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Path: gmd.de!newsserver.jvnc.net!udel!wupost!wuarchive!not-for-mail
From: umuel...@wuarchive.wustl.edu (FTP Admin)
Newsgroups: comp.sys.amiga.misc
Subject: Recent uploads to Aminet
Date: 14 Sep 1993 16:00:20 +0100
Organization: Washington University in Saint Louis, MO
Lines: 170
Message-ID: <274ma4$9k8@wuarchive.wustl.edu>
NNTP-Posting-Host: wuarchive.wustl.edu

Yes, good old amiga.physik is back. Sort of. It has found a new home at
ftp.eunet.ch. However it is routed through Amsterdam now so Dutch people
can expect best speeds. wuarchive will stay the main site of Aminet, so
uploads should continue to go there.

One remark about the new virus checking on Aminet: We still cannot offer
any guarantees about that. We may forget an archive or two, or the virus
isn't known to our checker, or it's in a .dms file. If you want to be
sure, check the archives on your own (and *immediately* report viruses)
or, for a 100% safety, don't download from Aminet :)

| Recent uploads to wuarchive.wustl.edu [] on 13-Sep-1993
| The last 7 days' uploads, newest first. Blank line=new day, + = long .readme
|File                Dir        Size Description
|------------------- ---        ---- -----------
IntuiCalcMUI.lha     os20/wb     18K+IntuiCalcMUI is a WB calculator, needs MUI
baseconv.lha         util/cli     7K+Convert one base to another between 2&36 
ZGIFDataType39.7.lha os30/dtype   6K+the FASTEST gif.datatype there is.
mksmk1_3.lha         dev/misc    18K+Make file generator
AmiCDROM-1.0.lha     disk/cdrom  50K+CDROM disk filing system (ISO-9660+RR)
sflib13.lha          dev/misc    20K+Public screen and display mode library for
screenfool23u.lha    os20/util   65K+A public screen manager utility for AmigaD
df231.lha            os20/cli    23K+A really silly directory listing utility
Raw5-B.dms           demo/mag   384K+Issue 5 of the diskmag R.A.W, part2
Raw5-A.dms           demo/mag   421K+Issue 5 of the diskmag R.A.W, part1
DaveBlows.lha        mus/smpl    14K+Sample from Late Night w/ David
backdrops20.lha      util/wb     18K+Random backdrops at bootup WB2&3
Classical_MED_1.lha  mods/med   223K+Classical MED Songs collection (MED or Oct
gcc-2.4.5-ud4.lha    dev/gcc    176K+gcc 2.4.5 update4: needed for new users (m
RecipeBox11.lha      biz/dbase   62K+Cooking recipe organizer & database.
AudioScope.lha       util/misc   13K+Audio Spectrum Analyzer for the Amiga
sol.ManicMansion.lha game/hint    2K+Solution/Walkthrough for Manic Mansion adv
party93.dms          demo/mega  107K+Invitation demo for THE PARTY 1993

ptwood.lha           gfx/3dobj  218K+Texture maps / woods
ptston1b.lha         gfx/3dobj  412K+Texture maps / stones 1b
ptston2a.lha         gfx/3dobj  360K+Texture maps / stones 2a
ptston2b.lha         gfx/3dobj  331K+Texture maps / stones 2b
ptmisc.lha           gfx/3dobj  545K+Texture maps / miscellaneous
ptorgani.lha         gfx/3dobj  213K+Texture maps / organic
ptston1a.lha         gfx/3dobj  446K+Texture maps / stones 1a
ptindex.lha          gfx/3dobj  191K+Texture maps / index
valkyrie.lha         gfx/anim   606K+Transformer anim in anim7 format
jackson.lzh          mods/misc   91K+MOD file of Michael Jackson's "Smooth Crim
DiaMail21.lha        comm/bbs     6K+Check User&Public Mail (DLG). OS2.x+
FredFloaty.lha       gfx/anim   5.1M+AW anim contest winner (1st 2500 frames)
BlitzBlank100.lha    util/blank 319K+ultimative, modular Screen-Blanker

ff909.lha            fish/ff909  10K Contents, submission & distribution info
GoldED2.lha          fish/ff909 305K+Part two of editor on disk 907
ff908.lha            fish/ff908  12K Contents, submission & distribution info
HFK.lha              fish/ff908   2K+Title bar clock. V39.35
MegaView.lha         fish/ff908  77K+Multi-view like program for WB2.0
DviDvi.lha           fish/ff908  43K+Converts .dvi to .dvi w/ multi columns
GoldED1.lha          fish/ff908 188K+GUI based text editor. Folding. V0.94
ff907.lha            fish/ff907  12K Contents, submission & distribution info
ZGif.lha             fish/ff907   8K+Fast and small GIF displayer. AGA support
DD.lha               fish/ff907  23K+Directory displayer. V1.0
VideoTitler.lha      fish/ff907 111K+Create video titles. Smooth scroll
AmiQWK.lha           fish/ff907 124K+Offline message reading system. OS2.0
CyberPager.lha       fish/ff907  78K+Send alpha messages to pagers. OS 2.0
ff906.lha            fish/ff906  12K Contents, submission & distribution info
PowerData.lha        fish/ff906 127K+Patches DOS to unpack powerpacker files
Move.lha             fish/ff906   5K+Move files between partitions. V2.2 OS2.0
PhxAss.lha           fish/ff906  52K+Macro assembler. Supports small code.V3.3
BackDrops.lha        fish/ff906  16K+Pick new backdrop on every startup. V1.00
MagicMenu.lha        fish/ff906 108K+Replaces intution menus. Supports popup
ff905.lha            fish/ff905  13K Contents, submission & distribution info
NullModem.lha        fish/ff905   7K+Simulates two connected modems. V2.0
TWC.lha              fish/ff905  13K+Bidirectional file transfer + chat.V3.101
Eval.lha             fish/ff905  70K+Floating point expression evaluator.V1.13
MultiUser.lha        fish/ff905 164K+Unix like multi user environment. V1.4
Action.lha           fish/ff905  28K+Start other progs depending on file type
DTree.lha            fish/ff905  13K+Displays tree struct of a device. V1.0
ff904.lha            fish/ff904  12K Contents, submission & distribution info
IdleLED.lha          fish/ff904   6K+Truns power LED of when CPU is idle. V1.0
Term.lha             fish/ff904 463K+Terminal program, V3.4, binaries only
CxPak.lha            fish/ff904  27K+Five practical commodities. V1.0, Src
Fill.lha             fish/ff904  23K+Copies files to floppy, smartly arranged
ATS.lha              fish/ff904  31K+Scrolls larg pics for titling. V1.0
Viewtek.lha          fish/ff903  66K+JPEG/GIF/IFF viewer. V1.05
ff903.lha            fish/ff903  13K Contents, submission & distribution info
TaskE.lha            fish/ff903  27K+GUI task manager. V37.1
QDisk.lha            fish/ff903  20K+Shows disk usage. V1.1
SuperDuper.lha       fish/ff903 167K+Fask disk copier. V3.00
MICE.lha             fish/ff903  19K+Generate C/Asm source from pics. V1.3
ArmyMiner.lha        fish/ff903  66K+XMines type game. V1.4
ff902.lha            fish/ff902  12K Contents, submission & distribution info
VirusZ.lha           fish/ff902 153K+Virus detector. V3.07
SltChr.lha           fish/ff902  11K+Select character from table in CED. V1.1
Error.lha            fish/ff902  12K+Prints info about AmigaDOS errors. V1.0
Less.lha             fish/ff902  98K+Powerful text displayer. V1.6
DWFPresets.lha       fish/ff902  52K+Some preferences presets
ff901.lha            fish/ff901  10K Contents, submission & distribution info
AmigaBase.lha        fish/ff901 358K+Programmable database. V1.31
Newlist81.lha        os20/cli   127K+Super duper 'ls' and 'lsjr' replacement!
mtool15.lha          util/dir   194K+Directory util, handles lha-archives like 
chant.lha            mods/misc   63K+Great soundtrack from a demo of Kefrens
MineSweeper2.2.lha   game/think  17K+MineSweeper Game, version 2.2 10-September
CDTV-Player2_25.lha  mus/play   142K+CD-ROM audio disc player interface

muicalc10.lha        util/wb     30K+A versatile RPN calculator, requires MUI 1
python2.lzh          mods/misc  204K+MOD file by a mate of a mate!
it.lzh               mods/misc   40K+MOD file by a mate of a mate!
python1.lzh          mods/misc   96K+MOD file by a mate of a mate!
ira102.lha           dev/asm     33K+680x0 disass., for reassembling purposes.
WB30Example.lha      pix/wb     210K+Two 128 color iff WB3.0 examples.     
olaf_seibert.lha     pix/irc    483K+Olaf Seibert
Kruemel.lha          gfx/misc    22K+A mixture between Game of Life and Clouds.
5min0903.lha         text/mags   11K+GEnie 5-Minute News - 9/3/93
2megagnus50d2.lha    hard/hack  180K+Build a 2 meg Agnus board for 500/2000
ARouteFD.lha         misc/misc  158K+RoadRoute like car program (OS2.0)

ZPoint32.lha         comm/misc  253K+Z-Net point program
TEXT2SCP.lha         comm/term    8K+Converts sig files to Terminus scripts
Jay_E.gif            pix/irc     48K+256 colour GIF of Jay_E (Jeremy Elgin)
GenModula.lha        dev/gui    149K+M2 GadToolsBox source code generator
fixllama.lha         game/patch   5K+Patch to let Llamatron run on Kick2.0+
Arn103a_src.lha      comm/news  252K+Source for UUCP/USENET newsreader V1.03a
Arn103a.lha          comm/news  272K+Amiga USENET/UUCP newsreader V1.03a
ar123.lha            text/mags   92K+Amiga Report #1.23 - 9/3/93

tab22.lha            gfx/opal    26K+Wacom & CalComp drivers for OpalPaint.
wacom23.lha          gfx/opal    15K+Wacom tablet driver v2.3 for OpalPaint.
utils20.lha          gfx/opal    36K+Updates to the OpalVision utilities.
OV_ADProScript       gfx/opal     3K+ARexx script for OpalVision & ADPro
karate.lha           game/patch 150K+King of Karate, fix for A4000, 040.
deinterlace.lha      gfx/opal     2K+DeInterlace drawing mode for OpalPaint.
PRTSwitch.lha        hard/hack   56K+Switch for 2 printers and 2 computers
PPrefs.lha           os20/util   30K+Screen mode promotion utility for 2.0/3.0
mpeg_v1.2a.lha       gfx/conv   105K+Stanford MPEG encoder/decoder v1.2 alpha
model.jpg            pix/trace   63K+Imagine trace of 'TRUE' 3D modeling
gcc-2.4.5.ud3.lha    dev/gcc    482K+C++ link library for gcc-2.4.5
dcdd_19.lzh          comm/misc   37K+Direct Connect Demon Dialer Ver 1.9 Arexx/
Perverter1-12.lha    mus/edit    12K+Converts exotic mods to MOD
yak153.lha           os20/cdity 151K+Great multi-purpose commodity
mousometer20.lha     os20/cdity  24K+measures mouse-movement in kilometers
Twisted_City.lha     pix/trace  693K+Amiga raytraced pic of twisted city
PowerFlops.lha       mods/pro   598K+PT-MODs (2) from Olof Gustafsson
PowerDrops.lha       mods/pro   434K+PT-MODs (1) from Olof Gustafsson
asp68k.lzh           dev/asm      3K+2nd edition of a list of assembler optimiz
opreq110.lha         gfx/opal    13K+Updated OpalReq.library v1.10.
opalhk17.lha         gfx/opal    12K+OpalHotKey v1.7
opalpres14.lha       gfx/opal    96K+OpalPresents! v1.4 & OpalPlayer v1.7.
OP22_020.lha         gfx/opal   353K+OpalPaint v2.2 (68020/30/40 version).
OP20_020.lha         gfx/opal   738K+OpalPaint v2.0 (68020/30/40 version).
OP22_000.lha         gfx/opal   362K+OpalPaint v2.2 (68000 version).
ChromaCTRL.lha       gfx/opal    24K+OpalVision ChromaCTRL drawmode.
OP20_000.lha         gfx/opal   746K+OpalPaint v2.0 (68000 version).
adprosavr14.lha      gfx/opal    24K+ADPro OpalVision saver v1.4.
AnimMATEV19.lha      gfx/opal    29K+OpalAnimMATE V1.9.
adproopaint.lha      gfx/opal    19K+ADPro2 OpalPaint operator.

These sites are members of AmiNet and have a copy the files listed above:

Scandinavia  ftp.luth.se       pub/aminet/
Switzerland  litamiga.epfl.ch  pub/aminet/ (*)
Germany      ftp.uni-kl.de     pub/aminet/
Germany      ftp.uni-erlangen.de    pub/aminet/
Germany      ftp.cs.tu-berlin.de    pub/aminet/
Germany      ftp.uni-paderborn.de    pub/aminet/
USA          ftp.etsu.edu     pub/aminet/
USA          wuarchive.wustl.edu   pub/aminet/
UK           src.doc.ic.ac.uk     pub/aminet/
Australia    splat.aarnet.edu.au   pub/aminet/ (*)
   (*) closed 6:30am to 4pm weekdays

For information on how to make your upload appear in this posting and the 
other file lists available, read the pub/aminet/README on our sites.