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  • USA: us.aminet.net
    Server: wuarchive.wustl.edu
    Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward
    Maintainer: Mark Bober
  • USA: us2.aminet.net
    Type: HTTP-Forward
    Maintainer: Nicolas Mendoza
  • Germany: de3.aminet.net
    Server: my.morphosi.net
    Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward, Custom HTTP interface (WIP)
    Maintainer: Robin Hueskes
  • Germany: de4.aminet.net, mirror.aminet.net
    Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward
    Maintainer: Costel Mincea
  • Germany: de5.aminet.net
    Server: ftp.uni-bremen.de
    Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward
    Maintainer: Oliver Oster
  • Italy: it.aminet.net
    Server: ftp.unina.it
    Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward
    Maintainer: Pasquale Alfuso
  • UK: uk.aminet.net
    Server: ftp.plig.net
    Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward
    Maintainer: Christiaan Keet
  • Sweden: se.aminet.net
    Server: ftp.sunet.se
    Type: FTP, HTTP-Forward
    Maintainer: Emil Pedersen



Please fill in contact adresses of existing OldWorld mirrors and people interested in becoming a mirror below:

  • ftp://ftp.cs.tu-berlin.de/pub/aminet (former de2.aminet.net)
    Updating occassionally throughout 2006 - Still updating in 2007 (january), will contact them and tell them to do things properly, will also ban their host from FTP. -- Mendoza
  • aminet.back2roots.org (former no.aminet.net)
    No longer updating
  • ftp.demon.co.uk//pub/mirrors/aminet (unofficial)
    No longer updating

Other Services


These are dead - either the whole host is gone or there are no traces of a former aminet mirror.

From Urban's last mirror list (summer 2004)

  • aminet.hack.net (us2.aminet.net, complete)
  • ftp.uni-erlangen.de (de3.aminet.net, complete)
  • aminet.a500.de (de7.aminet.net, partial)
  • ftp.club-internet.fr (fr.aminet.net, ?)
  • regina.gin.cz (cz.aminet.net, complete)

September 2001: