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Web Interface

  • create equivalent of OldWorld function "show uploads since last visit", e.g. by adding another option to setup.php: "make recent show only uploads since last visit yes/no"
  • add package size to package.php
  • Fix url-highlighting to not include surrounding elements like <>,(),[]
  • Customizable wildcards (#? vs. * vs .* vs % and ? vs ? vs . vs _)
  • Search in listings, show matched files
  • Ability to report broken packages
  • Add an architecture named "source"
  • add thumbnails for pictures (.jpg, .png etc. packages) to the database. currently package.php forces the user's browser to render the full picture as a thumbnail on the fly.
  • Ability to add comments per package
  • Ability to add screenshots per package
  • Ability to rate packages
  • Torrents per file


  • refuse to accept uploads without architecture field (i.e. force moderator to add said field)
  • execute the replaces: directive automatically (do not rely on moderators doing that manually)
  • always display name, short: and architecture: (e.g. when returning from editing or reading the readme)
  • Make a tar-ball of the scripts for easy mirroring of the interface and metadata, this is almost done.
  • Add "Last upload: yyyy-mm-dd" to the "Already on Aminet" message to make things easier for MODs regarding upload frequency.

Mirror script

  • Download an index.php file at the same time as mirroring, this should show latest packages and have link to local mirror.


  • make sure all Freeware magazines are preserved on Aminet. Maybe create a new top level directory mags/

E-Mail newsletters

  • change the layout to make room for a architecture description


  • Translate the public part of the Wiki into other languages