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From: ami...@aminet.org (FTP Admin)
Subject: Recent uploads to Aminet
Date: 1996/09/17
Message-ID: <51n71u$2o5@wuarchive.wustl.edu>
X-Deja-AN: 181212435
sender: umuel...@wuarchive.wustl.edu
organization: Washington University in Saint Louis, MO
newsgroups: comp.sys.amiga.misc

TAS MIRROR CLOSED. The mirror at ftp.tas.gov.au will be shutdown in the 
next few days.

WWW SERVICE RESTORED. The WWW service at ftp.wustl.edu is running within
normal parameters again (see http://ftp.wustl.edu/~aminet/).

HARDDISK FULL ON WUARCHIVE. Due to a full harddisk at ftp.wustl.edu we
lost several uploads. If your upload didn't appear until now
reupload, please.

VIRUS ALERT. File "demo/40k/trsi-znt.lha" was infected with the
Zonder Commando 2 virus. Use VirusZ 1.33 ("util/virus/VirusZ_II133.lha")
or newer to remove it.

NEW MIRRORS. New mirrors are available in Hungary (aminet.iit.uni-miskolc.hu),
the Czech Republic (amiga.chemi.muni.cz), Croatia (thphys.irb.hr) and
Germany (ftp.tu-clausthal.de).

MIRRORS BACK ONLINE. The mirrors at ftp.uk.aminet.org (ftp.doc.ic.ac.uk)
and ftp.rz.uni-wuerzburg.de are fully operational again.

LIFEWIRE MIRROR CLOSED. The mirror at ftp.livewire.com.au was shutdown.

ADT 2.3 AVAILABLE. Version 2.3 of the Aminet Download Tool, a comfortable
and easy to install Aminet access client for Unix, is available as
"misc/unix/adt.c". Users of older versions should update as soon as
possible because there might be some problems with older version in
future due to a bug.

| Recent uploads to ftp.wustl.edu [] on 16-Sep-96
| The last 7 days' uploads, newest first. Blank line=new day, + = long .readme
|File              Dir        Size Description
|----------------- ---        ---- -----------
FW_Font-eng.lha    biz/swood   25K+FW-Macros (Fonts/Tips) - english - 
FW_MEf.lha         biz/swood   18K+FW-Macro to INSERT SEVERAL - german - 
Ddiz.lha           comm/ambos  60K+Filedescriptor for AmBoS 1.7 Docs in Ger
Mastermind.lha     comm/ambos  22K+Mastermind-Game;  BBS-Doorgame for AmBoS   
eft-dwdd.lha       comm/amiex  68K+DazWall v3.0 [RELEASE 1] (Daydream Version)
sn-ls7.lha         demo/mag   236K+Stoer&Nutteloos 7, Dutch diskmagazine
kissback.lha       demo/slide 696K+Rock group KISS is back
GalEmp.lha         game/misc  541K+Space conquest,2-8 players, with AI
Lem2LevEd100.lha   game/misc  126K+Lemmings 2 Level Editor Shareware demo!
TheLiveAct.lha     mods/cels  3.1M+THE CELSIUS LIVE ACT
Gabba3.lha         mods/hardc  44K+Gabba Studies part 3 by Vox
Gabba4.lha         mods/hardc  84K+Gabba Studies part 4 by Vox
Gabba5.lha         mods/hardc  81K+Gabba Studies part 5 by Vox
Gabba8.lha         mods/hardc 111K+Gabba Studies part 8 by Vox
Release.lha        mods/jungl 150K+Drum'n'base mod by Vox
Siiing.lha         mods/jungl 127K+Drum'n'base mod by Vox
chris_wirsig.lha   mods/misc  359K+3 Modules from Christian Wirsig
GrvYard.lha        mods/misc  206K+Groove Yard by Elf
Monday.lha         mods/misc  315K+Monday At Noon by Elf
m_three.lha        mods/misc  294K+[MONO] "Three Days EP" by TheFoxII - magiste
BKR.Sewage.jpg     pix/trace   46K+Lightwave traced Sewage-system
A1240_AIBB_Pat.lha util/moni    1K+AIBB Module for Apollo 1240/40MHz and FastEx
PhotoShow.lha      util/rexx    8K+GUI to Show Photo-CD pictures
shtml.lha          util/shell  16K+.html to .txt converter.
IconBar2.lha       util/wb     11K+A flexible, user-configurable icon toolbar

db3.3.lha          biz/dbase  315K+Multi purpose database. Now 13 languages.
Istar.lha          biz/misc   437K+Decision Support Knowledge Based System Buil
InformLoader.lha   comm/cnet   16K+V1.04 Menu for playing Infocom Games on CNet
U-JoinThor14.lha   comm/mail    2K+Bug fixed VERSION U-Join 1.4 Replacement FOR
xprascii.lha       comm/term   30K+V2.4, external protocol library for ASCII da
CountHTTP.lha      comm/www    12K+(1.0) Reports on AWS logfiles
WebDesign13.lha    comm/www   206K+Web Design1.3 html authoring software
trsi-s14.lha       demo/intro  11K+TRSi: TUFF STUFF MENU #14
TRSi-S21.lha       demo/intro  62K+TRSi: TUFF STUFF MENU #21
ConfigLib2.lha     dev/misc    11K+Config.library: Easy access to cfg files
trackdisk64.lha    dev/misc    15K+64-bit extensions for hard disks > 4 GB
txadreader.lha     dev/misc   198K+Autodoc Viewer and more
Jeopard.lha        game/board  70K+Strategy / world conquest (like RISK)
BM21.lha           game/wb    110K+Nice Little WB Game (German Only!)
nt_nor.lha         gfx/misc    21K+Norwegian doc+locale file for NTitler
A2K_agnus_hack.lha hard/hack    4K+Install a 2MB Agnus on A2000 motherboard
WaterCooledAmi.lha hard/hack   15K+V1.1 of the Water Cooled Amiga
AmigaTemp.lha      hard/misc  149K+Thermometer. V1.3
Arc64.lha          misc/emu     6K+New C64 archive processor.
Copy1581f.lha      misc/emu    18K+1581 File Copier for Amiga - Working Version
actors.lha         misc/imdb   10M+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
actresses.lha      misc/imdb  4.9M+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
aka-names.lha      misc/imdb   57K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
aka-titles.lha     misc/imdb  326K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
alternate-vers.lha misc/imdb   64K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
biographies.lha    misc/imdb  1.9M+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
business.lha       misc/imdb   78K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
certificates.lha   misc/imdb  128K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
cinematograph.lha  misc/imdb  592K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
color-info.lha     misc/imdb  565K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
complete-cast.lha  misc/imdb  172K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
composers.lha      misc/imdb  552K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
costume-design.lha misc/imdb  205K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
countries.lha      misc/imdb  673K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
crazy-credits.lha  misc/imdb   39K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
directors.lha      misc/imdb  1.2M+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
editors.lha        misc/imdb  412K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
genres.lha         misc/imdb  696K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
german-titles.lha  misc/imdb  176K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
goofs.lha          misc/imdb  104K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
imdbDiff960906.lha misc/imdb  970K+Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase
iso-aka-titles.lha misc/imdb   22K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
language.lha       misc/imdb  388K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
laserdisc.lha      misc/imdb  458K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
literature.lha     misc/imdb  108K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
locations.lha      misc/imdb  163K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
miscellaneous.lha  misc/imdb  2.5M+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
movie-links.lha    misc/imdb  269K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
movies.lha         misc/imdb  977K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
mpaa-ratings.lha   misc/imdb   26K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
plot.lha           misc/imdb  2.9M+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
producers.lha      misc/imdb  745K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
production-com.lha misc/imdb  660K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
production-des.lha misc/imdb  208K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
quotes.lha         misc/imdb  319K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
ratings.lha        misc/imdb  197K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
release-dates.lha  misc/imdb  262K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
running-times.lha  misc/imdb  346K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
sound-mix.lha      misc/imdb  268K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
soundtracks.lha    misc/imdb  504K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
taglines.lha       misc/imdb   91K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
technical.lha      misc/imdb  421K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
trivia.lha         misc/imdb  265K+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
writers.lha        misc/imdb  1.2M+Internet MovieDatabase Lists (13.09.96)
HNK-ForRay.lha     mods/fby   121K+FBY 1992 4Ch 3:30 Sad theme.Ray's mem.
Prrrrr.lha         mods/fby    52K+FBY 1996 4Ch 3:00 ShowTime3 Fun Gallery!
Rinascenza.lha     mods/fby   135K+FBY 1996 4Ch 7:40 ShowTime3 Main Mod!
Children.lha       mods/hardc 303K+Noisy Industrial MOD by Vortech
ShiftPit.lha       mods/hardc 166K+Industrial/Techno/Metal MOD by Vortech
amok.lzh           mods/jungl 167K+AM0k by pANiK 
09tooljp.lha       mods/techn 329K+By Kanyar/J Point  Olive Oiled HardCore!
phd_bed.lha        mods/techn 114K+[ PHD ] - Total weirdness by JuiCe/PHD
TRSiCYB1.lha       pix/illu    76K+CYBERLOGIK SCREENSHOTS
TRSiCYB2.lha       pix/illu   179K+CYBERLOGIK 2.00 SCREENSHOTS
LostCity.jpg       pix/misc   105K+At the search of the Lost City
1701-D_16.jpg      pix/trace   75K+Lightwave traced NCC1701-D
1701-D_17.jpg      pix/trace   41K+Lightwave traced NCC1701-D
Amigapix.lha       pix/trace  154K+4 high quality pictures rendered with Lightw
Wueste.lha         pix/trace  570K+Somewhere in the desert...
ged_seq.lha        text/edit   15K+Convert GOLDED-Sequences to ARexx-Macros V1.
StartupSelectr.lha util/boot   23K+Nice way to execute differents Startup-Seque
TeeHdl10.lha       util/misc    5K+Output redirection to multiple files. V1.0
TRK.lha            util/misc    8K+Find files by their 4 first bytes. V2.06
DCF77.lha          util/time  345K+Radio clock, clock, time signal
EZCron.lha         util/time   58K+V1.70 of UN*X like Cron with E-Z to use GUI 
VT289.lha          util/virus 819K V2.89 of the famous viruskiller by H.Schneeg

mbrs20de.lha       comm/maxs  458K+ByteRatio with FILE_ID.DIZ etc for MAX
vd-sumea.lha       demo/ta96  2.3M Virtual dreams: sumea (winner of the Assembl
VBackup016.lha     disk/bakup   4K+Make backups on videotapes (needs MUI)
SwCheat50.lha      game/hint  532K+Over 1000+ game hints/cheats.
blhd.lha           game/patch  16K+Backlash HD-Installer V1.0
mphd.lha           game/patch  24K+HD Installer for Magic Pockets V1.1
xenon2hd.lha       game/patch  30K+Xenon 2 HD-Installer V1.1 & Fix
sphere32.lha       game/think 492K+Spheres of Influence 3.2
aneon.lha          mods/mark   61K+Mark Salud's pop music module
Adnauseous.lha     mods/techn 152K+Adnauseous, Adnauseum II.  New hardtrance by
MWBGoldED.lha      pix/mwb    424K+MWB icons and dock-anims for GoldED
NewManhattan.lha   text/font    3K+NEWMANHATTAN Bitmapped Font for Amiga
NewNovell.lha      text/font    2K+NEWNOVELL Bitmapped Font for Amiga
s2_up1.lha         text/print 751K+Studio II update for HP Printers
FastExec23.lzh     util/boot   11K+Moves exec.library to fast memory

Dopus5pic.lha      biz/dopus    5K+Boot picture for Dopus5 Workbench's
d_who120.lha       comm/bbs    47K+Powerfull WHO/FRONTEND DOOR for FAME BBS
NVX-DC21.lha       comm/bbs    10K+FAME & /X DirChecker V2.o1
NVX-LC10.lha       comm/bbs    39K+FAME lastcalls, week/record stats & minilog
HTTPJ110.lha       comm/www    16K+HTTPJ v1.10 - URLs receipt via Shell
amb_riho.lha       demo/aga   1.6M+Ambrosia Demo 2nd Place At SouthSealand 96
e-modules02.lha    dev/e       64K+Various AmigaE modules (with examples)
perl-5.003-bin.lha dev/lang   1.9M+Perl 5.003 binaries
perl-5.003-lib.lha dev/lang   304K+Perl 5.003 link libraries
perl-5.003-src.lha dev/lang   1.7M+Perl 5.003 source
GMSV03B.lha        dev/misc   301K+The Games Master System, V0.3
ZCD.lha            docs/hyper 259K+Guide for Amiga products (in italiano) 12 Se
TRaSHCaN2.lha      docs/mags  656K+Autentik Spanish Amiga Diskmag
Version207.lha     docs/misc   35K+A incomplete list with informations about so
encrypt_op.lha     gfx/misc     8K+PayTV-Operator for VLabMotion/MovieShop
nt_ger.lha         gfx/misc    40K+German doc and locale file for NTitler
nw_ger.lha         gfx/misc     2K+German locale file for NWiper
vlabtv015.lha      gfx/misc   250K+Vlab frame grabber soft for CyberGraphX
AROSbin-18.lha     misc/emu   1.4M+AROS - Amiga Replacement OS
AROSdev-18.lha     misc/emu   442K+AROS - Amiga Replacement OS
imdb3_4_bin.lha    misc/imdb  326K+The Internet MovieDatabase Amiga
adt-aix32          misc/unix   65K+ADT 2.3 for AIX 3.2 
adt-aix41-ppc      misc/unix   66K+ADT 2.3 for AIX 4.1 (PowerPC)
adt-hpux           misc/unix   68K+ADT 2.3 for HP
Xmas_anim.lha      pix/anim    70K+Xmas Animation with candles
MyOldComputer.lha  pix/boot    62K+BootPics from other computers (Mac/C64/Spect
MiIcons1.5.lha     pix/icon   382K+A kewl set of Icons.  Compleate set.
Cinema.jpg         pix/trace   97K+LW render of cinema
Be_DataType.lha    util/dtype  76K+Datatype for BeBox screen dumps. V39.0
MUI-ASL.lha        util/libs   62K+MUIfied ASL replacement (68020+ OS3+ MUI3.3+
mmulist.lha        util/moni    4K+Display 040/060 MMU tables
arxced29.lha       util/rexx   47K+ArexxGuide online help macro for CED 3.5

GetRecent.lha      comm/bbs    17K+Aminet Recent Files Auto-Downloader
bsytme18.lha       comm/xeno   24K+Creates statistics about percentage of day t
severed.lha        demo/aga   1.9M+2nd at Abduction'96
THXLib06.lha       dev/amos    20K+AMOS Pro Extension to play THX-Modules (0.6)
ace24dist.lha      dev/basic  1.4M+Amiga BASIC Compiler with Extras v2.4 distri
MCC_Busy2_1.lha    dev/mui     34K+Busy display bar, reg. MUI-Class
MUIRexx_2_1b.lha   dev/mui    175K+Develop MUI apps/GUIs with ARexx
SkandalfoCDP.lha   disk/cdrom 148K+MUI CD Player V1.6 (w/ARexx port & lyrics).
dotw_v30.lha       docs/hyper 191K+Demos Of The World v3.0 - Demoscene listing
X-CDPrev.lha       docs/hyper 1.2M+A Preview of The 'X' UFO/Paranormal CDROM.
LegendsLevels.lha  game/hint    2K+Legends levels passwords
eor.lha            game/think 234K+A great (IMHO) great ... game
ponder.lha         game/wb     16K+Genious Workbench-game
WordHunt.lha       game/wb     83K+Many-featured word search puzzle maker
ProBench3-8.lha    gfx/board  278K+Merlin-Emulation V3.0 Demo and Update 8
ImEngV3.2p1.lha    gfx/edit   540K+Image processor, V3.2, part 1/2
ImEngV3.2p2.lha    gfx/edit   360K+Image processor, V3.2, part 2/2
Calgor.lha         misc/edu   111K+C Algorithm Animator
Gabba12.lha        mods/hardc 146K+Gabba Studies 12 by Vox
Gabba13.lha        mods/hardc 102K+Gabba Studies 13 by Vox
hivolt.lha         mods/mark  102K+Mark Salud's wave/rock music module
andimods.lha       mods/sets  1.3M+Some mods done by Andreas Baaske
phd_wash.lha       mods/techn 245K+[ PHD ] - Mental Trance by piRaT/PHD
TempleofZeus1.lha  pix/imagi  295K+IMAGINE rendered Picture   
TempleofZeus2.lha  pix/imagi  209K+IMAGINE rendered Picture   
VaseofZeus.lha     pix/imagi  326K+IMAGINE rendered Picture   
MagicAminet.lha    pix/mwb     61K+Sets of Icons for the CD-ROMs AMINET.
MagicDock.lha      pix/mwb    843K+Set of docks-anim for MagicWB with an size o
s2_up2.lha         text/print 661K+Studio II update for Canon printers
s2_up3.lha         text/print 734K+Studio II update for Epson printers
EvenMore01b.lha    text/show    8K+Font sensitive text viewer (BETA)
kesc.lha           util/boot   34K+Configure your startup during boot
startup.lha        util/boot    2K+Selector for different startup-sequence's 
SetComment.lha     util/cli    17K+Adds the `short' description as filenote
EasyFind.lha       util/dir    32K+Finds Files in Subdirectories V1.04-MUI
akJFIF401.lha      util/dtype  59K+AkJFIF.datatype V40.1 (JPEG)
HTDS_Upd40_4.lha   util/dtype  37K+HTDS Update V40.3 to V40.4
splitindex12.lha   util/misc    9K+Splits Aminet INDEX file into small files by
FWTextCase.lha     util/rexx    1K+FW:TextToUPPER/TextTolower/TextToTitle
Rexxcontrol.lha    util/rexx   39K+Inputs, Outputs & FrameMachine via ARexx
VersionWB.lha      util/sys    18K+V1.27 replaces c:version. New features.

DOpusXFD.lha       biz/dopus   78K+XFD Decruncher for DOpus5 v1.01
FKM302_Demo.lha    biz/misc   450K+The manager for the expenses of your car.
fw_font.lha        biz/swood   28K+FW-Macros (Fonts/Tips) - german - 
FW_MEf-eng.lha     biz/swood   18K+FW-Macro ( Insert Several ) - english - 
grt-ll10.lha       comm/amiex   3K+A lAMERLIST door for /X
ChkAmCD101.lha     comm/bbs     3K+Check Aminet CD index for missing files or d
d_new310.lha       comm/bbs    35K+DRE!NEW - Today upload door for FAME BBS v3.
FAMEWH11.lha       comm/bbs    13K+FAME example door. Source included.
KB-JamesCL111.lha  comm/bbs     8K+KB-James V1.11 - Nuker etc... for CL 5.o.x
KB-JamesCL11o.lha  comm/bbs     8K+KB-James V1.1o - Nuker etc... for CL 5.o.x
s342q16.lha        comm/bbs   540K+Citadel 68K BBS Program Source
TBoards20.lha      comm/cnet   24K+CNet Tool to show Expansion Boards V2.oo
TBoards20f.lha     comm/cnet   58K+CNet Tool:Show Expansion Boards V2.oofix
showpkt.lha        comm/fido    7K+Show any Fidonet *.pkt file. Might get a mai
yuadmin.lha        comm/mail   55K+YUAdmin, maintaining multiple users in YAM
MM_TrackMv14.lha   comm/mmgr   42K+V1.4: Message Tracker which supports e-mail 
WeatherEx14.lha    comm/tcp    60K+Monitor global Internet weatherdata
vrn-snz.lha        demo/aga   759K+Snooze! by Vajrayana
a_a_ard.lha        demo/euro  758K+Ard by Ambrosia released at The Gathering 96
apt-fdb2f.lha      demo/mag   542K+Musicmag by Apathy, Issue #2 
etc_xf9.lha        demo/mag   251K+Issue 9 (sep 96) of the scene news mag
a_a_mich.lha       demo/sound 288K+Chippack by Ambrosia released at TSP 
dim1.lha           demo/ta96  534K+Dim 1/4; 2nd at Assembly'96
dim2.lha           demo/ta96  808K+Dim 2/4; 2nd at Assembly'96
dim3.lha           demo/ta96  656K+Dim 3/4; 2nd at Assembly'96
dim4.lha           demo/ta96  708K+Dim 4/4; 2nd at Assembly'96
EAIssue3a.lha      dev/amos   566K+Extreme AMOS Issue 3 (disk 1) Best release.
EAIssue3b.lha      dev/amos   535K+Extreme AMOS Issue 3 (disk 2) Best release.
Phonebook_V2.lha   dev/amos    38K+Quick Phonebook version 2. Written using AMO
AGAGuide.lha       dev/asm     35K+The final AGA Amigaguide docs.
CExecLib12.lha     dev/c       17K+Sample Amiga Exec shared library in 100% C
c_os3-dt402.lha    dev/c       16K+Sample Amiga OS 3 Datatype in 100% C
ixemul-sdk.lha     dev/gcc    1.6M+IXemul 44.0 - developer's tool kit
ixemul-src.lha     dev/gcc    1.9M+IXemul 44.0 - full source code
MCC_MathString.lha dev/mui     59K+The string gadget with a PhD in Mathematics,
MCC_Tron0_6.lha    dev/mui     32K+MUICustomClass example, MCCReg info
CDIDCollection.lha disk/cdrom 577K+The defenite CDDA ID collection!
HappyENV.lha       disk/misc   30K+Optimized RAM disk for ENV variables, V0.8
fgp_1996.lha       docs/hyper  57K+Facts of Formula-One-GP 1996 (german) 
WOTW-CDPrev.lha    docs/hyper 2.1M+A Preview of The 'WOTW' CD - famous women!
FDLinfo.lha        docs/lists 526K+5dlicenceware product guide
libguide.lha       docs/lists  18K+Amigaguide of amiga libraries 
gadget26.lha       docs/mags  539K+German Freeware Magazine
a_a_gesp.lha       game/demo  851K+Genetic Species a DoomClone Preview by Ambro
megatyphoon.lha    game/demo  247K+Fastest ever hard core arcade action
Cheater20.lha      game/hint   64K+Get unlimited lifes/money (MUI)
DangerDogg.lha     game/jump  437K+Best Shareware Jump'n'Run ever.
breakoutv97b.lha   game/misc  401K+A one level demo of BreakOut.
td2demo.lha        game/misc  619K+Train Driver 2 Demo
jdl.lha            game/role  559K+JdL (UPDATE) is a german,ultima-like fantasy
Atoms3.lha         game/think 134K+A nice atomic game V3.0
MUIReversi.lha     game/think 101K+MUI-based Reversi (Othello) V1.005
NumberV105.lha     game/think  22K+NEW V1.5 of this addictive guessing game
MonSync101.lha     gfx/aga      5K+Change H/V sync values, MonEd cannot
GUIBlobs.lha       gfx/misc   149K+Create blob animations
IdB.lha            gfx/misc   246K+Dedicated icon database manager, v1.0
CyberAnim10.lha    gfx/show    36K+IFF ANIM3/5/7 player, supports CyberGraphX
SView563.lha       gfx/show   889K+SuperView V5.63 + Library 15.1 (29.8.96)
svoUtah41.lha      gfx/show   130K+UtahRLE.svobject V4.1 for superview.library 
ScanTek2_3.lha     hard/drivr  91K+V2.3 Microtek/Highscreen/Mustek scanner driv
A2630Fix.lha       hard/hack    6K+A collection of A2630 fixes, V1.1
TT120_Fonts.lha    hard/hack   14K+Localized char sets for TeleText1.20
easy1541.lha       misc/emu    78K+Commands and a library to manage a 1541 Driv
SPConv.lha         misc/emu    53K+V1.10 - Convert ZX snaps (.SIT etc)
SS.KMap.usa1.lha   misc/emu     2K+SS usa1 KMap to allow use of tilde.
CDB.lha            misc/sci    40K+IDEA TEAM - Chemistry Database V1.02
lipv1_5.lha        misc/sci    70K+Program for using audio suggestion to help i
PSB.lha            misc/sci    27K+IDEA TEAM - Prosite Browser V1.08
happy-bub.lha      mods/hardc 496K+Happy Hardcore by Dj's Psiber and Spark-E
ia-brut.lha        mods/jungl 449K+Brut & Force - Jungl module by BiG DaDDY^iA
highlights.lha     mods/mark   61K+Mark Salud's wave music module
Alpha.lha          mods/melod  29K+Slow Melodic Dance by DJ W.S.
FeelingSpirit.lha  mods/melod 164K+Melodic Freestyle Dance by DJ W.S.
AvoidFeelings.lha  mods/misc  243K+Some nice-to-listen-to music. (MOD)
basis.lha          mods/misc  131K+Cutting edge dance mod
Eternal.lha        mods/misc  150K+Eternal Sentience by Elf/Abstract '92
slice_of_life.lha  mods/misc  248K+Pitchbender overload!!!
techno_attack.lha  mods/misc  135K+Excellent techno
the_ultimate.lha   mods/misc   74K+Pumping trance
virtuosity.lha     mods/misc  169K+Future techno
zimmer.lha         mods/misc   76K+Hardhouse
AutumMorning.lha   mods/pro    84K+Autum Morning - composed by Godfather (nowad
DoorToMyWorld.lha  mods/pro   104K+Door To My World - composed by Broom/Zenon
GoingToRelease.lha mods/pro   128K+Going To Release - composed by Broom/Zenon
InMyMind.lha       mods/pro    48K+In My Mind - composed by Godfather (nowadays
Lomakuljetus.lha   mods/pro   172K+Lomakuljetus - composed by Broom/Zenon
blockade.lha       mods/s3m   152K+ScreamTracker 3 mod by Pirate Pete
ready.lha          mods/s3m   186K+ScreamTracker 3 mod by Pirate Pete
tolight.lha        mods/s3m   114K+ScreamTracker 3 mod by Pirate Pete
Warriors_on.lha    mods/slow  462K+Fantastic slow module by Estrayk / Capsule.
GirlsNeedLove.lha  mods/techn 162K+... and your Amiga the techno of DJ W.S.
Love.lha           mods/techn 190K+Get the Real Dance Party Track - DJ W.S.
RPV3.lzh           mods/techn 276K+4 New Mods from CyberWorld
Sonic.lha          mods/techn 277K+Techno live at Wembley by DJ W.S.
Theme_II.lha       mods/techn 143K+The Ultimate Dance-Track - DJ W.S.
Tristezz.lha       mods/techn 193K+A trance-techno-style PT mod by Chaoz
FollowTheT.lha     mods/tranc 203K+SlaveStyle Trance by DJ W.S.
OneDayInB.lha      mods/tranc 578K+Trance by DJ W.S.
ReScanII.lha       mods/tranc 352K+Mod for Symphonie 2.4e rel 3+
TangDrmII.lha      mods/tranc 321K+Mod for Symphonie 2.4e rel 3+
overheat.lzh       mods/xm    151K+8 channel XM Module by CSM 
Symph24e3.lha      mus/edit   163K+Symphonie 2.4e rel 3  feat. DSP PlugInSystem
PPitch11.lha       mus/misc    48K+Tuning tool for musical instruments.
TitchyplayV1.7.lha mus/play    58K+Titchyplay CLI Version 1.7 Written in AMOS P
Dragonslayers      pix/art    106K+Dragonslayers picture (fantasy genre)
Icons4Docs.lha     pix/icon     3K+6 good looking document icons
Merlin.lha         pix/illu   600K+Preview of 3D-Fantasy RPG by STM CREATIONS!!
ATRcons2.lha       pix/mwb    298K+A.T.R. MWB-Icons Vol.2,Patterns,BPic-Brushes
DEAGAPat3.lha      pix/mwb    428K+Fantasy backdrops for MWB & MagicCopper; arc
1701-D_13.jpg      pix/trace   92K+Lightwave traced NCC1701-D
1701-D_14.jpg      pix/trace   50K+Lightwave traced NCC1701-D
1701-D_15.jpg      pix/trace   53K+Lightwave traced NCC1701-D
MWPics.lha         pix/trace  3.7M+New Pictures from M. Welter, Space-Type
OceanScape.lha     pix/trace  213K+Lightwave Mystic Oceanscape cove [BQ]
SheepHeart1.lha    pix/trace  233K+Sheeps heart, pix 1.
SheepHeart2.lha    pix/trace  159K+Sheeps heart, pix 2.
epawb.lha          pix/wb     216K+Snapshots of EPA's Greek Workbench
PicCatalog202.lha  text/dtp     6K+PGS3 arexx script - view all pics in directo
GED4_TeX.lha       text/edit   37K+GoldED4 - LaTeX+Texinfo syntax parser/scanne
PGP_GED.lha        text/edit   20K+Use PGP with GoldED4
HTML-Checker.lha   text/hyper   1K+Checks the links of your HTML scripts. v0.1
HSKonvert.lha      text/misc   45K+Converts ASCII-Texts
BindPathes.lha     util/boot    6K+Create all the search pathes in one command
TheChoice2.lha     util/boot   14K+TheChoice V2.20 - Simple Program Selector
WinCommodity.lha   util/cdity  31K+V37.45 additional System Hotkeys TEST IT!
FindPort110.lha    util/cli     3K+Checks for existance of a given port
Raw2Ent114.lha     util/conv   15K+ASCII-Text -> Entity-Codes [1.1.4]
htds.lha           util/dtype 138K+HyperText-DataType-System (HTDS) 40.3
HTDS_020.lha       util/dtype  37K+HTDS 40.3 datatype binaries for 68020
HTDS_030.lha       util/dtype  37K+HTDS 40.3 datatype binaries for 68030
HTDS_040.lha       util/dtype  37K+HTDS 40.3 datatype binaries for 68040
HTDS_SDK.lha       util/dtype 105K+Software-Developer-Kit for HTDS 40.3
boards26.lha       util/libs   18K+Boards.library V 2.6 - 293 Expansion boards 
afind.lha          util/misc  117K+Fast AminetCD search utility V1.55
antcdf.lha         util/misc   35K+Searches on Aminet-CDs(not the sets!) for fi
IFFArr31.lha       util/misc   30K+IFF-FORM: modify, remove, add, create chunks
pw_recen.lha       util/misc   35K+3.00 : INDEX -> Text/Guide/HTML (MUI)
SofTalk.lha        util/misc  226K+Speech Synthesizer For All Amigas.
restracker.lha     util/moni   30K+Resource tracking for AmigaOS. V0.5
SIP31.lha          util/moni   32K+System Information Program - Monitor (OS 2.0
argue11.lha        util/sys   142K+Allows a user to create a MUI GUI for *ANY* 
AFFPro25Supp.lha   util/time  194K+Samples and HTML doc for AFiloFaxPro25
AFiloFaxPr25.lha   util/time  194K+Event scheduler with stat funcs (MUI)
RunBar23.lha       util/wb     60K+RunBar like Win95 NEW FEATURES

u342Q16.lha        comm/bbs   417K+Citadel 68K BBS Program Utilities
ixemul-000s.lha    dev/gcc     96K+IXemul 44.0 - 68000 library
ixemul-000t.lha    dev/gcc     98K+IXemul 44.0 - 68000 trace library
ixemul-020f.lha    dev/gcc     93K+IXemul 44.0 - 68020+fpu library
ixemul-020s.lha    dev/gcc     94K+IXemul 44.0 - 68020 library
ixemul-040f.lha    dev/gcc     93K+IXemul 44.0 - 68040+fpu library
ixemul-040s.lha    dev/gcc     94K+IXemul 44.0 - 68040 library
ixemul-bin.lha     dev/gcc     36K+IXemul 44.0 - various utilities
ixemul-doc.lha     dev/gcc     45K+IXemul 44.0 - various documentation
ixemul-tz.lha      dev/gcc    209K+IXemul 44.0 - TZ management files
CelsHouse.lha      mods/cels  196K+LET THERE bE hOUSE - Celsius

These sites are part of Aminet and carry the files mentioned:

USA (MO)     ftp.wustl.edu      pub/aminet/         ALL
USA (AZ)     ftp.ninemoons.com    pub/aminet/         ALL
USA (WI)     ftp.netnet.net       pub/aminet/       25000
Switzerland  ftp.eunet.ch       pub/aminet/       20000
Scandinavia  ftp.luth.se        pub/aminet/       25000
Germany      ftp.germany.aminet.org   pub/aminet/         ALL
Germany      ftp.uni-erlangen.de     pub/aminet/       20000
Germany      ftp.uni-stuttgart.de    cd aminet          4000
Germany      ftp.cs.tu-berlin.de   pub/aminet/       16000
Germany      ftp.tu-chemnitz.de  pub/aminet/       12000
Germany      ftp.uni-siegen.de    pub/aminet/        9000
Germany      ftp.uni-trier.de    pub/aminet/        5000
Germany      ftp.fh-augsburg.de   pub/aminet/        5000
Germany      ftp.uni-bremen.de   pub/aminet/        3000
Germany      ftp.uni-kl.de      pub/aminet/        2000
Germany      ftp.uni-regensburg.de   pub/aminet/        3000
Germany      ftp.tu-clausthal.de  pub/aminet/        1000
Germany      ftp.aachen.aminet.org   pub/aminet/        2300
Germany      ftp.rz.uni-wuerzburg.de     pub/amiga/aminet/  4000
Italy        ftp.italy.aminet.org   pub/aminet/         ALL
Austria      ftp.giga.or.at     pub/aminet/         800
France       aminet.grolier.fr   pub/aminet/         ALL
France       sunsite.cnam.fr    pub/aminet/        6000
Denmark      sunsite.auc.dk     cd aminet          2000
UK           ftp.uk.aminet.org    pub/aminet/         ALL
UK           micros.hensa.ac.uk    pub/aminet/        8500
Ireland      atlantis.ucc.ie    pub/aminet/        2000
Greece       ftp.acropolis.gr    pub/aminet        20000
Portugal     ftp.portugal.aminet.org  pub/aminet/       15000
Spain        ftp.gui.uva.es     pub/aminet/        1500
Hungary      ftp.iit.uni-miskolc.hu      pub/aminet/        3000
Czech Rep    amiga.chemi.muni.cz    pub/aminet/        2000
Poland       ftp.man.szczecin.pl      pub/aminet/        2000
Croatia      thphys.irb.hr      pub/aminet/         500

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