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|     Aminet CD 7
|     Urban D. Mueller  (
|     Aminet CD 8 contains over 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software.
|     The newest file included is dated September 8th. Besides the new
|     software, the CD concentrates on music modules. The space is used
|     as follows (after decompression):
|       620M of software newer than Aminet CD 7
|       450M of images
|        50M of top downloads
|     These consist of:
|       1900 mods    (800 of them multichannel)
|       1100 tools
|        160 pictures
|        140 games
|        100 demos
|     The modules were collected from various sources besides Aminet, and
|     will shop up on Aminet eventually.
|     Amigaguide based user interface, allows easy unpacking and viewing 
|     using a single mouse click.
|     Extensive search facilities. Finds words in descriptions or readmes,
|     and outputs matches as an index that allows immediate viewing.
|     New access features on this CD:
|     - DeliTracker is now the default module player, handling all the
|       multichannel modules very nicely.
|     - 'Find' lets you search all CDs now anytime, and lets you extract
|       files from other CDs than the current one.
|     - The Files.BBS and Files.MSD index files have been adapted to the
|       needs of various BBS programs.
|     - Various minor bugs have been fixed.
|     The CD can be ordered from the following addresses: (credit cards OK)
|     Germany: Stefan Ossowski          (English spoken)
|              Tel:   +49-201-788778
|              Fax:   +49-201-798447
|              Email:
|              Price: DM 25
|     USA:     Fred Fish
|              Tel:   +1-602-491-0442
|              Email:
|              Price: $19.95
|     Prices exclude shipping. Subscriptions are available. More information,
|     including distributors in other countries, is found in the text file
|     docs/misc/CD-Orders.txt on Aminet. A complete index is found in
|     docs/lists/Aminet-CD-8.lha
|     Authors of software on the CD are entitled to one free CD. Send
|     HELP FREEBIES to for more info.
|     Still available: Aminet Set (the complete Aminet as of Jan 95 on 4 CDs),
|     Aminet 6 (Jun 95, highlighting demos) and Aminet 7 (Aug 95, focus on
|     clip art).
| Local files at Aminet CD 8 on 22-Sep-95
| Sorted by directory and file name. Age in weeks.
| A wide version of this file can be found in info/index/
|File              Dir        Size Age Description
|----------------- ---        ---- --- -----------
CB_Radio_2_1.lha   biz/dbase   50K  11+Program for CB-Radio-Operators
db2_8.lha          biz/dbase  159K   3+Database program w OS3.0 look, user def.
DFA_25.lha         biz/dbase  789K   7+The ultimate address utility
DTC_CD2f.lha       biz/dbase   33K   6+Usefoul and very userfriendly database.
DTC_MCD20.lha      biz/dbase   32K   6+Usefoul and very userfriendly database.
EasyVideo31.lha    biz/dbase  189K   3+Good home-video Mangement-System
EV30F.lha          biz/dbase  140K  12+THE german video database for home VHS (
fiasco.lha         biz/dbase  264K   4+Database supporting pictures in mask,...
GCBAdresse.lha     biz/dbase  271K   2+The Address-Database
GCBVideoV3_05.lha  biz/dbase  280K   2+The video-administrator
IntuiDex22.lha     biz/dbase   80K   8+Update to easy club roster database
KF_REG_pch_210.lha biz/dbase  724K  10+KingFisher 2.x -> 2.10 REG'D patches
KingFisher210.lha  biz/dbase  835K  10+KingFisher 2.10 EVALUATION COPY
ligamanager.lha    biz/dbase  178K   5+German data base for soccer results V2.2
McF3_1.lha         biz/dbase   84K   4+Catalogues and archives files on any med
MusicManII.lha     biz/dbase  557K   2+Manages your CDs,MCs... VERY comfortably
PDBase12.lha       biz/dbase   93K  11+Public Domain DataBase V1.2 (Needs MUI)
PSVideo21.lha      biz/dbase  210K   4+Video data base
quickfile.lha      biz/dbase  284K   2+V3.16.6 Powerful, fast and easy database
RoutePlanner.lha   biz/dbase  200K  10+Highway trip planner. Requires MUI 2.2
Scion.lha          biz/dbase  422K  10+Genealogy database manager v4.07
scionsuomi.lha     biz/dbase    5K   7+Finnish catalogs for Scion Gen. 4.07
Scionu1.lha        biz/dbase   86K   4+Update package for Scion Genealogist 4.0
S_Adress_2_2.lha   biz/dbase   33K  11+Adress-Manager(Deutsch\English)
S_Video_3_1.lha    biz/dbase   35K  11+Video-Manager(Deutsch\English)
ve25demo.lha       biz/dbase  620K   6+Videographers Management System for the 
CheckItOut21a.lha  biz/demo   176K   2+Quicken-Like Checkbook/Personal Finance
DiavoloBackup.lha  biz/demo   370K   6+Demo of V3.0 of the new backup software
EasyCalc2.lha      biz/demo   182K  11+Easy-to-use spreadsheet program (WB2+)
LigaManager.lha    biz/demo   161K   2+Fussball-Bundesliga-Manager-Demo
TurboCalc35.lha    biz/demo   294K   5+TurboCalc3.5 - powerful spreadsheet demo
TwistDemo.lha      biz/demo   402K   3+Demo of Twist 2 Relational Database
TypeWrite.lha      biz/demo   102K   2+Typewriter-Trainer
Xi31Demo.lha       biz/demo   612K  10+Demo of XiPaint 3.1 - 24bit-Paintprogram
AmiBroker110.lha   biz/misc   272K   5+Technical analysis of Polish stocks v1.1
amicheck1_74.lha   biz/misc   219K   4+V1.75 checkbook/account manager OS2.04 a
Banca120.lha       biz/misc   317K   1+Family Budget Management V1.2. Italian O
bud111.lha         biz/misc    86K   2+Personnal Budget Utility v1.11 (OS 3.0+)
LedgerV102.lha     biz/misc    17K   3+A Powerful Self employed Ledger
Dopus511.lha       biz/patch  383K  12+Patch for Directory Opus 5.0 & 5.10 -> 5
DOpusIta511.lha    biz/patch   17K   1+Italian Catalogs for Directory Opus 5.11
DOpusNL511.lha     biz/patch   18K   9+Dutch Catalogs for Directory Opus 5.11
DOpusNorsk511.lha  biz/patch   16K   9+Norwegian Catalogs for Directory Opus 5.
DS3upd3.lha        biz/patch  164K  11+Patch for Dave Haynie's DiskSalv 3 (comm
Fed_1_41_Patch.lha biz/patch   16K   4+Adds shortcuts to the FED's menus
fw30int7.lha       biz/patch  268K  10+68030 Patches for FinalWriter 3.0
pgs3h1.lha         biz/patch  490K  10+PageStream 2.0h Patches
pgs3h2.lha         biz/patch  393K  10+PageStream 2.0h Patches
Twst203221.lha     biz/patch  322K   9+Twist 2 Amiga (English) 2.03 to 2.21 pat
Twst204221.lha     biz/patch  212K   9+Twist 2 Amiga (English) 2.04 to 2.21 pat
Twst205221.lha     biz/patch  211K   9+Twist 2 Amiga (English) 2.05 to 2.21 pat
Twst207221.lha     biz/patch  152K   9+Twist 2 Amiga (English) 2.07 to 2.21 pat
Twst208221.lha     biz/patch  137K   9+Twist 2 Amiga (English) 2.08 to 2.21 pat
Twst211221.lha     biz/patch  123K   9+Twist 2 Amiga (English) 2.11 to 2.21 pat
Twst212221.lha     biz/patch  124K   9+Twist 2 Amiga (English) 2.12 to 2.21 pat
BA.lha             comm/ambos   5K   3+Caller-statistics;  BBS-Tool for AmBoS
CG_ANSIs.lha       comm/ambos  11K   3+BBS-ANSIs for ChangeGrafik; AmBoS
ChangeGrafik.lha   comm/ambos  14K   3+Random ANSI-Viewer;BBS-Tool for AmBoS
DTime.lha          comm/ambos  80K   3+Calendar; BBS-Tool for AmBoS
FS.lha             comm/ambos   5K   3+File Search;  BBS-Tool for AmBoS
gore.lha           comm/ambos  97K   3+Dungeongame, CLI-DoorGame for AmBoS
GRDemo.lha         comm/ambos  25K   3+German Doorgame for AmBoS, V1.11 (Demo)
InfoBrett.lha      comm/ambos   4K   3+Info Board;  BBS-Tool for AmBoS
LaberMod.lha       comm/ambos   8K  11+Sends msgs to User; BBS-Module for AmBoS
LetzSenf.lha       comm/ambos  18K   3+Last Commands;  BBS-Tool for AmBoS
MineField.lha      comm/ambos  34K   3+MineField; BBS-Game for AmBoS   
PackBackup.lha     comm/ambos   4K  11+Special Backup-Tool for AmBoS BBS
PlanetWar.lha      comm/ambos 106K   3+Spacetype game, BBS-Game for AmBoS
rodice.lha         comm/ambos  37K   3+Roll-o-Dice; DoorGame for AmBoS
ShowAus.lha        comm/ambos  35K   3+Shows Online-Statistics;BBS-Tool for AmB
TeleText.lha       comm/ambos  24K   3+Bulletin-Board;  BBS-Tool for AmBoS
TimeCheck.lha      comm/ambos   3K   3+Warns by short Online-time in AmBoS BBS
ToDaysCaller.lha   comm/ambos  16K   3+ToDaysCaller;  BBS-Tool for AmBoS   
ultra.lha          comm/ambos  61K   3+Credit/Faker, BBS-Tool for AmBos
UserStatus.lha     comm/ambos  10K   3+Shows UserInfo;  BBS-Tool for AmBoS
WiO.lha            comm/ambos  12K   3+(W)ho (i)s (O)nline; BBS-Tool for AmBoS
WK.lha             comm/ambos  41K   3+Kniffel V1.39, BBS-Game for AmBoS
ww_vote.lha        comm/ambos  23K   3+Vote! - Voting booth for AmBoS BBS
askiireq.lha       comm/amiex  32K   8+Request-Door for Amiex & Fame BBS V1.00
CD_Server103.lha   comm/amiex  68K   4+Tool to access devices/Assigns via BBS. 
KLR_Comment12.lha  comm/amiex  54K  11+Best Comment door around with cursor-con
nvx_v_await.lha    comm/amiex  13K  11+Replaces AwaitScreen with last 20 caller
nvx_v_modpage.lha  comm/amiex 148K  11+Lets the users page with a music module
PottySrc.lha       comm/amiex 448K   2+Source to Pot-Noodle's AmiExp BBS Utils
SDC_R4B3.lha       comm/amiex  70K   2+Super-DupeCheck 1.03: Release 4, Beta 3
world_clock.lha    comm/amiex  24K   8+Clock Util for Amiex & Fame BBS V1.18
ACP_Page2_0.lha    comm/bbs    62K  10+ACP-Page 2.0 - Sysoppager Door for E! an
AnubisPub0551.lha  comm/bbs   588K  12+German BBS program
BJack_v11.lha      comm/bbs     6K   2+Blackjack game for MAXsBBS
Chaseem_v11.lha    comm/bbs     9K   2+Great run online game for MAXsBBS
clchat412.lha      comm/bbs   141K   3+Extensive chat for TCP/IP and/or BBS
CoolTAStuff.lha    comm/bbs    11K   2+3 Utils + some info for TransAmiga BBS
cps_ratio.lha      comm/bbs     3K  11+Tool to change DL-Ratio (Prometheus BBS)
DayDreamBBS113.lha comm/bbs   369K   7+DayDream BBS V1.13 - BBS Software
ERP.lha            comm/bbs     6K   7+V1.0, kills requesters automatically.
FastCallDemo.lha   comm/bbs   541K   3+FastCALL 2483 Mailboxprogram (FC) Demo
FileLister145.lha  comm/bbs   245K   3+V1.45 of the best TA online filelister
Flist_105p2.lha    comm/bbs    59K   3+FList v1.05p2 For TransAmiga BBS S/w
FL_144_Update.lha  comm/bbs    30K   9+TA-Filelister Update for V1.44
FL_GetFile25.lha   comm/bbs    25K   3+Updated Getfile from TA-FileLister
fm308.lha          comm/bbs   123K   5+Complete file Management program for BBS
gmc_bbs_220.lha    comm/bbs   630K   8+Plug and Play BBS with Bi,X,Y,Z Modem...
GW220.lha          comm/bbs    85K   3+Global War 2 v2.20 - Strategy BBS game
GWall_v206.lha     comm/bbs    51K   2+The best Graffiti Wall for MAXsBBS
MaxScripts1.lha    comm/bbs     9K   2+CLI Door scripts for use with MaxShell
MAXShell.lha       comm/bbs    33K   3+Allows CLI programs under MAX's BBS
MAX_DoorPack.lha   comm/bbs    18K   4+MAX's BBS doorpack fixed and updated
M_Quest_v11.lha    comm/bbs     5K   2+New user questionaire door for MaxsBBS
OpElim16.lha       comm/bbs    94K   9+Multi-player, shoot-em-up, BBS game (doo
PassEnterV11.lha   comm/bbs    26K   6+Security door for MAX's BBS.
Pegged_E.lha       comm/bbs    19K   6+Jump the Pegs Game 1.1D for Excelsior!
pltdor10.lha       comm/bbs    77K   4+Point Mail Pickup Door OzMetro/TA/DLG/E!
PMBSBullet166.lha  comm/bbs    34K  12+News bulletins for PMBS, V1.66 German on
PMBS_Demo12.lha    comm/bbs   838K   2+Prometheus Mailbox System (PMBS) Demover
RPGBBS1.lha        comm/bbs   364K   2+Role-Playing Game BBS/DOOR disk 1
RPGBBS2.lha        comm/bbs   295K   3+Role-Playing Game BBS/DOOR disk 2
RPGBBS3.lha        comm/bbs   346K   3+Role-Playing Game BBS/DOOR disk 3
ta_trivia12.lha    comm/bbs   174K   6+TransAmiga BBS Trivia door v1.2
TFBBS.lha          comm/bbs   299K   2+Telefun BBS-Fully configurable BBS. V1.3
TrAminet1_3.lha    comm/bbs    36K   5+TransAmiga BBS AminetCD upload tool v1.3
WWBBS31.lha        comm/bbs   654K   8+Cool BBS prg, wrks thru cli, V3.1
WWBBSUtils_11.lha  comm/bbs    15K  10+V1.1 Utilities for WWBSS: Remote Shell, 
ZTopFiles11.lha    comm/bbs    12K   2+Zeus util: Most DLed files stat maker.
1ooOrder.lha       comm/cnet    8K   8+1oo% ANSi/ASCii-Order Door for Cnet/3
1oo_wall.lha       comm/cnet    6K  11+1oo% Wall V1.4 - Nice wall for Cnet/3
adddescript_11.lha comm/cnet   17K   2+Add CNet long or short descriptions, ext
BaudCheck_30.lha   comm/cnet   12K   2+Refer Low baud callers to another free p
call_logger331.lha comm/cnet   13K  11+CNet Amiga Call Logger (Last 10 Calls)!
cdaxe_103.lha      comm/cnet   31K   2+CDAxe v1.03 - CDRom/Aminet/Direct interf
cnmp_10b.lha       comm/cnet  133K   2+CNetMultiPort - Developer's package for 
DloadDesc_31.lha   comm/cnet   11K   2+DownloadDescript - Allows user's to down
DupeScan_201.lha   comm/cnet   14K   2+DupeScan - Detects and log users with mu
FLaMBoPaGe.lha     comm/cnet   66K   8+<<FLaMBoPaGe>> 1.0 CNet/3 Pager Replacem
HowTo.lha          comm/cnet    9K   8+CNet door- users pick from txt file list
LastCallers_85.lha comm/cnet   54K   2+MS-LastCallers - VERY configurable Last 
metalscan_103.lha  comm/cnet   41K   2+MetalScan - Replacement/Companion SCAN c
MS_Credits_62.lha  comm/cnet   37K   2+Awards users byte or pfile credits for p
ToSL_21.lha        comm/cnet   17K   2+ToSelectList (ToSL) - add selections to 
TrdWars23.lha      comm/cnet  295K  11+Tradewars 2.3 for CNet. works with 3.05
wof_cnet_641.lha   comm/cnet  291K   6+Newest Version Wheel of Fortune for CNet
blitz_bulletin.lha comm/dlg    20K   6+Nifty new bulletin reader for DLG.
blitz_download.lha comm/dlg    20K   6+Download file descriptions easily.
blitz_tag13.lha    comm/dlg    18K   6+Allow users to tag files off-line.
DiaGF221.lha       comm/dlg    10K   3+DiaGFlist V2.21 (bug fix).
DiaUpDwn.lha       comm/dlg     4K   3+View quick down/upload statics.
DlgSources.lha     comm/dlg    10K   3+Dialog sources (DiaGFlist etc).
DLG_Correct_20.lha comm/dlg     4K  10+Fixes DLG's Msg_Correct/Filenote/Export 
DUNDLG311.lha      comm/dlg    18K   6+Update to Dungeon V3.1.  v3.11 of the AN
duramembers10.lha  comm/dlg    16K   6+Membership tracking program [v1.0] for D
food118.lha        comm/dlg   112K   5+A game for DLG Pro BBS systems, version 
FSS_1_0.lha        comm/dlg     2K   2+Selects the correct File SIG based on Co
EnvoyARexx02b.lha  comm/envoy   7K  10+Send ARexx-commands via Envoy (V0.2 beta
EnvoyEmpire.lha    comm/envoy 154K   6+MUI multiple player strategy game for En
AmiGate15.lha      comm/fido   64K   4+Gateway program. FidoNet <-> Internet
FindPhone.lha      comm/fido    7K   3+1.8 Search the nodelist for a phonenumbe
FindPhoSrc.lha     comm/fido    5K   3+1.8 Source for FindPhone
FindPlace.lha      comm/fido    7K   3+1.4 Search the nodelist for a city/place
FindPlaSrc.lha     comm/fido    4K   3+1.4 Source for FindPlace
FindSysop.lha      comm/fido    7K   3+1.5 Search the nodelist for a sysop (wil
FindSysSrc.lha     comm/fido    4K   3+1.5 Source for FindSysop
FindSystem.lha     comm/fido    7K   3+1.31 Search the nodelist for a BBS/syste
GHatch18.lha       comm/fido   14K   7+Generic filehatcher for points.
GMSCall0_1.lha     comm/fido    5K   5+Arexx Poll script for GMS, with GUI nume
GMS_11b64.lha      comm/fido  173K   7+GMS v1.1 beta 64 -
Idefix051pr.lha    comm/fido   37K  10+New fast areafix for TrapToss
jm950728.lha       comm/fido  316K   2+WPL Frontend Mailer Generator
JS_Toss101.lha     comm/fido  133K  12+1.01: Fido Node tosser with really good 
MM1_1_1Cat_Fra.lha comm/fido    7K   2+First update to the Mail Manager v1.1 fr
MMAreaFixPlus.lha  comm/fido   22K  10+MM_AreaFixPlus v1.74 - The best Areafix 
mm_1_1.lha         comm/fido  863K  12+Mail Manager v1.1 - The BEST Fido Progra
mm_1_1_030.lha     comm/fido  182K  12+Mail Manager v1.1 - 68030 (Binary only)
MM_AutoReply.lha   comm/fido    3K   4+Auto answer netmails for MM (german doc 
MM_LiveStats.lha   comm/fido    6K   5+Arexx Script for MM for calculating stat
MM_ScriptSet1.lha  comm/fido    6K   5+Simple Arexx scripts enhancing MM
NetCall20c.lha     comm/fido  178K  11+User-friendly poll-manager for TrapDoor,
NLFind.lha         comm/fido   15K   3+1.2 Gives multiline node support (for po
patchpkt111.lha    comm/fido   39K  10+Fido-Package patcher/modifier
Rock_1_5.lha       comm/fido  111K   4+The Rock Melody Mailer
showfigfonts.lha   comm/fido    4K   3+Arexx script that displays FIGLET Fonts
SpotChef22.lha     comm/fido   44K   6+Fun language converter for Spot.  V2.2
ThumbMail.lha      comm/fido  326K   2+V1.1 shows pic of mail-senders in Spot/F
ADMail.lha         comm/mail   56K   3+GUI EMail package, v1.5 (bugfix release)
AirMail1_2.lha     comm/mail  118K   2+AirMail 1.2 GUI internet mailer
AmigaElm_v8.lha    comm/mail  209K   2+Mail-Reader (UUCP/Internet), v8 (8.20)
arespond.lha       comm/mail   11K   8+Automatic Message responder for AmiTCP V
calcdl10.lha       comm/mail    1K   3+CalcDl 1.0 for Thor 2.0 or higher
deldupes10.lha     comm/mail    1K   3+DelDupes 1.0 for Thor 2.0 or higher
ftpget10.lha       comm/mail    2K   3+FTPGet 1.0 for Thor 2.0 or higher
keepmsg12.lha      comm/mail    1K   3+KeepMsg 1.2 for Thor 2.0 or higher
MakeMail05b.lha    comm/mail   13K   6+MakeMail v0.5beta, a GhostWriter.
mdms102.lha        comm/mail    7K   9+Micodot-MultiServer-Handler V1.02
NesQWK1_03.lha     comm/mail  139K  10+Nice offline mail reader for QWK format.
NetMail_11.lha     comm/mail   91K   5+Email program with GUI, groups, filters
parsegrabs10.lha   comm/mail    1K   3+ParseGrabs 1.0 for Thor 2.0 or higher
pine_020.lha       comm/mail  397K   9+Integrated mail/news reader. Needs ixemu
pine_all.lha       comm/mail  418K   9+Integrated mail/news reader. Needs ixemu
pine_as225.lha     comm/mail  396K   9+Integrated mail/news reader. Needs ixemu
pine_base.lha      comm/mail  363K   9+Integrated mail/news reader. Needs ixemu
pop3get.lha        comm/mail    5K   4+Pop3get, uses RMail to deliver (AmiTCP)
randtag.lha        comm/mail   26K   9+Tag generator for any mailer that spawns
sortmail21a.lha    comm/mail   21K   3+SortMail 2.1a for Thor 2.0 or higher
ThorTCPBeta4.lha   comm/mail   87K   8+NNTP/SMTP/POP tools for THOR 2.01
autou105.lha       comm/mebbs  15K  11+Door to give users a higher Access v1.5
checkf13.lha       comm/mebbs  10K  11+Search a file prior for u/l in mebbsnet
mbbsmail050995.lha comm/mebbs  36K   2+Offline Mebbsnet BBS MailManager NTSC
mktys095.lha       comm/mebbs 144K   2+Archive View/Extract/Add/Read/dl Door
mtwit.lha          comm/mebbs   4K  11+Twit message killer for MEBBS
resethi.lha        comm/mebbs   3K   6+Reset high msg read ptrs in MEBBS
stoli10f.lha       comm/mebbs  18K  11+Util to Send Text/Asci to a User Online
8n1.lha            comm/misc   27K   2+Replaces serial.device.  V37.12
acidman.lha        comm/misc  290K   6+Amiga Caller ID MANager & more!
ACP_Page2_0.lha    comm/misc   61K  10+ACP-Page 2.0 - Sysop-Pager Door for E! &
AmiJames.lha       comm/misc   32K   5+Tool for the German MausNet. V 1.0
AmiNote21b.lha     comm/misc   48K   7+V2.1b - GUI to store your AmiNet dloads
AmIstec1.lha       comm/misc   32K   4+Configuration software for Istec 1003/10
AmiTEL210b.lha     comm/misc  311K   9+Videotext emulator norm CEPT2. v2.1b
amm_0_21.lha       comm/misc  116K   6+Powerful ADT Index Parser (MUI optional)
AntiXP_V125R1.lha  comm/misc   55K   9+Filter and manipulator for ZConnect
AreaCode.lha       comm/misc   17K   5+Give area-code, finds city/state, v1.29
DFDKeep.lha        comm/misc   42K  11+DFDKeep v1.0 - bbs mail capture sorter
Easylink.lha       comm/misc  100K   2+Connect Amiga/PC via Parallel Port 
FiDED39171.lha     comm/misc   24K   8+FileId-Diz Extractor Deluxe (GUI based)
LoginTasks.lha     comm/misc   36K  11+(MultiUser-)Login to a task with MUI!
LogTime.lha        comm/misc   25K   2+A Simple, Cumulative OnLine Timer v1.18
mima_2_1.lha       comm/misc  430K   8+MirrorManager for Aminet downloads, MUI 
ModemCalc.lha      comm/misc    3K  11+Shows the amount of time to download dat
Online2NComm.lha   comm/misc    7K  10+Use Online-o-Meter Log with PBill
pbill33c.lha       comm/misc  247K   6+Log file analyzer for comm. programs
PhoneCall20.lha    comm/misc   98K   9+Phonebook with dial-function. (needs MUI
Phone_call.lzh     comm/misc   19K   3+Call coster, inc Voice Calls
SecretaryG.lha     comm/misc   19K  10+WORKING VERSION of Secretary (callerID p
ui120.lha          comm/misc  123K   2+UInfo 1.2 : Shows personal info about on
uuclean.lha        comm/misc    4K   2+Cleans unneeded text from captured UU fi
ZVT1_6u.lha        comm/misc  604K   6+Call receiver with fax/data V 1.6
ALynx.lha          comm/net   277K   8+Textbased WWW browser (AmiTCP/MLink) v1.
ALynx_AS225exe.lha comm/net   145K   8+Textbased WWW browser (AS225 exe) v1.29
AMHotList2_00.lha  comm/net    16K  12+Better hierarchical hotlist support for 
archie141.lha      comm/net    51K   4+Archie 1.4.1 for AmiTCP 4.1
cloneclock.lha     comm/net     4K   7+Transfers time between two computers
DialupV3_03.lha    comm/net    35K  34+PPP/SLIP dialer, final version (from me 
idial11.lha        comm/net    53K   9+THE BEST...InternetDIALer Version 1.1 FU
mlink132.lha       comm/net   123K  20+Direct internet access without SLIP
plip3818.lha       comm/net     7K  11+Plip.device 38.18
plip_3812src.lha   comm/net    23K  19+Plip.device 38.12 - S2_DEVICEQUERY bug f
PPP1_30.lha        comm/net   111K  36+SANA-II PPP.device evaluation version
pronet21.lha       comm/net    14K  10+Amiga Network V2.1 UPDATE!
sanautil.lha       comm/net    15K   6+SANA2 driver test/debugging utility
GRn_2_1a.lha       comm/news  232K  37+Gadtools-based newsreader for AS225R2/Am
NewPostNewsSpo.lha comm/news   32K   2+NewPostNewsSpool news spooling program
nta_11ld.lha       comm/news    8K   9+Updates Active file from ".next" files.
RemoveNewsGrp.lha  comm/news    3K   2+Removes newsgroup sub-directories and Ac
tin130gamma.lha    comm/news  182K   6+TIN 1.3 PL0 Beta 950726. UUCP/NNTP Newsr
TrimNews.lha       comm/news    5K  12+`multi-mode` newsgroup trimmer (ver1.007
acuseeme2_02.lha   comm/tcp    63K   4+Network video-conferencing tool
AmiConnect.lha     comm/tcp   187K   2+A Configuration Program For AmiTCP With 
AmiFSP.lha         comm/tcp   295K  79+BETA FSP clients for AmiTCP (2.3 or grea
AmigaTCP.lha       comm/tcp   247K 325+KA9Q Internet Software Package.
aminetfind.lha     comm/tcp     2K   4+Fast TCP Aminet searcher Arexx script (N
AmiSlate1_3.lha    comm/tcp   115K   6+Internet paint program V1.3 for AmiTCP 
AmiTALK155.lha     comm/tcp    60K  14+Misc. fixes and paste support.
AmiTCP41_42pch.lha comm/tcp    58K  27+Patch commercial AmiTCP/IP 4.1 to 4.2
AmiTCPdemo_40.lha  comm/tcp   738K  46+TCP/IP protocol stack
amitcpdial10.lha   comm/tcp    10K  86+ARexx script for AmiTCP to dialup SLIP
AmiTCP_22to23.lha  comm/tcp   143K  91+AmiTCP/IP 2.2->2.3 binary update
AmiTCP_bin_22.lha  comm/tcp   572K  95+TCP/IP stack as shared library binaries
ArfNewsBP1.lha     comm/tcp    84K   7+Gui Interface For Archie + Powerful GUI 
ATCP_sdk_40_gc.lha comm/tcp   718K  12+AmiTCP SDK 4.0 for gcc second release
AutoADT1_21.lha    comm/tcp     3K  18+Automated Aminet download tool, uses NcF
BBGopher10.lha     comm/tcp    48K  21+Gopher client for AmiTCP/CNet
Config_CP4_x.lha   comm/tcp     4K  11+Config Script for AmiTCP_Control_Panel
CP5.lha            comm/tcp   109K   2+Advanced GUI frontends for Amitcp & util
DynamicIP.lha      comm/tcp     3K  38+VLT+ARexx scripts for dynamic IP address
FTPGet1_2.lha      comm/tcp    14K   3+Stand-alone FTP 'get' command. V1.2.
GetHTTP15.lha      comm/tcp     5K   5+Rip HTTP addresses, save 'm to AMosaic h
GetMailSRC.lha     comm/tcp    49K   8+AmiTCP POP Client, receives E-Mail.
GUI_Archie097c.lha comm/tcp    16K  22+GUI for Archie/Click&Get Interface/First
Gui_FTP.lha        comm/tcp    50K  32+Gui-FTP V1.1.0 GUI based FTP client
How2UsePPP.lha     comm/tcp     1K  39+How to use AmiTCP/IP 4.0 demo with PPP 1
IdentD1_1.lha      comm/tcp    12K   4+RFC 1413 Authentication Daemon for AmiTC
iiNST_151.lha      comm/tcp    26K   5+Easy AMITCP/PPP install w/ISP modules.
INetOlm.lha        comm/tcp     8K  12+Onlinemessage programm for AmiTCP
InstallAmiTCP.lha  comm/tcp     5K   2+Example install script for AmiTCP 3..
interInstal.lha    comm/tcp    28K   7+Easy AMITCP/PPP install w/ISP modules.
IPDial1_7.lha      comm/tcp    51K   7+SLIP dialer; stdin/out terminal program
magplip37_3.lha    comm/tcp    62K   2+SANA II parallel IP device driver
maildaemons.lha    comm/tcp   234K  10+IMAP/POP3/POP2 mail daemons for AmiTCP. 
mftp1_27.lha       comm/tcp    57K   3+Mftp 1.27, very nice ftp client (MUI)
mlftpd_14.lha      comm/tcp    38K   2+Ftpd v1.4 - Improved upload control
MUIAdt.lha         comm/tcp    43K  50+Aminet frontend for MUI/AmiTCP, v1.3
Netdial4_0.lha     comm/tcp    20K  24+An updated AREXX Dialer for AmiTCP 4.0
netinput37_3.lha   comm/tcp    39K   8+Amiga-Amiga remote control
NewsAgent1_3.lha   comm/tcp    35K  21+AmiTCP news header browser/article gette
NewsedArfir.lha    comm/tcp    84K   2+Gui Interface For Archie + Powerful GUI 
NNTPd_12.lha       comm/tcp   363K   5+NNTPd Version 1.2
NNTPspool.lha      comm/tcp     3K  10+Script that allow you to maintain a spoo
OpusFTP.lha        comm/tcp    94K   5+An FTP Module for Directory Opus 5.11
PutMailSRC.lha     comm/tcp    57K   8+AmiTCP SMTP Client, Sends E-Mail.
SLIPScripts1_3.lha comm/tcp     6K  32+ARexx Start/Resume/Stop dynamic TCP/IP
socklink100.lha    comm/tcp    27K   2+Links stdio to socket (AmiTCP/IP and AS2
TCPHelp.lha        comm/tcp   130K   7+Button-based internet tools.
TCPHelpNoLb.lha    comm/tcp    16K   7+Button-based internet tools, no library
xtermTCP_WB.lha    comm/tcp    52K  94+xterm's newest Workbench w/TCPish stuff
autoid11.lha       comm/term  100K   3+AutoID-Checks files and IDs as they are 
gtlayout.lha       comm/term   46K   9+V18.3, for use with `term' v4.4
hydracom.lha       comm/term  150K   5+Bidirectional file xfer protocol, v1.0r6
ncomm30.lha        comm/term  307K 102+NComm V3.0. Released the 1st of October 
term_030.lha       comm/term  632K  10+V4.4, MC68020/030/040/060 version
term_deutsch.lha   comm/term  134K  10+V4.4, Deutschsprachige Dokumentation
term_doc.lha       comm/term  203K  10+V4.4, AmigaGuide format and library docu
term_dvi.lha       comm/term  217K  10+V4.4, Documentation in TeX-DVI format
term_extras.lha    comm/term  262K  10+V4.4, HydraCom, ARexx scripts, sound fil
term_libs.lha      comm/term  126K  10+V4.4, XPR and XEM libs
term_locale.lha    comm/term  264K  10+V4.4, Locale and blank catalog table fil
term_main.lha      comm/term  633K  10+V4.4, Distribution for all Amigas
term_ps.lha        comm/term  276K  10+V4.4, Documentation in PostScript format
term_roadmap.txt   comm/term   31K  10+V4.4, Introduction to the distribution (
term_source.lha    comm/term  797K  10+V4.4, Source code to program and user in
trms20e.lha        comm/term  489K  33+Terminus 2.0e full distribution archive
xemrpgbbs.lha      comm/term   15K   3+External Emulation for RPGBBS
XPRZ351.lha        comm/term  162K   6+Xprzmodem and xprzedzap, locale aware, W
XPRZ351_SRC.lha    comm/term   80K   6+Xprzmodem and xprzedzap, locale aware, W
IN1_3aPrtDoc.lha   comm/ums   245K   2+Printable documentation for IntuiNews 1.
IntuiNews1_3a.lha  comm/ums   153K   2+MUI-based Messagereader for UMS
ListManager.lha    comm/ums    16K   8+Mailinglist client and server
NewCleanMB_UMS.lha comm/ums     1K   3+New CleanMB and QuitUMS arexx scripts fo
SetExpire1_0.lha   comm/ums    19K   9+Expires non-expired messages
UFM1_1.lha         comm/ums    59K   6+Extended Mailserver for UMS
UMS11_6_beta.lha   comm/ums   491K   6+Universale Message System - public beta 
UMSFeeder.lha      comm/ums    33K   5+UMS tool to order newsgroups V0.25beta
UMSFido2_0.lha     comm/ums   110K   6+UMS Fido - FidoNet converters for UMS
UMSMailStat118.lha comm/ums    34K   2+Create statistics about UMS newsgroups
UMSMapsTool1_4.lha comm/ums    42K   7+MapsTool for the german Z-Netz. uses MUI
UMSRW1_4.lha       comm/ums    27K   6+A mailreplyer for UMS
UMSWatch1_2.lha    comm/ums    24K   4+"New mail"-shower for UMS. Release 1.2.
AmigaUUCP1_16.lha  comm/uucp  1.1M 161 UUCP for the Amiga, V 1.16
DanNews13.lha      comm/uucp   15K   8+Fast & low memory NNTP/UUCP news unbatch
MList132.lha       comm/xeno   35K   2+MegaList 1.32 - Xenolink filelist genera
xaf.lha            comm/xeno  187K  11+XAreaFix 2.0. Areafix clone for Xenolink
xcall145.lha       comm/xeno   29K   6+LastCaller/Log Stripper for Xenolink 1.9
xcreditor.lha      comm/xeno   60K   7+Xenolink File Creditor. (V0.6) 
xeliza.lha         comm/xeno   24K   2+Eliza the psychiatrist for Xlk sysops
XLottery10.lha     comm/xeno    2K   6+UK National Lottery number draw door V1.
xmult33u.lha       comm/xeno   51K   2+Multiline chatter update for Xenolink BB
XNodeScan11.lha    comm/xeno   13K   6+Xenolink Online Nodelist Scanner V1.1
Siesta.lha         demo/40k    32K   9+Siesta 40KB Intro - 2nd at SIH 95
atw_gre1.lha       demo/aga   1.3M   2+Greenday (Winner Demo) 1/2 *AGA*
atw_gre2.lha       demo/aga   271K   2+Greenday (Winner Demo) 2/2 *AGA*
bnx_dent.lha       demo/aga   118K   2+Cool AGA dentro by BRONX....
control1.dms       demo/aga   817K   1+Control (Winning Demo From GASP `95) 1/2
control2.dms       demo/aga   552K   1+Control (Winning Demo From GASP `95) 2/2
gasp.dms           demo/aga   857K  10+Invitation to the GASP
ManOnTheMoon.lha   demo/aga   3.0M   2+Faculty's winning AGA Demo at Scenest'95
scx_alie.lha       demo/aga   454K  12+Alien (AGA demo) by Scoopex
scx_nona.lha       demo/aga   539K  10+Chip-Music Demo called "NoName" by Scoop
Vacation2.lha      demo/aga   311K   5+A new dentro by PASSION DK
vtheaven.lha       demo/aga   763K   2+7th Heaven by Digital Dreams
ULI_Megademo2.dms  demo/disk  292K   6+Demo parody by United Lamers Inc.
derdemo0.lha       demo/euro   65K   2+Clubdemo No.01 of D.E.R.
Dmg_Intro.lha      demo/euro  108K   8+Introduction Intro by Damage
Dmg_Kniemi.lha     demo/euro   90K   8+Kiviniemi City Blues intro by Damage
Dmg_Sprttr.lha     demo/euro   31K   8+Spritetro by Damage
Dmg_Swpprs.lha     demo/euro   85K   8+Swappers for All by Damage
Dmg_TTunes.lha     demo/euro   70K   8+New chiptunecolly by Damage. ECS/AGA
Dmg_Wolf15.lha     demo/euro  128K   8+Fast texturemappingdemo. ECS/AGA/68000+
jesus.lha          demo/euro  195K   8+Patches For Jesus on E's
o95_0ks.lha        demo/euro  714K   7+'0ksemannen' Anim from Odyssey'95! 1st. 
omen2of2.dms       demo/euro  518K   6+"Das Omen" by DOOM
Projectile.lha     demo/euro  645K   2+PLASMA PICTURES PROJECTILE Demo
1990.lha           demo/file   57K   5+"1990" by Pu-239
Azure.lha          demo/file   43K   5+Azure's first demo
C64demo.lha        demo/file   38K   5+"C64 demo" by Rebels
Cheyens.lha        demo/file   34K   5+Cheyens' first demo
CopperSines.lha    demo/file   73K   5+"Copper Sines" by Harman Kardon
Fractale.lha       demo/file  165K   5+"Fractale" by Addonic
FreddyIsBack.lha   demo/file  166K   6+"Freddy Is Back" by Paradox
HabitNovel.lha     demo/file   88K   5+"Habitual Novelty" by Razor 1911
Joyride.lha        demo/file  215K   5+"Joyride" by Phenomena
MindDisaster.lha   demo/file  156K   6+"Mind Disaster" by Cave
MissionImp.lha     demo/file  150K   5+"Mission Impossible" by Harman Kardon
MTS_FrenCharts.lha demo/file  489K   2+French Charts #1 by Mentasm
NoSense.lha        demo/file  149K   6+"No Sense - Nonsense Multidemo" by The L
Prism2.lha         demo/file  115K   5+"Demo II" by Prism
PsychInvation.lha  demo/file   78K   5+"Psychedelic Invation" by Pure Metal Cod
RasterMagic.lha    demo/file   40K   5+"Raster Magic" by Megaforce
RayOfHope.lha      demo/file  198K   5+"Ray of Hope" by Majic 12
Saviour.lha        demo/file   74K   5+"Saviour - The Laziest In Business" by P
SpeedOfSound.lha   demo/file   70K   5+"Speed of Sound" by Harman Kardon
ThingsTakeTime.lha demo/file   95K   5+"Things Take Time" by Artemis
Ulven.lha          demo/file  253K  11+Demo by Polka Brothers
Zuttzutt.lha       demo/file  125K   5+"Zuttzutt" by Software of Sweden
bnx_babe.lha       demo/intro  32K   7+"BABES", new intro from B+B DEZIGN/BRONX
CoughItUp.lha      demo/intro  24K   5+"Cough It Up" by Majic 12
progress.lha       demo/intro  73K   3+In Progress/Darkness.1st at Euskal Party
8Eurochart.lha     demo/mag   375K  11+Eurocharts by Crusaders issue #8
housepl1.lha       demo/mag   794K   9+HousePool - german House/Techno Magazine
housepl2.lha       demo/mag   715K   3+The German House/Techno Mag. Issue #2
braindead.dms      demo/mega  804K  10+Braindead by Matrix 
MegaDemo1.lha      demo/mega  458K   2+A large multi-part demo written i AMOS  
Software.dms       demo/mega  678K  11+Oldie goldie W.F.M.H. demo compo winner!
TGS_1.dms          demo/mega  703K   5+Megademo by The Giants, disk 1
TGS_2.dms          demo/mega  754K   5+Megademo by The Giants, disk 2
IceParty.lha       demo/slide 116K   2+Funny slideshow from Croatian IceParty
PlasmaIntro.lha    demo/slide 800K  10+Slideshow with music
TheWaxsAGA_Sli.lha demo/slide 925K   8+The WAX's AGA SlideShow.HAM8,256c,24bit 
axis_te.lha        demo/sound 831K   4+Ax!$ - "Time And Emotion", AGA music-dis
Crossro1.lha       demo/sound 707K   2+CROSSROADS musicdisk by Jewels.
Crossro2.lha       demo/sound 856K   2+CROSSROADS musicdisk by Jewels.
Crossro3.lha       demo/sound 821K   2+CROSSROADS musicdisk by Jewels.
FBI_VUp1.dms       demo/sound 838K  11+VolumeUP Multimix by FBI 1/2.
FBI_VUp2.dms       demo/sound 855K  11+VolumeUP Multimix by FBI 2/2.
gds_cip1.dms       demo/sound 393K   9 Music disk chip by Gods
gds_cip2.dms       demo/sound 483K   9 Chip Mag by GODS Volume 2
jrm_hc02.lha       demo/sound 102K   3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #02
jrm_hc03.lha       demo/sound 117K   3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #03
jrm_hc04.lha       demo/sound 173K   3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #04
jrm_hc05.lha       demo/sound 169K   3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #05
jrm_hc06.lha       demo/sound 122K   3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #06
jrm_hc07.lha       demo/sound 222K   3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #07
jrm_hc08.lha       demo/sound 228K   3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #08
jrm_hc09.lha       demo/sound 194K   3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #09
jrm_hc10.lha       demo/sound 282K   3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #10
jrm_hc11.lha       demo/sound 142K   3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #11
jrm_hc12.lha       demo/sound  66K   3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #12
jrm_hc13.lha       demo/sound 103K   3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #13
jrm_hc14.lha       demo/sound 146K   3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #14
jrm_hc15.lha       demo/sound 258K   3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #15
jrm_hc16.lha       demo/sound 208K   3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #16
jrm_hc17.lha       demo/sound 129K   3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #17
jrm_hc18.lha       demo/sound 224K   3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #18
jrm_hc19.lha       demo/sound 147K   3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #19
jrm_hc20.lha       demo/sound 197K   3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #20
NGC_Bleu.lha       demo/sound 2.0M   2+New Music-Disk from Blue Silence / NGC
nvx_tdc1.dms       demo/sound 818K   3+-The Dogs Cogs- nERVE aXIS AGA Music Dis
nvx_tdc2.dms       demo/sound 824K   3+-The Dogs Cogs- nERVE aXIS AGA Music Dis
nvx_tdc3.dms       demo/sound 389K   3+-The Dogs Cogs- nERVE aXIS AGA Music Dis
ravehour.lha       demo/sound 430K   6+The first Techno Demo by DOOM
Surfing1.dms       demo/sound 842K  11+New Music-Disk from Chrylian !! (Disk 1)
Surfing2.dms       demo/sound 761K  11+New Music-Disk from Chrylian !! (Disk 2)
a95_dom.lha        demo/ta95  165K   4+Dent by Domination - From Assembly 95
a95_j+c.lha        demo/ta95  468K   4+C42 by Julie & Case - From Assembly 95
a95_pixe.lha       demo/ta95  696K   4+Pixelstorm by Abyss - From Assembly 95
a95_tsl.lha        demo/ta95  566K   4+Fruitkitchen by The Silents DK - From As
a95_zym.lha        demo/ta95  829K   4+WC goes to WC by Zymosis - From Assembly
asm40kintros.lha   demo/ta95  597K   4+40k intros from Assembly '95
ass95GFX.lha       demo/ta95  1.8M   4+Assembly '95 competition pictures
C42fixed.lha       demo/ta95  468K   3+030/040-fixed version of asm95 demo c42
S_bLUR.lha         demo/ta95   39K   5+BLUR [AGA] by SONiK, 3rd at ASM '95.
AMCAFUpd120.lha    dev/amos   121K   7+Fixes for the installer&misc of AMCAF
AMOS_0695.lzh      dev/amos   156K  11+Messages about AMOS during June 1995
AMOS_0795.lzh      dev/amos   154K   6+Messages about AMOS during July 1995
AMOS_0895.lzh      dev/amos   295K   2+Messages about AMOS during August 1995
anim2bob.lzh       dev/amos    29K  12+Convert anim files to amos bob banks
Colpectius1.lha    dev/amos    26K   2+Collection of AMOS progs, v1.1 all(?) bu
ExampleSrc1.lha    dev/amos   281K   3+Example of AMOS sources
morbith.lha        dev/amos    82K   4+3 little AMOS programms
Abakus.lha         dev/asm     91K   6+Creates assembler source for A68k
Barfly1_25.lha     dev/asm    574K   2+Barfly Assembler Development System
fast_prime.lha     dev/asm     17K   2+Fast prime numbers and other stuff
PhxAss420.lha      dev/asm    335K   4+PhxAss V4.20 68xxx Macro Assembler
ReadJoyPad.lha     dev/asm      0K   7+Asm source to read CD32 JoyPad buttons
v40ChunkyFeatD.lha dev/asm      1K   7+Asm source for Gfx40 Chunky Features
bc.lha             dev/basic   27K  11+Cheap "command line" comp. for BB2
blitz_AprMay95.lha dev/basic  146K   2+Blitz-list messages from 1.Apr 95 to 31.
blitz_JanMar95.lha dev/basic  141K   2+Blitz-list messages from 1.Jan 95 to 31.
blitz_JunAug95.lha dev/basic  146K   2+Blitz-list messages from 1.Jun 95 to 31.
DosElmoreLib22.lha dev/basic    9K  11+Hideously enhanced new DOS library for B
Asyncio.lha        dev/c       18K   5+AsyncIO link library for fast IO. Rel 3
c2local.lha        dev/c      119K  11+V1.0, automatic localization for C/C++ s
cmacros.lha        dev/c        2K  11+Collection of useful C-macros
complex.lha        dev/c        5K  10+Complex number functions for C  
date.lha           dev/c      249K   7+Routines which help in calculating dates
LEDAPrefs.lha      dev/c        9K  11+Prefs Editor for LEDA GUI. MUI Applicati
matrix.lha         dev/c       48K   2+Matrix functions for C: BUGFIXED
mkid.lha           dev/c      126K  11+A program identifier database package
SASalloca.lha      dev/c        6K   9+Alloca() implementation for SAS/C
wind_src.lha       dev/c        6K   2+Window C source - example for beginners
dass05sc.lha       dev/cross   25K   3+Disassembler for mc68hc05sc smart card b
Disectv18b.lha     dev/debug  263K   5+Version 1.8 - A symbolic disassembler/de
EnfHandler100.lha  dev/debug    5K   5+Handler for Enforcer's output
PoolWatch1_03.lha  dev/debug   10K  10+Debug tool for pool-allocations, a la Mu
amigae.lha         dev/e      693K   9+The Amiga E v3.2a distribution
amigae_e.lha       dev/e      454K   9+The Amiga E v3.2a extras archive
dopeev23.lha       dev/e       23K   5+GUI programming environment for Amiga-E
EcPrefs.lha        dev/e        5K   7+Prefs program for Amiga E
EE0902a.lha        dev/e      138K   2+Src Editor and Dev Environ for E
E_Clock.lha        dev/e        5K   2+Simple clock written with Amiga E
gtlayout4E_17.lha  dev/e       38K   5+AmigaE Modules for gtlayout.library V17 
Mods2Guide.lha     dev/e        9K   5+Dev/e/Mods2Guide2.1.lha
ModuleGuide.lha    dev/e      192K   2+AmigaGuide of E Modules
mv2_x.lha          dev/e        2K   9+OS 2.x MultiView replacement
SeeModule.lha      dev/e        9K   4+Converts EModules: to AmigaGuide-file
UsefulV2.lha       dev/e        5K   2+JRH's useful E modules (version 2)
bsdtools.lha       dev/gcc     58K   5+(net)bsd archive tools (ar/ranlib/nm)
gcc270c.lha        dev/gcc    759K   2+Gcc v2.7.0 - C part - C/C++/ObjC Compile
gcc270c020.lha     dev/gcc    708K   2+Gcc v2.7.0 - 68020 C part - C/C++/ObjC C
gcc270cp.lha       dev/gcc    1.8M   2+Gcc v2.7.0 - C++ part - C/C++/ObjC Compi
gcc270_020objc.lha dev/gcc    617K   2+Gcc v2.7.0 - 68020 Objc part - C/C++/Obj
gcc270_base.lha    dev/gcc    1.5M   2+Gcc v2.7.0 - Base part - C/C++/ObjC Comp
gcc270_cp020.lha   dev/gcc    1.7M   2+Gcc v2.7.0 - 68020 C++ part - C/C++/ObjC
gcc270_doc.lha     dev/gcc    1.1M   2+Gcc v2.7.0 - Doc part - C/C++/ObjC Compi
gcc270_inclib.lha  dev/gcc    918K   2+Gcc v2.7.0 - Headers and Libs part - C/C
gcc270_objc.lha    dev/gcc    639K   2+Gcc v2.7.0 - Objc part - C/C++/ObjC Comp
gcc270_readme.lha  dev/gcc    119K   2+Gcc v2.7.0 - README part - C/C++/ObjC Co
gcc270_src.lha     dev/gcc    7.9M   2+Gcc v2.7.0 - Sources part - C/C++/ObjC C
ixemul_bin.lha     dev/gcc    1.6M   3+IXemul.library 41.3
ixemul_src.lha     dev/gcc    1.4M   3+IXemul.library 41.3
ixprefs1_2.lha     dev/gcc     51K  11+Ixemul 41.0-41.1 GUI/CLI config program
libnixV1_0.lha     dev/gcc    349K   9+Link library (V1.0) for Amiga gcc
GUICEnglishDoc.lha dev/gui     11K   9+English Docs for GUICreator 1.2
GUICreator12.lha   dev/gui    543K   9+Interface Builder for OS3.0+
gutil_dev_3652.lha dev/gui    238K  12+GUI creation library (small & fast)
mui23usr.lha       dev/gui    662K  38+MagicUserInterface V2.3, user files
TextLabelImage.lha dev/gui     14K  12+V1.1, BOOPSI text labels w/ underscore h
tri14dev.lha       dev/gui    328K   3+Triton GUI creation system. r1.4 dev
VisualArts25.lha   dev/gui    350K   4+A Powerful GUI builder for WB2 & WB3
Pascal.lha         dev/lang     7K   5+P.U.R.I.T.Y.-FD contents, disx #01-#50
SGMLS.lha          dev/lang   434K  12+SGMLS is THE SGML Parser! (Version 1.1.9
smalltlk.lha       dev/lang   362K   3+Amiga Little Smalltalk version 3.09
M2Pica.lha         dev/m2     119K   4+Use the picasso gfxboard with Modula-2
CIATrkrLib.lha     dev/misc     7K  12+New PT-Replay Library for Blitz2
DLDBTT12.lha       dev/misc    24K   4+Dreamline Designs Bugs, Tips'n'Tricks Gu
FlexRev_0_55.lha   dev/misc    11K   7+Flexible IncRev, for any language.
HWGRCSmanp12f.lha  dev/misc    86K   9+GNU Revision Control System, ASCII man p
HWGRCSp12f.lha     dev/misc   537K   9+GNU Revision Control System, Main Archiv
HWGRCSsrcp12f.lha  dev/misc   363K   9+GNU Revision Control System, Sources [Op
iffdoc31.lha       dev/misc    59K  10+IFF DOC File Format
io08dev.lha        dev/misc    10K  11+An I/O library (Developers Only)
LVODump.lha        dev/misc    17K   3+Lists LVOs. Useful for programmers. V1.0
MapEd15.lha        dev/misc    61K   1+Blocks map editor v1.5, supports AGA. OS
MemoryX.lha        dev/misc     4K  11+View the contents of any address
MenuDesigner.lha   dev/misc   195K  12+A program TO create menus (V1.6a)
ooplib11.lha       dev/misc    10K   8+A small library that handles dynamic OOP
PACAC.lha          dev/misc    13K   3+Some information about a graphic adventu
rcsgui_2_42.lha    dev/misc    37K   5+GUI interface to HWGRCS. (Version 2.42)
RTrack01.lha       dev/misc    13K   4+Resource Tracking Link Library
vectoram.lha       dev/misc    15K   3+Draw and edit 2D vectors for demos/games
Obrn_A_bin.lha     dev/obero  531K  11+A freely-distributable Oberon-2 compiler
Obrn_A_lib.lha     dev/obero  597K  11+The library and examples for Oberon-A
Obrn_A_src.lha     dev/obero  308K  11+The source code for Oberon-A
Obrn_A_up1.lha     dev/obero  376K   7+Update #1 for Oberon-A 1.6
OReport.lha        dev/obero   13K  12+V0.11 Generates bugreports for AmigaOber
beamcon0.lha       dev/src      1K  10+Example asm source to read the BEAMCON0 
blitscreen.lha     dev/src     71K   5+Ultimate c2p/copperscreen replacement!
doublbuf.lha       dev/src      7K   5+Eg. of fast OS-friendly double buffering
GhostRiderSrc.lha  dev/src    299K   3+Full (assembler) source code for GhostRi
OctaMED_R.lha      dev/src    113K   5+OctaMED Player Programer Sources V6
Scan2.lha          dev/src    167K  10+Example asm source to build up a noflick
Archive.lha        disk/bakup   3K   4+File backup utility v1.5 (german docs on
MRBackup221Dis.lha disk/bakup 275K  12+MRBackup Professional V2.2.1
AmiCDROM_1_15.lha  disk/cdrom 197K  45+CDROM disk filesystem (ISO-9660+RR+HFS)
atapi.lha          disk/cdrom 196K  11+Atapi.device V9.3 Cache CDFS. CD32 DEMO
CDP_0_771.lha      disk/cdrom  63K   2+A SCSI-II CD-Player (needs MUI)
CDR210kit.lha      disk/cdrom   8K  10+NEC CDR-210 tools, my edition
CDToolbox10.lha    disk/cdrom  53K  20+Dan's cd.device utils for Scala/ARexx/sc
DCPlayer17.lha     disk/cdrom  19K   2+CD player for CD32/Archos/Squirrel/Cache
Gateway1DB.lha     disk/cdrom 102K   2+FindDB-Codes for Gateway! Volumen 1
Interplay30.lha    disk/cdrom  45K   3+V3.0 of Interplay (CDDA player)
JukeBox_Ext.lha    disk/cdrom  27K   2+Two extensions, V1.2
MCDPlay.lha        disk/cdrom  63K  10+Player for Audio CDs in SCSI-2 CDROMs
MCDPlayDisks.lha   disk/cdrom  13K   9+77 CD-Titles for the MCDPlayer
NecCDTool_1_1.lha  disk/cdrom  12K   9+Simple tool for NEC SCSI-I CD-ROM's
PlayCDDA1_1OP5.lha disk/cdrom 215K   3+CDDA-player & mpeg-player for DirOpus5.1
qrzcd.lha          disk/cdrom   8K   6+Search the QRZ Ham Radio CDROM databases
ScriptFile261.lha  disk/cdrom  37K   5+Simplifies CD file access, execution & h
StusCDXLGUI.lha    disk/cdrom  39K   4+V1.2 CDROM essential. GUI for playing CD
S_Eject_1_1.lha    disk/cdrom  49K  11+CD Load - Eject ToggleGadget
afsdemo.lha        disk/misc   49K  10+Demo of Ami-FileSafe V2.01 (New filing s
dbEject.lha        disk/misc    3K   4+(un)load with TD_EJECT a given device/un
dev_hdl37_2.lha    disk/misc   29K  11+AmigaDOS device for raw device access
DiskProtector2.lha disk/misc    5K  11+Copy-protect disks against nibblers.
DSQ10.lha          disk/misc    6K   2+Small, fast disk catalog compiler. V1.0
exec_hdl37_1.lha   disk/misc   33K  11+Executes files copied in
fitter_211.lha     disk/misc   72K   6+Feature laden file copy-to-floppy/catalo
Gcat452.lha        disk/misc   60K   4+Simple disk catalogger. WB2+
HD_ed.lha          disk/misc    7K   2+It allows you to edit WHOLE scsi.device-
HFM2_0.lha         disk/misc   74K   8+Virtual disks on HD V2_0
LightUp10.lha      disk/misc    5K   2+Hard drive light for CD32/SX-1.
medianotify.lha    disk/misc    5K  12+Starts scripts on a mediachange in a dri
mformat18a.lha     disk/misc   54K   3+Replacement for CBM's own Format command
mfs21.lha          disk/misc   22K  12+Merges DF0: and PC0: in a single device
proc.lha           disk/misc   25K  12+Proc-FileSystem like under Linux.
SmartCopy1_4a.lha  disk/misc   27K  21+Copies files to multiple disks. v1.4a.
Stock1.lha         disk/misc   39K  12+Stocking-Catalog tool V1.4 (KS 1.3, too!
TestGeometry.lha   disk/misc    8K   3+TD_GETGEOMETRY test/demo program
tsnafc44.lha       disk/misc  191K   3+AFCopy 4.4 - One of the best freeware fi
ReOrg.lha          disk/optim 326K 107+Disk optimizer with DC-FFS support
DiskSalv11_32.lha  disk/salv  118K  11+Dave Haynie's DiskSalv version 11.32
Amijam.lha         docs/anno   46K  11+Information and map to Amijam'95
anno1000.lha       docs/anno  105K   7+Comp.sys.amiga.announce messages 1000-10
anno1050.lha       docs/anno  107K   7+Comp.sys.amiga.announce messages 1050-10
anno1100.lha       docs/anno  100K   7+Comp.sys.amiga.announce messages 1100-11
anno1150.lha       docs/anno   90K   7+Comp.sys.amiga.announce messages 1150-11
anno850.lha        docs/anno  100K   7+Comp.sys.amiga.announce messages 850-899
anno900.lha        docs/anno  107K   7+Comp.sys.amiga.announce messages 900-950
anno950.lha        docs/anno  119K   7+Comp.sys.amiga.announce messages 950-999
DarknessWeb.txt    docs/anno    2K  10+Info about Darkness Amiga Web 1.0
escom_usa.txt      docs/anno   17K   8+NEWS from the US Escom/Dealer meeting!
JuggleGuide111.lha docs/help   23K   8+Beginners guide to ball juggling. v1.11
ACDGv12.lha        docs/hyper  59K   2+AmigaGuide to *ALL* Amiga CDROMs! v1.2
AMFAQ_G.lha        docs/hyper 191K  10+AmigaGuide FAQ for all vers of AMosaic
AMFAQ_H.lha        docs/hyper 176K  10+HTML FAQ for all vers of AMosaic
AmigaVPC.lha       docs/hyper  18K   3+Amigaguide comparison of Amiga and PC
amil_r363.lha      docs/hyper  22K  11+BIG LIST of Amiga Persons/Companies/Zine
ARexxAppGuide.lha  docs/hyper  64K  10+AmigaGuide version of ARexxAppList.
france12.lha       docs/hyper 291K  11+Comprehensive guide about France. v1.2a
JapanTravelFAQ.lha docs/hyper  25K   6+Japanese Trvael FAQ
TBOML10s.lha       docs/hyper  18K  11+The Big Old Monitor List, Monitor Specs 
Aminet_CD_7.lha    docs/lists  77K   7+Aminet CD 7 index and description
ael_v2n3.lha       docs/mags   12K  11+Amiga Educator's List Newsletter
ALGames1.lha       docs/mags  201K  12+Amiga Link Games Issue #1 - 100% Amiga E
ALGames2.lha       docs/mags  199K   5+Amiga Link Games Issue #2 - 100% Amiga E
AmigaPD2.lha       docs/mags   19K  11+A new magazine devoted to AmigaPD! (Amig
anews19.lha        docs/mags  507K  14+AmyNews 19, June 1995. News magazine.
anews20.lha        docs/mags  289K  10+AmyNews #20; info about new Amiga produc
ANTAug95.lha       docs/mags   56K   3+New monthly Amiga mag -  August
ar311.lha          docs/mags   93K  16+Amiga Report 3.11, June 1, 1995
ar312.lha          docs/mags  118K  13+Amiga Report 3.12, June 18, 1995
ar312html.lha      docs/mags  193K  10+Amiga Report 3.12 full HTML version
ar313.lha          docs/mags   93K   8+Amiga Report 3.13, fixed version
ar313html.lha      docs/mags  186K   9+Amiga Report 3.13 full HTML version
ar314.lha          docs/mags   78K   7+Amiga Report 3.14, July 30, 1995
ar314html.lha      docs/mags  181K   6+Amiga Report 3.14 full HTML version
ar315.lha          docs/mags   87K   4+Amiga Report 3.15, August 17th
ar316.lha          docs/mags   81K   2+Amiga Report 3.16, September 5, 1995
ARTv1i2A.lha       docs/mags   27K  10+AR Tech Journal, Vol 1 Issue 2 in AmigaG
ARTv1i2H.lha       docs/mags   73K  10+AR Tech Journal, Vol 1 Issue 2 in HTML f
FA_27.lha          docs/mags  613K   9+Issue 27 of the German disk magazin
flak9505.lha       docs/mags  780K   4+September 1995 issue in PageStream3 form
gadget20.lha       docs/mags  539K  10+A German disk magazine
PB20a.lha          docs/mags  562K   8+Power-Brei magazin #20 (german)
PB20b.lha          docs/mags  602K   8+Power-Brei magazin #20 (german)
RaptorMag_HTML.lha docs/mags  1.0M   3+Raptor-Mag Ausgabe 1/1995 HTML Version (
Raptor_Mag.lha     docs/mags  458K   6+Raptor-Mag Ausgabe 1/1995 (German Herpet
2rbo_1.lha         docs/misc   13K   7+First ASCII collection from Turbo/BRONX
AFD_Files1_06.lha  docs/misc   43K  10+Standard Copyright Note in 6 languages
AmigaFAQ.lha       docs/misc  458K   3+Amiga: Frequently asked questions  5.07.
Amiga_FAQ_g.lha    docs/misc  477K   3+Amiga: H ufig gestellte Fragen ( 5.07.95
AminetContest.lha  docs/misc   22K   3+Log of Aminet Contest # 1
D511Survey.lha     docs/misc    3K   4+Directory Opus 5 - Survey.
F40_FAQ.lzh        docs/misc    8K   3+FAQ for Fusion-Forty accelerator
FPLpsdocs.lha      docs/misc   80K  11+FPL 12 postscript manual
FrexxEdpsdocs.lha  docs/misc  176K  11+FrexxEd 1.7 postscript manual
NotSoFunny.lha     docs/misc    6K   8+Five funny/sarcastic/ironic texts
tmapfaq1_05.lzh    docs/misc   38K  10+Amiga Texturemapping FAQ V 1.05
TravisList0795.lha docs/misc   10K   6+List of Current Software Projects by Tra
UMSFAQv2.lha       docs/misc   56K  10+Installation and update guide for UMS, r
Vorwahl.lha        docs/misc   38K   8+Dialling code database (BETA!)
A4066.txt          docs/rview   6K   8 REVIEW: CEI A4066 Ethernet Plus network 
AmiFileSafe.txt    docs/rview  16K  11 REVIEW: Ami-File-Safe (AFS) filesystem
AmiFile_Safe_2.txt docs/rview   7K   8 FOLLOWUP: Ami-File-Safe (AFS) filesystem
AmigaMagazineI.txt docs/rview   8K   5 REVIEW: Amiga Magazine (Italy)
Roketz.txt         docs/rview  16K  11 REVIEW: Roketz
Sony17SF.txt       docs/rview  10K   5 REVIEW: Sony Trinitron Multiscan 17sf mo
SwitchHitter.txt   docs/rview   7K   7 REVIEW: SwitchHitter PC keyboard to Amig
VectorConnect.txt  docs/rview   7K   9 REVIEW: Vector Connection board, version
Afrekening.lha     game/2play  87K   6+Extra level for Marathon by Roald Schuyt
Culture_Tank.lha   game/2play 226K  13+Tank combat by Culture, 1-6 players
HF1.lha            game/2play 412K   2+The best ninja-game ever. Disk 1/3
HF2.lha            game/2play 327K   2+The best ninja-game ever. Disk 2/3
HF3.lha            game/2play 414K   2+The best ninja-game ever. Disk 3/3
Marathon1_1c.lha   game/2play 366K   4+2 Player blitz II game (68020+ required)
MasterBlast2_1.lha game/2play 196K   8+The ultimate Dynablaster Clone V2.1
StrikeCom.lha      game/2play 293K   7+V1.10, dogfight game for two players
tag_w_amos.lha     game/2play 303K  11+TAG, with amos.library 2+
therace5.lha       game/2play  59K   3+Great 100m Running game, 0-4 players
TNT_fix.lha        game/2play  89K   9+A DynaBlasters-style game. (WORKING VERS
WizoGames.lha      game/2play 163K   4+3 fun & addictive games for 1-6 players
AmyBordBin.lha     game/board 189K   5+GNU Chess frontend and ICS client
AmyBordDiffs.lha   game/board  99K   5+GNU Chess frontend and ICS client
AmyBordSrc.lha     game/board 351K   5+GNU Chess frontend and ICS client
GChessBin.lha      game/board 977K   5+GNU chess program
GChessDiffs.lha    game/board  17K   5+GNU chess program
GChessSrc.lha      game/board 1.5M   5+GNU chess program
CoinMania.lha      game/demo  180K  10+A five level demo of a puzzle game.
DApache1.lha       game/demo  879K   5+FMV Apache Flight Sim for ANY AMIGA 1/3
DApache2.lha       game/demo  895K   5+FMV Apache Flight Sim for ANY AMIGA 2/3
DApache3.lha       game/demo  812K   5 FMV Apache Flight Sim for ANY AMIGA 3/3
demofob1.lha       game/demo  678K   5+Advanced WW-I strategic game (File 1/8)
demofob2.lha       game/demo  656K   5+Advanced WW-I strategic game (File 2/8)
demofob3.lha       game/demo  656K   5+Advanced WW-I strategic game (File 3/8)
demofob4.lha       game/demo  655K   5+Advanced WW-I strategic game (File 4/8)
demofob5.lha       game/demo  655K   5+Advanced WW-I strategic game (File 5/8)
demofob6.lha       game/demo  654K   5+Advanced WW-I strategic game (File 6/8)
demofob7.lha       game/demo  654K   5+Advanced WW-I strategic game (File 7/8)
demofob8.lha       game/demo  548K   5+Advanced WW-I strategic game (File 8/8)
demofob9.lha       game/demo  555K   4+Patch to demo Fields of Battle 1.0->1.1
engine.lha         game/demo  115K   3+DOOM that gets 30fps on 68000 hires!
fearsnew.dms       game/demo  401K  11+Bomb - Fears June Preview (Doom clone...
imagems.lha        game/demo  158K   8+Imagems Demoversion
PB8016.lha         game/demo  209K   4+Light turn by turn MultiPlayer Strategyg
R3_demo.lha        game/demo  388K   8+1/2 pl, Thrustlike-Heaps of features.
sknight.lha        game/demo  420K   6+A Full Motion Video demo of the upcoming
Speed.lha          game/demo  204K   9+Speed!!! Playable Preview - AGA Texturem
MMM+O.lha          game/hint    6K   3+My Many Maps & Orders - Auxiliary files 
SwCheat.lha        game/hint  465K   7+Over 900+ game hints/cheats.
SwCheatGuid.lha    game/hint  242K   7+Over 900+ game hints/cheats.
SwCheatText.lha    game/hint  222K   7+Over 900+ game hints/cheats.
Croak2.lha         game/jump   92K   5+Version 2 of the Amiga Frogger clone - C
minerunner16.lha   game/jump  416K   3 Fine Loderunner for Amiga, 1-4 Players, 
ABoulderDash.lha   game/misc   98K   3+Fast colourfull Boulderdash clone with s
Casino.lha         game/misc  139K   5+Slot machine game
CCC.lha            game/misc  415K  13+Destroy a large city with your monster. 
DamageWolf3DV1.lha game/misc   79K  15+Wolf3D clone (texture mapping)
DC_Anleitung.lha   game/misc   10K   6+German documentation for Diamond Caves V
DC_BeginnerLvl.lha game/misc   55K   8+25 new Levels for Diamond Caves V2.1
DC_Easy_Lvl1.lha   game/misc  180K  10+50 new Levels for Diamond Caves V2.0
DiamondCave2_1.lha game/misc  506K   9+The ultimate Boulder Dash Clone V2.1
DiamondEdit1_4.lha game/misc   81K   9+Leveleditor for Diamond Caves V2.1
DiamondPref1_3.lha game/misc   24K  10+Preferences for Diamond Caves V2.0
DiamondSfx1_1.lha  game/misc   19K  10+Use custom samples within Diamond Caves 
DPacMan17.lha      game/misc  277K   7+PacMan clone with lots of extra features
DriveIFF.lha       game/misc   48K   3+Drive over your fave IFFs Mode7 style!
F1GP_89_94.lha     game/misc   96K  11+1989-1994 3.5 Litre F1GP-Ed Datafiles
F1GP_Ed.lha        game/misc  312K   2+Formula One Grand Prix / WC Editor V3.01
FForces10a.lha     game/misc  215K   2+Multiplayer tactical fantasy battle for 
fgp239.lzh         game/misc   88K   3+For Autosport's Fantasy Grand Prix
GT_DShip.lha       game/misc   10K   3+Galaxy Tool to interactively design ship
GT_MakeMap.lha     game/misc   15K   3+Galaxy tool that generates a map from yo
life.lha           game/misc    3K   8+Life Version 1.1
MegaTron.lha       game/misc  173K   7+V1.20, tron clone for 7 players
netrek_paradis.lha game/misc  626K   6+AmiTCP Paradise netrek client
nibbler+.lha       game/misc   27K   6+Follow up to my Nibbler, with new levels
Nibbler.lha        game/misc   25K   8+"NIBBLER", another but very COOL clone..
nIBbLIT_v1_0e.lha  game/misc  257K   9+(VERY) GOOD NIBBLER CLONE (22 levels)
nsx_pre.lha        game/misc  129K   4+The BEST nibbler. no more clones after t
PatchF1GP.lha      game/misc   15K   2+F1GP/WC patch, minor update - for 1Mb ma
Pengo.lha          game/misc   76K   4+"Pengo" clone
Powerball.lha      game/misc  161K  11+Great new breakout game
pressman_seuck.lha game/misc   39K   5+Some data-files for SEUCK
SplitTime.lha      game/misc   18K   2+Shows split times in f1gp. v1.1.
supertrail.lha     game/misc   55K   3+Guide ball through tricky levels (incl. 
TimeBomb_V1_0.lha  game/misc  216K   2+Diffuse those timebombs. Amiga Gridtrap!
Trader11.lha       game/misc   72K   8+Trading-Simulation
TrainDriver.lha    game/misc  401K   5+Train Driver Simulator
TVmaps.lha         game/misc   31K   5+Three maps for TechnoVenture 1.25 
TVmaps_C.lha       game/misc   30K   5+Three maps for TechnoVenture 1.25  (Conc
AB2HD.lha          game/patch  19K   1+Alien Breed II AGA HD-Installer
BBG2HD.lha         game/patch  17K   1+Body Blows Galactic HD-Installer
HDI.lha            game/patch  15K   1+HD Installer for games (Gobliiins, Cruis
LotusII2HD.lha     game/patch  13K   1+LotusII HD-Installer
QWAK2HD.lha        game/patch  12K   1+QWAK HD-Installer
SpaceHulkToHD.lha  game/patch   7K   8+Run Space Hulk from HD.  Needs 1MB chip 
adv.lha            game/role  230K   2+Adventure construction set w/src
AmigaInform5_5.lha game/role  362K   7+Produces Infocom-like adventure games
Angband_276v3.lha  game/role  421K  12+Angband 2.7.6v3 binary+lib, 1.5M memory 
Angst_D1.lha       game/role  478K   4+Demo of Shareware RPG
Angst_D2.lha       game/role  436K   4+Demo of Shareware RPG
Angst_D3.lha       game/role  304K   4+Demo of Shareware RPG
Angst_D4.lha       game/role  401K   4+Demo of Shareware RPG
cursed070.lha      game/role  562K   3+Demo of a great RPG
dma043.lha         game/role  309K  12+Preview of Dungeon Master Aid .43 (ad&d)
dungeon31.lha      game/role  115K  12+AD&D like Arexx game - CLI/DLG-BBS/Skyli
InnerDe1.lha       game/role  235K  12+Text/Graphics Adventure
InnerDe2.lha       game/role  452K  12+Text/Graphics Adventure
InnerDe3.lha       game/role  482K  12+Text/Graphics Adventure
InnerDe4.lha       game/role  392K  12+Text/Graphics Adventure
itf175.lha         game/role   96K   3+Infocom game interpreter
Mipric_Basic.lha   game/role  479K  10+Mipric+Infocom interpr. v3.17 MUI opt.
Mipric_IP_4.lha    game/role   55K  10+Wintry fairy-tale smash hit
Mipric_TEI_7.lha   game/role  409K  10+REAL!!! fantasy RPG close to TSR novels
PanicSociety.lha   game/role  772K  13+Multilevel graphic puzzle adventure. V1.
rgae.lha           game/role   20K   9+Moria type adventure game. Alpha release
Severed1.lha       game/role  405K  11+Futuristic adventure game
Severed2.lha       game/role  475K  11+Futuristic adventure game
SRunMatBsp.lha     game/role   45K   3+MatrixGenerator, Beispiele
SRunMatGen.lha     game/role   49K   3+MatrixGenerator, IFF+Text-Create
szenarion.lha      game/role  1.0M   2+Dungeon-masters combat tool (constr&sim)
AmigaWars.lha      game/shoot 130K  12+Shoot down IBM's, Apples, and Atari's!!
bikerbabe.lha      game/shoot 283K   2+Small platform shoot-em-up game
DGalaga25.lha      game/shoot 454K  30+Deluxe Galaga v2.5
gridatta.lha       game/shoot  78K   2+Amiga Version of the C64 Oldie "Crossfir
poweroids11.lha    game/shoot 411K   3+Asteroids with raytracing gfx, 1-4 Playe
scrotax2.lha       game/shoot 310K   3+Scrotax Version 2.00
Ultimatum_1_2.lha  game/shoot 724K   5+Great 3D Tank Game!
Vicblitz.lha       game/shoot 286K   3+Remake of the OLD VIC-20 game V1.00
zerberk14.lha      game/shoot 110K   3+Arcade game like Berzerk, 1-4 Players, V
CGFX_Patience.lha  game/think  31K   2+CyberGraphics Patience game
demon.lha          game/think 165K   3+INCREDIBLY ADDICTIVE Solitaire Card Game
jb_buxom.lha       game/think 635K   3+Buxom cardset for Klondike AGA
LazyMines31.lha    game/think  65K  11+ULTIMATE minesweeper v3.1 WON'T CRASH
MagicFields.lha    game/think  61K   8+"MAGIC FIELDS", Amiga Version of a C64 o
Mines_mgsw.lha     game/think  21K   5+Another Minesweeper game!!!!
MUIEmpire.lha      game/think  98K   7+MUI multiple player strategy game
Primogen1_3.lha    game/think  57K  10+Analyse and evaluate Jyhad Decks easily.
Quandary.lha       game/think   7K   5+A nice strategy game for 2 players.
Score4.lha         game/think  25K   2+Cross between 3D Tic-Tac-Toe and Connect
thinkamania298.lha game/think  80K   2+Concentration, sUpErB GFX & SFX V2.98
Vier.lha           game/think   8K  10+A little connection 4 player
WargameProc15.lha  game/think 310K   5+A WarGame PBM/PBEM Engine, V1.5 Bugfix
WGPfrance44.lha    game/think  35K   8+A WarGame Processor Module
WGPthirdreich.lha  game/think  38K   8+FIX: A WarGame Processor Module
WGPvitp.lha        game/think  25K   8+A WarGame Processor Module
SnakesNAdders.lha  game/wb     24K  10+Workbench/Pubscreen worm game,KS2+,<10K 
WBGames.lha        game/wb     74K  46+6 Games for WB/PubScreen, 7th edition
WinTris121.lha     game/wb     86K   2+Workbench Tetris Clone v1.21 (Kick 2.0+)
24BitSSPro.lha     gfx/3d     255K   3+3D SIRDS Maker in 24-bits! Posters! 6.0d
AlienArt.jpg       gfx/3d      55K   6+Imagine 4.0 metaballs & soft shadows
d2iguide.lha       gfx/3d     101K   9+Dare 2 Imagine in Amigaguide format
d2ihtml.lha        gfx/3d     139K   9+Dare 2 Imagine in HTML format
Dust2_2.lha        gfx/3d     879K   3+3D-F/X (Smoothing, Morphs, Particles, Wa
DustMD_v0_2.lha    gfx/3d     1.1M   9+Motion of atoms for Dust and Real3D
DustSMOOTH.lha     gfx/3d     369K   3+The new dimension of polygon-rendering
faq7guidev11.lha   gfx/3d      54K   8+IML FAQ #7 in Amigaguide format v1.1
faq7html_patch.lha gfx/3d       3K   7+IML FAQ #7 in HTML patch
IML63.lha          gfx/3d     234K  11+IML Arc.#63 June'95. Text file format, D
IML63guide.lha     gfx/3d     269K  11+IML Arc.#63 June'95. AmigaGuide file for
IML64.lha          gfx/3d     200K   2+IML Arc.#65 August'95. Text file format
IML64guide.lha     gfx/3d     230K   2+IML Arc.#65 August'95. Guide file format
iml_faq7.lzh       gfx/3d      53K   6+Imagine Mailing List FAQ #07  -  June 24
iml_faq8.lzh       gfx/3d      69K   3+Imagine Mailing List FAQ #08  -  August 
lwml9501.lha       gfx/3d     209K   6+Lightwave Mailing List Archive 01/95
lwml9502.lha       gfx/3d     359K   6+Lightwave Mailing List Archive 02/95
lwml9503.lzh       gfx/3d     414K   6+Lightwave Mailing List Archive 03/95
lwml9504.lha       gfx/3d     608K   6+Lightwave Mailing List Archive 04/95
lwml9505.lha       gfx/3d     369K   6+Lightwave Mailing List Archive 05/95
lwml9506.lha       gfx/3d     467K   6+Lightwave Mailing List Archive 06/95
mesh2tddd_v0_2.lha gfx/3d     107K   5+Converts open/closed Real3D-Meshes into 
RayStorm.lha       gfx/3d     405K   5+Demoversion of new very fast raytracer
showobj.lha        gfx/3d      52K  12+Shows Imagine and Lightwave objects.V2.2
wati10.lha         gfx/3d     555K   6+10 hires scanned jpg wall tiles
AmiLogo.lha        gfx/3dobj   49K   3+Amiga Logo Done with Imagine3.3
Chopper.lha        gfx/3dobj    6K  10+Imagine Object
FXtextures.lha     gfx/3dobj   34K  11+Textures for Imagine3fp.
JumpingBall.lha    gfx/3dobj    7K   2+LW scene of jumping ball
mangababesdemo.lha gfx/3dobj  653K  55+Sexy female human 3D models by Tomwoof
Millennium.lha     gfx/3dobj   26K  20+Imagine3/Essence2 Millennium Falcon obj.
MoClass.lha        gfx/3dobj   13K   3+Enterprise-like Starship for Lightwave 3
Pentax.lha         gfx/3dobj  213K   6+35mm SLR Camera, Imagine V3 by R Byrne
StarHunter.lha     gfx/3dobj  377K   2+Im2.0 object by Krzysztof Korski
Truck.lha          gfx/3dobj   69K   2+3D Object of a toi truck  for Imagine
vic20.lha          gfx/3dobj   51K  10+Imagine Object of a Commodore VIC20.
XP_37.lha          gfx/3dobj  107K   8+3D Object of a Lukes Landspeeder for Ima
ZXSpectrum.lha     gfx/3dobj   22K  10+Imagine Object of a Sinclair ZX Spectrum
v_engine2.lha      gfx/aga     59K   2+New Voxelspace-Engine. AGA only.
CGraphX210u.lha    gfx/board  394K   2+CGraphX gfx extension update 2.10
CyberBootLogo.lha  gfx/board   70K  10+8-bit CyberGraphX 2.0 logo image for use
CyberGrab12.lha    gfx/board   18K   5+Screen-Grabber for CyberGraphX, V1.2
CyberPrefs.lha     gfx/board   16K   9+CyberPrefs 40.21 for CyberGfx
cybershow51.lha    gfx/board   91K   2+SlideShow&Viewer(incl.PCD)for CybGfx&AGA
cybertvplayer.lha  gfx/board  565K  10+Video player (HHsYUVSq) for CyberGfx&AGA
CyberView2_2.lha   gfx/board   30K   5+Universal Image Viewer for CyberGraphX
DCTV4RetinaV27.lha gfx/board   36K   4+Lib for the Retina 2.5
egsphotoalb53.lha  gfx/board  381K   3+EGS picture management,PhotoCD&SlideShow
egstv53.lha        gfx/board  471K   3+EGS animation,framegrabber&handyscanner 
EGS_R3Logo.lha     gfx/board  858K  11+A ray-traced bootlogo for egs. Nice!
EGS_Real.lha       gfx/board    8K  11+External Screen library for Real3D+EGS
ms25guid.lha       gfx/board   12K   5+Update docs for Movieshop 2.5
SD64Test.lha       gfx/board   26K   6+Detect a bug of some Piccolo-SD64
Sony1730.lha       gfx/board    2K   9+EGS Monitor Driver For Sony CPD-1730
vlabtv08.lha       gfx/board  213K   3+Vlab frame grabber soft for CyberGraphX
agrcnv12.lha       gfx/conv    22K   6+Very Good IFF-converter for programmers
dif10_jp.lha       gfx/conv     4K  10+Remaps IFF pictures for higher depths.
gfxcon.lha         gfx/conv   220K  12+Image format converter (V1.7) for most f
gif2png_0_51c.lha  gfx/conv    80K  11+GIF 2 PNG converter (40% faster) (beta)
IFFBrushSplit.lha  gfx/conv    11K   3+Converter (IFF->RAW-Data + Color)
ImagStu1.lha       gfx/conv   631K   4+Image processing program v2.2.0 Part 1 o
ImagStu2.lha       gfx/conv   564K   4+Image processing program v2.2.0 Part 2 o
im_1_2.lha         gfx/conv    37K   9+Create icons from IFF/ILBM brushes
IM_mogrify.lha     gfx/conv   461K   9+ImageMagick - an image converting/manipu
jpegV6bin.lha      gfx/conv   292K   2+IJG JPEG V6 binaries and docs
jpegV6src.lha      gfx/conv   656K   2+IJG JPEG V6 source, dev. material
mp2iff24.lha       gfx/conv    20K   8+Convert Multipalette (PCHG) pics to 24bi
PicScaler.lha      gfx/conv    43K  11+PicScaler v1.0 - GUI to scale IFF ILBMs
pnggio.lha         gfx/conv    42K  12+Photogenics PNG format loader/saver
tapgif12.lha       gfx/conv     5K   8+IFF to GIF converter for KS2.0
YCrCb101.lha       gfx/conv     5K   2+ImageFX, TBCPlus YCrCb loader.
ycur2iff.lha       gfx/conv    12K   2+Converts WinNT cursors to IFF. V1.0
fig2dev_fix.lha    gfx/edit   139K   5+Xfig v1.5 - a structured drawing tool. 0
flood_it.lha       gfx/edit    52K   5+IFX macro which wipes details from pics.
IconDeluxe1_10.lha gfx/edit    74K   1+Full-featured icon editor (V1.10)
ImEngV2_0.lha      gfx/edit   543K   7+Image processing application V2.0 
universalgio20.lha gfx/edit    19K   3+Fast univ. loader module for Photogenics
vtambie1.lha       gfx/edit   817K   2+VideoTracker Ambient AGA video 1/2
vtambie2.lha       gfx/edit   535K   2+VideoTracker Ambient AGA video 2/2
vtcamel.lha        gfx/edit   343K   2+VideoTracker Camel video
vtcaotic.lha       gfx/edit   615K   2+VideoTracker Caotic video
vtcresyn.lha       gfx/edit   778K   2+VT videos: Credits AGA & Syndrome
vtdevel3.lha       gfx/edit   834K   2+VideoTracker Developer Kit for v2.0
vtetmd1.lha        gfx/edit   659K   2+VT Eternal Madness AGA VIDEO 1/2
vtetmd2.lha        gfx/edit   465K   2+VT Eternal Madness AGA VIDEO 2/2
vtfurgar.lha       gfx/edit   765K   2+VT videos: Furious & Gargamel
vtintro.lha        gfx/edit   111K   2+VideoTracker Intro video-examples. AGA
vtmain2.lha        gfx/edit   478K   2+Let graphics react to music, v2.0 1995
vtwomen.lha        gfx/edit   823K   2+VideoTracker AGA video FOR women !
xfig6.lha          gfx/edit   336K   2+Xfig v1.6 - a structured drawing tool. 0
xfig_docs.lha      gfx/edit   268K   2+Xfig - a structured drawing tool. 020+ &
xfig_support.lha   gfx/edit   198K   2+Xfig v1.6 - a structured drawing tool. 0
xv218.lha          gfx/edit   522K   8+Xv - Image processing AGA/OS3.0 recommen
ChaosPro.lha       gfx/fract  555K   8+V2.0 of a fractal explorer like Mand2000
CProData.lha       gfx/fract  217K   8+Data files for ChaosPro
FU1_61i.lha        gfx/fract  387K  12+Many new fractals,options,...
julia2.lha         gfx/fract   24K   7+2nd version of the Julia Set viewer
Cataloger.lha      gfx/misc   104K  10+ADPro ARexx script catalogs images v1.94
ChipPeek20.lha     gfx/misc     5K  12+A practical mempeek with AGA support
DeInterlace0_1.lha gfx/misc    16K   3+DeInterlaceProgram
fastifxmodul46.lha gfx/misc    23K   3+Fast ImageFX loaders(incl.PhotoCD)&saver
GIF_Comment.lha    gfx/misc     6K  10+ADPro script displays GIF comments v1.06
ImageDesk20.lha    gfx/misc   566K   3+Thumbnail oriented image cataloger
JPEG_Comment.lha   gfx/misc     8K  10+ADPro script shows JPEG comments v1.10
NAV20.lha          gfx/misc   694K   2+Navigator VR Engine based Videotitler an
NewPatterns.lha    gfx/misc   183K   3+Superfast WB Pats; supports 15/16/24 Bit
PicView12.lha      gfx/misc    57K   6+Picture Catalogue (Needs OS3.0 and MUI)
ScanCenter.lha     gfx/misc   240K   5+Scansoftware for HP-scanners (SCSI only)
ShowComment.lha    gfx/misc     7K  10+ARexx prog shows JPEG/GIF comments v1.03
SpotsGen2_0.lha    gfx/misc   394K   3+Generating Scripts for Spots (Ekke Verhe
voxelflight.lha    gfx/misc   455K  11+Voxelspace, you can flight over landscap
pnmtopng.lha       gfx/pbm     83K   9+PBM/PGM/PPM <-> PNG conversion
amipeg04.lha       gfx/show    83K  73+fast MPEG player for all amigas v0.4, w/
cdgsxl.lha         gfx/show    20K   6+Excellent CDXL viewer. Full Support to C
FView151.lha       gfx/show    85K  15+FastView for IFF/GIF/BMP/JPG/PCX pics
jcosub24.lha       gfx/show   257K   5+Professional timed script video titling
MPEGInt2_12c.lha   gfx/show   102K   8+GUI for MP(1.03) & Amipeg(0.4) 
mv2_x.lha          gfx/show     3K   7+OS 2.x MultiView replacement
pcdaga_mui.lha     gfx/show    11K   7+MUI-Frontend for the Programm PhotoCDAGA
PNG_gio.lha        gfx/show    42K  12+PNG gio (beta) for Photogenics 1.2
SqOpal13.lha       gfx/show    44K   8+The ultimate image viewer for Opal
SView463.lha       gfx/show   616K   6+SuperView V4.63 + Library 11.9
TIFFView116.lha    gfx/show   171K   4+V1.16, read-view-print TIFF/MacPaint/JPE
Visage.lha         gfx/show   105K   7+Picture viewer for OS 3.0+. V39.0
WBView094.lha      gfx/show    27K   4+Workbench picture viewer in HAM/HAM8
winplay.lha        gfx/show    41K  10+WinPlay Release 2 Workbench Anim Player
xanim8.lha         gfx/show   253K  12+XAnim: Avi/Quicktime/FLI/FLC/IFF/GIF/MPE
AmiW211dUpd.lha    gfx/x11    114K   6+Patch from AmiWin 2.0d to 2.11d
AmiW214dUpd.lha    gfx/x11     81K   3+Patch from AmiWin 2.11d to 2.14d
AmiW214rUpd.lha    gfx/x11    175K   3+Patch from AmiWin 2.12reg to 2.14reg
AmiWin20d.lha      gfx/x11    1.4M   7+X11R6 package for AmigaDOS V2.0d
MultiScan20.lha    hard/drivr  56K   1+A4 scannersoftware for Epson ES - GT-xxx
A1200MTowerFAQ.lha hard/hack    5K  12+Hardware FAQ "Mirconik-Tower for Amiga 5
A500_Tower_FAQ.lha hard/hack    7K  12+Hardware FAQ "Mirconik-Tower for Amiga 5
AddDF2.lha         hard/hack   14K  10+Add internal floppy drives to an Amiga
ArcMouse.lha       hard/hack    5K   6+Modify Acorn mouse for use with Amiga
AvailCIA.lha       hard/hack    2K   7+V1.0, checks for cia timers
ide2ami5.lha       hard/hack   84K   3+IDE-2-AMI V5 - How to install HD's in A1
PCFloppy2Amiga.lha hard/hack   56K  25+=Use 1.44 PC drives as Amiga HD drives.=
SerialBuffer.lha   hard/hack   11K  14+Project to make a buffer for serial link
SNES1084.lha       hard/hack   13K  12+Connect a Super Nintendo to a Commodore 
VideoText.lha      hard/hack  245K  10+Teletext "terminal", German, V4.2
4000_33M.lha       hard/misc    1K  11+25 MIPS on A4000/040 !
4000_35MHz.lha     hard/misc   76K   8+27 MIPS on A4000/040 ! Complete doc. 
a4khard3de.lha     hard/misc   52K   9+A4000 Hardware Reference 3.0.2 DEUTSCH (
CD32Tools2.lha     hard/misc   16K  10+CD32tools Update, now more features.
vtxt24.lha         hard/misc  252K   6+Teletext-decoder software 2.4 serial
AM95073a.lha       misc/amag  803K  12+Amiga-Magazin-PD 7/95 Disk 3-1
AM95073b.lha       misc/amag  740K  11+Amiga-Magazin-PD 7/95 Disk 3-2
AM95074a.lha       misc/amag  557K  11+Amiga-Magazin-PD 7/95 Disk 4-1
AM95074b.lha       misc/amag  515K  11+Amiga-Magazin-PD 7/95 Disk 4-2
AM95075a.lha       misc/amag  845K  11+Amiga-Magazin-PD 7/95 Disk 5-1
AM95075b.lha       misc/amag  588K  11+Amiga-Magazin-PD 7/95 Disk 5-2
AM9507_1.lha       misc/amag  706K  12+Amiga-Magazin-PD 7/95 Disk 1
AM9507_2.lha       misc/amag  513K  12+Amiga-Magazin-PD 7/95 Disk 2
AM9507_6.lha       misc/amag  490K  11+Amiga-Magazin-PD 7/95 Disk 6
AM95083A.lha       misc/amag  625K   2+Amiga-Magazin-PD 8/95 Disk 3-1
AM95083B.lha       misc/amag  612K   2+Amiga-Magazin-PD 8/95 Disk 3-2
AM9508_1.lha       misc/amag  681K   2+Amiga-Magazin-PD 8/95 Disk 1
AM9508_2.lha       misc/amag  281K   2+Amiga-Magazin-PD 8/95 Disk 2
AM9508_4.lha       misc/amag  671K   2+Amiga-Magazin-PD 8/95 Disk 4
AM9508_5.lha       misc/amag  407K   2+Amiga-Magazin-PD 8/95 Disk 5
AM9508_6.lha       misc/amag  718K   2+Amiga-Magazin-PD 8/95 Disk 6
DemoRe31.lha       misc/antiq 591K  10+NewTek's famous DemoReel Three  1/2
DemoRe32.lha       misc/antiq 625K  10+NewTek's famous DemoReel Three  2/2
JapaneseVoice.lha  misc/edu   1.1M   4+Japanese language guide with voice!
mui_fillin_10.lha  misc/edu    20K   2+MUI based Fill-in-forms by Dirk Holtwick
mui_latinum_11.lha misc/edu    79K   2+A MUI based Latin vocabulary trainer by 
NMA.lha            misc/edu   173K  10+Math arcade game for kids 6-12
586dx21.lha        misc/emu   771K  11+E586DX/SX 2.1 upgrade/bug fix
A8085.lha          misc/emu    38K   7+8085 emulator/assembler/disassembler
AmiCDEx21.lha      misc/emu    89K   7+Access Amiga CD-ROM From PC/AT Emulator,
amimsx21.lha       misc/emu   151K   3+MSX2 Emulator 2.1
AXF_64_a23.lha     misc/emu    14K  10+C= 64 emulator. alpha 23
BBCpuUpgrde1_0.lha misc/emu   354K   5+How to upgrade the CPU of your A2386SX
doubler37_1.lha    misc/emu    29K   4+Mouse-Button enhancement for ShapeShifte
fmsx_0_6.lha       misc/emu   112K   4+MSX1 emul.+disk support, req. 68020+v39
Gameboy68000.lha   misc/emu    27K 161+Modified Gamboy_fix for 68000
MacJoy.lha         misc/emu    11K   4+Joystick support for Macintosh emulators
MacRomTest.lha     misc/emu     1K  19+Shows version & verifies ShapeShifterROM
Over5_0_388.lha    misc/emu    50K   6+Amiga<->64 38k4 serial, no spec hardware
ShapeShift3_1.lha  misc/emu   207K   5+Macintosh II emulator, V3.1
Shape_ShiftPic.lha misc/emu     8K   4+Excellent Boot Picture for ShapeShifter/
ST4Amiga.lha       misc/emu    25K   4+ST emu, 256K TOS prepared
UNd64_381.lha      misc/emu    18K  10+THE .d64/.t64/.p00 archive fileprocessor
ZXAM20b.lha        misc/emu   494K   6+ZXAM Spectrum Emulator v2.0b
ZXPokeGuide20.lha  misc/emu    27K   2+ZXAM POKE guide V2.0 (647 games)
amatrix.lha        misc/math  274K   8+Amatrix V2.7/2.7e (complex matrix tool)
calcdeluxe200.lha  misc/math   29K  10+A new *best* sfi. calculator, with graph
ExCalc1_1.lha      misc/math  195K   6+GUI 52-digit calculator with equations.
FalconMath10.lha   misc/math   57K  12+MUI based algebra manipulation package
graph2d300.lha     misc/math  203K   4+Plots and analyzes functions, V3.00
pcalc.lha          misc/math    8K  12+Commodity calculator for programmers; V2
alpha.lha          misc/misc  295K   4+ALPHA V1.0 (mindmaschine for mental trai
ast_000.lha        misc/misc  412K   5+Amiga port of Astrolog (Version 4.40)
ast_030.lha        misc/misc  412K   5+Amiga port of Astrolog (Version 4.40)
ast_doc.lha        misc/misc  752K   5+Amiga port of Astrolog (Version 4.40)
ast_src.lha        misc/misc  361K   5+Amiga port of Astrolog (Version 4.40)
beamsolver.lha     misc/misc  111K  12+A Beam analysis/design program
BosLang.lha        misc/misc    5K   5+Bosnian Language File
flm214.lha         misc/misc  788K   5+Engl.<->Germ. prog with big dictionary
flm214r.lha        misc/misc  133K   4+FLM version for registered users
lost_icon.lha      misc/misc   40K   5+Program to put icons back where they bel
MacCash.lha        misc/misc   15K   4+1.3 Gen. UK Lott. Forms. Also stat. Anal
MeasConv.lha       misc/misc   32K   2+Measurment Converter V1.23 by Aris Basic
PolishLocale.lha   misc/misc   16K  12+Polish catalogs for 14 programs. v2.1.
Predict.lha        misc/misc   14K   3+Baby gender predictor (bug fixed)
Proteus1_5.lha     misc/misc   99K   6+Proteus Pools Predictor. V1.5.
Runen.lha          misc/misc   61K   8+The Keltic Runes
SynBra_de.lha      misc/misc  351K   8+Mindmachine Program. DEUTSCHE VERSION!
SynBra_int.lha     misc/misc  341K  10+Mindmachine Program for all AMIGAs. Trai
Telekom121.lha     misc/misc   56K  11+Decryption of acronyms
VideoEti.lha       misc/misc   39K   8+Video-Label-Program
AiPS.lha           misc/sci   881K  10+Image Processing package. FFT Processing
AiPSbin030FPU.lha  misc/sci   328K  10+030+881 bin for AiPS.
eliza.lha          misc/sci    28K   3+A classic AI therapist
FIRDesign.lha      misc/sci    96K   8+FIR Filter Designer V1.00
messlabor.lha      misc/sci    44K  11+Plots x/y Datas, now with little EPS-Sup
nnn.lha            misc/sci    81K   2+Nnn backpropagation neural network v1.35
xmgr23.lha         misc/sci   394K   5+ACE/gr graphics for exploratory data ana
mapux.lha          misc/unix   89K   2 V7 UNIX for A1200 without MMU.  Binary o
slrp_tar.gz        misc/unix  248K   2+SLiRP 0.95g (BETA) SLIP/PPP emulator
BelieveMe.lha      mods/8voic 311K   9+New music by Australian artist Orpheus
Bud_Rap.lha        mods/8voic 145K  32+TP94 MultiChan. entry by Moby & Ra/Nooon
Charella.lha       mods/8voic 204K  32+TP94 MultiChan. entry by M-G/Weird Magic
DepthsOfDreams.lha mods/8voic 275K   8+High quality Ambient/Trance by orpheus
EmeraldDreams.lha  mods/8voic 333K  12+High Quality Module by SA artist Orpheus
mD_AlreadyLost.lha mods/8voic  70K   8+A Kasi Mir FTM-8-voice mod (4:48)
mD_AndCryAlone.lha mods/8voic 107K   3+A Kasi Mir FTM-8-voice mod (5:04)
mD_Mysteries.lha   mods/8voic 144K   8+A Kasi Mir FTM-8-voice mod (5:55)
MusicalDiary.lha   mods/8voic 146K   2+MusicalDiary, composed by BlackFox
TG2Raveland.lha    mods/8voic  44K   1+Octamed Mod > V3.0 - TripperGoesToRavela
TheBassState.lha   mods/8voic 253K   2+By orpheus. First EVER 9-BIT on OctaMED!
WOXTC_Mix.lha      mods/8voic  80K   1+Octamed Mod > V3.0 - WithoutXTC-DanMix
YourUnderworld.lha mods/8voic 211K   8+High quality Ambient music by orpheus
Flying.lha         mods/airon  60K  18+Flying with You --- Breather track with 
wedman.lha         mods/airon 307K   5+BIIIG and well done by AiRoN
mchart_mar95e.lha  mods/chart   7K  27+MODCHARTS edition march 1995
attekso_thisw.lha  mods/chip   12K   4+Mod by KBX-128/Tesko in Sept 94
backbackbackba.lha mods/chip    7K   4+Mod by KB-Zip/Tesko in December 1994
Ball2.lha          mods/chip   25K  58 Chip mod                      **
Beastsnbabies.lha  mods/chip   39K  58 Chip mod by Zolttu            **
BehindTheWalls.lha mods/chip    5K  58 Chip mod by Mantronix         ***+
BlueBreath.lha     mods/chip   49K  58 Chip mod by Kaktus            **+
boomboomboom.lha   mods/chip    4K   4+Mod by KBX-128 in March 1993
BOTraps.lha        mods/chip   54K  58 Chip mod                      ***
BurningHeard.lha   mods/chip   34K  58 Chip mod                      ***+
cabbage.lha        mods/chip    5K   4+Mod by Technix/Tesko
Cebit.lha          mods/chip   33K  58 Chip mod                      ***+
CFRMus4.lha        mods/chip   42K  58 Chip mod                      **+
ChipAChoup.lha     mods/chip   38K   2+Latest chip-tunes by Gryzor
ChipCalledHaml.lha mods/chip   12K  58 Chip mod by Echo              ****
Chipgene.lha       mods/chip   10K  58 Chip mod                      ***
Chipmunks.lha      mods/chip    5K  58 Chip mod by Jester            ***
ChipsNDrums.lha    mods/chip    5K  58 Chip mod by Steinar           **
ck_up.lha          mods/chip   11K   4+Mod by KBX-128 in May 1994
CrazyBass2.lha     mods/chip   25K  58 Chip mod                      ***
Cybernoid.lha      mods/chip   86K  58 Chip mod by JPN               **+
cyril.lha          mods/chip    4K   4+Mod by KB-Zip & his bro in May 1995
Delirious.lha      mods/chip    6K  58 Chip mod by Hi-Lite           ****
DeltaRemix.lha     mods/chip   29K  58 Chip mod by DDT               ****+
Demo1ReMix.lha     mods/chip   26K  58 Chip mod                      ****
DemonsCave.lha     mods/chip   36K  58 Chip mod by Mr.Frenzy         ****
DesertDreamVol.lha mods/chip    5K  58 Chip mod by Laxity            ***+
DieSmartMix.lha    mods/chip   58K  58 Chip mod                      ****+
DrowningMan.lha    mods/chip    8K  58 Chip mod                      ****+
Echos314.lha       mods/chip    8K  58 Chip mod                      ****
EmbassyNumber1.lha mods/chip    8K  58 Chip mod by Echo              ****+
FactoryTheme.lha   mods/chip   13K  58 Chip mod by Jason             ****
Firefly.lha        mods/chip   19K  58 Chip mod                      *+
FirstBash.lha      mods/chip    9K  58 Chip mod                      ***+
galagamods.lha     mods/chip   47K   4+3 mods esp. for use in Deluxe Galaga
GetFunky.lha       mods/chip   87K  58 Chip mod by Wolfchild         ***+
Gloomy.lha         mods/chip   64K  58 Chip mod                      ***+
grating.lha        mods/chip   10K   4+Mod by KBX-128 in August 1994
greaterthan.lha    mods/chip    9K   4+Mod by KBX-128/Calypso in July 1994
HelloRob.lha       mods/chip   86K  58 Chip mod                      ***+
Hipfunk.lha        mods/chip   39K  58 Chip mod                      ****
Hoaxers.lha        mods/chip   40K  58 Chip mod                      ****
houseonthehill.lha mods/chip   13K   4+Mod by Technix/Tesko
HuntersMoon.lha    mods/chip   15K  58 Chip mod by Dark Knight       ****
InitialAdjustm.lha mods/chip   50K  58 Chip mod                      ****
IsThisASample.lha  mods/chip    3K  58 Chip mod by Night Shade       ****+
IVote42ndV.lha     mods/chip   14K  58 Chip mod by Tip               ****
Kakofonia.lha      mods/chip   13K  58 Chip mod by Heatbeat          ****
Kornfelder.lha     mods/chip   49K  58 Chip mod                      ****+
lamertune1.lha     mods/chip    1K   4+Joke mod by the Lamer <Grin>!
LastOne.lha        mods/chip   36K  58 Chip mod by Frederic Hahn     ****+
manjaman.lha       mods/chip    5K   4+Mod by KB-Zip in May 1995
Matkamies.lha      mods/chip    3K  58 Chip mod by Heatbeat          *****
Megabit.lha        mods/chip   33K  58 Chip mod                      ***+
Middlealta.lha     mods/chip   17K  58 Chip mod                      ***+
moonwalk.lha       mods/chip    9K   4+Mod by Technix/Tesko
Mvb1.lha           mods/chip   60K  58 Chip mod                      ***+
NewGeneration1.lha mods/chip   51K  58 Chip mod                      ****
No1ZarchTheme.lha  mods/chip   59K  58 Chip mod by Zarch             ****
Noname10.lha       mods/chip   67K  58 Chip mod                      ****
NON_Aug95MOD.lha   mods/chip  302K   1+PT3.x-chiptunes by non plus ultra, compo
OdeToThe64DJ.lha   mods/chip   56K  58 Chip mod                      ****
oooooooooooooo.lha mods/chip    8K   4+Mod by KB-Zip in April 1995
outasight.lha      mods/chip    6K   4+Mod by KBX-128 in August 1993
outa_sight_boc.lha mods/chip    6K   4+Bag of Chips remix by KBX-128 - Sept 94
outrun.lha         mods/chip    3K   4+Mod by Technix/Tesko
piaget.lha         mods/chip    2K   4+Mod by KB-Zip in March 1995
rainingpart3.lha   mods/chip   10K   4+Mod by Technix/Tesko
rejection.lha      mods/chip    8K   4+Mod by KBX-128 in September 1993
scraplook.lha      mods/chip   29K   4+Mod by KBX-128 in August 1993
ski_today.lha      mods/chip   10K   4+Mod by Technix/Tesko
small_n_naff.lha   mods/chip   20K   4+Mod by KBX-128/Calypso in August 1994
superlative.lha    mods/chip   14K   4+Mod by Technix/Anathema
taptrance.lha      mods/chip    9K   4+Mod by Technix/Voodoo Design
TheLastKuusnep.lha mods/chip    2K  58 Chip mod by Wal               ****
themeadowatdaw.lha mods/chip   10K   4+Mod by KBX-128 in April 1993
theshortage.lha    mods/chip    5K   4+Mod by KBX-128 in March 1993
toerrishuman.lha   mods/chip    3K   4+Mod by KB-Zip/TRSI in December 1994
toolate.lha        mods/chip    8K   4+Mod by Technix/Tesko
whatnofudge.lha    mods/chip    8K   4+Mod by Technix/Tesko
whatthe.lha        mods/chip    9K   4+Mod by KBX-128/Tesko in November 1994
YaBaDaBaDoo.lha    mods/chip    8K   4+Chip module by Dreamer
ziptro_mods.lha    mods/chip   12K   4+2 Ziptro mods by KB-Zip in April 1994
Effigy.lha         mods/ctp   426K  11+Effigy (Idol 2) -- Synth-pop-rock by Cou
Enchilada.lha      mods/ctp    79K  11+Enchilada -- Cheesy latin song by Counte
MED_StndCls.lha    mods/ctp   634K   2+MED version of Standing Close, by Counte
xm_ctp_remix.lha   mods/ctp   273K   3+Remix of Ctpoint.MOD, 10ch XM by Counter
AbsoluteMuzakI.lha mods/demo   65K  58 Demo mod by Hobbes            **+
ACallToday.lha     mods/demo  152K  58 Demo mod by clawz             ***
Acceleration.lha   mods/demo  121K  58 Demo mod by Sir Henry         ***+
AcidPanic.lha      mods/demo   85K  58 Demo mod                      ***
AdoEllenora.lha    mods/demo  117K  58 Demo mod                      ****+
Adrenaline.lha     mods/demo   38K  58 Demo mod by Snark             ***+
AfterASickness.lha mods/demo  128K  58 Demo mod by Active            ****
AGoGo.lha          mods/demo   25K  58 Demo mod by Dan+Mat           *****
AgrometricalDr.lha mods/demo   52K  58 Demo mod by Rainbow           ****
AjParkerTune.lha   mods/demo  113K  58 Demo mod by Darkwolf          **
AlienHaze.lha      mods/demo   31K  58 Demo mod by Marshal Law       ***
AlteredState.lha   mods/demo   73K  58 Demo mod by Zytac             ***
AnarchyFlowerP.lha mods/demo  132K  58 Demo mod by Jester            ****+
ANewGuy.lha        mods/demo   66K  58 Demo mod by Sabbath           **+
Antares1.lha       mods/demo  111K  58 Demo mod by K.Stadler         *+
Antares2.lha       mods/demo   35K  58 Demo mod by K.Stadler         ***+
Armybeat.lha       mods/demo   94K  58 Demo mod                      ****
Arnesune.lha       mods/demo    8K  58 Demo mod by D-Zire            ***
ArvidsFredag.lha   mods/demo   73K  58 Demo mod                      ***
ASliceOfLife.lha   mods/demo   26K  58 Demo mod by Night Shade       **
AvengerMegadem.lha mods/demo   63K  58 Demo mod by Burgame           **+
Awesome5.lha       mods/demo   52K  58 Demo mod                      **+
AxenonsUnknown.lha mods/demo   74K  58 Demo mod                      *+
Bacardi.lha        mods/demo   30K  58 Demo mod                      **+
Baff.lha           mods/demo   13K  58 Demo mod by Gamma             ***
Balad.lha          mods/demo   60K  58 Demo mod                      **+
Ball4.lha          mods/demo   51K  58 Demo mod                      **
BarBrian.lha       mods/demo  121K  58 Demo mod                      ****
BasicJamRythm.lha  mods/demo   17K  58 Demo mod by T.U.S.C           **+
BeansAndRusk.lha   mods/demo   47K  58 Demo mod by Grubi             ***
BeyondBelief.lha   mods/demo   91K  58 Demo mod by Quick             ****+
Bigballs.lha       mods/demo   33K  58 Demo mod                      ***
Blirg.lha          mods/demo   25K  58 Demo mod                      ***
Blizzard03.lha     mods/demo   13K  58 Demo mod                      **+
BlueShaddow.lha    mods/demo   65K  58 Demo mod                      **
BWareOfXtc.lha     mods/demo   79K  58 Demo mod by Joy               ***+
c1991NpdV20.lha    mods/demo   53K  58 Demo mod by NPD               ***
CamakarzieRun.lha  mods/demo   86K  58 Demo mod by Epic              **
Catastrophy.lha    mods/demo  146K  58 Demo mod by Echo              ****+
Ch010.lha          mods/demo   69K  58 Demo mod by Alpha             **
ChadsworthDelu.lha mods/demo   54K  58 Demo mod by Daniel Berlin     *+
Chainsaw.lha       mods/demo   40K  58 Demo mod by Hydlite           **+
Chipchop2.lha      mods/demo   45K  58 Demo mod by Brainbug          ***
ChromAtom.lha      mods/demo   75K  58 Demo mod                      ***
Chromium.lha       mods/demo  109K  58 Demo mod                      ***+
Clockwise.lha      mods/demo   76K  58 Demo mod by Fleshbrain        **
ClubMood.lha       mods/demo  115K  58 Demo mod by Delorean          **+
Cluedo.lha         mods/demo   60K  58 Demo mod by Saticon           **+
Cluster.lha        mods/demo   62K  58 Demo mod by 4-mat             **
Contact.lha        mods/demo   46K  58 Demo mod by Norrish           **+
CoolAsABadWord.lha mods/demo  143K  58 Demo mod by Echo              **
CountdownTitle.lha mods/demo   58K  58 Demo mod by Torsten Gellrich  **+
CrackUKAug90.lha   mods/demo   39K  58 Demo mod                      **+
CrowNoseFear.lha   mods/demo   82K  58 Demo mod by Scott Davis       *+
Cumana.lha         mods/demo  138K  58 Demo mod                      **
Cyberquote9.lha    mods/demo  251K  58 Demo mod by Destructor        ***+
Cynthia.lha        mods/demo   57K  58 Demo mod by PKK               **
DancingInBlood.lha mods/demo   63K  58 Demo mod by Uppy              **+
Dasdelirium.lha    mods/demo   65K  58 Demo mod by Peters            ***
Daysoffury.lha     mods/demo   64K  58 Demo mod by Maestro           **+
Daytime.lha        mods/demo   61K  58 Demo mod by Emax              **+
DcnFrameOfMind.lha mods/demo   66K  58 Demo mod by Dascon            ****
Ddragons2.lha      mods/demo   59K  58 Demo mod                      ***+
DeadCop.lha        mods/demo   77K  58 Demo mod                      ***
DeathBox.lha       mods/demo   55K  58 Demo mod                      ***
DeepStream.lha     mods/demo   51K  58 Demo mod                      **+
Demomusik.lha      mods/demo   33K  58 Demo mod                      ****+
Doc1.lha           mods/demo   51K  58 Demo mod                      ***+
DominoDancingD.lha mods/demo  138K  58 Demo mod by Echo              ***+
Doormat.lha        mods/demo   93K  58 Demo mod by 4-mat             ****
Dosdemo2.lha       mods/demo   69K  58 Demo mod by Andromeda         ****
DottyFlowersSh.lha mods/demo   18K  58 Demo mod by Genius            ****+
DoYaTrustMe.lha    mods/demo  135K  58 Demo mod by Andrew Barnabas   ****
DragonDance.lha    mods/demo   40K  58 Demo mod                      ***
DreamSequence.lha  mods/demo   24K  58 Demo mod                      **+
Dreamtime.lha      mods/demo  151K  58 Demo mod by Night Shade       ***
Einsteinium05.lha  mods/demo   51K  58 Demo mod by Einstein          ***+
ElectronicRamb.lha mods/demo   87K  58 Demo mod                      ****
ElektrikFaith.lha  mods/demo   86K  58 Demo mod                      ***+
endsong.lha        mods/demo   55K   3+Mod by Precision/Plague
EnforcerSound.lha  mods/demo   16K  58 Demo mod                      ***
EternalBliss.lha   mods/demo   73K  58 Demo mod by Echo              **+
Exorcize.lha       mods/demo   76K  58 Demo mod by Fleshbrain        ****
Fattamorgana.lha   mods/demo   41K  58 Demo mod                      ****
FeelRealMegash.lha mods/demo  150K  58 Demo mod                      ****+
FinalSample.lha    mods/demo   89K  58 Demo mod by 4-mat             **+
FireElephant.lha   mods/demo   79K  58 Demo mod by Julianus P        ***+
Fjant.lha          mods/demo   46K  58 Demo mod by Gluemaster        **+
FlightToSweden.lha mods/demo   55K  58 Demo mod                      ****
FubarFromHell7.lha mods/demo   70K  58 Demo mod by The Catalyst      ***
Future.lha         mods/demo   40K  58 Demo mod                      ***
fy.lha             mods/demo  186K   6+2 Modules from 'Forever Young' by Take E
GateToMizar.lha    mods/demo   37K  58 Demo mod by Bar               ***
GhtBluring.lha     mods/demo  137K  58 Demo mod                      ***
Gobbprew.lha       mods/demo   32K  58 Demo mod                      ***+
Greetingcastle.lha mods/demo  124K  58 Demo mod by Mahoney           ****+
GroundZero.lha     mods/demo   70K  58 Demo mod                      ***+
guitarie.lha       mods/demo   54K   3+Mod by Precision/Plague
Halfdance.lha      mods/demo   59K  58 Demo mod                      ***+
HappyDayFinale.lha mods/demo   30K  58 Demo mod                      ****
HardWorkingMan.lha mods/demo   51K  58 Demo mod by Wal               ****
Heavy.lha          mods/demo   45K  58 Demo mod                      ***+
HeavyHouse.lha     mods/demo   95K  58 Demo mod by Zing              ***
Hero1.lha          mods/demo   45K  58 Demo mod                      ***+
HerSong.lha        mods/demo  217K  58 Demo mod by 4-mat             ***+
HiddenShadowsC.lha mods/demo  102K  58 Demo mod                      ****
HolliWould.lha     mods/demo   51K  58 Demo mod by Neuromancer       ***
Horror2TheReve.lha mods/demo   80K  58 Demo mod                      ***
Horrorealizati.lha mods/demo   86K  58 Demo mod                      ***
HowsItHangin.lha   mods/demo   50K  58 Demo mod by Snare             ****+
Hungry.lha         mods/demo   26K  58 Demo mod                      ****
HypnoOne.lha       mods/demo   23K  58 Demo mod by PKK               ***+
HystericalBaby.lha mods/demo  116K  58 Demo mod                      **+
IAmTheLaw.lha      mods/demo   32K  58 Demo mod by Echo              **+
Icemashine.lha     mods/demo   40K  58 Demo mod                      **
InFlightShort.lha  mods/demo  176K  58 Demo mod by Delorean          ***
Jackdance.lha      mods/demo   34K  58 Demo mod                      ****
jalenola.lha       mods/demo   44K   3+Mod by Precision/Plague
jolly.lha          mods/demo   30K   3+Mod by Precision/Plague
Judge12.lha        mods/demo   55K  58 Demo mod                      ***+
Juratmicshort.lha  mods/demo  318K  58 Demo mod by Claw              ****+
JustAddLsd.lha     mods/demo   73K  58 Demo mod by Echo              ****
Kin3.lha           mods/demo   66K  58 Demo mod by Racoon            ****
KirchhofsReven.lha mods/demo  123K  58 Demo mod by Decker            ***+
KlingonSwing.lha   mods/demo   31K  58 Demo mod                      ***
Korg.lha           mods/demo   27K  58 Demo mod                      ***+
Krakout.lha        mods/demo   40K  58 Demo mod                      ***
LAByNight.lha      mods/demo   42K  58 Demo mod by Dr Awesome        ****
LeGrind.lha        mods/demo   61K  58 Demo mod                      ****
LikeYeahMan.lha    mods/demo   77K  58 Demo mod by Echo              ****
Liquidturtle.lha   mods/demo   64K  58 Demo mod by Kaktus            **+
Longshort32.lha    mods/demo   37K  58 Demo mod                      ***+
LoosingControl.lha mods/demo   60K  58 Demo mod                      ***+
Lowbudget.lha      mods/demo   21K  58 Demo mod by Dr Awesome        ***
LsdBassline.lha    mods/demo   59K  58 Demo mod by Beatmaster        ****
Lykkehjulet.lha    mods/demo   46K  58 Demo mod                      ***+
MadMixIii.lha      mods/demo   50K  58 Demo mod                      ***+
MadnessTookMe.lha  mods/demo   80K  58 Demo mod                      ****
Madtechno.lha      mods/demo   43K  58 Demo mod by Zoltar            ***+
Mai90.lha          mods/demo   39K  58 Demo mod                      **+
MaidenVoyage.lha   mods/demo   30K  58 Demo mod by Dan               **+
Manifesto.lha      mods/demo   79K  58 Demo mod by Mindless          **
Mastermix.lha      mods/demo   69K  58 Demo mod                      ***+
MaxHeadroom.lha    mods/demo  171K  58 Demo mod                      ***
Megamixette.lha    mods/demo   29K  58 Demo mod by Deek              ***
Memoire.lha        mods/demo   26K  58 Demo mod by Audiomonster      ***+
MentalHangover.lha mods/demo   80K  58 Demo mod                      ***+
Mentos.lha         mods/demo   63K  58 Demo mod by Siracon           ***+
Mesmerism.lha      mods/demo   45K  58 Demo mod                      ****
Mesmorised.lha     mods/demo   56K  58 Demo mod by Dextrous          ****
Midi11.lha         mods/demo   47K  58 Demo mod                      ***
Milkman.lha        mods/demo   29K  58 Demo mod by Gluemaster        ***+
Mimosa.lha         mods/demo   84K  58 Demo mod by Fleshbrain        ***+
MisdemeanourV0.lha mods/demo   65K  58 Demo mod                      ***+
Monkeydroid.lha    mods/demo   83K  58 Demo mod by Fleshbrain        ***+
MoogIndigoMd.lha   mods/demo   90K  58 Demo mod by Mark Knight       ****+
Moreover.lha       mods/demo   15K  58 Demo mod                      ***
MorePillsPleas.lha mods/demo   64K  58 Demo mod                      ***
MoreThanMusic2.lha mods/demo  194K   2+2nd module from "More Than Music" by Mob
MovieTheme3.lha    mods/demo   34K  58 Demo mod                      **+
Musiklinjen.lha    mods/demo  138K  58 Demo mod                      ****+
Musix7.lha         mods/demo   39K  58 Demo mod                      ****+
Mysong2.lha        mods/demo   26K  58 Demo mod                      ***
Newkiss.lha        mods/demo  125K  58 Demo mod                      ***
Nhk.lha            mods/demo   69K  58 Demo mod by PKK               ****
Nice1990.lha       mods/demo   23K  58 Demo mod                      ****
Night.lha          mods/demo   57K  58 Demo mod                      ****
NightFly.lha       mods/demo   82K  58 Demo mod                      ***
NightOfComet.lha   mods/demo   88K  58 Demo mod by Dr.And            **+
Noise19895.lha     mods/demo   37K  58 Demo mod                      ****
NsSpeed.lha        mods/demo   30K  58 Demo mod                      ****+
Number1.lha        mods/demo   57K  58 Demo mod                      ****
Nyet.lha           mods/demo   46K  58 Demo mod by PKK               ***+
OccSanGeen.lha     mods/demo  139K  58 Demo mod by Uncle Tom         ****
OdysseyPart3.lha   mods/demo   94K  58 Demo mod                      ****
OnceAgain.lha      mods/demo   81K  58 Demo mod by The Judge         ****+
peace.lha          mods/demo   61K   3+Mod by Precision/Plague
PygmyGForce.lha    mods/demo   17K   2+Module from PygmyProjects "G-Force"
rock.lha           mods/demo   31K   3+Mod by Precision/Plague
short.lha          mods/demo   20K   3+Mod by Precision/Plague
small.lha          mods/demo    1K   3+Mod by Precision/Plague
squire.lha         mods/demo   49K   3+Mod by Precision/Plague
TarAlwaysTheSa.lha mods/demo   82K  58 Demo mod                      *+
TheCryOfTheWol.lha mods/demo   38K  58 Demo mod by Mr.Zeb            **
TheEagle.lha       mods/demo   64K  58 Demo mod by Zacco             **
TheFrogMix.lha     mods/demo   31K  58 Demo mod                      ***+
TheLittleExtra.lha mods/demo   59K  58 Demo mod by Siracon           ****
UntitledSong.lha   mods/demo   60K  58 Demo mod by Gorgon Tree       ***
FbySuperJazz.lha   mods/fby    85K   3+FBY 1994 4Ch 2:10 Jazz
FBYTheme.lha       mods/fby   131K   3+FBY 1992 4Ch 4:30 Relax-Soft
FbyWinning.lha     mods/fby    71K   3+FBY 1993 4Ch 3:30 Action
Infinity.lha       mods/fby   335K   3+FBY 4Ch 8:28 3 parts:March,Atmos,Guitar
July.lha           mods/fby   126K   3+FBY 4Ch 10:20 Several different styles
Marcetta.lha       mods/fby    29K   3+FBY 1994 4Ch 2:30 FunnyMarch
MasselloMix.lha    mods/fby   141K   3+FBY 4Ch 2:35 A Noble Techno Opera!
Medioeval.lha      mods/fby    86K   3+FBY 4Ch 1:55 Relaxing Medioeval Theme
Melody.lha         mods/fby   111K   3+FBY 4Ch 2:40 Melodic theme w/ surprise
Nadir.lha          mods/fby   269K   3+FBY 1994 4Ch 5:00 9th place at Party94
PianoSound5.lha    mods/fby    85K   3+FBY 4Ch 5:11 Piano+drum, allegro theme
TechnoDanger.lha   mods/fby    68K   3+FBY 4Ch 1:26 Very pumped up disco
Tetriade.lha       mods/fby   174K   3+FBY 1992 4Ch 7:30 Tetris themes remixed
Tillimaby.lha      mods/fby    39K   3+FBY 1993 4Ch 3:30 Relax-Game
Zenith.lha         mods/fby   450K   3+FBY 1995 4Ch 5:30 2nd place at Gasp'95
Above_My_Head.lha  mods/funk  134K  70+Mod by 4-Mat from Stolen Data #10
AbsenceLive.lha    mods/funk   82K  58 Funk mod by The Ec Man        ****
AcesHigh2.lha      mods/funk   36K  58 Funk mod                      ***+
AcesLow2.lha       mods/funk   35K  58 Funk mod by Intuition         ****
AcidJazz.lha       mods/funk  130K  58 Jazz mod by Nuke              *****+
AlphaOmegaIi.lha   mods/funk  116K  58 Funk mod by Peter             ****
AnyWayYouCan.lha   mods/funk   68K  58 Funk mod by Epic              **
Arabia2.lha        mods/funk   14K  58 Funk mod                      ***+
Areyou.lha         mods/funk   54K  58 Funk mod by Steve Hogg        ***+
ATripToFunkyla.lha mods/funk  157K  58 Funk mod by Shun              ****+
Authority.lha      mods/funk  300K  58 Jazz mod by Macromaxx         *****
AxelGoesFunkey.lha mods/funk   98K  58 Funk mod by Brainstorm        ****
BariAndHorn.lha    mods/funk  191K  58 Funk mod                      *****
BaselineSquad.lha  mods/funk   66K  58 Funk mod by Prime Time        ****+
Basix.lha          mods/funk  149K  58 Funk mod by Jeron Valenkamp   ****+
Blowaway.lha       mods/funk  181K  47 Jazzband by Jugi             2:50 *****
Bodveizer.lha      mods/funk   60K  47 Saxophon by Brainbug         6:15 *****+
Bounga.lha         mods/funk   72K  58 Jazz mod by Moby              ****+
BrassConnectio.lha mods/funk   53K  58 Funk mod by Bit Arts          ****
Bubblegum.lha      mods/funk   45K  58 Funk mod by Heatbeat          *****
Camomile.lha       mods/funk   70K  58 Funk mod by Di33y             ***+
Civilisation.lha   mods/funk   53K  58 Funk mod by Phobos            ****
Crazyshow.lha      mods/funk   36K  58 Funk mod by Christian Hallgren***+
CrimboMED.lha      mods/funk  101K  58 Jazz mod by Crimbo            ***+
DailyPleasure.lha  mods/funk   59K  58 Funk mod by Audiomonster      *****+
Dance.lha          mods/funk   86K  58 Funky mod by Spin             ***
DecibelOverloa.lha mods/funk  125K  58 Funk mod by El Loco+Sundance K***+
DefinedAsMess.lha  mods/funk  205K  58 Funk mod by Jason             *****
Echofunk.lha       mods/funk   60K  58 Funk mod                      ****
Electroquest.lha   mods/funk   38K  58 Funk mod by Nuke              ****+
Emotions.lha       mods/funk   92K 133 Jazz by Nuke                 2:05 ****+
Escapade.lha       mods/funk  109K  58 Funk mod by Lord Interface    ****
FreedomOfBlues.lha mods/funk  100K  58 Funk mod by Axel              ****+
Funckdabass.lha    mods/funk   45K  58 Funk mod by Blo               ****+
FundimentalRoc.lha mods/funk  128K  58 Funk mod by Mark Knight       ****
funkierthanwax.lha mods/funk  116K   4+Mod by Technix/Tesko
FunkIt.lha         mods/funk   16K  58 Funk mod by Mr Frenzy         ***+
Funkypiano.lha     mods/funk  118K  58 Funk mod by Omen              ****+
FunkyPower.lha     mods/funk   37K  58 Funk mod                      ****
funkytrousers.lha  mods/funk  123K   4+Mod by Technix & KBX-128 in March 1995
FuryForest.lha     mods/funk   24K  58 Funk mod by Moby              ****+
FuryMetro.lha      mods/funk   27K  58 Funk mod by Moby              ****+
FuryMountains.lha  mods/funk   25K  58 Funk mod by Moby              ****+
FuryPyramid.lha    mods/funk   27K  58 Funk mod by Moby              ****+
GeraldsVibes.lha   mods/funk   43K  58 Funk mod by At-moz-fear       ****+
Goodoleblues1.lha  mods/funk   33K  58 Funk mod                      ****+
GrveSnu.lha        mods/funk  126K  58 Funk mod by Omen              *****
Gv17.lha           mods/funk  144K  58 Funk mod by Spin              *****
HappyFunk.lha      mods/funk   66K  58 Funk mod                      ****
HarbourBizarre.lha mods/funk  124K  58 Funk mod by Brainbug          *****
Jambug.lha         mods/funk  104K  58 Funk mod                      ****
JamminCindy.lha    mods/funk  268K  58 Funk mod by Vinnie            ****+
JamminForNothi.lha mods/funk   71K  58 Funk mod by Heatbeat          *****
JazzyNork.lha      mods/funk   60K  58 Jazz mod                      *****
JuicyFruit.lha     mods/funk   94K  58 Funk mod by Jester            ****
Lemonade.lha       mods/funk  116K  58 Funk mod by Nuke              ****
LittleFunk.lha     mods/funk   38K  58 Funk mod by Gryzor            ****
Mazz.lha           mods/funk   97K  58 Funk mod                      ****
Melonmania.lha     mods/funk  109K  58 Funk mod by Audiomonster      ****+
Microworld.lha     mods/funk   45K  58 Funk mod by Tama              ****+
Mod.lha            mods/funk  115K  58 Funk mod by Breeze            ****+
Nightjazz.lha      mods/funk  140K  58 Jazz mod by Night Shade       *****+
Nuke.lha           mods/funk  193K  58 Funk mod by Nuke              ****+
pianoey.lha        mods/funk   10K   4+Mod by KBX-128 in October 1993
Prim_Ways.lha      mods/funk   94K  11+A kind of funk by Tiny of Loonies.
Bassraceremixj.lha mods/hardc 123K  58 Hardcore mod by Juergen Brocke***+
BedlamcrazE.lha    mods/hardc  97K  58 Hardcore mod                  ***+
Cybernet.lha       mods/hardc 214K  58 Hardcore mod by Echo          ****
Democomp.lha       mods/hardc  84K  58 Hardcore mod by Essex         ***+
Drill.lha          mods/hardc  54K  58 Hardcore mod by James Kelly   ***
EsOnJesus08.lha    mods/hardc 103K  58 Hardcore mod by Echo          ****
FutureGenerati.lha mods/hardc  78K  58 Hardcore mod by BC            ****
Joes04.lha         mods/hardc 129K  58 Hardcore mod by Echo          ****+
Kickstart.lha      mods/hardc  11K  58 Hardcore mod by Merlin        ****+
ManicMinor.lha     mods/hardc 170K  58 Hardcore mod by Gurus Dream   ****+
A320.lha           mods/instr  67K  58 Instr mod                     ****
ADream.lha         mods/instr  44K  58 Instr mod                     ***+
ANewWayToJazz.lha  mods/instr 135K  58 Instr mod by Blue Silence     ****+
BeneathDignity.lha mods/instr 115K  58 Instr mod by Mr.Man           ****+
DenseMaterial.lha  mods/instr  99K  58 Piano mod                     ****+
EmptySpace.lha     mods/instr  20K  58 Piano mod                     ****+
EndOfTheMisery.lha mods/instr  58K  58 Piano mod by Blade Vacum      *****+
EnigmaticFeeli.lha mods/instr  48K  58 Piano mod by Echo             ****+
EssenceOfBlues.lha mods/instr 157K  58 Guitar mod by Abhoth          ****+
GoingFar.lha       mods/instr  44K  58 Piano mod                     ****
Heaven.lha         mods/instr 145K  58 Piano mod by Fabian           *****
Isitlove.lha       mods/instr  31K  58 Piano mod                     ****
Lamour.lha         mods/instr  13K  58 Piano mod by Night Shade      *****
Meetmymum.lha      mods/instr 103K  58 Piano mod                     ****
Minuet.lha         mods/instr  15K  58 Piano mod by Rogue Male       ****+
NeverSayGoodby.lha mods/instr  48K  58 Piano mod                     ****+
NewYearsDay.lha    mods/instr  55K  58 Piano mod by Off              ****
OldEngland.lha     mods/instr  30K  58 Guitar mod                    *****
TheBestOfPiano.lha mods/instr  28K  58 Instr mod                     ****
AcidFlashback.lha  mods/jungl 104K  58 Jungle mod by Outzider        ****
BinarE.lha         mods/jungl 138K  58 Jungle mod by MC Matrix       ****
BUMAhZmixT.lha     mods/jungl  42K  58 Jungle mod by Noice           ****
CrystalKaos.lha    mods/jungl 129K  58 Jungle mod                    ***
Defeatthebeat.lha  mods/jungl  74K  58 Jungle mod by Romeo Knights   ****+
DnaDream.lha       mods/jungl  58K  58 Jungle mod by 4-mat           ****
EsOnJesus06.lha    mods/jungl 124K  58 Jungle mod by Echo            ****+
GhettoJourney.lha  mods/jungl  58K  58 Jungle mod by DNicholson      ****
naffjungl.lha      mods/jungl  18K   4+Mod by KB-Zip July 1995
BluredRemem.lha    mods/maxym 269K   7+PT module (VBLANK/CIA). atmospheric/orch
Bouncing.lha       mods/maxym  60K   1+PT module (VBLANK/CIA). nxt MXM's module
DontMove.lha       mods/med   310K   5+Groovy zone-you-out med by Rupchuk
JustFrDaLadies.lha mods/med   203K   8+AANSTALTEN Hardcore MED by TRANCE DENNIS
Mankind.lha        mods/med    50K   3+AANSTALTEN Mellow MED by the ENTITY
SFN.lha            mods/med   304K  11+Great techno/acid by Tiny of Loonies.
velocity.lha       mods/med   124K   3+Nice s3m Module, converted to Med! Play 
WhenSheTalks.lha   mods/med   130K  11+Nice Acustic ballad by Tiny of Loonies
youngdurf.lha      mods/med    67K  12+A very odd mecha tune by Socialite (MED)
AbitOfRabbit.lha   mods/misc   42K   4+Dreamigamuzz !!! (see module info)
AcidMachine.lha    mods/misc   48K  58 Misc mod                      ****
alienrad.lha       mods/misc   80K   2+Progressive/NewAge mod by PaRSeC
AmigaHass.lha      mods/misc  124K  58 Gag mod                       *****
Aquarius.lha       mods/misc   73K  31+Mellow synth-MOD by Hollywood. 
Boozin95.lha       mods/misc  269K  11+Module by Yolk & Supernao from Boozembly
BoysInBlue.lha     mods/misc   55K  58 Polka mod by Fermi            ***+
Breakthrough.lha   mods/misc   44K  31+Melodic MOD by Hollywood. 
ChaseHq.lha        mods/misc   39K  58 Misc mod by Mat Furniss       **+
Chickensong.lha    mods/misc   59K  58 Gag mod by Vision             **
ChopSui.lha        mods/misc   18K  58 Gag mod                       ***+
ClappingMusic.lha  mods/misc    3K  58 Misc mod by Kevan R.Craft     **
ClassixOnTheFr.lha mods/misc  209K  58 Polka mod by The Weasel       ***+
CleanMachine.lha   mods/misc   16K   8+CleanMachine, Part two of the machine-mo
Cloudwalker777.lha mods/misc   76K  58 Techno mod                    ***
Cpgiada5.lha       mods/misc   86K  58 Misc mod                      ***
CrossLawn.lha      mods/misc   17K   8+CrossLawn, PT3.x Module    
CrueltyOfHouse.lha mods/misc   76K  58 House mod by Prime Time       **+
CuriousWorld.lha   mods/misc  162K  58 Misc mod by Delorean          **
Daley.lha          mods/misc   62K  58 Hardrock mod                  ****
DatsWhasHapnin.lha mods/misc   30K  58 Happy mod                     ***+
Day_By_Day.lha     mods/misc   80K  22+Mod by Heatbeat
December_rain.lha  mods/misc  145K  26+Module from Primavera'95 party
Defjam.lha         mods/misc   69K  58 House mod by Defjam           ***+
DeliAYsongs.lha    mods/misc  245K   2+Some songs for DeliAY 0.14+
DlvSongByMbOa.lha  mods/misc  108K  58 House mod                     ****
Drummy.lha         mods/misc   97K  58 Trash mod                     ***
DungeonOfDrax.lha  mods/misc   81K  58 Misc mod by Zacco             *+
Ecstatic.lha       mods/misc   70K  58 Trash mod by Rogue Male       **+
Electricdrug.lha   mods/misc   96K  22+Mod by Heatbeat
Everywhere.lha     mods/misc   36K  22+Mod by Heatbeat
ExTSheepBk.lha     mods/misc  203K  58 Trash mod                     ***+
Fabrikneu.lha      mods/misc  119K  58 Trash mod by Mindless         *+
FinalConflict.lha  mods/misc   44K  58 Military mod by Joerg Schiezer**+
ForrestGump.lha    mods/misc   71K   6+Forrest Gump Suite, MOD-ified by Acechan
Fortress.lha       mods/misc  268K   3+Rymix/[Death] mod: Guitar/Fantasy/Mil.
FreshHouse.lha     mods/misc  166K  58 House mod by Chronos          ***
Gipsey_Party.lha   mods/misc  132K  11+You'll be suprised! by Tiny of Loonies.
Grosshouse.lha     mods/misc  136K  58 House mod by Mr Styckx        ****+
HooYeah.lha        mods/misc  225K  58 House mod                     ****+
HouseBeat.lha      mods/misc   54K  58 House mod                     ****
Housedance.lha     mods/misc   24K  58 House mod                     ****+
Housespecial.lha   mods/misc   70K  58 House mod                     ****+
Houseuhhh2.lha     mods/misc  208K  58 House mod                     ****
HowDeepIsDeep.lha  mods/misc   21K  58 House mod by Godbrain         ****
HumanEcstasy.lha   mods/misc  119K  58 House mod                     ****
HumanMachines.lha  mods/misc   69K  58 Dark mod by Mindless          **+
hw_cair.lha        mods/misc  343K   8+"LondonCairoFuji", ethnicjungle MOD by H
h_trance.lha       mods/misc   73K   2+TechnoTrance module by PaRSeC
JackTheHousebe.lha mods/misc   95K  58 House mod                     ****+
Jarresque.lha      mods/misc   51K  31+MOD by Hollywood which isn't really Jarr
JournalTuneSho.lha mods/misc   59K  58 House mod by Prime Time       ****
KaTzetnik.lha      mods/misc  124K  58 Slow mod by Farpoint          ***+
KillerDia.lha      mods/misc   50K  58 Gag mod                       ***
LazyCat.lha        mods/misc  177K   4+Funny module by Dreamer
Liquidity.lha      mods/misc   38K  58 House mod by Dextrous         ****+
LoadingForYou.lha  mods/misc   29K  58 Slow mod by Tony Fonager      ***+
macnorml.lha       mods/misc   92K   2+TVScore Sndtrack of Abnormalia by PaRSeC
Madacid.lha        mods/misc  129K  58 House mod                     ****
MakeYourMove.lha   mods/misc  117K  58 House mod by Dr Awesome       ****+
MeloVatrix_JK.lha  mods/misc   64K   9+TFMX-module by Jan Krolzig
MM10.lha           mods/misc   23K  58 Slow mod                      ****
MoonlitShort.lha   mods/misc   80K  58 Slow mod by Jame              ****
Music1A.lha        mods/misc  170K  58 House mod                     ****+
NeglectedLove.lha  mods/misc   18K  58 Slow mod by Ted Burning       ****+
NewAge1992Remi.lha mods/misc   81K  58 House mod by Merlin           ****+
Newspapergroov.lha mods/misc   57K  58 Slow mod by Axel              ****+
october.lha        mods/misc  177K   5+Harmonic ambient Amiga mod.
OMammaMia.lha      mods/misc  173K   4+Module by Dreamer
onthrock.lha       mods/misc  112K   2+Rock`n Roll in the Parsec`s Way
pmu_drums.lha      mods/misc   91K   4+Drums from Pull Me Under
RemoteCTRL1.lha    mods/misc   74K   3+Rymix/[Death] mod: EuroStyle, older mod
RS_OneOnOne.lha    mods/misc   72K  29+Atmospheric song by Roberts/Applause
ShiningFrost.lha   mods/misc  279K   3+Rymix/[Death] mod: Fun, Lively, GREAT!
SpaceTrax.lha      mods/misc  127K   3+Rymix/[Death] mod: Cool Space Greatness
Synthesis.lha      mods/misc  335K   3+Rymix/[Death] mod: Synth Awesomeness!!
TheBassState.lha   mods/misc  309K   3+By orpheus. First EVER 9-BIT on OctaMED!
THeELeVatoR.lha    mods/misc   41K  58 Misc mod by Gorgon Tree       ***
Dreamworld.mpg     mods/mpeg  6.7M   2+MPEG Audio of a synthesizer song
the_end.lha        mods/otis  141K   9+The final 4channel mod by Otis
Back_From_Blue.lha mods/piano  79K  83+Mod by 4-Mat/Anarchy         6:00 ****
BeethovenEgual.lha mods/piano  11K 132 Piano by Beathoven           0:20 ***+
Be_Funky.lha       mods/piano 189K  80+PT Module, Be Funky by Erno Tuomainen
Blues.lha          mods/piano  21K 133 Piano by Tip+Firefox         2:05 ****+
chuckney.lha       mods/piano 108K  12+Piano-MOD: By Slap-Ed of One Man And His
downtown.lha       mods/piano 107K  12+Piano-MOD: By Slap-Ed of One Man And His
moose.lha          mods/piano  85K  12+Piano-MOD: By Slap-Ed of One Man And His
rainy.lha          mods/piano 163K   8+"Wet" PT module by Fc22
soya.lha           mods/piano 100K  12+Piano-MOD: By Slap-Ed of One Man And His
Toccata.lha        mods/piano  55K  47 Classic mod                  5:30 **+
whistler.lha       mods/piano 103K  12+Piano-MOD: By Slap-Ed of One Man And His
80sRewind.lha      mods/pop    72K 147+Space by JS                  4:30 *****
AboveGround.lha    mods/pop    84K  77+Maruku soundtracker mod from boing
AutumnalSunset.lha mods/pop    85K  58 Pop mod by S.Dawe             ****
BesideMeInMyBe.lha mods/pop    47K  58 Pop mod                       ***+
BigBadMama.lha     mods/pop    78K  58 Pop mod by Skyy               ***+
Bobzone.lha        mods/pop    85K  58 Pop mod by Dual Crew          ****
BoomDaClimax2.lha  mods/pop    34K  58 Pop mod by Dascon             ***
Breakaway.lha      mods/pop    94K  58 Pop mod by Hein Design        ***
CarvupTitle.lha    mods/pop    27K  58 Pop mod by Matthew Simmonds   **
ChromeDesert.lha   mods/pop   114K  58 Pop mod by Matthew Simmonds   ***+
ClearAZill.lha     mods/pop    80K  58 Pop mod by Dr.Awesome         **
Command.lha        mods/pop    74K  58 Pop mod                       ***+
Composure.lha      mods/pop    37K  58 Pop mod by Major Tom          **
Coolnwoo.lha       mods/pop    38K  58 Pop mod by Dascon             ***
Crepequs.lha       mods/pop    81K  58 Pop mod                       **
CrimezOfHate.lha   mods/pop   187K  58 Pop mod by Criminal Inc.      **
Cuidado.lha        mods/pop   135K  58 Pop mod by Swampfox           ***+
Datatrans.lha      mods/pop    63K  58 Pop mod by Zyc                ****
DawnChorus.lha     mods/pop    80K  58 Pop mod by Kevan R.Craft      ***+
FlowerPower.lha    mods/pop   116K  58 Pop mod by Odkin              ****+
FrapRap.lha        mods/pop    51K  58 Pop mod                       ****
Frog30new.lha      mods/pop    28K  58 Pop mod                       ****
Fromage.lha        mods/pop   166K  58 Pop mod by Diesel             ****+
FtpConnection.lha  mods/pop    54K  58 Pop mod by TurboSector        ****+
FuckingDisco2.lha  mods/pop    45K  58 Pop mod                       ***+
FunnyBeatSlx.lha   mods/pop    75K  58 Pop mod by Slaxx              ***+
FuryDesert.lha     mods/pop    27K  58 Pop mod by Moby               ****+
FuryLagon.lha      mods/pop    24K  58 Pop mod by Moby               ****+
FuryVillage.lha    mods/pop    25K  58 Pop mod by Moby               ****
Fwr.lha            mods/pop   150K  58 Pop mod by Lonestar           **+
Gilligan.lha       mods/pop   163K  58 Pop mod by Deathjester        ****
Gluem.lha          mods/pop    62K  58 Pop mod                       ****
GrandeFinaleBu.lha mods/pop   120K  58 Pop mod by Axel               ****
HappyDays.lha      mods/pop    16K  58 Pop mod                       ****+
IHateHouse.lha     mods/pop    86K  58 Pop mod by Echo               ****
ImAllRightMd.lha   mods/pop   112K  58 Pop mod by Mark Knight        ****
Infinite.lha       mods/pop    77K  58 Pop mod by D-luxe             ****
JustFreedom.lha    mods/pop    85K  58 Pop mod                       ****
JustSomething.lha  mods/pop    93K  58 Pop mod                       ****
Kyemi.lha          mods/pop   146K  12+Slower funk/techno style song
mD_PartyTime4.lha  mods/pop    84K   8+A Kasi Mir oldie (6:49); PT-mod
my_way.lha         mods/pop   208K   5+LONG song, several themes / TRiNiTY
Ordinary.lha       mods/pop   151K  11+Ordinary computerpop by Tiny of Loonies.
portals.lha        mods/pop    29K   4+Module, mix of few music types
Tbhot7.lha         mods/pop   199K  58 Pop mod                       ****+
VolumeUp.lha       mods/pop    98K  11+Mindblasting pop by Tiny of Loonies.
1_house.lha        mods/pro   365K   7+Respect Yourself - House-mod by Holger K
2_house.lha        mods/pro   276K   7+Acidhouse - House-mod by Holger K.
3_house.lha        mods/pro   378K   7+People-remix - House-mod by Holger K.
4_House.lha        mods/pro   343K   7+Loveline - House-mod by Holger K.
AoD.lha            mods/pro   205K  22+PiRaT/ThE CRo$$ 
Atmosphere.lha     mods/pro   108K   5+Rico's I-Mods #4,  Atmosphere
blue_carrier.lha   mods/pro    88K   4+Mod by KBX-128/Calypso in June 1994
bubbleverse.lha    mods/pro    59K   4+Mod by KBX-128/Pyrogenic in May/June 93
DanceInYourM.lha   mods/pro   192K  10+Great DaNcE mod by .oO PirlAGA Oo.
dream_s4.lha       mods/pro    89K  10+Protracker .MOD  (New Age/Avantgarde)
emod_change.lha    mods/pro   248K   6+EMO`s THINxHAVETOCHANGE
emod_future.lha    mods/pro   352K   6+EMO`s Future
emod_head_tail.lha mods/pro   110K   6+EMO`s Head or Tail Loop
emod_smiling.lha   mods/pro   238K   6+EMO`s He`s smiling
evileverywhere.lha mods/pro    82K   4+Mod by Technix/Tesko
Experie1.lha       mods/pro   159K   5+Rico's I-Mods #1, e.x.p.e.r.i.e.n.c.e EP
Experie2.lha       mods/pro   137K   5+Rico's I-Mods #2, e.x.p.e.r.i.e.n.c.e EP
Experie3.lha       mods/pro   182K   5+Rico's I-Mods #3, e.x.p.e.r.i.e.n.c.e EP
Expired.lha        mods/pro    43K   8+Expired, too late PT3.x Module    
Exploder.lha       mods/pro    18K   8+Exploder, explosive PT3.x Module    
Explorer.lha       mods/pro    17K   8+Explorer, explorative PT3.x Module    
Follow_me_rx.lha   mods/pro   127K   5+Rico's R-Mods #22, Follow Me (remix)
frommars.lha       mods/pro    62K   4+Mod by KBX-128/Tesko in Oct/Nov 1994
indistinguish.lha  mods/pro     7K   4+Mod by KBX-128 in May 1994
InMyHead.lha       mods/pro    72K   8+InMyHead, deep-hut PT3.x Module    
kids.lha           mods/pro   183K   2+New mod from RedRibbon/Zoo
KritischeWorte.lha mods/pro   141K   5+Rico's R-Mods #21, Kritische Worte
Loopz.lha          mods/pro     5K   8+Loopz, antialiased and reshaped PT3.x Mo
lullaby.lha        mods/pro   169K  12+PT-MOD by RedRibbon/Zoo,NHD & TheEnd.
Mahlzeit.lha       mods/pro    58K   8+Mahlzeit, nutritious PT3.x Module    
MeanMachine.lha    mods/pro    11K   8+MeanMachine, Part three of the machine-m
mortalmario.lha    mods/pro     8K   4+Mod by Technix/Tesko
Move_any_m95.lha   mods/pro   336K   5+Rico's R-Mods #24, Move Any Mountain
moving_nowhere.lha mods/pro   149K   4+Pt-mod by KB-Zip in June 1995
nicerthme.lha      mods/pro   117K  10+Protracker module
NothingToSay.lha   mods/pro   343K   3+Need demo music? Try this - orpheus
NU040506.lha       mods/pro    74K   8+NU040506, aka AprilMayJune, PT3.x Module
spillthebeans.lha  mods/pro    29K   4+Pt-mod by Technix/Tesko
stateofthestat.lha mods/pro    78K   4+Mod by KBX-128 in March 1993
thefinaldream.lha  mods/pro    89K   4+Pt-mod by Lazer/Trident
Them_girls_rx.lha  mods/pro   137K   3+Rico's R-Mods #20, Them Girls (remix)
Time_Code.lha      mods/pro    34K   8+Time-Code, PT3.x Module to syncronize [>
Two_hours.lha      mods/pro    70K   5+Rico's R-Mods #23, Two Hours
Vaaleans_Huivi.lha mods/pro   441K  11+Two modules by HeatBeat from The Assembl
Walking_in_the.lha mods/pro   170K   5+Rico's R-Mods #19, Walking in the Space
AceIi.lha          mods/rock   36K  58 Rock mod                      ***
ActionOnAStree.lha mods/rock   54K  58 Rock mod                      ***
AlbertSolo.lha     mods/rock   23K  58 Rock mod                      **+
Alienway.lha       mods/rock   91K  58 Rock mod                      ***+
AtmosJudge.lha     mods/rock  150K  58 Rock mod by Jolyon Myers      ***
Awesome3.lha       mods/rock   36K  58 Rock mod                      **
Baap.lha           mods/rock   35K  58 Rock mod                      ***
Ball2.lha          mods/rock   31K  58 Rock mod                      ***
Bassrock.lha       mods/rock   62K  58 Rock mod                      **
BerrasGarage.lha   mods/rock   44K  58 Rock mod                      **+
BirthDDI92.lha     mods/rock  150K  58 Rock mod by Disco Dynamics    ***
Blackmoremore.lha  mods/rock   99K  58 Rock mod                      ****
BlastersRemix.lha  mods/rock   62K  58 Rock mod                      ***+
Booter.lha         mods/rock   20K  58 Rock mod                      ****
BornToBeDead.lha   mods/rock   38K  58 Rock mod by Zodiac            **+
Byteglideaway.lha  mods/rock   41K  58 Rock mod                      **+
Captive2NotMd.lha  mods/rock  110K  58 Rock mod by Mark Knight       ***+
CerebralBeres.lha  mods/rock  168K  58 Rock mod by Tip               **+
CircusInTown.lha   mods/rock   11K  58 Rock mod                      ***+
CookingItUp.lha    mods/rock  171K  58 Rock mod                      ***+
Cp24Rmx.lha        mods/rock   93K  58 Rock mod by PKK Productions   **+
Crazytrain.lha     mods/rock  102K  58 Rock mod by Randy Rhoads      **+
Danceboard.lha     mods/rock   59K  58 Rock mod                      **+
Dictator.lha       mods/rock   43K  58 Rock mod                      ***+
DigitalMilleni.lha mods/rock   77K  58 Rock mod                      ****
Discostampfe.lha   mods/rock   39K  58 Rock mod by MC Shy D          **+
Einde.lha          mods/rock   49K  58 Rock mod                      ***
EurovisionVisi.lha mods/rock  157K  58 Rock mod                      ****
FablesAboutCar.lha mods/rock  294K   4+Two great modules by Dreamer 
FACT01V13.lha      mods/rock   91K  58 Rock mod by James Kelly       **+
Fade411.lha        mods/rock   54K  58 Rock mod                      ****
Fallout.lha        mods/rock   77K  58 Rock mod by PKK               **+
Gng31.lha          mods/rock   79K  58 Rock mod                      ***+
GoingFar.lha       mods/rock   44K  58 Rock mod                      ***+
Guantanamera.lha   mods/rock  137K   4+Great module by Dreamer
Guitar2.lha        mods/rock   70K  58 Rock mod                      ****
GuitarJams.lha     mods/rock  421K  47+A couple of metal guitar protracker mods
GuteRapMix.lha     mods/rock   48K  58 Rock mod                      ***+
Happynicedays.lha  mods/rock   59K  58 Rock mod                      *****
HardRockin.lha     mods/rock   64K  58 Rock mod                      ****+
HardStuffBuddy.lha mods/rock   73K  58 Rock mod                      ****
Harry.lha          mods/rock   65K  58 Rock mod                      ****
Hc5.lha            mods/rock   32K  58 Rock mod                      ****
Headbanger.lha     mods/rock   59K  58 Rock mod                      ****+
Heavyballad.lha    mods/rock   94K  58 Rock mod by Reptile           ****+
HeavyMetal.lha     mods/rock   58K  58 Rock mod                      ****
HeavyThrash.lha    mods/rock   32K  58 Rock mod                      ****
Hitfido.lha        mods/rock   70K  58 Rock mod                      *****
HotYoungWomen.lha  mods/rock   61K  58 Rock mod by James Kelly       ***+
IHateMallowsMi.lha mods/rock  123K  58 Rock mod by Deejay            ****
InAGaddaDaVida.lha mods/rock  119K  58 Rock mod                      ****
Indomptable.lha    mods/rock  168K  58 Rock mod by Pinochio          ***+
ItsTimeFor.lha     mods/rock   88K  58 Rock mod by Mindless          *+
JamminInTheWin.lha mods/rock  255K  58 Rock mod by H+B               ****+
JollyButCool.lha   mods/rock   58K  58 Rock mod                      ****
JustABeat.lha      mods/rock   87K  58 Rock mod                      ****
KeepItUpSlx.lha    mods/rock   48K  58 Rock mod by Slaxx             ****+
KillingButterf.lha mods/rock   80K  58 Rock mod                      ***
Kilroy3a.lha       mods/rock   52K  58 Rock mod                      ****
Kilroy5a.lha       mods/rock   43K  58 Rock mod                      ****
Kilroy6a.lha       mods/rock   53K  58 Rock mod                      ****
Kudelak.lha        mods/rock   75K  58 Rock mod by PKK               ***+
LastCry.lha        mods/rock   40K  58 Rock mod by Torsten Burock    ***+
LivingAndLearn.lha mods/rock   85K  58 Rock mod                      ***
LondonFlight.lha   mods/rock  139K  58 Rock mod by Fairlight         ****
Magicrock.lha      mods/rock   32K  58 Rock mod                      ****+
MamasRage.lha      mods/rock  115K  58 Rock mod by Vegard            ****+
MegaMetalRock.lha  mods/rock   61K  58 Rock mod                      ***+
Merdemusic.lha     mods/rock   19K  58 Rock mod                      ***+
MetalMachine.lha   mods/rock   34K  58 Rock mod                      *****
Nazgul.lha         mods/rock  129K  58 Rock mod by Jester            ***+
Neptune.lha        mods/rock   78K  58 Rock mod by Fleshbrain        ****
OnMyWayToHell.lha  mods/rock  215K  58 Rock mod by Metal King Michi  ****
Pinocchio.lha      mods/rock  205K   4+Great module by Dreamer
Satisbalderlim.lha mods/rock   62K  58 Rock mod                      ****
ShowEmEagles.lha   mods/rock   37K  58 Rock mod                      ****
TheFactory.lha     mods/rock   27K  58 Rock mod                      ***+
TheNextBigThin.lha mods/rock   72K  58 Rock mod by Major Tom         ***
Tune2.lha          mods/rock   38K  58 Rock mod                      ****+
Vccgigicar1989.lha mods/rock   31K  58 Rock mod by Tim Follin        ****+
WhoNeedsEnemie.lha mods/rock  220K  58 Rock mod                      ****
2_at.lha           mods/s3m    67K  16+Trance s3m by Decibel Duo     ****+
2_booyac.lha       mods/s3m   112K  16+Techno s3m by Decibel Duo     ****
2_breaky.lha       mods/s3m    73K  16+Jungle s3m by Decibel Duo     ****
2_lascow.lha       mods/s3m    20K  16+Techno s3m by Decibel Duo     ****
2_para.lha         mods/s3m   104K  16+Techno s3m by Decibel Duo     ****
2_spirit.lha       mods/s3m   194K  16+Techno s3m by Decibel Duo     ****
2_ult.lha          mods/s3m   128K  16+Techno s3m by Decibel Duo     ***+
actof2.lha         mods/s3m   267K  16+Rock s3m by Catspew           ***+
anthrday.lha       mods/s3m    67K  16+Techno s3m by Mr.Fix-it       *+
artshaw.lha        mods/s3m   151K  16+Techno s3m by Hannibal Lecter ***+
aryx.lha           mods/s3m     9K  16+Techno s3m by Karsten Koch    ******
ascent.lha         mods/s3m   546K  16+Synth s3m by Necros           *****
asy_4u.lha         mods/s3m   209K  16+Synth s3m by JapoTek          ****
asy_wind.lha       mods/s3m   213K  16+Synth s3m by JapoTek          *****
b13_0001.lha       mods/s3m   122K  16+Hardcore s3m by Lankhmar      ****+
b13_0002.lha       mods/s3m   156K  16+Techno s3m by Wolfgang Krauser****
b13_0003.lha       mods/s3m   176K  16+Techno s3m by Lankhmar        ***+
b13_0004.lha       mods/s3m   172K  16+Techno s3m by Lankhmar        ***+
b13_0014.lha       mods/s3m    49K  16+Synth s3m by Wolfgang Krauser ****
b13_0016.lha       mods/s3m   157K  16+Techno s3m by Terrorist       ****
b13_0017.lha       mods/s3m   463K  16+Synth s3m by Wolfgang Krauser ****+
b13_0018.lha       mods/s3m   312K  16+Jungle s3m by Wolfgang Krauser****
badgun.lha         mods/s3m   414K  16+Techno s3m by Bedlamite       ****
bassdark.lha       mods/s3m   135K  16+Techno s3m by Darksin         **+
bastard.lha        mods/s3m   116K  16+Synth s3m by Dragon           ***+
batchman.lha       mods/s3m   524K  16+Synth s3m by Batchman         ***+
bdremix.lha        mods/s3m   201K  16+Techno s3m by Darksin         ****+
beat.lha           mods/s3m   178K  16+Funk s3m by MiG               ****+
beyondch.lha       mods/s3m   209K  16+Synth s3m by Luv Kohli        ****
bj_1st.lha         mods/s3m    88K  16+Synth s3m by Big Jim          ****+
bj_cold.lha        mods/s3m   110K  16+Synth s3m by Big Jim          ****+
bj_hang.lha        mods/s3m   109K  16+Synth s3m by Big Jim          ****
bj_land.lha        mods/s3m   226K  16+Synth s3m by Big Jim          ****+
bj_smell.lha       mods/s3m    91K  16+Rock s3m by Big Jim           ****+
bj_vte.lha         mods/s3m   227K  16+Synth s3m by Big Jim          ****+
blakstar.lha       mods/s3m   277K  16+Synth s3m by Mozart           ****+
blcknght.lha       mods/s3m    64K  16+Rock s3m by Zeus              ***+
blue.lha           mods/s3m   172K  16+Melodic s3m by Primal         ****
bluebird.lha       mods/s3m   142K  16+Synth s3m by Soundwave        ****
bn_mirage.lha      mods/s3m   206K  16+Synth s3m by Beaner           ****
book.lha           mods/s3m   111K  16+Synth s3m by Lord Blanka      ****
bork.lha           mods/s3m   250K  16+Synth s3m by Perisoft         ***+
brth_had.lha       mods/s3m    62K  16+Trance s3m by Hadji           *****
c2h6_me.lha        mods/s3m   145K  16+Trance s3m by Trance          ****+
carrot.lha         mods/s3m   110K  16+Synth s3m by Meat             ****+
cavagape.lha       mods/s3m    88K  16+Synth s3m by Catspaw          *+
chaos.lha          mods/s3m   314K  16+Techno s3m by The Nation      *+
chapter.lha        mods/s3m   123K  16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ****+
cheese.lha         mods/s3m    33K  16+Techno s3m by Mild            **+
chuck_a.lha        mods/s3m   329K  16+Synth s3m by Chuck            ****+
chuck_d.lha        mods/s3m   210K  16+Synth s3m by Chuck            ****+
complex.lha        mods/s3m   135K  16+House s3m by Sirrus           ****
conf.lha           mods/s3m   161K  16+Techno s3m by Dargon          ****+
crayon64.lha       mods/s3m    74K  16+Techno s3m by Joel Bruner     ****+
crazybas.lha       mods/s3m    17K  16+Trance s3m by Radial Monster  ****+
credits.lha        mods/s3m   145K  16+Synth s3m by Liam the Lemming ****+
crossing.lha       mods/s3m    78K  16+Synth s3m by unknown          ****+
cry2deth.lha       mods/s3m   186K  16+Synth s3m by Aradia           ***+
cutmastr.lha       mods/s3m   252K  16+Synth s3m by Hannibal Lecter  ***+
cuts.lha           mods/s3m   228K  16+Techno s3m by Hannibal Lecter ***+
cyber3.lha         mods/s3m   307K  16+Techno s3m by Peace           ****+
cybertri.lha       mods/s3m   187K  16+Techno s3m by Sir Roger       *****
cybsbirf.lha       mods/s3m   128K  16+Techno s3m by Grinner         **
cy_anlg.lha        mods/s3m    60K  16+Synth s3m by Cyclone          ****+
cy_lstch.lha       mods/s3m   217K  16+Synth s3m by Cyclone          ****+
dafu.lha           mods/s3m   469K  16+Synth s3m by The Nation       **+
darkhrz.lha        mods/s3m   304K  16+Synth s3m by THD              ****+
darkside.lha       mods/s3m   174K  16+Techno s3m by DD              ****
daybreak.lha       mods/s3m    59K  16+Jungle s3m by Positive Noise  ****+
ddlf.lha           mods/s3m   197K  16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ****+
ddt001.lha         mods/s3m    97K  16+Synth s3m by GraveDigger      ****
deathknl.lha       mods/s3m   137K  16+Synth s3m by Chaos            ***+
deci_had.lha       mods/s3m   139K  16+Trance s3m by Hadji           ****
deemusek.lha       mods/s3m    79K  16+Synth s3m by DD               ****
defi_agc.lha       mods/s3m   222K  16+Synth s3m by Blackwolf        ****
defi_top.lha       mods/s3m   132K  16+Synth s3m by Blackwolf        ****
delete.lha         mods/s3m   210K  16+Hardcore s3m by Dargon        ****
devotion.lha       mods/s3m    56K  16+Techno s3m by Decibel Duo     ***+
digistrm.lha       mods/s3m   103K  16+Synth s3m by Enigma           ****+
dig_sor.lha        mods/s3m    60K  16+Synth s3m by Dark Heart       ***+
djking.lha         mods/s3m   210K  16+Trance s3m by Karl            ****+
dmg_hbea.lha       mods/s3m   137K  16+Synth s3m by DMG              ****+
dmg_real.lha       mods/s3m   173K  16+Jungle s3m by DMG             ****+
dmk_chas.lha       mods/s3m   103K  16+Synth s3m by Hector           ***+
dmk_core.lha       mods/s3m   333K  16+Techno s3m by Hector          ****
dmk_eclp.lha       mods/s3m   221K  16+Synth s3m by Hector           ****
dmk_gtot.lha       mods/s3m   122K  16+Hardcore s3m by Hector        *****
dmk_hrtc.lha       mods/s3m    21K  16+Atmos s3m by Hector           ****+
dmk_ltyr.lha       mods/s3m   182K  16+Synth s3m by Hector           ***+
dmk_nite.lha       mods/s3m   193K  16+Synth s3m by Hector           ****
dmk_prep.lha       mods/s3m   428K  16+Hardcore s3m by Hector        ****+
dmk_repm.lha       mods/s3m    27K  16+Synth s3m by Hector           ***+
dmk_star.lha       mods/s3m   222K  16+Synth s3m by Hector           ****+
dmk_trav.lha       mods/s3m    92K  16+Hardcore s3m by Hector        ****
dmk_xtrm.lha       mods/s3m   151K  16+Trance s3m by Hector          *****
dnc2trnc.lha       mods/s3m    86K  16+Trance s3m by Hector          *****
dngerous.lha       mods/s3m   105K  16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ****+
dontgeta.lha       mods/s3m   270K  16+Jazz s3m by DD                ******
dreary.lha         mods/s3m    33K  16+Synth s3m by Hector           ***+
drnkpuke.lha       mods/s3m   170K  16+Hardcore s3m by VIP           ****+
dsp_dest.lha       mods/s3m    95K  16+Synth s3m by DSP              **
dsp_fire.lha       mods/s3m   175K  16+Synth s3m by DSP              ****+
dsp_miss.lha       mods/s3m   146K  16+Synth s3m by DSP              ****+
dsp_tech.lha       mods/s3m   322K  16+Trance s3m by DSP             ****
dstp_had.lha       mods/s3m    68K  16+House s3m by Hadji            ****+
ds_aluni.lha       mods/s3m   239K  16+Synth s3m by Ded Silence      ****
ds_intrw.lha       mods/s3m   155K  16+Synth s3m by Interweak        ****
ds_kryah.lha       mods/s3m   163K  16+Synth s3m by Ded Silence      ****
ds_tab.lha         mods/s3m    74K  16+Techno s3m by Ded Silence     ****+
ds_xtc.lha         mods/s3m   178K  16+Hardcore s3m by DJ Blak Hart  ****
dumb_is.lha        mods/s3m    52K  16+Misc s3m by The Pope          ***
dy_eutha.lha       mods/s3m   108K  16+Techno s3m by Draygen         ****
dy_funk.lha        mods/s3m    90K  16+Synth s3m by Draygen          ****
dy_influ.lha       mods/s3m   158K  16+Techno s3m by Draygen         ****+
d_always.lha       mods/s3m    45K  16+Atmos s3m by Gravdigger       ****
d_arbitr.lha       mods/s3m   128K  16+Synth s3m by PeriSoft         ***+
d_chippp.lha       mods/s3m    55K  16+Synth s3m by PeriSoft         ****+
d_cnldrm.lha       mods/s3m   236K  16+Piano s3m by Cerulean         *****+
d_crimsn.lha       mods/s3m   121K  16+Synth s3m by PeriSoft         ****
d_densit.lha       mods/s3m   174K  16+Atmos s3m by PeriSoft         ****+
d_educ.lha         mods/s3m   150K  16+Synth s3m by PeriSoft         ***
d_fakeit.lha       mods/s3m   206K  16+Synth s3m by PeriSoft         ***+
d_gblszr.lha       mods/s3m   120K  16+Techno s3m by Cerulean        *****
d_gtagt.lha        mods/s3m   160K  16+Atmos s3m by Blackwolf        *****
d_guilty.lha       mods/s3m    49K  16+Synth s3m by PeriSoft         **
d_infuni.lha       mods/s3m    47K  16+Synth s3m by Ranger Rick      ****+
d_jasmne.lha       mods/s3m   157K  16+Synth s3m by Jasmine          ****
d_jesus.lha        mods/s3m   122K  16+Techno s3m by PeriSoft        ***+
d_person.lha       mods/s3m   101K  16+Synth s3m by PeriSoft         ***+
d_sbs.lha          mods/s3m   135K  16+Synth s3m by Ranger Rick      ****
d_space2.lha       mods/s3m   263K  16+Synth s3m by PeriSoft         ****
d_swig.lha         mods/s3m   211K  16+Slow s3m by PeriSoft          ****
d_swipe.lha        mods/s3m    77K  16+Jungle s3m by PeriSoft        *****
d_tenoug.lha       mods/s3m    83K  16+Synth s3m by Ranger Rick      ****+
d_tgmm.lha         mods/s3m   225K  16+Jungle s3m by Cerulean        ****+
d__.lha            mods/s3m   227K  16+Synth s3m by PeriSoft         ***+
emotion.lha        mods/s3m   109K  16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ****+
enchntix.lha       mods/s3m   245K  16+Synth s3m by Zeus             ***+
epi_aeur.lha       mods/s3m   116K  16+Synth s3m by NeuroPsy         ****+
epi_amma.lha       mods/s3m    46K  16+Synth s3m by Aradia           ****
epi_bscn.lha       mods/s3m   126K  16+Techno s3m by Kxmode          ****
epi_card.lha       mods/s3m    36K  16+Synth s3m by PeriSoft         ***
epi_chez.lha       mods/s3m    72K  16+Techno s3m by Mute            ****+
epi_lite.lha       mods/s3m    47K  16+Percussion s3m by Szalemandre ****
epi_opus.lha       mods/s3m   199K  16+Synth s3m by Musicman         ****
epi_orbi.lha       mods/s3m    95K  16+Synth s3m by GraveDigger      ****
epi_quot.lha       mods/s3m   280K  16+Synth s3m by PeriSoft         ***
erj.lha            mods/s3m    98K  16+Hardcore s3m by Amorph        ****+
esp_debd.lha       mods/s3m   124K  16+Trance s3m by The W.tchman    *****
esp_eyes.lha       mods/s3m   399K  16+Trance s3m by The W.tchman    ****
euphs3m.lha        mods/s3m   228K  16+Techno s3m by Bob             ****+
exitneg1.lha       mods/s3m   264K  16+Techno s3m by Bedlamite       ****+
exodus.lha         mods/s3m   225K  16+Synth s3m by Thantalos        ****+
fallfrom.lha       mods/s3m   137K  16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ****+
fatal.lha          mods/s3m    89K  16+Synth s3m by Crazy Too        ****
fa_rflct.lha       mods/s3m   191K  16+Synth s3m by Future Assassin  *****
fh_doit.lha        mods/s3m   145K  16+House s3m by Frank-H          ****+
fighting.lha       mods/s3m   137K  16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ***+
fina_72.lha        mods/s3m   108K  16+Synth s3m by Bolleke          **+
fina_81.lha        mods/s3m   146K  16+Synth s3m by Bolleke          ****
fina_91.lha        mods/s3m   189K  16+Chip s3m by Bolleke           ***
fina_drm.lha       mods/s3m   138K  16+Synth s3m by Bolleke          ****+
fina_gls.lha       mods/s3m   201K  16+Synth s3m by Bolleke          ****
firesirn.lha       mods/s3m   274K  16+Techno s3m by Hector          ****
flappy.lha         mods/s3m   165K  16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ****
fm_atla.lha        mods/s3m   256K  16+Synth s3m by Stalker          ****
fm_cfunk.lha       mods/s3m   563K  16+Funk s3m by Basehead          ****+
fm_guinn.lha       mods/s3m   359K  16+Synth s3m by Mellow-D         ****
fm_skys.lha        mods/s3m   211K  16+Guitar s3m by Big Jim         *****+
fod_ohoh.lha       mods/s3m   166K  16+Techno s3m by The Rival       *****
fod_wee.lha        mods/s3m   211K  16+Techno s3m by The Rival       *****
frchair.lha        mods/s3m    92K  16+Techno s3m by DMC             ***
freedom.lha        mods/s3m    66K  16+Synth s3m by Krystall         ***
freefall.lha       mods/s3m    31K  16+Synth s3m by Freejack         ***+
fuck_had.lha       mods/s3m    90K  16+Hardcore s3m by Hadji         ***+
getout_.lha        mods/s3m   258K  16+Hardcore s3m by Hector        *****
goingon.lha        mods/s3m   145K  16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming *****
gonnadie.lha       mods/s3m   306K  16+Synth s3m by Hector           ***
goodbye.lha        mods/s3m   238K  16+Techno s3m by Frodo           ****+
grooove.lha        mods/s3m   636K  16+Synth s3m by Ethan Rowe       ****
groove.lha         mods/s3m   143K  16+Techno s3m by Black Dragon    ****
gs_jurny.lha       mods/s3m    79K  16+Synth s3m by Golden Spud      ****
gs_mdtc1.lha       mods/s3m    60K  16+Hardcore s3m by Golden Spud   *****
gs_movin.lha       mods/s3m    49K  16+Techno s3m by Golden Spud     *****+
gs_msdqa.lha       mods/s3m    75K  16+Synth s3m by Golden Spud      ***+
gs_ntlot.lha       mods/s3m    98K  16+Hardcore s3m by Golden Spud   ****
gs_titld.lha       mods/s3m    53K  16+Techno s3m by Golden Spud     ****+
gs_wtpts.lha       mods/s3m   125K  16+Synth s3m by Golden Spud      ****+
guardian.lha       mods/s3m   145K  16+Synth s3m by Ghost Fellow     ****+
hallucin.lha       mods/s3m   104K  16+Techno s3m by PsychoTron      ****
hardlike.lha       mods/s3m   158K  16+Techno s3m by The Peric       ****+
havitall.lha       mods/s3m   142K  16+Melodic s3m by Stalker        ******
hecatomb.lha       mods/s3m   229K  16+Techno s3m by Vile            ****
hisprox.lha        mods/s3m    51K  16+Techno s3m by Liu Kang        ****+
housbrek.lha       mods/s3m   196K  16+Techno s3m by Darksin         ****+
hypo_had.lha       mods/s3m    69K  16+Techno s3m by Hadji           *****
icross.lha         mods/s3m   126K  16+Hardcore s3m by Perf          ****+
ificdfly.lha       mods/s3m    79K  16+Synth s3m by The Crow         ****+
illegal.lha        mods/s3m    97K  16+Techno s3m by Wonder Boy      ***+
inner.lha          mods/s3m   351K  16+Mod by Laserlore
interact.lha       mods/s3m    93K  16+Synth s3m by Psychotron       *****
inthmist.lha       mods/s3m   223K  16+Synth s3m by Edge             ****+
is_lost.lha        mods/s3m   308K  16+Synth s3m by Pope             ****
iz_mih.lha         mods/s3m   129K  16+Techno s3m by Inzane          ****+
iz_wtmg.lha        mods/s3m   206K  16+Techno s3m by Inzane          ****
jalt.lha           mods/s3m    57K  16+Techno s3m by Dragon          ***+
jjj_love.lha       mods/s3m   265K  16+Piano s3m by JJJ              ******
j_arbor.lha        mods/s3m    23K  16+Chip s3m by Alphabitz         ****
j_curds.lha        mods/s3m   126K  16+Hip-hop s3m by J Stewart      ***
j_etrnty.lha       mods/s3m   322K  16+Dance s3m by Jase
j_glad.lha         mods/s3m    24K  16+Techno s3m by Alphabitz       ***
kap_shm.lha        mods/s3m    99K  16+Synth s3m by Alphabitz        ****
kosmoss.lha        mods/s3m   103K  16+Techno s3m by Lemming         ****+
k_2deep.lha        mods/s3m   182K  16+Synth s3m by Lord Pegasus     ****+
k_celest.lha       mods/s3m   331K  16+Trance s3m by Basehead        ****+
k_dust.lha         mods/s3m   259K  16+Rock s3m by Leviathan         ****+
k_gotz.lha         mods/s3m   182K  16+Jungle s3m by Lord Pegasus    ****
k_higher.lha       mods/s3m   291K  16+Synth s3m by Basehead         ****+
k_macro.lha        mods/s3m   236K  16+Trance s3m by Chuck Biscuits  ****+
k_monot.lha        mods/s3m   112K  16+Trance s3m by Karl            *****+
k_orange.lha       mods/s3m   153K  16+Synth s3m by Lord Pegasus     **+
k_phase.lha        mods/s3m   129K  16+Techno s3m by Nemesis         ****+
k_slack.lha        mods/s3m   271K  16+Trance s3m by ChuckB          ****
k_solar.lha        mods/s3m   179K  16+Trance s3m by Krystall        ****+
k_sub.lha          mods/s3m   185K  16+Trance s3m by Chuck Biscuits  ****
k_subhi.lha        mods/s3m   511K  16+Trance s3m by Basehead        *****
k_synaes.lha       mods/s3m   375K  16+Techno s3m by Phoenix         ****
k_thngz2.lha       mods/s3m    98K  16+Techno s3m by Floss           *****
k_tranq.lha        mods/s3m   166K  16+Jazz s3m by Leviathan         ****+
k_udream.lha       mods/s3m   208K  16+Techno s3m by Messiah         ****
k_vision.lha       mods/s3m    80K  16+Classic s3m by Floss          *****
k_zebra.lha        mods/s3m   189K  16+Techno s3m by Lord Pegasus    ****+
latour.lha         mods/s3m   378K  16+Jungle s3m by Bedlamite       ****
lemming_.lha       mods/s3m    88K  16+Techno s3m by Avatar          *****
le_alibi.lha       mods/s3m   150K  16+Techno s3m by Johnny Dark     ****
lil_funk.lha       mods/s3m   340K  16+Funk s3m by Vinyl             ****+
littluns.lha       mods/s3m   509K  16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ****
lresort.lha        mods/s3m   209K  16+Rock s3m by Cerebral Neurosis ****+
ls.lha             mods/s3m   150K  16+House s3m by Black Dragon     ***+
lv_wish.lha        mods/s3m   266K  16+Synth s3m by Leviathan        ****+
martian.lha        mods/s3m   159K  16+Techno s3m by Petador         ***+
maz_dela.lha       mods/s3m   312K  16+Hardcore s3m by Sonic         *****
mechattk.lha       mods/s3m   172K  16+Techno s3m by Soundwave       ****
mefrcerm.lha       mods/s3m   102K  16+Techno s3m by Undertaker      ****
mindrave.lha       mods/s3m    96K  16+Techno s3m by Avatar          ****+
monk_drm.lha       mods/s3m   161K  16+Techno s3m by Hannibal Lecter ***
move2the.lha       mods/s3m   166K  16+Techno s3m by Prance          ****+
muddyman.lha       mods/s3m   203K  16+Synth s3m by Sir Roger        *****
multiple.lha       mods/s3m   146K  16+Synth s3m by Paradigma        ****+
mystic.lha         mods/s3m   247K  16+Hardcore s3m by Scoffer       ***+
mystical.lha       mods/s3m   252K  16+Ambient s3m by Kevin          ***
mystwatr.lha       mods/s3m    63K  16+Piano s3m by Hector           ****+
m_india2.lha       mods/s3m   151K  16+Synth s3m by Mystical         ****+
m_mindpl.lha       mods/s3m    81K  16+Synth s3m by Mystical         ****
m_world.lha        mods/s3m   138K  16+Jungle s3m by Mystical        ****+
nation_1.lha       mods/s3m   467K  16+Hardcore s3m by The Nation    ***+
nation_2.lha       mods/s3m   787K  16+Techno s3m by The Nation      ****
nation_3.lha       mods/s3m   425K  16+Synth s3m by The Nation       ****
nation_5.lha       mods/s3m   324K  16+Hardcore s3m by The Nation    ****
never.lha          mods/s3m    48K  16+Synth s3m by Metal Militia    ****+
newbegin.lha       mods/s3m   131K  16+Synth s3m by Mhoram           ****+
new_age.lha        mods/s3m    63K  16+House s3m by Mr. Fix It       ****
next.lha           mods/s3m   182K  16+Synth s3m by J. Cunningham    ****
nex_blue.lha       mods/s3m   178K  16+Techno s3m by Nexus           ****+
nex_nc.lha         mods/s3m   166K  16+Techno s3m by Nexus           *****
nex_seed.lha       mods/s3m   289K  16+Trance s3m by Nexus           *****
nex_town.lha       mods/s3m   149K  16+Funk s3m by Nexus             ****+
nicklbag.lha       mods/s3m   337K  16+Jungle s3m by Hannibal Lecter ***+
nightmar.lha       mods/s3m    62K  16+Synth s3m by Ghost Fellow     ****
nightmre.lha       mods/s3m   130K  16+Synth s3m by Corsaire         ****
nightran.lha       mods/s3m    99K  16+Jazz s3m by Soundwave         ****+
nin_love.lha       mods/s3m   874K  16+Techno s3m by Bedlamite       ****
nkuntitl.lha       mods/s3m   121K  16+Rock s3m by Terminator        ****
nk_pp.lha          mods/s3m    43K  16+Classic s3m by Obi Wan Cannabi****
nois.lha           mods/s3m   268K  16+Techno s3m by Kevin           **
not_real.lha       mods/s3m   334K  16+Jungle s3m by Diablo          ****+
noway.lha          mods/s3m   102K  16+Slow s3m by Liam the lemming  ***+
no_dance.lha       mods/s3m   109K  16+Latin s3m by Harry            ****
no_dream.lha       mods/s3m   289K  16+Jungle s3m by Harry           ****
no_funk.lha        mods/s3m   147K  16+Techno s3m by ShawnM          ***
no_maxi.lha        mods/s3m   231K  16+Techno s3m by Harry           ****
no_voyag.lha       mods/s3m   124K  16+Synth s3m by ShawnM           ***
ns_aotm.lha        mods/s3m   179K  16+Synth s3m by Neurosis[bass    ***+
ns_mael.lha        mods/s3m   372K  16+Slow s3m by Nemesis           ****
ns_term.lha        mods/s3m   219K  16+Melodic s3m by Neurosis       ****
nt_lw.lha          mods/s3m   365K  16+Hardcore s3m by Nexus         *****
nuclear.lha        mods/s3m   108K  16+Techno s3m by Petador         ****
nv_emtn.lha        mods/s3m   151K  16+Synth s3m by Move             *+
oct_coma.lha       mods/s3m   100K  16+Hardcore s3m by Octoque       ***
oct_pari.lha       mods/s3m   143K  16+Funk s3m by Octoque           ****
oct_regu.lha       mods/s3m   153K  16+Techno s3m by Octoque         ***
office.lha         mods/s3m   155K  16+Demo s3m by Dark Knight       ***
orch_hit.lha       mods/s3m    31K  16+Techno s3m by Moo-Kow         **
orient.lha         mods/s3m    91K  16+Synth s3m by Ghost Fellow     ****
o_eastah.lha       mods/s3m     5K  16+Trance s3m by Karl            ***
painkilr.lha       mods/s3m   286K  16+Misc s3m by Aradia            **
peanuts.lha        mods/s3m    93K  16+Synth s3m by Freejack         ****
phist.lha          mods/s3m   256K  16+Jungle s3m by Hannibal Lecter **+
plink.lha          mods/s3m   113K  16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ****+
plutofir.lha       mods/s3m   285K  16+Trance s3m by Kevin Kumshot   ***
pl_know.lha        mods/s3m   213K  16+Synth s3m by J. Alex Lang     ****
pl_move.lha        mods/s3m   174K  16+House s3m by Moby             ****+
pl_rave.lha        mods/s3m    81K  16+Hardcore s3m by Plastique     *****
profound.lha       mods/s3m   121K  16+Hardcore s3m by The Charlatan **+
pro_time.lha       mods/s3m   137K  16+Synth s3m by Protocol         ***+
psypack9.lha       mods/s3m    83K  16+Hardcore s3m by Psychotron    ***+
pumppot.lha        mods/s3m   325K  16+Techno s3m by Scoffer         ***
pun_had.lha        mods/s3m    43K  16+Hardcore s3m by Hadji         **
pursuit.lha        mods/s3m    98K  16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ****+
p_ecstxy.lha       mods/s3m   390K  16+Slow s3m by Primal            ****
p_psycho.lha       mods/s3m   446K  16+Trance s3m by Primal          ***
rainfrst.lha       mods/s3m    56K  16+Jungle s3m by The Charlatan   ****
rakkaut.lha        mods/s3m   400K  16+Synth s3m by Sinewave         ****+
rapdream.lha       mods/s3m    92K  16+Synth s3m by Riders           ***
raze.lha           mods/s3m   225K  16+Hardcore s3m by Jan Louwerens **+
real.lha           mods/s3m    98K  16+Hardcore s3m by Black Dragon  ***+
realize2.lha       mods/s3m   286K  16+Melodic s3m by Necros         *****
redeye.lha         mods/s3m   193K  16+Techno s3m by Petador         ***+
remix.lha          mods/s3m   176K  16+House s3m by Scoffer          ***+
renais.lha         mods/s3m    72K  16+Melodic s3m by Null           ****+
repress.lha        mods/s3m   355K  16+Techno s3m by Siren           ***+
rh_hazed.lha       mods/s3m    44K  16+Techno s3m by Red Horizon     ***
rh_insom.lha       mods/s3m   293K  16+Techno s3m by Red Horizon     **+
rh_nw.lha          mods/s3m   317K  16+Trance s3m by Red Horizon     ****+
rh_ready.lha       mods/s3m   136K  16+Techno s3m by Red Horizon     ***
rh_real.lha        mods/s3m   170K  16+Slow s3m by Red Horizon       ***+
rh_samur.lha       mods/s3m   175K  16+Techno s3m by Jungle Path     ***+
rh_tod.lha         mods/s3m   228K  16+Techno s3m by Red Horizon     ****+
rh_vp2.lha         mods/s3m    51K  16+Techno s3m by Red Horizon     ****
rngr_had.lha       mods/s3m   103K  16+Hardcore s3m by Hadji         ***
r_alive.lha        mods/s3m    96K  16+Synth s3m by Replay           ****
r_ambi.lha         mods/s3m   124K  16+House s3m by Replay           ***
r_fnkndz.lha       mods/s3m   279K  16+Synth s3m by Replay           ***+
r_late.lha         mods/s3m   101K  16+Techno s3m by Replay          ***
r_music.lha        mods/s3m    17K  16+Techno s3m by Replay          ***+
r_news.lha         mods/s3m    95K  16+Synth s3m by Replay           ****
r_night.lha        mods/s3m   106K  16+Synth s3m by Replay           ***+
r_quad.lha         mods/s3m   146K  16+Synth s3m by Replay           **+
r_sandz.lha        mods/s3m   228K  16+Synth s3m by Replay           ****+
r_sedat.lha        mods/s3m    92K  16+Synth s3m by Replay           ****
r_sit.lha          mods/s3m   161K  16+Synth s3m by Replay           ****+
r_strdst.lha       mods/s3m   204K  16+Synth s3m by Replay           ***+
r_sunset.lha       mods/s3m    72K  16+Synth s3m by Replay           ***+
r_tlr.lha          mods/s3m    68K  16+Synth s3m by Replay           ****
r_twlite.lha       mods/s3m   203K  16+Synth s3m by Replay           ***
r_vert.lha         mods/s3m   268K  16+Synth s3m by Leviathan        ***+
r_worm.lha         mods/s3m   119K  16+Techno s3m by Replay          ****+
sals_had.lha       mods/s3m    63K  16+House s3m by Hadji            ****
satanus.lha        mods/s3m    35K  16+Trash s3m by Neutron          **+
sbreeze.lha        mods/s3m   112K  16+Melodic s3m by Void           ****
secrecy.lha        mods/s3m   315K  16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ***+
shaken.lha         mods/s3m   372K  16+Synth s3m by Hannibal Lector  ***+
shf_touc.lha       mods/s3m   157K  16+Slow s3m by JapoTek           ****+
sin_blow.lha       mods/s3m    79K  16+Rock s3m by Tsumi             **+
sin_uv.lha         mods/s3m   163K  16+Techno s3m by Tsumi           ***
sky_jung.lha       mods/s3m   828K  16+Jungle s3m by Skyjump Team    ****
sky_pand.lha       mods/s3m   625K  16+Techno s3m by Skyjump Team    ****
slipaway.lha       mods/s3m    70K  16+Rock s3m by Catspaw           ***
smeg_dnc.lha       mods/s3m   320K  16+Atmos s3m by The Smeghead     ***
smeg_poe.lha       mods/s3m   254K  16+Piano s3m by The Smeghead     ****+
smokey.lha         mods/s3m    78K  16+Synth s3m by DD               ****
smplplsr.lha       mods/s3m    24K  16+Piano s3m by Aradia           ****
speccy.lha         mods/s3m   342K  16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ****+
specter.lha        mods/s3m   126K  16+Techno s3m by Phil Richard    **+
spur.lha           mods/s3m   163K  16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ****
sq_life.lha        mods/s3m   232K  16+Hardcore s3m by Heretic       ***+
stardawn.lha       mods/s3m   183K  16+Techno s3m by Petador         ***+
stgntion.lha       mods/s3m   171K  16+Techno s3m by Zeus            ****+
stoned.lha         mods/s3m   167K  16+Hardcore s3m by Black Dragon  ***
stratosp.lha       mods/s3m   231K  16+Synth s3m by Psychotron       ****
sub_olls.lha       mods/s3m   188K  16+Techno s3m by SubKelvin       **+
sum_jizz.lha       mods/s3m   169K  16+Hardcore s3m by SumDeus       ****
sunsetbl.lha       mods/s3m   309K  16+Synth s3m by Pirsm            ****+
sur_acd.lha        mods/s3m   102K  16+House s3m by Surreal          ****+
s_mirage.lha       mods/s3m    93K  16+Rock s3m by Catspaw           *+
tail_had.lha       mods/s3m     6K  16+Chip s3m by Hadji             **+
tan_bubl.lha       mods/s3m    17K  16+Synth s3m by Tangerine        ****
tears.lha          mods/s3m   413K  16+Synth s3m by Mosaic           ***+
tearsvic.lha       mods/s3m   212K  16+Synth s3m by Populous         ***+
techness.lha       mods/s3m    53K  16+Techno s3m by Jaymus          ***+
tek_digi.lha       mods/s3m   123K  16+Techno s3m by Tek             ***+
termend.lha        mods/s3m   181K  16+Synth s3m by DD               ****+
tfixiand.lha       mods/s3m    51K  16+Synth s3m by The Finn         ***
thelump.lha        mods/s3m    98K  16+Techno s3m by Grinner         **+
thereis.lha        mods/s3m   128K  16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ****
thesiege.lha       mods/s3m   192K  16+Techno s3m by Liam the lemming***+
thestudy.lha       mods/s3m    95K  16+Guitar s3m by Hector          ****+
thevibe.lha        mods/s3m   113K  16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ****
threaten.lha       mods/s3m   175K  16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ***
tlgrae.lha         mods/s3m   295K  16+Synth s3m by Lord Blanka      ****
tlk_bctc.lha       mods/s3m    76K  16+Techno s3m by The Lost Kluster*****
tlk_ions.lha       mods/s3m    64K  16+Synth s3m by The Lost Kluster ****+
tlk_matr.lha       mods/s3m    68K  16+Synth s3m by The Lost Kluster ***+
tlk_shck.lha       mods/s3m    62K  16+Techno s3m by The Lost Kluster****
tlk_sile.lha       mods/s3m    50K  16+Techno s3m by The Lost Kluster****
tmrmx_is.lha       mods/s3m   114K  16+Misc s3m by The Pope          **
tohappy.lha        mods/s3m   107K  16+Synth s3m by Master of Darknes**+
tomorrow.lha       mods/s3m   126K  16+Synth s3m by Liam the Lemming ****+
transin1.lha       mods/s3m   789K  16+Misc s3m by DJsin             *+
transin6.lha       mods/s3m   112K  16+Techno s3m by DJSin           ****+
transin_.lha       mods/s3m   675K  16+TranSiN_1
transit.lha        mods/s3m    91K  16+Trance s3m by Krystall        ****+
trippp.lha         mods/s3m    11K  16+Demo s3m by James             **
tt.lha             mods/s3m   180K  16+Jungle s3m by Black Dragon    ****
tuntemat.lha       mods/s3m   141K  16+Demo s3m by Vinyl             ****+
tw_mods.lha        mods/s3m   190K  16+Rock s3m by Torbjrn Wahlstrm  ***+
t_alunis.lha       mods/s3m   243K  16+Techno s3m by Ded Silence     ****
t_blumte.lha       mods/s3m   165K  16+Synth s3m by Ded Silence      ****
t_dd2.lha          mods/s3m   181K  16+Slow s3m by Tfh               ****
t_s0ul.lha         mods/s3m    66K  16+Jungle s3m by Tfh             ****+
t_skybug.lha       mods/s3m    71K  16+Demo s3m by Ded Silence       ****
t_thetim.lha       mods/s3m    76K  16+Slow s3m by Tfh               ****
ultralog.lha       mods/s3m   105K  16+Rock s3m by Sir Roger         ****+
unit_01.lha        mods/s3m   229K  16+Techno s3m by Duke            ****
unit_02.lha        mods/s3m   125K  16+Techno s3m by Duke            ****+
vague.lha          mods/s3m   102K  16+Synth s3m by Dark Justice     ***+
vclm_oph.lha       mods/s3m   176K  16+Misc s3m by Ophelia's Soup    **
vec_aliv.lha       mods/s3m   215K  16+Techno s3m by Vector          ***+
very.lha           mods/s3m   109K  16+Trash s3m by Saberrider       ****
vibes.lha          mods/s3m   109K  16+Jungle s3m by Avalance        *****
voyager.lha        mods/s3m   188K  16+Slow s3m by Petador           ****
vrcyber.lha        mods/s3m   519K  16+Trance s3m by Virtual Rhythm  ****+
vrdestro.lha       mods/s3m   388K  16+Jungle s3m by Virtual Rhythm  ****
vrfeeltr.lha       mods/s3m   390K  16+Jungle s3m by Virtual Rhytm   ****+
vrgabber.lha       mods/s3m   402K  16+Hardcore s3m by Virtual Rhythm****
vrhardco.lha       mods/s3m   359K  16+Hardcore s3m by Virtual Rhythm****+
vrhypno.lha        mods/s3m   245K  16+Hardcore s3m by Virtual Rhythm****
vrintvoi.lha       mods/s3m   294K  16+Trance s3m by Virtual Rhythm  ****
vrsilver.lha       mods/s3m   291K  16+Techno s3m by Virtual Rhythm  *****
vrstatic.lha       mods/s3m   297K  16+Dance s3m by Virtual Rhyhtm   ****+
vrsubst.lha        mods/s3m   284K  16+Substance
v_pluton.lha       mods/s3m    86K  16+Techno s3m by Vile+Vector     ****+
waypoint.lha       mods/s3m   204K  16+Atmos s3m by Dune             *****
wdfil.lha          mods/s3m   226K  16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ****+
whatever.lha       mods/s3m   313K  16+Dance s3m by Banshee          ****
whatfun.lha        mods/s3m    91K  16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ****
what_da.lha        mods/s3m    56K  16+Techno s3m by Nitro           ***+
wheelie.lha        mods/s3m   173K  16+Techno s3m by Wheelie         ****
wicked.lha         mods/s3m    86K  16+Atmos s3m by Krystall         ****
wots.lha           mods/s3m   258K  16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ****+
wya_.lha           mods/s3m   116K  16+Hardcore s3m by Kosmic        ****+
xmain.lha          mods/s3m   200K  16+Synth s3m by Pont Mercier     ****
xmastoon.lha       mods/s3m   137K  16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming *****
xmulder.lha        mods/s3m   505K  16+Techno s3m by Pont Mercier    ***
xtc_maya.lha       mods/s3m   132K  16+Techno s3m by Chilm           ****
xtc_tday.lha       mods/s3m    84K  16+Techno s3m by Chilm           ****
zirkon.lha         mods/s3m   146K  16+Atmos s3m by Petaor           ****+
znc_dnce.lha       mods/s3m    40K  16+Techno s3m by Zinc            **+
znc_guts.lha       mods/s3m    34K  16+Rock s3m by Zinc              **
znc_orch.lha       mods/s3m    72K  16+Rock s3m by Zinc              ***+
znc_sonr.lha       mods/s3m    36K  16+Techno s3m by Zinc            ***
znc_trst.lha       mods/s3m    37K  16+Piano s3m by Zinc             ****
CosNiesamow.lha    mods/sets   91K   4+3 funny modules by Dreamer
Hudba.lha          mods/sets  313K   5+Modules by Odal/IMP
Ibanez_Mods.lha    mods/sets  674K   2+Set of modules composed by Ibanez
Kefrens.lha        mods/sets  478K   2+Old modules from various Kefrens Prods
Kefrens1.lha       mods/sets  331K   2+Old modules from Kefrens MegaDemo 1
Kefrens7.lha       mods/sets  426K   2+Old modules from Kefrens MegaDemo 7
OLD_Megaforce.lha  mods/sets  409K   2+Very old modules from MegaForce demos
OLD_WildCopper.lha mods/sets  485K   2+Old modules from Wild Copper Crew !!!
Various1.lha       mods/sets  510K   2+Very old modules from various demos 1/3
Various2.lha       mods/sets  402K   2+Very old modules from various demos 2/3
Various3.lha       mods/sets  421K   2+Very old modules from various demos 3/3
xtd_19.lha         mods/sets  738K  12+Loads of mods by XTD
xtd_20.lha         mods/sets  758K  12+Loads of mods by XTD
xtd_21.lha         mods/sets  214K  12+Loads of mods by XTD
analyzer.lha       mods/sidew 741K   7+MOD Sidewinder/Megawatts TEchno-POP
Abstraction.lha    mods/slow  102K  58 Slow mod                      ***+
Affe.lha           mods/slow   31K  58 Slow mod                      ****+
AHiscore.lha       mods/slow   30K  58 Slow mod                      ****+
AhRobyn.lha        mods/slow  126K  58 Classical mod                 ***+
AiOboeteimasuk.lha mods/slow   91K  58 Atmos mod by Hikaru           ****
alienate.lha       mods/slow  134K   7+Protracker .MOD (Atmospheric Industrial)
All.lha            mods/slow   24K  58 Classical mod                 ***+
AllTheDeadVoic.lha mods/slow   91K  58 Atmos mod by Phil             ***
AmbientFRevisM.lha mods/slow  137K  58 Melodic mod by Mark Knight    ***+
AmericanPie.lha    mods/slow   70K  58 Classical mod                 ***
amu_luci.lha       mods/slow  127K  10+'Lucid Breeds' Mod By AmusiC/CnG
Andante.lha        mods/slow   78K  58 Classical mod by Dr.Awesome   ***+
Annika.lha         mods/slow  132K  58 Atmos mod by Heatbeat         *****+
APlaceIKnow.lha    mods/slow   74K  58 Slow mod                      ***+
AtomicSweet.lha    mods/slow  134K  58 Atmos mod by Blue Silence     ***+
Awesome1.lha       mods/slow   57K  58 Slow mod                      ***+
Babywear.lha       mods/slow  179K  58 Melodic mod by Delorean       ****
Bachmix.lha        mods/slow   18K  58 Classic mod                   ***
BadKarma.lha       mods/slow   47K  58 Slow mod by Major Tom         ***+
Bagatelle.lha      mods/slow   23K  58 Classic mod                   ***
Bagpipe.lha        mods/slow   20K  58 Classic mod                   **
BeaconOutFar.lha   mods/slow  124K  58 Slow mod                      ****
Beerbarrel1.lha    mods/slow   73K  58 Classic mod                   **+
Belle_Helene.lha   mods/slow  147K  11+Nice sleepy music by Tiny of Loonies
BetweenTheTits.lha mods/slow   43K  58 Slow mod by Tor Gausen        ****+
BewareZandrama.lha mods/slow  112K  58 Slow mod by Elrond            ****
BeyondYourself.lha mods/slow  187K  58 Slow mod by Rune Gausdal      ***
Blackbird.lha      mods/slow  122K  58 Atmos mod by Gibson           ****+
Blowout.lha        mods/slow   56K  58 Slow mod by Bjornligan        ***+
Bombshell.lha      mods/slow   77K  58 Slow mod by Snare Quartz      ****+
Boris.lha          mods/slow   57K  58 Slow mod                      ***
BreakingGlass.lha  mods/slow  117K  58 Atmos mod by Mindless         ****
BringMeBack.lha    mods/slow   63K  58 Slow mod by Filippetto        ****
BrokenCigarett.lha mods/slow   86K  58 Slow mod by Brainbug          ***+
Bubbleghost.lha    mods/slow   40K  58 Atmos mod                     ***+
ByeSlx.lha         mods/slow   48K  58 Slow mod by Slaxx             ***
Caergon.lha        mods/slow  203K  15+MED music mod - ambient/atmospheric
CallOfCthulhu.lha  mods/slow   40K  58 Atmos mod by Fistandantilus   ***
Captivated.lha     mods/slow   70K  58 Melodic mod by Fobia          ***+
CarlingWaltz.lha   mods/slow   22K  58 Classic mod by Leggless       ***
CelestialMusic.lha mods/slow   94K  58 Melodic mod by Cortex         ***+
ChangeOfLife.lha   mods/slow   53K  58 Atmos mod                     ****
ChinaDudeludiu.lha mods/slow   48K  58 Melodic mod by JPN            ***+
ChuckIsBack.lha    mods/slow   75K  58 Slow mod by Jason             ****
ClearNightIi.lha   mods/slow   32K  58 Slow mod by Delta X           ****+
CloseTo115.lha     mods/slow  202K  58 Melodic mod by Delorean       ****
Cloudhunter.lha    mods/slow  284K  21+Cloudhunter by Tonid
Compost.lha        mods/slow   87K  58 Melodic mod                   ***+
Consummation.lha   mods/slow   55K  58 Slow mod                      **+
CopenhagenAtNi.lha mods/slow   37K  58 Slow mod                      ***
Cremona.lha        mods/slow   62K  58 Slow mod by Dr.Awesome        ***+
CrimeCity.lha      mods/slow   75K  58 Slow mod                      **
CriticalLovebe.lha mods/slow   87K  58 Melodic mod                   ***+
crusade.lha        mods/slow  150K  79+Fantasy by Uncle Tom         2:20 ***+
CrusadeRemix.lha   mods/slow  150K  58 Melodic mod by Thomas Dahlgren****
Crysis.lha         mods/slow   70K  58 Melodic mod                   ***+
Curiosity.lha      mods/slow  187K  58 Melodic mod by Xiphias        ***+
CyclingTour.lha    mods/slow   76K  58 Classic mod                   ****
DaisyChainII.lha   mods/slow  119K 135 Space by Rhesus Minus        5:30 *****
Dangerstreet.lha   mods/slow   66K  58 Melodious mod by Devastator   ***
DarksideOTheMo.lha mods/slow   92K  58 Atmos mod by Lizard           ***+
DatonicSadness.lha mods/slow  107K  58 Slow mod by Undertaker        ***
Dawntodu.lha       mods/slow  224K  58 Slow mod                      ***
Deepred.lha        mods/slow   75K  58 Atmos mod by Fred             **
DeepStorm.lha      mods/slow   77K  58 Atmos mod                     **+
Dekkadance.lha     mods/slow   95K  58 Slow mod by Dolphin           ****
DensIntro.lha      mods/slow   76K  58 Atmos mod                     *****
DesertDreamVol.lha mods/slow   31K  58 Atmos mod by Laxity           ****+
DigiexprBackup.lha mods/slow  124K  58 Melodic mod by Shorty         ****+
Dosdemo3.lha       mods/slow   66K  58 Melodic mod by Andromeda      *****
DragonwarsTune.lha mods/slow  374K 129+MON-Songs by Maniac of Noise -:-- *****
DuetGuitarFlut.lha mods/slow   31K  58 Melodic mod by DENS Design    ****+
Empty.lha          mods/slow   33K  58 Melodic mod by Ted Burning    ****
eric_horne.lha     mods/slow  130K   4+Pt-mod by Mark/The Gloucester Crew
EroticMalfunct.lha mods/slow  146K  58 Melodic mod                   ****
Exotika.lha        mods/slow   44K  58 Slow mod                      ***+
Experiment2.lha    mods/slow   39K  58 Slow mod by 4-mat             ****
Fainter.lha        mods/slow   10K  58 Melodic mod by Kaktus         ****
FifthOfBeethov.lha mods/slow   30K  58 Classic mod                   ***+
FinalWar.lha       mods/slow  115K  18+PT-mod by Uncle Ben/GigaTron  
FlightOfBumble.lha mods/slow   72K  58 Classic mod                   ****
Fusion.lha         mods/slow   13K  58 Atmos mod by Nuke             ****
GameScoreIIInh.lha mods/slow  119K  58 Melodic mod by NHP            ****+
Gasp.lha           mods/slow   69K  58 Melodic mod                   ****+
Ghaza.lha          mods/slow   97K  58 Slow mod                      ****
Gng50.lha          mods/slow   40K  58 Melodic mod                   ****+
Gowithme.lha       mods/slow   76K  58 Melodic mod by Genesis        ****
great_wrath.lha    mods/slow  124K   4+Soothing mod by Lazer/Trident - Get it!
Gsctheme10.lha     mods/slow   24K  58 Melodic mod                   ****
HowIFeelTonigh.lha mods/slow   20K  58 Melodic mod                   ****
HumanWeakeness.lha mods/slow  113K  58 Melodic mod by Reflex         ****+
IllegalAliens.lha  mods/slow   24K  58 Slow mod by Maverick          ****+
ItsJustSonorou.lha mods/slow  125K  58 Slow mod by Sanity            ****+
Iwouldntdoitag.lha mods/slow   53K  58 Melodic mod                   ****
JackTheRipper1.lha mods/slow   65K  58 Melodic mod by Mr.Urk         ****+
JohnsCarousel.lha  mods/slow   39K  58 Classic mod                   **
JustALie.lha       mods/slow   39K  58 Melodic mod by Ron            ****
JustFallInLove.lha mods/slow   82K  58 Melodic mod                   ****
Kasmali.lha        mods/slow   97K  58 Melodic mod                   ****
Khaos.lha          mods/slow   20K  58 Slow mod by Echo              ****
KyromArt.lha       mods/slow  137K  58 Atmos mod                     ****
LandOfConfusio.lha mods/slow   92K  58 Atmos mod by Norman Kretschmer***
last_dre.lha       mods/slow   52K   3+Protracker .MOD  (Gothic)
LetItSnow.lha      mods/slow   12K  58 Melodic mod                   ****
LiftMeUp.lha       mods/slow   93K  58 Slow mod by Fleshbrain        ****
LikeABirdFlyin.lha mods/slow   40K  58 Melodic mod                   ****
LucysSong.lha      mods/slow  115K  58 Atmos mod by Iceman           ****
MadHatter.lha      mods/slow  125K  58 Melodic mod by Delorean       *****
Major.lha          mods/slow   23K  58 Classic mod                   ***+
MapleleafRag.lha   mods/slow   13K  58 Classic mod by MicroCraft     ****+
MasterBater.lha    mods/slow   53K  58 Melodic mod                   ****
Mellowii.lha       mods/slow   80K  58 Slow mod by Night Shade       ***+
Melodiou.lha       mods/slow   76K  58 Melodic mod by Meridian       ****
MemoirFromHoli.lha mods/slow   85K  58 Slow mod by Dr And            ****
Menumusic3nuke.lha mods/slow    9K  58 Atmos mod by Nuke             ****
Messagefrompra.lha mods/slow   77K  58 Melodic mod by Farpoint       ****+
Metalwar10.lha     mods/slow   28K  58 Melodic mod                   ****
MiddleOfN.lha      mods/slow   99K  19+Mystic musical movements by Boogeyman/Gi
MinefieldRunne.lha mods/slow   38K  58 Melodic mod                   ***+
Misthunter.lha     mods/slow  237K  21+Misthunter by Tonid
MonsieurGaston.lha mods/slow   73K  58 Melodic mod by DENS Design    ****+
Mournful.lha       mods/slow   44K  58 Atmos mod                     ****
Music4.lha         mods/slow   74K  58 Atmos mod                     ****+
Nocturnal.lha      mods/slow   80K  58 Atmos mod by Mindless         ***
NoIdea.lha         mods/slow   41K  58 Atmos mod by Laurence         ****
NutcrackerOver.lha mods/slow   19K  58 Classic mod by Youthenasia    ***+
Oddysey1.lha       mods/slow  300K  58 Melodic mod                   ****+
OhSusanna.lha      mods/slow   37K  58 Classic mod                   ****
Oldngood.lha       mods/slow   40K  58 Classic mod                   ****
OneStepCloser.lha  mods/slow   72K  58 Atmos mod by Axel             ****
ProLogic.lha       mods/slow  110K  18+PT-mod by Uncle Ben/GigaTron  
Quandrangular.lha  mods/slow  113K  18+PT-mod by Uncle Ben/GigaTron  
Rainynight.lha     mods/slow  133K  47 Atmospheric by Moby          7:00 ****+
SGroove_WW.lha     mods/slow   92K  12+Runable ambient music by Wrong Way
TbcEndpart.lha     mods/slow   69K  58 Slow mod by Gryzor            ****
TheCircus.lha      mods/slow   68K  58 Slow mod                      **+
TheHelpingHand.lha mods/slow   91K  58 Melodic mod by Axel D         ****
Unferdig.lha       mods/slow  181K  58 Melodic mod                   ****+
OnlyAMemory.lha    mods/spark 125K  11+Gentle MED tune by P.D.Spark
AbraxasPsy.lha     mods/synth 102K  58 Synth mod                     **+
AlphaAndOmega.lha  mods/synth  38K  58 Synth mod                     **+
AlpineapachyPt.lha mods/synth 113K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
AlwaysOnMyMind.lha mods/synth  33K  58 Synth mod                     ****
Amelioration.lha   mods/synth  90K  58 Synth mod                     *****
Anaesthezia.lha    mods/synth  39K  58 Synth mod by Mode             ***+
Antarctica.lha     mods/synth 135K  58 Synth mod by 4tex             ****
Artelli8.lha       mods/synth  23K  58 Synth mod                     ***
AtLastCMSlip.lha   mods/synth  62K  58 Synth mod                     ****
Audiovision.lha    mods/synth  55K  58 Synth mod                     **+
Aussiefoot.lha     mods/synth  62K  58 Synth mod                     **
AutumnAfternoo.lha mods/synth 117K  58 Synth mod by Joerg Schwiezer  ***
Axk8.lha           mods/synth  34K  58 Synth mod                     ****
BackOnTrack.lha    mods/synth 187K  58 Synth mod by Soul             ****+
BackPopped.lha     mods/synth  97K  58 Synth mod                     **+
BackToRoots.lha    mods/synth  81K  58 Synth mod                     ****
BarrakudaDeser.lha mods/synth 130K  58 Synth mod                     ***
Bass2Bass.lha      mods/synth  56K  58 Synth mod                     **+
BattleCry.lha      mods/synth  84K  58 Synth mod                     ***
BelieveInLove.lha  mods/synth  44K  58 Synth mod                     **
Bigbang2.lha       mods/synth 137K  58 Synth mod                     ****
Blazzering.lha     mods/synth  34K  58 Synth mod by Harvey           ****
Blizzard.lha       mods/synth  82K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
BlueStars.lha      mods/synth 115K  58 Synth mod                     ***
BopTillYouFlop.lha mods/synth 148K  58 Synth mod by Dr.Awesome       **+
BrokenJoystick.lha mods/synth 112K  58 Synth mod by Mr.Man           ****
Bs1Song23M.lha     mods/synth  57K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
Canyonflite.lha    mods/synth  70K  58 Synth mod                     ***
Capnpower.lha      mods/synth  91K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
Celtic2Noisetr.lha mods/synth  37K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
Charismofdark.lha  mods/synth 110K  58 Synth mod                     **+
Chinatown.lha      mods/synth  50K  58 Synth mod by Nasty            ***+
Chopper1.lha       mods/synth  80K  58 Synth mod                     ****
Chronicle.lha      mods/synth 122K  58 Synth mod by Valdimar th. Wik ****+
Cityjam.lha        mods/synth  98K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
Cold.lha           mods/synth 114K  58 Synth mod                     ****
Confuce.lha        mods/synth  63K  58 Synth mod by Siracon          ***
CoolJ.lha          mods/synth  67K  58 Synth mod                     **+
CoOlTEchNo.lha     mods/synth  27K  58 Synth mod by Tronics          ****
Cosmoliner.lha     mods/synth  78K  58 Synth mod                     *****
Countdown.lha      mods/synth  56K  58 Synth mod                     **+
CrackerJournal.lha mods/synth  36K  58 Synth mod                     ***
Criminallove.lha   mods/synth  79K  58 Synth mod by Johnan Lundin    ***+
Custard.lha        mods/synth  56K  58 Synth mod                     **
Cyborg.lha         mods/synth  49K  58 Synth mod by PKK              **
DarkHeart.lha      mods/synth  76K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
DarknessOpera.lha  mods/synth 107K  58 Synth mod                     ***
DarkNight.lha      mods/synth  38K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
DarkSanity.lha     mods/synth  48K  58 Synth mod by Syntex           ****
DarkWater.lha      mods/synth  48K  58 Synth mod                     ***
Datamus.lha        mods/synth  59K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
Datasmurf.lha      mods/synth  43K  58 Synth mod                     **+
Ddd3.lha           mods/synth  52K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
Deathstar.lha      mods/synth  47K  58 Synth mod                     ****
DeeeLited.lha      mods/synth 244K  58 Synth mod by Anchoret         *****
Deeplydepresse.lha mods/synth 125K  58 Synth mod by Maestro          ****+
DeepWater.lha      mods/synth  75K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
Defloration.lha    mods/synth 206K  58 Synth mod by Cat              ****+
Delited3.lha       mods/synth  45K  58 Synth mod by Rozzoe           ****+
Deliverance.lha    mods/synth 100K  58 Synth mod by Matrix           ****
Delldemo.lha       mods/synth  87K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
Delta116.lha       mods/synth 107K  58 Synth mod by PKK              ****
DeltaRemixno1.lha  mods/synth  45K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
Demo.lha           mods/synth  79K  58 Synth mod                     **+
Demonology.lha     mods/synth  68K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
DemonsNt.lha       mods/synth  76K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
Demosmash2.lha     mods/synth  57K  58 Synth mod                     ****
Demosound.lha      mods/synth  76K  58 Synth mod by Devastator       ****+
Density.lha        mods/synth  13K  58 Synth mod                     ****
Depp.lha           mods/synth  26K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
DepressingEner.lha mods/synth  59K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
DeST1.lha          mods/synth  32K  58 Synth mod                     ***
DetectorAdamM.lha  mods/synth  24K  58 Synth mod by Adam M           ****
DictationOnAir.lha mods/synth  85K  58 Synth mod by Bernard Summer   ***+
DigitalCulture.lha mods/synth  38K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
DigitalI2.lha      mods/synth  64K  58 Synth mod by Nuke             ****
Dimension.lha      mods/synth  17K  58 Synth mod by Alex Craxton     *****
Disco1.lha         mods/synth  76K  58 Synth mod                     ****
DiscoIgnorance.lha mods/synth  43K  58 Synth mod by Mr.Zeb           ****+
Discoii.lha        mods/synth  27K  58 Synth mod                     **+
Discomusic.lha     mods/synth  59K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
Dizkor.lha         mods/synth  98K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
Dns.lha            mods/synth  61K  58 Synth mod                     ****
DominationDanc.lha mods/synth  43K  58 Synth mod by Codex            ***+
Dontcareanymor.lha mods/synth  80K  58 Synth mod by Ted Burning      ****+
DontLikeYou.lha    mods/synth  79K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
DontUWantMe.lha    mods/synth 184K  58 Synth mod                     *****
DoubleDensity.lha  mods/synth  84K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
Dragon2.lha        mods/synth  35K  58 Synth mod by Otis             ****
Dragonslair2.lha   mods/synth  50K  58 Synth mod                     ****
Drakfelch.lha      mods/synth 105K  58 Synth mod by Amadeus          ****+
DrDoom.lha         mods/synth  45K  58 Synth mod                     ****
DreamBals.lha      mods/synth  92K  58 Synth mod by Siracon          ***+
Dreamdog.lha       mods/synth  61K  58 Synth mod                     *+
DreamIt3.lha       mods/synth  79K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
DreamscopeIi.lha   mods/synth 100K  58 Synth mod by Elvin Bender     ****
DreamSound.lha     mods/synth  19K  58 Synth mod                     ****
Dreamtune.lha      mods/synth  25K  58 Synth mod                     ****
DreamV13.lha       mods/synth 126K  58 Synth mod                     ****
DrinkMyPainAwa.lha mods/synth  74K  58 Synth mod by Moby             ****+
DrMongo.lha        mods/synth  65K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
Drum01.lha         mods/synth   8K  58 Synth mod                     ****
DtDmSoundmachi.lha mods/synth  53K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
Dubbyday.lha       mods/synth  73K  58 Synth mod by Wolfchild        ****
DumberBumber.lha   mods/synth  41K  58 Synth mod                     ****
Duncan1.lha        mods/synth  31K  58 Synth mod                     ****
Dunehorizon.lha    mods/synth  84K  58 Synth mod by Fugitive         ****
DungeonLevel.lha   mods/synth  40K  58 Synth mod                     ****
Eagle.lha          mods/synth  94K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
EasternMagic.lha   mods/synth  63K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
Ebyt.lha           mods/synth  36K  58 Synth mod                     ****
Eclipse.lha        mods/synth 118K  58 Synth mod by Astro Boy        ****+
Edelweiss.lha      mods/synth  43K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
Efrens2.lha        mods/synth  16K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
EinsteinB4.lha     mods/synth  54K  58 Synth mod by Einstein         ****
ElectricJoy.lha    mods/synth  71K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
Eliminiation.lha   mods/synth  91K  58 Synth mod by Lizardking       ****+
Elipsenhp.lha      mods/synth  71K  58 Synth mod                     ****
ElipticalnhpBk.lha mods/synth 156K  58 Synth mod by BKH              ****+
ElkonSong.lha      mods/synth 106K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
Elmstreet.lha      mods/synth 211K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
Elysion.lha        mods/synth  86K  58 Synth mod by Lord Interface   ****
EmotionalThing.lha mods/synth 109K  58 Synth mod by Bit Arts         ****+
Emporium.lha       mods/synth  30K  58 Synth mod by Audioscape       ****
EmusOrgasm.lha     mods/synth  30K  58 Synth mod                     *****
EndOfTheMisery.lha mods/synth  67K  58 Synth mod by Blade Vacum      ****
EranaJKyd.lha      mods/synth  61K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
Erection.lha       mods/synth 101K  58 Synth mod                     ****
EveryBreath.lha    mods/synth  43K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
Everywhere.lha     mods/synth  73K  58 Synth mod by Axel D           ****+
Exage.lha          mods/synth  98K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
Exodus1990.lha     mods/synth  35K  58 Synth mod                     ***
Expressions.lha    mods/synth  53K  58 Synth mod by Echo             ****
ExpulsionCpr.lha   mods/synth  50K  58 Synth mod by Chipper          *****
FaceInTheWater.lha mods/synth 104K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
Familiar.lha       mods/synth  30K  58 Synth mod                     ****
Fanfare4Bass.lha   mods/synth  56K  58 Synth mod                     ****
FantazyWorldnh.lha mods/synth 157K  58 Synth mod by NHP              *****
FastFood.lha       mods/synth  92K  58 Synth mod by Jester           ****
Finale.lha         mods/synth  30K  58 Synth mod                     ****
Finlandia1.lha     mods/synth  44K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
Firework.lha       mods/synth  84K  58 Synth mod by Acid             *****
FirstAttempt.lha   mods/synth  17K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
FJotain.lha        mods/synth  86K  58 Synth mod                     ****
FleeHeartmon.lha   mods/synth 127K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
FragmentsIi.lha    mods/synth  22K  58 Synth mod by Tony Fonager     ****
FranticNoiseFz.lha mods/synth 272K  58 Synth mod by Fzy              **+
FreefallMd.lha     mods/synth  82K  58 Synth mod by Mark Knight      ****
Freespace.lha      mods/synth  95K  58 Synth mod by Grubi            ****
FreeSpirit.lha     mods/synth 194K  58 Synth mod by Leggless         ****
FrogByJpn.lha      mods/synth  37K  58 Synth mod by Jpn              ****
FunkyBeat.lha      mods/synth  83K  58 Synth mod by Gryzor           ****
Funkydemo.lha      mods/synth  44K  58 Synth mod by Spex             ****
FunkyEcstasy.lha   mods/synth  74K  58 Synth mod by Axel             ***+
FunkyVibes.lha     mods/synth  37K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
Gainsmusic.lha     mods/synth  74K  58 Synth mod                     ***
GameScorenhp.lha   mods/synth  69K  58 Synth mod by NHP              ****+
GametuneIv.lha     mods/synth  45K  58 Synth mod by Lizardking       ****+
GeniousBrain.lha   mods/synth  34K  58 Synth mod by Dascon           ****
GetTheOutputv2.lha mods/synth  44K  58 Synth mod by Dascon           ****
Ggeneration2.lha   mods/synth 184K  58 Synth mod                     ****
Gladpack.lha       mods/synth  65K  58 Synth mod                     ****
GoForTheRecord.lha mods/synth  34K  58 Synth mod by Zytac            ***+
GoingStrong.lha    mods/synth  42K  58 Synth mod                     ****
Gorgie.lha         mods/synth  66K  58 Synth mod                     ****
GotYa.lha          mods/synth  60K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
GraveYard.lha      mods/synth  89K  58 Synth mod by Fleshbrain       ****
Guck.lha           mods/synth  19K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
HardMoney.lha      mods/synth 104K  58 Synth mod by Axel D           ****+
Hate2.lha          mods/synth  57K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
HeavenPart2.lha    mods/synth  30K  58 Synth mod by Major Tom        ***+
HeavySong.lha      mods/synth  27K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
Helico.lha         mods/synth  60K  58 Synth mod by Fred             ****+
HighDensity.lha    mods/synth  82K  58 Synth mod                     ****
Highlands.lha      mods/synth 110K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
HjelmfossBoogi.lha mods/synth  42K  58 Synth mod                     ****
HolyGrail.lha      mods/synth  32K  58 Synth mod by Schyte           ****
Homeonthebench.lha mods/synth  47K  58 Synth mod by Mahoney          ****
Horizon36.lha      mods/synth  54K  58 Synth mod by Major Tom        ***+
Horny.lha          mods/synth  68K  58 Synth mod by Kevin Collier    ***
Horse.lha          mods/synth  37K  58 Synth mod                     ****
HqcBeat.lha        mods/synth  53K  58 Synth mod                     ****
HriSalute.lha      mods/synth  85K  58 Synth mod                     ****
HymnToYezz.lha     mods/synth  38K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
Hysteresis.lha     mods/synth 110K  58 Synth mod by Dextrous         ****
Hysteria.lha       mods/synth  26K  58 Synth mod by Dhs              ***+
ICanMakeIt.lha     mods/synth  56K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
Incompatible.lha   mods/synth  89K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
Indiana.lha        mods/synth  69K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
Inrock.lha         mods/synth 115K  58 Synth mod by Dr Victor        ****
Intro.lha          mods/synth  25K  58 Synth mod by Dave Garrison    ****+
IntroHeatbeat.lha  mods/synth   3K  58 Synth mod by Heatbeat         *****
Iq64shapeItDow.lha mods/synth  99K  58 Synth mod                     ****
Iron5.lha          mods/synth  62K  58 Synth mod                     ****
Italiana.lha       mods/synth  53K  58 Synth mod                     ****
JackTheRipper1.lha mods/synth  81K  58 Synth mod by Mr Urk           ****
Jane.lha           mods/synth  79K  58 Synth mod by Jane             ****
JazzeNorthStar.lha mods/synth  44K  58 Synth mod by North Star       ***
Jobba.lha          mods/synth  75K  58 Synth mod by Mahoney          ****+
Joe3.lha           mods/synth  54K  58 Synth mod                     ****
Joyfridgecount.lha mods/synth  50K  58 Synth mod by Kaktus           ****+
Jump4Joy.lha       mods/synth 115K  58 Synth mod by Mathieu Berthaud ***+
Jumpjack.lha       mods/synth  26K  58 Synth mod                     ****
JunoHiSexmix.lha   mods/synth  66K  58 Synth mod by Zing             ***+
JustForYou.lha     mods/synth  72K  58 Synth mod by Major Tom        ***
JustInTime.lha     mods/synth 131K  58 Synth mod by Swampfox         ****
Jvmdesign.lha      mods/synth  81K  58 Synth mod                     ***
KappesComic.lha    mods/synth  70K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
KaroFirst.lha      mods/synth  13K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
KeepGoing.lha      mods/synth  20K  58 Synth mod by Clyde            ***+
KeepItTogether.lha mods/synth 109K  58 Synth mod by Macro            ****
Kellogs.lha        mods/synth  43K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
Kilimanzaro.lha    mods/synth  60K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
KillForExxezz.lha  mods/synth  79K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
Landscape.lha      mods/synth 101K  58 Synth mod by Leggless         ****+
Lastsun.lha        mods/synth  75K  58 Synth mod by Fred             ***+
LateNights.lha     mods/synth 348K  58 Synth mod by Mr Man           ****
LatinoAdamM.lha    mods/synth  47K  58 Synth mod by Adam M           **+
LazerIntro.lha     mods/synth 100K  58 Synth mod                     ****
LazerSquad.lha     mods/synth  80K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
LCS.lha            mods/synth 109K  58 Synth mod by Dean             ****+
LeagueOfHumans.lha mods/synth  82K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
Letsdance.lha      mods/synth  23K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
Level2.lha         mods/synth  25K  58 Synth mod                     ****
LionRock.lha       mods/synth 191K  58 Synth mod by Delorean         ****+
LiquidAmbience.lha mods/synth  66K  58 Synth mod by Fudge            ****
Liquidity3.lha     mods/synth  32K  58 Synth mod by Dextrous         ****+
LiquidSound.lha    mods/synth  55K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
ListenTwo.lha      mods/synth  54K  58 Synth mod by PKK              ***+
Lll.lha            mods/synth  44K  58 Synth mod                     ****
Loadermusic.lha    mods/synth  32K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
LoadingDia.lha     mods/synth  32K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
Lopp.lha           mods/synth  61K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
LpMode.lha         mods/synth  38K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
Lu5z.lha           mods/synth  24K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
MagicBus.lha       mods/synth  87K  58 Synth mod                     ****
Magicka.lha        mods/synth  20K  58 Synth mod by Rogue Male       ***
MagicTubes.lha     mods/synth  70K  58 Synth mod by Titan            ****+
MagicWand.lha      mods/synth  51K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
MagneticRust.lha   mods/synth  66K  58 Synth mod by Major Tom        ****
Mappi.lha          mods/synth  63K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
Mcdisk5Final.lha   mods/synth  43K  58 Synth mod by Lizardking       ****
McShyDIii3.lha     mods/synth  59K  58 Synth mod by MC Shy D         ****
Megaforce02.lha    mods/synth  70K  58 Synth mod                     ****
Megapopp.lha       mods/synth  23K  58 Synth mod by Mr Frenzy        ****
MellowPluck.lha    mods/synth 188K  58 Synth mod by Delorean         ***+
Melotech.lha       mods/synth  64K  58 Synth mod                     *****
Mgk.lha            mods/synth 118K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
Mike1.lha          mods/synth  45K  58 Synth mod                     ****
Miniblast.lha      mods/synth  35K  58 Synth mod by Pyratronik       ****
MinoanWar.lha      mods/synth  75K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
Minsmire.lha       mods/synth  43K  58 Synth mod                     ****
MissileAlertMd.lha mods/synth  76K  58 Synth mod by Mark Knight      ****
MisterClash.lha    mods/synth 121K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
MovemUpForYa.lha   mods/synth  63K  58 Synth mod by Libi             ****+
Movethis.lha       mods/synth  70K  58 Synth mod                     ****
MoveYourFeet.lha   mods/synth  89K  58 Synth mod by Mr Zeb           ****+
MumbleMumble.lha   mods/synth  99K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
Musthave.lha       mods/synth  25K  58 Synth mod                     ****
MyDay.lha          mods/synth  55K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
Mysong.lha         mods/synth  55K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
MysteryPlace.lha   mods/synth  52K  58 Synth mod                     ****
NameThatTune.lha   mods/synth  69K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
NamTheme.lha       mods/synth  97K  58 Synth mod                     ****
Necroscope.lha     mods/synth  22K  58 Synth mod by Mantronix        ****+
Nephew.lha         mods/synth  61K  58 Synth mod by Jol005x          ****+
Newfred.lha        mods/synth  28K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
NewModernMusic.lha mods/synth  36K  58 Synth mod                     ****
Newtech.lha        mods/synth  37K  58 Synth mod                     ***
NiceDayIn89.lha    mods/synth  46K  58 Synth mod by Zing             ****+
Nicewalk.lha       mods/synth  32K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
NiceWetAndMean.lha mods/synth 142K  58 Synth mod                     ****
NightClubTheme.lha mods/synth  47K  58 Synth mod by Lord Interface   ***+
NightInWizland.lha mods/synth  51K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
NightOfComet.lha   mods/synth  88K  58 Synth mod by Dr And           ****
Nipponmist.lha     mods/synth  80K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
Noel.lha           mods/synth  82K  58 Synth mod                     ****
Noise19895.lha     mods/synth  41K  58 Synth mod                     ****
Nomansland.lha     mods/synth  51K  58 Synth mod                     ****
Noname15.lha       mods/synth  28K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
Noname7.lha        mods/synth  36K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
NoParking.lha      mods/synth  93K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
NowWhatIi.lha      mods/synth  66K  58 Synth mod by Dr Awesome       ***+
Nudity4.lha        mods/synth  83K  58 Synth mod by Kalashnikov      ****+
NutopiabkhNhp.lha  mods/synth  72K  58 Synth mod by Bkh              ****+
Nutune.lha         mods/synth  73K  58 Synth mod by Dextrous         ****+
Oasis.lha          mods/synth  46K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
Oblivion.lha       mods/synth  22K  58 Synth mod by The Avatar       ****+
Oddysey2.lha       mods/synth 303K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
OdysseyPart2.lha   mods/synth  81K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
Okkie.lha          mods/synth  72K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
SllAktion5.lha     mods/synth  60K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
TheCrest.lha       mods/synth  52K  58 Synth mod                     **
TheEmboldment.lha  mods/synth  48K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
TheFinalVision.lha mods/synth  45K  58 Synth mod                     ***+
TheKentSong.lha    mods/synth  41K  58 Synth mod                     ****+
ThroughTheHall.lha mods/synth  28K  58 Synth mod by Daniel Berlin    ****
1_rave_t.lha       mods/techn 352K  15+RAVE-Tools The New Chapter Track 1
2Control.lha       mods/techn  13K  45+Mad tekkno tune
2_rave_t.lha       mods/techn 304K  15+Rave Tools - The New Chapter Track 2
3_rave_t.lha       mods/techn 162K  15+Rave Tools - The New Chapter Track 3
95Ravers_Mix.lha   mods/techn 469K  19+Great Tekkno Modul by D.A.X Ravebusters 
Acidick.lzh        mods/techn  66K   5+MOD By JayFx/BlackOut
AcidicLampshad.lha mods/techn 111K  58 Techno mod by Mark Knight     ****
AcidRave.lha       mods/techn 203K  58 Techno mod by Orpheus         ****
ADomosPace2.lha    mods/techn  55K  58 Techno mod by Zodiac          ***+
Adrenochrome.lha   mods/techn 151K  47 Techno mod                   5:05 ****+
agony_od.lha       mods/techn 100K  10+Protracker .MOD  (Dark Industrial)
AgressiveClean.lha mods/techn 115K  58 Techno mod by Mr.Urk          ***+
AGTechno.lha       mods/techn 127K  58 Techno mod by Time Guardian   *****+
Albinose.lha       mods/techn 223K  58 Techno mod by Optic           *****
AliensAteMySoc.lha mods/techn  91K  58 Techno mod by Twilight        ****+
Amigafastestco.lha mods/techn  59K  58 Techno mod by Mr.Root         ***+
AmigaLort.lha      mods/techn  90K  58 Techno mod                    *****
AnthemOfTechno.lha mods/techn 149K  88+Protracker Module "Anthem Of Techno"
Approximity.lha    mods/techn 168K  58 Techno mod                    ****
AtTheHouze.lha     mods/techn 222K  19+Great Tekkno Modul by TITAN  -Tekkno
Aussie4.lha        mods/techn  48K  58 Techno mod                    **+
Babdabbel_dobb.lha mods/techn  90K   6+Babdobbel-dobbelin  Hardcore Tekkno  
BadLands.lha       mods/techn  30K  58 Techno mod                    **+
BanginCindy.lha    mods/techn 538K  58 Techno mod by Vinnie          *****
Bar_B_Q.lha        mods/techn  60K  23+Mod by TLS from Retire "Bar-B-Q"
BasicInstinct.lha  mods/techn 106K  58 Techno mod by Jester          *****
BigThrong.lha      mods/techn  92K  58 Techno mod by Dexter          ****
Bladeraver.lha     mods/techn  94K  47 Techno by Bionic             3:30 ****+
Blueboxing.lha     mods/techn  90K 121+Module from Razor 19111 "Back to the ash
BornInBelgianC.lha mods/techn  71K  58 Techno mod by Bernard Sumner  ****
BrainForSale.lha   mods/techn 258K  58 Techno mod by Brainiac        ****
Brain_Dead_DAX.lha mods/techn 100K  29+Great Tekkno Module by D.A.X Ravebusters
BurningFire.lha    mods/techn  96K  58 Techno mod by MC Matrix       ***
CallingEarth.lha   mods/techn  96K  19+Yves Deruyter/Calling Earth by ENSONIC
CaloogaAt5Am.lha   mods/techn  75K  58 Techno mod                    **
CanyonDentro.lha   mods/techn  67K  23+Mod by Nightmare from Elicma "Canyon Den
Capricornmix.lha   mods/techn 193K  58 Techno mod by Leander         ****+
CelebrateIi.lha    mods/techn  92K  58 Techno mod by 0-dezign        ****
Chapell.lha        mods/techn 245K  58 Techno mod by Dirk+Yorak      ****+
Comanators.lha     mods/techn  77K  58 Techno mod                    ****+
CommercialBrea.lha mods/techn  29K  26+AANSTALTEN Hardcore MED by TRANCE DENNIS
CondomCorruptM.lha mods/techn 170K  31+Condom Corruption MAXI MOD by Travolta/S
Corruption.lha     mods/techn 220K  11+Oldstyle technopop by Tiny of Loonies
Crowds1.lha        mods/techn  34K  58 Techno mod                    **+
CryBaby.lha        mods/techn 124K  58 Techno mod                    ****
CryForBASS.lha     mods/techn 463K  17+PT-MOD by Rymix: TechnoBass Awesomeness
CrystalKaosJay.lha mods/techn 132K  58 Techno mod by Echo            ****+
Cubik.lha          mods/techn 156K  58 Techno mod                    ***
CuebikMixSlx.lha   mods/techn  57K  58 Techno mod                    ****
DanceclubMix.lha   mods/techn  64K  58 Techno mod by Dutch           ****
DanceOrDie.lha     mods/techn  58K  58 Techno mod by Tekknoid        ****
danceyeah.lha      mods/techn 118K   7+Technopop module by Hotman. Yes you can 
dartboard.lha      mods/techn 157K   4+Mod by KBX-128/Tesko & Mark/TGC
DeadAndBuried.lha  mods/techn  81K 133 Technopop by Rotscheidt, Jür 2:05 ****
DeepDeepDownIi.lha mods/techn 296K  58 Techno mod by Jay-Dee         ***+
Deeptheacid.lha    mods/techn 161K  58 Techno mod by Burgame         ****
DefconByJB92.lha   mods/techn  96K  58 Techno mod                    ****+
Defloration.lha    mods/techn 289K  58 Techno mod by Emax            *****
destruct.lha       mods/techn  93K  10+Protracker .MOD  (Industrial)
DieIndustrie.lha   mods/techn  73K  58 Techno mod by Concept         ****+
DreamOffmco.lha    mods/techn  37K  58 Techno mod by HMC             ****+
DroppingAcid.lha   mods/techn 131K  58 Techno mod                    **+
dunka1an.lha       mods/techn 360K   6+DUNKA EN ANKA (SMASH A DUCK) - HARDCORE 
EcstasyJB92.lha    mods/techn 181K  58 Techno mod by Humanoid        *****
electr.lha         mods/techn 125K   8+Another Electronic PT module by Fc22
EndOfBeginning.lha mods/techn  30K  58 Techno mod by Beathoven       ****
EsOnJesus10.lha    mods/techn  92K  58 Techno mod by Echo            ****+
EtnoMatic.lha      mods/techn  78K   5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
FeelTheBitBeat.lha mods/techn  70K  58 Techno mod by Twisted         ****+
Feel_The_Bass.lha  mods/techn 122K   6+Feel The Bass !  Hardcore Tekkno
FightingForPea.lha mods/techn  65K  58 Techno mod by DJ Fog          ****+
FinallyIPlay.lha   mods/techn  71K  58 Techno mod by Carlo Demichelis****+
Firecracker.lha    mods/techn 165K  58 Techno mod                    ****+
FlameOfLove.lha    mods/techn 159K   5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
Frantic.lha        mods/techn  71K  58 Techno mod                    *****
FreedomTrack.lha   mods/techn  77K  58 Techno mod by Tyrell          ****+
Future.lha         mods/techn  46K   5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
Give_Peace.lha     mods/techn 247K  19+Great Tekkno Modul by D.A.X Ravebusters 
GlueL.lha          mods/techn  59K  58 Techno mod by Mahoney         ****
GoAhead.lha        mods/techn 135K   5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
GodWatches.lha     mods/techn 167K  58 Techno mod by x-cess          ****
GogoTechno.lha     mods/techn 167K  58 Techno mod by Snotty          *****
Goirle.lha         mods/techn  68K  58 Techno mod                    ****
GottaHaveYouNo.lha mods/techn 142K  58 Techno mod by Jam+Spoon       ****
GreenAcid.lha      mods/techn  32K   2+GreenACID Tekkno Module by Z-Cool
HalfAsleep.lha     mods/techn 125K  58 Techno mod by Tecon           ****
handbag.lha        mods/techn 282K   4+Pt-mod by Leather/TGC in August 1994
HappyhappyJoyj.lha mods/techn  60K  58 Techno mod by Mindless        ****
HardCoreHeaven.lzh mods/techn  74K   5+MOD By JayFx/BlackOut
Hardcor_World.lha  mods/techn 136K   6+Hardcore World    Hardcore Tekkno
Harthouse.lha      mods/techn 133K  58 Techno mod by Jam+Spoon       ****+
HbAutiohalko.lha   mods/techn 313K  58 Techno mod by Heatbeat        ****+
Hmmmmma.lha        mods/techn  96K  58 Techno mod                    ****
HumanInvasion.lha  mods/techn 151K  58 Techno mod                    ****+
HungerAfterDin.lha mods/techn  76K  58 Techno mod by Delta X         ****
HypnauticIi.lha    mods/techn  30K  58 Techno mod by Zyx             *****
Hypnotic.lha       mods/techn  39K  58 Techno mod by Slaxx           ****
Hysteria.lha       mods/techn  26K  58 Techno mod by Dhs             ****+
impress1.lha       mods/techn  67K  10+Protracker .MOD  (Industrial/New Wave)
impress2.lha       mods/techn  29K  10+Protracker .MOD  (Industrial/New Wave)
Innerpeace.lha     mods/techn  92K  58 Techno mod by Eric G          ****+
Innerspace.lha     mods/techn  82K   5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
InnerspMix.lha     mods/techn 101K   5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
Its_Movement.lha   mods/techn  90K   5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
juicebeat4beat.lha mods/techn 241K   8+BReaKBeaT TuNe BY jUicE
juice_breaks.lha   mods/techn 126K   2+Mellow happy breakbeats by jUicE!
juice_desolate.lha mods/techn 160K   7+Slow BreakBeat MOD by jUicE - *PHAT!*
juice_inlove.lha   mods/techn  98K   6+Garage/House mod by jUicE!
KeepBustin.lha     mods/techn 120K  58 Techno mod                    *****
Kira.lha           mods/techn  58K   5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
KoranicVerses.lha  mods/techn 341K  11+Koranic Verses - Arabian techno module
LaidAndFlushed.lha mods/techn  68K  58 Techno mod by Laxity          *****
LilaAcid.lha       mods/techn  31K   2+LilaACID Tekkno Module by Z-Cool
listentothis.lha   mods/techn 168K   7+Technopop module by Hotman ****+
Manzaro.lha        mods/techn  68K   5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
masterb.lha        mods/techn 156K   8+Cool Techno/Rave PT module by Fc22
MaydayCia.lha      mods/techn  61K  58 Techno mod by Vamp            ****+
mayday_crypt.lha   mods/techn 134K   2+Mayday2 RMX (Hysteric) by Jens
Memberment.lha     mods/techn 279K   5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
Micronos.lha       mods/techn  99K   5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
MindMeltation.lha  mods/techn 110K  58 Techno mod by Zadd            ****+
MixDaMix.lha       mods/techn  95K  21+Mod by Deejay Jones from Maniacs "Profou
Moonchild.lha      mods/techn  88K  58 Techno mod by Manimal         ****
Motherfuck.lha     mods/techn 230K   6+Motherfuck    Hardcore Tekkno
Mother_fucker.lha  mods/techn 219K   6+The Motherfucker    Hardcore Tekkno
necrolog.lha       mods/techn 116K   6+NECROLOGIQUE - TRANCE/HARDCORE module ma
nehxt_lebv.lha     mods/techn  89K   4+Mod by KBX-128
Netherworld.lha    mods/techn 277K  58 Techno mod by Probe           *****+
Newaciiiid.lha     mods/techn 253K  58 Techno mod                    ****
NewExperience.lha  mods/techn 214K  58 Techno mod by Wooper          ****+
Ninyaa_Tower.lha   mods/techn  92K   5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
NoCorners.lha      mods/techn  67K  58 Techno mod by The Master      *****+
NorthernLight.lha  mods/techn 103K  58 Techno mod by Twilight        ****+
No_Feeling.lha     mods/techn 195K   5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
ode2xtd.lha        mods/techn 120K   6+ODE TO X-TRADE - Asian inspirated trance
PhaseTheMusix.lha  mods/techn 125K   5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
PieceOfTheSky.lzh  mods/techn  28K   5+MOD By JayFx/BlackOut
Powerbase.lha      mods/techn 113K   5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
PsycheFreq.lha     mods/techn 277K  11+Hardcore acidtechno by Tiny of Loonies.
radius111.lzh      mods/techn 187K   8+An acid/trance soundtracker mod (4ch)  
rastaman.lha       mods/techn  97K   7+Technopop module by Hotman dedicated to 
ROB_ReMix.lha      mods/techn 158K   5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
Running.lha        mods/techn  63K   5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
SacrificeForLo.lzh mods/techn  90K   5+MOD By JayFx/BlackOut
SecretTechno.lha   mods/techn  28K  58 Techno mod by Black Virus     ****+
SignsOfLive.lha    mods/techn 252K   3+Nice Techno-Module by Digi-T-Icer
Starwatchers.lha   mods/techn  85K   5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
Syndrom_One.lha    mods/techn 106K   5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
Techno_Select.lzh  mods/techn 829K  12+Hardcore Industrial
thundermix.lha     mods/techn 459K   6+THUNDERMIX    Hardcore Tekkno
Trancedome.lha     mods/techn  41K  10+Trance/acid module (11+ mins!) by KiLLra
TranceV1.lha       mods/techn 416K  34+TranceMods Vol.1 by ARU !!!
Trance_Action.lha  mods/techn  45K   5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
Trancin.lha        mods/techn  18K  10+Trance/Acid module (7+ mins) by KiLLraVe
Tranquillizer.lzh  mods/techn 120K   5+MOD By JayFx/BlackOut
Trenzneeschen.lha  mods/techn  93K   5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
tte.lha            mods/techn 220K   8+Fast Techno/Rave PT module by Fc22
VietnamOverdri.lha mods/techn 144K  16+Techno module by Prophet
wahoooo.lha        mods/techn  91K   7+Technopop module by Hotman ****
Warpfield_Two.lha  mods/techn 132K   5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
Waveland.lha       mods/techn 111K   5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
HardfloorBewar.lha mods/tranc 100K  58 Trance mod by Jam+Spoon       ****+
HCEctasy.lha       mods/tranc 120K  58 Trance mod by Dexter          ****+
InduceATrance.lha  mods/tranc 145K  58 Trance mod by Infinitus       ***
Norwich4arsena.lha mods/tranc  78K  58 Trance mod by Trashcan        ****+
GuruDreams.lha     mods/voice 479K  81+Brilliant high quality Jungle Techno Pro
maehsir.lha        mods/voice 175K  16+Funny module by tjm 
WindItUpChaos.lha  mods/voice 256K  47 Voices by Andemar            6:45 ***
12thsect.lha       mods/xm    703K  16+Trance xm by The Kraken       ****+
180.lha            mods/xm    617K  16+Hardcore xm by Robodude       ****
181remix.lha       mods/xm     66K  16+Trance xm by Skull            ****+
2days2.lha         mods/xm    231K  16+Trance xm by Sine             ****
3rdreali.lha       mods/xm     86K  16+Techno xm by Dr.Fiasko        **+
4getpast.lha       mods/xm    131K  16+Techno xm by Javier Barrachin ****
6daysrmx.lha       mods/xm    168K  16+Techno xm by Nomad            ****
aby_wild.lha       mods/xm    104K  16+Trance xm by AnBeeYourn       ****+
ak_loom.lha        mods/xm    392K  16+Techno xm by Axel F           ****+
amblight.lha       mods/xm    147K  16+Techno xm by Vogue            *****
amerika.lha        mods/xm    772K  16+Techno xm by Saint Vitus      ****
amnoise.lha        mods/xm    198K  16+Techno xm by Sine             ***+
angels.lha         mods/xm    306K  16+Jungle xm by Anarky           ****+
b13_0008.lha       mods/xm    127K  16+Hardcore xm by Lankhmar       ****+
b13_0009.lha       mods/xm    185K  16+Trance xm by Hypnotic         ****
b13_0010.lha       mods/xm    161K  16+Techno xm by Lankmar          ***+
b13_0011.lha       mods/xm    638K  16+Jungle xm by Velvet Screan    ****
b13_0012.lha       mods/xm    230K  16+Hardcore xm by Lankhmar       ****+
b13_0013.lha       mods/xm    801K  16+Pop xm by Velvet Scream       ****+
b13_0015.lha       mods/xm    189K  16+Ambient xm by Hypnotic        ****
b13_0019.lha       mods/xm    389K  16+Trance xm                     ***+
b13_0020.lha       mods/xm    191K  16+Guitar xm by Lankhmar         ****+
b13_0021.lha       mods/xm    571K  16+Techno xm by Velvet Scream    ****
b13_0022.lha       mods/xm    265K  16+Techno xm by Lankhmar         ***+
ballad.lha         mods/xm     40K  16+Melodic xm by Miss Saigon     ****
bassjung.lha       mods/xm    341K  16+Jungle xm by Xenocide         ****+
beawom.lha         mods/xm    232K  16+Techno xm by Sine             **+
betelgeu.lha       mods/xm    224K  16+Synth xm by Orion             ****+
beyondre.lha       mods/xm     92K  16+House xm by Vogue             *****+
blind.lha          mods/xm    117K  16+Techno xm by The Nation       **
bn_fast.lha        mods/xm    112K  16+Synth xm by BlueNova          ****+
bouldern.lha       mods/xm    137K  16+Techno xm by Sine             ****
chechen.lha        mods/xm    1.1M  16+Slow xm by The Kraken         ****+
claustr2.lha       mods/xm    367K  16+Pop xm by Lizardking          *****+
c_bflood.lha       mods/xm     83K  16+Techno xm by Claim            ****
c_nept.lha         mods/xm     54K  16+Atmos xm by Claim             ****
c_pak00.lha        mods/xm    106K  16+Techno xm by Claim            ***
c_pak01.lha        mods/xm    310K  16+Techno xm by Claim            ****+
c_pak03.lha        mods/xm    360K  16+Techno xm by Claim            ****
c_protpa.lha       mods/xm     63K  16+Hardcore xm by Claim          ****
c_warlok.lha       mods/xm    166K  16+Techno xm by Claim            ****
digikezi.lha       mods/xm    142K  16+Synth xm by Alpha             ****
dissolve.lha       mods/xm    267K  16+Techno xm by Nathan D. Bowen  ****
dreamsdz.lha       mods/xm    572K  16+Slow xm by Vogue              ****+
d_3_nin.lha        mods/xm    101K  16+Techno xm by Lowrider         ****
d_confes.lha       mods/xm     84K  16+Jungle xm by Lowrider         ****
d_manbhn.lha       mods/xm    103K  16+Techno xm by Quarex           ****+
d_nine.lha         mods/xm    146K  16+Techno xm by Lowrider         ***+
epi_bow.lha        mods/xm    229K  16+Synth xm by Roland            *****
epi_debu.lha       mods/xm    186K  16+Voice xm by Roland            ***+
epi_pot2.lha       mods/xm    342K  16+Synth xm by Roland            ****+
es_space.lha       mods/xm    246K  16+Trance xm by The Electric She ***
es_theme.lha       mods/xm    106K  16+Trance xm by The Electric She ***
es_tranc.lha       mods/xm    233K  16+Trance xm by The Electric She ***+
es_xymex.lha       mods/xm    218K  16+Trance xm by Black Sheep      *+
everlost.lha       mods/xm    434K  16+Trance xm by Lithium          ****+
explorat.lha       mods/xm     35K  16+Techno xm by Vogue            ****+
extrem_2.lha       mods/xm    182K  16+Techno xm by Hades            ****+
far.lha            mods/xm    220K  16+Melodic xm by Lizardking      *****
fm_wreck.lha       mods/xm    649K  16+Synth xm by Mellow-D          ****+
fnz_bsrm.lha       mods/xm    111K  16+Techno xm by Fonzie           ***
forces.lha         mods/xm    218K  16+Techno xm by Scirocco         ***+
forfire.lha        mods/xm    316K  16+Techno xm by Sine             ***
funkptrl.lha       mods/xm    200K  16+Jungle xm by Jimbob           ****
gameplan.lha       mods/xm    355K  16+Techno xm by Scirocco         ****
gloryknt.lha       mods/xm    314K  16+Techno xm by Goul             *****
gl_fatal.lha       mods/xm    470K  16+Techno xm by Gillespie        ***+
gl_start.lha       mods/xm    371K  16+Synth xm by Gillespie         *****
hapiness.lha       mods/xm    127K  16+Piano xm by Nathan Strong     ****+
herejony.lha       mods/xm    334K  16+Hardcore xm by Festa          ****
icanfly.lha        mods/xm    228K  16+Melodic xm by Tito            ****+
ida_trwh.lha       mods/xm    354K  16+Trance xm by Idaho            ***+
incinrtd.lha       mods/xm    148K  16+Techno xm by Vogue            ****+
infinitt.lha       mods/xm     88K  16+Techno xm by Javier Barrachin ****
itptechn.lha       mods/xm    284K  16+Techno xm by Dominei          ****+
jerkil_r.lha       mods/xm    157K  16+Techno xm by Ron              *****
jungle.lha         mods/xm    718K  16+Atmos xm by Noiseman          ****+
krkncym2.lha       mods/xm    987K  16+Trance xm by The Kraken       ****+
krknsvct.lha       mods/xm    785K  16+Atmos xm by The Kraken        ****+
krkn_bdn.lha       mods/xm    903K  16+Atmos xm by The Kraken        ****+
krkn_cym.lha       mods/xm    961K  16+Atmos xm by The Kraken        ****+
k_cyber.lha        mods/xm    186K  16+Techno xm by Sir Quarex       ****+
k_dirt.lha         mods/xm    300K  16+Trance xm by Khyron           ****+
k_synerg.lha       mods/xm    424K  16+Techno xm by Khyron           ****
k_ultra.lha        mods/xm     99K  16+Melodic xm by Mental Floss    ****+
k_vortx3.lha       mods/xm    341K  16+Demo xm by Khyron             ****
laboru.lha         mods/xm    189K  16+Trance xm by Nathan D. Bowen  *****
leppaker.lha       mods/xm    122K  16+Demo xm by Tusku              **
levity.lha         mods/xm    206K  16+Trance xm by Trifixion        **+
lightspd.lha       mods/xm     57K  16+Synth xm by Void              *****
liquidat.lha       mods/xm    113K  16+Techno xm by Vogue            ****+
longstab.lha       mods/xm    141K  16+Techno xm by Vogue            *****
maatmoss.lha       mods/xm    635K  16+Techno xm by Libertin         **+
maz_twil.lha       mods/xm    654K  16+Trance xm by Snake Eyes       ***+
mindc20.lha        mods/xm    320K  16+Techno xm by Scirocco         ***+
mld_guid.lha       mods/xm    239K  16+Synth xm by Mellow-D          ****+
mld_tday.lha       mods/xm    148K  16+Melodic xm by Mellow-D        ****+
morph2.lha         mods/xm    137K  16+Techno xm by Vogue            ****
m__focus.lha       mods/xm     94K  16+Techno xm by Mild             ****
naranja.lha        mods/xm    294K  16+Funk xm by Zodiak             ****+
nf_blow.lha        mods/xm    489K  16+Hardcore xm by Audiokraft     ****
no_sn.lha          mods/xm     85K  16+Melodic xm by Benoit Charland ****
oblitirt.lha       mods/xm    419K  16+Trance xm by Obliterator      *****
odiusia2.lha       mods/xm    178K  16+Techno xm by Stema            ****+
oldtimes.lha       mods/xm    207K  16+Melodic xm by Wode            ****+
paraguay.lha       mods/xm    272K  16+Techno xm by Shaq             ***
peregrin.lha       mods/xm    174K  16+Synth xm by Black Thunder     ****+
popori.lha         mods/xm    495K  16+Techno xm by Satyricon        ***+
pumpuli.lha        mods/xm      3K  16+Chip xm by Feather            ***+
raverain.lha       mods/xm    391K  16+Jungle xm by Tom              ****+
rds_1.lha          mods/xm    110K  16+Techno xm by Riders           ****
rds_intr.lha       mods/xm     99K  16+Hardcore xm by Riders         ****
reflectr.lha       mods/xm    485K  16+Synth xm by Zodiac            *****
rumble.lha         mods/xm    103K  16+Jungle xm by Zanti            ****+
sawdust.lha        mods/xm    357K  16+Synth xm by Resonantix        ****+
seraph_.lha        mods/xm    167K  16+Techno xm by Nathan D. Bowen  ****+
smove.lha          mods/xm    168K  16+Trance xm by Vivid            ****
sm_weird.lha       mods/xm    285K  16+Synth xm by Hunz              ****
spaceinv.lha       mods/xm    1.1M  16+Trance xm by Slog             ****
spinwhip.lha       mods/xm    357K  16+Jungle xm by Satryricon       ****+
starfall.lha       mods/xm    349K  16+Jungle xm by Scirocco         ****+
sweetthi.lha       mods/xm     92K  16+Synth xm by Balrog            ****+
thunderd.lha       mods/xm    429K  16+Techno xm by Ghost            ****
tom_mdt.lha        mods/xm    166K  16+Techno xm by Mateus           ****+
tom_mid1.lha       mods/xm     95K  16+Melodic xm by Mateus          ****
tom_mid2.lha       mods/xm    137K  16+Melodic xm by Mateus          ****+
tom_mid3.lha       mods/xm    179K  16+Synth xm by Mateus            ****+
tom_mono.lha       mods/xm     54K  16+Synth xm by Mateus            ****
triph0p.lha        mods/xm     44K  16+Techno xm by Stuttering MC    *+
trnthm.lha         mods/xm    384K  16+Synth xm by LizardKing        *****
turning.lha        mods/xm    176K  16+Techno xm by Tito             *****
vd_rave2.lha       mods/xm    125K  16+Techno xm by Vlad Dracl       ***
werewolf.lha       mods/xm    620K  16+Rock xm by T.o.B              *****
wf.lha             mods/xm    398K  16+Synth xm by Lizardking        *****
wf_mages.lha       mods/xm    163K  16+Techno xm by Lizardking       ****+
why_dont.lha       mods/xm    525K  16+Melodic xm by Chanel 5        *****+
wild.lha           mods/xm    318K  16+Jungle xm by Lizardking       ****+
xmlookup.lha       mods/xm    4.4M  16+Mod 
AlgoRhythms.lha    mus/edit   139K  40+3.1 Improvs new age Music on audio/MIDI
ArtOfNoise.lha     mus/edit   1.3M  27+New tracker,8 channels,fm-synthesis,etc.
audiolab.lha       mus/edit   205K  19+16bit audio DSP (030,HD,OS2.1)
DMCS_German.lha    mus/edit     7K  34+A german catalog file for DeluxeMusic 2.
harmonix.lha       mus/edit    30K  59+Creating Realistic Synthsounds in MED
MLED111.lha        mus/edit   548K   6+New musiceditor, realtime synthesis & st
mod2smp.lha        mus/edit    10K  24+Converts PT module into sample (v0.63g b
Multisample.lha    mus/edit    27K  56+Amiga/ST/PC sound sample convertor
NewTracker356.lha  mus/edit    41K  62+Music composer for OS 2.1+
OctaMEDdev_v4.lha  mus/edit   249K  31 Music editor programming kit
OctaMEDv4.lha      mus/edit   299K  32 Music editing software, 8 voices
pt23b.lha          mus/edit   122K  17+Protracker 2.3b(This AGA fix WORKS!!!)
QuadraComp.lha     mus/edit   318K  44+An intuition-based music tracker V2.1.
RGS_Util.lha       mus/edit   188K  65+Utilities for RGS (RealTimeGraphikSynth)
SCL_pt18_SpEdn.lha mus/edit    69K  59+NEW!ProTracker1.8*SpecialEdition*u:sho
SFX3_20.lha        mus/edit   647K   2+Powerful soundeffect,converter,..  softw
SFX3_20_guides.lha mus/edit    86K   2+Ger./engl. guides for SFX
SOUNDEffect220.lha mus/edit   243K  70+Multi-func. sample editor - effect gener
SoundMachine.lha   mus/edit    58K  42+Loads,saves, & plays various sound files
soxgui12.lha       mus/edit    45K  16+GUI for AmiSox 3.3
stxpfix.lha        mus/edit   149K  74+Protracker 2.3 aga fixed
symd1.lha          mus/edit   813K  31+Fantastic new 16bit music editor!
symd2.lha          mus/edit   837K  31+Fantastic new 16bit music editor!
symd3.lha          mus/edit   837K  31+Fantastic new 16bit music editor!
SYMINFO.lha        mus/edit    22K  19+Symphonie Information
Symphonie13a.lha   mus/edit    52K  52+New tracker 256 channels,56kHz,14bits...
XModule34.lha      mus/edit   226K  13+Multiformat Module Editor And Converter
ada_mp1.lha        mus/midi    56K  10+ADA MP-1 Preamp patch editor/utils
ADA_MPup.lha       mus/midi    16K  10+Adds new feature to ADA_MP1.lha
armrhap.lha        mus/midi    22K   4+Armenian Rhapsody for 2 Pianos .MID
blaniksm.lha       mus/midi    81K   8+.MID for 2 synths of Blanik from "Ma Vla
boltdrmn.lha       mus/midi     9K   4+From Shostakovich's "Bolt", The Drayman'
coq3smf.lha        mus/midi    26K  11+3rd section of Coq d'Or Suite .MID
coq4smf.lha        mus/midi    35K  11+.MID sequence for Proteus 2 of Coq d'Or 
domv1_0.lha        mus/midi   112K   3+Midi sequencer, 250 multichannel tracks,
ET2.lha            mus/midi    16K   7+EarTrainer Midi Musical Test Aid.
galynin3.lha       mus/midi    27K   9+.MID of Galynin Piano Concerto finale
Midifile12.lha     mus/midi    79K   2+A DICE link library for reading, parsing
mtair.lha          mus/midi    51K   8+.MID (2 synths) of Symphony on a French 
ravpc1.lha         mus/midi    37K   8+.MID of 1st movement of Ravel's G Major 
SysExpert.lha      mus/midi    22K   2+Good Sys/Ex-receiver/transmitter V1.10
taktak1.lha        mus/midi    41K   5+1st mvmt of Taktakishvili Piano Concerto
taktak2.lha        mus/midi    18K   4+Taktakishvili Piano Concerto, 2nd mvmt .
ttanzsmf.lha       mus/midi    66K  11+.MID sequence of Todentanz for Proteus 2
BeatMaster.lha     mus/misc     5K   2+Counts beats in BPM, V1.00
ET2_10.lha         mus/misc    19K   5+EarTrainer V2.10 Musical training aid.
gtools.lha         mus/misc   113K   3+Tools for Guitar-Players
GuitarG1_01.lha    mus/misc   849K   2+A German Database for Guitar using OS3.0
midit_1_2c.lha     mus/misc    20K   1+OctaMED to MID module converter - v1.2c
nozsoundmach.lha   mus/misc    62K   8+Fun way to play with IFF sounds
raw2brr.lha        mus/misc     6K   7+Converts DATATYPES to BRR V0.95
SoundCrck296.lha   mus/misc    54K   2+Multi-soundripper. V2.96
TFMX_converter.lha mus/misc    15K   3+Converter for 'one file' TFMX modules ha
60A_Player_10.lha  mus/play     6K  24+A 8k module player for P60A modules
aload.lha          mus/play    70K  33+GUI Multi-tasking Harddrive Music stream
Audio_Handler.lha  mus/play    16K   6+Pipe/copy raw audio samples into a DOS d
BenRPL.lha         mus/play   127K  31+Very cool (and fast) module replay sourc
bubbly.lha         mus/play    30K  71 DeliTracker custom module "BubbleBobble"
CDPlayer.lha       mus/play    49K  22+Plays samples from HD. V1.0
DASEPL10.lha       mus/play    20K  67+Multitrack module playing code modules f
dasmp_epls.lha     mus/play    85K  48+Fixed players (S3M,...) for DASMP 3.4++
dasmp_s3m.lha      mus/play    23K  46+Fixed S3M V2.48 EPL for DASMP 3.4++
delay013.lha       mus/play    85K  48+DeliAY 0.13 Beta and FXS songs for DeliT
DeliAY014.lha      mus/play    46K   3+DeliAY 0.14 for DeliTracker 2.14+
DiskChanger.lha    mus/play    29K   5+Genie for DeliTracker that recognizes CD
DMODP35b.lha       mus/play   449K  21+D.A.S.ModulePlayer 3.5b. (MUI app)
DSound150.lha      mus/play    38K  61+Plays 8SVX samples directly off a HD
Eagleplay1_54c.lha mus/play   807K  31+Plays >100 music formats !
hip211.lha         mus/play   185K   2+Modplayer for kick1.2+. Try it.
IFT_scopept.lha    mus/play    30K   6+Oscilloscopes for PT modules (BUGFIX!)
jbplay.lha         mus/play     8K  29+Plays 8SVX-samples,very system-friendly
justplay.lha       mus/play    18K  42+Pro-player to use as a tool w/ icons, xp
M22_BP2A.lha       mus/play    61K   6+BananaPlay V2.0a - Short and REALY GOOD 
MiniPlay10.lha     mus/play    37K  27 This is one of the smallest mod-players 
mpega.lha          mus/play    19K  12+Fast MPEG audio decoder & player (68020+
mpegapla.lha       mus/play    50K  12+MPEG audio player for DeliTracker. 68020
OctaMED_P.lha      mus/play    51K   5+Latest OctaMED Player
P6101.lha          mus/play    62K  36+The Player 6.1A 610.1 / 08.01.1995
Play1615Pch.lha    mus/play     6K   5+Bugfix and two new icons for Play16 1.5 
Play16_1_5.lha     mus/play    85K  11+Plays WAV, IFF, MAUD, etc, 14 bit output
playerek299d.lha   mus/play    12K  27+Playerek v2.99ceta ProTracker/Med module
PlayMOD.lha        mus/play    17K   2+PlayMOD v1.1 - Nice CLI/WB ST/NT/PT MOD 
PlaySID3.lha       mus/play    68K  55+Version 3.0 of the famous SID emulator
PoPl4_1.lha        mus/play   156K  11+Nicely plays many music modules
PowerPlayer.lha    mus/play   158K  13+User/System friendly module player. V4.1
PS3M311.lha        mus/play    34K  13+Plays S3Ms, XMs, MTMs, MODs and FTMs.
PTReplay514.lha    mus/play    35K   7+A library w/ systemfriendly pt-replayer
QuadraPlayer.lha   mus/play    43K  41+Excellent module player v1.2
rrr_thp1.lha       mus/play   796K   8+The Illustrated Holy Player, AGA only [1
rrr_thp2.lha       mus/play   754K   8+The Illustrated Holy Player, AGA only [2
ScopeExt2001.lha   mus/play     7K  34+Ext. Scope V.200195 by Smack/Infect
sid2midi.lha       mus/play    50K  26+Convert SID songs to standard MIDI files
SmallPlayer.lha    mus/play    36K  68+Small module player
SPlayLib31.lha     mus/play   202K  42+MultiSound-Library - loading, saving + p
splib43D.lha       mus/play   124K  11+Superplay.library - loads, saves, plays 
splib43U.lha       mus/play    88K  11+Superplay.library - loads, saves, plays 
SuperPlayLib31.lha mus/play   202K  57+MultiSound-Library - loading, saving + p
sypro211.lha       mus/play   127K  31 16 Bit Symphonie (2.11c) - performing CD
TFMX_EPplayers.lha mus/play    24K   3+Latest release of the TFMX players for E
tinyplayer.lha     mus/play     6K  46+Plays Mods. Needs very little mem.
tracker_4_31.lzh   mus/play   324K  17+Portable ST/PT player 
Whittaker41.lha    mus/play   110K  30+V4.1 For EaglePlayer/DeliTracker
Woodstock.lha      mus/play    20K  47+Little Moduleplayer, V1.0
xPlay10.lha        mus/play    11K  27+A player for XPK-packed IFF/RAW samples
Carrace.anim       pix/anim   3.0M   2+Digitized movie of a car drive
CraterFly.anim     pix/anim   5.9M   2+Scenery Animator anim
falcon.lha         pix/anim   595K  10+Little STAR WARS - anim (16colors)
KD_Erde_Anim.lha   pix/anim   3.2M   2+Ham8 animation of turning Earth
Metal_Man.anim     pix/anim   7.0M   2+Anim7 of Terminator like 3D morphing
Pool.anim          pix/anim   6.1M   2+Raytraced anim of flight over a pool
remo.anim          pix/anim   2.9M   2+Anim7 of texture mapped head
RachelFootball.lha pix/art    204K  12+Rachel Raccoon playing touch football
Tableau.lha        pix/art    116K   8+3 nice hand-drawn pictures
Watergirl.lha      pix/art    108K  13+Amazing Picture by JCS/Neoplasia^Sector7
AGA_Morphy.lha     pix/eric   694K  11+AGA_Morphy Anim by Eric Schwartz
Asteroids.lha      pix/eric   159K  11+Asteroids Anim by Eric Schwartz
BatMan_Anim.lha    pix/eric   109K  11+Batman Anim by Eric Schwartz
ESanim.lha         pix/eric   137K  11+E. S. Anim by E. Schwartz
FantaFilms.lha     pix/eric    92K  11+4 Fantavision Films by Eric Schwartz
Juggler_Jr.lha     pix/eric    84K  11+Juggler Jr Anim by Eric Schwartz
Mars_Puppies.lha   pix/eric   138K  11+Puppies from Mars Anim by Eric Schwartz
PacMan.lha         pix/eric   186K  11+PacMan Anim by Eric Schwartz
AESicon2.lha       pix/icon    68K  15+60 More NewIcon Images! Net,games,utils.
AESicon3.lha       pix/icon    62K  12+Yet More NewIcon Images!Locale,ParNet,mo
AESicon4.lha       pix/icon   105K   8+100 NewIcons! DOpus,new flags,Sabot,more
AES_icons.lha      pix/icon    82K  17+80 More NewIcon images!
AmigaTechLogo.lha  pix/icon    33K  12+Amiga Technologies Logo
amywb1.lha         pix/icon   250K   7+AmyWB Icon pack Vol 1, amazing 32 colors
amywb2.lha         pix/icon   491K   6+AmyWB Icon pack Vol 2, amazing 1:1, 32 c
ArcsPk12.lha       pix/icon   505K  11+Arctangent's WB Patterns & Startup-Pix V
ArcsPk13.lha       pix/icon   570K   6+Volume 13 of *THE BEST* WB Patterns for 
ArcTexture_II.lha  pix/icon   202K  10+GFX for Texture-Mapping coders, by Arc!
BeforeDark.lha     pix/icon   155K   5+41 new nice WorkBench patterns
berzbench.lha      pix/icon   239K   7+7 Wonderful Patterns for Workbench AGA
DO5NewIcons.lha    pix/icon   114K   6+NewIcon-style buttons for DOpus5, try it
halficnsprev.lha   pix/icon    36K  10+HalfIcons Preview
HalfIcons101b.lha  pix/icon    39K  10+HalfIcons V1.01 beta
IGfx20.lha         pix/icon   568K   2+Iconographics 2.0 - Amazing Icon/NewIcon
JBC_IconSet.lha    pix/icon   302K  10+IconSet (16-colour icons AGA-machines on
MagicDopus.lha     pix/icon    14K   9+MagicWB update for dopus 5 buttons
myisoic02.lha      pix/icon   215K   3+Icons in isometric style - 2nd archive
myisoicons.lha     pix/icon   221K  22+Icons in isometric style a la NewIcons
NetNewIcons.lha    pix/icon    13K  17+Grapevine, AMosaic, GUIftp and VMM NewIc
NewIcn_SH.lha      pix/icon    27K   3+17 NewIcons,+ a nice hi-res hand-pointer
NewIcons.lha       pix/icon    22K 206+Various 4 color icons
NewIconXTRA.lha    pix/icon   444K  42+OFFICIAL NewIcons Image Set (500+icons)
NewIcon_Bkds1.lha  pix/icon   771K  45+The NewIcons Backdrop Set #1
NI_Back2.lha       pix/icon   362K  11+Backdrops for NewIcons Workbench
NI_Back3.lha       pix/icon   395K  11+Backdrops for NewIcons Workbench
NI_Back4.lha       pix/icon   298K  11+Backdrops for NewIcons Workbench
NI_Back5.lha       pix/icon   313K  11+Backdrops for NewIcons Workbench
NI_Back6.lha       pix/icon   379K  11+Backdrops for NewIcons Workbench
pa_icons.lha       pix/icon     6K  11+Some new icons for "prefs" dir  -+-  by 
PylonPack_1.lha    pix/icon   196K   6+Pylon's Pixel Pack #1--Texturemapping GF
SmallDockBrush.lha pix/icon   152K   3+Small Dockbrush Icons V1.0 for use with 
Speris1.lha        pix/icon    32K  11 Icons by Adam Kindness
TNYBack2.lha       pix/icon    48K   2+167 backgrounds for your Workbench
TNYBackd.lha       pix/icon    16K   8+54 small backgrounds
WBBootP3.lha       pix/icon   351K  11+WB Boot Pictures Volume #3 - for AmigaOS
WBBootP95.lha      pix/icon   454K   2+WB Boot Pictures '95 - for AmigaOS 3.1
AT_A1200Pic.lha    pix/illu    44K   3+A1200 Scan from CUCUG's home page
hbbs_pic.lha       pix/illu   148K   2+HBBS Beta Screen Grabs
IBrowsePics.lha    pix/illu    66K   5+GIFs of IBrowse, the new Amiga WWW Brows
win95.jpg          pix/illu    54K   3+The Joke Of Microsoft
der3dobj.lha       pix/imagi  218K   2+3D Objects (Imagine) No.01 of D.E.R.
dergfx00.lha       pix/imagi  403K   2+Gfx Collection No.01 of D.E.R.
fmdesk.jpg         pix/imagi   86K  12+Imagine 3.2 render of a desk
gallery.lha        pix/imagi  404K   2+Imagine rendered image, 800x600JPEG & EC
HeartCage.jpg      pix/imagi  211K   5+Traced heart in a cage, COOL!
new_dawn.lha       pix/imagi   69K   8+DCTV format space scene with ship, plane
Pentax35.lha       pix/imagi   67K   6+35mm SLR Camera, Imagine V3 by R Byrne
SpaceCrafts.lha    pix/imagi  298K   6+Five new raytraced pictures rendered wit
TheSpace.lzh       pix/imagi  266K  12+A lot of pictures rendered with Reflecti
Tonight.jpg        pix/imagi   62K   5+Raytraced guitar
AGABootPics.lha    pix/misc    27K   6+2 AGA BootPics
AmigaLogo.lha      pix/misc    47K  10+New Amiga Technologies Logo (real one, p
amigatech.lha      pix/misc     2K  11+Very professional looking AmigaTechnolog
AMissingWorld.lha  pix/misc   370K  12+ILBM-Ham8-Pic (800x640)
AmiTechLogo.lha    pix/misc    20K  12+Nice professional looking AmiTech logo
AmyTechLogos.lha   pix/misc    49K   6+AMIGA Technologies Logos by PirlAGA
atlogo5.lha        pix/misc    22K   6+Amiga Technologies Logo Proposal V5
blah.jpg           pix/misc    71K  11+A 640x512x24 JPEG by DR_FACT
edgelogo.lha       pix/misc     3K   3+New recreation of The Edge radio logo  -
EGSBootLogo.lha    pix/misc   112K  11+A BootLogo image for use with EGS v6.2 o
FantaSeas.lha      pix/misc   1.3M   8+FantaSeas - 2 Photo CD set - 300 pics
FartIsle.jpg       pix/misc    95K   2+Pic by Ozzy_
HellChild.lha      pix/misc   122K  10+Composited image created with Photogenic
jurassic.lha       pix/misc   330K  10+Fantasy JPEG picture - 800 x 600.
knight.lha         pix/misc   451K  10+Fantasy JPEG picture - 800 x 600.
MagicPic.lha       pix/misc   1.0M   3+Magic-Eye-Pics of STARTREK-Starships
MangaJin.lha       pix/misc   1.2M   3+Collection of japanese manga and anime c
mindflash.lha      pix/misc   654K  10+Fantasy JPEG picture - 800 x 600.
MinimalArt.lha     pix/misc    23K   2+6 pictures, 320x256x4 colors
morbith1.lha       pix/misc    51K   4+Interesting graphix by Pressman and MB
murales.lha        pix/misc   499K  10+Fantasy JPEG picture - 800 x 600.
MysticCow.jpg      pix/misc    43K   2+Pic by Ozzy_
NewModel.jpg       pix/misc    63K  10+So, C= is dead? Here's their new model!
nghost.lha         pix/misc   387K  10+Fantasy JPEG picture - 800 x 600.
oldnewtimes.lha    pix/misc   472K  10+Fantasy JPEG picture - 800 x 600.
pa_amylogos.lha    pix/misc    15K   6+AMIGA Logos by PirlAGA
pa_textures.lha    pix/misc    66K   6+PirlAGA Patterns Collection Vol.1
pressma2.lha       pix/misc   297K   5+Some iff-pictures + Imagine 2.0 objects
pressman.lha       pix/misc   360K   6+A bunch of AGA+ECS pictures and animatio
rose_vangogh.jpg   pix/misc   132K   5+Composite image created w/Photogenics 1.
screenghost.lha    pix/misc   427K  10+Fantasy JPEG picture - 800 x 600.
SJWAS_Pics.lha     pix/misc   171K   3+Some nice bootpics (for AmigaStart 95.5)
subspace.lha       pix/misc   434K  10+Fantasy JPEG picture - 800 x 600.
TekknoPics.lha     pix/misc   408K   3+Pictures (Tekkno)
thephoenix.lha     pix/misc   307K  10+Fantasy JPEG picture - 800 x 600.
Trek_Ascii.lha     pix/misc    23K   5+Star Trek Ascii Pictures
Versuchsantrie.jpg pix/misc    73K   3+Funny Picture
vortix.lha         pix/misc   498K  10+Fantasy JPEG picture - 800 x 600.
waterman.lha       pix/misc   222K  10+Fantasy JPEG picture - 800 x 600.
WinBoot256.lha     pix/misc   116K   2+Very good 256 col win-like bootscreen 
YumYum.jpg         pix/misc   100K   2+A very hungry Amiga user ;-)
Mac_Icons.lha      pix/mwb     14K   4+MBW icons for ShapeShifter or Emplant
magical0.lha       pix/mwb     81K  10+A new MagicWB package
MagicBGs5.lha      pix/mwb    244K   3+New breathtaking patterns for MagicWB
MagicIcons3.lha    pix/mwb     16K   8+Small MagicWB Icon-package
MagWBStuff4upd.lha pix/mwb    386K   8+More pix which didn't make it into relea
MWBDrws_474.lha    pix/mwb    331K   5+MWB ImageDrawers Full Collection (474 dr
MWBMac.lha         pix/mwb      6K  12+My personal MWB-Icons for ShapeShifter o
MWB_DOpus_6.lha    pix/mwb    288K   9+Prof DOpus MWB patrns, btns, icns, full 
RynoIcons.lha      pix/mwb     84K   3+A set of Magic Workbench style icons
SmallBenchUpd1.lha pix/mwb     58K  10+Icons for nonlace WB - update1
SmallMagic1_4.lha  pix/mwb    214K  10+The MagicWB based icons for nonlaced WBs
SmallMgicApps.lha  pix/mwb     38K   5+SmallMagic Icons 4 your favorite Apps
tf_26x17.lha       pix/mwb     70K   8+Non-gradient MagicWB-style DOpus5 Images
TinyMWBCol1_3.lha  pix/mwb    106K   3+MWB-Stuff and MORE! (V1.3)
TomIcon.lha        pix/mwb    400K   6+Magic Workbench 2.0 16 colour icons plus
TomIcon2.lha       pix/mwb    519K   4+Magic Workbench 2.0 16 colour Icon Packa
TomIcon3.lha       pix/mwb    584K   3+Magic Workbench 2.0 16 colour icons for 
alfa.gif           pix/trace  227K 123+Alfa - fantastic raytrace done with Imag
Amiga_Logo.jpg     pix/trace   63K   5+Picture of the new Amiga-Logo
AmyTechLogo.jpg    pix/trace   28K   4+A *NICE* render of the Amiga Technologie
b5.gif             pix/trace   93K 134 A picture of the Babylon 5 space station
beast.lha          pix/trace  311K   8+3D fantasy piccy (CavernBeast.jpg) Light
Feigling.lha       pix/trace  826K   8+Cinema4D rendered image
Ferry.jpg          pix/trace  110K  10+Cool Spaceship (Reflections 2.5)
madness.gif        pix/trace  251K 123+Madness - fantastic raytrace done with I
MantisFly.jpg      pix/trace   31K  10+Raytraced crossbreed of dragonfly and ma
old_car.gif        pix/trace  285K 123+Old Car - fantastic raytrace done with I
orologio.gif       pix/trace  303K 123+Orologio - fantastic raytrace done with 
PowerPC.lha        pix/trace  214K   8+2 Cinema4D rendered images
Reflections.jpg    pix/trace  193K  10+Swimming-pool with letters (Reflections 
stanza.lha         pix/trace  163K   6+3D image of a room with a table
thankyou.jpg       pix/trace   69K   7+A high quality 640x512x24 ray trace by D
TyphoonTrace.lha   pix/trace  476K   2+2 raytraced pictures of Hawker Typhoon W
vorlon.gif         pix/trace   77K 134 A gif of a vorlon from Bablyon 5
db24BitWB.jpg      pix/wb     292K   3+Dbalster's WB now has *REAL* 24 Bit back
DoogBench7.lha     pix/wb     283K   9+A few snapshots and icons of doog's WB.
emubench.lha       pix/wb     126K  12+Workbench Pic showing misc platforms!
gregorwb.lha       pix/wb      69K   7+Picture of Gregors WB screen
jurewb.lha         pix/wb      59K  11+My example of a WB 
Nudel_Pix.lha      pix/wb      46K   8+Definitive ECS WBench & DOpus5 Screens!
press_wb.lha       pix/wb       3K   3+Prefs from Pressman's WB
S_WBPic.lha        pix/wb      36K  11+Picture of Stefan`s WB
Tommy_Ebbesen.lha  pix/wb     171K  10+Tommy's 800x600 workbench.
TomsWB.lha         pix/wb      59K   4+Magic Workbench Screen in 16 Colours.
WhizzWb.lha        pix/wb      51K   5+A Snapshot of Whizzkid's workbench
WorkbenchGrab.lha  pix/wb     195K   2+Didn't you ever wish to see my Workbench
aed.lha            text/edit    6K   6+ANSI Text Editor for BBS and Amiga Shell
Afrikaans.lha      text/edit  290K   5+Afrikaans dictionary for AlphaSpell V
ASpell.lha         text/edit  174K   2+Spelling Checker for Text Editors; 5.8
Danish.lha         text/edit   59K   5+Danish dictionary for AlphaSpell V
Dutch.lha          text/edit  401K   6+Dutch dictionary for AlphaSpell V
Espanol.lha        text/edit  122K   4+Spanish dictionary for AlphaSpell V
French.lha         text/edit  247K   5+French dictionary for AlphaSpell V
FrexxShell.lha     text/edit    3K  10+Shell in a FrexxEd buffer
GED313.lha         text/edit  870K   9+Texteditor for programmers V3.1.3 (95/7/
GED313u.lha        text/edit  158K   9+Upgrade GoldEd 3.0.1+ -> 3.1.3 (95/7/18)
German.lha         text/edit   78K   5+German dictionary for AlphaSpell V
Icelandic.lha      text/edit  243K   3+Icelandic dictionary for AlphaSpell V
Latin.lha          text/edit   56K   5+Latin dictionary for AlphaSpell V
MegaED12.lha       text/edit  174K   2+Very nice texteditor
Norwegian.lha      text/edit  112K   5+Norwegian dictionary for AlphaSpell V
ped_svenska.lha    text/edit   23K  11+PolyEd V2.29 Localization for Swedish La
QuillDemo.lha      text/edit  219K   2+Demo of Digital Quill, NEW text editor
Swedish.lha        text/edit   30K   4+Swedish dictionary for AlphaSpell V
TeX_trans.lha      text/edit    4K   7+Error handler for MegaED 1.10 and PasTeX
ukacd.lha          text/edit  303K   6+Big English dictionary for AlphaSpell V
write_4_97.lha     text/edit  378K  10+Highly cfg. "multi-modular-cfg." textedi
XES.lha            text/edit   89K   3+AlphaSpell support & more for XDME
den6.lzh           text/font    2K   6+Small readable 7x6 font for 640x256 WB
HP48Font.lha       text/font    5K   4+HP48 S(X)/G(X) pocket calculator like fo
RattyFont.lha      text/font   30K  11+Bitmap Font (8-18 pt, monospaced & prop.
AGuideGuru.lha     text/hyper   4K  10+2 Amigaguide files that CRASH a v40 Amig
easyguide1_0.lha   text/hyper  17K   4+EasyGuide 1.0, amigaguide authoring aid
gmake.lha          text/hyper  21K   4+Amiga Guide Compiler - like makefile
guidemaster12.lha  text/hyper  70K   7+XPK AmigaGuide viewer, FAST, EFFICIENT.
HTML_TEXT.lha      text/hyper  21K   6+Convert .html files to plain text
iso2html1.lha      text/hyper   7K   4+Convert chars to html expressions
Showguide23.lha    text/hyper   9K   2+Guide-Viewer with XPK-Support
wrapag.lha         text/hyper  22K  12+Word wrap utility for AmigaGuide files.
arot.lha           text/misc    3K   9+Encodes/Decodes ROT13 text. Include ASM 
CEDispell_v1_3.lha text/misc    3K   3+An ARexx interface for ispell/CED (v1.3)
crlf2lf.lha        text/misc    6K   2+Small fast and siplest CRLF to LF conver
GoldSpeak10.lha    text/misc   42K   6+Fun language converter for GoldED 3.0x+
isohtml.lha        text/misc   25K   6+CVT Scripts: ISO Latin-1 <--> HTML
manfilt_v1_1.lha   text/misc    7K   2+Strip or convert nroff tty sequences to 
MergeRecent.lha    text/misc    9K  10+Merges Aminet RECENT with INDEX files
PsRename.lha       text/misc    5K  11+Gives postscript fonts  their real names
Quote10.lha        text/misc   69K   2+Random quote viewer. CLI/WB. Includes Ba
strip11.lzh        text/misc    8K   3+Removes control characters from ascii fi
texter.lha         text/misc   21K  11+Text Converter
audioed286.lha     text/print 330K   2+REAL MC & DAT covers! CHECK IT OUT! (MUI
Canon_30.lha       text/print  25K  11+Canon BJC-600 / BJC-4000 printer driver 
FWEPSpatches.lha   text/print  33K   4+Patch FW 1, 2, 3 and 4 to show and print
MiserPrint1_16.lha text/print  53K   4+Print utility for HP-compatible printers
psprt132.lha       text/print  32K  10+PostScript printer handler for non-posts
tapecover.lha      text/print  77K   8+TapeCover V2.13 - Cass.Cover Printer
txtrd113.lha       text/show   59K   6+Textread, a very fast text viewer
Vinci14.lha        text/show  137K  11+Textviewer, supports nearly all cruncher
ZMoreV0_16.lha     text/show   14K   5+Ascii-textviewer OS2.x V0.16
AutoTex115.lha     text/tex    12K   2+AutoDocs -> LaTeX - Converter , V1.15
bibcard_091.lha    text/tex    57K   2+BibCard for Amiga.   KS2.04 and above
ChkTeX.lha         text/tex    53K   7+Finds common errors in (La)TeX files
EpsonStylusTeX.lha text/tex     1K   4+Epson Stylus 800+ printer driver for Pas
iff2eps.lha        text/tex    28K   9+Illustrate your TeX-documents with bitma
metapost_063.lha   text/tex   826K  12+A picture-drawing language
mma2ltx123.lha     text/tex   335K   7+Converts Mathematica graphics -> LaTeX
XDMEtex.lha        text/tex     7K   2+Connect AmigaTeX and XDME
X_Trash12.lha      util/app    13K  11+Adds a Trashcan AppIcon. Supports locale
ARCHandler2_0b.lha util/arc   144K   3+2.0b - filesystem, use lha as directory
DeArchive17a.lha   util/arc    15K   4+LHA/ZIP/LZX Batch De-Archiver BUG FIX
DE_TAG_V070c.lha   util/arc   108K  10+KILL BBS Tags in LHA's. V0.70c. 2,278+ T
DLDC41AE.lha       util/arc    86K   4+Strips BBS-Adds from lha-archives. v4.1a
DLDiz17.lha        util/arc    10K   4+Extracts and shows file_id.diz.
GNUTar10_2.lha     util/arc   350K   6+New GNUTar-Amiga (68000/020-030/040) V1.
HandyDMS13.lha     util/arc    58K   8+GUI-Frontend for DMS. Shareware. V1.3
Knack106.lha       util/arc    42K   8+GUI for DMS, LHA and LZX       util/arc   107K 159 LhA evaluation version 1.38
LZHUtils.lha       util/arc    32K   5+LZH/LhA Utilities
lzx120.lha         util/arc   139K  16+The Ultimate Archiver V1.20 Fixes/+Speed
MDCV1_43.lha       util/arc    28K   2+Yet the best disk cruncher using xpk
MegaDMS002.lha     util/arc    21K   8+GUI for DMS
PackDev1_6.lha     util/arc    23K   2+Packs DFx, DHx etc., XPK support, V1.6
PKAZip.lha         util/arc    68K 292+PKWare ZIP tool for amiga, GUI only. V1.
tar_compress.lzh   util/arc    57K 147+Tarsplit and Compress for the Amiga.
UNPacker180.lha    util/arc    13K   4+Simple GUI for decompressing LHA, ZIP, Z
uuhx_101.lha       util/arc    14K  12+THE UUcoder, fast + full archive support
uuxt31.lha         util/arc   109K   8+The Best UUcoder with full WB support
BGUIMenu.lha       util/batch  78K   2+V1.0 of the program to create Button men
chequals.lha       util/batch   8K  11+Checks for qual's and sets return code
KeyPressed.lha     util/batch   2K   2+Check if keys are pressed (for scripts)
requeststring.lha  util/batch   4K  12+Prompt user for string (scripts, etc.)
UpperName.lha      util/batch   6K   4+Upper case filenames
BeyondTheDark.lha  util/blank 162K   8+Multi Module simultaneous Blanker
BlitzBlank260.lha  util/blank 641K  17+The ultimate screen blanker! (MUI)
NoGBlank_1_1.lha   util/blank  73K   7+Three new modules for GarshneBlanker (up
A1200_HDPatch.lha  util/boot   13K   5+Reset an A1200 without loosing HD.
BangerMenu1210.lha util/boot   27K   2+Startmenu with gui
BangerVers.lha     util/boot    7K   2+Startmenu with gui
BootScreen22.lha   util/boot   75K  80+BootScreen V2.2 *ALL USERS PLS DOWNLOAD*
bootselector.lha   util/boot   33K   6+Select startup with mouse buttons
bs110.lha          util/boot   35K   3+V1.10 select startup with mouse buttons
BSprite.lha        util/boot   14K   4+Kickstart 3.0 only BorderSprite enabler
CaBoom.lha         util/boot    9K   4+Windows explode on opening/closing
CaBoomSrc.lha      util/boot    8K   4+Source for CaBoom
CV101.lha          util/boot    7K   5+Stops scripts if disks validating.
dksound2.lha       util/boot   52K   3+Changes Workbench Sounds at each boot
fixslinks_0_5.lha  util/boot   24K   5+Fixes soft link problems under V37 and u
HDEnv12.lha        util/boot   16K   2+Allows you to keep your ENV: dir on HD
IfQual10.lha       util/boot    3K   2+Starts a program if defined qualifiers a
KPatch11.lha       util/boot    6K   9+Heavy emulation of the numeric Keypad (A
LaunchPadV45.lha   util/boot   45K   4+Best Launcher for applications (hotkey,m
MemDisplay.lha     util/boot    5K  11+Memory tester for startup-sequence
ModePro4_0.lha     util/boot   48K   2+Screenmode promotion utility.
MouseCase21.lha    util/boot   19K   3+Handles upto 8 diff. options by mouse (+
MultiStar2_0s.lha  util/boot   56K   8+Choose program from startup-sequence
PatchAsl.lha       util/boot    5K  11+Patch asl.library so that all requesters
PatchChunky.lha    util/boot    2K   7+Patches for Gfx/WritePixel?8->Chunky
PatchWPA8.lha      util/boot    4K   3+Fast patch of WritePixelArray8 & WPL8
PicBoot.lha        util/boot   40K   8+Show IFF/GIF picture during boot. V2.7.
PPrefs202.lha      util/boot   48K  12+Screenmode promotion utility
PROP3d_4027.lha    util/boot    9K  10+Improve the look of the GadTools proport
RNDBackdrop.lha    util/boot    4K   6+Two ARexx scripts for putting a random p
ShadowStart13.lha  util/boot   14K   5+Disables WBStartup/User-Startup on bootu
SpeakEasy.lha      util/boot    7K   5+Make requesters 'speak'
SpeedLoad_1_2.lha  util/boot    6K   7+A WB-Startup Tool  "Launch Selector"
SUO.lha            util/boot   12K  12+Startup-Optimizer 1.0
SuperPass21.lha    util/boot   36K   9+A password system for startup. FREE!
SysBoot04.lha      util/boot   33K   2+Booting from Amiga or Shapeshifter, SFS 
TheChoice.lha      util/boot   13K   7+TheChoice V1.05 - Simple Program Selecto
ToolMgr21a.lha     util/boot   24K   6+Small update for ToolManager 2.1
ToolMgrBin.lha     util/boot  490K 122+ToolManager 2.1 (Binaries and Documentat
WarpCoreBreach.lha util/boot    1K  10+Warpcore breach for warpengines(TM)
WBStartupPlus.lha  util/boot   17K  12+Expands WBStartup capabilities.         
XLDrive_patch5.lha util/boot   12K   8+Fixes output redir. on HighDensityPatch
AKeys.lha          util/cdity  10K   2+V1.7 a commodity that controls the Amiga
AWSM_09beta.lzh    util/cdity  13K   8+Animated Busy Pointers in hires for AGA 
CBE4a.lha          util/cdity  48K   6+Add history to ClipBoard. Now with DataT
cx23.lha           util/cdity  56K  10+Exchange clone, bugfixed
devman13.lha       util/cdity  32K   2+Devs and Storage drawers manager v1.3
EasyPatch078.lha   util/cdity   9K  11+The Requester Patcher
FlipIt21.lha       util/cdity  43K   9+Flip through screens with hotkeys.
mcx20pb2.lha       util/cdity  35K   6+Multi Function Commodity
NewMode_V37.lha    util/cdity  63K   2+Screen promoting utility
PopFile.lha        util/cdity  10K   4+Pop-up filerequester commodity, V1.1
PowerSnap22a.lha   util/cdity  54K  83+Snap and paste anywhere using the mouse.
pphone20.lha       util/cdity  23K   5+Handy phone/address book commodity
RecallV30.lha      util/cdity 237K  18+THE ULTIMATE REMINDER-UTILITY!
Remind1_52.lha     util/cdity  55K   2+Never forget an important event again.
SleepPointers.lha  util/cdity 111K   5+Animated Busy Pointers in hires for WB3.
SPC.lha            util/cdity   4K   6+Screen Palette Control. OS3.0+ only.
TaskPriHandler.lha util/cdity   2K   5+TaskPriHandler v1.0
Yak210.lha         util/cdity 208K   2+Yak 2.10 - multi-purpose commodity
Yak210src.lha      util/cdity 214K   2+Yak 2.10 C source code.
AddMem.lha         util/cli     2K   7+V1.0, adds non config memory boards
aman_1_14.lha      util/cli    65K   8+MrMan-like manual browser (needs FDB & M
bbs_view.lha       util/cli     5K   7+Displays ASCII/ANSIS like a BBS. V1.13
CDRun.lha          util/cli     3K   6+CD and Run a command all in one go V1.1
Erase.lha          util/cli     9K   4+1.1 Deletes a file so that it can't be r
HeadTail11.lha     util/cli    12K   9+Show first/last n lines/chars of a file.
iuw_clitools.lha   util/cli    23K   2+A bunch of very simple CLI tools
magic.lha          util/cli     4K   6+Tells what format a file is
RandomFile.lha     util/cli     2K   7+V1.0, randomly copies a file from a dir
RedrawWb.lha       util/cli     2K  11+A Workbench redrawer
remdoubles.lha     util/cli     1K   4+Removes double lines in sorted text-file
REQ.lha            util/cli    10K  11+Use file requester to get args in cli
reset100.lha       util/cli     3K  12+Resets your computer with asking first!
ShortRel.lha       util/cli     4K   3+32bit relocations<->16bit (squeeze exe)
vAvail.lha         util/cli     7K   2+Avail replace with Virtual memory suppor
WhatIs.lha         util/cli    67K  68+Shared lib that recognizes file types
WOIST.lha          util/cli    17K  11+Find files in sub-dirs
AMInd2DBmist.lha   util/conv    9K   6+Converts AmiNet Index to DataBase Import
I2DB.lha           util/conv   11K   5+Customizable Aminet Index Converter
Tab2Space.lha      util/conv    2K  12+Convert any tab to space V1.0
ExtInfoDutch.lha   util/dir     8K   6+Big Dutch database for ExtensionInfo
FM30B23.lha        util/dir   210K   5+Dirutil with internal multitasking
RO_V104.lha        util/dir   270K  10+MUI-Based FileManager
ams.lha            util/dtype  16K  73+Sun audio (.au) and X-Bitmap datatypes.
BMPdt404.lha       util/dtype  12K   4+Bmp picture datatype v40.4 for >= OS 3.0
cdt.lha            util/dtype 108K   2+C.datatype 39.14 highlights c/c++ keywor
clidt.lha          util/dtype  26K   6+V39.1 displays stdout of a cli-cmd (lha,
FontDT_1_1.lha     util/dtype  22K   9+DataType for Amiga fonts
fpVOC_dt40_2.lha   util/dtype  13K  34+Simply the best VOC datatype around!
fpWAV_dt40_2.lha   util/dtype  12K  34+Simply the best WAV datatype around!
GIFdatatype_39.lha util/dtype   5K 129+GIF datatype for OS 3.0 and up
jfif_FIX.lha       util/dtype   4K  39+Bugfix for JFIF/JPEG datatype (AGA)
JpegDataType.lha   util/dtype  28K 108+A JPEG datatype, 3.0+ and '020+ required
MultiPrint.lha     util/dtype  11K   6+Datatype based printer driver V39.0beta
png_dt.lha         util/dtype  76K  12+PNG DataType v1.0
PostScriptDT.lha   util/dtype   4K  53+PostScript DataType V39.0
textdtpatch.lha    util/dtype   9K  10+Patches text.datatype to support searchi
TIFFDT.lha         util/dtype  37K   2+V40.3 to read TIFF files. Includes 24 bi
tx16wDTr2.lha      util/dtype   5K  34+Sounddatatype: Yamaha TX16W 32Bit/OS3.0 
WPGdtype.lha       util/dtype  15K  21+Datatype for wpg images, V 39.0
ZGIFDT39_16.lha    util/dtype   7K  13+The FASTEST gif.datatype there is.
ispell_bi.lha      util/gnu   644K   7+Very powerful spell checking. V3.1.18p2
ispell_Dansk.lha   util/gnu   352K   7+Danish dictionary for Ispell-3.1.18
ispell_sr.lha      util/gnu   861K   7+Very powerful spell checking. V3.1.18p2
asl_v42_0.lha      util/libs  111K  10+ASL filerequester 42.0, configurable
ExpName14.lha      util/libs   11K   2+Decodes manufacturer and product ID (V1.
FIDLib70.lha       util/libs  138K   4+File-Identify Library V7.0
FileID612.lha      util/libs  140K   7+File-Identify Library V6.12
gutil_upd_3652.lha util/libs   53K  12+V36.52 of GadUtil.library (beta/devel)
iff_library_23.lha util/libs   74K  90+IFF graphics library
Maestix39_00.lha   util/libs   71K  12+Library supporting MPro hardware, V39.00
tri14usr.lha       util/libs  212K   3+Triton GUI creation system. r1.4 usr
ast_101.lha        util/misc  391K  11+Aminet Search Tool (bugfix) V 1.01 with 
Atebeta4d.lha      util/misc  246K   2+My answer to Adobe Type Manager(tm)
BioZ2.lha          util/misc   35K   1+Biorythms (french only)
BootUte_v2_61.lha  util/misc   68K   6+System degrader - needs 2.04+
CLILuck14.lha      util/misc   22K   3+CILuck1.4 for random LOTTO nums!
ClipHan_1_1.lha    util/misc   10K   9+DOS handler for easy access to Clipboard
ComAmNetV12b.lha   util/misc   28K  11+Comments & moves files found in aminet-I
Compare1_31.lha    util/misc   30K   8+Compares 2 files and displays discordanc
DaSayTime.lha      util/misc   77K   3+Says what time it is!
EasyElements.lha   util/misc   21K   8+Utility for chemical elements.
EasyVerbs.lha      util/misc    6K   2+Irregular verbs database
Executive.lha      util/misc  429K   2+Task manager and scheduler (V1.00)
find361.lha        util/misc    6K   9+Locate/process files. Small & powerful!
GadMget2_05.lha    util/misc   93K   6+Aminet RECENT browser V2.05
GermanCat.lha      util/misc   17K   6+Deutsche Kataloge zu Iconian, SnoopDos, 
IFFMaster14.lha    util/misc  104K   5+Show IFF struct & chunk contents. MUI Ap
IntuiCookie12.lha  util/misc   24K   2+Fast Intuition fortune cookie program
JConMouse.lha      util/misc    2K  12+Control mouse using joystick (German)
lcontrol152.lha    util/misc  166K  11+Control cameras (LANC/5-Pin-EDIT) w/ Ami
MagicMem10.lha     util/misc    2K   2+Software memory emulation. (ala XPK)
MailTime.lha       util/misc    5K   8+Time needed to send mail to countries
MemoryTest.lha     util/misc   22K  11+Memory tester
mr_compare.lha     util/misc   52K   8+Compare 2 files with graphic display
MUIResi10.lha      util/misc   11K  11+MUI-App, Transl. for resistor col codes.
mum10.lha          util/misc   33K   6+(Primitive) Mail/News scripts for MultiU
PatchDevice.lha    util/misc    1K   2+Patch any device/unit to other name/unit
PHN_CD39.lha       util/misc  179K   6+File_id.Diz to Comment converter for DOP
phoenix_int.lha    util/misc   48K   6+The Ultimate Cheat-Editor !!
publicity1_4.lha   util/misc    9K  12+Shell-based PubScreen manager
ReqProcessor.lha   util/misc    6K   6+Intercepts EasyRequestArgs() and execute
ScriptMaker20.lha  util/misc   15K  12+Generates HD Install script
stereocr.lha       util/misc  141K   4+Encrypt any file to pseudo stereograms
StormNum12.lha     util/misc   34K   2+StormNum1.2, Quite useful lotto optimize
Surveymem3_0.lha   util/misc   70K   3+"Memory-Availer",extremely configurable,
syn1_04.lha        util/misc  163K   8+UK Lottery syndicate program.  Version 1
turd_v1_0_0.lha    util/misc   65K  11+Relay board steering prog.German guide.
VMMInformer1_1.lha util/misc   34K   3+Graphical statistics prg for use w/ VMM
vmmstat.lha        util/misc   27K   2+Show statistics on VMM (MUI)
VMM_V3_2.lha       util/misc  240K   3+Virtual memory for Amigas with MMU
winarng068b.lha    util/misc   81K  10+Window sorting tool for the active scree
WreadFiles47.lha   util/misc  123K  31+Enhanced vocal text file reader
asp.lha            util/moni   39K   1+Amiga Scan Program version 1.2 required 
BBMONi050.lha      util/moni  126K   3+BigBrotherV0.50 Non-System 680x0 Monitor
DhrystonePack.lha  util/moni  115K  11+UN*X port (SAS adapted), incl. binaries
MSFU.lha           util/moni   15K   2+Multi-files Find/Replace CLI tool
scout24.lha        util/moni  269K  11+System monitor (MUI and AmiTCP optional)
SetMemPri11.lha    util/moni    2K   5+Set Memory Region Priority
SnoopDos30grm.lha  util/moni    5K   8+German catalog for SnoopDos V3.0
gzip124x2.lha      util/pack   63K  75+gzip-1.2.4 RESPIN 2, GNU archiving util
lsdxms12.lha       util/pack  133K   3+X-Mash 1.2 - Disk Compressor Using XPK! 
OptXPK.lha         util/pack    3K  12+V0.9, find the best xpk packer for any f
PackXv1_3.lha      util/pack   17K   3+XPK Shell packer; with Gfx Progress and 
PPDecrunch10.lzh   util/pack   13K 147+Pipeable PowerPacker Decruncher
xPackIt17.lha      util/pack    9K   3+CLI xpk file cruncher/decruncher
xpkGZIP_1_0.lha    util/pack   26K   3+Xpk GZIP sublibrary v1.0 (ZLIB v0.93)
xpkPWPK10.lha      util/pack   10K   5+PowerPacker based xpk sub library
xpkRAKE_V1_7.lha   util/pack    9K   2+A packer for the xpk-package, V1.7
FontCataloguer.lha util/rexx    1K  11+Font cataloguer for Final Writer 2/3 (AR
FWAsynPrnt.lha     util/rexx    1K   6+Asynchronous printing in final writer
fwprofscript20.lha util/rexx   16K   5+Section/master page script for FW
fwsectionsc1_2.lha util/rexx   16K   5+Section script for Final Writer+ bug fix
InfraRexx1_6b.lha  util/rexx  159K   4+Infrared Remote Control<>ARexx Interface
lha2lzx.lha        util/rexx    2K   6+ARexx script to convert lha arcs to lzx
Scion2html.lha     util/rexx   18K   5+Genealogy html's from Scion data bases
VerCtrl_1_16.lha   util/rexx   34K   6+AREXX Script Management System (Uses Opu
csh547.lha         util/shell 196K   2+C-Shell (csh) 5.47, CLI replacement
csh547src.lha      util/shell 141K   2+C-Shell (csh) 5.47, Source (SAS/C)
GNUTar_fix.lha     util/shell 116K   5+GNUTar with UNIX compatible file protect
LList.lha          util/shell  14K   5+Fast and flexible List replacement
ZShell.lha         util/shell 144K   4+CLI with REAL pipes and TAB-FNCompletion
ZShellSrc.lha      util/shell  80K   3+Assembler source code for ZShell V2.7
DirII.lha          util/sys    13K  12+Replacement for DIR and LIST. V3.3
ExtraInfo.lha      util/sys   164K   5+Deluxe Replacement for WB2+ Info, V1.3
FontPrefs.lha      util/sys    46K   4+Triton based Font preferences 
HWGQueue.lha       util/sys     3K  12+Drop-In Replacement for buggy C= queue-h
MegaFormat02.lha   util/sys    10K  11+MUI frontend for the format command
nopainrename.lha   util/sys   140K   6+Batch filename renaming utility
tlist008.lha       util/sys    14K   6+Turbo list command replacement v0.08
ClockWatcher.lha   util/time    5K  11+Checks if your clock has crashed.
FiloFax_v10.lha    util/time  190K  12+Electronic agenda (German)
GCBPlanerV3_13.lha util/time  310K   2+The flexible diary with Toolmanager
MyClock_1_31.lha   util/time    8K  12+Wonderful screen bar Clock w/ ARexx port
NISClock172.lha    util/time   11K   5+Many Options. Vanishes for Prefs change.
Olt12.lha          util/time    7K  11+Incremental timer window
ScreenClock.lha    util/time   25K  12+V1.72: date/time/mem in curr. screenbar
S_Clock_3_2.lha    util/time  132K  11+Uhr mit Termin-Manager(Deutsch)
taxSched12.lha     util/time   78K   4+Schedulemanager for your Amiga. Uses MUI
bxrec225.lha       util/virus  70K   2+BootX Recog 2.25 (27.8.95)
trsivw55.lha       util/virus 551K   2 V5.5 of the Amigaviruskiller by M.Schmal
VCBrn122.lha       util/virus   8K   5+Version 1.22 of Virus_Checker brainfile.
VChck658.lha       util/virus 127K   8+Version 6.58 of Virus_Checker. Amiga Vir
VChk716.lha        util/virus 135K   2+Version 7.16 of Virus_Checker. Amiga Vir
VList125.lha       util/virus  15K   3+List of dangerous archives, fakes, progs
vt2_76.lha         util/virus 749K   2+V2.76 of the famous Viruskiller by H.Sch
AppIconPatch13.lha util/wb      3K  11+Patch appicons to use different image 1.
ClassAction.lha    util/wb     91K   2+Handle ALL file formats (V2.7)
DTpref.lha         util/wb     71K   5+Prefs-Editor for Datatypes with GUI
IconChief.lha      util/wb     35K  11+WB-Patch, faking Default-Icons for diffe
itools_2_01.lha    util/wb    175K   6+OptIcon,Icon2c,IconMaker (featuring DOpu
jfif_dtc           util/wb       ?  39+New JFIF/JPEG datatype (OS 3.0+)
KillOldIcon11.lha  util/wb      9K   6+Remove oldicon image from NewIcons
lsdasc12.lha       util/wb    115K   3+Associate V1.2 - Adds icon to files, VER
lupe.lha           util/wb     11K   7+A simple lens, OS 3.0 or higher, source 
MagicC11.lha       util/wb    328K   5+Most config. analogous Clock;Bugfix+New 
MagicC12u.lha      util/wb     47K   4+Most config. analogous Clock;Update
MagicEYE.lha       util/wb     20K   7+Magic Eye's for Workbench (MagicWB and N
MakePatPrefs.lha   util/wb      6K   5+Another random WBpattern chooser, easy t
MCP105r.lha        util/wb    390K   8+The ultimate MagicCX replacement !
Mouseki_1_13.lha   util/wb     35K  11+Mouseki v1.13 - An on screen keyboard ut
NewEdit19.lha      util/wb      7K   2+Additional functions in string gadgets
opticon_1_9.lha    util/wb     58K   9+Optimize icons for size/speed, gen. C co
PointerClick.lha   util/wb      3K   4+Animated 'pointing hand' mousepointer
PointerEyes4_1.lha util/wb     65K  11+Eyes on screen titlebars watch your poin
RetroWB.lha        util/wb     12K   6+Presets for OS 3.0 to look like 1.3
SetBuf128.lha      util/wb     19K   9+GUI based AddBuffers with device info.
SetPens1_0.lha     util/wb      1K   2+Use 3 bitplane icons on >8 color screens
set_iconV2_1.lha   util/wb     22K  11+V2.1 of icon utitlity
SW1_1.lha          util/wb     59K   8+Public Screen Manager
SystemPrefs301.lha util/wb     68K   2+Preferences for CPU (up to 68060) and RA
TimePiece.lha      util/wb     18K   4+V1.0 Application launcher, Shows OnlineT
TinyMeterV31pb.lha util/wb    119K   3+Shows memory, volumes & time/date, MUI-P
WBAlias1_0.lha     util/wb      9K   4+Creates Alias for program/drawer/volume
WBStartupPlus.lha  util/wb     25K   3+V2.0 Expands WBStartup capabilities.
windowtiler21b.lha util/wb     12K   8+Arrange windows in many ways
Zoom10.lha         util/wb      3K   4+Shortest zoomer of frontmost screen