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How to search efficiently

If you just enter a search term that does not contain any special characters (see below), Aminet will find all matches containing your search term�- i.e. 'foo' will actually search for '#?foo#?' and will return all strings containing 'foo'.

The search function also accepts wildcards: Just like under AmigaDOS, #? will match anything, while ? will match a single character. Please note that as soon as you use wildcards, searching will try to match the exact phrase you entered, so you need to say '#?foo#?' to match all strings containg foo while 'foo#?' will only find strings starting with foo.

A good example is to search filenames for lha#?�- this will find all filenames starting with 'lha' and is the best way to find the actual LhA executable without getting all LhA archives listed.

Note: Instead of #?, you can also use * or %.