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From: (FTP Admin)
Newsgroups: comp.sys.amiga.misc
Subject: Recent uploads to Aminet
Date: 7 Sep 1993 16:00:13 +0100
Organization: Washington University in Saint Louis, MO
Lines: 169
Message-ID: <26i7lt$>

Starting from now, files uploaded to Aminet are being virus checked since
Chris Schneider has built viruschecker into UNIX LhA. No viruses were 
found in old files. Were still looking for a way to check .dms files,
people who know Amigas running AmigaDOS hooked to the Net please report
them to .

Splat will be unavailable for anonymous ftp from 1st of September, until
the faster internet link is installed (this could me a month or so).
Access to the archive during this time can be aranged by e-mail to .

| Recent uploads to [] on 06-Sep-1993
| The last 7 days' uploads, newest first. Blank line=new day, + = long .readme
|File                Dir        Size Description
|------------------- ---        ---- -----------
CANNABIS.lha         demo/euro   92K Invitation intro for Melon party!
dices.jpg            pix/trace   73K JPEG 704x564 raytraced picture of dices. R
PatchAmiga2.1.lha    text/misc   53K+Port based on latest 'patch' by Larry Wall
SE67.lha             comm/bbs    97K+Space empire, citadel door
NW14.lha             comm/bbs    36K+Door game for citadel
butterfly.lha        pix/trace   55K 3D Imagine trace of an electronic butterfl
modem.lha            dev/src     10K Sample serial.device code - slightly usefu
TheSourceV6b.dms     dev/asm    409K Disk 1 part 2
TheSourceV6a.dms     dev/asm    394K+Collection of asm source and utils. vol 6
hp2.01.lha           text/print 120K+HP4L setter v 2.01 (Minor UPDATE)
AmiGuide2Inet1_1.lha text/docs  150K+Big Dummy's AmigaGuide to INet, ver 1.1
MangaDemoDisk1.dms   demo/slide 680K+MangaDemo - SlideshowDemo by Italian Bad B
MangaDemoDisk2.dms   demo/slide 570K+MangaDemo - SlideshowDemo by Italian Bad B
Enforcer_37_55.lha   dev/debug   66K+Enforcer V37.55 - For 68020/68851, 68030, 
HebrewArabic.lzh     text/font    5K+Hebrew and Arabic fonts
dltogl.lha           gfx/conv    16K+Converts .DL files to .GL anim files
TSMorph22.lha        gfx/edit   231K+Morphing with Gui,ARexx,online help etc.
PriMan10.lha         os20/util   24K+Configurable Task Priority Manager
Alacazabra.lha       mods/sidew 278K+PT MOD/SideWinder...=TRANCE=FUSSION
NewEgypt.lha         mods/sidew  91K+MOD by SideWinder... Dance/Ancients
ClimbTheWalls.lha    mods/sidew  72K+MOD/SideWinder.. Bounce/Jazz House
Creamx-treme.lha     mods/sidew 304K+MOD/SideWinder...ACID((TEKKNO))16bt
HouseBeatles.lha     mods/sidew  73K+MOD/SideWinder... Beatles Classic!
CamelDance.lha       mods/sidew 191K+MOD/SideWinder...Crazy ((TECHNO)) :)
GetFrazy.lha         mods/sidew 211K+MOD/SideWinder...YES MEGA-Remix!
GoldenTemple.lha     mods/sidew  49K+MOD/SideWinder..Oriental KArateStyle
Gengis.lha           mods/sidew 253K+MOD/SideWinder...HARDCORE <<RAVE>>
OldSmoke.lha         mods/sidew  31K+MOD/SideWinder..Polka/Chicago Style!
TribalJustice.lha    mods/sidew 300K+MOD by SideWinder..((TECHNO)) EPIC I
RadioRevolution.lha  mods/sidew 159K+MOD/SideWinder..A Salute/Mix to Rock
JungleToTheCore.lha  mods/sidew 209K+MOD/SideWinder...Jungle<<RAVE>> HIFI

ethnomag.lzh         mods/chart 277K Ethnomagic                 Sep No. 2
enigma.lzh           mods/chart 125K Enigma                     Sep No. 3
xtermin8.lzh         mods/chart 249K Exterminate                Sep No. 8
techno.lzh           mods/chart  99K Technomedley                 Sep New
spdebris.lzh         mods/chart 255K Space Debris               Sep No. 4
sadsong.lzh          mods/chart  93K Sad Song                     Sep New
p-o-a-n.lzh          mods/chart 437K Power of American Natives    Sep New
nolimit.lzh          mods/chart 202K No Limit                   Sep No. 9
modchart.sites       mods/chart   3K MODCHARTS sites-file.
modchart.sep93       mods/chart   3K MODCHARTS chart-file September 1993.
modchart.deutsch     mods/chart   2K Descrition of the MODCHARTS in german lang
modchart.english     mods/chart   1K Description of the MODCHARTS in english la
klisje.lzh           mods/chart 120K Klisje paa klisje          Sep No. 6
ifeelmuc.lzh         mods/chart 252K I feel much better         Sep No. 7
dasboot.lzh          mods/chart 250K Das Boot (tremor remix)    Sep No. 5
boom.lzh             mods/chart 200K Boom! And she cums         Sep No.10
1989.lzh             mods/chart 134K 1989 - a number.           Sep No. 1
Monitor30Patch.lha   os30/util   55K+CBM patch for Workbench 3.0 monitor files
DemonsRage.dms       demo/mega  346K+Demon's Rage by Nerve Axis
CDTV-Player2_20.lha  mus/play   138K+CDROM audio disc player interface
BubbleBobble109.lha  game/patch 310K+Patch original BB for 2.0/3.0 etc
Weasel_PI.MED.lha    mods/med    66K+Med-module by B.a.D
SSG.MED.lha          mods/med   471K+Med-modules L.P. by B.a.D
Clouds30.lha         gfx/misc    45K+Generates fractal clouds
HebrewFont.lha       text/font   58K+Hebrew Vector Font
IFF2Icon.lha         gfx/conv    27K+Converts IFFs to Icons
ShowOnA2024_378.lha  gfx/show    28K+IFF ILBM viewer for A2024 monitor
ems_register.lha     comm/mail    2K+How to register for EMS in Germany
ems_1_0_exec.lha     comm/mail  343K+EMS 1.0 - Electronic Mail System - powerfu
ems_1_0_docs_eng.lha comm/mail  114K+Documentation to ems_1_0_exec.lha EMS 1.0 
fd2AsmInc.lha        dev/asm     29K+Converts fd-files to assembler-includes
gcc-2.4.5-ud2.lha    dev/gcc    332K+YAUGL (Yet Another Update to GCC v2.4.5 Li
bc-1.02.lha          util/gnu    61K+gnu-bc 1.02 -- arbitrary-precision arithme
ags-261-030.lha      util/gnu   515K+Amiga Ghostscript for Intui/RETINA
ags-261-000.lha      util/gnu   557K+Amiga Ghostscript for Intui/RETINA
SizeTris10.lha       game/think  25K+Tetris-Clone for the Workbench
PowerTracker13b.lha  mus/play    47K+Module-Replayer supporting more than 20 fo
Move13.lha           os20/cli     9K+UNIX-Style Move command.
AntiRaBB.lha         disk/misc   30K+Bootblock-Installer

yactris0_1.lha       game/think  99K+Yet Another Clone (tet)TRIS, v0.1
amlock.lha           util/misc   26K+screen/input locking tool with source.
quip7e.lha           util/cli   320K+Fortune Cookie Program From Hell
Windmill.lha         gfx/anim   1.0M+MThompson anim of a grass field
MACIIV31.lha         misc/emu   374K+Latest EMPlant S/W Release.
Infocom64ToDat.lha   game/role   15K+Convert C64 Infocom Games To Data File.
5min0827.lha         text/mags   15K+GEnie 5-Minute News - 8/27/93
4dv2_89d.lha         comm/bbs   393K+Shareware BBS software demo
capshift_1.00.lha    os20/cdity  29K+Changes the behaviour of Capslock/Shift.
ParasaurJPG.lha      pix/guard  119K+JPG 3d Lightwave3.0 Parasaurolophus *AHD*
ParasaurHAM.lha      pix/guard  121K+JPG 3d Lightwave3.0 Parasaurolophus *AHD*
addtools_1.11.lha    os20/wb     18K+WB Tools-menu manager, sync/async mode!
Creature.lha         gfx/anim   0.9M+Mark Thompson's LW creature anim

paulabdul.lha        mods/misc   42K Paula Abdul's 'Straight Up', by Davide Gui
mp103.lha            gfx/show    58K+MPEG player for ECS/AGA/OpalVision/Picasso
headline.dms         demo/mag   673K+Headline issue#1 - New diskmag from Stone 
GuitarSlinger.lha    mods/misc  275K Module by Jogeir Liljedahl from RND'93
DistantCall.lha      mods/misc  109K Module by Mr.Man/Andromeda from RND'93
CDTV-Player218.lha   disk/misc  137K+CDTV-Player 2.18. Audio-Player for CD-ROM-
CC348.lha            comm/misc   12K+Makes netmail messages from a text file
BDAmiGuide2Inet.lha  text/docs  146K+Big Dummy's Guide to the Net, AmigaGuide
BackGammon099.lha    game/think  25K+Workbench BackGammon Game
OPlot1.0.lha         misc/sci   156K+Amiga/Misc/Math/OPlot
tnddev1p0.lha        comm/net    64K+Telnet daemon for serial applications
update5.lha          gfx/pbm     51K+ppmtoilbm, ppmqvga
RachelRaccoon3.lha   pix/wb     268K+Schwartz-type cartoon pictures for WB
MagicIcons.lha       util/wb     79K+Some new Icons for MagicWB
TPD.lha              os30/dtype   6K+Tron's PCX DataType V39.1
SkidMarksDemo.lha    game/demo  271K+Playable Demo of SkidMarks, commercial dri
ReOrg3_1dvi.lha      disk/optim 189K+dvi-doc-files for ReOrg 3.1
ReOrg3_1.lha         disk/optim 326K+Disk optimizer with DC-FFS support
Jasmine.lha          mods/sidew 274K+PT module by SideWinder of Megawatts
ARexxAppList.lzh     util/rexx   42K+ARexx Application List, 09/93
ar122.lha            text/mags  112K+Amiga Report #1.22 - 8/27/93
4801.lzh             mods/med   141K+MED module - 4801 trance.

MiscHacks.lha        hard/hack  100K+13 HW hacks incl peripheral exchange
TShirt.lha           pix/misc    32K+2 nice pix for an Amiga-TShirt!
MouseShift.lha       util/mouse   4K+Makes the middle button a shift key
spluu0107.lha        util/arc    22K UUEncoding file splitter for emailing larg
shockout.lzh         mods/misc   62K+Shockout MOD
RunLame_V1p28.lha    util/misc   49K+A smart degrader, more prgs work
mui13.lha            dev/gui    805K MagicUserInterface V1.3
ReadDCTV.lha         gfx/conv    15K+Converts DCTV pics to normal ILBM
GUIDE.lha            text/docs    3K+HOW_TO_USE Amigaguide (V37.2) (german)
graphtal.lzh         gfx/misc   330K+Trees,Plants...from grammars(rayshade)
DiaPoemV2.lha        util/misc   10K+Simple poem generator (Dialog and others).
WBSearch.lha         os20/wb      9K+Multi-tasking Workbench AppMenuItem file s
WB-Version12.lha     os20/wb      6K+Version info in WB requester v1.2 (V37+)
VirtPrinters.lha     text/print  32K+New printer drivers
DmodP161.lha         mus/play    59K+Module player for ProTracker/NT modules.
CAMcatalog99a800.lha text/docs  658K Huge text (1,5meg) describing CAM PD disks
tso_ii_v2.03.lha     disk/optim  56K+shareware disk optimizer
ixemul.library.39.47 dev/gcc     78K+Version 39.47 of the ixemul.library from g
dcdd_18.lzh          comm/misc   33K+Direct Connect Demon Dialer Ver 1.8 Arexx/
WindowDaemon10.lha   util/misc   33K+Window Daemon gives extended control to in
TWC322.lha           comm/term   97K+release 3.22 of the bidirectional transfer
SysInfo-3.22.lha     util/moni   48K+Display Info about CPU/Boards/Mem, etc.
ShowVIC306.lha       gfx/show    48K+New version of C64 picture viewer
DefPubScr300.lha     os20/cdity  33K+Makes front public screen default, V3.00
Chaos5_1a.lha        game/think 310K+A program to manage Chess-tournaments
AssignMan102.lha     os20/util   33K+Prefs editor for DOS assigns, V1.02
Amiga-FAQ300893.lha  text/docs   84K+Amiga-FAQ    Frequently asked questions co

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