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[[How to set up an Aminet mirror]]
==Active mirrors==
* de.aminet.net<br>Server: ftp.fau.de (formely ftp.uni-erlangen.de)<br>Type: FTP, HTTP, RSYNC<br>Maintainer: RRZE FTP Admins (Friedrich-Alexander-Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg)
* Switzerland: main.aminet.net, ch.aminet.net<br>Server:<br>Type: GUI, Main<br>Maintainer: [[Nicolas Mendoza]], mendoza@ppv.ntnu.no<br>
* de3.aminet.net<br>Server: my.morphosi.net<br>Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward<br>Maintainer: Robin Hueskes
* Italy: it.aminet.net<br>Server: ftp.unina.it<br>Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward<br>Maintainer: [[Pasquale Alfuso]], aminet@ftp.unina.it
* de4.aminet.net, mirror.aminet.net<br>Server: aminet.stackswap.net<br>Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward<br>Maintainer: Costel Mincea
* UK: uk.aminet.net<br>Server: ftp.plig.net<br>Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward<br>Maintainer: Christiaan Keet, ftp-admin@plig.org
* de6.aminet.net<br>Server: mirror.amigaxess.de<br>Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward<br>Maintainer: Ingo Jürgensmann
* Germany: de4.aminet.net, mirror.aminet.net<br>Server:<br>Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward<br>Maintainer: [[Costel Mincea]], cyborg@stackswap.net
* nl.aminet.net<br>Server: -<br>Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward<br>Maintainer: Rutger Bevaart (Netnova)
* se.aminet.net<br>Server:<br>Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward<br>Maintainer: Janne Johansson
(Administrators are already subscribed to the mirror mailing list)
* main.aminet.net<br>Server:<br>Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward<br>Maintainer: Nicolas Mendoza
* Germany<br><br>de.aminet.net (gigaserv.uni-paderborn.de) [[Matthias Scheler]]<br>-- (my.morphosi.net) [[Robin Hueskes]]
* us3.aminet.net<br>Server: aminet.ziaspace.com<br>Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward<br>Maintainer: John Klos<br>(Running on an Amiga 1200, see [http://lilith.ziaspace.com/ Lilith])
* USA<br><br>us.aminet.net (wuarchive.wustl.edu/pub/aminet/) [[Mark Bober]]<br>-- (--) [[John Klos]]
* us4.aminet.net<br>Server: mirrors.xmission.com<br>Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward<br>Maintainer: Pete Ashdown
==Pending or temporarily offline==
Please fill in contact adresses of existing [[OldWorld]] mirrors and people interested in becoming a mirror below:
None at this time.
* se.aminet.net<br>ftp1.sunet.se - archive@ftp.sunet.se
* no.aminet.net (aminet.back2roots.org)
* de2.aminet.net<br>Server: ftp.cs.tu-berlin.de/pub/aminet<br>Type: FTP<br> Maintainer: Andreas Kirchwitz (Technical University Berlin)
* de5.aminet.net (partial mirror, last 90 days)
* ftp.uni-bremen.de
* dk.aminet.net
* mirror.gbar.dtu.dk
* ftp.demon.co.uk//pub/mirrors/aminet (unofficial)
* http://home.in.tum.de/hodges/cgi-bin/amifind<br>Full text search by Chris Hodges
* http://www.amiga-online-games.de/AmiNetCom/<br>Aminet comments
* http://www.aminet.hu<br>Inofficial web interface (down?)
* http://www.aminet.de (www.aminet-gui.de, www.aminet-gui.net)<br>Inofficial web interface (broken)
These are dead - either the whole host is gone or there are no traces of a former aminet mirror.
* cz.aminet.net (regina.gin.cz)
* fr.aminet.net (ftp.club-internet.fr)
* us2.aminet.net
* aminet.hack.net
Plus all on [http://groups.google.de/group/de.comp.sys.amiga.archive/browse_thread/thread/26481e8253df3271/4b9a9c6bc3d3a408?lnk=st&q=de7.aminet.net&rnum=2&hl=de#4b9a9c6bc3d3a408 this list]

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Active mirrors


  • de.aminet.net
    Server: ftp.fau.de (formely ftp.uni-erlangen.de)
    Type: FTP, HTTP, RSYNC
    Maintainer: RRZE FTP Admins (Friedrich-Alexander-Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg)
  • de3.aminet.net
    Server: my.morphosi.net
    Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward
    Maintainer: Robin Hueskes
  • de4.aminet.net, mirror.aminet.net
    Server: aminet.stackswap.net
    Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward
    Maintainer: Costel Mincea
  • de6.aminet.net
    Server: mirror.amigaxess.de
    Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward
    Maintainer: Ingo Jürgensmann


  • nl.aminet.net
    Server: -
    Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward
    Maintainer: Rutger Bevaart (Netnova)


  • se.aminet.net
    Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward
    Maintainer: Janne Johansson


  • main.aminet.net
    Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward
    Maintainer: Nicolas Mendoza
  • us3.aminet.net
    Server: aminet.ziaspace.com
    Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward
    Maintainer: John Klos
    (Running on an Amiga 1200, see Lilith)
  • us4.aminet.net
    Server: mirrors.xmission.com
    Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward
    Maintainer: Pete Ashdown

Pending or temporarily offline

None at this time.