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The following files were deleted from directory docs/etext on July 29, 2016. They are outdated copies of Project Gutenberg documents, check the project's website for more updated copies of these files.

Please note that some of these files were artificially backdated to 1984, 1989 or 1991-1994 - but they were all added in October or November 1995 to fill up Aminet CD 9.

1mlkd11.lha                    docs/etext 322K 999 Martin Luther King Jr. Day Anthology #1
1trnt10.lha                    docs/etext  16K 999 Trinity Atomic Bomb by the National Atomi
2000010.lha                    docs/etext 237K 999 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Jules Verne
2city11.lha                    docs/etext 313K 999 A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens 
2sqrt10a.lha                   docs/etext 2.4M 999 The Square Root of Two
2trnt10.lha                    docs/etext  16K 999 Trinity Atomic Bomb by White Sands Missle
32pri10.lha                    docs/etext 117K 999 The 32nd Mersenne Prime, Predicted by Mer
3trnt10.lha                    docs/etext 1.3M 999 Trinity Atomic Bomb Test Site Photographs
7gabl10.lha                    docs/etext 265K 999 House of the Seven Gables, Nathaniel Hawt
80day10.lha                    docs/etext 155K 999 Around the World in 80 Day by Jules Verne
aesopa10.lha                   docs/etext  30K 999 Aesop's Fables
agord10.lha                    docs/etext 155K 999 The Poems of A.L. [Adam Lindsay] Gordon[A
alad10.lha                     docs/etext  16K 999 Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, Traditional
alamo10.lha                    docs/etext 196K 999 Remember the Alamo, by Amelia E. Barr
alexb10.lha                    docs/etext  70K 999 Alexander's Bridge, by Willa Cather [Cath
algif10.lha                    docs/etext 728K 999 Tenniel Illustrations for Alice in Wonder
alice30.lha                    docs/etext  62K 999 Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll
amdag10.lha                    docs/etext 100K 999 Handbook of American Daguerrotype, by Hum
anide10.lha                    docs/etext 264K 999 The Aeneid [English], by Virgil/Vergil  [
anidl10.lha                    docs/etext 206K 999 The Aeneid [in Latin] by Virgil/Vergil [V
anne11.lha                     docs/etext 235K 999 Anne of Green Gables, Lucy Maud Montgomer
apoc10.lha                     docs/etext 301K 999 Deutercanonical Books of the Bible/Apocry
arabn11.lha                    docs/etext 237K 999 The Arabian Nights, by Andrew Lang
asprn10.lha                    docs/etext  89K 999 The Aspern Papers, by Henry James  [James
augsb10.lha                    docs/etext  36K 999 The Augsburg Confession, 465th Anniversar
avon10.lha                     docs/etext 207K 999 Anne of Avonlea, Lucy Maud Montgomery    
awakn10.lha                    docs/etext 152K 999 The Awakening & Other Short Stories by Ka
badge10.lha                    docs/etext 112K 999 Red Badge of Courage, Stephen Crane
bbeau10.lha                    docs/etext 125K 999 Black Beauty by Anna Sewell [English Quak
bbetc10.lha                    docs/etext 210K 999 Beauty and The Beast, Etc., by Bayard Tay
bchee10.lha                    docs/etext  48K 999 Ballads of a Cheechako, Robert W. Service
beast10.lha                    docs/etext 155K 999 Beasts and Super-Beasts, by Saki [H. H. M
beqst10.lha                    docs/etext 226K 999 The $30,000 Bequest by Mark Twain/Samuel 
berne10.lha                    docs/etext  19K 999 The Berne Universal Copyright Convention 
bfaut10.lha                    docs/etext 157K 999 The Autobiography of Ben Franklin
bfree10.lha                    docs/etext 329K 999 My Bondage and My Freedom by Frederick Do
bible11.lha                    docs/etext 1.5M 999 The Bible, The New Testament, King James 
bucoe10.lha                    docs/etext  26K 999 The Bucolics/Ecloges [English] by Virgil/
bucol10.lha                    docs/etext  22K 999 The Bucolics/Ecloges [Latin], by Virgil/V
callw10.lha                    docs/etext  77K 999 The Call of the Wild, by Jack London [Lon
carol10.lha                    docs/etext  70K 999 A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens
cashb10.lha                    docs/etext  65K 999 The Cash Boy, by Horatio Alger, Jr. [Alge
cavep11.lha                    docs/etext 1.3M 999 French Cave Paintings [10X Older Dead Sea
ccero10.lha                    docs/etext  42K 999 Cicero's Orations [in Latin, Selected Ora
chilc10.lha                    docs/etext 104K 999 Child Christopher, by William Morris [Mor
child10.lha                    docs/etext  24K 999 A Child's Garden of Verses/Robert Louis S
chour10.lha                    docs/etext 145K 999 The Certain Hour, by James Branch Cabell
chtem10.lha                    docs/etext  91K 999 Charlotte Temple, by Susanna Rowson
civil10.lha                    docs/etext  25K 999 Civil Disobedience, Henry David Thoreau
clinton3.lha                   docs/etext   9K 999 Clinton's Inaugural Address, US Pres Bill
clotl11.lha                    docs/etext 109K 999 Clotelle; or The Colored Heroine by Wm We
comsn10.lha                    docs/etext  56K 999 Common Sense by Thomas Paine
conam10.lha                    docs/etext 433K 999 "Confessio Amantis" by John Gower [circa 
confi10.lha                    docs/etext 171K 999 Confidence, by Henry James        [James 
cormc10.lha                    docs/etext  44K 999 The Life and Death of Cormac the Skald [I
crowd10a.lha                   docs/etext 335K 999 Far From the Madding Crowd, Thomas Hardy 
dasym10.lha                    docs/etext  52K 999 Daisy Miller, by Henry James [Henry James
dcart10.lha                    docs/etext  53K 999 Descartes' Reason Discourse, Rene Descart
dgray10.lha                    docs/etext 181K 999 The Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wild
dlleg10.lha                    docs/etext  94K 999 Daddy-Long-Legs by Jean Webster [Twain Gr
dmoro10.lha                    docs/etext 104K 999 The Island of Doctor Moreau, by H. G. Wel
domcg10.lha                    docs/etext  38K 999 Dome of Many-Coloured Glass, Amy Lowell [
drday10.lha                    docs/etext  97K 999 Dream Days, by Kenneth Grahame
drnmy10.lha                    docs/etext 168K 999 Dear Enemy by Jean Webster #2 [Twain Gran
dugl210.lha                    docs/etext  24K 999 Collected Articles of Frederick Douglass,
duglas11.lha                   docs/etext  98K 999 Frederick Douglass, Narrative of the Life
dware10.lha                    docs/etext 290K 999 The Damnation of Theron Ware, by Harold F
dwwww11.lha                    docs/etext  68K 999 In the Days When the World Was Wide, Henr
earth10.lha                    docs/etext 196K 999 MPG Motion Picture of Rotating Earth [fro
ecore10.lha                    docs/etext 115K 999 At the Earth's Core, by Burroughs [Pelluc
ednam10.lha                    docs/etext  20K 999 Renascence and Other Poems by Edna St. Mi
ee610.lha                      docs/etext  55K 999 The Number "e" [Natural Log]
ee710.lha                      docs/etext 490K 999 The Number "e" ["Natural Log" to 1 millio
emma10.lha                     docs/etext 356K 999 Emma, by Jane Austen [Fourth Jane Austen 
eothn10.lha                    docs/etext 212K 999 Eothen, by A. W. Kinglake
factr10.lha                    docs/etext 116K 999 A List of Factorial Math Constants [math 
fdr10.lha                      docs/etext  10K 999 Franklin Delano Roosevelt's 1st Inaugural
feder16.lha                    docs/etext 440K 999 The Federalist Papers
ffabl10.lha                    docs/etext  76K 999 Flower Fables, by Louisa May Alcott   [Al
fibns10.lha                    docs/etext  72K 999 The Fibonacci Number Series
flat10a.lha                    docs/etext  87K 999 Flatland, by Edwin A. Abbott [Math in Fic
flirt10.lha                    docs/etext 179K 999 The Flirt, by Booth Tarkington
forgd10.lha                    docs/etext 136K 999 The Forged Coupon by Count Leo Tolstoy [T
frank13.lha                    docs/etext 176K 999 Frankenstein/Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
frdam10.lha                    docs/etext  18K 999 Father Damien, Robert Louis Stevenson [RL
freck10.lha                    docs/etext 186K 999 Freckles, by Gene Stratton Porter [Porter
fuman10.lha                    docs/etext 180K 999 The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu, by Sax Rohme
galli10.lha                    docs/etext  63K 999 Caesar's Commentaries in Latin [Books I t
gardn10.lha                    docs/etext 173K 999 The Secret Garden, by Frances Hodgson Bur
geore10.lha                    docs/etext  60K 999 The Georgics [English] by Virgil/Vergil[V
georl10.lha                    docs/etext  50K 999 The Georgics [in Latin] by Virgil/Vergil[
gldna10.lha                    docs/etext  96K 999 The Golden Age, by Kenneth Grahame
gmars11.lha                    docs/etext 187K 999 Gods of Mars, Edgar Rice Burroughs [Mars 
hbook10.lha                    docs/etext 153K 999 The Haunted Bookshop, by Christopher Morl
hdark11.lha                    docs/etext  95K 999 Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad [Conr
hfinn10.lha                    docs/etext 232K 999 Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twai
hhgi10.lha                     docs/etext  23K 999 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Internet, Ed Kr
hhotl10.lha                    docs/etext 146K 999 The Haunted Hotel, by Wilkie Collins [Col
hipho10.lha                    docs/etext  86K 999 History and Practice of the Art of Photog
hisong12.lha                   docs/etext  75K 999 The Song of Hiawatha
hmirt10.lha                    docs/etext 311K 999 House of Mirth, by Edith Wharton  [Wharto
hrlnd10.lha                    docs/etext 131K 999 Herland [for Mother's Day], Charlotte P. 
hyde10.lha                     docs/etext  64K 999 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde #1 Robert Louis S
hydea10.lha                    docs/etext  63K 999 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde #2 Robert Louis S
iland10.lha                    docs/etext 185K 999 Anne of the Island, Lucy Maud Montgomery 
inbro10.lha                    docs/etext 284K 999 Introduction to Browning, Hiram Corson [B
infrb10.lha                    docs/etext 188K 999 The Innocence of Father Brown by G. K. Ch
intep10.lha                    docs/etext  64K 999 An International Episode, by Henry James 
ivnho12.lha                    docs/etext 473K 999 Ivanhoe/Scott/OBI/Wiretap    [US only ple
jargn10.lha                    docs/etext 487K 999 The Hackers' Dictionary of Computer Jargo
jkmst10.lha                    docs/etext  22K 999 Main Street, Other Poems, Joyce Kilmer [U
jnglb10.lha                    docs/etext 113K 999 The Jungle Book, by Rudard Kipling [Kipli
jude11.lha                     docs/etext 343K 999 Jude the Obscure, by Thomas Hardy   [Hard
jungl10.lha                    docs/etext 332K 999 The Jungle by Upton Sinclair
kjv10.lha                      docs/etext 1.4M 999 The Bible, Both Testaments, King James Ve
laddi10.lha                    docs/etext 334K 999 Laddie, by Gene Stratton Porter  [Porter 
landimpg.lha                   docs/etext 414K 999 Motion Pictures of the Apollo 11 Lunar La
lcont10.lha                    docs/etext  90K 999 The Lost Continent by Edgar Rice Burrough
lesms10.lha                    docs/etext 1.3M 999 Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo [in Englis
lglass18.lha                   docs/etext  69K 999 Through the Looking Glass, Lewis Carroll
limbr10.lha                    docs/etext 269K 999 A Girl of the Limberlost/Gene Stratton Po
linc111.lha                    docs/etext  12K 999 Abraham Lincoln's First Inaugural Address
linc211.lha                    docs/etext   6K 999 Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Addres
lmiss11.lha                    docs/etext 344K 999 Life on the Mississippi, by Mark Twain [T
locet10.lha                    docs/etext 158K 999 LOC Workshop on Etexts, US LIbrary of Con
lostc10.lha                    docs/etext 219K 999 The Lost Continent by C. J. Cutcliffe Hyn
lostw10.lha                    docs/etext 182K 999 The Lost World/Arthur Conan Doyle [Challe
lprss11.lha                    docs/etext 148K 999 A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burn
ltran11.lha                    docs/etext  20K 999 An Open Letter on Translating by Martin L
manif11.lha                    docs/etext  31K 999 The Communist Manifesto,Karl Marx/Friedri
mansf10.lha                    docs/etext 360K 999 Mansfield Park by Jane Austen
maria10.lha                    docs/etext 115K 999 Maria or the Wrongs of Woman, Mary Wollst
markt10.lha                    docs/etext 290K 999 The Market-Place by Harold Frederic [Fred
mayfl11.lha                    docs/etext   5K 999 The Mayflower Compact
mayrc10.lha                    docs/etext 282K 999 The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy
mcteg10.lha                    docs/etext 268K 999 McTeague, by Frank Norris
mdmar10.lha                    docs/etext 740K 999 Middlemarch by George Eliot [as per PBS s
meno210.lha                    docs/etext  16K 999 The Second Story of Meno [A Socratic Dial
mmars10.lha                    docs/etext 111K 999 Thuvia, Maid of Mars/Edgar Rice Burroughs
moby.lha                       docs/etext 560K 999 Moby Dick [From OBI]*, Herman Melville
monst10.lha                    docs/etext 132K 999 The Monster Men, by Edgar Rice Burroughs
moon10a.lha                    docs/etext 223K 999 From the Earth to the Moon, Jules Verne
moona10.lha                    docs/etext 170K 999 Moon and Sixpence by Somerset Maugham [Ma
mormon13.lha                   docs/etext 488K 999 The Book of Mormon
mston10.lha                    docs/etext 432K 999 The Moonstone, by Wilkie Collins
myant10.lha                    docs/etext 188K 999 My Antonia, by Willa Cather [Cather #4]
nabby10.lha                    docs/etext 181K 999 Northanger Abbey, by Jane Austen  [Austen
nativ10.lha                    docs/etext 332K 999 Return of the Native, by Thomas Hardy [Ha
nwind10.lha                    docs/etext 184K 999 At the Back of the North Wind by George M
octop10.lha                    docs/etext 472K 999 The Octopus, by Frank Norris [A Californi
oedip10.lha                    docs/etext  96K 999 Sophocles' Oedipus Trilogy [Three Greek P
opion11.lha                    docs/etext 131K 999 O Pioneers!  Willa Cather  [Cather #1]
ortho10.lha                    docs/etext 146K 999 Orthodoxy, by G. K. Chesterton
ozland10.lha                   docs/etext 100K 999 The Marvelous Land of Oz, L. Frank Baum
pblue10.lha                    docs/etext 316K 999 A Pair of Blue Eyes, by Thomas Hardy [Har
persu11.lha                    docs/etext 189K 999 Persuasion, by Jane Austen
pge0112.lha                    docs/etext 3.3M 999 The Project Gutenberg Encyclopedia Volume
phant10.lha                    docs/etext 195K 999 The Phantom of the Opera, by Gaston Lerou
pimil10.lha                    docs/etext 692K 999 Pi [circumference/diameter]
plboss10.lha                   docs/etext 206K 999 Paradise Lost, John Milton
plgrm10.lha                    docs/etext 130K 999 The Pilgrim's Progress, by John Bunyan
plrabn12.lha                   docs/etext 209K 999 Paradise Lost [Raben] [originally in all 
pmars10.lha                    docs/etext 152K 999 A Princess of Mars Edgar Rice Burroughs [
poisn10.lha                    docs/etext  75K 999 The Poison Belt by A. Conan Doyle [Challe
polst10.lha                    docs/etext 199K 999 The Captain of the Polestar, by A. Conan 
presc10.lha                    docs/etext 139K 999 Paul Prescott's Charge by Horatio Alger J
price10.lha                    docs/etext 166K 999 Price/Cost Indexes from 1875 to 1989[Est 
prime12.lha                    docs/etext 232K 999 The First 100,000 Prime Numbers
prpti10.lha                    docs/etext  18K 999 Propertius [in Latin], [Sexti Properti Ca
repub13.lha                    docs/etext 260K 999 The Republic by Plato, Jowett, Wiretap
rfeng10.lha                    docs/etext 153K 999 Records of a Family of Engineers, R. L. S
rgain10.lha                    docs/etext  46K 999 Paradise Regained, John Milton
rgaol10.lha                    docs/etext  22K 999 Ballad of Reading Gaol, by Oscar Wilde
rholm11b.lha                   docs/etext 257K 999 The Return of Sherlock Holmes, by A. Cona
rhuds10.lha                    docs/etext 309K 999 Roderick Hudson, by Henry James   [James 
rime10.lha                     docs/etext  13K 999 The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, by Coler
roget14a.lha                   docs/etext 619K 999 Roget's Thesaurus
rubai10.lha                    docs/etext  36K 999 The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayam tr by Edw. Fi
rupbr10.lha                    docs/etext  62K 999 Poems of Rupert Brooke (Britain)
sandb10.lha                    docs/etext 166K 999 Biography of George Sand by Rene Doumic
sarac10.lha                    docs/etext  40K 999 Sara Crewe by Frances Hodgson Burnett [Bu
sawy210.lha                    docs/etext  74K 999 Tom Sawyer Abroad, Mark Twain/Clemens/Wir
sawyr10.lha                    docs/etext 169K 999 Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain/Wire
scarp10.lha                    docs/etext 203K 999 The Scarlet Pimpernel, Baroness Emmuska O
scarr10.lha                    docs/etext 360K 999 Sister Carrie, by Theodore Dreiser [Dreis
scrlt11.lha                    docs/etext 214K 999 The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne
sense11.lha                    docs/etext 272K 999 Sense and Sensibility, by Jane Austen [Au
silap10.lha                    docs/etext 285K 999 The Rise of Silas Lapham by William Dean 
sleep10.lha                    docs/etext  34K 999 The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Washington I
smcal10.lha                    docs/etext  35K 999 The Smalcald Articles, by Martin Luther
snark12.lha                    docs/etext  16K 999 The Hunting of the Snark, Lewis Carroll
snowy11.lha                    docs/etext  59K 999 The Man From Snowy River, by Banjo' Pater
song10.lha                     docs/etext 360K 999 Song of the Lark, Willa Cather      [Cath
sonsa10.lha                    docs/etext 361K 999 Sons and Lovers, by D. H. Lawrence [DHLaw
spyuk11.lha                    docs/etext  35K 999 The Spell of the Yukon, by Robert Service
sshar11.lha                    docs/etext  42K 999 The Secret Sharer, by Joseph Conrad [Conr
strkm10.lha                    docs/etext 182K 999 The Stark Munro Letters, by Arthur Conan 
study10.lha                    docs/etext 107K 999 A Study In Scarlet, A. Conan Doyle [Doyle
summr10.lha                    docs/etext 135K 999 Summer, by Edith Wharton   [Wharton #1]
suntx10.lha                    docs/etext  30K 999 The Art of War, by Sun Tzu [English w/o f
sunzu10.lha                    docs/etext 136K 999 The Art of War, by Sun Tzu [English and f
taote10.lha                    docs/etext  28K 999 Tao/Dao Te/h King/Ching, by Lao Tzu [Hsua
tarz210.lha                    docs/etext 204K 999 Return of Tarzan, Edgar Rice Burroughs [T
tarz310.lha                    docs/etext 144K 999 Beasts of Tarzan, Edgar Rice Burroughs[Ta
tarz410.lha                    docs/etext 213K 999 Son of Tarzan, Edgar Rice Burroughs  [Tar
tarz510.lha                    docs/etext 154K 999 Tarzan, Jewels of Opar, E.R. Burroughs [T
tarz610.lha                    docs/etext 170K 999 Jungle Tales of Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burr
tarzn10.lha                    docs/etext 198K 999 Tarzan of the Apes, Edgar Rice Burroughs[
termc10.lha                    docs/etext 576K 999 Terminal Compromise/NetNovel, Win Scharta
tess10.lha                     docs/etext 361K 999 Tess of the d'Urbervilles, Thomas Hardy [
the9510.lha                    docs/etext  16K 999 Martin Luther's 95 Theses, In English and
theam10.lha                    docs/etext 301K 999 The American, by Henry James      [James 
theeu10.lha                    docs/etext 136K 999 The Europeans, by Henry James     [James 
timem10.lha                    docs/etext  79K 999 The Time Machine, H.G. Wells [Herbert Geo
totam10.lha                    docs/etext 173K 999 Project Gutenberg EText Tales of Terror &
tramp11.lha                    docs/etext 367K 999 A Tramp Abroad, by Mark Twain/Samuel Clem
treas10.lha                    docs/etext 157K 999 Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenso
treef10.lha                    docs/etext 226K 999 The Reef, by Edith Wharton [Wharton #3]
trees11.lha                    docs/etext  20K 999 Trees and Other Poems, Joyce Kilmer (US/N
troic10.lha                    docs/etext 147K 999 Troilus and Crisyde, by Geoffrey Chaucer 
tturn10.lha                    docs/etext 100K 999 Turn of the Screw, by Henry James  [James
twohe10.lha                    docs/etext 140K 999 Tales From Two Hemispheres, Hjalmar Hjort
uscen10b.lha                   docs/etext 733K 999 United States Census Figures Back To 1630
uscen903.lha                   docs/etext  36K 999 The 1990 US Census [2nd], US Census Burea
uscon95b.lha                   docs/etext  18K 999 United States Congressional Address Book,
uscpy76.lha                    docs/etext  61K 999 The United States Copyright Act of 1976
usmpr10.lha                    docs/etext 207K 999 Radar Map of the United States [1st Graph
utomc10.lha                    docs/etext 427K 999 Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stow
voout10.lha                    docs/etext 321K 999 The Voyage Out by Virginia Woolf
waldn10.lha                    docs/etext 272K 999 Walden, by Henry David Thoreau [Thoreau #
warw10.lha                     docs/etext 145K 999 The War of the Worlds, H.G. Wells [Herber
when11.lha                     docs/etext   8K 999 United States Declaration of Independence
whrt110.lha                    docs/etext 105K 999 The Early Short Fiction of Edith Wharton 
wifrb10.lha                    docs/etext 172K 999 The Wisdom of Father Brown, by G.K. Chest
wizoz10.lha                    docs/etext  83K 999 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum
wman10.lha                     docs/etext 226K 999 What Is Man?  Mark Twain [Samuel L. Cleme
wmars11.lha                    docs/etext 129K 999 Warlord of Mars, Edgar Rice Burroughs [Ma
world12.lha                    docs/etext 764K 999 1990 CIA World Factbook, The US CIA
world192.lha                   docs/etext 954K 999 The World Factbook, US CIA, 1992 Edition
world91a.lha                   docs/etext 854K 999 1991 CIA World Factbook, US CIA, 1991 Edi
world93.lha                    docs/etext 1.0M 999 The World Factbook, US CIA, 1993 Edition
world94.lha                    docs/etext 1.1M 999 The 1994 CIA World Factbook   [CIA Factbo
wwend11.lha                    docs/etext 451K 999 The Well At The World's End, by William M
wwill10.lha                    docs/etext 142K 999 The Wind in the Willows, by Kenneth Graha
yanke11.lha                    docs/etext 278K 999 A Connecticut Yankee, Mark Twain/Clemens,
zen10.lha                      docs/etext  70K 999 Zen & the Art of Internet], Brendan P. Ke
zenda10.lha                    docs/etext 125K 999 The Prisoner of Zenda, by Anthony Hope