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Are Aminet CDs still being produced?

Currently, we are not distributing Aminet files on CD. The last CD is Aminet CD 52, which has been released in December 2002.

Can I still buy old Aminet CDs?

If you're searching for a particular CD to complete your collection, you might want to check the inventory of some Amiga Dealers - many of them still have old CDs in stock. Second hand Aminet CDs are often sold in the classifieds sections of various Amiga forums or via eBay.

What's the difference between "Aminet Share" and "Aminet Gold" CDs?

Aminet CDs 2,3 and 4 have been distributed in "Share" and "Gold" editions. Both CDs are completely identical, apart from a small symbol on the cover of Gold CDs that identifies them as Aminet Gold CDs.

The idea was that the "Share" edition of a CD should be as cheap as possible, the Aminet team was not earning money from the sales of these CDs. Customers who wanted to support Aminet financially could buy a Gold edition CD instead: It costed an additional DM 10, but a part of the additional revenue created with these CDs was paid to the Aminet team.

The concept didn't work out and starting with CD 5, the Aminet team was recieveing a donation for every Aminet CD sold. In turn, the CDs got somewhat more expensive - the suggested retail price was now about DM5 higher than that of the former "Share" edition.