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File bugs here, move them to Changelog when they are fixed. Use the following format:

ID YYYY-MM-DD-number
Status NEW
Description Some description

ID 2007-02-18-03
Status NEW
Description When replacing an existing file, admin.pl fails to move the old package to priv/deleted:

mv: cannot stat `../util/sys/Argue.lha': No such file or directory

ID 2007-02-18-01
Status NEW
Description ADT server is not running yet. It also needs to be added to server startup.

ID 2007-02-15-03
Status NEW
Description Using admin.php to delete files won't let the moderator enter a reason for deleting the package:

home/aminet/aminet_root/doc>/home/aminet/aminet_root/phpinclude/admin.php delete_package util/wb/AmiSnap11.lha
X-Powered-By: PHP/5.1.2
Content-type: text/html
Please state a reason for deleting util/wb/AmiSnap11.lha
Reason: SUCCESS: Deleted: util/wb/AmiSnap11.lha

ID 2007-02-15-02
Status NEW
Description Using admin.php to move files results in an error message that admin.php is unable to fix the moved readme's type: field:

home/aminet/aminet_root/doc>/home/aminet/aminet_root/phpinclude/admin.php move_package game/misc/Q2CE.lha game/edit
X-Powered-By: PHP/5.1.2
Content-type: text/html
Renaming game/misc/Q2CE.lha to game/edit/Q2CE.lha in database
Moving game/misc/Q2CE.lha to game/edit/Q2CE.lha in filesystem
Moving game/misc/Q2CE.readme to game/edit/Q2CE.readme
Unable to read from readme file for editing "type"-header

ID 2007-02-15-01
Status NEW
Description If an uploaded package has a size of 0 bytes, the email offered for flaming is that of the *previously* moderated package. This only happens under certain circumstances, probably if the faulty package has no uploader email of its own.

ID 2007-02-07-03
Status NEW
Description AmFTP doesn't display RECENT files when in ADT mode

ID 2006-09-01-01
Status NEW
Description admin.php: If you're not in doc/ move_package fails to change the value of the type: field in the readme, because there's an fopen() call which uses a relative path instead of an absolute path (cg)

ID 2006-08-12-01
Status NEW
Description If a readme contains backslashes (in the body, not in one of the header fields - didn't check header fields), these get stripped from *both* the actual readme *and* the database entry. Enclosing the string containing backslashes in double quotes helps the backslashes to actually reach the database entry, but they're still getting stripped from the actual readme. An example would be the windows path in comm/www/firefox_searchplugin.zip. (cg)

ID 2006-06-05-01
Status NEW
Description admin.pl will not complain if you try to moderate misc/unix/foo.tar.bz2 while misc/unix/foo.tgz already exists, it will overwrite the existing readme instead. Both packages will be listed in the database afterwards.

Update (20060728):

This is apparently not limited to 'double' extensions ("tar.gzip" etc.). Yesterday admin.pl silently accepted mods/boray/DayUnknown.zip while mods/boray/DayUnknown.lha already existed.

ID 2006-06-17-01
Status NEW
Description According to "eisblock", who used to run "Aminet Comments" at http://www.amiga-online-games.de/AmiNetCom/ (currently offline), his server can no longer access the ADT_RECENT#? files