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| Local files at Aminet CD 52 on 17-Nov-02
| Sorted by directory and file name. Age in weeks.
| A wide version of this file can be found in info/index/
|File              Dir        Size Age Description
|----------------- ---        ---- --- -----------
STEP_Txt.lha       biz/dbase  858K   4+Star Trek All Series - StarBase (669)
TGest2DEMO.lha     biz/demo   475K   1+V2.1.0 TurboGest (PACHETTO GESTIONALE IT
TGest2ExpDEMO.lha  biz/demo   148K   1+V2.1.0 TurboGestExp (PACHETTO GESTIONALE
clipboard.lha      biz/dopus   10K   1+(1.0) Clipboard.module for DOpus5
DOpus58_SP.lha     biz/dopus   29K   1+DOpus v5.8x spanish catalogs. Update 2.3
DOpusRxTrash.lha   biz/dopus   29K   5+Global trashcan for DOpus Magellan II
parent.lha         biz/dopus   10K   1+(1.1) Parent/Root/DeviceList module for 
version.lha        biz/dopus   13K   1+(2.1) Version module for DOpus5
AmIRC_amsg_ame.lha comm/irc     1K   1+AME and AMSG commands for AmIRC
Babelfish.lha      comm/irc     3K   6+Use babelfish from AmIRC/Shell
CVert.lha          comm/irc    15K   1+Monetary Exchange Converter run from AmI
DccSend.lha        comm/irc     9K   1+(1.0) DccSend plugin for AmIRC 3+
epic4-mos.lha      comm/irc   1.1M   4+EPIC4 IRC Client, v1.1.7 -MorphOS-
epic4.lha          comm/irc   978K   3+EPIC4 IRC Client, v1.1.7
GGSearch.lha       comm/irc     2K   8+Search GOOGLE with AmIRC or Shell
Login.lha          comm/irc    22K   1+(1.9) Auto-Login plugin for AmIRC 3+
NetInfo.lha        comm/irc    57K   1+(3.3) NetInfo plugin for AmIRC 2+
RexxFake.lha       comm/irc     9K   1+(1.0) RexxFake plugin for AmIRC 3+
Tabs.lha           comm/irc    10K   1+(1.0) Tabs fixer plugin for AmIRC 3+
Text.lha           comm/irc    22K   1+(3.5) Text effects plugin for AmIRC 3+
Trigger.lha        comm/irc    32K   1+(1.25) Trigger plugin for AmIRC 3+
Typo.lha           comm/irc    22K   1+(2.4) Typo fixer plugin for AmIRC 3+
Unreal32B12.lha    comm/irc   704K   1+Advanced IRC Daemon Based On Dreamforge
UnrealIRCd-bin.lha comm/irc   274K   5+UnrealIRCd 3.1.4 ported to AmigaOS
Wallchop.lha       comm/irc    13K   1+(3.2) Wallchop plugin for AmIRC 2+
pda2yam.lha        comm/mail    7K   8+PalmOS to Yam address book converter
YamHTMLyam.lha     comm/mail   17K   1+Reads HTML pages with YAM mail client
FFL_14.lha         comm/maxs   24K   5+Allows quick login for SysOp & Users.
lcr-i.lha          comm/misc   77K   1+LeastCostRouter for german Internet Prov
TCLocalePL.lha     comm/misc    5K   6+Polish catalog for TimeConnect 
tv-prog.lha        comm/misc  314K   5+(PL) TV programe on computer! [v1.00]
AmiComSys.lha      comm/net   383K   9+V2.3 Personal Communicator like ICQ (MUI
GoPortscan.lha     comm/net   361K   5+V0.9 TCP/UDP Portscanner + more with MUI
newscoaster.lha    comm/news  423K   3+NewsCoaster Full Version (v1.54) (MUI)
newscoastersrc.lha comm/news  185K   3+NewsCoaster Source Code (v1.54 - 17.10.2
AmiDiction.lha     comm/tcp    26K   1+Online Dictionary
AmiDynDNS.lha      comm/tcp    60K client v1.15 (CLI/GUI)
amifish.lha        comm/tcp    19K   3+Quick And Easy interface for babelfish
BabelDoc.lha       comm/tcp    34K   1+Translate docs or strings from one langu
bing-113.lha       comm/tcp   115K   3+Bing, bandwidth measurment tool for inte
RC-FTPd-Catala.lha comm/tcp     3K   1+Catal  catalog for RC-FTPd, the best ftp
rc-ftpd.lha        comm/tcp   108K   1+(2.72) The best ftp server for Amiga (ma
rc-ftpd_cpu.lha    comm/tcp   142K   1+The best ftp server for Amiga (680x0)
rc-ftpd_loc.lha    comm/tcp    77K   1+The best ftp server for Amiga (language)
smbfs.lha          comm/tcp   123K  10+SMB file system client; complements Samb
IBrowseImages.lha  comm/www     7K   5+MWB colored IBrowse buttons images
IBrowseMI.lha      comm/www    82K   8+GlowIcons Toolbar for IBrowse
MassDL.lha         comm/www    42K  10+Less work leching on Web pages. (AWeb)
ncftp.lha          comm/www   560K   3+FTP client/tools v3.1.4
surfboard-mos.lha  comm/www    35K   3+Simple HTTP Server. (MorphOS Port)
trodas_icons.lha   comm/www   688K   5+Glow icons made or remade by trodas
w3s_b6.lha         comm/www    12K   5+Small webserver for AmigaOS
Chronos.lha        demo/euro  666K   9+A nice demo by T. Hoyssa
3D-Boing.lha       demo/intro  12K   8+3D-Boing (incl. source) - 2nd place at C
chr-pinfancd32.lha demo/intro  10K   3+PinballFantasies CD32 cracktro by Cherry
pdx-banshee.lha    demo/intro  18K  10+Banshee cracktro from Paradox
tlc-turrican3.lha  demo/intro  50K   3+Turrican 3 cracktro from Two Lives Crew
zth-stardust.lha   demo/intro  14K   3+Stardust cracktro from Zenith
AMP01.lha          demo/mag   1.5M   9+AMP#1 - polish discmag
AMPpreview.lha     demo/mag   542K  10+AMP#0 - polish discmag
obligement35.lha   demo/mag   914K   3+Obligement #35 - The Famous FRENCH fanzi
S_JP11.lha         demo/mag   3.9M   3+Jurassic Pack #11 - The Lost Amiga Scene
UP-EP011.lha       demo/sound 2.2M  10+UP ROUGH "Super Sharp Shuriken EP" feat.
ADV-ITA.lha        dev/amos   128K   5+Italian adventures creator
SymBase.lha        dev/amos   197K   5+Database extension for AmosPro V0.92
ESA.lha            dev/asm     60K   3+Extended Syntax Assembly 1.15
BlitzGUIGenKey.lha dev/basic    0K   9+BlitzGUIGen public keyfile
BlitzLstAug02.lha  dev/basic  224K  10+Blitz mailing list archives for August 2
BlitzLstJul02.lha  dev/basic   62K  10+Blitz mailing list archives for July 200
BlitzLstJun02.lha  dev/basic   55K  10+Blitz mailing list archives for June 200
Codewandler.lha    dev/basic    6K   5+Encrypt crypted 85##+86## Xplodercodes
MBPrefs.lha        dev/basic   22K  10+External Preferences Editor for MaxonBas
CLib-SDI.lha       dev/c      102K   1+V1.1 example.library in 100% C code
Emperor.lha        dev/c      763K   5+Rapid Application Development Tool for A
expat-dev.lha      dev/c       86K   9+Shared library to parse XML
GetCRC.lha         dev/c       26K   1+V1.17 calculates different checksums
tox.lha            dev/c       19K   3+Simple tokenizer for XML
wildsend.lha       dev/cross   17K   5+Util for upload your creations to your S
wildsmeg.lha       dev/cross   26K   5+Useful util for development with your Su
Mods-JMH.lha       dev/e        9K   9+Some useful E Modules
openurl-e.lha      dev/e        4K   8+Amiga E files for openurl.library 3.3
adns-1.0.lha       dev/gg     141K   9+Resolver library for C (and C++) program
bc-1.6.lha         dev/gg     210K   9+Arbitrary  precision  numeric  processin
bing-1.1.3.lha     dev/gg      75K   5+Bing v1.1.3 - network data measurement t
bison-1.35.lha     dev/gg     1.3M   5+GNU bison (parser) v1.35 for AmigaOS/Gee
db-4.0.14.lha      dev/gg     3.2M   9+Berkeley DB 4.0.14
expat-1.95.2.lha   dev/gg     171K   9+Expat,  C library for parsing XML
extractor0.1.0.lha dev/gg      75K   9+Simple library for keyword extraction
gengetopt-2.6.lha  dev/gg     351K   9+GNU Gengetopt
gettext-0.11.2.lha dev/gg      14M   9+GNU  gettext  package.
gmime-1.0.0.lha    dev/gg     459K   9+Utilities for parsing and creating messa
guile-1.4.1.lha    dev/gg     1.6M   9+Interpreter for Scheme, packaged as a li
libgcrypt1.1.6.lha dev/gg     370K   9+Libgcrypt - The GNU crypto library
libiconv-1.8.lha   dev/gg     1.4M   9+GNU LIBICONV - character set conversion 
libksba-0.2.3.lha  dev/gg     247K   9+X509 library for the Aegypten project...
libxml2-2.4.19.lha dev/gg     2.5M   9+XML parser
ncurses-5.3.lha    dev/gg     6.0M   3+Ncurses V5.3, library for screen handlin
openssl-bin.lha    dev/gg     1.8M   3+OpenSSL 0.9.6g ported to AmigaOS
pcre-3.9.lha       dev/gg     214K   9+Perl-compatible regular expression libra
readline-4.2a.lha  dev/gg     1.0M   9+Gnu Readline library
sh-utils-2.0.lha   dev/gg     2.1M   5+GNU sh-utils v2.0 for AmigaOS/GeekGadget
thttpd-2.21b.lha   dev/gg     401K   5+Thttpd v2.21b - a small and fast WEB ser
thttpd-2.23b1.lha  dev/gg     329K   5+Thttpd v2.23beta1 - a tiny but fast WEB 
thttpd-src.lha     dev/gg     8.8M   6+Thttpd v2.21b P22 - sources (thttpd and 
thttpd2.21bP22.lha dev/gg     437K   5+Thttpd v2.21b P22 - a small and fast WEB
ZThread-2.2.6.lha  dev/gg     1.6M   9+Advanced object-oriented, C++ threading 
Feelin021015.lha   dev/gui    554K   3+021015 New, Powerful and Standalone OOP 
amigatalk.lha      dev/lang   1.2M   3+V2.1 Update of AmigaTalk (Smalltalk GUI)
AmigaTalk.lha      dev/lang   1.2M   1+V2.2 Update of AmigaTalk (Smalltalk GUI)
lisa.lha           dev/lang   122K   9+Easy web server language for beginners.
adocart_1.023.lha  dev/misc    78K   9+NEW AutoDoc viewer MUI
AmigaOS_guides.lha dev/misc   532K   5+Severely beautified autodocs of OS 3.1
fd2pragma.lha      dev/misc   207K   1+V2.158 create pragma, inline, ... files
Localizer1.41.lha  dev/misc   230K   1+A Locale Development Tool
SDL-Amiga.lha      dev/misc   1.4M   3+Version 1.2.5 of Amiga SDL audio/video l
WHDLoad_dev.lha    dev/misc   830K   5+HD-Installer for OS-Killer
WHDLoad_usr.lha    dev/misc   290K   5+HD-Installer for OS-Killer
HunkFunc.lha       dev/moni    13K  10+V1.17 display executable file structure
Carmichael.lha     dev/src      3K   1+Search for Carmichael Numbers
expat-src.lha      dev/src    172K   9+Shared library to parse XML
reactionexampl.lha dev/src      6K   6+ReAction examples
EasyACDDA.lha      disk/cdrom 308K   3+Play&Save CD tracks with Gui - EasyACDDA
AutoMounter.lha    disk/misc   24K   5+AutoMount tool for any changeable disk d
cfd.lha            disk/misc   71K   9+Use CompactFlash cards in your PCMCIA sl
Devcopy.lha        disk/misc    2K   5+Writing adf disk images back to floppydi
fat95.lha          disk/misc  260K   8+Win95/98 compatible file system
SFSC4AD.lha        disk/misc   19K   5+SmartFileSystem Config For All Devices
SFSCheck.lha       disk/misc   68K   5+Utility to check a SmartFileSystem devic
RDBrecov.lha       disk/salv   27K   5+Search lost PFS/SFS partitions on a hard
akJFIF-WOS.lha     docs/anno    0K   8+AkJFIF-dt WOS note (replaced)
AmigaErrors.lha    docs/hyper   5K   1+A Guide on AmigaDOS Fail codes, Errors a
ThePolice.lha      docs/hyper  48K   8+The Police: albums, lyrix, singles +more
AmiDir.lha         docs/lists  25K   6+Amiga (Links) Directory DataBase
NotizieAmiga.lha   docs/lists 1.4M   1+Mailing-list NotizieAmiga 10/2002 (Itali
Aakt0902GFX.lha    docs/mags  654K  10+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0902GUIDE.lha  docs/mags   60K  10+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0902HTML.lha   docs/mags  202K   9+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt1102GFX.lha    docs/mags  235K   1+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt1102GUIDE.lha  docs/mags   73K   1+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt1102HTML.lha   docs/mags  207K   1+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
agsaku08.lha       docs/mags  447K   4+AmigaGuide-Saku #8 (4/94). Finnish diskm
agsaku09.lha       docs/mags  253K   3+AmigaGuide-Saku #9 (5/94). Finnish diskm
agsaku10.lha       docs/mags  261K   3+AmigaGuide-Saku #10 (1/95). Finnish disk
agsaku11.lha       docs/mags  281K   3+AmigaGuide-Saku #11 (2/95). Finnish disk
agsaku12.lha       docs/mags  301K   3+AmigaGuide-Saku #12 (3/95). Finnish disk
agsaku13.lha       docs/mags  529K   3+AmigaGuide-Saku #13 (4/95). Finnish disk
agsaku14.lha       docs/mags  297K   3+AmigaGuide-Saku #14 (5/95). Finnish disk
agsaku15.lha       docs/mags  424K   3+AmigaGuide-Saku #15 (6/95). Finnish disk
agsaku16.lha       docs/mags  123K   3+AmigaGuide-Saku #16 (1/96). Finnish disk
agsaku17.lha       docs/mags  385K   4+AmigaGuide-Saku #17 (2/96). Finnish disk
agsaku18.lha       docs/mags  758K   3+AmigaGuide-Saku #18 (3/96). Finnish disk
agsaku19.lha       docs/mags  536K   3+AmigaGuide-Saku #19 (4/96). Finnish disk
AIOV63.lha         docs/mags  823K   5+Amiga Information Online, Issue 63 (Sept
AIOV64.lha         docs/mags  1.3M   3+Amiga Information Online, Issue 64 (Octo
AmigaFuture38.lha  docs/mags  1.2M  10+Great german paper mag preview
cd32outside5.lha   docs/mags  6.6M   3+CD32 Outside No.5 - German CD32 magazine
htsaku08.lha       docs/mags  662K   4+HTML-Saku #8 (5/94). Finnish diskmag.
htsaku12.lha       docs/mags  367K   4+HTML-Saku #12 (3/95). Finnish diskmag.
htsaku20.lha       docs/mags  310K   4+HTML-Saku #20 (1/97). Finnish diskmag.
htsaku21.lha       docs/mags  233K   4+HTML-Saku #21 (2/97). Finnish diskmag.
htsaku22.lha       docs/mags  441K   4+HTML-Saku #22 (3/97). Finnish diskmag.
NoCover100.lha     docs/mags  2.2M   6+German Amiga Disk Mag - June Issue (Nr.1
nocover102.lha     docs/mags  1.3M   9+German Amiga Disk Mag - June Issue (Nr.1
NoCover103.lha     docs/mags  1.4M   4+Great german diskmagazine
NoCover104.lha     docs/mags  2.0M   1+Great german diskmagazine
saku03.lha         docs/mags  461K   3+Saku #3 (3/93). Finnish diskmag.
saku04.lha         docs/mags  370K   3+Saku #4 (4/93). Finnish diskmag.
saku05.lha         docs/mags  422K   3+Saku #5 (1/94). Finnish diskmag.
saku06.lha         docs/mags  399K   3+Saku #6 (2/94). Finnish diskmag.
saku07.lha         docs/mags  435K   3+Saku #7 (3/94). Finnish diskmag.
saku08.lha         docs/mags  504K   3+Saku #8 (4/94). Finnish diskmag.
saku09.lha         docs/mags  397K   3+Saku #9 (5/94). Finnish diskmag.
saku10.lha         docs/mags  384K   3+Saku #10 (1/95). Finnish diskmag.
saku11.lha         docs/mags  381K   3+Saku #11 (2/95). Finnish diskmag.
saku12.lha         docs/mags  432K   3+Saku #12 (3/95). Finnish diskmag.
saku13.lha         docs/mags  451K   3+Saku #13 (4/95). Finnish diskmag.
saku14.lha         docs/mags  392K   3+Saku #14 (5/95). Finnish diskmag.
saku15.lha         docs/mags  407K   3+Saku #15 (6/95). Finnish diskmag.
saku16.lha         docs/mags  293K   3+Saku #16 (1/96). Finnish diskmag.
saku17.lha         docs/mags  370K   3+Saku #17 (2/96). Finnish diskmag.
saku18.lha         docs/mags  394K   3+Saku #18 (3/96). Finnish diskmag.
saku19.lha         docs/mags  313K   3+Saku #19 (4/96). Finnish diskmag.
saku20.lha         docs/mags  240K   3+Saku #20 (1/97). Finnish diskmag.
saku40.lha         docs/mags  879K   6+Saku #40 (2/2002). Finnish e-zine.
LV3D-SNTX.lha      docs/misc    8K   9+Guide ***POLISH ONLY*** about LV3D
multilotek.lha     docs/misc    1K   9+Prawdziwy system multilotka (polish text
NNW-SNTX.lha       docs/misc    9K   9+Guide ***POLISH ONLY*** about NovellNetW
Armada.lha         game/2play 110K   5+Naval war with pallpoint pens
freeciv_mos.lha    game/2play 786K  10+Freeciv for MorphOS V1.1 (based on Amiga
DroidWars3.lha     game/actio 122K   9+Small droids fighting, -new gametype in 
Hilt2HD_EN.lha     game/actio 835K   3+Hilt2 - Free Full English HD Version
WallDefence.lha    game/actio 196K  10+Defend fortress from invasion.
othello-mos.lha    game/board  70K   3+Othello-Style Board Game (MorphOS Port)
RXDraughts.lha     game/board   6K   5+(REACTION GUI) WB Draughts game for Amig
Saga.lha           game/board 290K   1+Saga 1.22: Conversion of TSR boardgame
tictactoe-mos.lha  game/board  31K   3+An implementation of the children's game
ccalpha_backs.lha  game/data  297K   3+C-C-Alpha backgrounds (Vista)
DC2Lvl-Water.lha   game/data  117K   1+29 levels for Diamond Caves II
F1GP_2002.lha      game/data   11K   6+2002 F1 season data for F1GP-Ed (1 Octob
Hilt2ED.lha        game/data  488K   5+Hilt2 - Mission Editor
Hilt2_GerUp01.lha  game/data  439K  10+Hilt2 - German Files Update 01
Hilt2_GerUp02.lha  game/data  450K   9+Hilt2 - German Files Update 02
Hilt2_GerUp03.lha  game/data  973K   5+Hilt2 - German Files Update 03
kor-reko.lha       game/data  679K   1+Anime REKO Cardset: Kimagure Orange Road
XTR-XTRance.lha    game/data   49K   3+XTReme Racing music module XTRance
aquaplaydemo.lha   game/demo   19M   5+*Playable* demo of Aqua English Version
aquaplaydemode.lha game/demo   19M   5+*Playable* demo of Aqua Deutsche Version
JumpingAround.lha  game/demo  245K   9+JumpNRun demo game, working in progress
Mattonite.lha      game/demo  661K   9+Arkanoid demo game, working in progress
neutralizer2.lha   game/demo   77K   5+Shoot-em-up Defender-like from Factor5
ToTDemo0.45_R5.lha game/demo   12M   3+Tales of Tamar Demo V0.45
Hilt2Guide01DE.lha game/hint  146K   5+Hilt2 - German Guide Version 1.2
Hilt2GuideDE.lha   game/hint  146K   6+Hilt2 - German Guide
Hilt2GuideEN.lha   game/hint   31K   7+Hilt2 - English Guide
Trainer.lha        game/hint   57K   5+Unlim. lives, money with trainer
nettoe-mos.lha     game/misc  157K   3+Tic Tac Toe Game playable over network o
Skeleton.lha       game/misc   38K   9+3D Maze AtariVCS game, translated to Ami
WormWars.lha       game/misc  622K   3+Worm Wars 7.21a: Advanced snake game
xquiz-mos.lha      game/misc   18K   3+A quiz game written in C. (MorphOS Port)
WHDIDemos.lzh      game/patch 3.2M   5+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesA-B.lzh   game/patch 4.6M   5+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesC-D.lzh   game/patch 4.4M   5+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesE-F.lzh   game/patch 2.3M   5+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesG-I.lzh   game/patch 3.2M   5+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesJ-M.lzh   game/patch 4.0M   5+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesN-R.lzh   game/patch 4.5M   5+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesS-T.lzh   game/patch 4.9M   5+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesU-Z.lzh   game/patch 2.5M   5+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
rmmud.lha          game/role  213K   5+V0 B21 An excellent MUD Client (Multi-Us
ScottItal.lha      game/role  206K   1+Italian traslation for Scott Adams Adven
torpedo.lha        game/shoot 103K   1+Torpedo Night, U-Boat, ships ect... (AGA
AmiChess.lha       game/think 256K   1+Chess based on GNUChess 5.0.4
Crafty-18.15.lha   game/think 599K   3+Strongest freeware chess engine.
dickinsonquiz.lha  game/think 287K   5+Quiz About Bruce Dickinson:-)
Miliarderzy.lha    game/think 1.0M   1+Cool mind game (Polish only!)
Mozaika.lha        game/think  20K   8+Puzzle game of figures arrangement.
AmiBlocks.lha      game/wb     25K   3+A puzzle game for OS 3.x. C sources. V0.
Queens.lha         game/wb     33K   5+Try to place 8 Queens on a chessboard!
SNBoersenFreak.lha game/wb     67K  10+V0.8 Real time stock exchange play (Germ
watchNplay.lha     game/wb    230K   5+Effects, games, and utilities. -V2.2-
WBTriz_v07b.lha    game/wb    446K   3+The best tetris for WB! AGA req
kray.lha           gfx/3d     472K   5+Freeware raytracer v1.2
Sticks.lha         gfx/3dobj   63K   5+Strax track parts
Warp3D-4.2a.lha    gfx/board  1.2M   5+Warp3D V4
ffmpeg-source.lha  gfx/conv   1.0M   5+Ffmpeg-source
Mp2anim.lha        gfx/conv   263K   1+Converts & scales mpeg animations to ami
MPImage82s.lha     gfx/conv   128K   0+Source to Gui/Cli graphics conversion li
PNGTool.lha        gfx/conv   104K   1+Converts any type of image to PNG (1.4)
Videokonverter.lha gfx/conv   2.0M   5+A nice Video converter
wbmp.lha           gfx/conv     2K  10+Convert wbmp <-> ilbm
PfPaint_ENG.lha    gfx/edit    41K   1+English documentation for PerfectPaint V
PfPaint_FRA.lha    gfx/edit    44K   1+French documentation for PerfectPaint V2
PfPaint_V283.lha   gfx/edit   2.1M   1+Paint,Anim from 1 to 24bits
ImageFX45txtFR.lha gfx/ifx     61K   5+ImageFX 4.5 French interface Text
avcodeclib.lha     gfx/misc   484K   1+Audio and Video codec library for 68+PPC
cgx_pix_01.lha     gfx/misc   451K   3+8 Cool Bootpic Libs for CGX
mpgtx-mos.lha      gfx/misc   535K   4+Manipulate MPG files (Join,Split,Demulti
VLab_pss.lha       gfx/misc    93K   1+VLab plugin for ArtEffect (+sources)
PicShow.lha        gfx/show   444K   3+Datatype picture viewer for directory to
RiVA.lha           gfx/show    49K   5+Very Fast MPEG Player for AGA/P96/CGFX
swfplayer.lha      gfx/show   291K   1+Standalone player for Amiga (v1.2c) 68k+
swfplayersrc.lha   gfx/show   388K   1+Standalone player for Amiga (v1.2c) 68k+
cnetdevice.lha     hard/drivr 146K   1+PCMCIA Network Card driver. V1.8b
NorwayEthernet.lha hard/drivr  60K  10+Norway ethernet module driver update
pcmser.lha         hard/drivr  15K   5+PCMCIA modem driver. V0.17. PD w/ src.
PoseidonMain.lha   hard/drivr 271K   5+Poseidon USB Stack Update 1.31
SpeedyPar433.lha   hard/drivr  18K  10+Optimized parallel & printer device
thai-sticky-ma.lha hard/drivr   2K   5+Keymaps for Thai keyboard (+stickers)   
MMKeyboard.lha     hard/hack  456K   9+V2.21 Use entire Multmedia Keyboard on A
PlaquePlay.lha     hard/hack   34K   4+Problem Solutions the playstation 1.plaq
MyLang.lha         misc/edu    85K   3+1.5 Freeware vocabulary trainer
anescgfx.lha       misc/emu   133K  10+A/NES CGFX v1.27 - Nintendo emulator
Apex-bin.lha       misc/emu   213K   6+Apex for the Amiga
Apex-src.lha       misc/emu   337K   6+Apex for the Amiga
MacJoyPadGUI.lha   misc/emu    58K   1+GUI for MacJoyPad1.2
Nostalgia.lha      misc/emu   339K   1+THE Multi-Emulation system (2.1)
PPF2Tools.lha      misc/emu    32K   1+ApplyPPF&MakePPF V2.0 for Amiga Official
winguide.lha       misc/emu   176K  10+Win95 prog to display AmigaGuide Files.
AmiBiorythme.lha   misc/misc   60K   9+MUI Biorythm tool. French only. v1.1
lotolib.lha        misc/misc   25K   6+Lotolib for LOTO v2.3+ (1976 au 21_sept.
SpaTra07.lha       misc/misc  111K   4+Spanish Translations Pack 07 v0.3
unix_boot.lha      misc/unix   36K   8+Boot into Amiga Unix from AmigaOS
bl_inlocco.lzh     mods/blasa 105K  10+Chip/Demo, 2002, 16ch, 3m:27s, ...under 
bl_mixmessages.lzh mods/blasa 4.9M   1+Electronic/Remix, 2002, 54ch, 5m:21s, ..
freak.lha          mods/blkha 497K   4+Techno PT mod by blakkhar
heeheheee.lha      mods/blkha 114K   4+Techno PT mod by blakkhar
KrassOMat.lha      mods/blkha 233K   4+Techno PT mod by blakkhar
retrofolk.lha      mods/blkha 160K   4+Techno PT mod by blakkhar
SyntetikkLife.mpg  mods/essen 8.8M  10+Essential sound <>
Muzko_prpali.lzh   mods/hardc 1.8M   5+Cyber Punk/HardCore module by Pero-Fotar
KickUp.lha         mods/misc    5K   3+Custom module from "Kick' Up"
hum_m183.lha       mods/moods 112K   1+Moods - Music For Your Instincts
hum_m184.lha       mods/moods 1.7M   1+Moods - Music For Your Instincts
hum_m185.lha       mods/moods 725K   1+Moods - Music For Your Instincts
hum_m186.lha       mods/moods 789K   1+Moods - Music For Your Instincts
hum_m187.lha       mods/moods 2.3M   1+Moods - Music For Your Instincts
hum_m188.lha       mods/moods 673K   1+Moods - Music For Your Instincts
hum_m189.lha       mods/moods 883K   1+Moods - Music For Your Instincts
hum_m190.lha       mods/moods  14K   1+Moods - Music For Your Instincts
hum_m191.lha       mods/moods 2.4M   1+Moods - Music For Your Instincts
hum_m192.lha       mods/moods 507K   1+Moods - Music For Your Instincts
hum_m193.lha       mods/moods 122K   1+Moods - Music For Your Instincts
hum_m194.lha       mods/moods 243K   1+Moods - Music For Your Instincts
hum_m195.lha       mods/moods 169K   1+Moods - Music For Your Instincts
hum_m196.lha       mods/moods 117K   1+Moods - Music For Your Instincts
hum_m197.lha       mods/moods 687K   1+Moods - Music For Your Instincts
hum_m198.lha       mods/moods 288K   1+Moods - Music For Your Instincts
hum_m199.lha       mods/moods 2.3M   1+Moods - Music For Your Instincts
hum_m200.lha       mods/moods 2.1M   1+Moods - Music For Your Instincts
hum_m201.lha       mods/moods 158K   1+Moods - Music For Your Instincts
Ole-Egil.mpg       mods/mpg    33M   6+Ole-Egils speech at the Aone Gothenburg 
os4.mpg            mods/mpg    37M   6+Gunnes OS4-presentation at the Aone Goth
rno-r078.mpg       mods/mpg   5.5M   8+Rno-records release #78 by Substance(aci
rno-r079.mpg       mods/mpg   5.7M   6+Rno-records release #79 by CIE(techno/ac
rno-r080.mpg       mods/mpg   6.2M   6+Rno-records release #80 by KURE(Elektron
rno-r081.mpg       mods/mpg   6.1M   3+Rno-records release #81 by CIE(Drum'n Ba
sbf_atr.mpg        mods/mpg   6.7M   6+Albtraumraum sbf/phx (slarti)
valkomnande.mpg    mods/mpg   2.4M   6+Welcome speech at the Aone Gothenburg Fa
NKN_Adranawe.lha   mods/nkn   530K  10+Sub REGEAE xperiment.... mmmm... so good
Tema.lzh           mods/rock  3.6M   5+Cyber Punk/Rock voice module by Pero-Fot
brimstonesaga.lha  mods/sets  467K   5+Mods for the RPG Brimstone Saga
Thunderstorm.lzh   mods/synth 3.3M   3+Ambiental/Synth module by Pero-Fotar
prosektorium.lha   mods/techn 211K   6+Prosektorium by Dj Thunder from poland
thunder_in.lha     mods/techn 211K   6+Thunder in my mind by Dj Thunder from po
Old_Computers.lzh  mods/voice 2.7M   9+HappyHC/CyberPunk module with voices by 
AmySequencer.lha   mus/edit   200K   3+MIDI sequencer for the AMIGA
id3tagLibGUI.lha   mus/edit   110K   8+MPEG Audio ID3Tag (ID3v1, ID3v2) Editor
KarakSongs1.lha    mus/edit    12K   4+Karakoe of famous songs for SongPlayer
tracks.lha         mus/edit   172K   3+Tracks & Fields Miditracker 1.05 Fullver
GMP-G.lha          mus/midi   128K   1+GUI for GMPlay V1.3(a)
Cathedral.lha      mus/misc   125K   3+Reverb. 16-bit,MUI,68k/PPC, non-realtime
id3ren-mos.lha     mus/misc    67K   3+Id3ren is a ID3 tag editor
mp3ai-mos.lha      mus/misc    43K   3+Mp3ai displays information and total pla
normalize.lha      mus/misc   520K   5+Adjust volume of Sound Files, v0.7.6
Optim8svx.lha      mus/misc     8K   5+Strips ANNO/NAME by zeeball (+asm source
Pegase_src.lha     mus/misc   175K   3+VHQ MPEG audio encoder (Source code)
TheMPegEncGUI.lha  mus/misc   233K   5+GUI 4 Lame,OggEnc,BladeEnc,Pegase,Ncode,
vorbistools68k.lha mus/misc   1.4M   1+Vorbis Tools 1.0, ogg encoder/decoder fo
DelfMPEG.lha       mus/play   162K   1+MPEG audio player for Delfina DSP
dmdev.lha          mus/play   136K   1+Mpeg.device for Delfina DSP
EP_JasonPage.lha   mus/play    17K   3+EaglePlayer "Jason Page" external replay
EP_Mugician2.lha   mus/play    12K   5+EaglePlayer "Mugician II" external playe
EP_PAP.lha         mus/play     8K   3+EaglePlayer "Pierre Adane Packer" extern
EP_PRobotham.lha   mus/play    12K   3+EaglePlayer "Paul Robotham" external rep
EP_RJosephPlay.lha mus/play    11K   3+EaglePlayer "Richard Joseph Player" exte
EP_TFMX7V.lha      mus/play    14K   5+EaglePlayer "TFMX 7V" external player
EP_TFMXPro.lha     mus/play    20K   5+EaglePlayer "TFMX Pro" external replayer
HD-Play.lha        mus/play   379K   5+Plays long samples direct from HD
SAP.lha            mus/play    10K   9+DeliPlayer for SAP files
Morphos-pics.lha   pix/back   620K   5+Morphos backgrounds
MorphosDesktop.lha pix/back   620K   6+Morphos backgrounds
ADocArtMI.lha      pix/gicon   13K   5+A GlowIconsSet for AutodocArt
AmfMI.lha          pix/gicon   14K   5+A GlowIconsSet for AMF
Berlin-Icon.lha    pix/gicon   38K   6+Icons: Brandenburger Tor, Quadriga, Reic
DBackupMI.lha      pix/gicon   15K   5+A GlowIconsSet for DailyBackup
FenriXGIcons.lha   pix/gicon  462K   1+Some glowIcons, mostly drawers
FFNewsMI.lha       pix/gicon   20K   5+A GlowIconsSet for FFNews
mapPlugMI.lha      pix/gicon   14K   5+A GlowIconsSet for mapPlug
moreHTMLMI.lha     pix/gicon   11K   5+A GlowIconsSet for moreHTML
MReaderMI.lha      pix/gicon   20K   5+A GlowIconsSet for MagicReader
MUISearchMI.lha    pix/gicon   12K   5+A GlowIconsSet for MUISearch
nICkONs-2.lha      pix/gicon  116K   3+Game glowicons
pEditorMI.lha      pix/gicon   13K   5+A GlowIconsSet for pEditor
PetersGlowIcon.lha pix/gicon   66K   6+Some glow icons made by me or alterd
PintMI.lha         pix/gicon   12K   5+A GlowIconsSet for Pint
PlotterMI.lha      pix/gicon   14K   5+A GlowIconsSet for Plotter3D
PoWinMI.lha        pix/gicon   23K   5+A GlowIconsSet for PowerWindows
ProRenMI.lha       pix/gicon   10K   5+A GlowIconsSet for ProRen
PygmIconsGL_D2.lha pix/gicon  679K   0+PygmiconsGL_D2 - GlowIcons Demo pack vol
PygmIconsGL_G2.lha pix/gicon  568K   3+PygmiconsGL_G2 - GlowIcons Game Pack vol
ScalosMI.lha       pix/gicon   17K   5+A GlowIconsSet for Scalos
TransCatMI.lha     pix/gicon   13K   5+A GlowIconsSet for TransCat
trodas_icons.lha   pix/gicon  1.9M   1+Glow icons made/remade by trodas
UpdaterMI.lha      pix/gicon   11K   5+A GlowIconsSet for Updater
VoimariiMI.lha     pix/gicon   11K   5+A GlowIconsSet for Voimariini
WordPadMI.lha      pix/gicon   44K   5+A GlowIconsSet for WordPad
AtariGlowIcons.lha pix/icon    47K   1+Atari icons converted to GlowIcons + 4 d
MacGlow.lha        pix/icon   182K   6+114 Macintosh Icons converted to GlowIco
MacGlow2.lha       pix/icon   361K   4+278 Macintosh Icons converted to GlowIco
MiscsOS3.5game.lha pix/icon   101K   6+OS3.5/9 icons for some games
PygmIconsNX_D2.lha pix/icon   540K   0+PygmiconsNX_D2 - NewIcons xtd (eXTenD) D
PygmIconsRI_G2.lha pix/icon    49K   3+PygmiconsRI_G2 - RomIcons Game Pack volu
TicTacToe.jpg      pix/imagi   20K   1+The game never played like this before
anl-strip_4.lha    pix/misc    76K   6+[ancor] a normal life
anl-strip_5.lha    pix/misc    49K   1+[ancor] a normal life
nwo-strip_7.lha    pix/misc    55K   6+[ancor] now way out
nwo-strip_8.lha    pix/misc    43K   1+[ancor] now way out
our_tree.jpg       pix/misc   164K   6+Our tree - AMIGA, picture by SZAMAN
PA_2002_01.lha     pix/misc   1.2M   6+Pianeta Amiga 2002 archive 01
PA_2002_02.lha     pix/misc   1.5M   6+Pianeta Amiga 2002 archive 02
PA_2002_03.lha     pix/misc   6.0M   6+Pianeta Amiga 2002 archive 03
PA_2002_04.lha     pix/misc   2.3M   6+Pianeta Amiga 2002 archive 04
PA_2002_05.lha     pix/misc   4.2M   6+Pianeta Amiga 2002 archive 05
PA_2002_06.lha     pix/misc   2.5M   4+Pianeta Amiga 2002 archive 06
PA_2002_07.lha     pix/misc   1.7M   3+Pianeta Amiga 2002 archive 07
sakuvk01.lha       pix/misc   1.8M   4+Pics from Finnish Amiga UG 2001 meeting.
sakuvk02.lha       pix/misc   4.6M   4+Pics from Finnish Amiga UG 2002 meeting.
Satire10-Jul02.jpg pix/misc    56K   1+"La satire du Jet d'Ail" in pictures on 
sgd-strip_19.lha   pix/misc    45K   6+[ancor] StarGround darkness
sgd-strip_20.lha   pix/misc    55K   6+[ancor] StarGround darkness
sgd-strip_21.lha   pix/misc    42K   1+[ancor] StarGround darkness
sgd-strip_22.lha   pix/misc    53K   1+[ancor] StarGround darkness
sgd-strip_23.lha   pix/misc    48K   1+[ancor] StarGround darkness
zeeball01.jpg      pix/misc    36K   6+How Zeeball look like #1
zeeball02.jpg      pix/misc   173K   6+How Zeeball look like #2
vd-ami2k1s_eng.mpg pix/mpg     40M   3+<VD> show report "Amiga 2001", small, En
vd-ami2k1_eng.mpg  pix/mpg     42M   1+<VD> show report "Amiga 2001", medium, E
WatHo_jump.mpg     pix/mpg    533K   8+Jumping the bar
WatHo_twist.mpg    pix/mpg    265K   8+The bar that wouldn't stand still
PygmIconsNX_G2.lha pix/nicon  486K   3+PygmiconsNX_G2 - NewIcons xtd (eXTenD) G
DasEisBricht.jpg   pix/trace   65K   9+From the Series V - Breaking the Ice
GoldenGate.jpg     pix/trace   77K   9+Golden Gate Bridge by Starfleet
Invasion.jpg       pix/trace   64K   6+Invasion
Konflikt.jpg       pix/trace  104K   9+Konflikt - NX-01 and a new Ship
NewWorld.jpg       pix/trace  148K   9+Konflikt - NX-01 and a new Ship
NX-01.jpg          pix/trace   80K   6+NX-01 Enterprise
Raumpiraten.jpg    pix/trace  147K   6+Acquisition from the Series V
Soyuz1.jpg         pix/trace  103K   9+Soyus Station and NX-01 
DiamondWBsnap.jpg  pix/wb     162K  10+Diamond green 1024x768 desktop snapshot 
LavaWBsnap.jpg     pix/wb     162K  10+Lava red 1024x768 desktop snapshot by Mi
TrodasWB.jpg       pix/wb     168K   5+Yet another WB grab by trodas
AmiReplace.lha     text/edit   56K   9+MUI text replace tool. French but easy. 
GoToLblCED.lha     text/edit    5K   1+List and go to labels in CygnusEd
cubi.lha           text/font   37K   9+Cubi fixed font (ttf,type,dmf format)
ISO-AmigaPL.lha    text/font   91K   1+Polish ISO-AmigaPL fonts
thai-lhfont.lha    text/font   11K   5+Thai fonts (2 sizes)   
HTMLstrip.lha      text/misc   26K   5+HTML stripper which can also replace HTM
msdos-amiga.lha    text/misc   38K   3+Convert MSDOS texts to AMIGA text format
rman.lha           text/misc  133K   1+PolyglotMan - manual page translator
thai-conv.lha      text/misc   53K   5+Converts UTF-8 <-> TIS-620 for Thai char
udo.lha            text/misc  216K   8+Universal DOcument formatter
CanonBJC6000.lha   text/print  11K   5+OS3.5/3.9 printer driver (beta)
Next3.5.lha        text/show  150K   3+Viewer for text/guides/html/datatypes
Tex-Setup.lha      text/tex    10K   0+Install-File For AmiWeb2c / TeX and TexL
deutex-mos.lha     util/arc   568K   3+DeuTex is a wad composer for Doom, Heret
alba.lha           util/boot   66K   9+Lock your Amiga by a password ITA-ENG
LoadModule.lha     util/boot    9K  10+Install Libs/Devs reset-proof, ROM-Updat
MemTrailer.lha     util/boot    3K   3+Allocates 16 bytes for memory-protection
MinStack.lha       util/boot    2K   5+Sets minimum stacksize for new processes
DepthMenu.lha      util/cdity  44K   5+Popup menu for depth gadgets. V2.38.
DM_AmIRC.lha       util/cdity  24K   5+DM: readable program window names in men
DM_DOpus4.lha      util/cdity  19K   5+DM: modifies DOpus screen name. V1.3.
DM_DOpus5.lha      util/cdity  22K   5+DM: handles DOpus v5 listers. V1.6.
DM_dynAMIte.lha    util/cdity  21K   5+DM: shows windows of dynAMIte game. V1.4
DM_MinMax.lha      util/cdity  22K   5+DM: adds min/maximize options to windows
DM_ScreenType.lha  util/cdity  21K   5+DM: shows screen type in menu.
DM_Workbench.lha   util/cdity  22K   5+DM: handles Workbench drawers. V1.4.
DirSize_IL.lha     util/cli     4K   5+Calculate directory sizes (68k + MorphOS
HowDif.lha         util/cli     8K   3+HowDif 2.0 for Amiga: File comparison/du
NanoCLS-src.lha    util/cli     1K   3+The absolutely smallest CLS program [sou
NanoCLS.lha        util/cli     0K   3+The absolutely smallest CLS program
NWait.lha          util/cli     6K   1+NWait - New AmigaDos Wait Command
SRename.lha        util/cli    84K   3+Advanced rename/renumber CLI program. Ve
Asciiconverter.lha util/conv   47K   3+Change ASCII code in files.
microdvd.lha       util/conv  368K   3+Adjust MicroDVD and SAM subtitles
TxtToHTMLv1.6.lha  util/conv   88K   1+Converts txt files to HTML Docs (+GUI v1
xlhtml-mos.lha     util/conv  102K   4+Convert Excel/PowerPoint files to HTML, 
xlhtml.lha         util/conv   84K   3+Convert Excel/PowerPoint files to HTML, 
elbrus_demo.lha    util/crypt 207K   4+Sovjet military voice encryption 68k+ppc
akJFIF-dt.lha      util/dtype 166K   3+AkJFIF-dt V45.6 (JPEG, 68000-060, UAE/Am
akJFIF-PPC.lha     util/dtype   0K   8+AkJFIF-dt PPC note
akPNG-dt.lha       util/dtype 156K   5+AkPNG-dt V45.4 (PNG, 68000-060, UAE/Amit
akPNG-PPC.lha      util/dtype   0K   8+AkPNG-dt PPC note
akPNG-WOS.lha      util/dtype   0K   8+AkPNG-dt WOS note
akTIFF-PPC.lha     util/dtype   0K   8+AkTIFF-dt PPC note
akTIFF-WOS.lha     util/dtype   0K   8+AkTIFF-dt WOS note
expat-usr.lha      util/libs   39K   9+Shared library to parse XML
HSMathLibs_040.lha util/libs  282K   1+Very fast replacement for all math libra
HSMathLibs_060.lha util/libs  284K   1+Very fast replacement for all math libra
HSMathLibs_881.lha util/libs  257K   1+Very fast replacement for all math libra
id3tag_lib.lha     util/libs   77K   8+Library to edit ID3-Tag (ID3v1, ID3v2)
ixemul48.2-060.lha util/libs  109K   3+Ixemul.library V48.2 for 68060
ttengine.lha       util/libs  130K   5+TrueType text rendering engine (v 4.1)
CountryEdit_dt.lha util/misc    2K   3+V1.0, German catalog for CountryEdit v1.
DagensTV.lha       util/misc   15K   3+Viewer for the TV-guide e-mail from Dage
EpicES.lha         util/misc   48K   5+V1.09 Alternate search for Epic Encycl97
gpatch.lha         util/misc  214K   8+Patch system for software updates
MMKBootMenu.lha    util/misc    1K   5+V1.10 External boot menu command for MMK
ReportPlus.lha     util/misc  305K   3+Report+ 5.63: Multipurpose utility
SetSignal.lha      util/misc   47K   5+Send a Signal Utility
sss.lha            util/misc   14K   3+Smart filesplitter with ESA sources
Scout-src.lha      util/moni  559K   8+V3.1, System monitor - GNU-GPL source co
Scout.lha          util/moni  896K   8+V3.1, System monitor (MUI & AmiTCP optio
Sysmon120a.lha     util/moni  159K  10+System monitor and enhancer based on a s
UltimateSPY.lha    util/moni    5K   1+Another AMIGA sniffer
AiptekRexxTool.lha util/rexx    2K   6+ARexx script to manage Aiptek cam. v0.3
Pixload-2.2.lha    util/rexx  464K   3+Pixload 2.2 (a "dock" in RXMui)
QuickMsg.lha       util/rexx   17K   4+QuickMsg - shows quick messages on desir
twinkick.lha       util/sys   114K  10+Kickstart 3.1 for A1000
4D-Clock.lha       util/time   28K   5+3D analog clock.
DRemind_Ger.lha    util/time   23K   9+German catalogs for DRemind 1.62
DRemind_HU.lha     util/time    9K  10+Hungarian catalogs for DRemind 1.62
MILL.lha           util/virus 170K   5+New polish antivirus
VEPatchBrain.lha   util/virus  27K   3+PatchBrain v1.45 for VirusExecutor v2.23
VirusExecutor.lha  util/virus 299K   1+VirusExecutor v2.28
VirusZ.lha         util/virus  60K   5+VirusZ III 0.9c - Antivirus Software
AmiStart.lha       util/wb    344K   8+A Windows like startmenu with drag&drop 
AmistartHU.lha     util/wb      3K   7+Hungarian catalog for Amistart v0.63
ASPlayerShape.lha  util/wb    134K   8+A SongPlayer Skin for AmiStart
DiamondWB.lha      util/wb     80K  10+Diamond green appearace for Workbench an
FullPaletteHU.lha  util/wb      4K   9+Hungarian catalog for FullPalette v40.22
IconLink.lha       util/wb     25K  10+Create links to icons
LavaWB.lha         util/wb     80K  10+Lava red appearace for Workbench and Dir
RandomWBPatt.lha   util/wb     27K  10+Timer controled Slideshow-like random WB
ScalosPlugAP96.lha util/wb     11K   5+Avail Picasso96 plugin for Scalos
sgrab.lha          util/wb    180K   1+Screen grabber with GUI (1.22)
VisualMI.lha       util/wb    122K   5+GlowIconsButtons for VisualPrefs