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From: (FTP Admin)
Newsgroups: comp.sys.amiga.misc
Subject: Recent uploads to Aminet
Date: 8 Feb 1994 10:00:53 -0600
Organization: Washington University in Saint Louis, MO
Lines: 200
Message-ID: <2j8cvl$>

Aminet logo contest! Win an Aminet CD subscription!

With WWW support coming up we need a cute little logo or icon to put on the
main page of Aminet. I'm certain there are a lot of people out there who
can draw better than me, so I'm starting this contest. The Aminet admins
will pick a winner who gets (besides the eternal fame, of course :) a
one year subscription for the Aminet CD plus any two CD's from Walnut
Creek Inc. If possible the logo should give an impression of what Aminet 
is (e.g. include some Amiga logo), but if it's neat, who cares :) Maximum 
size is 80x80 pixels, possibly smaller. 256 colors permitted. Upload to or mail uuencoded to End of contest: Feb 15

As a new service Aminet now supports download charts which are updated
weekly and available from all mirrors. The charts are based on wuarchive
download counts only but should give an idea of the popularity of files.
You can find the charts in pub/aminet/CHARTS.

More good news. Aminet has started exchanging files with Fred Fish. The
BBS sections fo the Fish CD's will appear on Aminet, and Aminet files will
be included in Fish CD's. We just got the equivalents to disk 930 to 950.
There will be no more fish/ tree but files will appear in the normal
directory tree, with the source of the file marked in the .readme. Please
do not send files to both Aminet and Fred Fish, sending Fred a note to
include your file from Aminet will suffice (please add a .product-info
to the mail).

| Recent uploads to [] on 7-Feb-94
| The last 7 days' uploads, newest first. Blank line=new day, + = long .readme
|File                Dir        Size Description
|------------------- ---        ---- -----------

toybox.lha           mods/pro     2K PT mod by Jogeir Liljedahl
tobleron.lha         mods/pro    79K PT mod by Jogeir Liljedahl
tinytuns.lha         mods/pro    81K PT mod by Jogeir Liljedahl
noname.lha           mods/pro    78K PT mod by Jogeir Liljedahl
happylvl.lha         mods/pro    14K PT mod by Jogeir Liljedahl
gentlwnd.lha         mods/pro    29K PT mod by Jogeir Liljedahl
faceanotherday.lha   mods/pro   273K PT mod by Jogeir Liljedahl
crystlrn.lha         mods/pro    77K PT mod by Jogeir Liljedahl
BootScreen200.lha    util/misc   71K+IMPROVED! Display IFF picture during boot 
2print.lha           text/print  16K+FAST print util for HPLaserjets.

PCache34_104.lha     disk/cache 374K+A Flexible and Powerful Disk Caching Syste
Moor_V21.lha         text/show   54K Text Viewer, PPacker, ANSI (no A4000)
startdia.lha         gfx/misc    26K+Interface for Piccolo's Dia program.
NULL-Handler.lha     util/misc   10K+Dos-handler called null: that acts like NI
df234a.lha           os20/cli    18K+A sensible directory listing utility
sflib15.lha          dev/misc    25K+Public screen and display mode library for
macv38.lha           misc/emu   526K+Version 3.8 of the Mac emulation for the E
bffs1.3.lha          misc/emu   185K+Berkeley Fast Filesystem 1.3 (Read-Write)
ASwarmII2_0.lha      os20/cdity  82K+Screen blanker for OS 2.04+ requires MUI
crypt1_0.lha         game/think  20K+For creating and solving cryptoquotes. 
showdt12.lha         os30/gfx     9K+Scaling Datatypes Picture Viewer. Requires
A-Lock11.lha         util/misc   12K A Small and efficient lock utility, respec
screenfool25u.lha    os20/util   72K+A public screen manager utility for AmigaD
Super72.lha          os30/util    8K+Monitor driver (Super72) for the C= 1942 
PPI_1.1.lha          dev/misc    11K+Compiler Interface - Bugfix
ppatcher.lzh         util/pack   43K+Patches the DOS library so PP datafiles st
Anstoss.lha          game/patch  22K+Original-Bundesliga-Data for "Anstoss" (Am
genmail10.lha        comm/ums     6K+message robot for UMS
spar372.lha          comm/net    71K+A Sana-II compatible front-end device for 
PS2-Mechs3.lha       game/misc  122K+Last Battletech Mechs in PageStream form
PS2-Mechs2.lha       game/misc  114K+More Battletech Mechs in PageStream form
PS2-Mechs1.lha       game/misc   99K+Some Battletech Mechs in PageStream form
NetIdSMTP10.lha      comm/mail   15K+Sends SMTP Messages from a spooled file.
HWGRCSsrcp7f.lha     dev/misc   330K+Port of RCS by Heinz Wrobel, Patch
HWGRCSp7f.lha        dev/misc   459K+Port of RCS by Heinz Wrobel, Patch
HWGRCSmanp7f.lha     dev/misc    86K+Port of RCS by Heinz Wrobel, Patch

ColConq_v105.lha     game/think 213K+A space strategy game with good graphics. 

sts-60.lha           text/misc    9K+Information on seeing the Shuttle using Sa
vchess.lha           game/think 115K Good vector chess program
picoview.lha         gfx/show    20K+IFF viewer (2-8 bit) for Standard, AGA, gf
whatislo.lha         mods/chart 618K What is love               Feb No. 6
tribalda.lha         mods/chart 646K Tribal Dance               Feb No. 3
trance.lha           mods/chart 181K Trance Machine             Feb New A
spdebris.lha         mods/chart 255K Space Debris               Feb No. 5
power_of.lha         mods/chart 437K Power of American Natives  Feb No. 9
opensesa.lha         mods/chart 314K Open Sesame                Feb New D
nolimit.lha          mods/chart 202K No Limit                   Feb New B
modchart.sites       mods/chart   3K MODCHARTS site list
modchart.feb94       mods/chart   5K MODCHARTS edition Feb 94
modchart.faq         mods/chart   6K MODCHARTS frequently asked questions
gslinger.lha         mods/chart 275K Guitar Slinger             Feb No. 2
dontuwan.lha         mods/chart  62K Don't you want me          Feb No. 7
digital2.lha         mods/chart  65K Digital Innovation II      Feb New C
deflorat.lha         mods/chart 289K Defloration                Feb No. 1
dasboot.lha          mods/chart 250K Das Boot                   Feb No.10
boom.lha             mods/chart 200K Boom! And she cums         Feb No. 8
beyond.lha           mods/chart 300K Beyond Music               Feb No. 4
ptplay.lha           mus/play    43K+Modplayer (v1.0) by Otis/Perseus-InfoCorne
enter_our_world.lha  mods/pro   155K+Mod by Otis/Perseus-InfoCorner
Samplit.lha          biz/demo   381K+Samplit! Demo Disk of a  new Sample Librar
WalPaperV.lha        util/wb    124K+More and more backdrops for a 16 color Mag
HKFonts6.lha         text/font   20K+Collection of giftware bitmap fonts by Hez
CatEditEspguide.lha  dev/misc    13K+Guide translation to spanish of CatEdit_1.
opticon-1.5.lha      os20/util   57K+optimize icons for size and speed / conver
BokopOuMuile.lha     mods/med    94K+An enjoyable hardcore piece of music
cv-1.6.lha           text/misc   85K+flexible character set conversion package
FM_Rock.lha          mods/misc  159K+Mod by Heatbeat from "Full Moon"
FM_Endpart.lha       mods/misc  107K+Mod by Jogeir Liljedahl from "Full Moon"
Findit1_2.lha        util/misc   12K+MUI-Based disk search utility
UChess254Patch.lha   game/think 248K+Requires prior version of UChess, this is 
UChess254.lha        game/think 630K+UChess254.lha is an AGA/ECS Chess Pgm KS 2
FlipIt10.lha         os20/cdity   6K Flip through screens with hotkey.
ScreenSelect_2.2.lha os20/cdity  80K+Screen/Window selector for KS2.04 (V37) or
MoorV20a.lha         text/show   53K BEST Text Viewer, PPacker Support

maxsdoors2.lha       comm/bbs   486K More paragon + MAXs doors
hGRexxSupport1_0.lha util/rexx   13K+small arexx support function lib
Scripts1_2.lha       comm/ums    12K+various scripts (known, but updated & impr
RexxDosSupport13.lha util/rexx   19K+arexx function lib for V37+ function (Read
sattrack_v4.lha      misc/sci   190K+SatTrack V4.0  A satellite tracking progra
man27.lha            util/misc   45K+UNIX like man command to view help-text fr
ct1.lha              demo/euro  197K+Executable demofile by Bohema, Czech, Euro
gcc257guide.lha      dev/gcc    1.0M+Guide Files for GCC V2.5.7
egsshow.lha          gfx/show    39K+GIF, JPEG and IFF viewer for the EGS windo
Interfaces40_17.lha  dev/obero  274K+for AmigaOberon, based on includes 40.15
volcano.dms          demo/aga   396K+New AGA only Demo from DiskNet.

WalPaperIV.lha       util/wb    188K+A lot more backdrops for a 16 color Magic 
povami_picasso.lha   gfx/3d     335K+POV-Ray V2.0 with Picasso II support
NSaver15.lha         disk/misc    7K+Auto-switch scsi-HDs on and off as needed
gnufit12gp35.lha     util/gnu   271K+gnuplot 3.5 patched with gnufit 1.2
frontier.lzh         game/hint   87K+Info and Hints for Frontier / Elite II
cpk_22.lha           misc/sci   531K+AGA & Picasso compatible molecular rendere
bundinst.lha         game/role  715K+German text/graphic adventure
PatchMath020.lha     util/misc    7K+Patches executables to use '020+ math inst
PatchAmigaBASIC.lha  dev/misc     5K+Fixes faulty instruction in AmigaBASIC exe
MultiUser16.lha      os20/util  365K+A protection system for several users
ARexxAppList.lzh     util/rexx   49K+ARexx Application List, 02/94
sumstools2_6.lha     comm/ums    68K+Stuntzi's UMS tools
sp_pt315.lha         mods/pro   239K+SP_PT315.MOD. Playable by Protracker 3.15 
AFile_220.lha        biz/dbase   66K+a datafile manager
mirror.lha           disk/misc    6K+MIRROR - A DOS (hard)disk Utility
sgpic.lha            pix/misc   722K+Pretty pictures done on Amiga by Sylvain G
login.lha            util/misc    5K+LOGIN: A software package usage manager
Sandscape1_1.lha     game/gag     5K+a nice, funny programm
engineer.lha         dev/asm    153K+Excel. Disassembler(+Data), Ripper etc.
requestfile.lha      os20/cli    17K+RequestFile clones for V37 & V38
VTree.lha            gfx/anim   2.5M+anim of tree from Vertex modeler
a1000hacks.lha       hard/hack  441K+Collection of Amiga 1000 hardware hacks
Promotor112.lha      os30/util   65K+Screen Promotion Utility for kickstart 2.0
PackIt37_111.lha     util/pack   13K+CLI front end for PowerPacker with wildcar
jptc.lha             comm/term   62K+BETA new 2.0 only terminal program
MuMu10.lha           os20/util   50K+A graphical extension to the MultiUser pac
FDB_Data2.lha        os20/util  301K+Some databases for FDB (Find DataBase)

ADaleks.lha          game/misc   19K+Amiga version of known VM/CMS game.
animemod.lzh         mods/misc  282K+this archive contains two mods
MHIFFSND.lha         mus/smpl   276K+Max Headroom IFF samples
vchck634.lha         util/virus  71K version 6.34 of John Veldthuis's viruschec
cmp.lzh              util/cli     5K+Simple command line File Comparator
ar204.lha            text/mags   60K+Amiga Report #2.04 - 1/28/94
xpkSQSH.lha          util/pack    5K XPK compressor library for sampled sounds
Planetgroove.lha     mods/misc  221K+Mod by Ramon from Team Hoi first demo
Anarchy-FP.lha       mods/misc  132K+Mod by Jester from Anarchy "Flower Power"
MonEd3a.lha          os30/util   27K+Moned Ver 3 (change syncs of monitor)
FontPrefs17.lha      os20/wb      9K+Font preferences clone V1.7
scmprefs15.lha       os20/wb     10K+Screenmode preferences clone
FBl6.2.lha           os20/cli     7K FasterBlitter V6.2 Speeds-up Blitter and o
DiskCat_v2.1.lha     biz/dbase   23K+DiskCat v2.1 is a configurable disk Librar
Cookie.lha           comm/bbs    12K+Door for Max's BBS that displays "cookie" 
trumpet.lha          pix/trace  143K+Trumpet created in LightWave3.0
ShowSTD.lha          util/misc   19K+STD (UK telephone area code) database
EmbedderII.lha       util/misc   12K Embedder II 1.0 New Degrader utility
xsize.lha            util/wb      6K+X-Windows style Window Resizing
ToolsDaemon21a.lha   os20/wb     87K+Add menus/submenus to WB menu strip
ReqTools22a_User.lha util/libs  168K+ReqTools 2.2a - requester toolkit (user)
ReqTools22a.lha      util/libs  402K+ReqTools 2.2a - the requester toolkit

These sites are members of Aminet and have a copy the files listed above:

USA (MO)    pub/aminet/    
USA (TX)     pub/aminet/    
USA (CA)     pub/aminet/    
Scandinavia       pub/aminet/    
Germany     pub/aminet/    
Germany    pub/aminet/    
Germany    pub/aminet/    
Germany    pub/aminet/    
Germany    pub/aminet/    
Germany    pub/aminet/
Switzerland            changing        pub/aminet/    
Switzerland  pub/aminet/ (*)
UK     pub/aminet/    
Australia   pub/aminet/ (*)
   (*) closed 6:30am to 4pm weekdays

Some non-Aminet sites that keep all Fish disks:

USA  amiga/fx
USA   pub/amiga/fish
Scandinavia     pub/amiga/fish

For information on how to make your upload appear in this posting and the 
other file lists available, read the pub/aminet/README on our sites.