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OS4Depot has stopped its support for Aminet by removing the cross upload feature. From OS4Depot's frontpage:

"27 Sep 2006, Aminet cross uploading has been removed. The aminet admins uploads everything on os4depot to aminet anyway so there's no point for os4depot to maintain and administrate that functionality any more.

If your file does not end up on aminet then contact the aminet administrators."


More info on OS4Depot's front page:

"30 Sep 2006, Since there has been some comments on aminet uploading, we're making the following statement on this issue.

Aminet cross uploading will not enabled until the following three things happen: 1. Aminet makes a public apology to the community for their behavior, both for recent and past actions.

And, when cross uploading files from OS4Depot that was not originally approved for uploading to aminet, promise to: 2. always verify with the original uploader that cross uploading is okey. 3. always state in the readme file that the file was uploaded by aminet personnel and not by the original uploader.

This will ensure three things, first that Aminet will be able to openly explain and take responsibility for what they have done both recently and in the past, secondly that the original uploader knows what happens to their files and thirdly that OS4Depot will not be accused of uploading files to aminet that it was not supposed to upload there."