc/sci    28K   9+Data manipulation and plotting tool
wol_040.lha        misc/sci   186K   9+IC layout tool
wol_bin.lha        misc/sci   188K   9+IC layout tool
wol_doc.lha        misc/sci   240K   9+IC layout tool
wol_fpu.lha        misc/sci   185K   9+IC layout tool
LinuxAddUser.lha   misc/unix    2K   6+Linux AddUser command. Missing from Watc
LinuxAmigaHOWT.lha misc/unix   18K   7+Amiga Linux setup, install and HOWTO.
mSQL_2_B5.lha      misc/unix  356K   6+SQL-Database engine! Client/Server appli
anarchip.lha       mods/4mat   40K   7+4MAT Chip Mods for Anarchy
final_sa.lha       mods/4mat   89K   7+Final Sample by 4MAT
hardcore.lha       mods/4mat   94K   7+Hardcore by 4MAT
LFF.lha            mods/4mat    6K   7+L.F.F. by 4MAT
sweetfree.lha      mods/4mat  123K   7+Sweetfree Wurlitzer by 4MAT
the_lost.lha       mods/4mat   46K   7+The Lost Chord by 4MAT
whitedot.lha       mods/4mat   30K   7+White Dot Demo II - Module by 4MAT
MoT_DPMR.lha       mods/8voic  86K   3+'OKdule' # Mohr of Tranquillizer
MoT_DTr1.lha       mods/8voic 198K   3+'OKdule' # Mohr of Tranquillizer
MoT_DTr2.lha       mods/8voic 303K   3+'OKdule' # Mohr of Tranquillizer
MoT_DTr3.lha       mods/8voic 176K   3+'OKdule' # Mohr of Tranquillizer
MoT_DTr4.lha       mods/8voic 134K   3+'OKdule' # Mohr of Tranquillizer
MoT_T1Lo.lha       mods/8voic 179K   3+'OKdule' # Mohr of Tranquillizer
MoT_TPRe.lha       mods/8voic 160K   3+'OKdule' # Mohr of Tranquillizer
dunewatcher.lha    mods/atmos 168K   9+Atmospheric new age, desert music.  MMD1
Echoes.lha         mods/atmos  92K   9+Echoes - Another .mod by Silvio Banzi
NowWhat1.lzh       mods/aweso  82K   3+Synth mod by DR Awesome
NowWhat3.lzh       mods/aweso 100K   3+Slow mod by DR Awesome
AfterTheFight.lha  mods/boray 117K   7+Protracker module by Boray 950204
Alexandra.lha      mods/boray  67K   7+Protracker module by Boray 95/11/18____
AreYouDeafToe2.lha mods/boray  53K   5+Protracker module by Boray
BigFara2.lha       mods/boray  28K   5+Protracker module by Boray 93/02/14
DirtyBalcony.lha   mods/boray  67K   5+Protracker module by Boray 95/07/12
Drizzle.lha        mods/boray  78K   5+Very old module by Boray
Durable.lha        mods/boray  27K   5+Boray's 3:rd module...
Felody.lha         mods/boray 150K   5+Protracker module by Boray 93/02/14
Future.lha         mods/boray 121K   7+Nice module by Boray 96/10/15
HarenHoppar.lha    mods/boray  62K   5+(In Rolgrim Style) by Boray 930528
HeSTheKing.lha     mods/boray 148K   4+DIGI Booster module by Boray 1997/04/09
IAmCreated.lha     mods/boray 142K   5+DIGI Booster module by Boray 97/03/27
MakeTheDiffere.lha mods/boray 167K   5+Nice module by Boray 1997/01/10
MissionIsPossi.lha mods/boray 240K   5+DIGI Booster module by Boray 1997/04/06
ModuleSearch96.lha mods/boray  61K   5+Nice long module by Boray 96/12/30
NextGeneration.lha mods/boray 239K   7+Mod by Boray 951211. One of my best.
Pilgrim.lha        mods/boray  82K   5+Protracker module by Boray 96/12/20
SaganOmTedLeif.lha mods/boray 114K   5+Silly module by Boray 93/01/06
SillyGibbon.lha    mods/boray   5K   5+Protracker chip module by Boray 95/03/29
SpaceLightThem.lha mods/boray 111K   5+Nice space-mod by Boray 96/09/15
WednyNyke.lha      mods/boray  47K   5+Protracker module by Boray 93/01/21
WhereToGo2.lha     mods/boray 224K   3+DIGI Booster module by Boray 1997/04/14
Intro.lha          mods/cels  634K   7+DrumNbASS by the CELSIUS
Chippy.lha         mods/chip    2K   3 Another chiptune...
Chrome.lha         mods/chip   14K   9+Published Commodore 64 music by Einstein
Egypten.lha        mods/chip    1K   3 Small chiptune by SD
forrob.lha         mods/chip   10K   4+Another chip-tune by Pumpkin
gametune.lha       mods/chip    9K   4+Chippy tune by Pumpkin
happens.lha        mods/chip    2K   6+"Chip Happens" by racoon/ward
off_cthx.lha       mods/chip   12K   5+ThX-tUnEs from Offence's `Carpe Noctem'
persids3.lha       mods/chip  174K   4+PERSIDS #3 MORE SID tunes from the great
software.lha       mods/chip    7K   6+"Software Failure" by racoon/ward   
THXmuzza.lha       mods/chip   75K   4+Wow! *all* (79) THX tunes ripped! (E&OE 
0mar.lha           mods/crash  73K   3+Med module 3/6 beat, loud and hard hitti
0pal.lha           mods/crash  85K   3+Med module, blast beat, fast paced, full
0scaryman.lha      mods/crash  98K   3+Med module, harcore noise tech mod, one 
1Murder.lha        mods/crash  68K   3+Med module.  Bongos and panflute mixed w
Aftershave.lha     mods/crash 112K   3+Med module.  Another long epic one, lots
Anoqia.lha         mods/crash  66K   2+Background noise mod, something to sleep
Biochem.lha        mods/crash  17K   3+Med module.  The ultimate grand finale s
BrokenSkull.lha    mods/crash  99K   3+Med module.  Hardcore metal sound with s
Burglary.lha       mods/crash 246K   3+Med module.  Real sneaky / action soundi
Clone_Death.lha    mods/crash  78K   3+Med module.  Hypno-trance type mod with 
COPtheme.lha       mods/crash  25K   3+Med module.  mellow, groovin, low toned 
CoronerLab.lha     mods/crash  58K   3+Med module.  hard hitting, evil sounding
CrysJung.lha       mods/crash 128K   3+Med module.  Epic mod, melodies and chor
DeathSquad.lha     mods/crash  82K   3+Med module.  Tech mod, with evil, hypnot
Dementia.lha       mods/crash  87K   2+8 channel mood-swinging mdo w/ minor cho
DemonRobot.lha     mods/crash 133K   3+Med module.  Blast-beat speed metal mod.
dissociate.lha     mods/crash  65K   3+Med module.  8 channel melodic mod, with
DriveBY.lha        mods/crash  96K   3+Med module.  Head crackin heavy metal mo
Elongated.lha      mods/crash 103K   3+Med module.  Total drums and percussion 
Exposure.lha       mods/crash  99K   3+Med module.  acoustic / hard core metal 
eyesocket.lha      mods/crash  93K   3+Med module.  implementing noises as inst
GumDisease.lha     mods/crash  73K   3+Med module.  grungy tech mod with pulsat
HairyChild.lha     mods/crash 406K   3+2 med modules.  Long fast tech mod, and 
HalfLife.lha       mods/crash 181K   3+Med module.  Monstrous sounding mod, lou
Infexion.lha       mods/crash  87K   3+Med module.  Evil sounding, mix of odd h
Ionized.lha        mods/crash  26K   3+Med module.  goes from calm/classical to
MagneticWaste.lha  mods/crash 191K   3+Med module.  long, experimental tech mod
n2depths.lha       mods/crash  63K   3+Med module.  upbeat chord/melody mod wit
Narcotomy.lha      mods/crash  36K   3+Med module.  loud and fast tech mod.
Necrocracy.lha     mods/crash  60K   3+Med module.  evil work of art, minor mel
niknak.lha         mods/crash  76K   3+Med module.  Loud tribal drums and synth
niknakremix.lha    mods/crash 120K   3+Med module, remix of Crash's "Nik Nak"  
NineDeath.lha      mods/crash  17K   2+70 % synth, 100% infectious evil rythms 
NUkem.lha          mods/crash 283K   3+Med module.  Metal mod, sequel to "Nuk'e
OberoN.lha         mods/crash  54K   3+Med module.  More loud and nasty techno 
psychor.lha        mods/crash 119K   3+Med module.  Fast and furious tech mod, 
radon.lha          mods/crash  42K   3+Med module.  Almost too generic techno m
retrograde.lha     mods/crash 105K   3+Med module.  Metal mod.  Sounds like a m
RIPFACE.lha        mods/crash  35K   3+Med module.  Loud and fast tech mod. 
SPOREmix.lha       mods/crash  57K   3+Med module.  remix of CND's "SPORE" mod.
STALKER.lha        mods/crash  22K   3+Med module.  simple, slow, creep-o-mod.
SubwayBlue.lha     mods/crash 187K   3+Med module.  Easy groove mod.  
synsympathy.lha    mods/crash   2K   3+Med module.  short, depressing  synth mo
wwwretch.lha       mods/crash  80K   3+Med module.  Sounds like an acid overdos
emind.lzh          mods/csm   163K   3+Synth track by CSM/1997
xplore.lzh         mods/csm   100K   3+Xplore->track by CSM/1997
focus.lha          mods/demo  821K   5+SYMP'97 multichn (3rd place) Lord & Scor
ops_sm97.lha       mods/demo  222K   6+"Sweet Harmony" by Oops!
ops_viss.lha       mods/demo   38K   6+"Vissla" by Oops!
RealAGA_mus.lha    mods/demo  179K   6+Mods from "Real" AGA by Complex
SanityMus.lha      mods/demo  657K   6+Almost all the -Sanity- music!
sn3_4ch1.lha       mods/demo  2.9M   3+SCENEST'97 - All 15 selected 4 channel m
sn3_fudg.lha       mods/demo  458K   5+Fudge multichn by Scorpik from Scenest'9
SwitchBackMus.lha  mods/demo  385K   6+All mods from Switchback demo by Rebels
tramp_end.lha      mods/demo  180K   3+The end-part module from the demo TRAMP!
Promise.lha        mods/ephnx 572K   2+Flowy,Spacey,Dark and Crazy MMD3 Format
Disco3.lha         mods/exprt  23K   6+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
DreamsMagic2.lha   mods/exprt  38K   6+Symphonie mod composed by Expert/Inferno
Glitter.lha        mods/exprt  45K   6+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
GoldenFire.lha     mods/exprt  29K   6+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
GoldWork.lha       mods/exprt  32K   6+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
Melanholic2.lha    mods/exprt  30K   6+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
Music1.lha         mods/exprt  96K   6+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
Music2.lha         mods/exprt  96K   6+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
MySong.lha         mods/exprt  70K   6+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
Rock2.lha          mods/exprt 105K   6+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
Rock5.lha          mods/exprt 110K   6+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
TechCom.lha        mods/exprt  31K   6+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
XPop.lha           mods/exprt 113K   6+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
Pinked.lha         mods/fby   427K   6+FBY 1997 4Ch 4:30 4TH place at Mekka'97
PolkaVacca97.lha   mods/fby    24K   6+FBY 1996/7 4Ch 1:10 From HNY'97 Spyral
SunShine.lha       mods/fby   307K   6+FBY 1997 16Ch 3:40 11TH pos at Mekka'97
CUST_Harald.lha    mods/funk  229K   5+Harald H rdtand - CUSTom module for DT/E
CUST_Hrald2.lha    mods/funk  230K   5+Harald H rdtand - CUSTom module, 2nd ver
help.lha           mods/funk  178K   6+"Help Da Fool" by racoon/ward
kingston.lha       mods/funk   99K   6+Reggae/rock style music (MMD1)
magic.lha          mods/funk  157K   6+"Magic Notes" by racoon/ward   
solution.lha       mods/funk  185K   6+"No Solution!" by racoon/ward
3P_1W.lha          mods/hardc  62K   7+Rave by Mopz of NC.Gamez (4Ch)
alienlove.lha      mods/hardc 124K   7+HorrorScenario-muzak 
Aluminium.lha      mods/hardc 637K   4+Music-Module
EvilHardcore.lha   mods/hardc 554K   4+Music-Module
FMF.lha            mods/hardc 114K   7+Rave by Mopz of NC.Gamez (4Ch)
gabba17.lha        mods/hardc 121K  10+Krazy gabba by Vox
HauzE.lha          mods/hardc 122K   6+Heavy synth 208 hardcore by Vox
speecore.lha       mods/hardc 117K   3+Mtut > just smashing
Extradimension.lha mods/house  38K   7+ProTracker module - Extradimensional
Hus.lha            mods/house  88K   3 Cool house by SD
JackAttack.lha     mods/house 273K   7+MED module - Jack Attack
Plastertracks.lha  mods/house  49K   3 Strange house by SD
raveforest.lha     mods/house 227K   4+A haunting exotic trance techno tune
thelight.lha       mods/instr 461K   4+Epical score by Pumpkin
thespirit.lha      mods/instr 133K   4+Older tune by Pumpkin
sutju.lha          mods/jorma  50K   6+Sutju by Vesuri (Detroit/Elektro, from J
bonus.lha          mods/jungl 1.7M   6+Bonus Beats by Liam/PRD *** 1:57
circle.lha         mods/jungl  78K  10+Drum'n'bass by Vox
DeathJungleCit.lha mods/jungl 281K   7+ProTracker Jungle Module by KOLa / PnS!
dMN_Ruffah.lha     mods/jungl 298K   2+Ambient Breakbeat by DamNation/iNSTiNCT
forest.lha         mods/jungl 310K   3+Forest Food - jungle!
ia_badbz.lha       mods/jungl 579K   9+Badboiz - Jungle/Techstep module (XM) by
ji_SuRReNDeR.lha   mods/jungl 267K   6+SuRReNDeR - A protracker module by JaBi
jninject.lha       mods/jungl 388K   3+Mtut > rough thing
jungle.lha         mods/jungl 110K  10+In the jungle by Midnight Flip
nathan.lha         mods/jungl 248K  10+Flanged drum'n'bass by Vox
pepsi.lha          mods/jungl 274K   3+Fun dredd base-style jungle
phd_phib.lha       mods/jungl 397K   8 [ PHD ] - them phibes by substance/mono
Pixel.lha          mods/jungl   7K   3+Small jungle by SD
speedset.lha       mods/jungl  93K   3+Mtut > featuring laughing Ricarda P.
StrDarkn.lha       mods/jungl 412K   3+Strange & Dark Drum&Bass MOD
LEAD_FuckinLC.lha  mods/lead  651K   6+[LEAD] Your're Fuckin' With LC - HC-Meta
LEAD_Golfass.lha   mods/lead  453K   6+[LEAD] Golfa'ss - Funky Piano-Metal by L
LEAD_Murk597.lha   mods/lead  398K   4+[LEAD] En Murklas Mest Givande Samtal '9
LEAD_Uran4.lha     mods/lead  687K   3+[LEAD] Uran Orchid - Chapter 4 - Lifeles
1dmind.lha         mods/mark   43K   3+Mark Salud's jazz music module
200mph.lha         mods/mark  111K   6+Mark Salud's guitar-rock music module
angside.lha        mods/mark   76K   3+Mark Salud's slow music module
bgon.lha           mods/mark   65K   5+Mark Salud's dance music module
bigwild.lha        mods/mark   92K   3+Mark Salud's rock music module
chd42nd.lha        mods/mark   48K   4+Mark Salud's swing-pop music module
cida.lha           mods/mark   56K   5+Mark Salud's pop music module
coolenough.lha     mods/mark   54K   4+Mark Salud's jazz music module
dayday.lha         mods/mark   36K   5+Mark Salud's waltz music module
domjam.lha         mods/mark   73K   6+Mark Salud's dance music module
futwrld.lha        mods/mark   76K   5+Mark Salud's scifi dance music module
hdrock.lha         mods/mark   77K   3+Mark Salud's rock music module
hero_boy.lha       mods/mark   59K   5+Mark Salud's pop music module
hirdman.lha        mods/mark   98K   4+Mark Salud's popdance music module
ibef.lha           mods/mark   83K   6+Mark Salud's wave-dance music module
ios.lha            mods/mark   46K   3+Mark Salud's wavedance music module
lfhe.lha           mods/mark   45K   5+Mark Salud's wave-pop music module
mascool97.lha      mods/mark   58K   6+Mark Salud's dance music module
mighty_mod.lha     mods/mark   63K   3+Mark Salud's dance music module
ohoh.lha           mods/mark   32K   4+Mark Salud's reggae music module
omspell.lha        mods/mark   75K   4+Mark Salud's wave-rock music module
one_x.lha          mods/mark   79K   6+Mark Salud's rock music module
skyward.lha        mods/mark   47K   6+Mark Salud's wave-dance music module
speed_demons.lha   mods/mark  122K   4+Mark Salud's guitar-rock music module
spsw.lha           mods/mark   75K   6+Mark Salud's swing-pop music module
spydude.lha        mods/mark   94K   3+Mark Salud's dance music module
supdan.lha         mods/mark   47K   6+Mark Salud's synth-dance music module
sway.lha           mods/mark   30K   4+Mark Salud's swing-pop music module
timehrt.lha        mods/mark   74K   5+Mark Salud's soft music module
toofar.lha         mods/mark   39K   4+Mark Salud's slow music module
twinkle.lha        mods/mark   66K   5+Mark Salud's soft & slow music module
udah.lha           mods/mark   46K   3+Mark Salud's steeldrum dance music modul
upur.lha           mods/mark   90K   6+Mark Salud's tech-dance music module
zi_jam.lha         mods/mark   45K   5+Mark Salud's dancemusic module
anger.lha          mods/med    47K   3+Tune by paddyWack made with Octamed.v5
CascTranq.lha      mods/med   125K   4+Easy listening, soothing kind of tune.
ClingDream.lha     mods/med   176K   5+Clinging to a Dream. A 4 channel moody r
Dust.lha           mods/med   269K   6+Freestyle mod by Uwi.
Grisen.lha         mods/med    17K   3+Old MED-song by SD
HallOfEternity.lha mods/med   162K   5+*COOL* 8ch OCSS house mod by IMMORTAL
Hb_firstcompo.lha  mods/med   109K   3+1st HOLOBOYS release: dance style w/ pix
Hb_tajmahal.lha    mods/med   165K   3+3rd HOLOBOYS release: oriental  with pix
Hb_whools.lha      mods/med   165K   3+4th HOLOBOYS release:  game style w/ pix
Ml_Hall_Of_Fam.lha mods/med    15K   6+An Hi-Scores music made with Mline
Ml_Ocean_Storm.lha mods/med   207K   6+8-Channels themes made with Mline by Zet
Ml_Supercar.lha    mods/med     4K   6+An Mline-remix of SUPERCAR theme... by Z
outthere.lha       mods/med   103K   2+Trance mod by Snozz (Lee Eckert)
progress.lha       mods/med    65K   5+OctaMED SS Mod Hyper/iNSTiNCT
sk_5thWheel.lha    mods/med    84K   5+Techno in 5/4
sk_bettys.lha      mods/med    97K   3+Houselike music by skullsaw
sk_EE.lha          mods/med    89K   4+Breakbeat,child vocals-skullsaw
sk_gearteeth.lha   mods/med    93K   4+Jungatech by skullsaw
sk_orgres.lha      mods/med    90K   3+Minimalistc Breakbeat by skullsaw
Spirit.lha         mods/med   1.7M   4+Dancing Spirit V2
testament.lha      mods/med   235K   4+A drum `n Bass-tinged OctaMED song file
crooze.lha         mods/melod  70K   4+Tropical/Calypso MMD1 by Bobby Clark
rio.lha            mods/melod  62K   3+A peppy little latino tune (MMD1)
TheLastCry.lha     mods/melod 239K   5+Fine MED module by /\/\ind \/\/alker
airp.lzh           mods/misc  199K   4+Airphobia/1996
alfons.lha         mods/misc   34K   3+Alfons  berg by SD
AmigaAcid.lha      mods/misc   45K   3 Minimalistic track by SD
bjaller.lha        mods/misc   33K   3+Jingle Bells by SD
csm_exp3.lzh       mods/misc  392K   4+Experimental tracks by CSM
CUST_Agony_MON.lha mods/misc  181K   5+Custom module v1.0 for EP/DT (+ sources)
CUST_HangOn.lha    mods/misc  146K   5+Custom module v1.0 for EP/DT (+ sources)
Dedicat2.lha       mods/misc  650K   6+Tribute to Rob Baxter (2 disks set) of S
Dedication1.lha    mods/misc   78K   6+Tribute to Rob Baxter (2 disks set) of S
demol.lzh          mods/misc   83K   4+A track By CSM/1996
DumDaDum.lha       mods/misc   27K   3 Another song by SD
Eleflask.lha       mods/misc  133K   3 Crazy tune by SD & Philip
flyatl.lzh         mods/misc  222K   4+FlyingOverAtlantis/1997
Have.lha           mods/misc  365K   6 Happy Piano Hardcore-DJ ELviz
heavens.lzh        mods/misc   41K   4+A track By CSM/1996
jump_n_move.lha    mods/misc  151K   2+Mod by I.L.S ***** Ar. BY Joseph.c
lastear.lzh        mods/misc  116K   4+A track By CSM/1996
ligtbeat.lha       mods/misc   39K   3+Mtut > old popstyle track
mo_blur.lha        mods/misc  276K   5+(mono) - Blur Reality by ChuckB
mo_buck.lha        mods/misc  635K   3+(mono) - In The Buck by Relief + Skizo
mo_core.lha        mods/misc  391K   5+(mono) - The Core by Archangel
m_futu.lha         mods/misc  451K   6+(mono) - The Future by Twilight /Mono
m_keta.lha         mods/misc  190K   5+(mono) - Ketamin Sunrise EP by Dreamfish
m_twist.lha        mods/misc  179K   4+(mono) - Twisted Shadows by Substance
m_wyr.lha          mods/misc  422K   7+(mono) - Wyrchyk by Subi /Mono
nostcovr.lha       mods/misc   98K   3+Mtut > electronicblackstuff
o3.lha             mods/misc  279K   3+Mod by I.L.S ***** Ar. BY Joseph.c
oldtrax.lzh        mods/misc  326K   4+Old tracks by CSM (93/94)
P3_Dans.lha        mods/misc   16K   3 P3 Dans-musik
planetx.lzh        mods/misc   88K   4+A track By CSM/1996
puredv.lzh         mods/misc  160K   4+PureDevotion/96
rockit.lzh         mods/misc  278K   4+A track By CSM/1996
RonKlaren_BSIM.lha mods/misc   92K   5+Ron Klaren module for EaglePlayer
RonKlren_CBTM.lha  mods/misc   29K   4+Ron Klaren module for EaglePlayer
ruins.lzh          mods/misc  225K   4+Ruins/96-Early track by CSM
sunstorm.lzh       mods/misc  185K   4+A track By CSM/1996
Thunder.lha        mods/misc   47K   5+Old Module by BPM
united7.lzh        mods/misc  152K   4+A track By CSM/1996
xtacy.lzh          mods/misc  312K   6+Track By CSM
NotStupid.lha      mods/ooze  443K   5+"I'm_Not_Stupid" - 12ch [!!harcore] XM b
OneOnThe.lha       mods/ooze  615K   5+"One On The House" - 10ch [!!harcore] XM
UFOs.lha           mods/ooze  234K   5+"U-F-O's" - 16ch [!!harcore] XM by Ooze/
WhoAmI.lha         mods/ooze  554K   5+"Who Am I" - 10ch [!!harcore] XM by Ooze
cuckoo.lzh         mods/panik 168K   2+(S3M) Deep into the Cuckoo
ug.lzh             mods/panik 194K   2+(S3M) Underground
arabia.lha         mods/pop    35K   5+4 ch PT Mod by Daniel Hare
jerk.lha           mods/pop   159K   6+"jerk Off!" by racoon/ward   
razorxii.lha       mods/pop   235K   4+Very good pop-rock .XM module
voyage.lha         mods/pop    73K   6+"Voyage" by racoon/ward   
109bpm.lha         mods/pro   498K   3+Trance rave module from Chill/Instinct
cluster.lha        mods/pro   305K   3+Powertrip module from Chill/Instinct
Etr_Hate.lha       mods/pro   187K   6+Metal by Etrimon
hemlock.lha        mods/pro   488K   3+Trance rave module from Chill/Instinct
stay.lha           mods/pro   442K   5+"Stay with me" by Mr.Lou / Instinct DK
the_big_man.lha    mods/pro    28K   6+A Protracker module by Deniil 715!
mat_smakar_got.lha mods/rated 184K   2+Mat Smakar Gott  1ST MOD AT TSP 96
mysiga_meloner.lha mods/rated 213K   2+Mysiga Meloner   2ND MOD AT TSP 96
rr-afric.lha       mods/rebel 457K   5+Rebel Riffs "Afreeka !" XM
rr-ahmad.lha       mods/rebel 336K   5+Rebel Riffs "Ahmmad" XM
rr-bband.lha       mods/rebel 317K   5+Rebel Riffs "Ben's Big Band" XM
rr-blow.lha        mods/rebel 447K   5+Rebel Riffs "Blow Blow" XM
rr-bodyw.lha       mods/rebel 377K   5+Rebel Riffs "Bodyworking" XM
rr-burn.lha        mods/rebel 485K   5+Rebel Riffs "Burning Up" XM
rr-cajun.lha       mods/rebel 277K   5+Rebel Riffs "Cajun Crunch" XM
rr-catch.lha       mods/rebel 366K   5+Rebel Riffs "Catch That Train !" XM
rr-cut.lha         mods/rebel 435K   5+Rebel Riffs "The Directors Cut" XM
rr-dish.lha        mods/rebel 536K   5+Rebel Riffs "Dishin' It" XM
rr-dubw.lha        mods/rebel 419K   5+Rebel Riffs "Dubwise" XM
rr-dubx.lha        mods/rebel 443K   5+Rebel Riffs "Dubwise Dubmix" XM
Bad_Victory.lha    mods/rock   71K   4+Slow rock by STONE
ICS_JourneyToS.lha mods/rock   96K   3+Heavy-metal module by Icaros
Lost.lha           mods/rock   69K   4+Hardrock mod with a NICE melody.
paradox.lha        mods/rock  181K   5+"Paradoxial Death" by Suicyco/ComPuphili
pieceofg.lha       mods/rock  396K   4+Guitar ballad - orchestral mix
reallylight.lha    mods/rock  506K   4+Piano/Guitar by Pumpkin
realsnd.lzh        mods/rock  284K   2+Rock/Ballad experimental track 
revo.lha           mods/rock   83K   5+"revolution" by Suicyco/ComPuphiliaCS
sundayl.lzh        mods/rock  140K   5+Surf_Music/Light Rock by CSM
Sunshine.lha       mods/rock  221K   2+Slowrock/Funk Symph 2.4f Pro by Dr.K.Oss
unite.lha          mods/rock  179K   5+"Unite And Fight" by Suicyco/ComPuphilia
14RK_Mods.lha      mods/sets  175K   5+14 Ron Klaren modules! (Use DT/EP)
conqmus.lha        mods/sets  254K   6+Music from the game CONQUEST
psl_mod2.lha       mods/sets  445K   2+Modules by Pic Saint Loup
psl_mods.lha       mods/sets  1.1M   3+Modules from Lost Symphony MusicDisk
RaptorsMegaMod.lha mods/sets  506K   3+A total mix of mods
rme_musipack2.lha  mods/sets  662K   2+12 PT-Mods composed by Ruben Monteiro
rokmods.lha        mods/sets  224K   5+Roketz original music
A_Dream.lha        mods/slow   55K   4+Light piano by STONE
lis.lha            mods/slow   44K   4+Lost in Space - slow by S. Banzi
myst.lha           mods/slow   34K   6+"Mystified" by racoon/ward   
Right_Friend.lha   mods/slow   99K   4+Romantic piano by STONE (2nd on AW'96)
toiletsa.lha       mods/smpl  120K   3+Hilarious sample of my toilet flushing.
death_of.lha       mods/synth 111K   2+4 channel PT module by Jan R. Haugan
Mysteria.lha       mods/synth 595K   3+Synth/Trnc Symph 2.4f+ Pro by Dr.K.Oss
synthese.lha       mods/synth  18K   3+Mtut > fast synthetic techno.track
1st_try_2_fuck.lha mods/techn  80K   8+Chavez - 1st try 2 fuck???
21_arti_modifi.lha mods/techn  45K   8+Chavez - 21st percent
acidcrunch.lha     mods/techn 111K   4+Crunchy, chewy techno module! (MMD1)
acidmach.lha       mods/techn 106K   3+Mtut > strict and necessary techno.track
Acid_Phase.lha     mods/techn 318K  10+Acid Phase Mix
aminetmix.lha      mods/techn 305K   3+A Megamix of my favorite Aminet mods.
bane_DarkGroov.lzh mods/techn 171K   5+A really kewl, techno by Olethros/Xarn (
basechec.lha       mods/techn  74K   3+Mtut > old techno mod
boosted.lha        mods/techn  91K   3+Mtut > techno.track with breaks inside
CG_Iso_rmx.lha     mods/techn 249K   6+By Cousin G/OXG - eclectic techno
Cuique.lha         mods/techn 343K   6+Cuique Suum Reddit. Modules from "Eclips
drumextn.lha       mods/techn  35K   3+Mtut > a phat drummed one
EgyMix.lha         mods/techn   9K   4+Music-Module
fogl.lzh           mods/techn 143K   4+Fields of Glory/97-experimental(V 1.01)
fzylogic.lha       mods/techn 288K   3+Aboriginal styled techno module by Fuzzy
gabbcus.lha        mods/techn 269K   6+Gabber Cushion by Positive Mind
goldears.lha       mods/techn  27K   3+Mtut > hard and monotone techno
groovysu.lha       mods/techn 348K   2+House by [mASh!]
housypow.lha       mods/techn  41K   3+Mtut > stringed techno/house.track
hypnoman.lha       mods/techn  61K   3+Mtut > strict and necessary techno.track
ICS_RapidResum.lha mods/techn 177K   3+Techno-synth module by Icaros
livin.lzh          mods/techn 112K   4+Living/Experimental/97
LoT_DDOM.lha       mods/techn  99K   2+MODule # Latte of Texxid Mod.DigDidoOmdo
mASh_SoftRMX.lha   mods/techn 372K   6+House by [mASh!]
mASh_x2c.lha       mods/techn 273K   2+Hard Stuff by [mASh!]
melost.lzh         mods/techn 109K   4+Melostatic/96-Industrial/dark-techno
Mind.lha           mods/techn 193K   4+A Tecno/Rave module by Cannibal Creator
MoT_Tr2T.lha       mods/techn 151K   2+MODule # Mohr of Tranquilizer Mod.Trip2T
ops_swe5.lha       mods/techn 178K   6+"Sweet Five" by Oops!
organize.lha       mods/techn  68K   3+Mtut > experimental not so fast track
phd_c_l.lha        mods/techn 228K   3 [ PHD ] - chroma-luma by juice/phd
phd_fr10.lha       mods/techn 468K   6 [ PHD ] - frame 10 by relief/mono^puzzle
phd_free.lha       mods/techn 233K   6 [ PHD ] - freek out ep by ronny/tls^elke
phd_nebu.lha       mods/techn 310K   3 [ PHD ] - nebular by heekend/penline
phd_newc.lha       mods/techn 258K   6 [ PHD ] - a new chance by pirat/phd
phd_norm.lha       mods/techn 246K   4 [ PHD ] - is that normal? by pirat/phd
Q_Beat.lha         mods/techn 247K   6+EXPERIMENTAL ACID/HOUSE by Johnny Z
Red_B_Bomb.lha     mods/techn 139K   4+Special techno/trance guitar by STONE
rembel.lzh         mods/techn 207K   6+Techno mod by Olethros (Christos Dimitra
sunshine.lha       mods/techn 149K   6+Excellent mod by Midnight Flip
Synaptic.lha       mods/techn 145K   6+Synaptic Gap. Modules from "Eclipse" by 
Thron.lha          mods/techn  99K   4+Hard wave rhythms by STONE
tnology.lzh        mods/techn 149K   4+NoTechnology/96-Industrial/melodic
triptops.lha       mods/techn 110K   3+Mtut > broken in after a brainwash
vol_MBeam.lha      mods/techn 705K   3+MoonBeam by volley (atmos/trance)
vol_StarS.lha      mods/techn 285K   3+StarSleep by volley (bass pounder)
workshee.lha       mods/techn  31K   3+Mtut > long and monotone track
Alterated2.lha     mods/tranc 183K   3+Mod for Symphonie 2.4f+
Bass.lha           mods/tranc 145K   4+A TecnoTrance module by Cannibal Creator
BigCity.lha        mods/tranc 110K   5+Trance MODule by Planet G Prod. 2.0
BreakOut.lha       mods/tranc 551K   6+Song by Marco Ege - Symphonie 24f+
ColorOfMind.lha    mods/tranc  83K   3+A nice TecnoTrance music module in MMD2 
Cybersized.lha     mods/tranc 301K   7+RAVE/TRANCE mod by Johnny Z
ebb.lha            mods/tranc 377K   7+MMD2 format trance mod
Entrance.lha       mods/tranc 336K   7+TRANCE mod by Johnny Z
LaserTranceS.lha   mods/tranc 378K   5+Trance MOD - Symphonie 2.4f+
Sunblocker.lha     mods/tranc 523K   6+Song by Marco Ege - Symphonie 24f+
TakeMeTTMS.lha     mods/tranc 535K   6+Mod for Symphonie 2.4f+
trans.lha          mods/tranc 113K   3+Soft trance in MED
UfeelItS.lha       mods/tranc 360K   6+Mod for Symphonie 2.4f+
ViVa.lha           mods/tranc 938K   6+Song by Marco Ege - Symphonie 24f+
Zebes.lha          mods/tranc 251K   3+Ambient drum'n'bass by SD
5DaysInParadis.lha mods/voy   263K   5+PT 4-track, enigma-style (?) module by V
AlienWorld.lha     mods/voy   148K   5+PT 4-track, ambient module by V0yager (C
BadEnd.lha         mods/voy    71K   5+PT 4-track, from game "Kretacz" by V0yag
BeetwenPast.lha    mods/voy    70K   5+PT 4-track, smells like disco by V0yager
BlackPinkWhite.lha mods/voy   111K   5+PT 4-track, slow module by V0yager (Cons
BlueMoon.lha       mods/voy    77K   5+PT 4-track, slow module by V0yager (Cons
BombadilsBirth.lha mods/voy     5K   5+PT 4-track, short & strange module by V0
CommingToDeath.lha mods/voy    56K   5+PT 4-track, another one module by V0yage
ConstellationM.lha mods/voy   206K   5+PT 4-track, ambient module by V0yager (C
CrusadeInOldTo.lha mods/voy    49K   5+PT 4-track, module by V0yager (Constella
CustomsFree.lha    mods/voy    54K   5+PT 4-track, disco module by V0yager (Con
CYaTKG_8.lha       mods/voy   379K   5+FastTracker 1.0 8-tracks multichanel by 
CYaTKG_S.lha       mods/voy   375K   5+StoneTracker 1.26 8-tracks multichanel b
C_64.lha           mods/voy    76K   5+PT 4-track, C-64 style module by V0yager
DeadlyInnocent.lha mods/voy   154K   5+PT 4-track, ambient module by V0yager (C
DeepInYourSoul.lha mods/voy   151K   5+PT 4-track, another module by V0yager (C
Destination_Ph.lha mods/voy    82K   5+PT 4-track, module from the game "Kretac
DreamGreyRiver.lha mods/voy   142K   5+PT 4-track, module by V0yager (Constella
DuSvardenvyrd.lha  mods/voy    60K   5+PT 4-track, strange module by V0yager (C
EverythingIsOv.lha mods/voy   137K   5+PT 4-track, ambient module by V0yager (C
ForgottenDream.lha mods/voy   188K   5+PT 4-track, very long module by V0yager 
ForgottnLegen.lha  mods/voy   139K   5+PT 4-track, module by V0yager (Constella
HeartAppercept.lha mods/voy   120K   5+PT 4-track, strange module by V0yager (C
IfYouWin.lha       mods/voy   128K   5+PT 4-track, pop-style module by V0yager 
InBattle.lha       mods/voy    79K   5+PT 4-track, just another module by V0yag
InnerPain.lha      mods/voy    78K   5+PT 4-track, just another module by V0yag
Khazad_Dum.lha     mods/voy   106K   5+PT 4-track, module by V0yager (Constella
KretaczTheme.lha   mods/voy    71K   5+PT 4-track, module from the game "Kretac
LordOfSilmaril.lha mods/voy   183K   5+PT 4-track, module by V0yager (Constella
MakeTheWish.lha    mods/voy   168K   5+PT 4-track, slow module by V0yager (Cons
Manhunter.lha      mods/voy    40K   5+PT 4-track, module by V0yager (Constella
Metamorphose.lha   mods/voy    19K   5+PT 4-track, short piano module by V0yage
MissionDeepDea.lha mods/voy    92K   5+PT 4-track, old module by V0yager (Const
NeverendingLov.lha mods/voy   111K   5+PT 4-track, pop-style module by V0yager 
NightFlightYF.lha  mods/voy    87K   5+PT 4-track, very old module by V0yager (
NoEntitledToLi.lha mods/voy   311K   5+PT 4-track, very long module by V0yager 
OgreOgre.lha       mods/voy   110K   5+PT 4-track, module by V0yager (Constella
OnTheEdgeOfAby.lha mods/voy    77K   5+PT 4-track, module by V0yager (Constella
Prophecy.lha       mods/voy   156K   5+PT 4-track, pop-style module by V0yager 
Quadroscope.lha    mods/voy    45K   5+PT 4-track, module from the game "Kretac
Reincarnation.lha  mods/voy   124K   5+PT 4-track, pop-style module by V0yager 
SecurityCode.lha   mods/voy    56K   5+PT 4-track, module by V0yager (Constella
SoundOdysee91.lha  mods/voy   123K   5+PT 4-track, first Amiga module by V0yage
SpaceVoyage.lha    mods/voy   105K   5+PT 4-track, very old module by V0yager (
StarCreation.lha   mods/voy   361K   5+PT 4-track, mixed styles module by V0yag
StrangeSounds.lha  mods/voy    69K   5+PT 4-track, module by V0yager (Constella
SuicidalFeelin.lha mods/voy   198K   5+PT 4-track, slow module by V0yager (Cons
Synth1.lha         mods/voy     1K   5+OctaMED (MMD0) synth song V0yager (Const
Synth2.lha         mods/voy     2K   5+OctaMED (MMD0) synth song V0yager (Const
Synth3.lha         mods/voy     1K   5+OctaMED (MMD0) synth song V0yager (Const
TakeTheHand.lha    mods/voy   139K   5+PT 4-track, ambient module by V0yager (C
TheEnd.lha         mods/voy    20K   5+PT 4-track, short music joke by V0yager 
TheHankering.lha   mods/voy   168K   5+PT 4-track, slow module by V0yager (Cons
TheMiracleofLO.lha mods/voy   167K   5+PT 4-track, slow module by V0yager (Cons
TheWavesOfFire.lha mods/voy    73K   5+PT 4-track, module by V0yager (Constella
TrollsHill.lha     mods/voy   100K   5+PT 4-track, module by V0yager (Constella
TwilightZone.lha   mods/voy   394K   5+PT 4-track, slow module by V0yager (Cons
VacuityLiving.lha  mods/voy   138K   5+PT 4-track, ambient module by V0yager (C
VagueIdea.lha      mods/voy   196K   5+PT 4-track, pop-style module by V0yager 
VirtualReality.lha mods/voy    48K   5+PT 4-track, another module by V0yager (C
VisualDistance.lha mods/voy    78K   5+PT 4-track, module from the game "Kretac
Warriors.lha       mods/voy     0K   5+THX Sound System chip tune V0yager (Cons
WastedSilence.lha  mods/voy   141K   5+PT 4-track, module V0yager (Constellatio
WellOfValinor.lha  mods/voy   166K   5+PT 4-track, module V0yager (Constellatio
WorldFullOfHat.lha mods/voy   135K   5+PT 4-track, module V0yager (Constellatio
bane_vacant.lzh    mods/xm    475K   5+16ch XM mod by Olethros (Christos Dimitr
Heart.lha          mods/xm    459K   6+Bouncy Hardcore Techno-DJ ELviz
Inspiration.lzh    mods/xm    451K   3+Dancefloor Module
DBoosterPro.lha    mus/edit   695K   8+Multichannel music program V2.0PRO
easyplay.lha       mus/edit   203K   3+Easiest way to produce music!
Join2Stereo.lha    mus/edit    12K   3+Joins to 8SVX-Mono-Samples to a stereo 8
maves_d.lha        mus/edit   694K   7+8/14-bit harddisk sound system, Maves De
NewTracker_AHI.lha mus/edit    86K   3+Music composer (3.56/AHIr2) for OS 2.1+ 
omed_pt15.lha      mus/edit    11K   8+OctaMED SS1 PT cuts upgrade (1.5)
samplee.lha        mus/edit    76K   8+SampleE a Sample Editor
SoundConvert.lha   mus/edit   417K   5+Sound Converter V2.0, GUI for AmiSox etc
SymphDoc_E.lha     mus/edit    21K   5+Symphonie ENGLISH docs  by Michel Visser
SymphEDIT.lha      mus/edit    74K   2+FREE Symphonie 2.4f rel 9
bossdrum.lha       mus/midi    12K   6+Korg i-Series/X-Series song
cam_deAB.lha       mus/midi   573K   3+Camouflage MIDI/16-Bit-Audio Sequencer
cs1xed.lha         mus/midi   316K   2+MIDI-Editor Yamaha CS1x
DX100patches.lzh   mus/midi    85K   5+A collection of DX-100 synth patches
ebeneezr.lha       mus/midi    13K   6+Korg i-Series/X-Series song
fool_tnk.lha       mus/midi    55K   6+Korg i-Series/X-Series song using Genera
FP95.lha           mus/midi    20K   6+Korg i-Series STYLE Data
getbettr.lha       mus/midi    23K   6+Korg i-Series/X-Series song using GM Voi
ladytrmp.lha       mus/midi    34K   6+Korg i-Series/X-Series song using Genera
midiplayer.lha     mus/midi    23K   8+Small Workbench Midi/MPX2 file player 
MIDIpreter19.lha   mus/midi    19K   6+MIDI-Soft-Thru + graphical output (v1.9)
MidiTracker.lha    mus/midi   269K   4+Midi composing software, tracker-style, 
nakdrain.lha       mus/midi    11K   6+Korg i-Series/X-Series song
only_you.lha       mus/midi    26K   6+Korg i-Series/X-Series song using Genera
ProjectMIDI.lha    mus/midi    26K   8+Use your Amiga as a MIDI-Instrument!!
REO.lha            mus/midi    71K   2+Russian Easter Overture .MID
runtoyou.lha       mus/midi    29K   6+Korg i-Series/X-Series song
slipaway.lha       mus/midi    27K   6+Korg i-Series/X-Series song
Syx.lha            mus/midi    43K   4+MIDI SysEx dump utility. V1.2
TSaltan3.lha       mus/midi    36K   6+Finale of Tsar Saltan Suite .MID
wave.lha           mus/midi    33K   6+Korg i-Series/X-Series song using Genera
8to16.lha          mus/misc    27K   3+V1.3 of sample converter
ahiusr.lha         mus/misc   210K   3+Retagetable audio v4, User's Archive
AIdemo.lha         mus/misc    65K  10+Sample Editor+Effects+Synth FULL VERSION
amp.lha            mus/misc   254K   7+Another Mp3 "Player".v0.7.2a1
ASdemo.lha         mus/misc   202K  10+Demo of Powerful Synth, renders samples.
HardDiskRecord.lha mus/misc     9K   3+Very basic hard disk record program (AHI
JoinAIFF.lha       mus/misc     4K   2+Join 2 AIFF files to one stereo file 
Karami_v11.lha     mus/misc   141K   8+Make some karaoke to sing easily!
maplay3.lha        mus/misc   126K   7+Mpeg audio. LayerI-III. v1.0 a1
med2xm.lha         mus/misc    10K   8+Converts OctaMED SS mods to XM's, V1.25
Metr_Spanish.lha   mus/misc     2K   3+Spanish catalog for Metronome V1.1
mp3.lha            mus/misc   223K   2+Mpeg audio decoder.LayersI-III. 0.9.6-a1
MusicInGUI.lha     mus/misc    13K   3+GUI for mpeg-encoder MusicIn - MUI
PSID_EX_ED.lha     mus/misc     2K   6+PSID_Edit & PSID_Extract for one-filed P
RiPIT130.lha       mus/misc   110K   2+RiPIT v1.3 - Multiformat Ripper
smt_23.lha         mus/misc   385K  10+Triggers samples from Amiga/MIDI keyboar
thxripper.lha      mus/misc     9K   3+THX-Module ripper
AHITool.lha        mus/play    17K   3+Powerful B&Pipes sample player using AHI
AHI_NotePlayer.lha mus/play     9K   3+AHI noteplayer (1.4) for DeliTracker 
bigplay3.lha       mus/play   117K   2+GUI for AGMSPlaySound, play samp from HD
C64Player_V1_2.lha mus/play    85K   3+Transfer & play PlaySID-files on the C64
ChaoZGui_070b.lha  mus/play    52K   2+ChaoZGui 0.70b - Gui for Mpega 2.4
ComTracker1_1.lha  mus/play    59K   5+A Module Player for MODs and MEDs
EP_JasonPageO.lha  mus/play     5K   1+EaglePlayer Jason Page Old external repl
EP_THX127.lha      mus/play    13K   5+EaglePlayer THX 1.27 external replayer
hippoplayer.lha    mus/play   651K   3+V2.39, module player. Try it!
lowplay.lha        mus/play    11K   4+CLI ST/NT/PT Player v1.00
mpega.lha          mus/play   241K   3+MPEG I,II & III audio decoder V2.4 (6802
MPEGAPlayer.lha    mus/play    65K   8+MPEG audio DeliTracker player V1.4 68020
mpeGUI.lha         mus/play     3K   3+Simple GUI for mpega using RexxReqTools
SPlayer_v1_6a.lha  mus/play   172K   5+Update to 1.6a now ! (or else)
SPLibDev.lha       mus/play   159K   5+SuperPlay-Library V6.3 (Dev)
SPLibUsr.lha       mus/play    68K   5+SuperPlay-Library V6.3 (Usr) plus SuperP
SS.lha             mus/play    20K   3+Plays not-converted SIDs! V1.12 (970324)
dm_space.lha       pix/3dani   12M   2+Space animation done with LW v3.5
JumpingUp.lha      pix/3dani  230K   4+Another (rather nice) LW-rendered IK-ani
Tomb2.lha          pix/3dani   12M   4+Traced graceyard    HAM 368x290x6x201
unicanim.lha       pix/3dani  413K   4+Cute Imagine-anim of a unicycle
ACG_Dance.lha      pix/anim   143K   2+A  small hi-res laced anim.
ACG_Macarena.lha   pix/anim   330K   6+An anime girl does the macarena.
ACG_WaterFall.lha  pix/anim   120K   5+A nice waterfalls anim.
Aliens_cdxl.lha    pix/anim   1.7M   9+CDXL scene from the #2 Alien movie
AWindyDay.lha      pix/anim   2.5M   4+Nice Hand Drawn Animation
BeeAnimLong.lha    pix/anim   2.6M   4+Unusual Animation/Live Action 
blowintel3.mpg     pix/anim   1.0M   7+Anim of blowing intel logo and growing m
EulerBIG.lha       pix/anim   6.3M   5+Spacefighteranimation BIG-VERSION from A
eyestimanim3.lha   pix/anim   717K   4+#3 from the EYE STIM serie.
Fishdemo.lha       pix/anim    48K   3+Anim made in DpaintIV
Impressionist.lha  pix/anim   454K   2+Looping hand drawn Anim 
Martina.mpg        pix/anim   348K   3+Martina Hingis captured on MPEG
Skwishy.lha        pix/anim   3.4M   3+Quality Cel Style Animation
sycamore.lha       pix/anim   226K   2+Pete W Storonskij's Quick Animation
TheShrink.lha      pix/anim   6.9M   4+Cool Hand Drawn Animation
TNG.lha            pix/anim   1.2M   5+Little "scheps" 1701D Enterprise Animati
TvAnim.lha         pix/anim    44K   3+Amiga Boot Animation
Voyager_CDXL.lha   pix/anim   4.9M   2+CDXL scene from the Voyager Intro
WhatDoYouSee.lha   pix/anim   3.1M   4+Great Hand Drawn Animation
Aris_6.lha         pix/art    292K   5+New set of graphics 
Aris_7.lha         pix/art    215K   4+More Anime Style Graphics 
Cool.lzh           pix/art     49K   3+Cool Spot Bild
Day.lzh            pix/art     17K   3+Tentacle Bild
FordGranada.lha    pix/art     15K   3+FordGranada picture made in DpaintV
GreyCupRachel.lha  pix/art     23K   6+Rachel Raccoon Cheering 94 Grey Cup (Les
IMS_CICM.lha       pix/art    147K   6+Cicmic pic by Beast&Lord / Impulse for S
JaimeJanet.lha     pix/art     32K   6+A cartoon in Japanese style inspired by 
RachelMontr.lha    pix/art     35K   6+Rachel Raccoon in an empty monitor (Les 
RachelRodeo.lha    pix/art    150K   6+Rachel Raccoon celebrating Amiga's retur
RachelSunny.lha    pix/art    171K   6+Rachel Raccoon preparing for summer (Les
sn3_gfx1.lha       pix/art    2.3M   4+SCENEST'97 - All 15 selected graphics en
Snail.lha          pix/art    296K   6+Snail & Turtle running a dogsled (Les Di
Soldat.lzh         pix/art     71K   3+Soldier
VolleyballRach.lha pix/art     36K   6+Rachel Raccoon spiking a volleyball (Les
XmasRachel93.lha   pix/art     38K   6+Rachel Raccoon Christmas Fishing Cup (Le
YokoTsuno.lha      pix/art    104K   2+8 handdrawn 16color img. from Yoko Tsuno
Earth_large.lha    pix/astro  7.2M   4+24bit 2880x1440 map of Earth
Earth_medium.lha   pix/astro  2.0M   4+24bit 1440x720 map of Earth
HaleBop2.lha       pix/astro   33K   2+Hale-Bopp pictures
HaleBopp.lha       pix/astro  364K   4+Hale-Bopp pictures
Mars_large.lha     pix/astro  9.3M   4+24bit 2880x1440 map of Mars
Mars_medium.lha    pix/astro  2.3M   4+24bit 1440x720 map of Mars
Venus_large.lha    pix/astro  6.8M   4+24bit 2560x1280 map of Venus
Venus_medium.lha   pix/astro  1.7M   4+24bit 1280x640 map of Venus
BrainSoup_IV.lha   pix/back   316K   2+BrainSoup texture collection 4
MUIPreset.lha      pix/back   349K   5+Mui settingfile & background brushes.
SwalkerBack.lha    pix/back   130K   4+For WB, 4 backdrops 640*400, all 8-color
clmx.mpg           pix/bill   1.1M   8+An Imagine rendered mpeg animation
Boot_Majddar.lha   pix/boot   195K   6+WB 3.1 Boot Picture
wb_nt.lha          pix/boot    57K   4+Two bootscreens for WorkBench NT :-}
Win95BootPic.lha   pix/boot    29K   2+Windows 95 Boot Picture
spechel3.lha       pix/clip    40K   4+Even more Spectrum brushes!
GW_Amiga.jpg       pix/eric   124K   6+Reaction to Gateway 2000 announcement
AnimBrushes.lha    pix/icon    35K   2+23 AnimBrushes for Toolmanager-Docks (Ma
dgicon.lha         pix/icon     2K   4+NewIcon for the DunGen program
DO_NIcons.lha      pix/icon     9K   9+NewIcons for DOpus (v5.5). AppIcon, Envi
gh97.lha           pix/icon    65K   7+Gray Haze 97 Workbench enhancer pack
GM_Dock1.lha       pix/icon   157K   7+GuRUMEd Net Icons for ToolManager Dock
GM_Dock2.lha       pix/icon    87K   6+GuRUMEd Net Icons for ToolManager Dock V
LWIcons.lha        pix/icon     4K   3+NewIcons for Lightwave. Looks more pro!
MCP_CoplandPtr.lha pix/icon     1K   6+Ultimate MCP 16 colors pointer
obiwanNI2.lha      pix/icon    39K   9+My second set of NewIcons
TrevsIcons3.lha    pix/icon    13K   2+A small IconoGrafx icon collection
WB_Buttons.lha     pix/icon   810K   4+Buttons for TM or other things
mad_rush.lha       pix/illu   939K   6+Photos from rUSHhOURS'97 party by cERBER
maku.jpg           pix/illu    34K   5+The OLD MAKULOGO Version...from Alirion
parrotscreens.lha  pix/illu   816K   3+Parrot Island Screenshots
Pyramid_Sys.lha    pix/illu   3.0M   3+Images from "Pyramid Systems" Systems An
Savage15bit.lha    pix/illu   109K   3+Savage040-060 2.41 15bit demoscreenshoot
eg_amigalogo.jpg   pix/imagi   53K   6+Amiga logo under lightning
FuturePast.jpg     pix/imagi  131K   4+Jpeg pic. Title: 'Future n Past'
StationAt.lha      pix/imagi  131K   5+Space Station at attack
Battle_Flags.lha   pix/jake    89K   2+Battle Scarred Veterans.
Fury.lha           pix/jake    53K   2+Of Sound And The Fury.
Nightmare.lha      pix/jake    85K   2+Amidst A Growing Nightmare.
Orson.lha          pix/jake    63K   2+Beer And Pizza.
Paris.lha          pix/jake    69K   2+I Remember Paris In The Springtime.
PinUp.lha          pix/jake    57K   2+Do Pinups Come Alive?
TheRam.lha         pix/jake    76K   2+Portrait Of Fine Distinction.
Time.lha           pix/jake    66K   2+Flickering Candles Of Time.
2010.lha           pix/misc    76K   5+HAM-6 320 x 400 2010
56Chevy.lha        pix/misc    25K   5+56 Chevy (HAM-6 320 x 400)
Abyss.lha          pix/misc    88K   4+Abyss (HAM-6 320 x 400)
Affection.lha      pix/misc    89K   5+Affection (HAM-6 320 x 400)
AfterRT.lha        pix/misc   123K   5+AfterRT (HAM-6 376 x 480)
AF_Banners.lha     pix/misc    53K   4+"Created with Amiga"-PICs for WWW-pages 
Angel.lha          pix/misc    54K   5+Angel (HAM-6 320 x 400)
April.lha          pix/misc    83K   4+April (HAM-6 320 x 400)
Battle.lha         pix/misc    90K   3+A Battle Lost?
Beethoven.lha      pix/misc    66K   4+Will Never Conduct The Ninth Symphony.
Big_Cats.lha       pix/misc    86K   5+Big Cats (HAM-6 320 x 400)
Birth.lha          pix/misc    88K   3+Not The Usual Kind Of Birth.
Buddy_Dogs.lha     pix/misc    72K   4+Buddy Dogs Lounging On A Couch.
Burr.lha           pix/misc    66K   4+Do You Remember Aaron Burr?
Butterfly.lha      pix/misc    49K   4+Simply A Beautiful Butterfly.
Calling.lha        pix/misc    80K   3+The Calling Of The Forces.
Cancer.lha         pix/misc    88K   4+Bizzare Cancer.
Captive.lha        pix/misc    62K   3+Captive Of The Heart?
Chicago.lha        pix/misc    96K   4+Chicago (HAM-6 320 x 400)
Collins.lha        pix/misc    38K   5+Collins (HAM-6 320 x 400)
compscan.jpg       pix/misc    28K   3+Scanned image of my a1200
COP.lha            pix/misc    75K   5+HAM-6 320 x 400 Cop
Counterfeit.lha    pix/misc    86K   3+A Counterfeit Traitor.
Crazy_Dog.lha      pix/misc    74K   5+Crazy Dog (HAM-6 320 x 400)
Death.lha          pix/misc    62K   4+Death Drives A Yellow Sports Car.
diskscan.jpg       pix/misc    16K   3+Scanned image of a disk
Dracula.lha        pix/misc    40K   5+Dracula (HAM-6 320 x 400)
DragonW1.jpg       pix/misc   106K   3+A German X-Mas Dragon-Postcard by Michae
DragonW2.jpg       pix/misc   132K   3+A German X-Mas Dragon-Postcard by Michae
DragonW3.jpg       pix/misc   129K   3+A German X-Mas Dragon-Postcard by Michae
DragonW4.jpg       pix/misc   129K   3+A German X-Mas Dragon-Postcard by Michae
Explorers.lha      pix/misc    75K   4+Explorers (HAM-6 320 x 400)
Face.lha           pix/misc    92K   4+Face (HAM-6 320 x 400)
Fading_Out.lha     pix/misc    55K   5+Fading Out (HAM-6 320 x 400)
Fish.lha           pix/misc    80K   5+Fish (HAM-6 320 x 400)
Friday.lha         pix/misc    63K   4+My Girl Friday.
Fullmoon.lha       pix/misc    83K   4+Fullmoon (HAM-6 320 x 400)
Gemini.lha         pix/misc    86K   3+The Gemini Twins. Nice Tattoos.
Gentle_Cats.lha    pix/misc    74K   4+Gentle Cats (HAM-6 320 x 400)
GetYou.lha         pix/misc    83K   3+Coming To Get You.
HardSell.lha       pix/misc    84K   4+The Graddaddy Of Hardsells.
Hatchett.lha       pix/misc    46K   3+Smoking Gun In Her Hand.
haynie_pios.lha    pix/misc   226K   7+Pics of Haynie working on PIOS ONE
insidetp4a.lha     pix/misc   757K   2+Inside The Party 4 - Archive 1
inside_tp4b.lha    pix/misc   622K   2+Inside The Party 4 - Archive 2
Invictus.lha       pix/misc    85K   3+A Moment Of Quiet Contemplation.
Kitten.lha         pix/misc    84K   4+No Furry Kitten But She May Meow.
Lavalite.lha       pix/misc    92K   3+Aerial Assault.
Leda.lha           pix/misc    82K   3+Leda And The Swan.
Leopards.lha       pix/misc    76K   5+Leopards (HAM-6 320 x 400)
Lips.lha           pix/misc    89K   4+Lips Not Meant For Kissing.
lovecraft.lha      pix/misc    88K   5+HAM-6 320 x 400 Lovecraft Illusion
Magnificent.lha    pix/misc    82K   4+Get Me Out Of Here!
Marc_Bolan.lha     pix/misc    80K   4+Portrait Of Desperate Torture.
Martini.lha        pix/misc    44K   5+Martini (HAM-6 320 x 400)
Menagerie.lha      pix/misc    85K   5+Menagerie (HAM-6 320 x 400)
Mercenary.lha      pix/misc    81K   3+Mercenary Ready For Action.
Mine.lha           pix/misc    79K   4+What's Mine Is Mine.
MooGa.lha          pix/misc    83K   4+MooGa 2000 Celebrating the Gateway 2000 
Moreta.lha         pix/misc    77K   4+Moreta Or Do Dragons Fly?
More_Fish.lha      pix/misc    76K   5+More Fish (HAM-6 320 x 400)
Neanderthals.lha   pix/misc    88K   4+Neanderthals Coming Your Way.    
Neq.lha            pix/misc    89K   4+Neq The Warrior.
NewCow.lha         pix/misc     5K   4+New Amiga Int. cow
Night.lha          pix/misc    71K   4+The Chariot Of Night.
Niobe.lha          pix/misc    50K   3+Niobe, The Spinner Of Webs.
Perseus.lha        pix/misc    86K   3+The Slayer Of Medusa.
Pirate.lha         pix/misc    84K   3+Scurry Over The Side.
Pisces.lha         pix/misc    82K   3+The End Of The Zodiac.
Portrait.lha       pix/misc    68K   5+Portrait (HAM-6 320 x 400)
Primeval.lha       pix/misc    69K   3+The Queen And Her Subjects.
sandbox.lha        pix/misc    67K   5+HAM-6 320 x 400 Sandbox
silk1.jpg          pix/misc   544K   3+Picture created with Silk.
silk2.jpg          pix/misc   506K   3+Picture created with Silk.
silk3.jpg          pix/misc   377K   3+Picture created with Silk.
silk4.jpg          pix/misc   503K   3+Picture created with Silk.
silk5.jpg          pix/misc   444K   3+Picture created with Silk.
silk6.jpg          pix/misc   588K   3+Picture created with Silk.
silk8.jpg          pix/misc   492K   3+Picture created with Silk.
silk9.jpg          pix/misc   465K   3+Picture created with Silk.
Snorkeling.lha     pix/misc    59K   4+Snorkeling Can Be Fun!
Sumo.lha           pix/misc    29K   5+Sumo (HAM-6 320 x 400)
T2.lha             pix/misc    35K   4+The Awesome Terminator From T2.
Tiger.lha          pix/misc    90K   5+Tiger (HAM-6 320 x 400)
Toucans.lha        pix/misc    66K   4+Toucans (HAM-6 320 x 400)
Trooper.lha        pix/misc    36K   5+Trooper (4-Bit 640 x 400)
Tyrannosaurus.lha  pix/misc    91K   3+Tyrannosarus Rex.
Vampire.lha        pix/misc    33K   4+Creature Of The Night.
Waterfall.lha      pix/misc    87K   3+City On The edge Of A Waterfall.
wife.lha           pix/misc    88K   5+HAM-6 320 x 400 Wife
Wolfman.lha        pix/misc    77K   5+Wolfman (HAM-6 320 x 400)
Woman.lha          pix/misc    33K   5+Woman (HAM-6 320 x 400)
MotherShip.mpg     pix/mpg    1.3M   5+CrystalShipFlyBy
Ai_MWB1.lha        pix/mwb     79K   2+VideoGirl Ai MWB Pic by PirlAGA
AMI.lha            pix/mwb    448K   5+Another MagicWB Icon Collection
EmBackdrops2.lha   pix/mwb    273K   4+Grey-scale background images for MagicWB
MagicDiskIcons.lha pix/mwb    119K   6+MagicWB icons and some dock icons for To
magichorus.lha     pix/mwb     97K   6+Icon collection in 16 colors
MD_Worms.lha       pix/mwb      9K   2+WormsDC  - 8 Colours MWB Icons
SMIcons.lha        pix/mwb    872K   4+Icons and backgrounds for MWB people.
wms_brushes.lha    pix/mwb    253K   2+MWB 8-Color Brushes for Toolmanager-Dock
2000a_d.jpg        pix/nevil   37K   5+A wizard's attempt to manipulate time
2EyesOnYou.jpg     pix/nevil   52K   6+Imobilizing stare of the black panther
3waysOut.jpg       pix/nevil   63K   3+A subject entrapped by lack of vision
BengalTiger.jpg    pix/nevil   72K   6+The face of a roaring tiger
BlastOff.jpg       pix/nevil   57K   6+Pix of spaceshuttle at blastoff time
BubbleJoy.jpg      pix/nevil   44K   2+A joyful pair of reef residents
Clifflodge.jpg     pix/nevil   59K   6+Lofty view overlooking sea & sky
CowboyTrail.jpg    pix/nevil   60K   6+Cowboy outback western scenery
DOGGgoneIt.jpg     pix/nevil   64K   5+Poop still rappin at da gangsta party
Free2Fly.jpg       pix/nevil   63K   3+An elusive dream takes to flight
Lighthouse.jpg     pix/nevil   70K   6+Seascape with a cool lighthouse building
LoveLight.jpg      pix/nevil   56K   5+A pair of dolphins basking in it
wizard2000.jpg     pix/nevil   41K   5+Pix of the wizard making it happen
AmyReport.jpg      pix/real3   40K   6+An Amiga 4000 rendered with Real3D
causticR3D.jpg     pix/real3   33K   5+R3Dv3.3 experimental caustic image.
docking.jpg        pix/real3   99K   4+Science-fiction image
Murano.jpg         pix/real3   77K   3+Pictures of some glass animals
rockpool.jpg       pix/real3  128K   3+R3Dv3.3 waves,mud,rocks.
waterjmp.jpg       pix/real3   10K   3+Waterjump rendered in Real3d v1.4
sports.lha         pix/sport  647K   2+High Quality (Water-)Sports Pics
1701D_26.jpg       pix/trace   42K   4+Lightwave traced NCC1701-D
1701D_27.jpg       pix/trace   22K   4+Lightwave traced NCC1701-D
ABOX_View.lha      pix/trace  487K   5+An A\BOX view...All by "NURBS"
amigalog.lha       pix/trace  271K   5+Picture of the water Amiga logo from Pol
AmiIntLogo.jpg     pix/trace   56K   6+Cowish Amiga Int.logo by Fredrik Rambris
bl_aupts.jpg       pix/trace   67K   2+LW traced pic with BlueBox theme, bAD l
bl_eflag.jpg       pix/trace   49K   2+LW traced pic of a Flag, bAD l
bl_spobj.jpg       pix/trace   93K   2+LW traced pic of Space Lego, bAD l
bl_ufo.jpg         pix/trace   73K   2+LW traced pic of a UFO/earth, bAD l
buero.jpg          pix/trace  239K   4+SF Picture by M.Welter
casas.jpg          pix/trace  396K   4+Amiga graphic desing (MAMOMO)
DeepSeaView.lha    pix/trace  251K   4+Cooksey's Submarine in deep sea [BQ]
dungeon.jpg        pix/trace   76K   4+SF Picture by M.Welter
es_con.lha         pix/trace  639K   5+EScom-CONDOM trace from Poland
Gatzara.jpg        pix/trace  212K   4+Gatzara's graphic desing (MAMOMO)
invaders.jpg       pix/trace   70K   3+'INVADERS'-trace from Poland
mad_jacobs.lha     pix/trace  299K   6+New trace by mADbART of aNADUNe^aPPENDIx
Porche.jpg         pix/trace   55K   3+A lightwave mega picture
PowerDesk.lha      pix/trace  571K   6+A new Amiga Clone...All by "NURBS"
Power_Desk_603.lha pix/trace  334K   4+The A1200 successor...All by "NURBS"
spacepic.jpg       pix/trace   54K   4+SF Picture by M.Welter
ss_logo.lha        pix/trace  591K   5+MCinema4D Raytrace of the Secret Service
subfight.jpg       pix/trace   57K   4+SF Picture by M.Welter
Szoba.jpg          pix/trace  296K   6+A nice picture of a nice room
the_abox.lha       pix/trace  128K   3+A pic of the A\BOX...All by "NURBS"
u_convoy.jpg       pix/trace  160K   4+SF Picture by M.Welter
u_statio.jpg       pix/trace  145K   4+SF Picture by M.Welter
u_transp.jpg       pix/trace  101K   4+SF Picture by M.Welter
VChannel.jpg       pix/trace   70K   3+VIDEO CHANNEL - Cinema4D v2
x_wing_slide.lha   pix/trace  594K   2+Lightwave Rendered Star Wars Pics
autos.lha          pix/vehic  679K   2+High Quality Pics About (Old) Cars
3D_OS.lha          pix/wb     303K   4+ABOX 3DOS v1 grab :-)...All by "NURBS"
Angelwb.lha        pix/wb     109K   5+Snap of Angel's WB
AristotelisWB.jpg  pix/wb     264K   3+Aristotelis "Grypas"` Workbench
BerzScreenshot.lha pix/wb     223K   5+Some examples of my WB
BPMs_WB.jpg        pix/wb     132K   5+Cool Snapshot of BPMs WB3.0
cjbench3.lha       pix/wb     202K   3+Screengrab of 912x612x64colour workbench
esers_w.lha        pix/wb     202K   6+Eser's 256color WBs
gma_mac.jpg        pix/wb     130K   4+Cool Snapshot of my Amiga running ShapeS
gma_wb.jpg         pix/wb     264K   4+Cool Snapshot of my WB
GuRUMEd_WB2.lha    pix/wb     309K   2+GuRUMEd 1280x1024 NewIcons/TManager WB/G
hidinrom.lha       pix/wb      21K   3+Hidden text in 3.0 ROM
MyCyb3DWB.jpg      pix/wb     147K   2+Snap of my 800x600 Cybervison64/3d Workb
newbidea.lha       pix/wb     497K   6+An idea how new WB could look
OlafsWB.lha        pix/wb     335K   3+2 WBPics without MagicWB Colors, 256Colo
picasso_hf.jpg     pix/wb     435K   3+Screen Grab Of Multiple Ibrowse Sessions
PrenzerWb.lha      pix/wb     1.9M   2+Four screenshoot in one at 1280x1024 24b
RikersWB.lha       pix/wb      12K   5+Screenshot of Rikers WB
rjkwb.lha          pix/wb     129K   6+Grab of Workbench screen
SSdesktop.jpg      pix/wb     467K   6+1280x1024 MacOS/SS - AgrFX Desktop Kewl
TheFalconsWB3.lha  pix/wb     172K   5+Another Falcon Workbench - the best WB i
WorkBench_4.lha    pix/wb     419K   7+Workbench IV grab...All by "NURBS"
wwmacros.lha       text/dtp     7K   7+Wordworth macros for labels and cards
AmigaTEd45NTSC.lha text/edit  109K   3+NTSC Version of AmigaTEd V4.5
Amiga_TEd45.lha    text/edit  109K   3+ASCII Text Editor with Buttons V4.5 
amis.lha           text/edit  188K   5+Pro. editor for multiple file formats.
EdWordV6_0_1.lha   text/edit  182K   2+V6.0.1 of this fully-featured text edito
envASM11.lha       text/edit   20K   6+Assembler mode for GoldED
envBAT10.lha       text/edit   18K   6+Batch file editing mode for GoldED
envCPP21.lha       text/edit   51K   6+C++ mode for GoldED
envGDE12.lha       text/edit   40K   6+AmigaGuide publishing mode for GoldED
envMDT21.lha       text/edit   23K   6+Microdot mode for GoldED
envSTM21.lha       text/edit   90K   6+StormC mode for GoldED
envWRD43.lha       text/edit  1.6M   6+Spellchecking for GoldED 4
envWWW23.lha       text/edit  126K   6+WWW publishing mode for GoldED
GED_AsciiReg.lha   text/edit   23K   2+Converts GoldED 4 registry files to ASCI
JIWAPro.lha        text/edit  562K   7+Japanese Text Editor [Complete Archive] 
kezaco_1_55.lha    text/edit  259K   7+Kanji Editor (for Jis japanese encoded f
Magazine.lha       text/edit  156K   2+Make cool OS-friendly disk-mags (v2.2)
miami20gfr.lha     text/edit   20K   8+French catalog for Miami V2.0g
NCEd201BETA.lha    text/edit   38K   6+ANSI (not FULL support) ed. from NC.Game
vim46bin.lha       text/edit  576K   6+Vim, Vi IMproved, text editor, bin+docs
vim46src.lha       text/edit  776K   6+Vim, Vi IMproved, text editor, sources
WordW615PL.lha     text/edit   12K  10+Polish catalogs for WordWorth v6 (bugfix
WordW62PL.lha      text/edit   12K   9+Polish catalogs for WordWorth v6 (bugfix
WordWorthPL.lha    text/edit   11K  10+WordWorth 5-6 - PL ver. by WFMH LocalePL
2b_ShowFont10.lha  text/font   18K   5+Shows bitmap/vector fonts
wbfont.lha         text/font    2K   9+Proportional replacement for Topaz 8
GuideML.lha        text/hyper  28K   2+Cool AmigaGuide -> HTML converter (V1.2)
HTMLess.lha        text/hyper  16K   8+V2.5 Converts HTML files to ASCII text.
HTMLFIX.lha        text/hyper  35K   6+Bugfixes and beautiefying of HTML-Files
IndexView.lha      text/hyper  25K   4+View Aminet INDEX like guide file, v1.21
ixg07db.lha        text/hyper 206K   3+AGuide with pics,anims,html-support
LSAGSearch.lha     text/hyper   9K   6+FAST AmigaGuide Search Utility with mult
2runes.lha         text/misc    5K   4+Convert Text files to Tolkien's runes
Chinese.lha        text/misc  194K   7+Chinese text patch
convert.lha        text/misc   17K   3+Converts texts using CrossDOS-compatebil
FastFonts.lha      text/misc    4K  10+Faster output of topaz.8 and topaz.9
Japanese.lha       text/misc  190K   8+Japanese text patch
Konwerter.lha      text/misc   55K   4+Converts and (de)coding ASCII files.
Korean.lha         text/misc  178K   7+Korean text patch
LSD3EngEsp.lha     text/misc  226K   4+Dictionary for LSDictionary 3
LSD3EngFre.lha     text/misc   58K   4+Dictionary for LSDictionary 3
LSD3_Lat_Eng.lha   text/misc   98K   2+Dictionary for LSDictionary 3
LSDictionary3.lha  text/misc  269K   4+Foreign language dictionary/translator
nroff.lha          text/misc  111K   5+An nroff for the Amiga, real port
Canon31.lha        text/print  28K  10+Canon BJC-600 / BJC-4000 driver
CanonDiskBJ395.lha text/print 612K   8+V3.95 Canon BJ/BJC Printer Driver Disk 
Envelope.lha       text/print  29K   2+Print Envelope addresses with HP DeskJet
HP3PS.lha          text/print  18K   9+HP3-PacificPage PS Emulator Mode Changer
OrderForm.lha      text/print  71K   2+A *MUST* for ShareWare authors! (v2.1)
RawPrint.lha       text/print   4K   7+Dumps direct to printer without translat
TextToBraille.lha  text/print  34K   9+Text To Braille Conversion Utility
VCArchive330.lha   text/print 387K   2+Video&CD-Archive V3.30 - MC,CD,Video
EvenMore036.lha    text/show  112K   4+Font sensative text viewer (BETA)
Next2_00.lha       text/show   55K  10+Text viewer with many features, V2.0
TextView110.lha    text/show   56K   3+Textviewer
bibcard_13.lha     text/tex    65K   6+BibCard for Amiga.   KS2.04 and above
DoTeX11.lha        text/tex    14K   5+GUI for PasTeX
DoTeX12.lha        text/tex    17K   3+MUI user interface for PasTeX
html2tex.lzh       text/tex    17K  10+Src for a HTML -> LaTeX progs. 
rtf2latex.lha      text/tex   147K  10 Convert LaTeX to RTF and vice versa (Por
slits.lha          text/tex     8K   4+LaTeX Slits v0.31 
AppISizer.lha      util/app    57K   9+AppIcon gets the size of disks...V0.78a
AppReplaceIcon.lha util/app    84K   2+Replacing icons with a new one
dropview.lha       util/app    37K   2+Adds a WB AppIcon to an application.
FileGizmo.lha      util/app    44K   9+*Fixed!* Another Appicon file recogniser
IconAct.lha        util/app    58K   3+File Type ID by Life Team
ToolAppIcon.lha    util/app    34K   4+AppIcon selecting Tools
ArcExtract1_0.lha  util/arc    79K   3+A small util to extract Lha/Lzx files
DzA_1_2.lha        util/arc     4K   3+Archives Files using GUI V1.2
IceArc149.lha      util/arc    30K   8+IceArc v1.49 - Multi Form (De)Archiver
icearc150.lha      util/arc    30K   8+IceArc v1.50 - <NIL: BUGFIX!
MUI_Archiwizer.lha util/arc    79K   2+The MUI multi form (de)archiver.
PackDev1_9.lha     util/arc    24K   7+Packs DFx, DHx etc., XPK support, V1.9
Packmaster.lha     util/arc    81K   4+GUI for Archivers LHA,LZX,DMS (German)
untgz.lha          util/arc    10K  10+Small and efficient tar.gz unarchiver
InfoWindow.lha     util/batch   4K   5+Creates a window to report information d
GBCookie.lha       util/blank  50K   2+V1.0, Module for GarshneBlanker V3.6
GBLvshuf.lha       util/blank  46K   5+V1.2, Module for GarshneBlanker V3.6
GBSnwplt.lha       util/blank  45K   5+V1.8, Module for GarshneBlanker V3.6
LotsaBlankers.lha  util/blank  66K   2+V1.01 Excellent blankers for Garshne.
madhouse250.lha    util/blank 359K   5+Mod. ScrSaver; new features; bugs fixed.
AFR_2225.lha       util/boot  199K   9+AFR 2.225 replacement for FileRequester
BangerMenu.lha     util/boot   86K   4+Startmenu activate CAPSLock,gfxboard-sup
BetterOpenLibs.lha util/boot    2K  10+Enhances OpenLibrary features
BlizKick.lha       util/boot   55K   8+MapROM tool for Blizzard turbos. V1.9.
BootChange.lha     util/boot  109K   9+Selects random samples and boot pictures
Bootpic2_2.lha     util/boot   32K   7+A Boot program that shows configuration
BootSys20.lha      util/boot  297K   6+A Booting System showing a picture with 
checkdrive.lha     util/boot    3K   8+Reboots if HD not found..
ColdReboot.lha     util/boot    1K   5+Reboot the system from ANY screenmode
fastblt.lha        util/boot    4K   6+Speed up blitter-wait operations.
FastIPrefs4035.lha util/boot   37K  10+FastIPrefs 40.35 & FastWBPattern 40.06
GetMouseInput.lha  util/boot    9K   6+V1.1 - read mouse button state
IfNoDrive.lha      util/boot    3K   4+V0.3 - Warn or reboot if drive not prese
KickControl.lha    util/boot   22K   7+GUI for softkickers like BlizKick
ksr.lha            util/boot  107K   6+Nice reboot program (AGA req.)
LogPass.lha        util/boot    7K   3+Protection with logname and password
ModeIDList123.lha  util/boot   14K  10+Lists DisplayDatabase entries, V1.23
NewWPA8.lha        util/boot    2K   2+Faster chunky output
RainbootConfig.lha util/boot  123K   4+Configs for Rainboot  
ReKickReset.lha    util/boot    4K   2+Useful tool for ReKick users, v40.2
remcards.lha       util/boot    2K  10+Removes PCMCIA stuff from system.
RememberWin.lha    util/boot    2K   6+Brings previous window2front on closing
ReqChange.lha      util/boot  267K   5+Patch the OS to use ReqTools. V3.13
SetPSM.lha         util/boot    2K   7+Set Public screen mode flags
StartupSelectr.lha util/boot   28K   7+Nice way to execute differents Startup-S
SysProt4_01.lha    util/boot   73K   5+System Protection V4.01 Preview
UnixDirs3.lha      util/boot   17K   7+AmigaDOS improver. Freeware. V2.0
Activity.lha       util/cdity  33K   3+Monitor user activity. V2.2
ClipHistory.lha    util/cdity  86K   4+A history for the clipboard, V2.4
CRSnap.lha         util/cdity  11K   9+Screen snapshot commodity v1.3
CxBar.lha          util/cdity  72K  10+A 1-line/row virtgrp ExchangeClone(MUI)
EasyPatch125a.lha  util/cdity  65K   4+*The* *Requester* *Destroyer*
FindItGui_121s.lha util/cdity  34K   5+Excellent Finder--BUGFIX!
FindIt_Gui_121.lha util/cdity  86K   5+Excellent Finder--BUGFIX!
HappyDT.lha        util/cdity  19K   1+Allow old prog. to use Datatypes
MagicExchangeS.lha util/cdity   2K   8+Swedish (svensk) catalog for Magic-Excha
mcx271.lha         util/cdity  62K   2+Multi Function Commodity
mcxp326.lha        util/cdity 108K   6+MUI Preferences for MultiCX
mexch118.lha       util/cdity  20K  10+The Ultimate Exchange-Replacement
ModePro4_24.lha    util/cdity  86K   3+Screenmode Promotion & Public Screen uti
NewViewv1.lha      util/cdity  16K   5+AppIcon Commodity for multiple viewers
Opaque2_3.lha      util/cdity 167K   2+Opaque window commodity w/ CGFX
PSCalc.lha         util/cdity 227K   3+PSCalc Powerful Scientific Calculator
ScreenTab_3_2.lha  util/cdity 303K   4+Start-Button, Task-Bar & more !!!
tnav.lha           util/cdity 582K   7+Tool`s Navigator V1.2 - Tool Manager
WinSoundv1_2.lha   util/cdity  38K   5+Workbench Sound Commodity v1.2
2b_EasyExec11.lha  util/cli    27K   5+Very useful tool for executing programs 
2b_FileComp10.lha  util/cli    22K   7+Compares two files
2b_FindIT11.lha    util/cli    53K   5+Searchs for a filename recursively (GUI)
2b_Searcher082.lha util/cli    30K   7+Yet another file-finder
addsem.lha         util/cli    16K   4+Create a public semaphore (->Picasso96&C
AKCC.lha           util/cli   151K   4+Advanced CLI-Commands for KS V33-40 (7.4
ALeXcompare.lha    util/cli    27K   3+Compare files/dirs/trees & display diffe
All.lha            util/cli     6K   4+BEST wildcards for commands + Listing ut
ascii.lha          util/cli    12K   2+Convert chars into ASCII codes, and vice
BinHex.lha         util/cli    17K   8+Use favorite ASCII editor for HEX data V
calc_mw.lha        util/cli    45K   8+Calc V1.01 Litlle Calculator for the She
cmp_mw.lha         util/cli    52K   8+Cmp V1.43 A powerfull and fast comparepr
DF.lha             util/cli     4K   3+Small diskfree, shows free space in byte
DiagnoSYS.lha      util/cli     3K   9+Shows system configuration.
E.lha              util/cli     2K   4+Execute multiple commands in one line v1
FindMe12_demo.lha  util/cli    94K   2+Searches for files containing specific w
FR_Sort.lha        util/cli     4K   6+The BEST OF THE BEST sort command v1.1
GCopy.lha          util/cli     4K  10+Like AmigaDOS copy, but with progrss bar
IconView.lha       util/cli     6K   7+Viewing icons by command from shell
kscResetCop.lha    util/cli     1K   4+Restore WB screen *KYZSMLCLXN*
ksc_BrdrBlnk.lha   util/cli     1K   4+Turn your screens' borders black! *KYZSM
ksc_CursOff.lha    util/cli     1K   4+Remove cli-window cursor *KYZSMLCLXN*
ksc_ExpLoad.lha    util/cli     1K   4+Preload explode.library *KYZSMLCLXN*
ksc_Flush.lha      util/cli     1K   4+Purge unused stuff from memory *KYZSMLCL
ksc_GrepMem.lha    util/cli     5K   4+Grep through memory for strings! *KYZSML
ksc_NoBrdr.lha     util/cli     2K   4+Remove borders on CLI window *KYZSMLCLXN
ksc_NoRqust.lha    util/cli     1K   4+Toggle Disk Requesters on/off *KYZSMLCLX
ksc_Reset.lha      util/cli     2K   4+Eeek! Reset-button! *KYZSMLCLXN*
ksc_RTPal.lha      util/cli     1K   4+Popup-palette on frontmost screen *KYZSM
ksc_TotalReset.lha util/cli     1K   4+Wipe out memory *KYZSMLCLXN*
ksc_Wildstar.lha   util/cli     2K   4+Turn on '*' matching *KYZSMLCLXN*
Man_mw.lha         util/cli   154K   8+Manual V1.21 Online Manual for your Shel
Pause.lha          util/cli    13K   2+Wait for RETURN for a certain time
peek_poke.lha      util/cli    24K   6+Powerful STRUCTURED Shell PEEK and POKE!
QuickDir.lha       util/cli    10K   8+Directory lister. Source code. All Amiga
Randomizer.lha     util/cli    10K   5+Generate random numbers for scripts
SBChecker.lha      util/cli     2K   9+Small util for The Killing Grounds, help
SBDepack.lha       util/cli     3K   6+Utility to depack TKG files ** Bug fix *
ShowIcon.lha       util/cli    10K   8+Shows icons from CLI. Any Amiga. V2.1
SplitFile.lha      util/cli    13K   8+Distribute a file over several disks, Cl
StripCRLF.lha      util/cli    10K   8+Converts all CR+LFs to LFs, Cluster sour
StripHeader.lha    util/cli     2K   3+Removes headers from text/email files
StripUmlauts.lha   util/cli    10K   8+Convert umlauts in German texts, Cluster
TRTrueMultis.lha   util/cli     4K  10+True Multi-Directory Assigns. (1.07)
whatigot.lha       util/cli     8K   8+Util to display in detail your Amiga set
ag2hh.lha          util/conv   26K   2+AGuide -> HotHelp, *very* fast! (V2.2)
AG2HHnew.lha       util/conv   25K   3+AGuide -> HotHelp, *very* fast! (V2.1)
FileConv.lha       util/conv  106K   4+Converts PC/Mac Text Files to/from Amiga
LogConvert.lha     util/conv   12K   8+LogConvert - THE AmIRC logfile stripper!
StripCodes.lha     util/conv    4K   6+V1.7 - strip an ASCII code from file
txt2html.lha       util/conv   11K   7+Powerful & Very Fast ASCII to HTML forma
pgpgoesmui.lha     util/crypt  49K   8+MUI based GUI for PGP
xfd_pwf.lha        util/crypt  13K   7+XFD PassWordFinder
2b_FileLink15.lha  util/dir    29K   4+Simply makes links to files/dirs (GUI)
2b_Searcher10D.lha util/dir    31K   5+Yet another file-finder
AmyTree170.lha     util/dir   135K   8+Graphics Tree FS Browser for CD/HD
Browse.lha         util/dir     4K   6+V1.3 of ASL file browser.  Fast, small.
DiskMaster.lha     util/dir    81K   2+DiskMaster 2.2b9 and 0.37
dosxs.lha          util/dir   212K   2+DosXS V2.401, german FileManager
Execom13.lha       util/dir    30K   6+An option to "Execute Command.." in WB!
Filer4_03.lha      util/dir   240K   5+Directory Utility for OS 2.04+
Find.lha           util/dir     4K   2+File Finder (custom output and search)
MegaCD.lha         util/dir   103K   6+Amigaguide Filemanager To Explore Your C
MTool_nl.lha       util/dir     8K   8+Dutch catalog files for MTool and MFind
ro1_25.lha         util/dir     9K   7+Czech catalog for disk manager RO_v1.25
RO_v126.lha        util/dir   338K   3+MUI-Based FileManager
simplefind.lha     util/dir    38K   3+V1.1 of the FileFinder (with Indexfiles)
AHI_SoundDT.lha    util/dtype  12K   3+AHI patch for OS 3.1 sound.datatype
akJFIF43x.lha      util/dtype 212K   6+AkJFIF-dt V43.50 (JPEG, 68000-060)
akLJPG43x.lha      util/dtype  95K   2+AkLJPG-dt V43.60 (LJPG, 68000-060)
akPNG43x.lha       util/dtype 202K   3+AkPNG-dt V43.60 (PNG, 68000-060)
akPrefs.lha        util/dtype  29K  10+Ak-Datatypes Prefs, V43.31
akSVG43x.lha       util/dtype  76K   6+AkSVG-dt V43.50 (SVG, 68000-060)
animdtc018.lha     util/dtype  47K   2+IFF ANIM DataType V1.8, now supports sav
drawpicdtc011.lha  util/dtype  18K   2+Picture.datatype image patch. V1.1
dt_metaview.lha    util/dtype   6K   3+AMF,DR2D,DXF,WMF,XFIG DataTypes for Meta
infodt391_upd.lha  util/dtype   2K   5+DataType for Amiga .info files
MacPict2_dtc.lha   util/dtype  76K   8+Datatype for Macintosh PICT2 pictures
markabletextdt.lha util/dtype  17K  10+Text.datatype mark patch. V1.3
marktextdtc014.lha util/dtype  19K   8+Text.datatype mark patch. V1.4
panimdtcptch12.lha util/dtype  13K   8+Animation.dtc patch for parallel anims. 
ProtrackerDT.lha   util/dtype   5K   3+Protracker datatype (AHI)
SoundDT.lha        util/dtype  17K   4+New sound.datatype w/fixes for OS3.0
sundtype.lha       util/dtype  16K  10+Datatype for Sun Raster images, V 43.1
targadtype.lha     util/dtype  18K  10+Datatype for Targa or TGA images, V 43.1
board212.lha       util/libs   21K   1+Boards.library V 2.12 - 355 Expansion bo
DigNet.lha         util/libs  142K   8+Easy(tm) ser network handle for progs+
DigNetUPD.lha      util/libs   19K   6+Update dignet.library to 3.03
DigNet_2_1.lha     util/libs   22K   8+Easy ser network handle for games/progs
dtypeslib452.lha   util/libs  130K   5+New datatypes.library, V45.2
famel400.lha       util/libs   41K   6+Public shared function library, V4.00.
Identify.lha       util/libs  113K   2+ListExp, identifies expansions and more 
MaxonPLP_L120.lha  util/libs  164K   7+MaxonPLP-Librarys V1.20
mui38pl.lha        util/libs    8K   8+MUI 3.8 - PL version by WFMH LocalePL (u
pmuser.lha         util/libs   10K   2+Popup Menu Library
pplib020.lha       util/libs    5K   6+Powerpacker.library 68020+ version
toclib12.lha       util/libs   10K  10+Toccata.library V 12.0
1230ScsiFix16b.lha util/misc    3K   2+Fixes SCSI problems with Blizzard 1230/I
ACode1_0.lha       util/misc   18K   3+USA Area Code Directory.
AssignerPro.lha    util/misc   30K   7+A utility for assign disk and create scr
AU.lha             util/misc    0K   6+Aminet Upload Script
BSS_ListDIZ.lha    util/misc  170K  10+The BEST File_id.diz list creator. V1.07
Deniil715Pack.lha  util/misc  252K   6+A handfull programs by Deniil 715!
DOSPrefs31.lha     util/misc   30K   3+.,.. dirs, noclick, enable * wildcard
EuraToolsDocs.lha  util/misc  175K   4+EuraTools DVI and PostScript Docs, Rel. 
Eura_Tools.lha     util/misc  192K   4+EuraConfig and EuraCall, Rel. 2
Ex210Fix.lha       util/misc   45K   6+A small fix for Executive V2.10
Executive.lha      util/misc  1.2M   6+UNIX-like process scheduler (V2.10)
ExtLister_18.lha   util/misc  280K   5+Search & list .ext files in AmigaGuide. 
file.lha           util/misc   23K   3+File recognition util
filecutter.lha     util/misc   27K   3+File cutter
FileTester.lha     util/misc   38K   5+Recognize some amiga file formats.
fortunes.lha       util/misc  241K   3+4600 cookies!
gpatch.lha         util/misc   22K   1+Patch system for program updates
Gurustatistix.lha  util/misc   11K   4+Analyses the Guruhistory of MCP /with lo
IndexCD.lha        util/misc  111K   2+Replacement for FindKit of Aminet CD-ROM
irslave.lha        util/misc  122K   5+Control your Amiga w/ a remote contr.
IRT.lha            util/misc   43K   3+Icon Replacement Tool by Life Team
itacats.lha        util/misc  286K   5+Set of italian catalogs, v1.5
JoinSpliter11.lha  util/misc   21K   5+A very good join- and splitprogram!
libcheck.lha       util/misc    2K   8+Library version checking util.
LockupV4_3.lha     util/misc   73K   2+Prevents Access to your hard drive with 
Majordome_20.lha   util/misc  418K   3+Control your home plugs and keep an eye 
MakeSuperDisk.lha  util/misc    7K   5+V1.6, Makes SuperKickstart disks from RO
MTM.lha            util/misc    8K   6+Move files in DL to local Aminet mirror
ndex.lha           util/misc    5K   3+Script file to create amigaguide index o
OneEnter.lha       util/misc    4K   5+Enter behaves like Return for IBrowse 1.
PalDeckV0_3.lha    util/misc    3K   3+A Small Palette Program done in CanDo
pktype.lha         util/misc    2K   7+PKType V1.0 small type utility
PowerWindows.lha   util/misc  187K   2+V0.9.5:Iconify + move Windows out of Scr
PW_Recent.lha      util/misc   54K   8+4.00 : INDEX -> Text/Guide/HTML/DBase (M
QuitPowerCache.lha util/misc    1K   7+Rexx script to quit from PowerCache
Reboot017.lha      util/misc   24K   7+Reboot utility. V1.7
Recentify.lha      util/misc   11K   8+Powerfull Aminet Index creator !!!!!
reminder111.lha    util/misc   27K   6+Remindes you about whatever you want..
selector52.lha     util/misc  151K   2+The script based launching tool.
SGrabber.lha       util/misc   34K   3+Powerfull Screen Grabber by Life Team
SIW.lha            util/misc   87K   3+V2.1: Watch/remote ctrl a scr in a win.
SndOff.lha         util/misc   29K   3+A simple sound player.
SplitIndex.lha     util/misc    2K   8+Aminet INDEX Split and Filter Utility
Stopper1_0.lha     util/misc   74K   2+Stopper v1.0 -> short program to count t
TB3_4.lha          util/misc  150K  10+Stores telephone numbers and addresses e
tottogol.lha       util/misc   74K   4+Italian program for Totogol
VWM14.lha          util/misc   34K   7+Opens ANY window in user-defined pos.
A2000_040.lha      util/moni    2K   4+AIBB Module for A2000 with Blizzard 040
AmigaLoad.lha      util/moni  175K   2+Display CPULoad/Mem/... on WB, MCI, LED 
CPUspeed.lha       util/moni    5K   9+Get da speed of your CPU!(68000 bug fix)
mem1_6.lha         util/moni   13K   5+Memory viewer/editor with search functio
sersnoop.lha       util/moni   19K  10+Serial device snooper
SIP.lha            util/moni   33K   4+System Information Program - Monitor V3.
stu.lha            util/moni   55K   4+System Test Utility Version 8.0
SysInspector11.lha util/moni  114K   5+SysInspector 1.1 - A new system monitor 
Xoper27.lha        util/moni  101K   9+A powerful system monitor
2b_UnpackU11.lha   util/pack   58K   5+Program to unpacking files packed with v
BlitzDms.lha       util/pack  169K   8+Fontsensitive DMS/DSQ App-Window
GSMToast.lha       util/pack   88K   9+GSM 06.10 audio codec
xfd117.lha         util/pack  137K   5+Decrunch almost every packed file (exe/d
2b_AmigaE_BED.lha  util/rexx   18K   7+Blacks Editor AmigaE ARexx macros and de
DGen2HTML.lha      util/rexx   30K   3+V2.04 Makes HTML Pages from SCION DBase
DSMiscRexx.lha     util/rexx  524K   9+Some simple scripts for DrawStudio
LM2xxx.lha         util/rexx    7K   3+HTML/LaTeX for LigaManger
MOOS.lha           util/rexx  160K   7+MOOS, The ARexx library.
MS2LW.lha          util/rexx    5K   8+Arexx script "Lightwave to MovieShop."
rexxdossup_upd.lha util/rexx    0K  10+V3.5 update information about rexxdossup
savetime.lha       util/rexx    3K   5+Miami script to save the ntp time - 1.1
Scion2html.lha     util/rexx   27K   6+WWW HTML's from Scion Genealogy dbs's
SendED.lha         util/rexx    2K   2+Opens Editor on FinalWriter-PubScreen
WarpsArexx.lha     util/rexx   17K   6+Warp's Arexx pack (>20 scripts!) 
YARSelector.lha    util/rexx    4K   6+WB-Pic random selector (shows really all
Pause.lha          util/shell  13K   2+Wait for RETURN for a certain time
ViNCEd.lha         util/shell 287K   4+The final CON: solution, ^Z, XTerm, Intu
AddDataTyps451.lha util/sys    37K   5+New AddDataTypes, V45.1
AGPatch_1_0.lha    util/sys     2K   4+Fix AmigaGuide v40 to show older guides
BangerDefDisk.lha  util/sys     6K   4+All system assigns will be do
DateF.lha          util/sys    18K   5+DateF V1.0 - a french date command
Dr_20.lha          util/sys    61K   9+Sophisticated directory listing command
DVC.lha            util/sys    26K   8+System update util, v2.0
info.lha           util/sys    10K   5+AmigaDOS info command replacement (39.3)
MatchV2_1.lha      util/sys    19K   4+Matches strings in ANY text file (X-plat
Password_v315.lha  util/sys    54K   3+Password Protection System
rmw02.lha          util/sys     3K   9+Displays free memory, Requires kick 2.04
SerialPrefs26.lha  util/sys    60K   7+V2.6 - Extended Serial Preferences for W
SerPrefs.lha       util/sys    19K   7+Improved Serial Prefs util, v1.0
sort1_70.lha       util/sys    62K   6+Sorts ASCII-Files, FAAAAST, many differe
StringSnip.lha     util/sys     4K  10+Better editing features in string gadget
VersionWB.lha      util/sys    26K   5+V2.5a AmigaDos Version replacement.
wipe.lha           util/sys     6K  10+Wipe - securer deleting V1.0
2000.lha           util/time    6K   3+Countdown to year 2000 & 3rd Millennium
2000counter.lha    util/time   21K   4+Countdown timer until the next millenniu
AFF27bSupport.lha  util/time  134K   3+Samples and HTML doc for AFiloFaxPro27b
AFiloFaxPro27b.lha util/time  193K   3+Manages your daily life! (MUI/German)
Alarm.lha          util/time    3K   4+Alarm v1.0 - Alarm clock
clock2000.lha      util/time    3K   9+Shows how long it is 'til year 2000.
clockdaemon.lha    util/time   11K   5+V1.8: hardware clock at GMT util with SA
Daywatch.lha       util/time  146K   3+Powerful MUI calendar & reminder.
DigiKlok.lha       util/time    6K   8+Digital Clock v3, resizeable, any Amiga
DRemind111.lha     util/time   28K   5+Reminds you about whatever you want..
EZCron.lha         util/time  120K   2+V2.20 Start programs/reminders automatic
HBD2727.lha        util/time   53K   3+Update 2727 of the TimeCalc HistoBase
ScreenClock.lha    util/time   63K  10+2.1:date/time/mem/cpu in curr screenbar
SkandalfoClock.lha util/time  106K   9+Advanced Analog Clock (New catalogs)
time_ma.lha        util/time    6K   9+Measure command execution times, v1.5
zeller.lha         util/time   18K   3+Perpetual calendar
AntiBeol_13.lha    util/virus   8K   7+Mem viruskiller for the new Packetviruse
trsivw65.lha       util/virus 609K   5 V6.5 of the AMIGA viruskiller by M.Schma
VirusZ_II137.lha   util/virus 188K   5+VirusZ v1.37 by Georg Hoermann
xtruder34.lha      util/virus 436K   2+Virus killer with extensive checking cap
2b_AddIcon151.lha  util/wb     24K   5+Adds icons to files, drawers and devices
asi20.lha          util/wb     56K   4+Drag & Drop dearchiver and unpacker
BackDrops.lha      util/wb    641K   2+Choice image files for use w/ BackDrop
background.lha     util/wb    133K   3+Program similar to NickPrefs
clvrwin.lha        util/wb      9K   3+Always smart refreshed windows (39.2)
dl2.lha            util/wb      8K   9+Displays the File Type and File Size usi
EagleWB.lha        util/wb    237K   7+Eagle pic, 800x600x256, a great WB Backd
EMenuBar.lha       util/wb     37K   3+WB program starter (German only), Sorry!
ExtenMana1_1.lha   util/wb     45K   5+Macintosh style Extensions Manager V1.1
ExtMan.lha         util/wb    129K   2+ExtMan V1.11 THE Amiga Extension Manager
FrontEnd1_3_It.lha util/wb     13K   1+Italian translation of FrontEnd 1.3
F_BenchV1_0.lha    util/wb     90K  10+Files and Programs maganer for Amiga wit
GetIcon.lha        util/wb     37K   3+A powerful Icon-Adder, FreeWare, formerl
IRTcatd.lha        util/wb      5K   1+German .catalog and .guide for IRT 1.50
lupe.lha           util/wb    126K   3+The magnifying glass program
MoreTools.lha      util/wb      5K   2+Adds items to the 'tools' menu
MUImem.lha         util/wb      9K   1+Shows how much memory is available (uses
NamnsDag.lha       util/wb     28K   4+Swedish tool for "Nannsdagar".
NoIconBorder.lha   util/wb      2K   6+Removes borders from icons
OutlineFontUpd.lha util/wb     21K   8+Draws an outline on your Workbench icon 
PiCs.lha           util/wb      3K   5+View Packed Files using GUI V1.1
PowerIcons.lha     util/wb     13K   2+Removes Border around Icons when draggin
ReKeyIt_Ital.lha   util/wb      6K   2+Italian Catalog for ReKeyIt 2.4a
Searcher.lha       util/wb    100K   3+BEST File Finder by Life Team
shitstrip12b.lha   util/wb    117K   8+Removes BBS Adds and repacks LHA/LZX Arc
siWB.lha           util/wb     61K   6+Slovene translation of Workbench
SomeInfo.lha       util/wb      9K   8+Gives you some system info. Any Amiga OS
SWBP.lha           util/wb      4K   6+CLI tool which sets No. of colors on WB 
TaskManager_11.lha util/wb     54K   3+A little CLI Process Manager proggy V1.1
TM30_PopMCCs.lha   util/wb     28K   6+Pop*.mcc update for Toolmanager 3.0
ToolManagerLoc.lha util/wb    175K   3+ToolManager - localization (V3.0 Rel #2)
Variator.lha       util/wb      9K   8+Converts numbers between bases. Any OS.
wait11.lha         util/wb     14K   4+Wait replacement with progressbar
wbstars2.lha       util/wb     62K   6+(beta 3) Snow falling in the Workbench's
WindowChange.lha   util/wb     23K   6+Very Useful Tool For Your WorkBench