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ID 2018-11-22-01
Status NEW
Description At the time of writing, database has 82461 packages, while INDEX and ADT_LOCAL list 82393. (cg)

ID 2018-07-24-01
Status NEW
Description package.php's picture preview is broken - http://aminet.net/package/pix/illu/A3000-Front - probably due to a wrong mime type: browsers want to download files in pix/, not show them. (cg)

ID 2017-08-11-01
Status NEW
Description package URLs are not case sensitive, i.e. both dev/lang/regina and dev/lang/Regina point to the same package (cg)

ID 2017-11-15-01
Status NEW
Description The "unable to connect to Database" error page should also result in a HTTP error code - currently it doesn't. (cg)

ID 2017-05-04-04
Status NEW
Description Running a php script from the shell always gives the following warning:
PHP Warning:  PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/imagick.so' - /imagick.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory in Unknown on line 0.


ID 2017-05-04-03
Status NEW
Description 'Aminet Daily' newsletter does not get sent, only the weekly newsletter arrives here (cg)

ID 2017-05-04-02
Status NEW
Description A user's 'architecture' preferences (using setup.php or the mos/os4/... subdomains) are ignored everywhere but recent. This setting should be respected globally (cg)

ID 2017-05-04-01
Status NEW
Description Lha listings containing non-ASCII need to be converted from UTF-8 to ISO 8859. See misc/emu/Amoric_src for an example (cg)

ID 2015-06-19-01
Status NEW
Description if admin.pl is trying to replace package path/to/foo.zip with package path/to/foo.lha, it forgets to delete the old database entry so we end up with database entries for foo.zip and foo.lha (cg)

ID 2006-08-12-01
Status NEW
Description If a readme contains backslashes (in the body, not in one of the header fields - didn't check header fields), these get stripped from *both* the actual readme *and* the database entry. Enclosing the string containing backslashes in double quotes helps the backslashes to actually reach the database entry, but they're still getting stripped from the actual readme. An example would be the windows path in comm/www/firefox_searchplugin.zip (cg)

ID 2007-02-18-01
Description ADT server is not running yet. It also needs to be added to server startup (cg)