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What to upload

This site is intended for the distribution of any type of freely distributable software. However, due do copyright laws and internet provider restrictions, we have to set the following conditions:


  • Unlicensed copies of commercial software
  • Software with a license in conflict with Aminet's nature
  • Samples from copyrighted CDs, TV or radio broadcasts
  • Musical mods that are cover versions from copyrighted songs
  • Images or animations from copyrighted image sources
  • Images depicting persons who didn't agree with the distribution
  • Images of sexual content
  • GNU software without sources or written offer
  • DMS files (use ADF if you really need to upload a disk image)
  • Insulting/obscene material

Please respect these conditions, or you could bring Aminet in danger of being shut down. Aminet staff reservers the right to remove any contribution without warning if it doesn't comply to the above rules or is otherwise unfit.

Where to upload

You can upload either via Web or FTP:

Filename conventions, accepted filetypes

The maximum file name length is 30 characters including the filename suffix (.lha, .lzh, .readme). Mixed case is OK, but it should be mainly lowercase. If your file name is generic (ls, pipe), append your initials (pipe-JU). Version numbers go in the Version: header, not in the filename.

Accepted extensions are:

  • .lha (or .lzh)
  • .jpg
  • .png
  • .gif
  • .mpg
  • .mp3
  • .txt
  • .exe
  • .run
  • .zip
  • .adz (zipped ADF)
  • .tar.gz (or .tgz)
  • .tar.bz2
  • .tar.Z
  • .gz
  • .bz2
  • .Z