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==Active mirrors==
* USA: main.aminet.net, us2.aminet.net<br>Server:<br>Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward<br>Maintainer: [[Internal:Nicolas Mendoza|Nicolas Mendoza]]
* de.aminet.net<br>Server: ftp.fau.de (formely ftp.uni-erlangen.de)<br>Type: FTP, HTTP, RSYNC<br>Maintainer: RRZE FTP Admins (Friedrich-Alexander-Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg)
* USA: us3.aminet.net<br>Server: aminet.ziaspace.com<br>Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward<br>Maintainer: [[Internal:John Klos|John Klos]]
* de3.aminet.net<br>Server: my.morphosi.net<br>Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward<br>Maintainer: Robin Hueskes
* Germany: de3.aminet.net<br>Server: my.morphosi.net<br>Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward<br>Maintainer: [[Internal:Robin Hueskes|Robin Hueskes]]
* de4.aminet.net, mirror.aminet.net<br>Server: aminet.stackswap.net<br>Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward<br>Maintainer: Costel Mincea
* Germany: de4.aminet.net, mirror.aminet.net<br>Server:<br>Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward<br>Maintainer: [[Internal:Costel Mincea|Costel Mincea]]
* de6.aminet.net<br>Server: mirror.amigaxess.de<br>Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward<br>Maintainer: Ingo Jürgensmann
* Germany: de5.aminet.net<br>Server: ftp.uni-bremen.de<br>Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward<br>Maintainer: [[Internal:Oliver Oster|Oliver Oster]] (University of Bremen)
* nl.aminet.net<br>Server: -<br>Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward<br>Maintainer: Rutger Bevaart (Netnova)
* Italy: it.aminet.net<br>Server: ftp.unina.it<br>Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward<br>Maintainer: [[Internal:Pasquale Alfuso|Pasquale Alfuso]] (University of Napoli)
* se.aminet.net<br>Server:<br>Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward<br>Maintainer: Janne Johansson
* UK: uk.aminet.net<br>Server: ftp.plig.net<br>Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward<br>Maintainer: [[Internal:Christiaan Keet|Christiaan Keet]] (PLIG)
* main.aminet.net<br>Server:<br>Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward<br>Maintainer: Nicolas Mendoza
* Sweden: se.aminet.net<br>Server: ftp.sunet.se<br>Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward<br>Maintainer: [[Internal:Emil Pedersen|Emil Pedersen]] (Swedish University Network)
* us3.aminet.net<br>Server: aminet.ziaspace.com<br>Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward<br>Maintainer: John Klos<br>(Running on an Amiga 1200, see [http://lilith.ziaspace.com/ Lilith])
* Denmark: dk.aminet.net<br>Server: mirror.gbar.dtu.dk<br>Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward<br>Maintainer: [[Internal:Povl Ole Haarlev Olsen|Povl Ole Haarlev Olsen]] (Technical University of Denmark)
* us4.aminet.net<br>Server: mirrors.xmission.com<br>Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward<br>Maintainer: Pete Ashdown
===Pending or temporarily offline===
==Pending or temporarily offline==
* USA: us.aminet.net<br>Server: wuarchive.wustl.edu<br>Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward<br>Maintainer: [[Internal:Mark Bober|Mark Bober]] (Washington University)
None at this time.
* ftp://ftp.cs.tu-berlin.de/pub/aminet (Technical University Berlin)<br>Former de2.aminet.net
===Unofficial mirrors===
* de2.aminet.net<br>Server: ftp.cs.tu-berlin.de/pub/aminet<br>Type: FTP<br> Maintainer: Andreas Kirchwitz (Technical University Berlin)
The following servers are not run by Aminet personnel. They might be outdated or get shut down any day. They're only listed here for completeness' sake.
* ftp://ftp.urz.uni-heidelberg.de/pub/amiga/ (University of Heidelberg)<br>Former ??.aminet.net<br>Last updated in late 2006, will be shut down soon
* ftp://ftp.demon.co.uk/pub/mirrors/aminet <br>Last updated in 2003
===Other, inofficial services===
* http://home.in.tum.de/hodges/cgi-bin/amifind<br>Inofficial full text search by Chris Hodges
* http://www.aminet.info (former http://www.aminet.hu)<br>BROKEN: Inofficial web interface
* http://www.aminet.de (www.aminet-gui.de, www.aminet-gui.net)<br>BROKEN: Inofficial web interface
These are dead - either the whole host is gone or there are no traces of a former aminet mirror.
* aminet.hack.net (us2.aminet.net, complete)
* aminet.a500.de (de7.aminet.net, partial)
* ftp.club-internet.fr (fr.aminet.net, ?)
* regina.gin.cz (cz.aminet.net, complete)
* [http://groups.google.de/group/de.comp.sys.amiga.archive/msg/4b9a9c6bc3d3a408?dmode=source&hl=de Mirror list September 2001]

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Active mirrors


  • de.aminet.net
    Server: ftp.fau.de (formely ftp.uni-erlangen.de)
    Type: FTP, HTTP, RSYNC
    Maintainer: RRZE FTP Admins (Friedrich-Alexander-Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg)
  • de3.aminet.net
    Server: my.morphosi.net
    Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward
    Maintainer: Robin Hueskes
  • de4.aminet.net, mirror.aminet.net
    Server: aminet.stackswap.net
    Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward
    Maintainer: Costel Mincea
  • de6.aminet.net
    Server: mirror.amigaxess.de
    Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward
    Maintainer: Ingo Jürgensmann


  • nl.aminet.net
    Server: -
    Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward
    Maintainer: Rutger Bevaart (Netnova)


  • se.aminet.net
    Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward
    Maintainer: Janne Johansson


  • main.aminet.net
    Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward
    Maintainer: Nicolas Mendoza
  • us3.aminet.net
    Server: aminet.ziaspace.com
    Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward
    Maintainer: John Klos
    (Running on an Amiga 1200, see Lilith)
  • us4.aminet.net
    Server: mirrors.xmission.com
    Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward
    Maintainer: Pete Ashdown

Pending or temporarily offline

None at this time.