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Newsgroups: comp.sys.amiga.misc
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From: f...@amiga.physik.unizh.ch (FTP Admin)
Subject: Recent uploads to amiga.physik.unizh.ch
Message-ID: <1992Dec8.070748.1027@rzu-news.unizh.ch>
Originator: umueller@amiga
Sender: r...@rzu-news.unizh.ch (Operator)
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Organization: Computer Centre, University of Zurich
Date: Tue, 8 Dec 1992 07:07:48 GMT
Lines: 115

I have set up cron to post this article to comp.sys.amiga.misc on Tuesday
morning and to de.comp.sys.amiga.misc on Friday morning. Note the new USA
mirror listed at the end of the article.

| Recent uploads to amiga.physik.unizh.ch [] on 8-Dec-1992
| The last 7 days' uploads, newest first. Blank line=new day, + = long .readme
|File                Dir        Size Description
|------------------- ---        ---- -----------
wbverlauf15.lha      os30/wb      4K 24bit WB rainbow copperlists V1.5 (A4000/1
DrinkMorph.lha       gfx/anim   392K+created with Visionaire,new from Impulse
hitmen.lha           mods/misc  489K HitMen Mod from the unknown guy
spamgod.gif          pix/irc    147K+Spamgod, csh...@nmsu.edu, #amiga lurker
raiders.lha          mus/smpl   1.5M Indy IV soundtrack. IFF8svx file

ENT.jpg              pix/misc    45K+It's coming, to an Amiga near you!  
RIAD.lha             mods/misc  688K Mega Mod by beats
Leggi2V19.lha        text/misc  111K+Release 2 text reader with ARexx and stand
Turrican2.lzh        mods/misc   76K+Rxemix of Chris Huelsbeck's intro music
SplinerV17.lha       os20/cdity  26K+Spline screen blanker for Release 2.
RexxMathLib-1.2.lha  util/rexx   14K Function library for ARexx - math function

retreat.lha          pix/misc   139K+3d SCALA pic, christmas theme
profile.lha          pix/misc    13K 32 color pic of robo lady, Lo-Res.
ff770.lha            fish       753K LhA-archive of complete fish disk 770
ff769.lha            fish       599K LhA-archive of complete fish disk 769
ff768.lha            fish       450K LhA-archive of complete fish disk 768
ff767.lha            fish       326K LhA-archive of complete fish disk 767
ff766.lha            fish       323K LhA-archive of complete fish disk 766
ff765.lha            fish       717K LhA-archive of complete fish disk 765
ff764.lha            fish       639K LhA-archive of complete fish disk 764
ff763.lha            fish       454K LhA-archive of complete fish disk 763
ff762.lha            fish       751K LhA-archive of complete fish disk 762
ff761.lha            fish       339K LhA-archive of complete fish disk 761
funkyfletcher.lha    mods/misc  158K+Modified "The Funky Cold Medina"
klisje.lzh           mods/med   127K Excellent MED module
xprymodem-2.0.lzh    comm/term   13K YModem XPR protocol for telecommunications
xprkermit-1.111.lzh  comm/term   68K Kermit XPR protocol for telecommunications
wbrexx-1.1.lzh       util/rexx   13K WBRexx version 1.1 by Willy Langeveld
therese.lha          mods/med   103K Module by virus
spacedebris.lha      mods/misc  255K+GREAT module.
variations.lha       mods/misc  106K+GREAT module.
crystalrain.lha      mods/misc   80K+GREAT module.
trsi_ws1.dms         demo/mega  713K+Red Sector's Commodore democomp entry
trsi_ws2.dms         demo/mega  472K Part 2
spellcheckv1_4.lha   text/misc   25K+Will hear you in foreign words.
thrallbound.lha      game/role  261K+Adventure game, set in Norway.

PortalX130.lha       comm/misc   91K+Automated front-end for Portal
Tanx.lha             game/shoot 215K+A "Tank" or "Artillery" type game.
jed206.lha           util/misc  144K+programmable, programmers editor. OS2.0+
gcc_frontend_212.lha dev/gcc     17K+Driver & Setup program for GNU C / C++

lyapunoviapics.lha   gfx/misc   324K+Algorithmically created pictures
lyapunovia.lha       gfx/misc    89K+Algorithmically create pictures
scoot_anim.lha       gfx/anim   737K+Anim of a sexy girl moving around on a cha
BattleHAM.lha        pix/guard  117K+HAM Fight Avarice VS FireBreather *AHD*
BattleJPG.lha        pix/guard  137K+Jpeg Fight Avarice VS FireBreather *AHD*
drave.lha            mods/misc   64K A nifty RAVE Mod
Two_MEDs.lha         mods/med    89K+Two MED-Modules
famicom-hoax.txt     text/docs    2K Warning about famicom.dms
Crypt.device-1.8.lha util/crypt  23K Crypting handler

dr-15b.lha           util/cli    48K+A fast 'list' /  'ls' replacement
amigamag9b92.lha     misc/amag  599K German "Amiga Magazin" PD, 9/92, disk 2
amigamag9a92.lha     misc/amag  666K German "Amiga Magazin" PD, 9/92, disk 1
amigamag12a92.lha    misc/amag  428K German "Amiga Magazin" PD, 12/92, disk 1
amigamag10a92.lha    misc/amag  761K German "Amiga Magazin" PD, 10/92, disk 1
amigamag12b92.lha    misc/amag  507K German "Amiga Magazin" PD, 12/92, disk 2
amigamag11b92.lha    misc/amag  470K German "Amiga Magazin" PD, 11/92, disk 2
amigamag11a92.lha    misc/amag  487K German "Amiga Magazin" PD, 11/92, disk 1
amigamag10b92.lha    misc/amag  440K German "Amiga Magazin" PD, 10/92, disk 2
pjotrWB.lha          pix/wb      26K Snapshot of Peter's Workbench
cheats.lzh           game/hint  662K MAJOR collection of game cheats
TechMaru.lha         mods/misc  197K+Techmaru is a MOD from Maruku / Megawatts 
Bedouine_AFR.lha     mods/misc   39K MOD by Ikke. Available For Remix version
BcKid.exe            game/demo  166K BcKid commercial game demo
sanity.dms           demo/euro  497K+Demo by Sanity for WOC '92
Raw4fix.lha          demo/mag    86K+Bugfix for Raw#4 on faster CPUs
juggette3.lzh        gfx/anim   303K+Juggette 3: An Eric Schwartz anim
VirtualIntell.lha    mods/pro    66K+ProTracker module "Virtual Intelligence"
StardustMemories.lha mods/pro   109K+ProTracker module "Stardust Memories"
ReachTechNoLimit.lha mods/pro    87K+ProTracker module "Reach Tech-No Limit"
Infectious.lha       mods/pro   113K+ProTracker module "I'm Gonna Be Infectious
BoesendorferPSS.lha  mods/pro   124K+ProTracker module "Boesendorfer P.S.S."
Shepherd.dms         game/misc  368K+New GODS game; improved demo version.
arexx.lha            text/docs   91K+Introduection to AREXX by S.W.A.G march 19

rend104i.lha         gfx/3d     118K+Renderer
twa.lha              os20/cdity   5K Commodity, remembers last active window on
vtek102a.lha         os30/util   81K Viewer with AGA-Support for ILBM/ANIM/GIF/
wbverlauf.lha        os30/wb      4K 24bit copperlists on WB for AGA/3.0
HelterSkelter2.dms   demo/sound 845K+New MusicDisk by INFECT
WB3.lha              pix/wb      69K+Snapshot of Skip's 256 color Workbench, ca
TwilightZoneV1.1.lha util/blank  79K+Modular screen blanker with GUI
ppnew.lha            util/pack  174K New version of powerpacker lib plus tools
joy2key-1.0.lha      util/misc    6K Uses joystick for cursor keys
Macro-1.0.lha        util/misc    8K+Records key strokes and replays them
hp2xx-1.04.lha       gfx/conv   180K Converts HPGL vector gfx to other formats
cslip.lha            comm/net    20K adds cslip to 2.1/2.03 slip driver

These sites are members of AmiNet and have a copy the files listed above:

Switzerland  amiga.physik.unizh.ch    pub/aminet/
Switzerland  litamiga.epfl.ch  pub/aminet/
Scandinavia  ftp.luth.se      pub/aminet/
Germany      ftp.uni-kl.de    pub/aminet/
Germany      ftp.cs.tu-berlin.de    pub/aminet/
Germany      ftp.th-darmstadt.de    pub/aminet/
USA          ftp.etsu.edu    pub/aminet/
USA          ftp.wustl.edu   pub/aminet/
USA          oes.orst.edu    pub/aminet/

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