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| Local files at Aminet CD 50 on 31-Jul-02
| Sorted by directory and file name. Age in weeks.
| A wide version of this file can be found in info/index/
|File              Dir        Size Age Description
|----------------- ---        ---- --- -----------
AddressMaster.lzh  biz/dbase   68K  12+Small Address Book (WB1.3+), German Vers
AlfredAncestor.lha biz/dbase  214K   9+Genealogy of Alfred the greats ancestors
Catalog.lha        biz/dbase  191K  11+V5.1 Create a database of your disks or 
MicroBase502de.lha biz/dbase  832K   9+Database supports dBASE, HTML - GERMAN
MicroBase502en.lha biz/dbase  444K   9+Database supports dBASE, HTML - ENGLISH
SENT_Txt.lha       biz/dbase   64K   9+Star Trek ENT - StarBase (26.6)
SN-MuenzArch.lha   biz/dbase  187K   4+V1.01 Beta Coin-DataBase (Germany only)
STEP_Txt.lha       biz/dbase  856K   9+Star Trek All Series - StarBase (664.6)
tummy_020.lha      biz/dbase  915K  12+The Ultimate Magic Yard V1.15
tummy_040.lha      biz/dbase  915K  12+The Ultimate Magic Yard V1.15
fxPAINT10Demo.lha  biz/demo   1.5M   5+THE image-processing and paint-package (
TGest2DEMO.lha     biz/demo   461K   7+V2.0.3 BugFix3 TurboGest (PACHETTO GESTI
Aos39-2Theme.lha   biz/dopus   23M   6+Theme for DirectoryOpus5 Magellan 2
cut_copy.lha       biz/dopus    1K   7+RUSSIAN Cut&Copy Script for DOpus5
DOpusRxTrash.lha   biz/dopus   27K   4+Global trashcan for DOpus Magellan II
PJDOpus101.lha     biz/dopus    8K   6+Some DOpus 4.xx Rexx scripts by PeeJay
PJDOpus102.lha     biz/dopus    9K   6+Some DOpus 4.xx Rexx scripts by PeeJay
SMRMag2Theme.lha   biz/dopus  678K   4+Collection of data for Magellan II
LottoLogix.lha     biz/misc   510K   4+Program for Italian "Lotto"
MABPatch104.lha    biz/patch  253K   5+MainActor Broadcast Patch
amirsay.lha        comm/irc    77K   9+Speech for AmIRC (Loads of settings) V6.
Babelfish.lha      comm/irc     3K   8+Use babelfish from AmIRC/Shell
GGSearch.lha       comm/irc     2K   8+Search GOOGLE with AmIRC
anubis2-mos.lha    comm/mail  333K  11+Anonymous EMail Sender, v2.0.0 -MorphOS-
anubis2.lha        comm/mail  279K  11+Anonymous EMail Sender, v2.0.0
md2v.lha           comm/mail   72K   6+Sends HTML mail bodies to Voyager from M
mgstags.lha        comm/mail    3K   4+Metal Gear Solid - YAM taglines collecti
somtags.lha        comm/mail    5K   4+The Sisters of Mercy - YAM taglines coll
YAM2.3_GR.lha      comm/mail   27K   8+Greek locale catalog for YAM 2.3
YamHTMLyam.lha     comm/mail   11K  12+Reads HTML pages with YAM mail client
apccomm.lha        comm/misc  230K   6+Transfers files between Amiga & PC
ClipWatch.lha      comm/misc  184K   8+Tool to call Clip/WIT remote surveillanc
FSwatcher.lha      comm/misc   16K   9+A transfer gauge for downloading a file
isdnmon50b4.lha    comm/misc  137K   7+ISDN - Statemonitor (MUI)
SoloControl.lha    comm/misc   21K   6+Pace 56 Solo remote control utility V1.1
tv-mod-wp.lha      comm/misc   22K   6+(PL) Import module for TV programe [v9.1
tv-prog.lha        comm/misc  342K  12+(PL) TV programe on computer! [v1.00b6]
AMarquee.lha       comm/net   317K  12+V54.0 TCP Data Broadcast System (library
GoPortscan.lha     comm/net   351K  11+V0.8 TCP/UDP Portscanner + more with MUI
nc_update_beta.lha comm/news  163K   7+NewsCoaster Full Version (v1.52) (MUI)
newscoastersrc.lha comm/news  170K   7+NewsCoaster Source Code (v1.52 - 8.6.200
newscoaster_b.lha  comm/news  410K   7+NewsCoaster Full Version (v1.52) (MUI)
ftpm1.3-ita.lha    comm/tcp     8K   8+Italian Catalog for FTPMount 1.3
ftpmount.lha       comm/tcp   144K   4+Handler to use FTP as real directory
JabberwockyBIN.lha comm/tcp    90K   5+Jabber client
JabberwockySRC.lha comm/tcp   169K   5+Jabber client
KeepAlive.lha      comm/tcp    10K   7+A Script to maintain a minimum bandwith 
muimiamipanel.lha  comm/tcp    80K   6+MUI MiamiDx control Panel
muinlmiamipane.lha comm/tcp   153K   6+MUI MiamiDx NList Control Panel
rc-ftpd.lha        comm/tcp    97K   8+The best ftp server for Amiga (main)
rc-ftpd_cpu.lha    comm/tcp   118K   8+The best ftp server for Amiga (680x0)
Rc-Ftpd_GR.lha     comm/tcp   107K   6+Greek locale + guide for Rc-Ftpd 2.51
rc-ftpd_loc.lha    comm/tcp    77K   8+The best ftp server for Amiga (language)
samba207_w1251.lha comm/tcp   6.5M   6+Samba updated to support win1251 charset
tcputils-0.6.2.lha comm/tcp    47K  10+Tcputils v0.6.2 - Simple but cool TCP ut
YGM.lha            comm/tcp   168K  11+Checks POP3 mailboxes for new mail
streamer.lha       comm/www    72K  10+Internet radio - Shoutcast player
hlm-zool2aga.lha   demo/intro  18K   8+Zool2 Aga cracktro from Hoodlum
lns-thecastle.lha  demo/intro 128K  12+The Castle by Loonies, final, MS02 2nd
lqs-liquidat02.lzh demo/mag   230K  10+LQS - Liquidation #2 chip-pack
obligement32.lha   demo/mag   680K  11+Obligement #32 - The Famous FRENCH fanzi
ST17-BNS.lha       demo/mag   296K  10+Original Set Of Cliparts For Showtime#16
S_JP1o_1.lha       demo/mag   756K   6+Jurassic Pack #10 - The Lost Diskmag (An
Twister1_PL.lha    demo/mag   1.8M   8+Twister 1 PL Polish Mag
UP-LP001.lha       demo/sound 742K   9+UP ROUGH "HITS FOR KIDS LP" feat. GOTO80
ADV-ITA.lha        dev/amos   480K   4+Italian adventures creator
BUtility.lha       dev/amos    56K  11+Extension for Amos 1.3 users.
nlw_source.lha     dev/amos   113K   4+NL_Winner AMOS source code
ESA.lha            dev/asm     61K   9+Extended Syntax Assembly 1.14
littelv18.lha      dev/asm    119K  10+LITTEL - Language and compiler as shared
OSscroller.lha     dev/asm      3K  11+Old os friendly scroller by zeeball
TCS_demo.lha       dev/asm    529K   4+TCS,tcs.library interactive presentation
blitzgtfix.lha     dev/basic   88K   4+Blitz2 fix for many Gadtools problems
BlitzLstApr02.lha  dev/basic   64K  12+Blitz mailing list archives for April 20
BlitzLstMay02.lha  dev/basic   65K   6+Blitz mailing list archives for May 2002
CIATrkrLib.lha     dev/basic   45K   9+V1.055 of Protracker routine for Blitz2.
JMildred_ScrMd.lha dev/basic  127K  10+How to use Mildred+BBasic with AGA/RTG
MBPrefs.lha        dev/basic   20K  11+Xternal Prefs for MaxonBasic3 (HBC.opts)
OpenURLDevBas.lha  dev/basic   41K   4+Using OpenURL library from HBasic
ReqAttDevBas.lha   dev/basic   27K   5+Using ReqAttack library from HBasic
XvsDevBas.lha      dev/basic   52K   7+Using XVS library from HBasic
libpng_S4.lha      dev/c      319K   4+Png link library for StormC 4
zlib_S4.lha        dev/c      103K   4+Zlib link library for StormC 4
Binar.lha          dev/cross  110K   4+65xx/75xx/85xx disassembler
AP-examples.lha    dev/e       13K  12+ReAction examples in E using AWNPipe
Mods-JMH.lha       dev/e        9K  12+Some useful E Modules
pd_dloc.lha        dev/e       21K   6+Localizer program for PowerD & AmigaE
powerd.lha         dev/e      985K   4+New powerful programming language v0.19
pwrd_dbpl.lha      dev/e       18K   5+Dbplayer.library dev pack for PowerD
RA-examples.lha    dev/e       17K  12+ReAction examples in Amiga E.
ppc-mos-gcc.lha    dev/gcc    5.2M   5+GCC v2.95.3 - MorphOS cross compiler (68
DesignerSource.lha dev/gui    444K   9+GUI Creator For Asm, C & HSPascal, V1.55
DesignerV1_55.lha  dev/gui    593K   9+GUI Creator For Asm, C & HSPascal, V1.55
Emperor_v4.3.lha   dev/gui    776K   5+Object-oriented programming language
nA-Iaiov0.7.lha    dev/lang   180K  11+Iaio v0.7 beta - programming language (p
fd2pragma.lha      dev/misc   196K   9+V2.146 create pragma, inline, ... files
GEngine.lzh        dev/misc    70K  10+GEngine OOP library + misc GUI & font in
Progr_Langs_v7.lha dev/misc    72K   9+Comparison of progr. langs
RKRM_Rus_0.01.lha  dev/misc    64K   7+Russian RKRM
TCS.lha            dev/misc   685K   7+Fast 8-bit Chunky TrueColor on AGA
MCC_BWin.lha       dev/mui     59K   6+MUI public borderless window class
MCC_SpeedBar.lha   dev/mui    128K   6+Highly configurable toolbar class
MyCalc.lha         dev/src    338K  12+Commoditized Programmer's Calculator V1.
reactionexampl.lha dev/src      3K   9+ReAction examples
BackUp.lha         disk/bakup  34K   8+A simple backup tool.. v1.31
DSrestore.lha      disk/bakup  33K   4+Restore DiskSalv stream archive files.
FryingPan.lha      disk/cdrom 230K   9+A tiny toy for burning CDs [early versio
virtualcd.lha      disk/cdrom  16K   9+Use ISOs and CD-Images as virtual Drives
cfd.lha            disk/misc   81K  10+Use CompactFlash cards in your PCMCIA sl
diskimage.lha      disk/misc   75K  10+Mount any disk image file as a DOS devic
fat95.lha          disk/misc  256K  10+Win95/98 compatible file system
SFSC4AD.lha        disk/misc   19K   8+SmartFileSystem Config For All Devices
XTrace_News03.txt  docs/anno    4K   4+XTrace news Jun 29 2002 (address changed
AmigaPower.lha     docs/hyper  45K   4+AMiGa=PoWeR French Amiga Magazine (June 
BibelGuide00.lha   docs/hyper 621K   9+The 5 books Mose as searchable AG update
BibelGuide01.lha   docs/hyper 773K   9+The bible in AmigaGuide, UpDate V0.8 sea
BibelGuide02.lha   docs/hyper 499K   9+The bible prophets in AmigaGuide, V0.6 s
BibelGuide03.lha   docs/hyper 315K   9+The bible new testament in AmigaGuide, V
RUSH.lha           docs/hyper  59K  10+RUSH lyrics - My Tribute - BEST Rock'N'R
rush.lha           docs/hyper  62K   6+RUSH lyrics - BEST Rock'N'Roll group (IM
NotizieAmiga.lha   docs/lists 1.3M   4+Mailing-list NotizieAmiga 06/2002 (Itali
Aakt0402HTML.lha   docs/mags  274K  11+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0502GFX.lha    docs/mags  178K  11+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0502GUIDE.lha  docs/mags   63K  11+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0502HTML.lha   docs/mags  199K  11+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0602GFX.lha    docs/mags  405K   6+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0602GUIDE.lha  docs/mags   69K   6+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0602HTML.lha   docs/mags  218K   6+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
AIOV57.lha         docs/mags  369K   6+Amiga Information Online, Issue 57 (Marc
AIOV58.lha         docs/mags  752K   7+Amiga Information Online, Issue 58 (Apri
AIOV59.lha         docs/mags  822K   9+Amiga Information Online, Issue 59 (May 
AIOV60.lha         docs/mags  467K   4+Amiga Information Online, Issue 60 (June
nocover98.lha      docs/mags  1.2M  11+German Amiga Disk Mag - May Issue (Nr.98
nocover99.lha      docs/mags  1.0M   6+German Amiga Disk Mag - June Issue (Nr.9
saku37.lha         docs/mags  1.5M   6+Saku #37 (3/2001). Finnish e-zine.
saku39.lha         docs/mags  1.1M   6+Saku #39 (1/2002). Finnish e-zine.
satania01.lha      docs/mags  112K   7+Dark-side diskmag ***POLISH ONLY***
3DWorldArc0202.lha docs/misc   12K   5+Archive of the 3D World ML for 02/02
3DWorldArc0302.lha docs/misc   33K   5+Archive of the 3D World ML for 03/02
3DWorldArc0402.lha docs/misc   12K   5+Archive of the 3D World ML for 04/02
3DWorldArc0502.lha docs/misc    9K   5+Archive of the 3D World ML for 05/02
3DWorldArc1101.lha docs/misc   10K   5+Archive of the 3D World ML for 11/01
3DWorldArc1201.lha docs/misc    6K   5+Archive of the 3D World ML for 12/01
DSA-Doks.lha       docs/misc  280K   9+Various DSA documents (WW7 format)
Poczet.lha         docs/misc  161K   7+Guide ***POLISH ONLY*** about polish mon
Systemy-SNTX.lha   docs/misc   10K   7+Guide ***POLISH ONLY*** about systems
UklSloneczny.lha   docs/misc   59K  10+Guide ***POLISH ONLY*** about Solar Syst
UNIX-SNTX.lha      docs/misc   10K   7+Guide ***POLISH ONLY*** about UNIX
Wampiry.lha        docs/misc  483K  11+Guide ***POLISH ONLY*** about vampires
Zagadki-SNTX.lha   docs/misc   15K   7+Guide ***POLISH ONLY*** about riddles of
Musketeers.lha     game/2play  14K   8+Very simple board game, with easy rules.
roketz.lha         game/2play 1.1M  12+Roketz - FULL version 1.39 (FREEWARE)
2dstrategy.lha     game/board  73K  12+Open source 2d strategy game project.
AxisAlliesGM.lha   game/board 555K   6+World War II simulation wargame (incompl
DC2-EmerMine2.lha  game/data  333K  10+75 Extra Levels for Diamond Caves 2
DC2Lvl-Bond4.lha   game/data  410K  10+81 levels for Diamond Caves II
DC2Lvl-Expert.lha  game/data  374K   4+81 levels for Diamond Caves II
F1GP_2002.lha      game/data   10K   4+2002 F1 season data for F1GP-Ed (24 June
MD_Bomaps.lha      game/data    1K   6+5 New Maps for dynAMIte
NewWHDIcons.lha    game/data   19K   8+AmigaOS 3.9 icons for WHDLoad TwinWorld 
PBTimeLev.lha      game/data   12K   4+PuzzleBOBS Time Level
Wormslevels.lha    game/data   61K   9+Some worms levels
arwp.lha           game/demo  326K  10+Wallpaper "Almost Real"
eetheme.lha        game/demo  322K   9+Amiga theme "The Elite Experience"
Mattonite.lha      game/demo  567K   7+Arkanoid demo game, working in progress
arrows.lha         game/misc  240K  11+Arrows game (AGA)
Garden.lha         game/misc   23K   6+Pick flowers from the Garden.
Landers.lha        game/misc   82K  12+Lander clone, but with new concepts.
TCOT.lha           game/misc  694K   9+Blitz Basic maze game. Version 1.1
TotalChaosAGA.lha  game/misc   30M  11+640x512x256 colors @24fps Magic & Monste
WormWars.lha       game/misc  691K   7+Worm Wars 7.01: Advanced snake game
PinballPrelFix.lha game/patch  18K  10+HD Installer for Pinball Prelude v1.0
Na_areaeditor.lha  game/role   79K   4+Area Editor
ScottItal.lha      game/role   60K  10+Italian traslation for Scott Adams Adven
svm020mos.lha      game/role  1.1M  10+Interpreter for LucasArts games, version
cann.lha           game/shoot 161K  11+Artillery game (AGA)
StefADV.lha        game/text   23K   4+Little italian text adventure
StefADV2.lha       game/text   68K   4+2nd little italian text adventure
Boggle.lha         game/think  90K   6+Boggle word game (multiplayer support)
Chips.lha          game/think  74K  11+Build computer from Chips.
Colorix.lha        game/think  21K   5+Tetris clone with colors.
colourlines.lha    game/think 107K  12+Logical ball game
DroidWars.lha      game/think  30K  12+Beam in droids to fight in an arena.
Detris.lha         game/wb     97K   8+Tetris for WB by Deniil 715! v3.2 BETA3
watchNplay.lha     game/wb    219K  12+Effects, games, and utilities.
wbtriz.lha         game/wb    340K  12+Wbtriz v0.5a
Anim2gif.lha       gfx/conv   157K   6+Converts and rescales an amiga animation
Anim2mpegB.lha     gfx/conv   270K   6+Converts amiga animations to mpeg animat
Anim2mpegS.lha     gfx/conv   287K   7+Converts amiga animations to mpeg animat
Anim2qt.lha        gfx/conv   174K   6+Converts and rescales an amiga animation
bmp2wbmp.lha       gfx/conv    27K   5+BMP2WBMP-Converter 
Mp2anim.lha        gfx/conv   260K   5+Converts & scales mpeg animations to ami
WhirlPool.lha      gfx/conv   193K  10+Yet another Gui for WhirlGIF v2.2 (D)
SceneryGen.lzh     gfx/edit    83K  12+Generates artificial Landscapes
ImageFX45txtFR.lha gfx/ifx     61K  12+ImageFX 4.5 French interface Text
GIFToolKitHU.lha   gfx/misc     3K   4+Hungarian catalog for GIFToolkit v1.5
VHIStudio_Demo.lha gfx/misc   983K   6+V5.4: DigiCam & Videoboard-soft: Rec, Gr
CD32Show.lha       gfx/show    19K   5+CD32 IFF Slideshow program
PegaThlon.lha      gfx/show    92K  10+Mpeg Video player suitable for Amithlon 
PicShow.lha        gfx/show    63K  12+Datatype picture viewer for directory to
PicshowPA.lha      gfx/show    74K  12+GlowIcons Toolbar for PicShowNav
BetaScanUmax.lha   hard/drivr  97K   4+Umax Scanner Driver For BetaScan
AmigaATX.lha       hard/hack    8K  11+Turn your Amiga off from cli
atx_psu.lha        hard/hack   42K  12+Using ATX PSU with Amiga
DiabloMon.lha      hard/hack   28K   5+Diavolo Backup monitor on i2c LED displa
mccontrol.lha      hard/hack  809K  10+V1.69 PSX MemoryCard Reader
MMKeyboard.lha     hard/hack  433K   4+V2.18 Use entire Multmedia Keyboard on A
NoMouse.lha        hard/misc    3K   6+Using the AMIGA without a mouse connecte
tmaker.lha         misc/edu    35K   7+Test designer (HTML on-line evaluating o
anescgfx.lha       misc/emu   133K   9+A/NES CGFX v1.26 - Nintendo emulator
fvcbm.lha          misc/emu    62K   7+List directories of C64/128 archive file
mame_3MA.lha       misc/emu   900K   6+Little version of Mame060 Based on 0.35
mame_3TS.lha       misc/emu   1.1M  11+Little version of Mame060 Based on 0.36.
mame_PGS.lha       misc/emu   1.0M   9+Little version of Mame060 Based on 0.36.
tape64.lha         misc/emu    48K  11+V1.2 (2002-05-09) convert .t64 .tap .wav
acalc.lha          misc/math   25K  10+A calculator as a commodity
UmpV1.0.lha        misc/math   15K   5+Function Graphing (UMP - Ultimate Matema
Bible_Search.lha   misc/misc  1.9M   8+Holy Bible Search
biblishScions.lha  misc/misc  369K   9+ScionV5.6 Database of biblish persons 0.
AmiPCB_1.07.lha    misc/sci   461K   8+PCB vectorial electronics program
DAlmanac_Key.lha   misc/sci     0K   6+Free keyfile for Digital Almanac II
adt-passive.lha    misc/unix    2K   9+Passive FTP mode patch for ADT
extobass.lha       mods/blkha 118K   4+Techno PT mod by blakkhar
fp2000mix.lha      mods/blkha 265K   6+Techno HC (mix) PT mod by blakkhar
LotR-Gil.mpg       mods/elbie 1.1M  10+Gil-galad [LotR/Medieval] by ElbiE^t13n!
LotR-Isen.mpg      mods/elbie 1.8M  10+Iseng rd [LotR/Medieval] by ElbiE^t13n!
LotR-Skynda.mpg    mods/elbie 2.2M  10+Skynda  stad [LotR/Medieval] by ElbiE^t1
Lotr_troll.mpg     mods/elbie 4.0M   8+Trollet och Haldur [Fantasy/Folklore] by
Wrong_cure.mpg     mods/elbie 3.0M  10+Wrong Cure [Electro\Goth\Vocal] by ElbiE
Asmaphara.mpg      mods/essen 1.4M   9+ESSENTiAL SOUND <>
AxLine.mpg         mods/essen 7.5M   9+ESSENTiAL SOUND <>
Chaos.mpg          mods/essen 5.5M   9+ESSENTiAL SOUND <>
CoolWorld.mpg      mods/essen 5.7M   9+ESSENTiAL SOUND <>
FastXRaceI.mpg     mods/essen 1.2M   9+ESSENTiAL SOUND <>
FastXRaceII.mpg    mods/essen 1.3M   9+ESSENTiAL SOUND <>
FastXRaceIII.mpg   mods/essen 2.0M   9+ESSENTiAL SOUND <>
FastXRaceIV.mpg    mods/essen 772K   9+ESSENTiAL SOUND <>
IntroToTheWrld.mpg mods/essen 2.3M   9+ESSENTiAL SOUND <>
JormasMiX.mpg      mods/essen 4.8M   9+ESSENTiAL SOUND <>
PlastikkTripp.mpg  mods/essen 4.6M   9+ESSENTiAL SOUND <>
TranceDemo1.mpg    mods/essen 3.4M   9+ESSENTiAL SOUND <>
001_szitczip.lha   mods/ijont  39K   6+Cheerful MOD by Ijon Tichy
002_breakit.lha    mods/ijont  30K   6+Techno MOD by Ijon Tichy
003_sorrowful.lha  mods/ijont  37K   6+Pop MOD by Ijon Tichy
004_intrx01.lha    mods/ijont   5K   6+Chip MOD by Ijon Tichy
005_intrx02.lha    mods/ijont   5K   6+Chip MOD by Ijon Tichy
007_dobranoc.lha   mods/ijont  32K   6+Calm lullaby MOD by Ijon Tichy
008_intrx03.lha    mods/ijont   5K   6+Chip MOD by Ijon Tichy
009_magicdream.lha mods/ijont  87K   6+Calm dreamy MOD by Ijon Tichy
010_priestkill.lha mods/ijont  91K   6+Techno MOD by Ijon Tichy
011_negation.lha   mods/ijont  68K   6+Synth MOD by Ijon Tichy
012_intrx04.lha    mods/ijont   6K   6+Chip MOD by Ijon Tichy
013_trayzega.lha   mods/ijont  19K   6+Techno MOD by Ijon Tichy
014_bloodshed.lha  mods/ijont  47K   6+Metal MOD by Ijon Tichy
015_pianoconce.lha mods/ijont  19K   6+Piano MOD by Ijon Tichy
016_decadetech.lha mods/ijont 143K   6+Synth/techno MOD by Ijon Tichy
017_intrx05.lha    mods/ijont   8K   6+Chip MOD by Ijon Tichy
018_intrx06.lha    mods/ijont   9K   6+Chip techno MOD by Ijon Tichy
019_negroraper.lha mods/ijont 115K   6+Dance MOD with crazy end by Ijon Tichy
020_hasty.lha      mods/ijont  15K   6+Fast cheerful MOD by Ijon Tichy
021_intrx07.lha    mods/ijont   5K   6+Chip techno MOD by Ijon Tichy
022_stopthis.lha   mods/ijont 107K   6+Ballad MOD by Ijon Tichy
023_rabidpecet.lha mods/ijont  12K   6+Short techno MOD by Ijon Tichy
024_intrx08.lha    mods/ijont   5K   6+Chip MOD by Ijon Tichy
025_shadowtomb.lha mods/ijont 174K   6+Orchestral MOD by Ijon Tichy
026_digitalsnd.lha mods/ijont  76K   6+Electronic MOD by Ijon Tichy
027_breath.lha     mods/ijont 207K   6+Dance MOD by Ijon Tichy
028_ascendsky.lha  mods/ijont 147K   6+Pop MOD by Ijon Tichy
029_intrx09.lha    mods/ijont   8K   6+Chip MOD by Ijon Tichy
030_spacefligh.lha mods/ijont 209K   6+Cosmic style MOD by Ijon Tichy
031_destroypc.lha  mods/ijont  78K   6+Techno MOD by Ijon Tichy
032_intrx10.lha    mods/ijont   8K   6+Chip MOD by Ijon Tichy
034_disaster1.lha  mods/ijont 178K   6+Hardcore MOD by Ijon Tichy
035_intrx11.lha    mods/ijont   1K   6+Slow chip MOD by Ijon Tichy
036_grownupkid.lha mods/ijont 221K   6 --
037_disaster2.lha  mods/ijont 323K   6+Techno MOD by Ijon Tichy
038_intrx12.lha    mods/ijont   6K   6+Chip MOD by Ijon Tichy
039_futuretown.lha mods/ijont 106K   6+Synth pop MOD by Ijon Tichy
041_intrx13.lha    mods/ijont   6K   6+Chip MOD by Ijon Tichy
042_smutnakisz.lha mods/ijont 149K   6+Synth pop MOD by Ijon Tichy
045_shortmovin.lha mods/ijont  67K   6+Techno MOD by Ijon Tichy
048_intrx14.lha    mods/ijont   9K   6+Chip techno MOD by Ijon Tichy
049_onemoretec.lha mods/ijont 199K   6+Techno MOD by Ijon Tichy
054_intrx15.lha    mods/ijont  10K   6+Slow chip MOD by Ijon Tichy
056_intrx16.lha    mods/ijont   9K   6+Chip techno MOD by Ijon Tichy
058_fitmadness.lha mods/ijont 341K   6+Techno module by Ijon Tichy
059_undertaker.lha mods/ijont 262K   6+Dark wave techno MOD by Ijon Tichy
060_intrx17.lha    mods/ijont   8K   6+Chip techno MOD by Ijon Tichy
062_intrx18.lha    mods/ijont  11K   6+Techno MOD by Ijon Tichy from "Suicide"
064_rappedbitc.lha mods/ijont  16K   6+Crazy funny MOD by Ijon Tichy
073_gameover.lha   mods/ijont 132K   6+Slow synth MOD by Ijon Tichy
077_hopeless.lha   mods/ijont  96K   6+Synth pop MOD by Ijon Tichy
079_intrx19.lha    mods/ijont  10K   6+Chip hardcore MOD by Ijon Tichy
080_tranzeomat.lha mods/ijont 274K   6+Trance MOD by Ijon Tichy from Profanatio
081_wszystkood.lha mods/ijont  76K   6+Calm synth pop MOD by Ijon Tichy
088_intrx20.lha    mods/ijont   9K   6+Slow MOD by Ijon Tichy
I_dont_wanna.lzh   mods/melod  20K   7+Happy tune by Pero-Fotar
Short_Shot_3.lha   mods/misc    5K   4+A piece by KAM_
Short_Shot_4.lha   mods/misc    7K   4+A piece by KAM_
ds-3bute2laza.mpg  mods/mpg   4.4M   7+A Tribute to L.A.Z.A.
HeisseSteine.mpg   mods/mpg   1.9M   8+A different kind of electronical music
lnsM54_Gard.mpg    mods/mpg   2.7M  12+The little Gardenar - ambient by tarmsly
lnsM55_sun.mpg     mods/mpg   2.9M  11+Sunset - ambient by tarmslyng
NoisyOp.mpg        mods/mpg   5.4M   9+A different kind of electronical music
woa_talk_1999.mpg  mods/mpg   2.1M   4+Audio of a speech outside WoA 1999 discu
leon_bli-mods.lha  mods/sets  1.5M   7+76 modules by leon diesel leonbli
pdx-herc.lha       mods/sets   51K  11+Paradox Her Collection modules.
AmySequencer.lha   mus/edit   186K   4+MIDI sequencer for the AMIGA
mp3cutter.lha      mus/edit     1K   9+Cut a huge mp3 file into smaller ones by
Samplemanager.lha  mus/edit   641K  11+V0.12 - AHI sample-editor, realtime effe
TheX0XPackage.lha  mus/edit    44K   4+A set of editors for the TR-X0X & TB303
tracks.lha         mus/edit   172K  10+Tracks & Fields Miditracker 1.05 Fullver
GMP-G.lha          mus/midi   127K   6+GUI for GMPlay V1.3(a)
mp32html.lha       mus/misc    78K  12+V3.0.20 - HTML listings of your MP3 file
mp3tocdda.lha      mus/misc    32K   9+Mp3toCDDA decoder (intel & Motorola) V2.
psidren.lha        mus/misc    26K  12+Renames PSIDs to real name (68k/Wos/Mos)
secondspin_218.lha mus/misc   1.7M   9+Easily encode audio cds <-> mp1/mp2/mp3 
EP_Desire.lha      mus/play     7K   9+EaglePlayer "Desire" external replayer
EP_DSS.lha         mus/play    11K   4+EaglePlayer "Digital Sound Studio" exter
mmv8soft.lha       mus/play    31K   7+Software to play MusicMakerV8 Files
RAPlay.lha         mus/play   383K  10+Play/decode RealAudio v1/2/3 files. (w/s
TKPlayer.lha       mus/play    49K  11+V0.6 AHI player supporting MP3, AIFF, WA
hib_frames.lha     pix/3dani  1.2M   6+Hibisch spin logo frameset
hib_spin.lha       pix/3dani  691K   6+Hibisch spin logo in C4D + scene
stickdeath.lha     pix/anim    19K  10+A animation do by me
BeforeA.jpg        pix/art    221K  10+Painting by Alvar Andersson
AncientWB.jpg      pix/back   654K   7+Archaeology WB background [by cYbo]
AppleWB_BG.jpg     pix/back   199K   7+WB Background 1024x768 [by cybo]
FruitWBpack.lha    pix/back   1.6M   6+Fruit Backgrounds Pack [by cYbo]
NKN_BR_Future.jpg  pix/back   118K   7+VISION OF THE AMIGA HEAVEN - bright futu
NKN_evil_bck.lha   pix/back    76K   7+VERY, VERY, VeeeeRY EVIL wallpaper for y
nkn_evil_bck.lha   pix/back    76K   6+VERY, VERY, VeeeeRY EVIL wallpaper for y
FenriXGIcons.lha   pix/gicon  268K  12+Some glowIcons, mostly drawers
DizzyIcons.lha     pix/icon   166K   6+Dizzy Game Icons Idealy for JST/WHD Inst
woa1999pics.lha    pix/illu    89K   4+Pictures from outside WoA 1999
Flaks.lha          pix/imagi  471K   6+Spread your wings and fly
Space_Maze.lha     pix/imagi   13K   6+When up is down and back is left
Svirgel01.lha      pix/imagi  171K   8+Small objects with big ambitions
Svirgel02.lha      pix/imagi  592K   4+Hi-res version of Svirgel01.lha
c_fun.lha          pix/misc   270K  12+[ancor] a furry picture
FINDnow.jpg        pix/misc   113K  10+Digital Searching...
mdma.jpg           pix/misc   124K  10+Logo for MDMA
mi_.jpg            pix/misc   210K   9+Stefy Wizard (funny pic)
nwo-strip_2.lha    pix/misc    49K  12+[ancor] now way out
nwo-strip_3.lha    pix/misc    74K   8+[ancor] now way out
PA2001_01.lha      pix/misc   2.6M   9+Pianeta Amiga 2001 1/4
PA2001_02.lha      pix/misc   2.3M   9+Pianeta Amiga 2001 2/4
PA2001_03.lha      pix/misc   550K   9+Pianeta Amiga 2001 3/4
PA2001_04.lha      pix/misc   3.3M   9+Pianeta Amiga 2001 4/4
sgd-strip_10.lha   pix/misc    39K  12+[ancor] StarGround darkness
sgd-strip_11.lha   pix/misc    49K   8+[ancor] StarGround darkness
sgd-strip_12.lha   pix/misc    42K   8+[ancor] StarGround darkness
sgd-strip_9.lha    pix/misc    44K  12+[ancor] StarGround darkness
Vanja.jpg          pix/misc   124K  11+Mirror in water
MBShowreel2000.mpg pix/mpg     82M   4+3D-animations made with Imagine/Lightwav
MBShowreel2002.mpg pix/mpg     36M   4+3D-animations made with Lightwave!
Pegasos.mpg        pix/mpg     92M  10+Pegasos demo video from Thendic-France
Push-DD.mpg        pix/mpg     34M   4+Dolphins Dream BY Push (64kb Aga 68k Int
vcr.mpg            pix/mpg    1.2M   6+VCR in fire!
ADT_icons.lha      pix/nicon  160K   9+Various Newicons
PowerTowerIcon.lha pix/nicon    1K   9+Power Tower Newicon
coolpyramid.jpg    pix/trace  174K   6+Cool Pyramid - C4D + IFX
AllPast.jpg        pix/views  167K   6+All in the past ( sterbotten, FIN)
A1200mwb.lha       pix/wb      82K  12+A1200 Workbench Screenshot
beer.jpg           pix/wb     111K   7+Beer glass backdrop 1280x960
GoldenWB.jpg       pix/wb     124K  10+Golden 1024x768 16 Bit desktop by Miki
PetersBench2.jpg   pix/wb     202K   9+A screenshot of my workbench
Proof.lha          pix/wb      78K   4+And it just kept on ticking!
Screen_Pa_13.jpg   pix/wb     129K  11+Snapshot of Amiga Workbench Screen
SoBored.jpg        pix/wb     323K  12+Boredom striked me this morning
OFS047.jpg         pix/wfm    2.0M   8+What Hubble might see in Fractal Space
OFS048.jpg         pix/wfm    1.3M   8+What Hubble might see in Fractal Space
bah.lha            text/edit  119K  12+Adds configurable toolbars to BED. V4.0
BedUpg_Pack1.lha   text/edit   87K  12+Upgrade pack #1 to BlacksEditor
CompareTextCED.lha text/edit    8K   5+Compares two textfiles with CygnusEd
Na_asciicreato.lha text/edit    5K   4+Ascii Creator
tecoc-146.lha      text/edit  556K   8+Portable Teco implementation, Tecoc-146
Savannah.lha       text/font   74K  10+Savannah TrueType & IntelliFont Font
eNote.lha          text/misc  171K  11+Electronical notebook
HTMLstrip.lha      text/misc   26K   5+HTML stripper which can also replace HTM
msdos-amiga.lha    text/misc   32K   4+Convert MSDOS texts to AMIGA text format
OneLine.lha        text/misc  168K  11+Fixes Text Faults (CR-LF-TAB etc) with G
wvware-mos.lha     text/misc  3.5M  11+Convert Word docs to HTML,ASCII...v0.7.2
wvware.lha         text/misc  3.4M  11+Convert Word docs to HTML,ASCII...v0.7.2
DSLT02.lha         text/print  60K  10+DrawStudio's Templates for labels 02 v1.
HP_Deskjet400C.lha text/print  25K   4+Deskjet 400C/L Driver for WB 40.15
HP_Deskjet600C.lha text/print  27K   4+Deskjet 600C Driver for WB V40.15
HP_Deskjet670C.lha text/print  28K   5+Deskjet 670C/680C/690C Driver V40.31
HP_Deskjet870C.lha text/print  27K   5+Deskjet 8x0C Driver for WB V40.22
HP_Deskjet900C.lha text/print  24K   5+Deskjet 9x0C Driver for WB V40.13
BibleView.lha      text/show   99K   9+Bible text viewer for 68k/WarpOS. V1.1
Next3.2.lha        text/show  114K  12+Viewer for text/guides/html/datatypes
dvipdfm.lha        text/tex   402K   7+A DVI to PDF translator with zlib suppor
nulib2.lha         util/arc    91K  11+An archiver for NuFX (ShrinkIt) files
unrar300mos.lha    util/arc   108K   6+UnRAR 3.0 quick ixemul port for MorphOS
GS-JAnim.lha       util/batch  11K   7+Genetic Species Full Game (Join&Spare sp
aUTOeXEc-v1.1.lha  util/boot   13K  12+The best easy way to boot on 2 startup-s
Bekuna.lha         util/boot  225K   9+Hallo User Programm V1.9 German only!
BekunaUpd.lha      util/boot   54K   7+Update for Bekuna to V1.9-4 (DE,AT,CH)
birds.lha          util/boot  114K  12+Your in the forest with your miggy.
Blazewcp.lha       util/boot   41K   9+ULTRA FAST 32bit C2P patch for OS chunky
ShellUpdate.lha    util/boot  102K   8+Update Os 3.9 BB2 Shell to 45.11
DepthMenu.lha      util/cdity  46K   5+Popup menu for depth gadgets. V2.30.
DM_AmIRC.lha       util/cdity  21K   5+DM: channel names in windows menu.
DM_DOpus4.lha      util/cdity  21K   5+DM: modifies DOpus screen name.
DM_DOpus5.lha      util/cdity  25K   5+DM: handles DOpus v5 listers.
DM_dynAMIte.lha    util/cdity  21K   5+DM: shows windows of dynAMIte game.
DM_MinMax.lha      util/cdity  25K   5+DM: adds min/maximize options to windows
DM_Workbench.lha   util/cdity  25K   5+DM: handles Workbench drawers.
Meridian.lha       util/cdity 201K   4+V1.19 PDA like input system
AKCC.lha           util/cli   152K   4+Advanced CLI-Commands for OS V33-45 (27.
FileExtract.lha    util/cli     9K   8+Extract part of a file into a new file
netid.lha          util/cli     6K   6+NetID 0.2, Calculates NetID for a given 
showtime.lha       util/cli     7K   9+Simply shows the current time (SHELL)
wstar.lha          util/cli     4K  11+Toggles the RNF_WILDSTAR bit in dos.libr
AmCurrency.lha     util/conv  517K   7+V2.02 - currency converter/manager DeLux
bmp2wbmp.lha       util/conv   27K   6+BMP2WBMP-Converter 
tat.lha            util/conv    8K  12+Text Alternative Translator
TxtToHTMLv1.4.lha  util/conv   66K  11+Converts txt files to HTML Docs (+GUI)
CTree.lha          util/dir     2K  10+Create a copy of a tree structure
aiffdt41.lha       util/dtype   6K   6+Datatype for aiff sounds (41.4)
akJFIF-dt.lha      util/dtype 174K   4+AkJFIF-dt V45.1 (JPEG, 68000-060, UAE/Am
akPNG-dt.lha       util/dtype 153K   4+AkPNG-dt V45.1 (PNG, 68000-060, UAE/Amit
akTIFF-dt.lha      util/dtype 186K   4+AkTIFF-dt V45.1 (TIFF, 68000-060, UAE/Am
ilbmdtPPC.lha      util/dtype  17K   6+Ilbmdt for the PPC, running WarpUP (45.9
SunAUdt.lha        util/dtype   5K   6+Datatype for Sun Audio sounds (41.1)
cddalibbeta.lha    util/libs   33K  10+Powerful CD audio playing library for Mo
ExtraLib.lha       util/libs  187K  11+Dynamic-Buffer-System, nice useful stuff
mpega_libmad.lha   util/libs  467K   4+Mpega.library clone using libmad (040/PP
ttrender.lha       util/libs   76K   6+TrueType text rendering engine (v 3.1)
Env2_25.lha        util/misc   30K   8+Edit, save, load, delete ENV: vars
MultiRen.lha       util/misc  191K   8+Powerful multi-file renaming tool (MUI)
rebootpatch.lha    util/misc    4K   5+V1.0 Rebootpatch: Allow or deny reboots.
ReportPlus.lha     util/misc  350K   8+Report+ 5.51a: Multipurpose utility
sss.lha            util/misc   14K   9+Smart filesplitter with ESA sources
idlewos.lha        util/moni   12K   4+A cpu monitor with WarpOS Support
LAlert.lha         util/moni    6K  11+Display last alert. (enforcer friendly)
RunTime.lha        util/moni   61K   8+V1.25 computer run time monitor (Germany
Scout-src.lha      util/moni  546K  10+System monitor - GNU-GPL source code (V3
Scout.lha          util/moni  890K  10+System monitor (MUI & AmiTCP optional)
_ReComp.lha        util/pack   12K   9+ReComp(ReCompress Cli Usage) 
Convert.lha        util/rexx    1K   7+Simple currency conversion script
dock2fkey.lha      util/rexx    3K   5+AmiDock prefs to FKey
MicroRexx203.lha   util/rexx   53K   9+ARexx Intuition extension
ParseRX.lha        util/rexx    4K   9+ARexx Interpreter (shell in virtual ARex
Pixload-1.74.lha   util/rexx  480K   6+Pixload 1.74 (an "Amidock style" Rxmui a
SCGuide.lha        util/rexx    2K  10+View Australian TV Guides in Shell/CLI
stripcr.lha        util/rexx   15K   7+Stripcr.ced (arexx script for Ced 4.2x)
csh550a_060.lha    util/shell 197K   4+C-Shell 5.50a compiled for 680060
Make060.lha        util/sys     4K   4+Set AFF_68060 flag in ExecBase (Wildfire
DRemind.lha        util/time  261K   8+Reminds you whenever you want.. v1.61!
Safe.lha           util/virus  18K   5+Chaff file/virus memory killer v18.0
VirusZ.lha         util/virus  57K   9+VirusZ III 0.9a - Antivirus Software
AmiShutDown.lha    util/wb    215K  10+Amiga Version of Shutdown (German only)
AmiStart.lha       util/wb    310K   5+A Windows like startmenu with drag&drop 
AmistartHU.lha     util/wb      2K   4+Hungarian catalog for Amistart v0.60
BWS_Scalos.lha     util/wb    240K   9+Scalos progs + amigaini lib (c/w source)
classaction.lha    util/wb    330K  12+AmigaOS multipurpose filemanager
DateView.lha       util/wb    103K  10+A Desktop-Calendar
DopusOnlineRx.lha  util/wb      9K   8+Dopus5 Appicons for Amisat and Charon
Fix.backdrop.lha   util/wb     47K   9+A handy GUI to clean up .backdrop files
ItalyMagicMenu.lha util/wb     10K   6+Italian MagicMenu.catalog
ITA_StartMenu.lha  util/wb      7K   6+Italian StartMenu.catalog
IT_ClassAction.lha util/wb     11K   6+Italian ClassAction.catalog
IT_ProcManager.lha util/wb      4K   6+Italian ProcessManager.catalog
IT_SystemSett.lha  util/wb      6K   6+Italian SystemSettings.catalog
Liquid.lha         util/wb     46K   7+Liquid MacOS X style for Workbench
QuickLens.lha      util/wb      8K   6+A quick lens, any OS, any font, w/src
RandomWBPatt.lha   util/wb     25K  11+Slideshow-like random WBPattern change
SetFPVars.lha      util/wb    126K  10+A GUI to set vars for FullPalette
sgrab.lha          util/wb    176K   6+Screen grabber with GUI (1.21)
StartMenu.lha      util/wb    286K  12+Startmenu with window and screen display
VolumeMeter.lha    util/wb     26K   5+Transparent graphical hard drive usage m